Heirs to the Land (2022) s01e03 Episode Script


Mistress, I'm so sorry about Sir Arnau.
You should know better than to mix with Jews.
You're Christian.
Mother would tell you the same.
What are you doing? You're mad.
They killed Sir Arnau.
This is an insult.
My father Your father is dead, though.
Beheaded for treason.
I wish my Bernat had had you by his side.
Mother! [nun.]
Your sister, Arsenda, is now a novice.
I ask you please not to disturb her vows by coming to visit her here.
Bernat, stop.
They have seen you.
My daughter, Dolça.
She assists my wife.
- [Dolça.]
Why are you here? - I just Regina is not a good person.
Enough! Enough! [grandfather.]
Those grapes will be trodden by my grandchildren, Dolça and Saúl.
The wine that comes from them will be saved to celebrate their marriage.
I want you to be the first man to possess me.
I'm sorry for the death of your friend.
Bernat had a kind heart like his father.
Bernat? What are you saying? [dramatic music playing.]
Today, the sun is very strong.
Have you wet the roots of the vines yet? I did it before dawn.
Yesterday I tried your wedding wine.
You were right.
Those grapes, they are special.
What are you doing? Aqua vitae.
A most powerful medicine known to mankind.
Used as a component in many remedies.
But is it wine? It is, uh, the pure spirit of wine.
Well, its quintessence.
They call it aqua ardens, "burning water," for it burns when applied to wounds or if swallowed.
But it cures? Because if it burns your throat Mmm.
It is a nectar worthy of Yahweh.
Do you want to smell it? [sniffs.]
But you have to be careful.
It can very well cause death if you drink too much, huh.
Or, at least, so say the physicians and the wise men.
[crowd singing.]
[singing stops.]
The Elder Saúl approves this wine to be served at the upcoming wedding of my grandchildren.
Congratulations, my boy.
[crowd applauding.]
[somber music playing.]
[speaking indistinctly.]
Get up.
We're going to Sitges.
Come on.
To Sitges? Now? Why? Do not argue.
Be grateful for the chance to visit your mother.
Let us go.
We leave as day breaks.
[rooster crows.]
Yesterday, I saw Romeu.
He has vineyards in Sant Antoni.
He is looking for suitors to marry his daughters.
They're all Christian, all beautiful, you know? Can a Christian become a Jew? Well, the Inquisition would condemn him to death for heresy.
And I would die the same way for perverting you, yeah.
I understand, more than you know.
I was young and in love once.
But you must forget about Dolça.
Soon she will be a married woman.
I'm not sure what you are saying.
Lying to protect her proves that you love her very much.
And that is why you must give her up.
So, you know the house of the cooper? Yes.
I will take you there.
I have been his client several times.
- So you know him? - Hmm.
Excuse me.
I do not like to be disturbed while I work.
I just want to see my mother if it does not bother you.
It does bother me.
I told you not to come.
She's not your mother.
She's my wife and the stepmother to my children.
You hear? So just get out of here.
I will not leave until I see her.
You want to see her? So be it.
Antonina! Antonina! [baby crying.]
Hugo, son! You want to see her? [gasps, screams.]
No! No, please, do not hit him.
Hit me, please, instead.
Please, I am begging you.
You want to see her? - [Hugo grunts.]
- [man.]
Let him go.
Let him go, Ferran.
He's here to take advantage of me.
What does he want? To live here? He just came to see his mother.
Shut up, heretic.
She is no longer his mother.
Free him now, if you would.
[Hugo gasps.]
Go away and never come back.
You hear? 'Cause if you do, I'll beat her to death.
- [Antonina screams.]
- Bastard! Hugo.
Hugo! The more you insist, the worse it will be for her.
Let us go.
Come on.
Let us go.
Come on.
[Antonina cries.]
Come on.
Let us go.
[Antonina cries.]
[dramatic music playing.]
[Hugo screams angrily.]
[Hugo screams angrily.]
[Hugo sniffles.]
- [grunts angrily.]
- [cup shatters.]
Why does God punish good people? [sniffles.]
Neither Bernat nor his parents deserved death, or my mother punished by living with that beast.
I'm sure your god will know how to reward them in the next life.
