Heirs to the Land (2022) s01e06 Episode Script


1 NETFLIX PRESENTS You will break off your engagement tomorrow.
Or do you think your intended would like knowing that, for years, you have been sleeping with a Jew? Take note of the words of Hugo Llor.
By virtue of breaking of the engagement, I claim possession of these vineyards.
I married you because you forced me.
You cannot make demands of me.
- Where are you from, Caterina? - From far away.
You are an excellent spy.
You will be my courier behind the lines of my enemies.
We made a pact.
You are telling me that, when palace cellarman, you never had the opportunity to poison him? Roger Puig, surrender in the name of His Highness King Ferdinand.
Bow before your master, the Admiral of the Royal Navy, Bernat Estanyol.
These letters prove that, with Antón Luna, you killed the Archbishop of Zaragoza.
I am Hugo Llor, the only one who dared to defend Arnau Estanyol.
Bastard! My goddaughter, Mercè Llor, is now the mistress of the house.
I swear that you will regret this.
Open! Open the door! For you.
There you are.
Thank you.
Are all of these men slaves? Freedmen.
They're paying their talla.
I lend or give them money so they can be free.
Why do you do that? I share my luck with those who have less.
That is why I give them shelter for a while.
We have all suffered the injustices of life.
We talk, and we cry.
Well And sometimes, when someone offers us some wine we laugh.
We are like a brotherhood.
You are also a part of it, my dear.
- Peace.
- Is Hugo here? In the orchard.
Child Please pass.
Do not stand there.
Hugo! Guerao.
Did something happen to Mercè? No, no.
Worry not.
Your daughter is in good health.
- Caterina, bring us some wine.
- No, it is not necessary.
Bernat knows he has given you his word.
Among the properties Bernat inherited from the Puig are their slaves.
He promised the freedom of the Russian slave Caterina.
These are the papers for her freedom.
Many legal formalities accompany the thing most important, her freedom.
No talla, no catches, no conditions.
My girl! Also, an endowment of 50,000 for the day that Mercè weds.
With this, the debt is settled.
Pass on my thanks to Bernat.
I will go myself.
The admiral does not want gratitude.
Better not to go to the palace.
And my daughter? You can see her outside the palace.
I would go through all the suffering in my life again, day after day if it would lead me to meet you again.
Caterina You are free.
Do not feel obliged to do anything.
I love you.
Do they have to follow us everywhere? Bernat wants nothing bad to happen.
Is that what you call him? Not "your honor" or "admiral"? It would be strange to call him your honor every time we sit at the table.
Do you eat together alone? Yes.
And we read poetry.
Do not forget the reason why you remain in the palace.
All those who present as suitors are too old, or youngsters blinded by the dowry Bernat assigned me.
I will find you the right husband.
Bernat is in charge of it.
Is that not what you wanted? Leave it to him.
Mother has written.
Where is Regina? In Tortosa.
There is a religious dispute, and she knows much of the Talmud and its falsehoods.
And she has been appointed counselor.
- Is she a Jewess again? - No, no, of course not.
Although Bernat found Hebrew books among her possessions.
If he chose, he could get her in trouble with the Inquisition.
He has a big heart, despite what you think.
And he is all alone.
Did he say when she will be back? No.
Are you afraid she will find out about Caterina? I know you have never loved Mother.
And I heard rumors in the palace about Roger and the other nobles.
I wish you had not found out like this.
I do not blame you for loving her.
There is no point to stopping love.
It comes when you least expect it.
It is indecent for them to live together alone in the palace.
They should not.
They should not, no.
I could report you for living together maritally with this one.
- She is no longer a slave.
- Do it.
But I could also report you for false conversion.
No one will report anyone.
This is the house of your husband.
And so, it is your house.
You know the way to go.
Until the convert leaves again, you will have to sleep in the outhouse, child.
Take a little.
It will do you good.
Thank you.
Has the bishop granted her liberty? Because she is Christian and Greek.
Her name is Elena.
If she is free, why is she here? She is in hiding.
The city laws do not allow the authority of the Church to free slaves.
It will bring us problems.
With whom? With the master and the magistrate.
