Heirs to the Land (2022) s01e07 Episode Script


1 NETFLIX PRESENTS Bernat knows he has given you his word.
He promised the freedom of the Russian slave Caterina.
I would go through all the suffering in my life if it would lead me to meet you again.
There is no point to stopping love.
It comes when you least expect it.
- Why not just kill the bitch? - Barcha, put that down.
You will regret this.
- Your daughter will marry me.
- We're in love.
It will be this spring in Santa María del Mar.
She is my child, and I will see her be married.
- [Hugo.]
Barcha, no.
- [Barcha.]
No! No! [Mercè.]
Bernat has acquired you a house and the possibility of opening your own business.
Come and meet your son.
Come and meet Arnau.
Arnau Estanyol.
- [Guerao.]
Hugo! - [Hugo.]
Is Arnau all right? Yes.
But your daughter, have you seen her? She disappeared.
How could you lose her? Mercè is the daughter of a nun from Jonqueres.
Regina told him.
There can be no better way to die than by giving my life for my child.
And for you.
The devil himself possessed me and left his cursed seed in my womb.
I will never lift a finger to help the daughter of the devil.
- I'm sorry, brother.
- Never call me that again.
[dramatic music playing.]
Quiet! And open your legs.
Do you want to give birth to a bastard? [panting.]
You, why are you standing there? Boil more water, you idiot.
[panting, screams.]
Give her infusions of summer savory.
Three cupfuls a day for an entire week.
The stinking nightshade.
This will help her to go to sleep.
One small drop with dinner, no more.
What is this? Henbane.
It is poisonous, so just a drop.
That Moor, I do not want him around here.
There are things that a man's eyes should never see.
They are healthy and strong.
This one is castrated, all right? Let me see your teeth.
She has all of them.
I bought her in Venice.
She speaks Spanish.
I keep her apart, so she doesn't get pregnant.
- Do you know what this is? - Yes.
That you drink.
You drink when [coughs.]
What happened? [mournful music playing.]
[Hugo sobbing.]
How is it possible your sister became abbess? POISON She was just a servant.
She knows the secrets of powerful people.
I cannot believe what she says about Mercè.
Believe it.
That damned Regina! I wish I had never met that Jew.
[breathes angrily.]
Maybe I should tell Bernat what Arsenda told me.
No, you cannot do that, Hugo.
If he hears she is the daughter of the devil, God knows how he will react.
I need to find Regina.
She is the only one that can tell me where my daughter is.
We must find Regina without the help of Bernat.
How? We have tried everything.
Many slaves are still grateful to Barcha.
Through them, we may learn something.
[suspenseful music playing.]
[speaking indistinctly.]
[speaking indistinctly.]
[speaking indistinctly.]
And do you know where I can find her? No.
We were going from convent to convent when she was summoned.
In some of them, we stayed for one night.
In others, for a week.
She could be anywhere.
But she What? She will need herbs for her ointments.
Yes, they were here.
An ill-mannered beguine and her Tartarian slave.
Young, pretty.
They will return.
They wanted an herb my master did not have.
If you can help me find those women, then I will be eternally grateful to you.
Hugo gave Barcha her freedom.
She was a great woman.
She looked after us.
I will help you.
You, slave, leave us.
Some days ago, this letter arrived from Mother Beatriz of Bonrepòs.
You took a baby from the insides of that woman when she was a servant.
What business do you have with her? Nothing you should worry about.
My husband has been to Bonrepòs.
He is looking for me.
I do not want trouble.
You shall not have any.
We will leave at first light.
I am sorry.
No more summer savory.
Tomorrow, I shall.
 Where should I take it? No.
We travel tomorrow.
Far away.
[male slave.]
You are leaving? - Thank you.
- Have a good journey.
They stay at the Monastery Jonqueres, but they are leaving, and they leave tomorrow for Escaladei.
We will sleep here.
We will continue at daybreak.
