Heels (2021) s02e01 Episode Script

Ten-Bell Salute

Previously on Heels
My dad built a coliseum
that was so goddamn expensive,
that he buckled.
The locker room's
for wrestlers, not valets.
I'm not just a valet. I can wrestle.
Tale as old as time.
Brothers sparring. Cain and Abel.
You beat Ace on his big night.
You bought the props to provoke him
when he was trying
to win back the crowd.
You humiliated me
in front of an entire town.
Did you really plant the Kleenex
in the crowd that night?
How dare you ask me that question?
Who do you know who's been asked
to sing the National Anthem
at the Georgia State
Rodeo Championships?
I'm so proud of you.
Never thought we'd be the kinda couple
where someone had to leave home
in order to make a point.
I'm not in our home right now
because I am worried.
If you don't fix who you're becoming,
you're gonna lose me.
Talk to Ace. Make it
worthy of all this struggle.
And then let's you and me have a talk
about what the future looks like.
Let's go! Throw 'em!
Did you do this?
Not this time.
- They're fighting for real.
- No, I can see that.
I can't break kayfabe.
I'm gonna fucking kill you!
Please don't do this. I'm sorry.
- Swear. Please.
- Hey, Ace!
Fuck these guys. I'm
gonna go get that belt.
Move it!
There's no room.
Move your car now!
Move your car!
Buddy, you're runnin' hot.
Good luck with this shit.
DWL for life! Whoo!
You saved the day, Crystal!
Yeah! She saved the DWL!
Oh, put her up! Put her up! Come on!
Crystal! Crystal! Crystal! Crystal!
Crystal! Crystal! Crystal! Crystal!
Hey, this is Staci. Leave a message.
I hope the rodeo went great.
I'm so sorry that I wasn't there.
Um, send me some video when you can.
Love you. Bye.
You have built
one hell of a family here.
It ain't like the other places.
Tonight was a triumph, a real triumph.
That was a time capsule event.
Hey, Jackie boy.
Your dad would have been
so proud of you.
Thank you, Eddie.
Thank you for being
there for us, always.
Jack, my, oh, my, did you deliver.
That's the loudest
this arena's ever been.
I'm ready to close the deal
on next year's fair
and the next one,
and let's throw in a third year too.
You just tell me when and where.
Now's as good a time as any.
Hey, Willie?
Oh, you must introduce me to Wild Bill.
Ah, it'd be my pleasure.
Just give me a minute.
- Mm-hmm.
- Okay.
Let's camp out, wait for Wild Bill,
jump that fake-ass cowboy.
Oh, I'll curb-stomp that dude.
All right, check your TRT levels, boys.
After that finish, we can't fuck the DWL
worse than they just fucked themselves.
That was the dumbest finish
I ever saw, okay?
And Jack Spade, rasslin' purist,
he is now deeply,
irredeemably fuckin' fucked
in a way he can't unfuck his way out of.
He can shoot a vignette justifying it.
Not if I cut a promo
ragging on it first.
Get a phone out.
Kevin, fuck your Android with
your green text bubbles, okay?
Paul, say when.
Attention, Dystopian Disciples!
Charlie Gully out here
at the South Georgia State Fair.
In case you missed it,
your new DWL Champion is
the valet!
That's right, the fucking valet!
Bunny Bombshell, who hip-hoppity-hopped
around the ring
twitching her cottontail ass
till she got the belt.
According to Jack Spade's logic,
I guess anybody can just grab the belt.
The match is apparently wide open
to anybody or any animal
in the free world.
So if you desire the DWL belt,
get yourself some bunny ears
or a pig snout
or a braid of horse-ass hair,
and abra-fucking-cadabra!
The DWL belt can be yours.
- Cut.
- Post that!
That fuckin' conceited fuck Jack Spade
is gonna wish he never fucked with me.
Hope the ink don't stain your bra.
Thank you.
Well, Shakespeare,
wasn't the way you scripted,
but it popped.
