Heels (2021) s01e08 Episode Script

Double Turn

Previously on Heels
Jack Spade's a resilient fuck,
and Wild Bill's got
a lot of connections.
This fair pops, Jack wins.
Mickey Holloway
he wants you to sing the national anthem
at the Georgia State Rodeo Championship.
Crystal Tyler tried out,
and, honestly, Jack,
she's pretty fucking good.
I can't put her anywhere near Ace
before the biggest match of his life
and the biggest match of mine.
You know, somebody went out there,
bought Kleenex, passed them all out.
Purchase order came from the
Duffy Wrestling League account,
picked up in store by Jack Spade.
Welcome to Dystopia, baby.
Now it's official.
And next week the belt's gonna be yours.
- It's Ace.
- What about him?
He's at the FWD show with Gully.
Our legendary nemesis, Mr. Jack Spade!
Don't come for my shit, boy.
Jack, do you like me?
You're my little brother.
Do you like me as a friend?
Why are you always asking me that?
'Cause I'm not sure if you do.
Well, you're my brother.
I'm supposed to love you, not like you.
Why don't you like me?
'Cause you're a pain in the ass,
always asking me if I like you.
- Not always.
- Often enough.
Trust me, loving you is
better than liking you,
'cause loving you means
I got to be there for you
even when you're a pain in the ass.
That's brothers, dummy.
Hey, you want to go fishing later?
We can use the new pole Dad gave me.
Dad didn't give me one.
Wasn't your birthday.
I had a birthday this year.
We can share mine.
No, thanks.
Hey, I didn't say you could touch that.
Didn't say I couldn't.
Don't touch what ain't yours.
Ugh, I'm sorry.
Say it like you mean it.
Hey, you want to wrestle, boy?
No, sir.
Not you, him.
Seems like you think
you already know how.
- Huh?
- Dad, we were just goofing.
Well, what do you say you and me
do some goofing together, huh?
Come on. Lock it up.
Come on, boy.
You've been hitting the weights, huh?
Goofing's fun, idn't it?
Lock 'em up.
There you go.
Dad, he wasn't hurtin' me.
Quiet, Ace. I'm coachin'.
Where do you think you're going, boy?
This ain't over till I say it's over.
Now lock 'em up. Come on.
Well, look at that. You can learn, huh?
You quit, huh?
Oh, ho-ho.
Look what I woke up, huh?
You want to play like that, huh?
Come on, son, you lock it up now.
You quit, huh, Jack?
Agh, I know you're enjoying this.
I just want to make you happy.
Jack, you told Ace don't
touch what ain't yours.
Well, Ace ain't yours,
so you don't touch him.
- You got it?
- Aah!
Dad, we were just goofing.
Come on, Jack, quit.
Come on, Jack!
Somebody get that motherfucker!
Ace, come on!
Shit, come on.
Hey, Jack, I'm drunk,
I can't drive Mom's car!
Follow me! We'll get Mom's car later!
Get the fuck in, Ace!
- Ah, fuck.
- Shit.
Fuck were you thinking?
I know what you're gonna say, man!
Don't do that! Don't
you fucking lie to me!
Don't you fucking lecture me!
I came here intending to fuck Gully up,
but I got there, and, Jack,
I'm just saying, he's
a pretty persuasive guy.
You would've been a real easy
mark in the Garden of Eden.
Why the fuck are you
bringing up the Bible?
Easy to tempt, easy to sway.
Okay, I got there, and
I got a little drunk
and a little high,
and I listened 'cause
I'm a fucking idiot, Jack.
But you know what? He
also listened to me.
Yeah, I'm sure he made it seem that way.
And I got it in my head
that maybe I'd be better
off with him instead of you,
because you don't listen to me, Jack.
And he said I could stop being a heel,
which I really want to stop being, man.
You're winning the belt next week.
It's not about the belt!
No, it's about turning
you back into a face.
We're gonna turn Bill
into a monster heel.
You're gonna go over on both of us.
You're gonna climb that ladder.
You get the belt, sure,
but you're you're a face again.
