Heirs to the Land (2022) s01e04 Episode Script


1 NETFLIX PRESENTS You cannot marry Saúl, Dolça.
PREVIOUSLY I need to talk to my sister.
Our mother is dead.
Conversion or death? Do not touch my daughter! - No! - Yeah! There you have him, Dolça.
Do Jews have a heaven to meet once again your loved ones after you're dead? You have to forget Dolça.
Regina? To make the best wine, you must have the best vineyards, and Santa María's are.
It would be your new home.
She is hardworking and discreet.
Her name is Barcha.
Bernat Estanyol? They told me he was dead.
Well, he is very much alive.
He wants to be informed of the routes of the merchandise of the ships of Roger Puig.
You get rid of that.
You must do it, Hugo.
This girl, it's like she was yours.
Mine? Do you believe in the Holy Spirit, the Holy Catholic Church, the communion of saints, the resurrection of the body, and life everlasting? I do.
Mercè, I baptize you in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
Father, have you heard anything about my sister? Arsenda has been transferred to another convent.
Which one? I would like to visit her.
She needs to know that she has a niece.
Hugo, you already have your vineyards and a daughter to raise.
Arsenda is now married to Christ.
You must respect her decision.
Master, a one-eyed man is outside asking for you.
A one-eyed man? - What does he want? - To see you.
Or see half of you.
He says his name is Mateo.
Judging by your face, I think you know exactly who he is.
You were looking for me? Hugo Llor? Himself.
Nice vineyards.
Barcha, wine and food.
What brings you here, my friend? My lord, Roger Puig, nephew of the Count of Navarcles, has been appointed Royal Knight by the new King Martin and has taken up residence in his palace on Marquet Street.
King John died? I did not know.
He died, and his brother has succeeded him.
A few days ago, a merchant sold our servants wine from your vineyard.
From Vila - Vilatorta, yes.
- Yes.
My lord found it magnificent and wants all the wine you have.
I am glad to hear it, but it is all sold.
Your master will have to wait for the new one to age.
How long will it take? Two or three years.
The quality depends on it being left to age.
All right.
All right.
My lord wants you to work for him as cellarman at the palace.
The merchant says you are gifted when it comes to wine.
You will need to report to the palace tomorrow.
Unfortunately, I have a lot of work with the vines.
You did not hear me.
Tomorrow at the palace.
I cannot accept.
The wishes of my lord are not only honored, but appreciated.
Especially if they are addressed to a beggar like you.
WOUND For such a good job, you do not seem very excited, Master.
I despise that son of a whore.
If I could, I would refuse, but I cannot.
I'm not sure what that one-eyed man and his lord have done to you.
But one must keep his friends close and his enemies closer.
Is this the palace of Roger Puig? - What do you want? - I'm the new cellarman.
Move back.
Come with me.
I am Esteve, the steward.
And you are? Hugo Llor, cellarman of your lord.
Now, he is also your lord.
Did you not have any other clothes to report to the palace? Your focus is to find the best wine for the lord.
Fill his cellar and keep it in good condition.
It has been neglected for several years.
The slaves will help you to clean it up.
It's far too wet.
The jars are full of mold.
You cannot even breathe.
Repair it.
That is why you were hired.
Do not dispose of that.
Have the cooper replace the staves and the rings.
Lately, there is much activity in the palace.
There are jewels.
All of them? The mistress would hardly have time to wear them in a lifetime.
They are for sale.
Jewels, cutlery All made of silverwork by goldsmiths on Mar Street.
And where are they taking them? They will soon be on board the ship of the lord.
Hey, you two! Enough chatter! And you, cellarman, watch where you put your eyes if you want to keep them.
Come with me.
Who is she? Caterina, the favorite of the lord.
Barcha! Barcha! Coming! She is hot.
Why did you not call a doctor? Allah knows I left her asleep.
Do not lie to me.
I could hear her crying from the road.
I take care of the house, and Mercè, and the vineyards.
It's too much, Master.
If anything happens to her, you shall pay.