I saw you two idiots hammering away,
and I thought it was over,
but we pulled a rabbit out of a hat.
Bunny Bombshell.
You see her rip off the ears?
Hell of a piece of business. So good.
I called that.
She called that.
Look, I'm the one who stood up
and saved her ass
so she could save your ass
while my ass was leaking.
I'm sure that video of my shame
will soon be trending on Reddit.
Have you seen Ace?
Nah, I was showering, which required
my full concentration and a lotta soap.
You and Ace tore the house down.
You're top guys.
This Cain-Abel thing will take you
to the promised land,
if you both can keep it together.
I know a thing when I see it.
Oh, Jack, there you are.
Hey, Constance.
Bill, this is Constance.
She booked us for the fair.
You are a wise woman, Constance.
Well, we just loved it.
My favorite part was the special effects
with the pants.
I was concerned at first.
Connie, there's not
a single part of my body
I can't control.
- Hey, Debbie?
- Yeah?
- Have you seen Ace?
- Uh, nope.
Uh, excuse me.
Staci, please tell Jack
to make this all go faster.
Thank you.
Thank you for coming.
Thank you so much
Thank you.
Thank you.
Maybe Tom had that, uh,
concussion syndrome, CTE.
Saw the end.
He still seemed pretty sharp to me.
Plus, if he knew he had CTE,
he would have shot himself in the chest
so science could study his brain.
Not everybody that kills himself
is thinking ahead like that.
Especially if they got CTE.
It's gotta be money.
It's always money.
Tom thought Ace was
a first-round NFL pick.
That right there is proof he had CTE.
Nah, I-I was an all-state
tight end because of Ace.
Ace was good, really good.
Football dream fell short,
but that don't mean
Tom's belief in Ace going
all the way was unearned.
Some people just get hit
with anguish out of nowhere,
and they don't know
how to hit back at it.
Also seemed like the kinda
wrestling he had us doing
just no longer brought in the fans.
He still had a lot to live for, man.
Or not.
Your reality inside
and outside your head
doesn't always line up.
Look, I'm just sayin'.
It's not our place to judge.
That's never stopped us before.
Not at all, baby.
So just make the rounds.
Pick up trash, check the Sterno cans
for the heating trays,
and keep the coolers stocked.
- Thank you.
- Uh, oh, no, no, no.
We, uh we just wanna help the family.
We can't take any money.
You some fancy new order
of nuns or something?
You think
first responders work for free?
I'm not sure how first responders
First responders get paid.
So do soldiers.
Cancer doctors have ocean-view mansions.
Why? They got paid.
Someone offers you money for your work,
stick your hand out.
Tom just had that thing, didn't he?
That-that man thing,
that handsome twinkle
that makes a woman quiver.
The kinda thing that makes a woman
sit up and say, "That is
a handsome, handsome man.
Tall drink of water".
- Uh
- Thank you.
Uh thanks. Oh.
Oh, I am so sorry.
No, that's, uh that's on me.
I'm sorry to miss the funeral.
I was don't matter.
Bill, your old friend is buried
in Duffy Cemetery.
Go top off the gravesite
with a couple shovelfuls
if you're feeling mournful,
but I do not want you here,
walking around,
sucking up the spotlight.
Can I help pay for anything?
Nothing left to pay for.
This place is shuttin' down.
It's a shame
you and Tom never
really repaired things.
Not surprising considering your success
and his lack of it.
Your achievements cast quite the shadow.
It's how things go,
or went.
How much cash you got on you?
I think I got, uh, well
Thank you.
I'll put it to good use.
Got these too.
It's a bit wet, but
sweat don't make 'em counterfeit.
Yes. Thank you.
- I'll see you.
- See you.
Staci, Barbara Holt.
We haven't been introduced.
I work at Town Hall.
So sorry about King Spade.
We sure appreciate
everyone coming out here today, Barbara.
Duffy comes together
when Duffy people need it.
