Heirs to the Land (2022) s01e05 Episode Script


1 NETFLIX PRESENTS Master, a one-eyed man is asking for you.
Did you ask for me? My lord wants you to work for him as cellarman at the palace.
The merchant says you are gifted when it comes to wine.
Hugo Llor, cellarman of your lord.
I want you to get me the best wine for the occasion.
I hope, for your sake, you do not fail.
Who is she? [Alazar.]
Caterina, the favorite of the lord.
Dolça was a great woman, but she is dead.
And I am so alone.
I have been watching you.
You ask a lot of questions.
Every day I am more convinced that she would be a good mother for my daughter.
Are you asking for her hand? [Hugo.]
I said I would take revenge on Roger Puig, and the moment is here.
- [Regina.]
Who is the letter to? - Bernat Estanyol.
What's come over you? - Boarded by corsairs, sir.
- Bloody hell! We have fixed the dowry of Eulàlia at 6,000 sous.
So it's up to you to contribute half that money as bridewealth.
- I do not have that amount.
- [Jofré.]
You have the vineyards.
- Release him.
- Bernat? You are the traitor.
You gave away my plans to Estanyol.
Lock him up.
[dramatic music playing.]
[Hugo grunting in pain.]
You are stubborn, cellarman.
[Hugo pants.]
I am innocent.
If you do not confess your treason, you will die.
[Mateo grunting with effort.]
[Regina sniffles.]
I thought we trusted each other.
Tell me, what is wrong? [Regina cries.]
Your husband has imprisoned the cellarman.
He accuses him of being a spy for the corsair who attacked his ships.
Does the cellarman work for that murderer? No.
He does not even know him.
My lady, the king and his councilors are on the way to the banquet.
I will be right there.
My lady.
Hugo Llor, he is an honest and hardworking man incapable of betrayal.
Stand up.
[breathes shakily.]
Would you risk your neck for this man? I would in an instant.
So you love him, yes? I will not deny it.
Even if you despise me for being a married woman.
But my husband is a bad man who enjoys making me suffer.
And the cellarman? If I obtain the grace of baptism, my marriage will be annulled, and then I will be free, and I will be able to marry him.
But do not think my feelings are speaking for me.
I know he is innocent.
Why are you so certain of this? [soft string music playing.]
SLAVES [King Martin.]
You look sad, Roger, and I cannot imagine why, considering all this wealth you are enjoying.
I have suffered a minor setback, Your Highness.
Nothing you should worry about.
My condolences.
But drink.
Drink a little more of this ever so wonderful wine of yours to elevate your spirit.
To King Martin! May God save him for many years.
To the king! [councilors.]
Ah! Ah! I swear I've never drunk a wine so exquisite.
Congratulations on having such an excellent cellarman.
I appreciate your compliment, Your Highness, but that traitor will no longer work for me, for he deserves death.
But not for the wine! [all laugh.]
I discovered that the corsair who attacked my ships received reports by letter.
Now I know who wrote them.
The cellarman? Are you certain, husband? Do you doubt it? [Anna.]
Well, I find it strange, given that the cellarman can neither read nor write.
So, he could not easily have written the letters to the corsair, right? [all laugh.]
Your Highness, I have proof of it.
He returned today after several days of unannounced absence from the palace grounds.
As I understand it, he went to buy this wine in Murviedro.
It was to warn the corsair.
Now there are corsairs in Murviedro? [all laugh.]
The poor man is innocent.
- Your Highness - [King Martin.]
Do not say more.
You must pardon and release him immediately.
A talent like his is a rare thing.
And send to the palace a vat of this wine and any other wine which the cellarman finds you from now on.
You can count on it.
[uplifting music playing.]
- [Hugo grunts.]
- [Barcha gasps.]
[speaking Latin.]
This afternoon, I will inform Mosé Vives of my conversion, and I will get rid of that old man forever.
I will gather my belongings and settle in the palace.