- If they find out we are - She is free! Regina could report her.
No need for her to find out.
Elena will sleep with me.
All right.
Sorry I was not more understanding about the Greek girl.
The truth is I do not understand what is happening with all of those slaves.
I was the same age as that girl when my first owner bought me.
But before he bought me, he wanted to check the merchandise.
He undressed me in front of everyone.
I thought that I would die from the shame.
No one had ever seen my naked body.
I was so little.
He dragged me into a room and raped me.
He possessed me as his whore.
One day, he grew tired of me.
He beat me, and then he bartered me.
Then another owner, and another, and another, and the same thing always happened.
Over and over.
And today, I saw it in the eyes of the Greek girl, Elena.
I recognized the torment.
She should not suffer all that I suffered.
Open for the bailiff! On my way! On my way! - Hand over the slave.
- What slave, sir? There are no slaves here, sir, only women who are free.
Search the house.
Leave her! She is but a child.
What is happening? You are sheltering a fugitive slave.
She is free.
The bishop granted her her freedom.
The bishop has no power.
It is the law of the city.
- Arrest her.
- No! No! Please, no! Enough! Hand over the slave unless you want us to arrest you all.
- Do not allow this, Hugo.
- I shall talk to the bishop.
You are free to do so.
But for now, hand her over.
Release her, Barcha.
Let her go.
My child! We will not abandon you.
Where is that Regina? This is all her fault.
No time for that.
Bring me the papers of Elena.
Hurry up! Out of my way! - Where did they take her? - I do not know.
Maybe to the jail.
What are they going to do? They cannot hang her.
The laws of Barcelona stipulate that any slave who turns to the court of the bishop to demand their freedom is committing a crime punishable by death.
As you are Greek and a Christian, you will not be drawn through the city.
We have to find the bishop, Hugo.
There is time.
No, Caterina.
There is nothing we can do.
It is the law.
No! No! No! No! She is innocent.
No! Treacherous bitch! - Bitch! - Murderer! What are you doing here? Murderer! Murderer! Bitch! Bitch! You whore! Murderer! I should kill you right this instant.
Just wait.
Why, Regina? How could you do it? I know not what you speak of.
She was just a child.
Run away.
Escape through the orchard.
If you do not, they will kill you.
Who will? Them? They know you reported her.
It was not me.
If not, you have nothing to worry about.
Why are you here? It is her house.
Go before they enter.
Come with me, Hugo.
You still desire me.
They will kill you if you do not hurry, and I will not do anything to stop them.
Get out of my way, slave.
You did this, bitch.
You had her killed.
Why not just kill the bitch? Barcha, put that down.
Barcha, let her go.
The life of Elena in exchange.
Do we need another death? She must pay for what she has done.
You will regret this.
Why did you help her? We are not like those people.
Thanks to them, it was possible to build this church.
You will not find coats of arms of princes or lords anywhere on the facade.
The only ones here are bastaixos, all humble dockers who gave up their lives for the Virgin of the Sea.
And Arnau Estanyol was one of them? He taught me that we are not like those people.
I will never forget it.
Bernat wants you.
I am not welcome at the palace.
Remember? He has summoned you.
Do not make him wait.
I wish to discuss the request you made, the marriage of your daughter.
Mercè has chosen a husband.
And who is it? - Is it that cloth merchant you spoke of? - No.
And so then? Your daughter will marry me.
Father, I love him.
We are in love, and we We will be married.
With your consent.
Your daughter loves me, and I can assure you the feeling is mutual.
He is a corsair, Mercè.
He must have enjoyed 1,000 women.
Yes, and your daughter knows it.
I told her everything, left nothing out.
But none of them got the name of my family.
I want your daughter.
She is intelligent, cultured, affectionate.
The arrogance, she leaves to me.
Father, if you would.
It will be this spring in Santa María del Mar.
Mercè loves him.
That is what is important.
It is a happy day for her.
Why are you wearing that? Why do you think? To go to the wedding of my child.
Have you lost your mind? You are not to approach that church, you hear me? She is my child, and I will see her be married.
Barcha, no.
- I - Barcha, I beg of you.
Listen to me for once.