It's what makes Duffy Duffy.
Duffy Strong, you know?
Even though you're not from here,
Duffy's adopted you,
Jack's wife, as one of us.
My friend Mimi Brainard
works over at Sanctity Health.
She intimated you recently had
your D&C over there.
Miscarriages stink.
I've been there twice.
If you ever need to talk or
Barbara, please tell Mimi Branner,
who I do not know
Brainard, with a D on the end.
Tell Mimi with a D on the end
if something unthinkable happens to her
and I hear about it,
I'll still keep it to myself.
- I just she
- What I actually want you
to tell her is to shut her fat mouth
before I shut it for her,
but that's not very ladylike, is it?
Thanks again for being here today.
Duffy really showed up
for the Spade family.
We so appreciate it.
Fuckin' Duffy Strong fake-ass
mind your own fuckin' business
before I D&C your fuckin' ass
right through the fuckin' floor.
Everything all right?
Oh, my God, Ace, I'm sorry.
You didn't do nothin' to me.
Sounds like someone's
'bout to have somethin'
done to them, though.
- I was just gonna
- D&C someone's fuckin' ass
right through the fuckin' floor,
which no idea what that means,
but sounds painful.
Took a walk so I didn't do that.
Need me to do it?
Don't tell me it's Jack.
No, tell me it's Jack.
Jack and I don't fight.
Yeah, I know,
which I don't understand
how that's possible.
He's so Jack.
We want the same things.
Not one fight?
He never got drunk
at a college frat party?
We both got drunk in college.
But fought-fought,
I'll say it again.
None of us know how Jack
landed a saint like you.
I'm not a saint. We both got lucky.
How are you?
You doing all right?
Your dad loved you very much.
Broke his damn heart.
I don't think that's true.
He coached me my whole life.
Every sport. Every single sport.
Worked with me. Encouraged me.
He invested so much in me.
Got me a college football scholarship.
You got your scholarship.
Not without his devotion.
He taught me how to work hard.
Made me work hard.
Set goals, achieve 'em.
And I fucked that up.
Couldn't carry it through.
And that was, uh
I was an investment that didn't pay off.
He adored you.
I think he felt this duty
to be Tom Spade, King of Duffy.
And he didn't feel like
he was that anymore.
Duffy loved my dad.
Jack only moved y'all here
a couple of years ago,
so you never saw what
the DWL meant here, but
when I was little, when it was good
ugh, unreal.
So loud.
So devoted.
When we'd go downtown,
my dad was a celebrity.
Get free ice cream.
The firemen would let me
slide down the fire pole.
You'd think that would've
been enough for him.
Everyone just glad to see you.
Think he thought
I was better than I was.
Made me think I was better than I was.
And I was good, but wasn't going pro.
Shit, I couldn't even go D1.
Wish he let me wrestle.
Think he was afraid I'd like it.
Didn't want me to think
it'd be a path.
Maybe you could think of it
as an act of love,
steering you away from it.
It hurt him. He didn't want you hurt.
If that's the case, he probably
shouldn't have killed himself.
Now, don't overdo it, dear.
Rubbin' this floor
just makes it dirtier.
This place is about to get
knocked down or repurposed.
The the DWL can't close down.
There's so much more to be done
One-horse town just lost its horse.
King Spade made sure of that.
Why don't you hand 'em to me one by one?
If I aim right, I can hit the dumpster.
Tom thought when we hit the big time,
that those old title belts
would be collector's items.
Yeah, he thought a lotta things.
Just want one of these
for Thomas's bedroom.
Right, well, I'm sure
whoever turns this place
into a microbrewery won't want 'em.
Hey, maybe we should turn
this place into a microbrewery.
Should get as far away
from this place as we can.
Did you read this?
I just fuckin' found it two seconds ago.
Well, none of these say
Willie on 'em, do they?
You all right?
Yeah, I'm good.
Thank you for helping to keep
this dream alive with him.
Kept it alive till it killed him.
