Heirs to the Land (2022) s01e08 Episode Script


1 NETFLIX PRESENTS I need to find Regina.
She is the only one that can tell me where my daughter is.
Mercè is the daughter of the Abbess of Bonrepòs? What madness! Your young wife, my count, is the daughter of the devil.
Talk! Where have you got my wife? You have ruined my life, Hugo.
I will never see you again.
I beg you.
Tell me where Mercè is.
She is dead.
But how could you? - Leave her.
- Tell me! Send a message to Galcerán Destorrent.
I will ask for the hand of his daughter.
Can you hear me? Water! Have pity on me.
But if Regina is right, and Mercè dies in that castle, how will you live with yourself? Her body will heal, no doubt.
But the first thing she will want is to see her son.
- Do not touch my son.
- Stop her! It is me, your mother.
No, no, no, no, no.
Bernat, please.
His tavern is on Boquería Street.
Burn it to the ground.
Regina is dead.
What is all this? Regina Vilanova.
After her expulsion from the palace, she never came back for her ointments and potions.
Some are poison, my lady.
I do not know if this makes any sense.
Nobody is coming.
We cannot give up now, Hugo.
We will get through this, as always.
And Mercè? She is still in bed.
She was tossing and turning all of the night.
The potter is not yet finished with that new still of yours.
The potter will not finish our still.
The vintner will not sell us wine.
They want to drown us, to finish us off and All of this is my fault.
No, daughter.
Yes, it is my fault.
While they think I am the daughter of the devil, nothing will change.
We have to have patience.
Like Caterina says, we will get through this.
I want to see my mother.
Your mother was Barcha.
I know.
But I want to meet the woman who gave birth to me.
Mercè, my sister ordered your death.
I have lost my son, disowned by my husband, and thrown out of my home.
All because she claims the Evil One is my father.
And maybe if she meets me, she will change her mind.
All right.
We will go to Bonrepòs.
My lady, the governess says that little Arnau is still sleeping.
So? His father asked me to take care of his education, but I have not seen him for days.
Is he not well? Children become ill very easily.
Do not worry.
REDEMPTION Why are you back? Your daughter wants to meet you.
I am not her mother.
Now leave.
You gave birth to me.
Thus, you are my mother.
I have never been a mother.
You have to want to be a mother.
I was only the object of the devil.
He is your father.
My father has always been your brother.
He brought me up a Christian, the only true faith.
Look at me.
You really believe I am evil incarnate? She is your daughter.
Do you see her devotion? Listen to her, sister.
You think she would fool the Virgin? Amen.
Mother? Mother? She has gone.
Summon her.
It is important that she hear me.
If you seek blessing, we will give it to you.
May Christ and peace be with you.
Arnau? Do you hear me? You must take your medicine.
Drink it up.
There we go.
How is he? Better.
He needs to sleep.
We should call a doctor for him, my lady.
I already have.
I have given him the medicine prescribed.
Tomorrow he will visit him again.
Be not afraid.
I am sure he will soon recover.
Why are you here? He did not want to tell us.
If you have come to ask me not to return to the palace, I No, no, not that.
What then? Sit down.
- Can he be trusted? - He is like a son to me.
Very well.
Arnau is slowly dying.
- What? - What? - But how? - The countess is poisoning him.
She is going to kill him before Bernat returns.
I cannot let her harm my son.
If you are certain, you should report it.
No one would believe me.
The Destorrents are an influential family, and they are very cunning.
And the doctor has been notified.
He's had a bloodletting and had medicines.
But Arnau gets no better.
Although, considering the doctor is a relative of the countess - Did you write to Bernat? - What for? When the letter arrives, the child will be dead.
Then what can we do to help? Despite everything, I love that little one very much.
You know that, Mercè.
The child must be taken out of the palace.
I can help you take and hide him until Bernat returns and decides.
There is no other solution.
- When? - It must be tonight.
Arnau will last days, and no more.
Wait here.
I will go with you.
- That is not what we decided.
- Hugo.
Let her go to her son.
Come then.
Same time tomorrow.
- There they are.
- You are so pretty.
You were taking too long.
Ladies, how are you? No.
You would be seen.
- Hey, who are you? - Looking for company? Any real men around here? Do you want me to show you? Hey.