Hugo, why are you here at such an hour? My daughter has a fever.
Would you help me? She cries and cries.
I was leaving to see a patient.
Go then.
I shall attend.
- Have you tried to cool her? - I know not what to do.
Don't worry.
She will be fine.
These oils will calm the fever down for her.
She needs rest.
The child is healthy and beautiful.
You have done a remarkable job.
Mercè Well, she needs a mother.
I do what I can, and Barcha adores her, but she is a bit coarse.
Sometimes I think you were wrong.
And this girl, she deserves far better than an illiterate father.
Do not say that.
You are a good father.
Any woman would be happy to share her life with you.
You still think about her? You still think of Dolça? You never, in all this time, thought about possessing me? You have what you wanted, a position, a husband who can teach you medicine, and your people to practice it.
What else do you want? Dolça was a great woman.
Never forget that.
But she is dead.
And I am so alone.
As are you.
I must leave before they close the Jewish quarter.
- And your husband - It will be dawn before he gets back here.
Stay with me.
It is pleasantly agreeable.
And meaty.
Fills the whole palate.
Like a little more? Excuse me.
I will give you a good price if you ship it.
The boat of Puig is going where there is plenty of wine.
And where is that? Where you can drink the best wines in the Mediterranean.
Let me guess.
I would wager that must be Rome.
If that is the route, you will make port in Majorca.
And everyone knows that the wine there tastes like donkey piss.
Why are you so interested in these routes? Mateo.
Would you like a sip of wine? I have been watching you.
You ask a lot of questions.
My contract does not prevent me from trading the wines of my land.
Enough! Return to the palace.
Our lord demands your presence.
Stand up.
Keep still and stand up.
I have been waiting for a long time.
You will keep waiting as long as it takes.
You like the slave of the lord, eh, you dog? I warned you to take your filthy eyes off her.
Leave me alone.
Be very careful.
You do not know me.
I know you more than you think.
I think not.
What is all this noise? It is nothing, my lord.
Did you ask for me? Ah, yes.
The cellarman, is that right? Come in.
I have called for you, as soon, I shall receive a visit from Rocafort and his associate, both very important nobles.
Their very presumptuous boast is that they serve the best wine at their banquets, and that must come to an end.
I want you to get me the best wine for the occasion, a unique wine to help me shut them up once and for all.
I hope, for your sake, you do not fail, or you will pay dearly.
Do you understand me, boy? Too good.
Bring me the cheapest claret you have.
- It will taste of nothing.
- That is my problem.
That is it.
I will take double the amount as last time.
Damned if I can understand it.
You make the best wine in Barcelona, but you want one that tastes like the stuff drunk by the slaves.
And it's all to fool the rich.
Oh, and I cannot get in on it? Yes, if you keep my secret.
And if they find out, I will say it was all your idea.
Father, I have finished.
Help your mother in the kitchen.
Is that Eulàlia? The joy of my old age.
I remembered her as a child.
Now she's a little woman.
She works from sunrise to sunset, devoted and obedient.
Why not eat lunch with us? She cooked.
Will they not notice, Master? The aqua vitae and the fruit will give it flavor.
The sand will drag the impurities from the wine of Jofré.
Oh! Be careful.
Are you pleased to see me? And your husband? Will he not wonder where you are at this hour? I said I was going to the Jonqueres convent, but I'm not expected until tomorrow.
Go away.
Your master has finished work for today.
Regina, you must not talk like that to What is the Puig palace like? Very big.
It is full of soldiers, slaves, and servants.
Is it true that the cups and plates are made of gold, and that the halls are decorated with carpets from Persia? The scoundrel is comfortable under the protection of his uncle and King Martin.
I would love to be part of his court.
- You? How? - Mmm.
Well, maybe to serve his wife and the ladies.
You could recommend me.
Do you think it pleases me to serve the man who murdered Arnau Estanyol and sentenced Bernat to galleys? You work for him.
I have no choice.
But someday justice will be done.
How, though? Hmm.