The mistress offered you lodging? For the moment, I will have a bedchamber until But you cannot visit me.
In her eyes, I must be like an unmarried and exemplary Christian woman.
Father, can I look at the fruit? Yes, of course.
I need to speak with you about something.
The wedding? Who told you that? Barcha? She did not have to.
I always hoped that once I became a Christian, you would marry me.
Father? You want this one? Uh, how much for this? Mother.
What is it, Mother? Nothing, daughter.
We should go.
He has just arrived, and he does not look happy.
I brought you a small gift, a wine from Roussillon that I bought at the docks.
There was really no need, my friend.
We will soon be family, no? My wife and daughter cannot wait to start the preparations for the wedding.
[Hugo sighs.]
The grape harvest is coming soon, Jofré.
It could be better to postpone it until after.
It would help me cover all of the expenses.
You are surely not backing out? I remind you that you signed before a notary.
If the agreement is compromised, you need to give my daughter the bridewealth.
The notary said that I was not obliged to provide it.
Because he said your vineyards are your guarantee.
If you do not marry Eulàlia on the agreed date, then you pay her 3,000 sous.
[somber music playing.]
[speaking inaudibly.]
The mistress mentioned me to some ladies of the court, and I will be attending to them all day, but once I am done, I will come to see you.
Tomorrow I must leave very early on a trip.
I need to buy more wine.
What is it, Hugo? It is like you do not want to see me.
The mistress asked for you.
I will be right there.
Anything else, slave? [inhales.]
In the kitchen, they need some wine so they can cook the partridges.
I will bring it right away.
Thank you, Caterina.
What are you not saying? What do you mean? [laughs.]
I am not blind.
And I not stupid enough to risk my life for the slave of Mateo.
Do not worry.
I will return very soon.
[Regina sighs heavily.]
Do you know why the vines are grown so well aligned? To make them prettier? No.
See, if the vines are not properly aligned, harvesting and caring for the land becomes very complicated.
Animals would not be able to pass and neither would the plow.
You like vineyards very much, do you not, Father? You are right, my darling.
And you will have to like them too, because some day, they will be yours.
[breathing heavily.]
You are not getting married.
You will not marry that little bitch.
I heard from the parish priest at Santa María.
You did not even have the courage to tell me.
But you are married too.
Not now.
I renounced my faith so I could get married to you.
It was before you were baptized.
Jofré and I set the wedding for late summer, before the grape harvest.
I am sorry I did not tell you.
Forgive me.
[Regina cries.]
Not important.
Eulàlia is young and has a good position.
So not difficult for her to find another husband.
You do not understand.
I cannot break my commitment.
I signed a document before the notary.
I must keep my word, or I lose everything, the farmhouse, vineyards, everything I've earned working myself to death for years.
And me? - What about me? - I'm sorry.
You will break off your engagement tomorrow.
Or do you think your intended would like knowing that, for years, you have been sleeping with a Jew? - And you would tell her that? - No.
It would not be me, but my demon who would tell her about it.
- Do you Jews also have demons? - So many.
So many that another would tell Roger Puig about the letters that you asked me to write to Bernat Estanyol.
What would he do? All those poor, helpless Catalan sailors who were murdered because of you.
The whole city would rise up against you.
They would execute you in the cruelest way you could ever imagine.
You helped me write those letters.
You would also go down with me.
Are you forgetting I gave you Mercè? You want me to tell her the truth, that you are not her father? If you do, I will kill you.
You would not.
I know you.
And if you did, what would happen to poor Mercè? They would hang you for murder.
And who would take care of her then? The Moor? With me, you could be happy.
More than with that stupid bitch, and you know it.
Listen to me and leave her.
It is death or me.
The choice is yours.
[dramatic music playing.]
[breathing heavily.]
What are you thinking? Why do you do this to us? Will you abandon my daughter and take as your wife a convert? [Eulàlia.]
