Heirs to the Land (2022) s01e02 Episode Script


1 NETFLIX PRESENTS [waves crashing.]
The ship has been made ready to go to sea.
- [Mar.]
I am going to miss you so much.
- [Bernat.]
And I you.
Since your father died, there is no money coming in.
Sir Arnau has said he will talk to the foreman at the dockyard.
You will work and sleep there.
My wife gave me this for you.
I have never before had shoes.
- [Hugo.]
And you want to be a nun? - It is God who decides for us.
Margarida, we have finally received good news today.
The king is no more.
[soldiers shouting.]
We return to Barcelona.
Genís Puig is a Royal Knight.
- We have to leave before it's too late.
- [foreman.]
Heads will roll.
Heads will roll? Is Arnau in danger? [Arnau.]
Do not forsake them and keep them always under your protection.
Arnau! He did nothing.
Nothing! [both grunt.]
- Apologize.
- So sorry.
Kill him! No! [Mar.]
Arnau! Arnau, I'm here.
No! [man.]
His Highness King John deprives the heirs of Arnau Estanyol and condemns them to live outside the walls of Barcelona.
[foreboding music playing.]
Come on.
Come on.
Take a little sip.
Come on.
How long since you ate? All your vegetables are rotten.
[breathing heavily.]
Mistress, I am so sorry about Sir Arnau.
You have to eat and go out.
You need to see the sun.
Hand me another potion, Astruga, one to send me with my Arnau and my Bernat.
- [Mar cries.]
- Do not say that, Mistress.
I know that Bernat is well and will come home soon.
[Mar breathes heavily.]
So, you are Hugo Llor.
And you? My name is Jucef Crescas.
I was a friend of Arnau.
Do not look at me like that.
Jews and Christians can also be friends.
Arnau saved my life a long time ago.
I could not save his, but at least I shall try to help his widow.
How ill is she? My wife, Astruga, a doctor, says she suffers from the worst illness, she does not want to live.
If only she had news about her son.
She is fond of you.
Visit her from time to time.
Those so-called friends of Arnau do not visit purely out of shame.
And if it is only we Jews who come, what will the neighbors say? Poor lady.
Why did they destroy her house? [inhales sharply.]
The times are changing, and the kings are changing.
Only one thing does not.
One does harm.
The other bears the blame.
Well, I must go back to the Jewish quarter.
I live in Call Street.
Visit me if you need anything or if Mar needs anything.
PENANCE [Hugo whistling.]
You should know better than to mix with Jews.
These are good people.
You're a Christian.
Their friendship is not good.
Mar is also a Christian.
They take care of her and buy her food.
It might be a debt of gratitude.
In return for what? We do not know.
Arsenda, Sir Arnau was a good man.
If they accused him of treason, it is for a reason.
Or do Jews know more than the nobles, the great men, and the king? Hugo, listen to your older sister.
You are still very young.
Be careful with your companions.
Mother would tell you the same.
Never take the veil.
Please do not.
If you go into cloisters, we will lose each other.
I will be alone.
That is not up to me.
It's in the hands of the Almighty.
Mother will be very sad.
You must be strong.
[Hugo chuckles sadly.]
Soon, you will be a man.
Sing something.
The abbess Sing softly.
[Arsenda humming.]
[melancholy music playing.]
[hammering and clanging.]
Silence! Stop working! [hammering and clanging stops.]
[foreboding music playing.]
Who are they? Nobles? Yes.
They've ordered a large ship.
The Santa Brígida.
We will soon have a lot of work, ragazzo.
And we will celebrate with good wine.
What are you doing? Are you mad? It was they who killed Sir Arnau and beat me.
Go away quickly before they see you.
You, dog! [whispers.]
Run! [Hugo panting.]
Mateo, bring him to me! [Mateo.]
Step aside, shit.
Step aside! [Mateo panting.]
[dog whimpering.]
[crowd shouting.]
- Let me go! - Don't move.
Come on, you dog.
My lord will know what to do with you.
[crowd clamoring.]
Please! Please! [man.]
Please, give me some.
Get back! Get back! Get back, you scum! You cannot be here.
If you want bread, wait outside like the rest.
Help me, please.
They will kill me.
I did nothing.
I swear.
Come with me.
Where are you, filthy rat? [Hugo panting.]
Hide in here.
I will skin you alive when I find you.
Stay if you want or leave.
I can do no more for you here.
Come out here, scoundrel.
Hey, here.
I have him locked inside.
Mangy bitch.
I am at the service of Roger Puig, admiral of the navy and Marquis of Calders.
That boy has offended my lords and has to answer to justice.