He killed him.
No, I could've
I could've told him to get out,
drop it, end it.
I didn't.
He spent decades of his life
investing everything he had,
so much that the idea of folding it down
was some declaration of failure
that he couldn't bear.
He bought a house. Fed his family.
Didn't do much other than wrestle
for most of his adult life.
That not being enough of a life for him,
that's his declaration.
He's a pussy. He's a coward.
And he took the coward's way out.
Fuck you.
Fine. Fuck me.
Fuck him too.
He hid so much from y'all,
all the pressure, the weight he carried.
He threw his weight around
every chance he got.
Open the letter.
I don't care what he wrote.
I'm sorry I said fuck you.
I shouldn't have said fuck you.
Jacket's yours if you want it.
Well, it's a stupid jacket.
Jack, Willie, we headin' out.
Gentlemen, thank you
for all that y'all did
to make this place this place
and, uh, for-for being here today
to to help with the grieving.
I don't know how to say this,
man, but, uh,
there's no Duffy without the DWL.
I understand it, but
it sucks that it's over.
It's a blessing.
More people were here
for this funeral feast
than the last three shows combined.
True. Free food is undefeated.
We should have had free food
at the matches.
Hey, Jack, we were sayin' that, uh,
Tom deserved a ten-bell salute.
I mean, it's it's the
honorable thing to do.
Man, Tom Spade was all about
hittin' his finisher.
He already went out with a bang.
Here, you want a keepsake?
Help yourself.
We could've been on the comeback trail
with the DWL.
So many ideas to build it back,
and I had great angles for booking
and matches and characters.
You did. I know you did.
All he had to do was take
a little bit of my input.
But no thank you.
He'd rather kill himself.
I'm having a difficult time
not takin' that personally.
I'm sorry, Jack.
Couple of the boys thought we should do
a ten-bell salute for him.
In my head, I'm like, "Salutin' what?"
Salutin' him tappin' out
when things got rough?
Fuck no.
Today was his no-bell salute.
Funeral for a man
and an entire business.
Maybe what the guys
Say whatever you gonna say.
No, I don't wanna complicate it.
Staci, I'm real foggy.
Just say what you were gonna say.
Well, maybe you can
I don't know, host one final event,
in the spirit of, like,
a memorial match.
The ten-bell salute would be
just part of it for his memory,
but then the event is for you,
Willie, the guys,
so y'all can close down the DWL
with a celebration of what you all built
and what he built
and what you all loved, wrestling.
No, that'd be too sad.
You know, people
they come to our show
to escape their own lives,
not to get weighed down by ours.
People cared about your family
and this promotion.
And the joy it brought 'em.
Even if interest waned,
it still means something deep.
Write something
for the DWL extended family.
One final show for everyone.
For you most of all.
I don't know.
I'm gonna miss it.
Take some of this when you go.
Every hour, more food arrives.
Folks seem to think a suicide calls
for me inhaling a carrot cake.
Folks are just trying to help.
I'm not feeding a damn firehouse.
Ace can eat pretty good.
Ace isn't eating at all.
Ace is
I'm worried about Ace most of all.
Mom, I'm thinking of hosting
kind of a celebration of life for Dad.
One last event at the Dome
before we shut it all down.
Something honorable,
but also festive.
I don't consider his suicide
festive or celebratory.
Ah, I shouldn't have said festive.
No, you shouldn't have.
Yesterday was awful.
All that pity.
All of Duffy staring at me.
Pity gives off a distinctive stench.
I don't like being the one
giving off that stench.
So feel free to festively tie a bow
around this lousy present
your dad left us,
but count me out.
You don't mean all that.
Your dad was a grown man
who loved playing pretend.
It was fun when it was fun,
but when he got it in his head
that playing pretend could
make us rich and it didn't,
well, you see where that left us.
And it's a stupid thing
a stupid, stupid thing
to give your life to,
and then to take your life beca
I don't wanna talk about it.