Don't do this just because
you almost lost your stud horse.
I didn't drive to Florida
to steal back my stud horse.
I drove to Florida to protect my brother
from a piece of shit
who wants to chew him up
and spit him out.
You humiliated me in
front of an entire town.
Who the hell were you
protecting me from then?
I didn't think you were
ready for the big-time,
and I didn't want to watch
you drink yourself to death
- in six months. Oh,
for fuck's sakes, Jack.
Watch Rick Flair's 30 for 30.
I would've been fine.
Did you and Willie plant the Kleenex
in the crowd that night?
Fuck you.
Fuck you for asking me that question.
How dare you ask me that question?
If I could go back, there's a
ton of shit I'd do different.
But I spent my whole life
watching you and hav
watching you have all these dreams
laid out in front of you, Ace.
I just got the one.
Gully don't wanna give you a home.
He wants to kill the DWL.
He drenches shows in blood. That's fine.
It's not the real kind of blood
the important kind, brother kind.
Okay, enough.
Did it ever occur to you fuck nuts
to hop in the ring and stop that shit?
I thought it was a goddamn promo.
It was a fuckin' promo, all
right, for Jack fucking Spade.
Let's go fuck some faces up in Duffy.
See how they wrestle at the fair
when they're eatin' through straws.
Hey, Rooster, put some
words to your smirk.
- Nah, I'm good.
- You sure?
'Cause nothin' happened like
this before you got here.
Maybe it was your idea,
you fuckin' turncoat.
Well, if it was my idea,
I would've wrote a move where
I broke Jack Spade's back.
But I'm new here.
So what say you, then?
Shall we weapon up and ride to Duffy?
Violence is your game, but
Jack just beat you at that.
Now, if you really want to win,
you got to beat him at his game.
See, Jack controls everything
the crowd thinks and feels
who's good, who's bad,
who wins, who loses.
Ain't nobody got power but him.
Does the same thing to his
wrestlers, especially Ace.
Ace was jumping ship.
Yeah, 'cause I said, he'd get the belt.
Oh, you talking about
my motherfucking belt.
That's another conversation,
but that's not the only thing
you promised him, though, is it?
I said he'd get to be a good guy again.
See, the only thing he really
cares about is the crowd liking him.
Don't try to understand why.
That's just his childlike
need, but after tonight,
I guarantee you that Jack
is promising him that back.
See, he just whupped
your ass in your ring.
Now you got to go whoop his ass in his
on the biggest night of their history,
in their ring at the fair.
I like how you summed
that up at the end.
Thank you for tackling that guy.
Thanks for coming to get me.
Shit, man.
Mom's gonna be so pissed I
left the car in Jacksonville.
Mom would be more pissed if
I left you in Jacksonville.
Can I just say
the look on Charlie Gully's
face when you punched him
It felt so fucking good.
Shit, dude, the guy
didn't know what hit him.
I never stepped into a punch
like that in my entire life.
Hey, hey, shh.
Shh, shh, shh, shh.
All right.
Hey, Crystal. Got our
tickets to the fair.
I know you can't say,
but I hope you're in the main event.
Gonna be a million people
there going off, and I can't
I quit.
Wait. What? Why?
Got better things to do.
Oh, well, that's too bad.
A lot of folks like rooting for you.
Good luck with, um,
everything you got going on.
This recap is gonna be on a big screen.
It's got to pop big.
It pops fine. Read the shit.
It's got to recap DWL history.
Dude, you don't got to talk to me
like I don't know what
a fucking recap is.
Just read it.
Recording. And action.
Jack and Ace Spade are not just rivals.
They are brothers.
Uh, hey. Practice starts in an hour.
Debbie, you see the sticky note?
What sticky note?
The sticky note on the door that says,
"Recording. Do not enter."
No one told me.
That's why we did the sticky note.
To alert the people we hadn't told.
- Apologies.
- From who?
From who? From me.
How would we know?
I just said "apologies."
Yeah, it sounds like a random,
vague collection of apologies
from, like, everyone to everyone.
Specificity would help here, Deb.