May God save him.
[Hugo breathing heavily.]
[lock rattling.]
- [pounding on door.]
- [grunts.]
- [Mateo.]
It does not open.
- [nun.]
The bastard must have locked it.
Get out, little mouse.
Get out, child.
Move away.
[Hugo breathing shakily.]
Out, you little bastard.
- [Mateo screaming.]
- [nun shrieking.]
[crowd clamoring.]
- [man 1.]
Give me that.
- [man 2.]
No! That's mine.
[Hugo grunts.]
[Hugo pants.]
CONSTANTINOPLE [Bernat scoffs.]
You close the doors on the School of Commerce and will not accept my letters of payment? This is an insult.
My father Your father is dead, though.
Beheaded for treason.
That is a lie.
My father is not a traitor.
A member of the Council of One Hundred in Barcelona.
I demand to see the consul.
The consul himself ordered us to expel you and revoke your letters of payment.
You must leave this town at once and go.
How? I have no letters of payment.
An Egyptian ship sets sail tonight for Marseilles.
You could ask for some work.
I should travel on a ship for crazy people? [scoffs.]
That is more than a son of a traitor deserves.
I will not let you [grunting in pain.]
If you're still in Constantinople at dawn, you will suffer the same fate as your father.
[boards clattering.]
You, why are you on my land? What is this? These onions are mine.
Damn thief! Hey, catch him.
Catch him.
[Hugo grunts.]
I only took two to eat.
You lie.
[Hugo grunts.]
Hugo Llor, for your thefts and your lack of repentance, the city councilmen condemn you to be punished.
Citizens of Barcelona, carry out the sentence! [crowd shouting.]
You rat! Rat! Are you all right, boy? I do not know how to say this, but you cannot go back to the dockyard.
Genís Puig has said that if he sees you there, he will order his ships from the dockyards in Grao or Majorca.
You chose the wrong enemy.
I'm sorry, my boy.
Oh, those damned nobles.
Do not worry.
I am grateful for what you have done for me.
There is no room in the house.
And with your back like that, you cannot carry anything.
Fill those wineskins and deliver water.
You will eat with us, but you will need to sleep on the beach.
Thank you.
[somber music playing.]
[breathes heavily.]
All done.
- Hurry, Hugo.
Fill it up.
- Come on.
Come on.
Hurry up.
Here, take this.
[Bernat crying.]
Christ, sanctify me.
Body of Christ, save me.
Christ, sanctify me.
- Mistress? - [Mar.]
Body of Christ, save me.
Christ, sanctify me.
Body of Christ, save me.
- Mistress? Mistress? - Christ, sanctify me.
Body of Christ [woman.]
Are you all right? You should come to our house.
We can give you something to eat.
I cannot eat.
I want to find my parents.
Your father has died, Bernat.
- And your mother has been evicted.
- [cries.]
We do not know where she lives, if she is alive.
[dramatic music playing.]
I need to speak with Jucef Crescas.
Open your eyes, please.
We should find a priest.
They did nothing for Arnau.
[Mar breathes heavily.]
Hugo, come closer.
I wish my Bernat had had you by his side.
Like two brothers.
[breathing heavily.]
Jucef I ask you for just one favor.
Whatever you ask will be granted, my lady.
Take care of Hugo.
He has no one else.
Do not worry about me.
I beg you.
So it shall be.
[inhales, exhales.]
[breathing stops.]
Mistress? Mar.
[Hugo sniffles.]
[mournful music playing.]
[Hugo cries.]
[Bernat panting.]
- [Hugo.]
- Mother.
Mother! [crying.]
Mother! [Bernat sobbing.]
Mother! What have they done to you, Mother? [sobs.]
[mournful music continues.]
I will kill them, the Puig, the uncle and the nephew.
How? They're always armed.
They have guards and servants.
Their castle is impregnable.
How and when do not matter.
Citizens! In the name of the king, I remind you of the obligation of every good Christian to attend the solemn procession of the Council that will be held tomorrow.
Will the authorities attend the procession or only the folk that are required? [villagers laugh.]
All nobles must come.
By order of the king.
The when has become perfectly clear.
I will blend in with the crowd.
There will be many people at the procession.
And when the Puig passes through Quiet now.
[Bernat breathing heavily.]
Bernat, do not do it.
It is crazy.
You do not have to accompany me.
You have proven your courage protecting my father and your loyalty with my mother.
And you are clearly very brave.
Now, prove that you have some brains.
Do not go to that procession.
They have killed my parents, and they have ruined and tarnished my name.
What is left, Hugo? What is left if not revenge? [whistling.]