Take it easy.
 Take it easy.
Take it easy.
It is cold, and you will not be able to get it up.
It'd have to be really freezing for that.
You will get well, my son.
Thank you for taking this risk for us.
If I do not, Barcha will come back from beyond the grave to skin me.
Caterina I am all right.
It was nothing.
Thanks to you, we could leave the palace.
Thank you.
Is your son all right? Yes.
That is what is important.
Open up to the magistrate of Barcelona! Open it.
Where is he? Where is the child? The child? What child? Bastard, you know very well.
Hugo Llor, these upstanding citizens accuse your daughter of kidnapping the admiral's firstborn.
Search everything.
Father, what is happening? They say we have kidnapped Arnau.
Us? But it is she who took him and does not let us see him.
Slut! How dare you do this? Where do you keep him? Where? "Mother, the bearer of this letter brings with him our grandson Arnau.
" "He is my only son, born of my marriage to Admiral Bernat Estanyol, whom I loved and still love with all my soul, although he rejected me, and I was taken from his side.
" "According to what has been revealed by a gentleman I trust, the child is in danger of being killed so that his half-brother can be declared heir.
" "I give him to you to protect him, and educate him in the Christian faith, and to care for him, for he is your own flesh and blood.
" "I trust that your care will help him to overcome the effects of the poison given to him by his stepmother.
" "I also send some money so that the child does not become a burden on the community.
" "Your brother sends greetings and begs you, in his memory, to kindly take in your grandson.
" "May the Holy Trinity and all the saints keep you in their care and under their protection.
" Miss, he's not here.
Arrest this woman.
My daughter is innocent.
We know nothing about the child.
In that case, she will be released.
Listen, you must make her talk.
Torture her.
One thing at a time.
At the moment, there is no evidence.
But what proof? We all know she is guilty.
Take her.
Have you seen her? Is she all right? Calm yourself.
Mercè is fine.
No matter how much the countess and her father shout, the magistrate dare not act against your daughter in the absence of the admiral.
But when he returns We will prove that the countess tried to poison Arnau.
He will believe you? Many years I have been at his side.
And he knows I have always told the truth, even when I should not have.
Any news about Arnau? All we know is he is at the convent.
If they took him in, he will be safe.
Convents are like churches.
You cannot touch them.
Bernat has rejected my daughter.
Why do you risk so much for her? It is not for your daughter, Hugo.
I do it for Arnau.
Anyone who tries to harm a child deserves no respect.
It was you.
You knew it and handed over Arnau to them.
Where do they keep him? Tell me.
Let him hang.
And you dare to tell me that, after so many days, you still do not know the whereabouts of the son of the admiral? The girl is still claiming she does not know.
And she is accusing you.
What? Me? Who does she think she is? Search my palace.
God forbid that we should doubt your word.
So what are you doing? Tell me, why has this woman not been subjected to torture? Sir Guerao, your husband's lieutenant, advised us to wait for the admiral's return.
Guerao can no longer advise anyone.
He is dead.
Dead? Was he ill? No.
No, no.
He himself took his own life.
His spirit, tormented by profound sin and disloyalty to my husband, led him to commit an act so cowardly.
Therefore, I demand to use all means necessary to make this woman confess where she has her child.
Including torture.
If not, it would be a grave offense to the admiral and an insult to our Holy Mother Church.
Hugo! Guerao has been found dead.
They say he committed suicide.
What will we do? Your daughter does not stand much of a chance.
She tried to steal the child from the countess on another occasion.
The whole of Barcelona saw it.
I myself was there bidding farewell to the armada.
The countess tried to poison the son of the admiral.
You will not find any court willing to condemn her.
Especially since he is dead, that man - Guerao, yes.
- Guerao.
The only one who could corroborate the allegation of poisoning.
Uh Could you represent her? It is a matter most delicate, and I do not wish for you to get your hopes up.
But you will not find another better than I.
Try to ensure she is not tortured at least.
You need to start preparing yourselves for the worst.
Confess, I beg you.
It makes no sense for you to endure this suffering.
You only had to look after my son.
Why did you not do it? That woman has him.
That evil witch! And you? Have you searched for him? Not even under torture has she confessed where the child is.
Because the devil protects her.