When they turn the lights off
at that dump,
all I'll say is, "Bring
on the wrecking ball".
Hey, everybody.
So, uh, I know that I'm
just the son of the boss,
or I-I was, or is.
I've been thinkin' about how this is
the end of the road for this promotion.
And I heard what y'all said
the other day, and I agree.
This occasion deserves to be marked.
I wanna do my dad right
with a ten-bell salute,
then do us right with one last card.
I wanna walk outta this place
with our heads held high.
We'll give away tickets. Free beer.
People can take home the folding chair
and smash each other
over the head with 'em
for all I care.
Who's in?
- Shit, I'm in.
- Rooster's in, baby.
Okay, boys.
Jack has written a script.
Script what the hell
you mean, a script?
Y'all don't forget we're recyclin',
so I need these back.
Rooster, when I was weighing doing this,
I wrote a few things down.
Just have ideas how things could go.
This is awesome.
Tom used to just let us wing it.
"Hey, hey, hey, Rooster,
with a clothesline,
and then-then something else,
and then move so to something else".
"Something else. Something else".
"Yeah, yeah, then you go over
then you go figure it out. Figure"
Wait, wait.
Dumpsters and tables?
Let's go, baby!
Hey, Jack.
Um, can we talk for a sec?
I'm lovin' all of this.
This is not what
Dad would have wanted
Wanted, I know.
But you did, Jack.
You did want me to be a part of the DWL.
And you know what? Deep down, I did too.
And if you're gonna have one
last go-around with this place,
I want my first go-around.
I want in.
It's not as easy as it looks.
Oh, come on, you do it.
I mean, you're a good athlete,
but come on,
I'm a phenomenal athlete.
Plus, I found him first.
What the hell is that supposed to mean?
It means I need a different final memory
than being woken up by a gunshot!
I need this, Jack.
I can't let y'all shut this place down
doin' the one thing
Dad wouldn't let me do
because he thought
I was gonna be this big star
that I didn't turn out to be.
You know what, so what?
But then again, not "So what?"
It's, like, fucking
I cannot sit on the bench watching.
Let me play.
Write me three or four moves.
I'll pick it up.
It's in my blood, just like yours.
And come on, taking a bump?
I played football for years.
Quarterbacks get to slide.
I can handle it.
- Okay, nice and easy.
- Yeah.
It's like a walkthrough
before a football game.
Yeah, except football
is man against man.
This is all about cooperation,
workin' together.
Ace used to be a kid, and then boom,
there he is now, a man.
Very fit, don't you think?
Handsome guy. Fit.
Well, fit don't mean shit.
Girls always want guys to admit
other guys are handsome.
What's that about?
I'm just saying he's fit, is all.
He greener than Kermit the Frog.
He can't pick up this shit in a week.
- There it is!
- Look, I'll tell you what.
We gon' go out with our heads
hanging low in shame.
- Watch.
- Roo, it's Tom's son.
Wha don't mean he can wrestle.
Ace is the best athlete I know.
You you actin' like
you don't know me.
Ace was Jim's best man at his wedding.
That's why he's saying it.
Ace never wrestled 'cause Tom
didn't want him distracted,
not because he wouldn't have
been as good as any of us.
He would have been.
I'm not saying should've been, but
- Do it again!
- would've.
Okay, well, I'ma go see if you a liar.
- Uh oh.
- Go, go, go!
Your right side, not on your left side.
Hey, Jack, let me stand in for you.
Hey, have at it.
All right.
We gon' walk through the match here.
Little bit of this, little
bit of that, all right?
Lock up.
Sitting in the ring, baby.
Come on. Here we go.
- Oh, oka no, no. Put your
- Sorry.
Put your good.
Put your hand behind my head.
- A'ight, now, use your legs.
- Yeah.
- That's leverage.
- Rooster, well done.
Ace, then I'm gonna
overpower you into a headlock.
Make sure you sell it.
Any time the hold tightens,
that's your signal.