The chaplain from the Holy Trinity told us that a Jewish woman he recently baptized claims she's going to marry you.
Is this the truth? She renounced her faith and became a Christian to marry me.
Converts will never stop being Jews! In the eyes of men, perhaps, but not in the eyes of God.
Does that mean you break your commitment? As a notary, I must remind you that you would lose your land.
I know.
Still, do you insist on breaking your word then? I cannot marry you.
I'm sorry.
Notary, take note of the words of Hugo Llor.
By virtue of breaking of the engagement, I claim possession of these vineyards as just compensation.
[mournful music playing.]
You're all free.
You are free to go.
You are free too, Barcha.
No, no, no, no.
And leave my little girl? Not a chance.
How could you even think it? I cannot pay you, Barcha.
As long as we have a place to sleep and something to eat, we will manage just fine, right, Mercè? Yes, Father, and I eat little like a little bird.
[laughs, kisses.]
I trust we will not be hungry.
Let us go.
No, Master.
[soaring music playing.]
When we completed the terms, you did not say you would be bringing a Moor.
She takes care of the child.
Do you have a problem with her being a Moor? Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no.
No problem.
Barcelona is full up with them.
Come on up.
I will show you to the bedchambers.
- [Barcha gasps.]
- [growls.]
- Have you been baptized? - No.
So keep your hands to yourself.
You are far too old for such things.
[man laughs.]
I, Regina Vilanova, give my heart to you, Hugo Llor, and I take you as my loyal husband.
I, Hugo Llor, take you as my loyal wife.
The death of your uncle, Genís Puig, Count of Navarcles, has been a misfortune.
But not for you, of course, since you are his only heir, no? I am very grateful to you, Your Royal Highness.
Did you bring the cellarman as I asked? With the most exquisite wines from my cellar.
I hope they give you strength and courage in your purpose.
Let us go.
The kingdom needs an heir.
Very rich.
I hope to be alive to tell of this.
- Father.
- [Hugo.]
Why are you here? The queen requested my services.
The king does not have enough doctors? He does not seem to trust them at all.
You think this preparation will lift the royal spirits? I hope so.
Although, miracles are the work of God.
Cellarman, the king awaits you.
[breathing heavily.]
Secure the rope tightly.
[King Martin shudders.]
What does she smear? Grease of the turtle.
Disgusting! Silence.
Ready? What is it they do? He must be on top of her so that the seed can settle well.
Pull gently.
- [doctor.]
- [queen gasps.]
Hold it there.
Now, down.
Little by little.
Little by little.
- [King Martin grunts.]
- [doctor.]
Like this.
- [King Martin grunts.]
- [queen gasps.]
[King Martin grunting.]
Again, Your Highness.
Down a little.
Your Highness, again.
Lower a little more, a little more.
Again, Your Highness.
[King Martin grunts.]
[queen grunts.]
Lift him up.
Lift him up.
Up, up, up! Quick! Quick! Up! [Regina.]
I promise I have done everything humanly possible, my lady.
I am now Countess of Navarcles.
The king confirmed the titles of my husband.
Forgive me, Countess.
I am devastated for not being able to The court knows that if the king has lost is virility it is only because of his years and the wine.
But the queen is still a virgin.
And that is a matter of state, since all four children the king had with his first wife each died one after the other.
May God grant the young Margarida de Prades becomes pregnant by her efforts.
Even if it is by the work of the Holy Spirit.
We should go back to the palace.
Go ahead.
I want to introduce Regina to the daughter of a nobleman who has asked for my advice.
Would you like that I accompany you, Mother? That will not be necessary.
[Mercè sighs.]
- Wait for me here.
I will get my things.
- [Mercè.]
[Regina laughing.]
[Roger laughing.]
Were you excited in the royal bedchamber my lord, Count of Navarcles and Castellví de Rosanes? [Roger.]
The king was the only one who was not hard down there.
[Regina and Roger laugh, moan.]
You are a very passionate man.
