Heirs to the Land (2022) s01e01 Episode Script


1 NETFLIX PRESENTS - [waves crashing.]
- [wind howling.]
[somber music playing.]
[thunder crashing.]
BARCELONA, LATE 14TH CENTURY [dramatic music playing.]
[gentle music playing.]
[man panting.]
They have been found.
[somber music playing.]
[door opens.]
They found him.
[woman sobbing.]
[woman panting.]
[woman and girl crying.]
The sea is beautiful, Hugo.
But it can also be cruel.
Today, it took your father, but you can rest assured that his soul, from the depths of the sea, will look after all our seamen.
[ecclesiastical music playing.]
Do you see her smiling, son? If you feel all alone, Bernat, speak with Our Lady.
She will look after you, and she will never abandon you.
Is this journey really necessary? [Arnau.]
Bernat must learn the art of commerce and navigation.
One day soon, he must take my place.
He could learn here, by your side.
What better teacher than his father, Arnau Estanyol? The young, they need to experiment and learn by themselves.
But he is so very young.
Alexandria is so far away.
I cannot believe you do not know him yet.
He's as stubborn as Well Stubborn as you.
Do not fear, Mother.
I can look after myself.
But the sea is very dangerous.
You saw what happened to the father of Hugo and those poor sailors.
Well, I'm sure that God and Our Lady will protect him.
[gentle music playing.]
Arnau! The bastaixos have never forgotten your father was one of them.
For years, they dragged the stones that we used to build the Cathedral of the Sea.
So you have told me many times, Mother.
This ship has been made ready to go to sea.
- I am going to miss you so much.
- And I you, Mother.
I'm very proud of you, son.
[playful, upbeat music playing.]
- What What are you doing? - They're taking you to the boat.
I'm not cargo.
I can do it myself.
[man laughs.]
Come on.
That son of ours is going to ruin all of his clothes.
Do you not recall? The bastaixos wet our feet.
Hugo, what will you do with that lumber? Nothing.
Sell it.
Is Bernat leaving? [Arnau.]
The day has come.
[girl singing.]
FATE [singing continues.]
Arsenda! [whistles.]
I brought you onions.
You did not steal them, did you? No, Mother.
I traded them for some scraps.
What are you doing? We must leave from here.
We must leave? But why? Since your father died, there is no money coming into this house.
We cannot afford to stay.
And where will we go? Sir Arnau, he has found me work and a bed at a glovemaker's.
And he has recommended your sister to work as a maid in the convent in Jonqueres.
With the nuns? It will be a good place for her.
And me? What about me? Sir Arnau has said he will talk to the foreman at the dockyard.
- You will be able to work and sleep there.
- In the dockyard? You always dreamt about building ships, did you not? [soft music playing.]
You can come to the convent.
You whistle, as you always do.
I will find you.
I'm sure the nuns will teach me new songs.
I like the ones you sing now the ones sung by our father.
It will protect you.
He grew so fast that half his clothes no longer fit him.
And what will you do with them? Give them to that boy.
The poor thing is always dressed in rags and barefoot.
What are you thinking? That I want to help him, but I do not know if I have, separating him from his sister and his mother.
I am sure you will find a way to compensate him.
What do you mean? Well, I may be wrong, but I think you have decided to take him under your protection.
[soaring, dramatic music playing.]
Hey, you with the beam, align it this way.
The ball, ragazzo, the ball.
Come on! Wake up, will you? Are you happy with the boy? He's doing well, Sir Arnau.
I've paired him with Domenico, a prisoner from Genoa.
They're skilled shipbuilders and teach the craft to the younger ones.
- And you think Hugo may - He's clever.
But he has to learn that things take time.
Hugo! Hugo! Come here.
The ball, ragazzo! Sir Arnau has come to ask about you, to know how we are treating you.
Very well.
But I want to learn to build ships, and carrying that ball, I learn nothing.
The work you've been given, Hugo, is important.
You are guarding a prisoner, and he will teach you his craft.
Is that true? [Arnau.]
Do not doubt it.
My wife gave me this for you.
I have never before had shoes.
You can be happy that a person as important as Arnau Estanyol has taken you under his protection.
[gentle music playing.]
Arnau! A letter has arrived from Bernat, brought by the captain of a ship traveling from Messina.
- Have you read it? - I was waiting to do it together.
You read it.
"Dear parents.
" "Since I know you must be worried about me, I have taken advantage of a Catalan ship returning to Barcelona to ask the captain to bring you this letter.
" [Bernat.]