Try not to worry.
When I return, I shall tell you everything.
In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit She ignored me.
Go away.
Go away.
We have to get her out before she is discovered.
She has no right to be here.
Call the guards.
Oh! No! No! No! My lord.
I thought you desired this as much as I.
And I thought it was going to be the happiest day of my life, and it ended up being one of the most miserable.
Because of that damn Moor woman? That Moor raised me.
And I am sure that the Virgin of the Sea, in her mercy, has already forgiven her.
Bernat, I implore you to please forgive her.
Never will I.
Never! There's no more sacred place than that temple, built with the sweat of my father and all the bastaixos.
And anyone who dares tarnish it will be mercilessly punished.
Your Moor deserves her fate.
And anyone who tries to help her will meet the same fate.
You have been warned.
Bernat! Omar! Have you seen her? How is she? She is more worried about you than about herself.
Today they will come and seize her things.
You must flee.
Just take as much as you can carry.
Tell her we will visit her soon.
They will not allow it.
She does not want you to be put at risk.
Do not worry.
That is a problem for us.
Now go, or you will be the one in danger.
Thank you, Omar.
Tomorrow we will go and see her.
Come in.
What will become of her? Has the bishop said anything? I do not know, but I think she will not see the light of day again, unfortunately for me.
Jailer! Earn your wages and clean up the shit before it eats us all.
This Moor is divine retribution.
Have you brought my food yet, sluggard? Why are you here? Have you gone mad? But Barcha.
Now that I am chained, you try to take advantage of me.
If you endanger the Russian girl or yourself again, I will kill you.
We will get you out of here.
And what will you accomplish by that? Nothing.
Because I forbid you to bring Mercè into this.
You hear me? I was stupid to ruin her wedding.
I should have listened to you, but I am a stubborn Moor, so what can I do? I brought this on myself.
But I regret absolutely nothing.
I've had a happy life thanks to you, Master.
I never, never thought I would be free.
And even less that I would raise a daughter like Mercè and that I would be happy.
Twenty years, Hugo.
I have counted them day after day, one after another.
Thank you.
Thank you for each and every one of them.
You still have much life left.
Of course I do.
Oh, you cannot get rid of me that easily.
The bishop has seized the assets of the Moor, and Hugo has been ejected.
If you expect me to take him in, forget it.
He will not live under my roof.
There is another solution.
If you want to win back the affections of Mercè, you should listen to me, sir.
You have news of Barcha? She is fine.
You know her.
She is strong as an ox.
Bernat has acquired you a house and the possibility of opening your own business in a workshop of a nobleman who owes him.
To what do I owe this generosity? Bernat is a proud man, Hugo, incapable of forgiving an affront.
But he loves Mercè, and he will never allow her father to live in the streets.
- Tell him I am thankful.
- Yes.
Accompany me to the workshop.
Then you can settle in with the Russian.
Jucef! My dear friend! Mmm! I see you did not forget the teachings of old Mahir.
King Ferdinand is a traitor and a thief.
You liar! Have you no shame? Hey, get out! Get out! Go and shout wherever the king may hear you and leave us alone.
Come on.
Get out.
Come on! I leave a happy man.
You are pretty.
Get out! Another thing unchanged is your taste in women, beautiful and with a temper.
No one better than her to quell revolts, especially when they impact the business.
The atmosphere is heated.
Even the Court is becoming restless.
These are troubled times.
But there is nothing that can dampen my joy.
Let me refill your cup, and celebrate with me all the good news.
What good news? It is unfair you need to leave as your son is about to be born.
It is my duty to accompany King Ferdinand in his last hours.
I owe him a great deal.
Igualada is only a couple of days away.
Soon I shall be back.
Do not worry.
Guerao will take care of you.
Help me! Come and meet your son.
Come and meet Arnau.
Did you see? He shares your birthmark.
He has a mole.
He is an Estanyol.
Arnau Estanyol.
I am the happiest man in the whole world.
Ask for anything, and it is yours.
I cannot ask you for the thing I most want, as I know your answer.
The Moor slave? - Mercè, I told you never - Bernat, no.
I would not ask you that.
I do not want to cause pain in this moment of joy.