Serving him cheap wine, and the idiot thinks it tastes like ambrosia.
- That is your vengeance? - Think it's wrong? She left at sunrise.
I do not like that woman, Master.
The more I know her, the less I like her.
- Barcha, take your nose out.
- No.
My nose is nowhere.
It is not my problem.
But Allah knows you are heading for trouble.
She comes more and more often.
She is married.
She is a Jewess.
She does not suit you, Master.
Did I ask your opinion? No, you did not ask, but I will give it to you anyway.
So, do you know what you need to do? Marry a nice girl.
Young and beautiful.
And you know who would be great for you? No, but I think you will tell me.
The daughter of Jofré, the innkeeper.
Eulàlia? You notice her, you naughty young man.
- She is just a child, Barcha.
- Of course she is a child.
You do not have to be smart to know she has not been visited by the crimson wave.
But that child will grow up.
She will blossom like spring, and she will become a beautiful woman.
And what is more, she has no siblings to inherit the tavern of her father.
That is just my opinion.
But I shall say nothing.
Ah, for me, this wine is excellent.
What did you expect? For it to be as bad as yours? It is not for nothing that I have in my service the finest cellarman in Barcelona.
To our King Martin.
To the king! I do not feel very well.
I shall retire to my quarters.
Good night.
My lord, my colleague and I have taken the liberty of bringing you a gift from distant lands.
We hope it shall be to your liking.
The lord orders you to leave this bedroom.
He has fresh meat tonight.
I am the favorite of the lord.
I have the privilege of not sleeping with the other slaves.
Not anymore.
Or would you rather keep yourself warm with me? Caterina! When the lord grows tired of you, I shall be waiting.
Where did you get the wine served this evening? Did the lord not like it? On the contrary.
He's very satisfied with your services.
Keep it up.
I told you it would be a great idea.
Tomorrow, Roger Puig will start loading the Santa Elena, and in three days, she will sail for Genoa with a Sardinian crew to mislead the corsairs.
And the deal? Roger will have most of it, but the rest  is a fortune.
Come in.
No, wait, Regina.
I need you to write a letter for me.
- Later.
- No.
I need it now.
I said I would take revenge on Roger Puig, and the moment is here.
Who is the letter to? To Bernat Estanyol.
What has come over you? Bernat asked me to gather information so he could raid the ships owned by Roger.
I have the date and destination of his main ship loaded to the gunwales.
You have to help me.
For sure, I will write for you.
But later.
Thank you for that.
Well, I will see you later.
I want to send a letter.
- One croat.
- When will it arrive? In one week if you spelled the address correctly.
You must deliver it to a certain Fabia in the Serpent's Tavern in the port of Valencia.
Valencia? I go to Marseilles.
The messenger for Valencia is there.
Hey, wait! - Wait! - Halt.
A letter for Valencia.
It must be very important if you risked drowning.
Off we go.
Bad news, sir.
The Santa Elena is lost.
It's lost? But how? Boarded by corsairs, sir.
Bernat Estanyol.
Bloody hell! What happened? The Mistral attacked our ship outside Marseilles.
The Sardinian sailors have been killed, the cargo plundered, and the ship sunk.
Goddamn son of a bitch! God damn it! I want Bernat Estanyol dead! Son of 100 whores! My lord.
Out of my way.
Why are you taking away my privileges? Have I not served you well? You dare to complain to me, you little whore? You no longer bring me pleasure.
You're not even cheerful.
You are of no use to me.
You want her? All yours.
No! No! No! Oh, no! Walk, you bitch.
Do not even think about it.
Thank you for coming.
Do not be afraid.
You're in good hands.
Bring me warm water and leave us.
YEARS LATER Mercè, tell your father what you asked me.
May I tread the grapes? Of course you can, child.
Come on.
You are yet to tell me how you managed to turn those disgusting brews into exquisite wines.
And I will not tell you, Jofré.
It is a secret I shall take to my grave.
Tread them harder, Mercè.
Do not hold back.
Like that.
Like that.
- It feels strange.