I do not need your husband's concoction.
[Roger and Regina moaning.]
Mother is an important doctor, is she not? She is not your mother.
I have never known another.
And she is teaching me how to prepare her ointments and infusions.
What for? - So one day I can be a doctor like her.
- You do not need to.
When the time comes, I will find you a good, honest, hardworking husband.
The life of Regina is not for you.
And why not? I mean, I like to read.
I like to learn.
And you can also do the same.
I could teach you how to read.
I do not need to, daughter.
- Regina says - "Regina says"! What good would it do me, a poor, ignorant cellarman? It would do nothing.
[morose music playing.]
A new bag? The count compensated me for my work.
[chuckles wryly.]
I have also served the king, and no one gave me compensation.
Maybe because your wine produced the opposite effect to that desired.
Or maybe because I did not behave like the whore of the lord.
You understand nothing.
Now that he has the titles of his uncle, he will soon name me baroness.
And why not duchess? Or princess? He has given me his word.
And he also promised me something else.
Mercè and I will live in the palace.
She can learn from me and build a future for herself.
I want her to learn nothing from you, and much less live with Roger Puig.
It will be good for her.
And you really have no choice.
Better than finding out she's not your daughter.
You are no better than a whore to those nobles you rub shoulders with.
Be careful with what you are saying.
You are my wife.
You must show me respect.
[laughs derisively.]
I would if I did not have to sleep with a piece of marble.
Why do you not give me a child? I want to be a mother, but since we got married, you've barely touched me.
What did you expect? I married you because you forced me to.
You cannot make any demands of me.
[Regina breathes heavily.]
That bastard again? [breathes shakily.]
Where are you from, Caterina? From a place far away.
In my land, we are Christians like your people, but a little different.
And how did you get here? I was just a child.
I was captured by the Turks to be sold as a slave and And then I was passed from one hand to another.
Do you miss your homeland? I cannot recall it.
Your daughter will work in the palace with Regina.
It is probably the best for her.
I do not know.
You are a good father.
And you have a big heart.
Since I fell from grace [shakily.]
you are the only one who has treated me well.
You deserve nothing less.
You are also a very good person, but you have had some bad luck.
[Caterina laughs softly.]
Thank you for talking to me.
[bell tolling.]
Out, you worthless swines! Get out of here, devil's spawn.
Make haste, cellarman.
Today it seems he could drink forever.
[Roger groans.]
[sighs, pants.]
The king is no more.
There is no heir.
Do you know the significance of this? No, sir.
[Roger sighs.]
The war.
Before taking his last breath, King Martin intended to recognize his bastard grandson, but the Cortes of Aragon prevented him.
And now, everyone seems to want the crown.
But we must ensure we win this game in favor of the legitimate heir, the Count of Urgell, or all of it will be lost for good.
And here is where I need you.
You have the chance to prove your loyalty now, to me and to Sir Jaume.
Sir, I do not know how I could help you to, uh You are an excellent spy.
[breathing angrily.]
Your wine and the favor of the king spared you from a certain death for treason.
But I have not forgotten.
You are a traitor It is written on your face.
- Sir, I - Shut up.
A traitor and coward.
But I will give you the opportunity to redeem yourself by spying for me, cellarman.
- I cannot do that, sir.
I - Shh! Silence.
You will move through the kingdom.
None shall suspect a nobody like you.
You will be my courier behind the lines of my enemies.
And take care to serve me well, for your daughter is still with me in a palace room.
And if you serve me badly, I will serve your head to her on a platter.
[sinister music playing.]
[breathes heavily.]
- Kill him! - No! No! [Bernat.]
Swear that you will kill the Puig.
Swear it to me! I swear it.
[dramatic music playing.]
[music intensifies.]
[adventurous music playing.]
Hyah! [melancholy music playing.]
[melancholy music continues.]
[bell jingles.]
What seek you in the house of the Lord? I bring the wine of Puig for the Holy Eucharist.