You cannot marry Saúl, Dolça.
We should go, go to Granada where we can be free.
- We can travel by sea to Valencia.
- I cannot, Hugo.
Nothing ties us here but pain.
Or do you not love me? Of course I love you.
That is my misfortune.
Can you not see it? I cannot leave my mother, my family to run away with A Christian? I cannot, Hugo.
Do not make me dream more.
[breathes heavily.]
[Dolça and Hugo kissing.]
[soft suspenseful music playing.]
The fabric is beautiful.
We bought it from some merchants in the East, and it cost a fortune.
[Saúl's mother.]
It is truly exquisite.
A dress most beautiful for the most enamored bride.
[Saúl's mother.]
My son will feel a very lucky man.
[Astruga laughs.]
This chuppah belonged to my family.
It will be an honor if it covered your grandchildren during the ceremony.
Let Yahweh bless them with many children.
But let that be soon, or Old Saúl will not see them.
[all laugh.]
[Old Saúl.]
Do not let my white beard fool you.
I will bury you all.
[all laughing.]
Have you heard the news from Valencia? The Christians have raided the Jewish quarter.
They have killed hundreds of our people, including children and women.
They force them to convert or die.
The same brutality suffered by the Jewish quarter in Majorca.
When they are not accusing us of desecrating their symbols, they accuse us of bringing disease or famine.
We could be the next ones they target.
Let us stay calm.
We live under the protection of the king.
[breathes shakily.]
Hugo, an old friend has arrived from Sitges.
Your mother is not well.
[foreboding music playing.]
Tell my mother to come here.
I will see her.
She will not come down these stairs again.
She's dying.
Now leave before I kill you.
I will see her.
If you go to my house, you know you might never come out.
I am here.
It is me, your son, Hugo.
You're not alone.
I will not leave you alone.
[Antonina breathes shakily.]
[grunts weakly, cries.]
[sad music playing.]
May God and Our Lady protect you.
What do you want? My name is Hugo Llor.
My sister Arsenda is here, a novice.
I need to talk to her.
Your sister cannot see you.
Call the abbess.
She knows me.
I am the abbess.
I need to talk to my sister.
I need to give her some painful news.
Our mother is dead.
Your sister Arsenda is just about to take the veil.
Nothing can interrupt her preparation.
I will give her the news when she is ready.
You will be present in my daily prayers.
God be with you.
You have made sufficient penitence and fasting.
Drink this.
[bell tolling.]
I have some news to give you that will test your faith.
Your mother has abandoned this vale of tears to meet with her Creator.
My poor mother.
I could not even say my goodbyes to her.
Dry your tears and rejoice.
because the will of God has been fulfilled.
[sighs heavily.]
[soft music playing.]
[crowd shouting in distance.]
[foreboding music playing.]
[shouting continues.]
[rabbi praying in Hebrew.]
[crowd shouting in distance.]
What is that noise, Father? [rabbi praying in Hebrew.]
I know no one able of getting this flavor from the grapes.
When will you tell me your secret? Hmm.
I would rather drink three pitchers of mass wine from Santa María.
[both laugh.]
[crowd shouting in distance.]
[shouting grows louder.]
Come quickly.
We must go.
[rabbi praying in Hebrew.]
[crowd shouting loudly.]
- [rabbi stops praying.]
- [shouting crowd approaching.]
[crowd shouting.]
[crowd shouting.]
To the synagogue! - [crowd shouting.]
- [dramatic music playing.]
Kill the Jews! Saúl! No! You piece of shit! [wailing.]
[dramatic music playing.]
[crowd shouting.]
Yeah! Death to the Jews! We will kill them! - [shouts.]
- [grunts.]
Yeah! [attackers shouting.]
[attackers shouting.]
[Hugo panting.]
Where are the owners of this house? There's no one here.
They flee like rats.
No! Murderers! Get off of me! Do not touch me! [man.]
Shut up, Jew! [mournful music playing.]
[Regina screaming.]
No! No! [Regina.]
No! No! No! No! No! Come on! Hurry up and finish.
[Regina screams.]
No! - [grunts.]
- [Regina cries.]
[Regina panting.]
This Jewess was for me.
You want her, outside there are thousands of pigs like her.
