Hellbound (2021) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

-[suspenseful music playing]
-[camera clicking]
[detective] Deacon Yuji,
we found Kang Junwon's car.
Near a port in Incheon.
He bought cigarettes with his credit card
at the convenience store near the port.
That's it. He must be stowed away.
He borrowed money and fell into debt,
and got on the ship
to flee to somewhere else.
How could he be so irresponsible?
He deserves to be damned.
Deacon Yuji, we located him.
He got the decree at the store.
He's hiding in Cheonan.
We need to head over there right now.
Have a safe drive back.
[clock ticking]
[Sohyun] Does this mean
I gave birth to a sinner?
Did I do something wrong?
[Sohyun] What should we do?
[machines beeping]
[breathing heavily]
[quivering breath]
[deep exhale]
[Youngjae] Junwon.
What's going to happen to you?
What will happen?
What are you going to do?
People from the Sodo Law Firm
will take care of things for me.
[Junwon] They'll make it look like
I vanished without a trace.
[mouse clicking]
[light switch clicking]
Producer Bae…
I thought you took the day off.
So, have you heard the news? About Junwon.
-What do you mean?
-Well, it turns out…
he was addicted to gambling.
Rumor has it
he stowed away on a ship to escape.
I never thought
he would do something like that.
There are so many people
who vanish without a trace these days.
[director sighs]
Hey, you're not a gambler, are you?
Where are you going?
[indistinct radio chatter]
-[man] Sinner Kim Yeongseok.
-[Yeongseok] Yes?
[man] You need to tell us.
How did you first receive the decree?
My wife told me to buy some groceries,
so I went to the store--
Everyone knows
you received the decree there.
Just tell us when your demonstration is.
[Yeongseok] Um… Well, I…
I was by the beer,
and an angel appeared right there.
Kim Yeongseok, tell us the time
of your demonstration.
"You will go to Hell…
in six days at 5:00 p.m."
Six? When is that?
[officer] That's today.
We don't have much time, then.
We need to hurry up
and do something as soon as possible.
He has already confessed. Take him away.
How could you let this happen?
We can't afford to spend more
of our budget for another sacred location.
Yeah, okay, we understand. Don't worry.
We'll take him to headquarters.
We'll broadcast the demonstration.
Contact headquarters
and tell them to get ready for this.
Contact the sinner's family too.
[Yeongseok sobbing]
-Go. Right now.
-[man] Okay, sir. Let's go.
[Yuji] Kim Yeongseok.
[tense music stings]
Where did you get this?
[panting] Hey, Misuk.
[Misuk] Youngjae,
have you heard about Kang?
-The show you were working on…
-[Misuk] Yeah?
Someone said people disappeared.
Mm-hmm, why?
Show it again.
[mouse clicking]
I believe it's
our government's responsibility
to fulfill its role
as God's ultimate tool.
You have his number?
-[Misuk] Yeah.
Thanks, Misuk.
[ominous music plays]
[line ringing]
[intro theme music playing]
[producer] All right,
the chairman is on his way up.
Camera number two on standby…
…and cue.
[Yeongseok breathing shakily]
[eerie music playing]
This sinner here…
has established an illegal gambling ring.
He got the decree in the supermarket.
[Yeongseok breathing shakily]
After he got his decree in public,
he decided to run away
instead of confessing.
[gasps, whimpers]
Tell us where you were trying
to run away to.
Answer me!
[Jeongchil] Did you think you could
deceive God and run away from Him?
[eerie music playing]
[yells] Look at your family!
You will now face them,
and everyone else who is watching this.
Take a good look at them.
Accept what you've done.
-[mic static]
-Chairman, we have 30 seconds to go.
[Yeongseok sobbing]
Go to Hell, you terrible sinner!
[loud dramatic music playing]
I don't accept it!
I didn't commit any sin.
My love.
[Yeongseok] Mother…
I'm not a sinner, believe me!
Please spare me. Spare me. [sobbing]
[breakers clanging]
[panicked breathing]
-[breakers clanging]
[breathing shakily]
[intense music playing]
[creatures growl]
[screaming in agony]
[Yeongseok screaming]
[blood spattering]
[Yeongseok continues screaming]
How are the viewer ratings doing?
One moment.
The viewer ratings
have reached 89 percent, Chairman.
[satisfied chuckle]
[screaming continues]
[Yuji] Chairman…
I'd like to call for a committee meeting.
-And why is that?
There's an important matter
we should address.
Okay, then.
[creature power surging]
[gasps in amazement]
I'll call it when this is over.
[satisfied sigh]
[creatures grumble]
Oh, you sinner.
As the one who has sinned,
you will now suffer for all eternity!
In the pits of Hell you will suffer!
You will suffer forever!
You are a sinner.
And you have paid the price for that.
[engine revs]
[ominous music playing]
Who are you?
[door closes]
-[Youngjae] Let go of me!
-Producer Bae.
Didn't I tell you to forget…
what happened yesterday?