She denies taking part in the kidnapping and accuses your wife It was her! With the help of her father and Guerao.
I cannot believe Guerao would betray me.
He chose suicide.
He understood his slander and just could not bear the remorse.
Shut up.
Get out of here.
Serve me.
Shall I tell Hugo? First, I will eat and drink.
Serve me also.
If, in the next days, I do not see my son, I will kill you all.
Including that boy.
It was your wife who tried to kill Arnau.
Guerao warned us, and now he is dead.
Guerao would never betray me.
And he did not.
He saved your son.
He prevented your wife from killing him.
So you confess that Mercè took him? Where does she keep him? I do not know.
I will find my son.
And then I will kill you all.
Forgive me, Lord, for not lovingly welcoming those who need to be cared for, for lying, pretending to be virtuous.
I deserve your punishment, Lord.
Forgive me, Reverend Mother.
I know it was you.
Tell me where he is, and I may be able to get you out of here.
Look into my eyes, Bernat.
You always said that I had a serene gaze, and that in my eyes, you found peace.
And now, there is no peace in your heart.
Were you going to kill me that day on the beach? Kill me now.
You see that I can hardly move.
I am all yours.
As I have always been, Bernat.
Why did you not defend me? Look into my eyes and answer me.
Your wife was poisoning our own son and murdered your friend Guerao.
Why would I lie to you, Bernat? If what you say is true it means that you hid him to protect him.
Mercè where is our son? I'm afraid that it was your own daughter who had told the admiral, and the confession of her crime leaves her at the mercy of justice.
There is nothing I can do now.
I must go to the convent.
Pedro, get everything ready.
Hugo, you cannot do anything.
And if Bernat gets the child back, he will not hurt him.
On the contrary, he will protect him.
And when he returns to the campaign? If Arnau is left alone with Marta I have to protect Arnau and my sister.
Who knows what Bernat is capable of? Whoa! I am Bernat Estanyol.
I look for my son, Arnau.
Your son was entrusted to my care by his mother.
I will not hand him over without permission.
Withdraw, I command you.
If you do not hand him over, I will go in for him.
You may not enter the convent.
The violators will be excommunicated.
I will wait as long as it takes.
Eventually, you will hand him over.
"And the King answered and said, 'Give the first the living child and do not kill it, for she is his true mother.
'" I was waiting for you.
How is Arnau? Fine.
He is fine.
He is a very clever boy.
Like his mother.
And his grandmother.
Forgive me, brother.
My God was a God of justice, not the God of love.
I just hope Mercè can forgive me also.
Arsenda, I will try to take the child out tonight without being seen by Bernat.
And what will you do? Will you run away your whole life like me? Will you refuse to accept reality? What reality? Until you resolve your conflict with Bernat, you will not find peace.
We need to speak.
I have nothing to say to you.
There are many things that unite us, have united us.
Mercè, Arnau, your father, your mother.
Do not mention my parents.
You are not worthy.
Where is my son? I will not hand him over, Bernat.
Nor will I wield a sword against you.
As you wish.
Stop! In the name of God.
I will give you the child, but first, read this letter.
Hyah! Hyah! Open the doors! Open up! Hyah! Hyah! - Where is my wife? - Sir.
- Marta, come here.
- My lord, the countess is not here.
She has gone with your other son to her father's house.
Take him.
Destorrent! Destorrent, give me my wife! Leave, Bernat.
 This is my home.
I will not permit you to threaten us.
If your daughter does not come out, I will kill you all.
Marta, come here! I will give you the same treatment you gave my son.
Bernat, you do not know what you are saying.
Leave now, or you will regret it.
If Marta will not come with me, tell her to hand over Gaspar.
I will do to him what she was going to do with Arnau.
Marta, come down! I wish to see the magistrate.
You did not hear me? Open the door! What is it? Why all the shouting? For God's sake, Admiral, come in and take it easy.
Marta Destorrent tried to kill my son.
I demand that she be handed over to me, that justice be done, and that Mercè Estanyol be released immediately.
It will be done, Admiral, if the charges are proven.
Please, calm down.
We will talk to the queen.
She is in Barcelona.
Rest assured.
All will be fine.
For your sake, I hope so.
What do we do now? Your Highness, he has arrived.
Send him in.
Yes, Your Highness.