She's all yours.
- Are you all right? - [cries.]
- Where is Dolça? - [cries.]
I will get you out of here.
[Regina cries.]
Regina! What have you done to her, Christian? - Help! - No.
I have done nothing.
They were raping her.
I'm trying to get her to safety.
I am Mosé Vives, physician and friend of her family.
Leave her with me.
What do you know about Jucef and his family? They have taken many of us to the New Castle Square to be judged.
Those that do not convert are killed on the spot.
They might be there.
Take care of her.
I will be back.
[dramatic music playing.]
[shoe thief.]
Conversion or death? [crowd shouts.]
Conversion or death? [breathes shakily.]
Go with the rest for Sant Jaume.
[shoe thief.]
Conversion or death? [man.]
Sant Jaume.
Conversion or death? Conversion.
Did you not hear me, bitch? Conversion or death? No.
Please, no.
I have been very happy.
Do you abjure? - No.
- No! Do not touch my daughter! Do not touch my daughter! No! No! No! No! [Astruga crying.]
- No! - No! - Yeah! - [crowd shouts.]
Stop in the name of the veguer! [crowd shouting.]
[soft, mournful music playing.]
How are you? - Where am I? - Do not worry.
We are all hiding until things calm down.
Of Mahir, we have no news.
It seems he ran away before they had a chance to kill him.
My wife [inhales shakily.]
Astruga she was not so lucky.
Neither was Old Saúl, nor Dolça's betrothed.
They were killed in the synagogue.
And Regina, is she all right? Thanks to you.
She recovers at the house of Mosé Vives, the physician.
Why so much hate? [Jucef inhales.]
It is not the first time, and unfortunately, it will not be the last.
It is all fear.
King John arrested those responsible.
They executed ten at the New Castle Square.
Just ten? There were hundreds of them.
Ten is better than nothing.
Unfortunately, none of them were the murderer that cut the throats of Astruga and Dolça.
The bald dog.
We have looked for him.
God knows we have looked for him.
[Jucef sighs.]
And the veguer too.
All here would like to see that damned man hanged.
But he has disappeared.
Could you lend me any money? [Jucef breathes heavily.]
[menacing music playing.]
[speaking indistinctly.]
[speaking indistinctly.]
[speaking indistinctly.]
[door opens.]
You bastard.
[shoe thief urinating.]
He hides in the bell tower of Santa Maria del Pi.
I have seen him.
I had him as close to me as you are now.
Then we have to kill him this night.
- [crowd.]
- No.
No! Tomorrow I will go to the veguer.
He will arrest and execute him.
- But - That is what we are doing.
[crowd shouting and jeering.]
Shut up, you dogs! You're all dogs.
[crowd shouting.]
[man 1.]
Murderer! [shouting continues.]
- [man 2.]
Burn him! Burn him! - [man 3.]
He killed my family.
I should've killed you the first day I saw you.
Damn mongrel! [spits.]
[suspenseful music playing.]
[breathing heavily.]
There you have him, Dolça.
- [choking and gasping.]
- [dramatic music playing.]
[choking and gasping stops.]
[dramatic music continues.]
[gentle music playing.]
[hopeful music playing.]
YEARS LATER It has been a long time, Jucef.
My convert name is now Raimundo.
In Barcelona, they begin to speak very highly of the wine of Hugo Llor.
With good reason, very good reason.
I just follow the teachings of Mahir.
I came to give you a message from the family of Saúl.
They want you to keep the vineyards, rabassa morta, until two-thirds of the young vines die or the return of Mahir.
I am grateful, but I cannot pay for the vines.
But you can keep them alive and thriving, as you are doing.
That is all they want from you.
Do Jews have a heaven to meet once again your loved ones after your death? [inhales deeply.]
You must forget Dolça.
But does that place exist? My heaven is now [inhales.]
that of the Christians.
Do not torment yourself.
Get her out of your head.
Have you done that? Have you forgotten everything that took place? [inhales deeply.]
We all live by silencing our pain.
You must look to the future, move on.
It's what we all do.
[inhales sharply.]
And Regina? How is she? - She got married.
- Uh-huh.
- To Mosé Vives, the physician.
- Ah.