[foreboding music playing.]
[horses approaching.]
[knocking on door.]
Open up! In the name of the Count of Navarcles! I look for a beguine and a Tartarian.
Where are they? Watch the door.
Come on.
The men of Bernat took Regina.
I could do nothing.
Perhaps he will find out where she is keeping Mercè.
- [Regina grunts.]
- Talk! Where have you got my wife? [Regina groans.]
Where is Mercè, you damned whore? Tell me.
[Regina gasps.]
My sword.
My sword! And a doctor.
Bring a doctor.
[Regina grunts.]
I will not let you die without telling me where you have Mercè.
And I will make sure that you suffer.
I will bite off my own tongue, and no doctor will be able to save me.
[gasps, grunts.]
[gasping, coughs.]
But how will you cut your tongue without teeth? - No, no, no! Help! - [grunting.]
- [Regina screaming.]
- [tooth crunching.]
Bernat! Stop in the name of God! That woman knows where my wife is.
I have to tell you, Count, no one can protect your wife.
You say Mercè is the daughter of the Abbess of Bonrepòs? What madness is this? - The Evil One, he lurks everywhere.
- [scoffs.]
Also in the convents.
Abbess Beatriz was possessed by Beelzebub himself.
Several doctors from the Church have seen the marks to prove it.
Your young wife, my count, is the daughter of the devil.
That Evil One that visits the convents must have a form very human, I think.
Did he wear, perchance, religious robes? I understand this is difficult to accept.
It is difficult to accept because it is a lie.
"Daughter of the devil.
" You think I am stupid? The Almighty is trying to test your faith.
You must show temperance.
That damned Jew has some hold over you.
That is why you protect her.
What is it, Eminence? What are you hiding? If you have any suspicions about me personally, you should talk to the king.
That is exactly what I plan to do.
Stop it, Estanyol! I will not allow the devil's mark to smear the admiral of my armada.
Are you going to listen to them, Your Highness? In military matters, I listen to leaders and admirals.
In religious matters, I listen to bishops.
Do you think you know more about the law of God than they do? Then what should I do? Annul my marriage? If that is, in fact, the will of God And what? What then? Should I kill my firstborn with my own hands? I mean, he is the grandchild of the devil.
Your Eminence? Oh.
 Your Highness, the the devil is astute, and he is looking for a way to break our faith by challenging our doctrine.
The case would require a little debate.
Debated? What do you mean? Can the Evil One be said to have a lineage as such? Some think, based on the scriptures You can debate.
I have a kingdom to rule over.
[menacing music playing.]
Advise the admiral that if he repudiates Mercè, the Church will do everything in its power to free the child from stigma, and we will be able to end this tragic story without his prestige being affected.
Where are you holding Regina? Has she talked about Mercè? Sit down, Hugo.
You gave me your daughter to look after her, and I fulfilled my duty.
More than that.
We fell in love.
I made her my wife, and she gave me a child, Arnau, my heir.
It was a mistake to let her into my house.
For now I have no choice but to repudiate her.
You fooled me, Hugo.
You fooled me.
Mercè is not your daughter.
She is my daughter, Bernat.
I have loved and cared for her since birth.
I have given my everything for her.
My life, if that is necessary.
Unfortunately, that doesn't make you her father.
I have been her father all her life.
It matters whose seed it was? It matters if it was that of the devil.
Do not listen to Regina, Bernat.
It is your sister everyone is listening to.
[Hugo sighs.]
Your sister, Abbess of Bonrepòs, mother to Mercè.
Your own sister says that Satan mounted her.
She confirmed it before the scribes of the bishop.
In her letter, she asks me to kill her, to kill her own daughter.
- My sister is insane.
- [Bernat.]
But they believe her, all of them, the nuns, the bishops.
The king himself is threatening to relieve me.
When the world is crazy, craziness becomes the law.
Where is Mercè? Regina did not say.
And it is not important.
I cannot do anything for her.