But there is something I want with all my strength, and you cannot deny it.
Bernat invites you to enter the palace to visit your grandson.
But only you can come in, Hugo.
- But, uh - You go.
I can wait in the tavern.
My child.
How are you? Fine.
This is your grandson, Arnau.
Take him.
It is time for his bath.
I must leave also.
I have to deliver casks of wine to half of Barcelona before returning to the tavern.
Save one for our dinner tomorrow.
We expect you to be there.
I do not feel comfortable sitting at a table where Caterina is not invited.
I agree with my husband on this.
I know you love her, but you know she is not part of the family.
I should be glad there is something that you both agree on.
I have had to give up and accept that Barcha will never know Arnau.
I tell her about him.
It is as if she knows him.
Soon, I will go back to visit her Have you not heard? You cannot see her again.
You would be in danger.
Barcha now has a more dangerous enemy than Bernat.
What's happened to you? I tried to defend her.
It is true.
Hey, my turn.
Come on.
Sons of whores! - Get out! Get out! Get out! - Get out! Calm down.
Calm down.
Killing him is futile.
Come on.
Get out! Get out, bastard! Why are you doing this, huh? Why humiliate yourself so? It is your family who humiliates me, and you do not care! It is they who are treating me like a cheap whore.
- Caterina - I want to go and see Barcha.
- Let me go.
- No, we cannot.
We cannot.
Mercè has told me that the new bishop is a converted Jew and a friend of Regina.
If we were to go near the palace, we would suffer the same fate.
Nobody will stop me from seeing Barcha.
Nobody! Nobody! No She is my only family.
Let us not forget the clergy remains faithful to Pope Benedict.
But neither do they wish to oppose King Alfonso, who supports the Council and counts on an end to the schism.
It is a problem of money.
Everyone, from the cardinals to the humblest of parish priests, fears the Pope will revoke their stipends.
While he fornicates with nuns.
Gentlemen, if you would.
Leave the tedious conversations for after this dinner, which I hope will be to your liking, just like the wine my father has honored us with.
Everything is excellent, miss.
And the wine has exceeded expectations.
Mmm! The wine of Hugo Llor is famous all over Barcelona.
A successful merchant from such a respectable family should be part of the Council of the Hundred, should he not? What do you say, Bernat? I have nothing against it.
My father-in-law is free to accept your invitation.
I am honored by your offer, but I must decline.
For what reason? You would be the first man to do so.
I assume members of such an illustrious institution must know how to read and write.
A toast with the best wine in Barcelona to my wife and my son, who will soon be two years old.
Are you all right, Father? Yes.
It is Caterina.
She is going through a bad time.
She thinks I abandoned her for you.
She feels disowned.
I'm sorry to hear that.
Maybe she has good reason.
Do you want me to talk with her? No.
It is not necessary.
It will pass.
The Barcha situation affects her much.
All the same, I should talk with her.
Bernat does not have to know anything.
Hugo! What is it? Is Arnau all right? Yes, sir.
But your daughter, have you seen her? No.
Why? What happened? We cannot find her.
She has disappeared.
Disappeared? What are you saying? We've looked for her all over the palace, Hugo, and they cannot find her.
Loser! - What are you doing, you brute? - You dare to insult me in my own house? It is not the time to fight.
We need to join forces and find Mercè.
Like I need the help of an illiterate innkeeper.
If you want to blame someone, Bernat, look in the mirror.
You are the one who spreads hate and has enemies eager to take revenge.
You took my daughter from me.
Caterina, why have you not opened the tavern? Sit down and listen to what he has to tell us.
Start from the beginning, Omar.
Since the disappearance of your daughter, Barcha has begun to behave like a very different person.
She spent hours praying and begging the Virgin to forgive her.
The new bishop was impressed by the pleas of Barcha to become a servant of the Church.
He wanted to see if a miracle had been worked.
He settled her in a palace room, where she spent three days and nights praying without food or sleep.
Convinced, the bishop baptized her with the name of Ramona.
He made her his personal servant, and she lives in seclusion in the palace.
She takes advantage of the situation to spy on her master.
Barcha sent me to inform you.