I humbly apologize
for not seeing your fucking sticky note
while I was occupied doing everything
Willie told me I got to do
to make you two ingrates
look good at the fair.
"Ingrates." Is that racist?
No, that's just what we're being,
so that's what she was calling us.
Boys, look what happened
in Florida last night?
- What the fuck?
- Shit.
Please let this be
an attempted abduction
so I can claw your eyes out.
Ease up there, Xena.
I'm here to help you.
Like when you made me go off script
and make Ace break Bobby's leg?
I didn't make you do squat,
and you didn't make Ace do squat.
Christ Almighty, I forgot how
much poor folks hate admitting
they fucked up.
You fucked up. Move on.
Us poor folk don't
have much to move on to,
you condescending prick.
I got something for you to move on to.
It ain't wrestling, so
don't piss your pantsuit,
but it will get you back in the DWL.
Bunny Bombshell.
How about it?
No, thanks.
Bunny Bombshell, my valet.
I know who the fuck
stupid-ass Bunny Bombshell is.
Your rotating cast of strippers
who played your valet when
you actually fuckin' wrestled.
Havin' a dance background helps,
but if you play the
newest Bunny Bombshell,
I'll make an exception.
I'm not interested.
My dear
for what task were you created
to wallow in obscurity,
unappreciated and unseen?
You want to be seen,
you cannot rely on others
who want to focus on them.
Everybody at that stupid
fair will lose their shit
when they see the newest Bunny B,
and, voilà, you're
back climbing the ladder.
Jack's never gonna go for it.
Let me handle Jack.
I'm his star attraction.
I'm the reason the show sold out.
He wants me happy.
Plus, he's got bigger fish to fry,
like that one he just
crow-hopped down in Jacksonville.
Just promise me you won't scramble
Ace's eggs before the show.
Why are you trying to help me?
Why the fuck does it matter?
Do you want to be my valet?
"Yes or no" question. "Yes, I do."
Or, "No, I want to be a fucking
loser for the rest of my life."
It ain't complicated. You got my number.
"Yes, I do, Bill. I want to succeed."
"No, thanks.
I want to live in this shithole
for the rest of my life."
Yeah, exactly, exactly.
So I take Jack out with a superkick,
run up the ladder, catch Wild Bill
before he grabs the belt.
We start duking it out. Bam!
He finally falls off.
I look up, grab the belt.
Boom, one shinin' moment.
The whole stadium off
their asses cheering for me.
Why won't they be booing you?
'Cause we're turning me
back to a good guy, man.
I mean, that's what the people want.
Well, most people. Some
just don't know it yet.
That's good. I like you as a face.
Exactly, man! That's
what I've been saying.
But, you know, I've realized
I've been blaming Jack
for turning the fans against me,
when really it was partly
my fault, too, you know?
I mean, it probably made it
easier for the fans to boo me.
I haven't been the most
gracious guy around town.
I mean, shit, man, sometimes I can be
downright fucking terrible, you know?
- Yeah.
- But that's on me.
It's not on Jack.
I gotta be better
which is why I brought you here
to bear witness.
Hey, Helen.
I just wanna say sorry.
I'm sorry for being such an asshole
in front of your face,
and I'm sorry for calling
you a bitch behind your back.
I didn't know you did that.
Well, that's because
it was behind your back.
But I'm sorry. I am trying to be better.
Would you please forgive me?
- No.
- Why not?
- 'Cause you're an asshole.
- Not anymore.
Why don't you come to the state fair?
Bring a date. It'll be a great time.
It's sold out. You got extra tickets?
Didn't think so.
Well, if I get some,
would you forgive me?
- Ace, Come on.
- One second, Joe.
Look, I'm sorry. I'll figure this out.
Thank you for considering
to accept my apology.
I'm not considering it.
Oh, you are. I can see it in your eyes.
Look, here's a tenner
for a couple Cokes.
Keep the change.
See you soon.
Say hi to Linda for me.
Feel better?
So much better, man.
I fucking nailed that.
Thanks for helping me pick up the car.
Hey, I'm happy to leave the house.