Your Highness, I come to ask for your protection.
My daughter has been gravely offended by her husband, Bernat Estanyol.
The magistrate and the bailiff have informed me of the situation.
But tell me, Destorrent, why should I side with you and not with my admiral? My lord, an emissary has arrived from the palace.
The Queen Governor would like to see you.
For now, I need you to bring a scribe.
A scribe? At this hour? Straight away, my lord.
Hugo! What happened to you? Do not worry.
I am fine.
And Arnau? How is he? With his father.
And the countess? I do not think we need to worry about the countess.
Bernat will not allow her to harm him.
So, will Mercè be set free? Your Highness, Bernat Estanyol is here.
At last.
Ask him to come in.
- Your Highness.
- Admiral.
You did not come when I summoned you.
Forgive me, Your Highness.
I had urgent business to attend to.
More urgent than heeding your queen's call? I have been putting in order my estate, Your Highness.
A man must always be prepared to die.
You don't appear to be in danger of dying, Admiral.
Are you? A gentleman in my service No.
Rather, a friend taught me that before all other obligations, there is loyalty.
And are you loyal to your king? To me? Are you loyal to me? I try, Your Highness.
I try.
You are an angry man, Bernat.
And the admiral of our fleet must also strive to be magnanimous.
That is why they call my husband our king.
I am sorry I do not have such exalted virtues, Your Highness.
You are somewhat insolent, Bernat.
It is my wish that you stop threatening the noble Destorrent and his daughter and that you try to resolve your conflicts by seeking an agreement that satisfies both parties.
There is no agreement possible, Your Highness.
Because of them, an innocent woman has been tortured and parted from her son.
I ask you to release her immediately.
Are you talking about Mercè Estanyol, the devil's daughter? That is defamation.
It is certainly not up to us to elucidate what is in the hands of God.
True enough.
For this reason, and on the advice of His Eminence, Mercè Estanyol will be tried by ordeal, and if she is innocent She was exonerated in that case.
I do not know why The judgment of God will decide whether she is guilty or innocent.
If she passes the test, have no doubt, she will have her liberty.
So? What are you going to do with Sir Destorrent and his daughter? I will kill them.
It would not be good for the monarchy to have a murderer at the head of our fleet.
For all these reasons, I, acting on behalf of my husband, King Alfonso, dismiss you, Bernat Estanyol, as Admiral of the Royal Navy.
It is not important.
I will kill them anyway.
But if Bernat has recovered Arnau, what is this all about? Bernat humiliated the Destorrents.
The queen interceded on their behalf, and Bernat has fallen from grace.
A judgement of God.
What is that? A special kind of test.
In her case, the ordeal of the coals.
If your daughter passes it, it will be understood that God is on her side, and thus, she is not a child of the Evil One, and she will be freed.
But but has anyone passed this judgement? Just have faith.
Destorrent! Bernat! Bernat.
The Virgin Is she smiling? Yes, Bernat.
She is smiling at you.
I know you will take care of our son.
Forgive me.
Forgive me.
"I, Bernat Estanyol, appoint my son Arnau as heir to all my property.
" "Mercè Llor, his mother and wife to me, whom I should have loved better, I appoint her as his guardian until our son reaches the age of 20 years.
" No! "To Marta Destorrent I grant everything I am legally obliged, to remain in mourning for a year without any other right than her maintenance during that year.
" "To my sometime friend and sometime enemy, Hugo Llor, wishing him to put back on a track a life that has too often been unfair to him, I grant him the amount necessary to buy the vineyards that belonged to the family of Jucef Crescas.
" "Asking him in return, never to stop praying for the souls of my parents, Mar and Arnau Estanyol, and for my good friend Guerao.
" - What is wrong? - Nothing.
This place brings back a lot of memories.
Look who is coming.
Grandfather! Take this, Grandfather.
These grapes are the fines that exist.
And you have trodden them so well that I have something for you.
- What is it? - Soon you will know.
Dry his feet, lest he catch cold.
And your visit to the convent? It was fine, Father.
We get to know each other step by step.
Step by step, yes.
This is the Mistral, the ship of your father.
He was a very brave corsair, and he loved you very much.
Close by, there is a pond where your grandfather would bathe many years ago.
Come on.
We can make the Mistral sail one more time.

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