I am using my time in this long journey to improve my knowledge in the art of commerce, just as you wished, Father.
[upbeat music playing.]
[all laughing and cheering.]
And you, Mother, do not worry.
I eat well, and all the time I have free from my studies, I lead an ordered life.
[all cheering and laughing.]
I have started to learn the secrets of navigation.
The captain says I am progressing quickly.
See? Over there.
Today, we sail for Alexandria, to finally go to Constantinople.
Loving you "Loving you, your son Bernat.
" The king's health has worsened.
There is prayer and fasting amongst all churches.
And the princes? Have they traveled to the palace? After all, Prince John is the successor.
The princes will not come.
They disagree with their father and their stepmother, Queen Sibila.
They say that she will soon abandon him.
I pity His Highness.
The news about the king's situation is spreading in the city.
There is rioting between the queen's supporters and those of Prince John.
[all clamoring.]
As citizens of Barcelona, we have an obligation to show our fidelity to the king in these momentous times.
Let us be prudent, Arnau.
Showing fidelity to a dying king may look like censuring his future successor, Prince John.
They say he's gathering troops in case Queen Sibila's supporters try to prevent his rise to the throne.
And, Arnau, you have seen how few councilmen have followed your summons.
By chance, many of them had unavoidable obligations they were required to fulfill.
You can say whatever you want, but the king is not yet dead, and our obligation is to care about his health.
In fact, I shall do it this moment.
You are stubborn, Arnau, but I shall not let you go alone.
[crowd shouting.]
- [man 1.]
Shame on you! - [man 2.]
Long live the queen! [shouting continues.]
- [man 3.]
Long live the queen! - [man 4.]
Out of my way! [man 5.]
Her Majesty! [people shouting.]
Long live the queen! Long live the queen! Long live the queen! Long live the queen! Long live the queen! [councilman.]
Queen Sibila is leaving the palace.
She is leaving the king, her husband who is on the verge of death.
She must be going to meet her supporters.
When the king dies, the princes will try to finish her.
What are you thinking? That it must be sad to die alone.
[bell tolling.]
[dockworkers murmuring indistinctly.]
- [man 1.]
The king is dead.
- [man 2.]
Why are they ringing? [man 3.]
Is the king dead? [dockworkers clamoring.]
Be quiet.
Be quiet.
Silence! [clamoring ceases.]
King Peter is dead.
There is rioting in the streets, and the city is closed.
Is it war? Not yet.
But I'm sure there soon will be.
Mother! [sighs.]
[dramatic music playing.]
Where are you going? It is foolhardy! [people shouting.]
Traitor! [Hugo.]
Mother! Mother! Who gives you permission to enter the house of another? I just want to see my mother.
- What is wrong? Who is this? - The son of Antonina.
I told your mother she could sleep here but not anyone else from her family.
He may take something.
They are all thieves.
Hugo, son.
- Mother.
- Why are you here? You cannot be on the streets.
Have you not heard? I was afraid something might have happened to you.
Are you all right? And you, look at what you did.
Look at that firewood.
Stupid! Do not insult my mother.
Do not hurt him, please.
Pick them up and get inside.
And away with you! Do not come around here again.
- But, Mother - Just go, son.
Thief! You're all dirty thieves.
For all my adult life, I have known no other king than King Peter.
How long has it been? Fifty years? You become accustom to it, even to the injustices.
We knew how to work around them.
And what will happen now? I do not know.
And uncertainties make me nervous.
And what do they say about the new king? Will he be better? I do not think so.
The father has reigned for too long, and he has contained the nobility for too long.
They're not gonna go along with it You are a respected person.
You should not be afraid.
Or should you? [dockworkers snoring.]
[mellow music playing.]
[Hugo whistling.]
[Hugo whistling.]
What do you know of Mother? How is she? Fine.
The glovemaker looks after her.
Sir Arnau gave me these sandals.
They were Bernat's.
They're beautiful.
I do not think we can see each other again, Hugo.
The nuns [sighs.]
 are very strict.
And you want to be a nun? For the moment, I am a servant.
But if God calls I would never dream of being a priest.
It is God who decides for us.
You know, the other day, they let me sing in the choir.
But I will only be able to sing church hymns.
And do you like it? If that is what He wants of me.
[dramatic music playing.]
You have not slept all night.
You had bad memories, did you not? Why are they coming to you now after all these years? Is it because of the king's death? I would like us to be able to end our lives together, in peace, watching Bernat grow into a man.
And it will be like that.
We are a family.
See? You are not my brother, not a part of my family.
You are not a Puig.
You are a coward.