The more you make it look like it hurts,
the better you look when you go over.
Actually, that's a little tight.
Good! Now, Ace,
you gon' clear some space
with your right elbow.
You're gonna whip Rooster
into the ropes,
go for the clothesline,
but he's gon' duck it.
Okay, whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
I'm talking very, very,
very, very, very slow motion
on the clothesline.
- Okay?
- Yeah.
- Slow.
- Yeah.
On the day, I'm gon' take
a back body drop, all right?
Then we gon' square off,
center of the ring,
brother versus brother.
- Gotta let 'em feel it!
- All right.
- Again!
- Come on. Ready?
Okay, here we go.
There it is.
- Clear with your elbow!
- Your elbow. Your elbow.
- Slow down!
- There it is.
Ah, slow
- Oh!
- There we go, little brother!
That's some creatine
working right there, baby!
- All right, Ace.
- Okay.
- That's it.
- Let me at him.
Enough with the 101.
Let me leap off the top turnbuckle.
No. No. Not necessary.
Come on, man. Rooster,
help me out, dude.
Do not help him out!
Ace, look, you gotta know
what you're doin' there
because if you get up there,
it can go real bad real quick.
You're gon' fall.
You're gon' kill yourself.
Mom's gonna find out.
She's gonna kill me.
We're gonna have dead
Spade men everywhere.
It'll be an incredible finish.
It's bad enough
that I'm putting you over.
High spots are risky.
If you miss the mark,
you knee me in the nuts,
I'm done having kids.
- I can do it!
- Let me get in there.
Don't worry about me.
Sometimes a kid's gotta touch the fire.
- Okay.
- Come on.
On three.
One, two, three.
It ain't that easy, baby.
Didn't quite nail the distance.
- Hey, Roo.
- What's up?
Where you heading after this?
Oh, probably Chick-fil-A.
To wrestle, man, not eat.
Oh, no clue.
But I'ma land on my feet like a cat.
- Man.
- You?
Not sure. I'm bad at transitions.
Oh, man. You'll be good, my man.
Have faith.
So, just like Jack
scripted it, all right?
I get my shine up front.
You go for your comeback.
I'll shut it down.
All right, now, you take me outside,
and you motherfuck me with that chair.
Ga-ging! Ga-ging! Ga-ging!
And you throw in the heat, baby.
All right, I'll get too
big for my britches,
giving you the opening
to blow your comeback.
The house is on fire.
The crowd is going crazy.
Then you pick me up over your head.
Then it's bombs away
in that dirty-ass dumpster.
Aye, don't you dare come
short of that damn dumpster.
Oh, I'm throwing you past the dumpster.
Oh, don't do that, baby.
That riff was cool.
Just going over the match one more time.
What, you never saw
a preshow walkthrough before?
Dad didn't let me backstage much.
Well, he should have.
We would have crushed it.
Thanks for saying that.
I mean it.
You worked hard this week, Ace.
Sack up. You're the king's son, dude.
Yeah, that means you the prince,
or at least one of 'em.
All right, men.
Closures are the endings that we need
to finish things appropriately.
This is not a goodbye.
This is a sendoff.
Hear, hear. Bring it in.
Hey, come on.
- Let's do it.
- Right.
King Spade on three.
One, two, three!
King Spade!
Hi, everybody.
My name is Willie.
Think I know most of y'all.
Some of you been coming here for years,
and I wanna thank you for that.
Tonight, we close the curtain
on our time here at the DWL.
This'll be our final show.
So thank you for all the years
that you've been a part of this.
Fortunately, we haven't had
a lotta ten-bell salutes
here at the Dome.
Tonight, we do.
We honor a man who dreamt of bringing
professional wrestling
to this part of Georgia.
And he did.
Tom Spade.
So please stand, remove your hats,
and hold the Spade family,
especially Tom Spade,
in your thoughts.
King Spade!
King Spade! King Spade!
King Spade! King Spade!