Pass then.
[sniffs, coughs.]
It stinks.
Do you have a message for my lord? What does it say? It may be I need to tell him the message myself.
Soon, there will be a great event in Zaragoza.
The Count of Urgell wants all his supporters to be well-armed and gathered there.
[woman singing.]
Arsenda? [singing continues.]
Is there a nun in this cloister named Arsenda? No, there is no Arsenda.
You are sure that it is not her singing? No.
It's the voice of Sister Beatriz, the Mother Superior.
[nuns singing.]
And did he not give you a letter? Yes, sir, but I was forced to destroy it, lest it fall into the hands of the enemy.
The Archbishop of Zaragoza is the fiercest opponent of the Count of Urgell.
And we know that Antón Luna is already on his way there with his men.
[sighs heavily.]
We must join them as soon as possible.
You may retire.
[sinister music plays.]
[crowd cheering.]
Citizens of Barcelona! The negotiators of Catalonia, Aragon, and Valencia, gathered in the most noble and loyal city of Caspe, have proclaimed the legitimate heir to the Crown of Aragon to be the Prince of Castile, Ferdinand of Trastámara.
May God save him for many years.
- Long live the king! - [crowd.]
Long live the king! That serpent never misses a chance to advance herself.
Do not worry, Barcha.
All is not lost yet.
[dramatic music playing.]
Please excuse us.
I understand that they now all claim to be friends of the admiral or the king.
Sir Estanyol will receive you immediately.
[upbeat music playing.]
Wait here.
Hugo! My friend! [laughs.]
I thought you were dead, given the lack of news.
- How are you feeling? - Fine.
- Congratulations on your appointment.
- Bah! More work and little money.
But enough of me.
Tell me, what have you been doing all this time? Are you still working your vineyards? You told me you were doing very well.
Well, those vines are no longer mine.
- I lost them.
- [Bernat.]
I see.
So you are no longer in the wine business? No.
But I do work as an agent and a cellarman.
- I worked for King Martin.
- For King Martin? - When was that? - When he married Margarida de Prades.
That is strange.
What is? Well, some nobles have told King Ferdinand about an excellent wine that was drunk at the wedding of King Martin.
But, apparently, this wine came from the cellarman of Roger Puig.
A coincidence.
You worked for that bastard son of a bitch, and you did not kill him? We made a pact! I did not have the opportunity to end his life.
You are telling me that, when palace cellarman, you never had the opportunity to poison him? If we were at sea, I would hang you from the mainsail and drag your corpse through the water to serve as bait! I could have done it, yes.
I could have killed him.
There was one day I had him at my mercy, but I am no assassin.
Why did you not come to kill him? Why did you not send one of your men? You, the most feared and cruel of the corsairs.
A nobody like me had to avenge you? It was not my father he murdered.
It was yours.
- Who do you think you are, Hugo Llor? - Nobody.
But what I am sure of is I am nothing like you.
Admit that you are a coward.
If I am a coward, I would not have risked my life sending you letters to attack his ships.
If I were a coward, I would not have collected evidence of his treason against the king.
What do you talk of? Of a vengeance that I have been preparing all this time.
You would not understand it, as it is not blood for blood.
And what is this revenge about? What are these letters? Proof that Roger Puig has been helping the enemies of King Ferdinand.
They are his death sentence, Bernat.
No murder and no poisoning, only protected by the law of your master.
He's also your master.
I recognize they will be very useful to me.
And what do you want? To take my daughter under your protection.
To look after her and endow her sufficiently to find the husband she deserves.
That is all? [Hugo inhales.]
There is also a slave girl.
Their slaves are none of my business.
Take it up with Guerao.
As for the rest, I agree.
I will sponsor the girl, take her and provide her with a good dowry.
Satisfied? Just one more thing.
How can a miserable corsair become an admiral of the Royal Navy? We should have killed that son of a whore.