I-I was hoping Gully's goons
would be lying in wait
so we could rumble.
Come rumble at the state fair, dude.
Jack wants you wrestling.
So do I. It'll be dope.
I'm done with wrestling, brother.
Dude, 10,000 people.
I've been to the fair.
- Good.
- Oh, yeah.
- Good?
- Yep, yep, yep.
You good?
What's the matter, you think I'm hurt?
Going up.
Look at him go.
Let's go.
He goes down.
There it is, yeah.
- All right.
- Okay.
The kids made a fort.
They love that Thomas
is sleeping over again.
I'm sorry to burden you with us.
You're my friend, not a burden.
I so did not ever envision me
at this age
contemplating what I'm
gonna do with my life.
You will stay here as long as you want.
I'm just worried
and sad.
I'm worried that I don't know
how to make things happy again,
and I'm worried that talking's
not gonna make anything better.
Kate texted.
She and Whit are coming
to see you at the Rodeo.
Oh, they don't have to
No, it's not a big deal.
Shush now, you.
I don't know what I wanna do.
Think of yourself.
Yeah, I know. I hear you, Court.
Just not sure that's
what makes me happy.
Hey, Courtney, it's Jack.
Well, I left a few messages for Staci,
and she's not getting back to me.
So, um
uh, when you see her, just
tell her how much I love her.
Hope I didn't wake you up.
Yo, Bill?
Back here in the ice bath.
Fear not, the ice has sucked
my testicles up to my esophagus.
If you see me cough out
a grape, it's not a grape,
It's half my manhood.
Put that shit in my bag.
Have a seat, mi amigo. Thirsty?
No, I'm good.
Listen, that shit you been
bringing me D-Bol, Norcos
I need something with more,
you know, blanketed coverage.
Oh, Bill, I ain't no dealer here.
I-I mean, I laid out
to get you some stuff
'cause I want you to be
all right for the fair,
but, ooh, that next tier,
it comes with some baggage.
Fucks with your head,
respiratory problems,
pissing blood, GI tract.
You got all kinds of shit
that can happen to you.
Thank you, Sanjay Gupta.
Just go on and give me what you can get.
Hey, Mama, guess what.
You know I hate guessing.
It's just a way to be
wrong about something.
I'm winning the DWL belt
at the fair this weekend.
- How great is that?
- Pretty great.
But the best part is Jack's
turning me to a face again.
Well, you want to
come? You sit front row?
Oh, sweetie, I don't think so.
- I don't like crowds.
- Oh, come on.
A-and I hate fairs.
Nobody hates fairs.
And because I really
don't like wrestling,
because for most of my life,
I've been hearing
that wrestling is fake,
even though it was the only real thing
in the world to your father,
and we know how that turned out, so
You have fun, though.
Yeah, uh, do you want to
come out and talk? I'm here.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Never thought we'd be the kind of couple
where someone had to leave
home in order to make a point.
Talking hasn't seemed to work.
Well, can it work at getting you home?
I-I should've told you
about the Kleenex, Staci.
Look, wrestling sometimes is
about creating a situation.
- Manipulating a situation.
- Scripting a story.
I know all about wrestling
and your writing, Jack.
Use whatever words for
the Kleenex you want.
Here's a few
deceptive, cunning, unkind.
The Kleenex idea was
just a thing that
It was it was it was
Things went a certain way.
You went a certain
way, Jack, not things.
You beat Ace on his big night.
You bought the props to provoke him
when he was trying
to win back the crowd.
You attacked him at the
hospital in front of Thomas,
and now you drove down to
fucking Florida to assault a man.
Charlie Gully was trying to poach him.
Each action and each situation
you could have resisted.
You embraced 'em. You fucking leaned in.
I needed to.
You say that, but that's not true.
Necessity is a fucking
fiction here, Jack,
and the Kleenex thing, that was this
I don't know, it was this devious
puppeteering and manipulation.
- Which worked.
- It worked at making Ace feel
like the whole town hated him.
Worked because you know
how much he just wants
to be seen as a winner, like we all do.
Hey, Staci, that's
between me and Ace, not us.