Are you Hugo Llor? Wait.
Do not go.
Your sister Arsenda is no longer a maid.
She is now a novice.
I ask you please not to disturb her vows by coming to visit her here.
I will say nothing to the authorities because I know you come with good intentions.
But you must not come back, as now God is her only true family.
[melancholy music playing.]
What should I do? If I help Bernat, I may send him to his death.
Blind from anger, he does not listen to reason.
I cannot see my sister or my mother.
He is the only friend I have left.
I ask for your help.
Tell me what to do, Mother.
[dog whimpers.]
[menacing music plays.]
[bell tolling.]
[tense music playing.]
Bernat, stop.
They have seen you.
Soldiers! [people screaming.]
[shouting indistinctly.]
Sons of bitches! They've seen you.
Run away, I beg you.
- Get away from me.
- Bernat, no.
Swear that you will kill the Puig.
Swear it to me! I swear it.
Halt in the name of the king.
Who are you? Why are you defending them? Huh? Speak or I'll kill you right now.
Watch out! You do not think I know he is your accomplice? You will not get away with this, scabby pig.
Soldiers! [shoe thief grunts.]
Soldiers! I will find you! Rat, did you hear me? I will find you! Your Highness, it was an assassination attempt.
The sentence should be execution.
He has been sentenced to life imprisonment already.
In the galleys.
What difference does it make? If we could just be allowed to question him, Your Highness If I let you question him, you will beat him to death.
That crossbow belonged to your own navy.
Thank you very much for your concern, young man, but worry not.
It has already been restored.
Fortunately, the kingdom is not short of crossbows at the moment.
[court members laugh.]
In addition to being a murderer, he is a thief and a traitor to the Crown.
The law says that he must first suffer torment and then execution.
A life in the galley counts as the two.
The Council of a Hundred has so decided.
The Council of a Hundred has nothing to do with this at all.
They are my advisers, and their job is to advise me.
And following their advice, I ratify the sentence to the galleys for Bernat Estanyol.
- Your - [King John.]
Enough, Puig! You beheaded the father, and you ruined the mother.
You have shed enough Estanyol blood.
Move, slaves.
Walk! [Hugo.]
Bernat! [soldier.]
Get back, you! Do not worry.
The Virgin will protect you.
Thank you, brother.
God bless you, my friend.
I told you to get back.
[Hugo grunts.]
Move on.
[somber music playing.]
Hurry up, woman.
 The journey's long.
Hugo, son.
I looked all over Barcelona.
You getting on the cart, woman? My lord, he is my son, Hugo.
Mother, who is this man? He is my husband.
They made me wed.
- You're married? - Yes.
I will live in Sitges.
That is eight leagues away.
How will I see you? [man.]
Get on the cart, or I will leave.
God will give occasion.
You will see.
If you come, ask for Ferran, the cooper.
You'd better not show up there.
Hyah! Jucef Crescas, he was asking after you.
[somber music playing.]
The young man is a Christian, but he's a good boy.
Food, bed, and clothes once a year.
In exchange, you will work no less than my own children.
Only if you're willing to work for a Jew, of course.
A Jew can be a good person, just as a Christian can be evil.
Who taught you that? Sir Arnau always said that.
What skills do you have? Some dockside carpentry.
I can run errands, take orders.
And what do you know about the exchange of money? Have you worked the land before? And I think you know nothing about medicine.
[men sigh.]
But I can hold an iron ball for a long time, a very heavy iron ball.
[all murmuring indistinctly.]
Uh, how long do you think you would be able to hold that? It is full of piss.
[men laugh.]
You will work the vineyard with us.
You will live in the winery and have food and wood for the fire.
But I know nothing about vineyards or making wine.
Nor should you.
It would not be kosher.
Only Jews can make our wine here.
You will have other chores.
I will be a burden.
Sir Arnau did not consider me a burden when we were being hunted down.
Do you bring the piss? Why the hell did you need this rubbish? Who is this Christian? His name is Hugo.
He will work the vineyard and sleep in the winery.
This is Saúl, the oldest son of Jacob.
- God bless you.
- Shalom.
We go to the winery.
- Why do you need the piss? - Step by step, you will learn.
Come on.
My wife, as you know, is a doctor for women.
She is currently seeing a patient.
In the winery? Christian women do not want people to know that they've put themselves in the hands of a Jewess.
Especially for certain treatments.
Which treatments? [man.]
You ask many questions.
Swear that you will never tell anything you may see here.
Swear it.
I swear.
[young woman.]
Do not enter.
Hugo, you will have to wait until we are done.
My daughter, Dolça.
She assists my wife.