But, sir, you must forget Estanyol.
You should prostrate yourself before the king and ask for his clemency.
This Ferdinand of Trastámara is a usurper.
I will never recognize him as king.
By being obstinate, you stand to lose it all, even your life.
But I shall always have my honor.
[dramatic music playing.]
Roger Puig, Count of Navarcles, surrender in the name of His Highness King Ferdinand.
Hugo! Come up quickly.
Something terrible is happening.
[dramatic music playing.]
Father, what is happening? Do not worry.
All will be fine.
[foreboding music playing.]
Citizens of Barcelona, slaves and servants, bow before your master, the Admiral of the Royal Navy, Bernat Estanyol.
[Regina breathes shakily.]
This is your daughter? Mercè, sir.
Your father has always been as a brother to me.
I am Regina, the wife of your faithful I know who you are.
Bring them in.
[footsteps approaching.]
What did you do? Proceed.
Roger Puig, Count of Navarcles and Castellví de Rosanes, accused of treason against the king.
What do you have to say in your defense? I fought for a just cause.
But before Almighty God himself I swear to serve King Ferdinand, recognized by the Cortes of Aragon.
And what else? Clemency, my lord.
My husband and I are both innocent.
These letters prove that, with Antón Luna, you killed the Archbishop of Zaragoza and conspired to end the life of King Ferdinand.
[suspenseful music playing.]
[Mateo gasping.]
You remember when you had that eye taken from you? Do you remember the boy who defended Arnau Estanyol the day the Count of Navarcles executed him? You gave me a beating for my troubles, had me expelled from the shipyards, and sent your servant after me.
Yes, Mateo.
I was the frightened boy that was hiding behind that door, the same boy behind the shutter who took out your eye.
You bastard! Remember me in hell, you son of a bitch.
I am Hugo Llor, the only one who dared to defend Arnau Estanyol.
[triumphant music playing.]
Get rid of him.
The sentence for your treason is death.
You can kill me, but spare the lives of my family.
Now you request pardon? Was there ever clemency for my father, Arnau Estanyol? He was a good, upright, and honest man.
But he was beheaded for revenge.
[Roger grunts.]
Was there ever clemency for me, condemned to the galleys when I was just a boy? No.
Clemency and you have never even been in the same room.
Countess of Navarcles, Bernat Estanyol pardons you from your death sentence, and likewise, the sister of the count.
But you will be stripped of all your titles and possessions.
Including all of your jewels.
- Hand them over to my men.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
As for you, Count of Navarcles, the admiral determines, in an act of kindness, which you deserve by no means at all, that you be handed over to the people of Barcelona.
If you were just to them, the people will spare your life.
Take all that he has on him.
Leave him only his underwear so that people don't have to see his miseries.
Take him away.
Once he is outside, rip out his heart.
Now, this palace, the slaves, and everything inside are the property of King Ferdinand.
My goddaughter, Mercè Llor, is now the mistress of the house.
I command everyone to respect and obey her.
Miserable wretch! You have sold us out.
"Us"? You include yourself among the traitors? [Regina breathes shakily.]
I My lord You know the count.
It was impossible to oppose him.
An attire too sumptuous for the wife of a cellarman.
Those jewels and clothes belong to the king.
Take them off.
- But, sir - You did not hear? Which of you is the slave Caterina? Until the fate of the slaves has been decided, you remain in the custody of Hugo.
Do you agree? [breathes shakily.]
[tender music playing.]
You did not defend me, but you defend a slave, a trollop! Your father tells me you can read and write.
That is right, sir.
I would be very pleased if you would join me for lunch.
A present for now.
You will regret this, Hugo Llor.
I swear that you will regret this.
- [crowd shouting.]
- [dramatic music playing.]
Traitor! Traitor! Kill him! [Roger screaming.]
[Anna screams, cries.]
No! [dramatic music intensifies.]
[crowd shouting continues.]
[dramatic music playing.]

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