The bishop will annul my marriage.
You have ruined my life, Hugo.
For the friendship you shared with my father, I will let you live.
On one condition.
I never see you again.
And the boy? In the hands of the Church.
They will decide if my son is diabolic.
God willing, that is not so.
Do not let them kill him.
I can look after him and Mercè.
Let me talk to Regina.
I will find Mercè, and we will leave Barcelona.
We will go to Castile, to Portugal.
But, oh God, Bernat [inhales shakily.]
do not let them kill them.
I thought you knew me, but you do not.
To you, I will always be a bloodthirsty corsair.
Let me talk to Regina.
I need to find my daughter! Let me talk to her.
Regina is no longer here, Hugo.
Bernat reported her, and she has been sentenced.
As His Eminence ordered, the room is three steps long.
Inside there is a cot.
Through this opening, the prisoner can receive water, food, or charity.
And inside, she has a window to the church to follow the service.
Are you willing to live among these walls for the rest of your life? If it is the will of God.
Wait! She is my wife.
I want to say goodbye to her.
I do not want to see you.
I will go when you tell me where you have my daughter.
The day you discarded me was the day you condemned her.
I saved your life.
And you gave Mercè to the enemies of Bernat.
Tell me where she is.
She has suffered enough.
Did you ever love me, Hugo? Be truthful, and I will tell you where I have Mercè.
Of course I loved you.
And if that love meant anything to you I beg you, tell me where Mercè is.
I will bring you food and water every day.
I will bring her with me, tell her about you.
You cannot lie.
That explains why you never got very far.
Tell me where she is.
I beg you.
She is dead.
She died in El Garraf.
From a cliff in Sitges, she fell.
Took her time to die.
She screamed and screamed until the vultures ate her.
But how could you? - Leave her.
- Tell me! Tell me! Take her.
Lock her up.
Mercè is alive.
Look at me.
Hugo, look at me.
That witch told you that she was dead to hurt you.
Do not believe her.
If she is alive, she must be rotting in some dungeon where nobody will find her.
That is worse than being dead.
My lord.
Genoese corsairs have sunk a ship of King Alfonso.
All the crew are dead, and the cargo has been stolen.
The king will be obliged to declare war on Genoa.
He will build a new armada.
Many knights covet the position of admiral.
When a king is attacked, he looks for alliances with other kings.
It could be a good idea to find alliances in court, given the situation with your marriage.
Send a message to Galcerán Destorrent.
I will ask for the hand of his daughter.
This is good news, dear count.
Naturally, you will get married in Santa María del Mar.
We will see.
I hope Galcerán Destorrent does not object.
Why would he be against it? Accept my contribution to the expenses of a temple so beloved by my family.
You are very generous, dear count.
But [laughs.]
this is a lot of money.
The trial of my son causes many expenses to the Holy Church.
I see.
Arnau is my heir.
I want him free of stigma, and before the wedding.
Would it not be easier to wait and see if your future wife Whether my future wife conceives is in the hands of God.
The son I already have is in the hands of the Church.
And depending on what is decided by the revered doctors, this could well be my last display of generosity.
[crowd cheering and applauding.]
Long live the couple! Congratulations! [cheering continues.]
Congratulations! We love you! [Regina, weakly.]
Water! Water.
Have pity on me.
Have mercy! [cries.]
Do you hear me? [sobbing.]
I am thirsty.
Water! Have pity on me.
Caterina, wine.
Hugo, please.
You will kill yourself drinking in that manner.
I wish.
I wish I had died years ago.
Before I met you.
Before Mercè was born.
Before I met Regina.
And Dolça.
I could not save any of them.
And I will drag you down as well.
I am worse than the plague.
Is he drunk again? [sniffs.]
Did you sell the wine? [Pedro.]
All of it.
The whole city is at the beach.
I passed the Santíssima Trinitat, and I heard his wife screaming for water.
[inhales sharply.]