His wife passed away, and he was in need of a mother for his children.
And Regina needed a man to take care of her, and she is learning medicine by his side.
Tell the family of Saúl that it will be my honor.
I will make a census of the vines, and I will pay Jacob with the fruits of the harvest every year.
Only that way will I accept.
They will be pleased with your decision.
[soft music playing.]
You should talk to your sister.
It might be good for you.
They have not let me see her in a long time.
Not even if you take as a gift the famous wine of Hugo Llor? [Mateo.]
You! Move that cart! [tense music playing.]
Stop whining.
You now belong to Sir Roger Puig.
Consider yourself fortunate.
Good morning, Sister.
May God and Our Lady protect you.
What do you want? I bring a good wine for the Sisters, a donation to thank the Virgin of Jonqueres.
Wait here.
[bell tolling.]
Good morning, Sister.
I'm Hugo Llor, the brother of Arsenda.
How is my sister doing? You really should not ask about her.
Why? What happened? [abbess.]
Go back to the chapel, Sister Lucía.
Nobody will give me news of my sister.
What happened? What do you want me to do? Report you? I will sound the bell, and you will be arrested.
Away with you.
I will not leave this convent until I see my sister.
How long are you going to be here, son? The abbess told me to call for the veguer.
I just want to see my sister.
Sister Arsenda has entered perpetual enclosure.
You cannot see her.
Not today, not ever.
But she is my only family.
She cannot refuse to see me.
You must respect her wishes.
All of us have to follow the plan of the Lord, you included.
I just want to know how she is.
It has been too long since I last saw her.
Your sister is fine.
Do not worry.
I tried the wine you gifted the convent.
It is excellent.
If only the vineyards at Santa María de la Mar made wines like yours.
I can see God has also marked a path for you to honor him.
Will you tell her I was here? Your sister has renounced the world, and she is happy.
You should be glad for her.
She is one of the chosen ones.
It is a clean wound.
You did a good job.
Regina? May I see? You will be better than I if you want to be.
[suspenseful music playing.]
I am in need of your services.
Wait for me outside.
You need to open your legs.
It must penetrate to your entrails.
- [Arsenda whimpers.]
- God! Who has done this to you? Satan.
It is so, Arsenda.
- [Arsenda cries.]
- [abbess.]
The devil.
It is he who punishes you for your shamelessness.
[Arsenda cries.]
- You are Hugo Llor? - Yes.
Father Pau from Santa María has a message for you.
For me? Can you not read? Do you know about grapes? [Father Pau.]
Thank you for accepting my invitation.
Is this about my sister? Has something happened? [Father Pau.]
No, no, no.
Do not worry.
It is not why I called.
I was wondering if you could take care of the vineyards at Santa María de la Mar.
But I tend to the vines by the vegetable garden of Valltorta.
Grapes from a Jewish family.
- They are converts now.
- [laughs.]
Sure, sure.
But they are still Jewish lands.
I cannot abandon them.
I understand, son.
Those people have done much for you, but allow me to give you counsel.
I do not think it is appropriate for you to be too connected to them.
You are a good Christian, like your loving sister Arsenda.
Do you think she would approve of you being associated with those converts? I am just trying to make good wine.
Well, if you want to make the best wine, you must have the best vineyards, and Santa María's are.
We will offer you the same terms they have, rabassa morta.
Part of the land would be yours, Hugo.
It would be your new home.
The Virgin of the Sea would like that.
You could have a look at them and give me an answer soon after.
I am sorry.
You know I love these vineyards more than myself.
If there was a way to be in charge of both vineyards without anybody knowing These lands have been part of the family of my wife for generations.
You have always respected them and taken care of them as if they were yours.
I cannot show anything more than appreciation for all you have done, my friend.
The vines in Santa María need someone to look after them and protect them.
And they will not find better hands than Hugo Llor's.
[Hugo chuckles.]
- [Jucef inhales.]
- [coins jingle.]
No, no, please.
The work will be arduous, and you will need slaves.
I will possess no one.
Without help, giving this up will have been for nothing.
And you can be a good master and offer them all the talla in the end.
The talla? The purchase of their freedom by paying the amount you deem just.
Thank you, Jucef.
Remember that my name is now [chuckles.]