Is your mother inside? Wait here, Hugo.
Do not move.
Will it take much time? You can never tell.
Just keep watch for anyone approaching.
And above all, do not spy on what we are doing.
I will not.
And do not even think of peeping through the crack in the door.
I shall know.
It is important those inside do not see you when they leave.
Regina, my best friend.
Mother is teaching her.
Dolça, the water.
Stir the incense well.
[Dolça and Regina giggle.]
[mortar and pestle clatter.]
Undress her.
Spread your legs and put one foot on each side.
Spread wide your vulva so it reaches your insides, or you will not be able to abort the bastard inside you.
I told you not to look.
What? [laughs.]
Go on.
Go to the pool over there and cool down.
And do not come back.
It will not take very long.
Go in peace.
We need to move these away from these roots here.
Let's go.
Yes, yes.
Pull, pull.
Ah! All right.
That's it.
These casks, these are for fermenting.
The smaller ones you keep on top.
Yes, and then we come out here.
We have more different sizes.
Uh, those will be used as well.
You understand? [ethereal music playing.]
[Dolça and Regina giggling.]
Hey! [sentimental music playing.]
[Hugo grunts.]
Let me see.
I think you will not be able to work for a few days.
Well, I leave him to you.
My sister will take care of you.
Hmm? Take him to the well and wash away all the dirt from his wounds.
Then I will treat it.
It is true.
What? You will not be able to work for a few days.
Regina, see if my mother needs anything else from the well.
What would she need? If you would.
[gentle music playing.]
I am sorry.
I did not mean to "Sorry.
I did not mean to" You lech! You know I am a Jewess? Forgive me.
To the eyes.
Huh? Say it to my eyes.
Forgive me.
Your mother wants you back.
Why did you make me look at that woman? She was just a Christian.
A harlot who slept with the wrong man.
Did you like it? You should not work.
Your hands are not fully recovered yet.
They are much better, thanks to your care.
- [Dolça.]
Why are you here? - I just Shut up! You must not be here.
You are an apprentice of Mother, but this is not your house.
- I was talking with Hugo.
- You have nothing to say to him.
Maybe he has something to say.
Do you have anything to say? Uh You see? Get out of my cellar.
And you can stay then? [scoffs.]
You prefer Regina? No.
Then why were you with her? Uh, she Regina is not a good person.
She will not say a bad word, but please do not forget she is not a good person.
[all singing.]
Come on, little ladies.
Up you come.
[all laugh.]
Step in.
Time to get dirty.
[all laugh.]
- [soaring music playing.]
- [laughing.]
[soaring music continues.]
Enough! Enough! [giggling.]
[somber music playing.]
Come on.
Whose turn is it now? [laughs.]
Very good.
My mother will soon be here.
She is scolding your cousin and his friend.
I should not know why.
I do.
You have No.
Let me.
[romantic music playing.]
- Dolça.
- Shut up.
It cannot be.
You You're mad.
Why is he mad? Because Well? I was talking to Dolça about making a special wine.
Those vines, the ones bordering the Vilatortas' orchard, give a different grape, perhaps because of the sun.
Not as sweet as the others, despite ripening in the same way.
You should tell that to my father and my brother.
Of course.
That is what I shall do.
What you say is true.
But we would not obtain enough wine.
Even if it was just a few jars Hmm.
This would complicate the treading process even more.
I would promise to harvest it before any other and remove it from the press.
Well, that is fine.
You can try it.
[old man.]
All right, boy.
Those grapes will be trodden by my grandchildren Dolça and Saúl.
The wine that comes from them will be saved to celebrate their marriage.
In the next harvest, around September, all will be fulfilled as established in the ketubot.
- Am I wrong? - No, you are not wrong, Father.
They will get married on those dates.
Thank you, Hugo.
That wine will whet the happiest day of my life.
[Hugo grunts.]
- Hugo.
- Leave me alone.
Why did you not say? I had nothing to do with it.
It was my mother, uncle, and grandfather.
- I was just a child.
- Yes, but you knew it.
You knew you would be wed.
The left one.
I want you to be the first man to drink the juice of these grapes, the ones you have chosen for me.
And I want you to be the first man to possess me.
[romantic music playing.]
I love you.
[soaring music playing.]
I'm sorry, Hugo.
I'm sorry for the death of your friend, son.
Bernat had a kind heart, like his father.
May the Lord have mercy on his soul.
Bernat? What are you saying? I thought you knew and were praying for him.
The galley on which he was serving his sentence, it was boarded by corsairs, and it sank.
[Hugo gasps.]
[mournful music playing.]
[music continues.]

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