[dramatic music playing.]
On your knees.
[sinister music playing.]
Arnau, what are you thinking? About evil.
It always comes back.
Margarida! The war is over.
It is time for the enemies to sign a peace treaty.
[dramatic music playing.]
Be not afraid, my husband.
You are good and generous.
Evil will never defeat you.
[breathing shakily.]
I do not think I am giving away any secrets when I tell you that the Puig have always been close to Prince John.
It was he who gave us the estate of Navarcles.
And to thank him, the Puig family swore fidelity to him.
King Peter has been too benevolent with the peasants and the artisans and not generous enough with the ones who are the real backbone of the kingdom, all of us, the nobility.
- When Prince John rises to the throne - [man.]
Sir! A herald has arrived from Barcelona.
King Peter's soul has finally passed over.
Gentlemen, much is about to change now in this kingdom.
Let us raise our goblets to the new King John.
To King John! Genís, where are you? What is happening? Margarida, we have finally received good news today.
The king is no more.
Christ, son of God, who lives and reigns in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
Rest in peace, our lord and master, Peter, king of Aragon, Valencia, Majorca, Corsica and Sardinia.
[speaking in Latin.]
Gentlemen, His Highness King John has entrusted me to quell any attempt at subversion by his stepmother, Sibila de Fortià.
That is why we have to punish harshly those who have offered her refuge in the castle of Sant Martí Surroca to prevent the insurrection from extending.
His Highness counts on your invaluable help, Genís Puig, Count of Navarcles, whose fidelity to our cause is well known.
Gentlemen! For our King John! [all.]
For King John! [soldiers shouting.]
[arrows whizzing.]
[soldiers shouting.]
- [door opens.]
- [man.]
Your Highness.
[shouting in distance.]
They have torn down the doors to the castle.
We have resisted too long.
And now, it's too late to flee.
Is that not true? Surrender the castle, Your Highness.
And beg for mercy.
[all shouting.]
I capture you in the name of King John.
You're talking to the queen, you wretch.
[Genís pants.]
There is only one queen now, and she is the wife of King John.
And God said, "Mine is the vengeance and the retribution.
" "His foot shall slip in due time, for the day of his affliction is near, and the things to come hasten upon them.
" "The things to come hasten upon them.
" [Genís.]
Our Lord King John has appointed me Royal Knight of all of his armies.
Help me, stupid.
Aunt, what are you doing? You are sick.
I need to prepare my clothes.
Have them clean my shoes and my jewels.
We return to Barcelona.
Genís Puig is a Royal Knight? It is the first appointment of the new king.
And there is more.
The son of one of my officers is keeping guard at the prison.
I was told they have tortured the queen.
Whatever the queen did, she was still King Peter's wife.
It is said Berenguer de Abella and Bartolomé de Limes will not be spared like the queen.
[councilman 1.]
Do you mean that God help us.
Blood calls for blood.
[councilman 2.]
They knew what may happen.
[councilman 3.]
Whatever the case, we have to ask the new king to respect our privileges.
[councilman 2.]
I would not be so sure.
What do you think, Arnau? You are quiet.
I am praying to Our Lady for you to be mistaken.
We need to leave Barcelona before he finds you.
Many years have gone by, Mar.
Do you think he can go on hating this long? The wish of vengeance has kept the Puigs together.
You think they are beaten, but all this time, they have been hidden like vermin, feeding that desire, waiting for the moment to take their vengeance.
And that moment is here, Arnau.
Look at me.
Look at me.
We have to leave before it's too late.
[Arnau sighs.]
At least say you will not go to the executions.
The Council has been summoned, Mar.
I am a member of the Council.
I must go.
It is my obligation.
I never shirk my obligations.
Find an excuse.
[Arnau sighs.]
I cannot, Mar.
We taught our son never to lie.
I cannot have him lose his father this soon.
We will pray to Santa María.
[Mar cries.]
Have trust in her.
The Virgin will protect us.
[tense music playing.]
[hammering and sawing.]
[dockworkers speaking indistinctly.]
Listen, everybody.
Leave what you are doing.
[hammering and sawing stops.]
The lieutenant orders us to the Great Royal Palace.
He requests everyone see the justice of the king.
So let us go.
[all muttering.]
Heads will roll.
Heads will roll? Where? [scoffs.]
Where do you think? Just in case, boy, stay away from Arnau Estanyol.
Stay away from Arnau? But why? Because the king has appointed Genís Puig as Royal Knight, and the Puigs hate Arnau Estanyol.
Is Arnau in danger? [sighs.]