For me, you will always be Jucef.
A good man.
[soaring sentimental music playing.]
She is hardworking, obedient, and discreet.
Her name is Barcha.
[playful music playing.]
- [quietly.]
Got any others? - [quietly.]
Not as good as she is.
She can run the house and the vineyards.
Look at her hands.
All right.
I also want to see the men.
I'm enough to tend to you, Master.
You will do all the housework and tend the vineyard? Uh, vineyard? No, no, I cannot.
Buy, Master.
The more slaves, the better.
Come on now.
Hurry up! Drip by drip, you pierce the rock.
Do not hurry me.
[gentle music playing.]
By Allah.
Who's gonna clean all this? [comic music plays.]
[Hugo yawns.]
Up you get.
You should have prepared something by now.
[Barcha grunts.]
[rooster crowing in distance.]
Did you not hear me? [Barcha snoring.]
Do you want me to give you a beating? [Barcha chuckles.]
Ugh! [Barcha grunts.]
You demon! Should've stayed with my other master.
He only beat me.
Take this jar.
You have to go collect the urine.
Urine? Are you one of those masters who enjoys filthy things? It is to fertilize the vines.
Come on.
Hey, that jar looks very heavy to me, Master.
I'm not collecting anyone's piss.
Ugh! You must clean the soil without hurting the shoots.
Hmm? Look.
Like this.
Are you Hugo Llor? Yes.
I bring a job for you from Bernat Estanyol.
Bernat Estanyol? - They told me he was dead.
- [chuckles.]
Well, he is very much alive.
And I hope that continues.
Master of a galley ship? Yes.
The Mistral.
Your friend is the most respected corsair captain.
Bernat Estanyol, a corsair? That is why he needs you.
- I do not think I can become a corsair.
- No.
Of course not.
That is not what he wants.
He wants to be informed of the routes of the merchandise of the ships of Roger Puig.
But I know nothing about the Puig.
You must find a way of learning what ships transport his merchandise.
[Hugo sighs.]
There will be Catalan merchants and sailors on board those ships.
If I inform, many will die because of me.
Bernat said you may be suspicious.
He will attack the Catalan ships with or without your help.
But he promises clemency for those attacked with your help.
Your contact is in the Tavern of the Serpent, in the port of Valencia.
Fabia is her name.
She will receive your reports.
But I cannot write.
You will find a way.
What is this? For you to seal your messages, that we may know they are from you.
[objects clattering.]
[tense music playing.]
[playful music playing.]
[Hugo sighs.]
[knock on door.]
Time to complete what you did not finish.
[screaming in pain.]
[screams in pain.]
[baby coos.]
I will take care of the Sister.
You get rid of that.
Do you think I am a witch? I do not kill babies.
I will pay you triple the price that we agreed.
But the girl is innocent.
She is a daughter of sin.
Just get rid of her.
[Arsenda crying.]
[solemn music playing.]
[solemn music continues.]
[baby cries.]
Are you leaving, Master? That man talked about Valencia.
I'm not going anywhere.
Well, good.
Because there is much work to do here, and I cannot do it alone.
Besides, you should have bought far more slaves.
You were against it.
- You should not listen to me.
- Bah! - [baby crying.]
- Shh! [baby crying.]
What are you doing here? She is a Christian baby, abandoned next to Santa María.
I cannot raise her.
They would kill me.
We cannot let her die.
But I cannot take care of her.
You must do it, Hugo.
This girl is [sighs.]
It is like she were yours.
Hmm? Mine? She was condemned to death.
She is only alive because I thought you could take care of her.
Yes, but I cannot.
- She's yours, Master.
- Barcha! Uh, what would I do with a baby like that? - No, I cannot take care of her.
- [baby cries.]
She's the daughter you could have if the woman you loved were still Be quiet! [baby crying.]
She's hungry, Master.
Barcha, you too, be quiet.
Both of you! [breathes shakily.]
She will die.
[baby crying.]
It will not be my fault.
For sure.
My responsibility.
I thought you were a good person.
Seems I was wrong.
Tomorrow I will take her to an orphanage.
The girl is staying.
I will take care of her.
[dramatic music playing.]
[dramatic music continues.]

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