She's going mad.
Prepare two wineskins of brandy.
Sister, do you want water? Yes.
Yes, please.
God bless you! [cries, pants.]
My God! What did you give me? It is water, Sister, from the fountain of Sant Jaume.
Do you want to poison me? It is burning me.
I just had a taste of that same water, and it was fresh and pure.
If it tastes of bile to you, it must be for your aberrations.
[breathing shakily.]
It is water, you swear? On my mother's grave.
You should finish it.
I have another.
Would you please have any food? [Pedro.]
I do not have food.
[Arnau giggling, running.]
What is that? [Arnau.]
That is my son.
Does he bother you? [laughs.]
Of course not.
But it would be good if we gave him a brother.
He would not feel so lonely.
Tell me, Sister, what have you done to be incarcerated in there? [Regina.]
Quiet, and get me more water.
This is useless.
Let us go.
Who talks? Is that you, Mercè? Did she send you, whore? Did she send you to poison me? [cries.]
Make her go away.
[breathes shakily.]
Make her go away! I will never go away.
Who is there? Who talks? It is me.
I am Mercè.
Go away.
You talk to her.
Sister, who are you talking to? There is no one here.
Tell him the truth.
Confess your sins, or I will not leave you in peace.
Go! Go! Go! Go away! [Hugo.]
How can you be so stupid? Can you please listen to me? She told us where she's being held prisoner.
Let me guess.
It is very far, and it is impregnable.
I know all the lies of Regina.
She was laughing at you.
Master, she did not see us.
- I am telling you, Mercè is not dead.
- Yes, she is! Dead as Dolça, Elena, Barcha, and dead as you will Stop feeling sorry for yourself.
You do nothing but drink and wallow.
All right, carry on like this.
But if Regina is right and Mercè dies in that castle, how will you live with yourself? [somber music playing.]
Hyah! [Hugo.]
Peace be with you.
For the festival of San Miguel? Yes.
I am Mateo Puig, winemaker from Barcelona.
Hyah! The palace is magnificent.
All of Barcelona will talk for months about your wedding.
Move that child away.
Excuse me, my lady.
Let us go, Arnau.
Why does he need to be here, that bastard? You will conceive, and all of this will be owned by your children.
And if God does not give me children? They are talking of going to war with Genoa.
Bernat will have to leave.
Do not worry, my dear.
You are young and strong.
And before he sets sail, you will be with child.
Goodbye, daughter.
HENBANE [Guerao.]
Looking for something, my lady? What is all this? Regina Vilanova, the convert who acted as a woman doctor.
After her expulsion from the palace, she never came back for her ointments and potions.
The count ordered us to keep them.
Burn it all.
Some of them are poison, my lady.
It would be dangerous.
Well, then We shall decide what to do with it all.
- [festive music playing.]
- [people laughing.]
[man 1.]
Get out of here.
We don't have any more wine for you, you drunkard.
[man 2.]
What is it, Francesc? Do you want us to call the guards, so you can be taken to the dungeons again? [man 3.]
My friend, my friend, come over.
A little wine, my friend? I have some cheese to go with the wine.
According to your friends [clears throat.]
you know the castle well.
They're not my friends, but I know the castle.
Especially the dungeons.
[both chuckle.]
Some aqua vitae? What? A type of brandy.
You will like it.
Describe them.
What? The dungeons.
What are they like? They are just dungeons.
And the woman they have locked up there, is she still alive? I can tell you nothing.
Guillem, the jailer, would kill me.
Guillem knows me as does the knight.
That is why I know they hold her there.
Does she live? Yes.
Not long ago, I was locked up.
They forced me to take her food and then take away the bucket with her excrement.
You saw her? No.
Well, yes.
Just a shadow in a corner.
She has been like that since some soldiers She is still in the same cell, then? Yes.
Same as always.
The one at the end.
She's like a little bird.
What do you mean? She eats little.
Like a little bird.
[menacing music playing.]