Regina is behind the taking of Mercè.
Find her, and you will find your daughter.
That damned Regina! I will kill that witch.
Open the door in the name of the bishop! Open up.
- Hugo Llor? - Yes.
Come with us.
- What do you want from me? - Be quiet and obey.
We go.
Barcha? Get out.
Leave us alone.
Please, son, make her see reason.
I will keep squeezing until your men obey me.
You must obey her.
Approach us.
The bishop has something to tell you.
You will not like what you will hear.
Our Mercè is the daughter of a nun from the convent at Jonqueres.
Regina told him.
Is that not right, Bishop? My sister Arsenda was at that convent.
Did you lie to me? Is Arsenda the mother? No.
Her name is Beatriz, and she is the abbess.
The fact is that this abbess, with Regina, has, on more than one occasion, undone the many wrongs of the nuns.
And what does it have to do with the disappearance of Mercè? He and his accomplices feared the abbess would tell what she knows about the heads of the Church, their carnal sins and diabolical practices.
- It is all falsehoods.
- Shut up! To ensure that the abbess would never open her mouth, that vermin Regina came up with an idea to abduct her daughter and at the same time, take revenge on you, hitting you where it would hurt you the most.
And where is Mercè? I do not know.
I swear it.
I swear to God.
Talk, or I will bleed you like a sow.
I only know where the abbess is.
In the convent of Bonrepòs, in Montsant.
But your daughter, I do not know where Regina has her.
I swear to you.
I'm sorry, but that is for you to discover.
I have already signed my death sentence.
Yours and mine.
You are safe.
This one is not interested in Bernat finding out about his involvement in the abduction.
He would burn this palace down with him inside.
How does he know that I will not talk to Bernat? Would you tell that bloodthirsty man that Mercè is not your daughter, but the daughter of a nun and an unknown father? Never.
That is your guarantee.
It is in both your interests that the admiral does not discover the truth.
Now leave, will you? Save my girl.
And forget about me.
For years, I have been locked up for entering a church with respect.
Imagine what they will do to me now.
Hugo, about this you can do nothing.
I am prepared.
There can be no better way to die than by giving my life for my child.
And for you.
Hugo, leave now.
Guards, help! What? Have you got some food for me? Hyah! Hyah! Whoa.
Wait just here.
I was told you ask for me.
You are Abbess Beatriz? I am.
How may I be of service? It is about my daughter, your daughter, Mercè.
She has been abducted.
And according to the bishop of Barcelona, you are the reason.
Regina, the Jewess that attended you during labor, is my wife.
She gave Mercè to me to raise her.
And now, she has abducted her so you will stay silent about the sins of the Pope and his Curia.
Mercè is in danger, and I need your help.
Do you hear? Speak.
Do you know me? I was told that is your name.
I am sorry.
You were misinformed.
I do not have a daughter.
Did Regina not come and see you after the abduction of my daughter? Yes.
Do you not know where she is holding Mercè? No.
It would be absurd for her to reveal it to me.
No more absurd than threatening you if, as you say, you are not her mother.
That child has no mother.
She was never wanted or desired.
That child is the issue of the devil.
Where are you going? We are not finished.
Are you mad? How dare you? Where is the abbess? If she does not come out right now, I swear to you I am here.
Leave us, please.
Why did you not tell me? Why hide from your own brother? I never stopped looking for you or asking about you.
What difference does it make? Now, my only worry is Mercè, your daughter.
She is not my daughter.
The devil himself possessed me and left his cursed seed in my womb.
Enough! Mercè is not the daughter of evil.
You do not even know her.
She is a luminous being, full of love.
Whoever the father is, you were deceived.
All right then.
I can convince you of nothing, nor you me.
I just need to know what Regina told you.
I asked her to complete the vow she broke when she was born and to kill her.
How could you? All of these years, thinking about you praying for you and you condemn to death the person I love the most? You will help me find her.
You are going to get Regina back and find out where she is keeping her.
It matters not what you do to me.
I am no longer afraid of death.
I will never lift a finger to help the daughter of the devil.
I am sorry, brother.
You will never call me that again, you hear? I am no longer your brother.

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