The ball! Ragazzo! [grunts.]
No, no, no, no, no.
My shoes! [pants.]
Thieves! [dramatic music playing.]
[dramatic music continues.]
[Hugo panting.]
I pray to you, Mother, that if something happens to me, you take care of my wife and my son.
Do not forsake them, and keep them always under your protection.
We must go.
Stay with the Virgin.
And pray for us.
[sentimental music playing.]
[menacing music playing.]
Berenguer de Abella and Bartolomé de Limes, for treason to the authority of our sovereign, His Highness John, King of Aragon, Valencia, and Majorca and Count of Barcelona, and for having risen in arms against his authority, you are condemned to death by decapitation.
So be it.
[crowd shouting and jeering.]
- Give me my shoes.
- What? - Give me my shoes, thief! - Move, you dog! [man 1.]
Traitors! [man 2.]
Do the next one now.
Come on! Berenguer de Abella, in the name of the king, Our Lord, let us execute the sentence.
Sir Arnau! Sir Estanyol! [crowd shouting and jeering.]
[man 3.]
You deserve this! What is wrong, Sir Arnau? [woman.]
Cowards! Criminals! Go to Santa María and tell my wife she must run.
The Puig are here.
- But - Go.
What did he say? That the Puigs are here.
That I should warn his wife in Santa María.
Stay with him, Hugo.
I will go.
Get out of my way.
Get out of my way.
Arnau! [crowd falls silent.]
Arnau Estanyol! You caused the ruin of my family, the death of my parents.
Thief! Moneylender! Fugitive of the Inquisition and traitor to the king! Seize him! Bring me Arnau Estanyol.
[Hugo gasps.]
Come with me.
- He did nothing.
Nothing! - Hugo.
[Hugo grunting.]
- You want something, you dog? - Let me go.
Arnau Estanyol, I take you in the name of the king.
- [Arnau grunts.]
- [man.]
Get up.
[crowd shouting.]
Let me go! Let me go! [man.]
Bring him up.
He killed my brother.
His mother was a witch.
Who accuses me? I want to know who accuses me.
It is King John who accuses you.
You will kill him! No! [crowd shouting.]
And in his name, I speak.
[crowd falls silent.]
Genís Puig, Count of Navarcles, Royal Knight of his armies.
For doubting the authority of the king our Royal Lord, and as a traitor, I condemn you, Arnau Estanyol, to death by decapitation.
[crowd shouting.]
No! Let me go, you bastard! [crowd shouting.]
No! No! [panting.]
Mar! Mar! The Puig! [crowd shouting.]
No! No! [man.]
Let him go.
[crowd shouting.]
No! No! Go with the guard and make sure the troops are ready.
[crowd shouting.]
No! Miserable swindler.
Abhorrent woman! Disgusting rat! Mateo, silence that fool.
Scoundrel! [Hugo grunts.]
[Hugo grunting.]
[both grunt.]
[Hugo breathing shakily.]
S-so sorry.
[gasps, pants.]
Get out of here.
[Hugo grunts.]
Let us go, my boy.
Let us go.
No! No! [panting.]
You all know me well.
You know I have never disobeyed the laws.
And I have always always respected the authority of the king.
Arnau! [footsteps approaching.]
Arnau! Arnau.
[breathing shakily.]
I'm here.
I am here.
Execute the sentence.
Milady, do not look.
It is a crime.
And what have you done to prevent this? [somber music playing.]
I love you.
No! [crowd shouting.]
Murderers! [dramatic music playing.]
[Hugo grunts.]
Eat something.
You were lucky.
It is a miracle they did not break any bones.
But just who are those Puig? Sworn enemies of Sir Arnau.
He was a good person.
Years ago, Arnau ruined the Puigs' family.
Now, the Puig have won the new king's favor.
Just as the sea rocks boats during a storm [sighs.]
the same happens with justice during war.
The greed and the thirst for vengeance shake the faith of the Christians.
What will happen now to Mistress Mar? [sinister music plays.]
For his betrayal to the Crown of Aragon and his disloyalty, His Highness King John deprives the heirs of Arnau Estanyol of the house of Blanquería Street and condemns them to live outside the walls of Barcelona.
One moment.
Those shoes there belong also to me.
Dear God, my lord, will you have some compassion? Close your mouth, slave.
Roger, get me my shoes.
Burn the lot.
Leave no trace of this vermin.
[dramatic music playing.]
Constantinople, the end of your journey.
This is where my journey starts when we reach our destiny.
Oh, how I wish my father was able to see me.
[foreboding music plays.]
[music continues.]

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