King Spade! King Spade!
King Spade! King Spade!
King Spade! King Spade! King Spade!
That's right! That's right!
The last thing the king would
want is a quiet crowd!
So how about we get to some rasslin'?
I'm nervous, man. I never get nervous.
Not in the huddle, not
on the pitcher's mound,
not playing cards, not with a girl.
First time I took you
cliff jumping at the quarry,
you were nervous.
I was eight.
You leapt, splashed, lived.
You were so happy,
you almost drowned laughing.
You'll survive this.
Nah. Nah, man. Dad was right.
I ain't I ain't meant for this.
Dad's judgment's
now forever in question.
All right, you're a quarterback, Ace.
You're a player.
Players play.
Just don't let me look stupid.
I-I won't.
Run the plays that I called.
You'll be good.
Ladies and gentlemen, Jack Spade.
Thank you. Duffy, Georgia.
Thank you very much
for being here tonight
and celebrating my dad, honoring him.
You know, he wasn't just my dad.
He was a father to everyone
in the DWL family.
We will miss him dearly.
Let's play his entrance music
one last time.
Well, well, well, Duffy,
it's my younger brother,
Ace Spade, Duffy High
state football champ!
Hey, Duffy.
Look, I know I ain't wrestled
in the Dome before,
But, uh, I am a Spade, so I wanna honor
my father's legacy
a-along with all of you,
if you'll have me.
You know, life wasn't easy
growing up a Spade.
You know, son to a-a king,
brother to the so-called rightful heir,
Jack, the eldest, the true prince.
Anyone with a big brother
knows the drill.
Not always fun.
You got some stones
showing up here tonight
wearing Dad's robe!
But I'll tell you what, baby brother.
You think I'm
the so-called rightful heir.
Oh, he's gon' say,
"We settle things in the ring".
In this family,
we settle things in the ring.
That's real good shit right there.
You sell the pain, you let me lead.
Get away from me!
Hey, hey! Hey, hey!
Hey, back off! Back off.
You ready? You ready?
Are we? You ready?
Oh, gosh!
Jack, you all right?
- Yeah.
- Jack!
Jack, you good, man?
Can you continue?
- Come on, Jack!
- Oh!
Come on, Jack, get
him out of the corner.
How about that, huh?
Oh, sh
Jack, what do you say?
Oh, my goodness!
One! Two!
Two! Only two!
That was only two! Two.
One, two
Jack, let me go for top rope.
We're about to get outta here
with the roll-up.
Let's go home with the crowd still hot.
It's the last time, dude.
If I get hurt, it won't even matter.
Come on.
All right, let's go. Come on!
Come on, Ace, what are you doing?
One, two, three!
And there we go!
King Spade! King Spade!
King Spade! King Spade!
King Spade! King Spade!
King Spade! King Spade!
King Spade! King Spade!
King Spade! King Spade!
King Spade! King Spade!
King Spade! King Spade!
King Spade! King Spade!
King Spade! King Spade!
King Spade! King Spade!
King Spade! King Spade!
Here comes the man!
- Amazing, Jack.
- Impressive.
- Yeah!
- You did it!
Hey, you were incredible.
No, you were, man!
The crowd is so loud!
They're still going.
It was a good way to go out.
Mmm, best feeling ever.
Better than when I won
the state championship.
You won that state championship
on a bullshit pass interference call.
Hey, I don't ref the games.
I just play 'em.
Fate wanted me winning
the state championship.
I don't know how you picked
all that up in a week,
but there are wrestlers
that work their entire careers,
don't tap into what you just did.
You got it.
Thanks for saying that, Jack.
It's not stupid.
Say again?
This is not a stupid thing, this thing.
It's an amazing thing.
The fraternity and the camaraderie,
it's so far from a stupid thing.
I agree.
We should keep doin' it.
You serious?
We should make this
into what it could have been,
what we just proved that it can be
if we work together.
We can pull this off.