Hey! Come and enjoy some wine! Mercè.
My daughter.
I come to take you out of here.
Your son is waiting for you.
Agustí, the keys to the cells.
I captured someone.
I need the keys.
I am here.
Why are you there with that withered whore? She still have some flesh you can grab? - Too much time has passed.
- [Hugo grumbles angrily.]
[Hugo grunts angrily.]
Do not just stand there.
Come on.
[man 1.]
Let's go! We're free! Finally! [Hugo.]
Open all the cells.
[man 2.]
Run for it! Run! The more you are, the more possibilities you have.
[prisoners shouting.]
[man 3.]
Let me out! Unlock the door! [man 4.]
Let's get out of here! [people shouting.]
Hyah! Hyah! [mournful music playing.]
She does not seem the same person.
If her presence puts you in danger, I can find some other place to hide her.
Hugo, my house is yours.
Your daughter will stay here until she recovers.
A month, a year, whatever it takes.
Your neighbors will ask questions.
Among converts, there are no such questions.
We are alive because we learned to lie.
She will recover.
She endured all this time in that dungeon.
Her body will heal, no doubt.
But the first thing she will want is to see her son.
[inhales shakily.]
I must tell you something that happened in your absence.
Regina is dead.
They found her body in the cell in which she was locked.
For the shipyard.
And this for His Highness.
Is it true? You leave for Valencia? King Alfonso needs me, yes.
Well, we both need you here as well.
[Marta laughs.]
You are with child? Are you not happy? Of course I am.
She is in Barcelona, is she not? That woman? I heard it in church.
They attacked the castle of Sabanell and freed her.
Were they your men? - No, Marta, they were not mine.
- Whose men then? I have work to do.
I cannot discuss that now.
Yes, of course.
Send your dispatches.
Go to your wars, if that is where you are really going.
Leave me here alone with your little bastard.
Father, when will I see Arnau? [Hugo.]
When you can take him in your arms.
He is so big.
So, come on, a few more steps.
Hmm? [Mercè sighs.]
Come on.
- Come on.
Up we get.
- [Mercè grunts.]
And Bernat? He is still not in Barcelona.
Very good.
Father, why was I imprisoned? What did I do? - Just get better for now.
Hmm? - [grunts.]
There will be time to question later.
There, careful.
I just want to go home.
When can I go back there? Very soon.
Now I must go.
Listen to Jucef.
He is a friend to me.
He will look after you.
Trust me.
They come in the name of the veguer.
I had to open the door.
What do you want? Two weeks ago, someone attacked the castle of Sabanell.
A guard was hurt, and he took a prisoner.
Curiously, at the time, you were traveling.
And now, your daughter is here.
[inhales deeply.]
For the Baron of Sabanell, it is inconvenient to say why the wife of Bernat was there, and for you, it is inconvenient how she escaped.
Silence would seem to be the best course for everyone.
And the Inquisition? Will it come after the daughter of the devil? I doubt the Church and the Inquisition would want to bother a citizen of Barcelona if that citizen does not dare to bother the count.
And what about my grandson? [inhales.]
Mercè could have died a long time ago, Hugo.
Yet she is still alive.
Enjoy the grace that God has given you and do not make any waves.
Tell him he has to kill me if he wants me to give up that boy.
[Mercè sobbing.]
And why did he never tell me? [Caterina.]
You have always been his daughter.
And he never thought it was necessary to tell you such a painful truth.
What good would it do? Barcha thought so also.
Do I not have the right to know I am the daughter of the devil? Oh.
That is just not true.
And Regina did not tell Hugo the identity of your mother.
And my son? What will become of him? He will be fine.
Strong and healthy.
Your father will do the impossible so he is able to come back to you.
Tell him Tell him I forgive him.
And that I love him.
You should talk to him.
[Mercè sobbing.]
Citizens of Barcelona, prepare yourselves for battle.
The armada will set sail soon for Sardinia.