I'm tied into you both. We all are.
Okay, let's talk about Ace.
The night that I ended the match,
earlier in that day, he
went and saw Helen Cooper
and he told her that our dad thought
that she was such a gluttonous beast
that he was surprised that
she didn't eat her dead dog.
Well, I didn't know that.
And seconds before we went out,
he told me that just like our dad,
I was gonna stay in Duffy
just long enough to kill myself.
Well, I can see why you
might not have told me that.
Well, can you see that
I'm trying to protect him,
that I care how people
see him, including you,
that I definitely realized
that he's a stupid kid
who says stupid shit,
and it's it's juvenile,
and it's impulsive, and it's dangerous,
but I also know that
if you yank it all back,
he's a good guy.
Staci, the world don't always
give you chances to sort yourself out.
It it remembers when you fuck up
a-and who you fuck up
with and who you mistreat.
So I thought maybe just before
he charges out into the world,
all ego as just a
little kid who's so frail
that he cries when he's booed
and so unhinged that he
snaps his friend's leg
because he thinks he
got his heart broken,
I thought maybe I would
I thought maybe I'd just
I'd let him grow up a little bit
that if he was gonna make mistakes,
he could make them in front of me
because our dad
he gifted us with a mean streak,
and I got to tell you,
it's a motherfucker.
I am well aware.
It's dumb
and it's stupid
but I have someone standing
right in front of me
who grounds me in
conversations like this,
and Ace ain't got no one.
So if I have to be my
fucking brother's keeper,
then that's what I'm gonna be.
And you can look at
me, and you can think
that I'm not being a good big brother,
but that's what I am being,
and I ain't never gonna stop.
Jack, the true story of who you
two can become as brothers
as friends, as people, it
can't start without honesty.
I can't tell him about the Kleenex.
He'll hate me.
Maybe, maybe not.
It's still better than lying.
Jack, how you act is who you are.
And I'm not in our home right now
because I need you to witness
the fact that I am worried.
I'm worried that you think
the success of the DWL
and however that is
achieved is more important
than you being a good guy.
And I'm not attracted to that person.
I am so invested in us,
but I feel so far away
from you right now.
If you don't fix who you're
becoming, you're gonna lose me.
I hear you.
Can we go home?
Well, look, you got a big
few days ahead of you, and
Thomas is suspended from school, so
let us stay out of your hair
so you can focus on the fair.
Are you still gonna come see it?
Staci, I wasn't expecting
a hesitation right there.
They changed the time
for me singing the anthem.
It was scheduled for noon,
and now it's not, so
I wanna be there for you.
Jack, you know how you
could be there for me?
By wishing me luck when
I go sing at the Rodeo.
Good luck to you.
Glad you're being singled
out for that beautiful voice.
It's okay. You know, I'll get video.
You go make the fair great.
Maybe write a story where you turn face.
You'd be great as a face.
I know this because a
face is who I married.
Talk to Ace, make it
worthy of all this struggle.
And then let's you and me have a talk
about what the future looks like.
May I say good night to Thomas, please?
Of course.
You sure you don't want us to come?
Oh, I'm so very sure.
Moral support?
Please, come on, none of that.
Have fun at the sleepover.
- Think.
- I will.
And if Brenda Bellavance brings vodka
and you feel pressured to try some,
just fake like you're taking a sip.
Don't gossip about other
girls who aren't there.
It's not nice, and you are.
If there's gossip about boys,
you believe every word you hear.
- Good advice.
- Hey, family hug.
- Ah.
- It's almost over.
Mm, we love you. Mwah.
At least somebody does.
I really am sorry.
And I always knew as a young-un ♪
One day I'd grow up and
kick the game in the stomach ♪
Crystal, hey!
How you doing?
- You look cute.
- Big day, gentlemen!
Jacky boy.
Let me introduce you to
the new Bunny Bombshell.
The legendary valet persona.
It's a good idea. What do you think?
Wait. What?
Bunny Bombshell?
Fuckin' A, that's a great call.
- She'll bring the heat.
- I know she will.
Nah, man, Crystal and I are good.