- It's so nice to see the girls so happy.
Eulàlia is not a child anymore.
Every day I am more convinced that she would be a good mother for my daughter and a good wife for me.
Are you asking me for her hand? Is that wrong? My son, I was afraid you would never ask.
Come here.
Valença, Eulàlia will be married.
She will be wed.
Congratulations on your wedding, Master.
We still have to formalize the commitment, establish the dowry, and And settle your affairs.
That is the most important.
Barcha, do not start.
You have to break up with Regina, Master.
The sooner, the better.
Can you stop trying to control my life? It is for your own good.
The good of us all.
Very good.
Here's the payment and an advance for the next batch.
Worry not.
Your barrels, they are reserved.
Boys, get the load ready.
Come on.
Where are you taking those goods? The lord is chartering a galley.
- Where to? - I cannot tell you.
Since losing the Santa Elena and the others, he believes there are spies in the palace.
Those corsairs do not need spies to attack a ship.
They strike unawares.
Or do you think I am a spy? Why are you asking me then? I have buyers waiting at various ports.
If the route matches up, I can talk to the lord and send a few barrels.
I would pay well.
I told you nothing.
The mistress has visitors, and she wants to offer them sweet wine.
Is it true the lord is chartering a ship to Naples next week? How did you find that out? A rumor going around the docks.
Might he have room for me to send a batch of barrels? Are you really serious? He would receive part of the earnings.
Forget it.
If he finds out you even thought about this proposal, he'll strip the skin from your back.
I should not do this.
It is too risky for us both.
This is the last time, I promise.
This ship is the richest of all belonging to the Puig.
If Bernat manages to raid it before it reaches Naples, Puig will be ruined forever.
Thank you for your help.
And you? Will you introduce me to your lady? Thank you.
These salt baths should be taken at least twice a day until the itching disappears completely.
And every night before going to sleep, apply this ointment.
And if my husband wants me to, uh? Your marital duty? Gifts are always sweetness.
I see that you have hired a new servant.
Regina has provided me with a treatment that has helped me feel a great relief.
I am glad to be of service.
- Sir.
- You are very beautiful.
For a Jewess.
Pardon me, sir.
We have fixed the dowry of Eulàlia's at 6,000 sous.
So it's up to you to contribute half of that money as bridewealth.
But I do not have that amount.
But you have the vineyards.
You can cover that debt with them.
Do not worry so, lad.
The bride must contribute the dowry at the time of the marriage, but the groom does not have to deliver the bridewealth in coin.
It is perceived as contributed on his part when the marriage is formalized as payment for the virginity of the wife.
Are you not happy, my lord? Do not call me that.
You will be my wife, not my slave.
There's a long way to go before we wed.
It seems like an eternity.
A year passes quickly.
How many children will we have? Hopefully, God will give us at least five.
And all boys.
Plus, you already have Mercè, who will be like a daughter to me.
And when she grows up, we'll be like sisters.
After we've eaten, meet me at the well, and I'll let you kiss me.
The slaves in our confidence have mentioned the route and the date of the trip to everyone they can.
Well, I hope they have been convincing.
Even the cellarman has taken the bait.
He said he wanted to take advantage of the trip for his own business.
Well, of course I told him no.
If Estanyol has a spy, we will know.
If he falls into the trap, he will pay dearly for his crimes at last.
And why have you come to my house? I look for Regina.
It could be life or death.
She is not here.
She went with your lady to take some healing waters.
- When will she be back? - I know not and care not.
He left already.
- When will he be back? - Hard to say.
I need to send a message to Valencia, but I do not have a letter.
I cannot write.
That sailboat is about to leave.
If we hurry, I could write you the letter and ask a crewmember to carry it in person for one coin.
Hey, wait! These waters have a miraculous effect on the skin and the passage of time.
Your beauty will return in all its splendor.
I am very grateful to you for your efforts.
I know nothing about you.
- What do you want to know? - Everything.
You Jewesses are a mystery.
In reality, I've never really felt Jewish, miss.