Embark for Los Alfaques.
Fortune and glory for those who fight for the Crown of Aragon.
- Daughter, what are you doing? - Father, I need to do something.
Go back to bed, please.
- More wine.
- You cannot fit any more in your body.
We have come from Girona to enlist in the armada.
Then what you will need is food, not drink.
We need something that will give us courage.
Father, give them liquor.
Then you go to bed.
Hey, what is that liquor? Try it.
It can only be found here.
But be careful.
It is strong.
Ugh! Holy Saints! This is like a punch in my guts.
Let me try it.
Hey! Money before you get it.
Liquor is more expensive than wine.
Here you go.
You have a husband, my girl? Careful you do not get that hand cut off.
Then you will not be enlisting.
They should cut something else off.
[bar patrons laughing.]
Money first.
Money comes first.
Give me your money.
How much aqua vitae is left? Almost all of it was sold.
We must distill more.
In three days, the troops leave.
And we should raise the price.
The armada pays the soldiers well.
We will spend the night at the still.
Mercè, do you need any [gasps.]
[exhales sharply.]
Mercè is not here.
She has left.
What do you mean she has left? Where to? Where would you go if they had taken your son? [Mercè.]
I come to see the count.
Let me pass.
Call Sir Guerao.
You remember me, Tomeu, do you not? [tearfully.]
I just want to see my son.
You should leave at once, my lady.
Please, Tomeu.
Why are you here, my lady? Guerao, let me see him.
It would just be a moment, really.
Bernat has forbidden it.
Then let me talk to the countess.
A woman will understand.
I am sorry, my lady.
It is not possible.
Guerao, please.
No, please, I'm begging you.
Guerao, let me see my son! No! [sobs.]
Arnau! Do not hurt her.
Do not hurt her, please.
I beg you.
- No.
- [Tomeu.]
Take her away.
No, Father, please.
How is she? [inhales.]
A little calmer.
I hope she does not try that again.
- Is the guard ready? - Yes, sir.
- My family? - The countess waits in the courtyard.
And where is my son? You think it's appropriate, my lord? If God takes me in this battle, I want my son to remember me embarking in Barcelona, surrounded by my fellow citizens.
Do not worry about the countess, my friend.
If I can command an armada, I can command a woman.
[sinister music playing.]
Narcís, where are you heading? [Narcís.]
To the beach to see off the armada.
[crowd cheering and applauding.]
Safe travels, friends.
Safe travels.
Walk, or I will rip your ears off.
- Stand up.
- Do not touch my son.
Arnau, are you all right? It is fine.
It is me, your mother.
Why do you wait? Apprehend that damned mad woman! What are you doing here? Will you stop her? She is the daughter of the devil! Let her go! Let her go! Bernat, please.
Do not allow this.
I told you.
I told you, and you did not listen.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
Bernat, please.
Stop now! In the name of God.
What will you gain from her death? Let us fight against our enemies.
Let us not seek misfortune with pointless vengeance.
God is merciful.
Let us follow His example.
Let him go, child.
Please, let him go.
Let him go.
Arnau, my love.
I will come back for you.
I swear.
Are you just going to stand there and let that bitch leave? This man here should be in the army, defending our king and our land.
But instead of fighting for the greatness of our Crown, he allows our troops to get drunk and weaken them.
And he charges exorbitant prices.
Traitor! You wanna ruin us all, dog! His tavern is on Boquería Street.
Burn it to the ground.
[crowd shouting.]
Let us go.
[crowd clamoring.]
[knocking on door.]
Come in.
Did you want to see the boy, my countess? Yes.
Leave him here.
You may leave us.
[foreboding music playing.]
You were a little afraid, right? Look.
I have something really nice for you.
You like them? You can eat as many as you like.
You are scared because it is me, eh? Look, this is what we will do.
I will leave them here, and I will continue to embroider.
I will not look, all right? [dramatic music playing.]

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