I want her at the DWL.
Seriously, we're chill.
It's good to have you back.
Thank you, Jack.
All right, y'all, we'll put this
shitshow on the road in five minutes.
- Okay.
- Jack?
Uh, so Staci texted me good luck.
I'm surprised her and Thomas would
you know
Are you good? You need anything from me?
No, she just
Let's go kick ass tonight.
Most def. Let's rock and roll.
Look, Ace, I got to
I heard you guys needed an extra body.
Oh, come on, man!
Before we go out there tonight,
I just want to say something.
This is a family business.
That's what my dad told me
when I first started coming to the Dome.
I was just a little guy.
I should've stayed retired.
Oh, hey, man, you ain't got a
thing to worry about, brother.
I'll take good care of you out there.
This ain't your
grandfather's state fair.
My grandfather's never
been to a state fair.
I asked what that meant,
since he started the DWL.
He didn't inherit it.
He said, "Family isn't
something that you inherit.
It's something that you make."
Yeah, there there's
some love involved.
Truth is that you make
family by working hard
fighting side by side.
Hang on a second.
Love's shown by how you show up
how you continue to show up
and how you never, ever
fucking give up on each other.
Got to say, at the Duffy
Dome, I only have a banner,
but that jumbotron makes
me look downright thin.
- Hmm.
- This is amazing.
I can't believe we pulled this
off and pulled these guys in.
I know. Isn't it great?
When we're all out there,
when all of us are pulling
together, working together
God damn it, I'm transcended.
It's the thrill that I get.
I only fucking get it
from this, all right?
And that's a curse.
But this family business right here,
we're about to make a big fuckin' leap.
Right out there
that's as real as it gets.
It's as real as the
years you've put in
and the doubts you overcame
and the injuries that you
taped up or just sucked up.
It's as real as all the
friendships in here, old and new.
It's as real as the fuckin'
mistakes that you made
and the hatchets that you buried.
Most of all, I just
want to thank all of you
for never givin' up on me.
You're my family, that's it.
Some by blood
the rest by sweat.
Let's fucking do it. Come on, Poc.
- Let's go, baby! Bring it up!
- Let's do this, baby.
- Let's do it.
- Let's go out here
and put on the best show in
front of the biggest crowd
- in DWL history.
- Yeah.
"Family" on three. One, two, three!
I'm telling you, Charles,
believe in these boys!
These boys go all out!
Hey, Willie.
I just want to say thanks for
helping me out and everything.
Sorry it isn't wrestling.
I once said you didn't belong here.
I was wrong.
Good luck, Bunny.
One, two, three!
Big Jim, ladies and gentlemen!
Staci! This is Mr. Mickey Holloway.
He is the reason we're all here tonight.
Staci Spade, so nice to meet you.
Oh, it is so nice to meet you,
and thank you so much for having me.
Really, this this
means the world to me.
Hey. Hey.
It's time, Jack.
I'm trying to watch Staci sing.
Hey, bud, we got to go, now.
- Okay.
- Come on.
And to sing our national anthem,
from Duffy, Georgia, Staci Spade.
- Whoo!
- Ooh-ooh!
Come on, baby!
O say ♪
Can you see? ♪
By the dawn's ♪
Early light ♪
What so proudly ♪
We hailed ♪
At the twilight's ♪
Last gleaming ♪
Whose broad stripes ♪
And bright stars ♪
Through the perilous fight ♪
- Ace, all right
- This is unreal, man!
Look at what you put together.
And that speech you
made was great, dude.
Seriously, thanks for making this
something Dad would be proud of.
I mean it.
Hey, look, I got to talk to
you about something, all right?
- Listen
- Hey.
All right, fuckos, let's
burn this shit down.
Bunny Bombshell, let's go.
Come on.
Willie, hit Bill's music.
O'er the land ♪
Of the free ♪
And the home ♪
Of the brave ♪
Whoa, thought it was a nightmare ♪
Lord, it was so true ♪
They told me don't go walking slow ♪
The Devil's on the loose ♪
Better run through the jungle ♪
Better run through the jungle ♪
Better run through the jungle ♪
Whoa, don't look back to see ♪
Well, well, well, well
Welcome to the South Georgia State Fair.