I do not share the faith of my elders nor any of their bad habits.
Nor waiting for Jehovah, who never comes.
Instead, I envy the purity of Christianity, the strength of its dogmas, the teachings of your Lord Jesus Christ, son of God, who gave his life to save the sins of the world.
But you're a Jewess.
Unfortunately, I am.
I might be a Jewess, but I am a person, a woman, and a medic.
I'm sick of being ignored, of being spat on in the street, of being humiliated.
Sick of being a Jewess.
Forgive me.
I wish I had the grace to embrace your faith.
I think your devotion would certainly deserve the reward of baptism.
We're closed.
I have an urgent message for Fabia.
- Who are you? - Are you Fabia? Answer my question.
I am Hugo Llor.
I have been sending reports for Bernat Estanyol.
I do not know an Estanyol.
A couple of days ago, I sent a letter about a ship from Roger Puig, but it is a trap to capture Bernat and kill him.
That's why I'm here, to warn him.
Accompany me.
You fraud! If you were who you say, you would've sent another letter to tell us.
I can barely write.
- Rubbish.
Do you work for Roger Puig? - Yes.
I'm a friend of Bernat.
I got him a crossbow to kill Roger Puig.
You are not the first to pose as his informant to try to get to him and kill him.
Ask him.
Finish him off.
Just in time.
We've captured another liar.
- Want to take care of him yourself? - I'm hungry.
He has confessed? He says he is close to Bernat, and that the last report was a ruse by Puig to hunt you down.
He is well informed.
He even knew of the existence of Hugo Llor.
Of Hugo? Yes.
But he could not stop telling lies, that he knew you since you were a child, that he gave you a crossbow to kill Roger Puig.
Release him.
Release him! Hugo, wake up.
Wake up.
Hey! Hugo, my friend, it's Bernat.
Do you recognize me? Bernat.
We will head for the Columbretes Islands, where we will ambush the galley of Puig.
Little does Roger Puig know what's in store.
With what you've told us, we will take them by surprise and give them a taste of their own medicine.
I beg you to be merciful with our compatriots, like those of the Santa Elena and other galleys.
What do you want? We board the ships without getting blood on our hands? This is the life of a corsair.
We fight to live.
We live to kill.
Or die.
They are not to blame for the misdeeds of Roger.
Otherwise, I could never forgive myself for their deaths.
I hear you.
We will respect the lives of those damsels.
Fabia, feed us.
I have to leave as soon as possible to Barcelona.
Very well.
We will eat and catch up.
Then I will provide you with a fast transport home.
Father, where have you been? About time, Master.
Barcha, get some clean clothes and help me load the best wineskins.
Hurry now! What is happening? King Martin will honor the palace with his presence.
No one comes in or out without permission.
Let him in.
He is the cellarman of my lord.
You, what are you waiting for? Bring that up.
And where have you been? I was out of Barcelona, buying wine for our lord.
It takes days just to buy wine? I needed to find the best and had to search for it, and then I found it in Murviedro.
I hope it is the best.
The lord wishes to impress the king with a memorable banquet.
As for the wine, I think the king and the lord will be pleased.
And we will reinforce our troops in the castle at Peracense, on the border with Castile, and in Loarre with Navarre.
I have reason to believe that the French will soon harass Pope Benedict in Avignon.
It is our duty to defend him.
If I were my uncle, the Count of Navarcles, I would command the infantry in our fleet to travel up the Rhône.
Thus, in a few days' time we will be fighting for His Holiness.
Good choice.
I congratulate you.
It is an honor to serve, Your Grace.
But, Your Grace A herald has arrived with news about your ship.
Have they captured Estanyol? On the contrary, my lord.
Your ship has been sunk in an ambush by corsairs.
They have all been killed.
My lord, to what do I owe You are the traitor.
You are the spy.
You gave away my plans to Estanyol.
I have always been faithful to you.
Do not believe it, sir.
He has been hanging around the docks asking about the routes of your ships.
As soon as the king leaves the palace, then I will deal with you personally.
Lock him up!
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