We just have to we're
gonna have to work hard,
trust, grind, have each other's backs.
Remember when we'd fight as kids,
and Dad would make us
shake hands and say that?
Yeah, maybe we should have
said it before we fought.
Stop the fighting upfront.
I got your back, brother.
- You crushed it.
- Aww, thank you.
- Hey.
- Hi.
- Hey, come on.
- All right, get a room.
- Shut up.
- Get a room.
Shut up.
This is Ace.
Leave a message, and I'll hit you back.
Ricky, you're a part
of the DWL family now,
like it or not.
Oh, I like it more than you know, Bobby.
I'm Diego.
Congrats again, superstar.
Thanks, Ref.
- Yeah.
- See you back in Duffy.
Please tell me that y'all saw that.
You got a pretty face, bro,
but I ain't looking at you 24/7.
All right, guys, I'm the only one
who's gotta wake up with a baby.
Attaboy, Ace.
Got your message. Congratulations.
It's been a crazy busy night here.
Everyone's finally in bed.
How'd the singing go?
Not gonna lie, I nailed it.
Course you did.
Stayed on key.
Didn't muff lyrics.
Didn't sing "gallivantly steamy".
I got video.
I should have been there.
Tell me about the fair.
I told Ace about the Kleenex.
I bet that was hard to do.
Hard to admit.
Takes guts, Jack.
Well, I waited till
the end of the match.
It was not ideal.
There was probably never an ideal time.
- What'd he say?
- Uh, he said, "Fuck you.
I'm gon' fuckin' kill you".
Then a lotta fuck-yous.
I don't know, the whole thing
was a little bit of a blur.
I mean, he reacted
the way I thought he would,
maybe worse.
Now I'm tryin' to figure why
I thought it'd be a good thing.
Which part?
Throwin' the Kleenex part
or the apology part?
The truth is a good thing, Jack,
even though it may not seem that way.
I'm sorry it went badly.
The fair went well.
We delivered.
Proved that we belong.
Folks kept coming up to me
after the show,
telling me how proud
my dad would have been.
They're right. He would be.
And then the entire drive home,
I thought about how I don't miss him.
I have not missed my dad
one day since he shot himself.
Not one day.
And I know it probably doesn't make me
the face that you married,
but I am admittin'
to being that guy.
I'm the guy who named his own son
after his dead dad that he don't miss.
And I'm sorry if that scares you.
It scares me.
No, it'd scare me
if you couldn't talk about how you feel
and, rather than not think about it,
pretend you think something else.
And we gave Thomas that name
before your dad did what he did.
We could change his name,
start calling him Keith.
I didn't marry a face, Jack.
I married a guy named Jack Spade,
a good guy named after a face card.
A good guy who's had a hard year.
We all have, but you and Ace
and your mom most of all.
And, Jack, the reason I said
how you act is who you are
is because I didn't fall
in love with Tom Spade's son.
I fell in love with the nice guy
at a great party.
It was good you told Ace.
In theory, yeah.
He was so pissed.
Tomorrow's a new day.
You could talk to him more.
Give him time.
He loves you.
Get some rest.
I will rest when you're home.
I need you here, Staci.
I need you in our home.
I'm not half as good without you here.
I'm less than half as good.
Let's talk tomorrow.
I love you.
I love you too.
How's Thomas do
This is Ace.
Leave a message, and I'll hit you back.
Don't look back ♪
Ooh, a new day is breaking ♪
It's been too long
since I felt this way ♪
I don't mind ♪
Where I get taken ♪
The road is calling today is the day ♪
I can see ♪
It took so long just to realize ♪
I'm much too strong
not to compromise ♪
Now I see what I am ♪
Is holding me down ♪
I'll turn it around ♪
Oh, yes, I will ♪
I ♪
Finally see the dawn arriving ♪
I ♪
See beyond the road I'm driving ♪
Oh, far away and left behind ♪
Don't look back ♪
Don't look back ♪
Don't look back ♪
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