I love the state fair.
Loved coming here when I was a kid.
Carnival rides, cotton candy,
the pie-eating contest.
I learned a lot about how
to eat pie at the state fair.
Just ask Bunny Bombshell.
- Did Jack write this?
- Yes.
- The pie-eating thing?
- No.
Don't worry, y'all, moms, dads.
I'm gonna keep it clean.
But I will tell the truth,
truth about where we are as Georgians
where we are as Americans.
And the truth is,
I'm in this ring because I am tired.
I'm tired of the
complainin' and the whinin'.
I'm tired of the sense of entitlement
that has poisoned this country.
I am in this ring
because I am tired
of the Spade brothers.
I am tired of their sense of entitlement
over that DWL title belt.
And I'm gonna take it,
and I'm gonna feast on it
like a fresh-baked Georgia peach pie!
Piece by piece,
bite by bite,
all in one sitting!
Let the night
Fair paid for that mic.
Have a good show.
All right, Ace, in your
corner, in your corner.
Bill, you ready? Ace, you ready?
- Right up there.
- Ready?
- I'm ready!
- All right!
Ladder match, you all know what this is.
You get that belt, you're the champ.
Good, clean fight. Ring that bell.
Not bad. Not bad at all.
Get up! Get up!
Get up. Get up. I got him.
- One more.
- One more.
Get in there, God damn it.
Ace, Ace, Ace, Ace, Ace!
Ace, Ace, Ace, Ace, Ace!
Get the ladder!
You get it. I don't work for you.
Get the goddamn ladder!
Ace, Ace, Ace, Ace, Ace!
Ace, Ace, Ace, Ace!
I threw a guy off me last
night quicker than that.
Hey, are you okay with missing the fair?
So what's the deal?
Is Jack a heel, a face now, or what?
I'm not quite sure these days.
Ace, Ace, Ace!
Ace, Ace, Ace, Ace!
Oh, fuck.
Oh. Ah.
What's wrong?
Uh, I think I shit my pants a little.
Oh, I guess I shit my pants a lot.
This is a shame I cannot bear.
If I get up, I'll never live it down,
so I must play dead.
- Are you serious?
- Yes.
What's going on with Bill?
He shit his pants.
Jesus Christ.
What do you mean he shit his pants?
Yo, what's wrong with Bill?
- He shit his pants.
- The hell you talking about?
Same ending, I just take
Bill's spot, all right?
You and me, we bring
this home, Ace, okay?
- You ready?
- Yeah.
Okay, here we go.
Jack, Jack!
Jack, Jack, Jack, Jack, Jack!
Jack, Jack, Jack!
Jack, Jack, Jack!
Why are they cheering for Jack?
- How many did you hand out?
- A few hundred.
Got 300 more right here.
Throw 'em.
Oh, shit.
Fuck with the fucking Kleenex, Jack?
Did you do this?
Not this time.
It was my idea the first time.
I'm sorry.
Bobby, what the hell's
going on out there?
Bobby, they're fighting for real.
No, I can see that.
I can't break kayfabe.
Willie, they're fighting for real.
What do you want me to do about it?
You want me to run out and stop them?
Give it a second. Jack
wouldn't want that.
Bill, what do we do?
Watch two guys take a gift
horse and shit in its mouth.
You're sorry? Huh?
I'm gonna fucking kill you!
Ace, please don't do this.
Please don't do this. I'm sorry.
- Swear, please.
- Hey, Ace!
Let's go, Ace!
Come on!
Bunny Bombshell has come to play, huh?
Just like outside the bar.
Got the line.
Holy shit, this is actually working.
Crystal, I need you to
take care of me, okay?
What can you do?
I'll suplex you, Jack.
- Are you sure?
- Yep.
Do it, Crystal.
Bobby, get her the ladder.
Fuck these guys, I'm
gonna go get that belt.
- Go.
- She gonna do this?
- Come on, girl.
- Go! Go, go!
Fuck it.
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