[Yuji] If you tell us now,
we won't make your daughter watch.
[man] But I bet she'd love
to see you get torn apart.
-[Yeongseok] Sir…
…my daughter is far too young.
[man] Confess your sins now.
[Yeongseok] Well…
The video went viral…
so fast and I didn't know what to do.
So I decided to run.
I don't know who found me,
but they gave me a call.
[Yuji] Who are you referring to?
The rumored organization…
you know, that helps those condemned
vanish before
the New Truth could find them.
[man] What did they say?
What they said to me was,
I could vanish and that no one would know.
So I told them…
I would think about it.
A little later,
I found this business card in the motel.
The New Truth claims
that only sinners are subjected,
but we know it's a lie.
It is more like a supernatural thing
that can't be explained.
Jung Jinsu gave meaning to this,
by calling it God's will.
[Youngjae] Okay…
are you saying you're hiding
those who received the decree?
[Hyeongjun] Exactly.
We prevent the New Truth
from getting what they want
and also protect the victims
from being known.
That's the best we can do for them.
How do you find those
who receive a decree?
[Hyeongjun] We can't find all of them.
It's easy to find those who receive
the decree publicly, though.
In that case, we need
to get to them as quickly as possible.
[Hyeongjun] But those who
receive it in private… are quite similar.
In terms of what they're searching
for after receiving it.
They're always searching
for things on the New Truth app,
and once we see the pattern,
we get in touch with them.
How can you even do that.
We are very covert
in how we go about our business.
Our members are everywhere.
The police, tech companies and so on.
We even have people at your work place.
Some people don't follow the law.
Most are related to the subjects,
or they hold a grudge.
Isn't it dangerous for everyone involved?
Half the world
are followers of the New Truth.
What do you think the Chairman will do
if he receives the decree?
He would turn to us immediately.
Once the tables are turned
and you become the one being judged,
you will know that we should…
have the right to die alone.
[angel] Child of Sohyun Song.
In three days time,
at 9:30 p.m…
-Please help me.
-…you are bound for Hell.
[Yeongseok] I was planning
on calling that woman today.
[Yuji] Which one?
I'm sure you've heard of her.
Her name is Min Hyejin.
The Min Hyejin
that he's referring to right there,
is a lawyer who was hostile
towards the New Truth when it was started.
She then went missing.
She was working at the Sodo Firm
when she disappeared.
[Hyeongjun] Okay.
Yeah, got it.
There is someone who'd like to meet you.
Please, come with me.
[Yuji] I didn't believe it at first,
but it turns out that the Sodo Firm…
hides the people
who receive the decree from God.
Producer Kang Junwon,
who's said to have fled the country.
I think he's a sinner who got the decree.
Sodo hid the truth from us.
Have you tried calling the number
listed on this thing?
Yeah, we did try that.
But those are fake numbers,
and they were all generated online.
[eerie music swelling]
What a complete bunch of idiots!
This is an act of rebellion against God.
They are tampering
with the fate of humanity.
Don't you all agree with me?
Apprehend every single one
of those people.
-Be speedy and diligent.
-Yes, sir.
I'm going to request police cooperation
and call the deacons--
[Jeongchil] What the hell
are you talking about?
We don't have time
to ask for the police to get involved.
Why do you think
they are always a few steps ahead of us?
We are the lawful ones here,
while they don't give a shit
about any of it.
This is not the time to think about
what's legal and what's not.
Do whatever it takes
to round them up immediately.
I believe that's beyond my authority.
[deep sigh]
Deacon Yuji, will you come here?
Please come closer.
Deacon Yuji…
with all the power bestowed upon me,
I give you full authority
as of this moment in time,
to do what has to be done.
To find those people who deny God.
[groans softly]
[yells] Now go!
You must devote your whole body and soul…
to follow God's ultimate will.
Hey, listen, can we please come up
with something better for this ritual?
I'm thinking something
more impressive, maybe.
Yeah… good point. I'll think about it.
I hope that you will.
[sighs] Oh, God.
[man] You okay?
Deacon Sacheong.
Please contact the Arrowhead right now.
Huh? The Arrowhead?
[chuckles] How would I know how…
I know you are in contact with them.
You don't need to be secretive with me.
[nervous chuckle] Okay.
[line ringing]
How are you?
How many can you gather right now? Huh?
you're saying those monsters got nothing
to do with God's act, is that right?
Do you really believe…
in all of that nonsense?
Then what about the decree?
The decree always states
the person's name who's going to Hell.
We don't know
if it's God's message or not.
The New Truth
has the exclusive right to decide
how this phenomenon should be interpreted.
If this is truly an act of God,
and His will is really
what the New Truth says it is,
then we have no choice but to deny God
because that means He doesn't care for us.
This is just like an earthquake
or any other natural disaster.
It can happen to any one of us.
It's not about punishing
or about being punished.
Your baby is innocent.
Nobody can deny that fact.
[light music playing]
[engine shuts off]
[car lock beeping]
[distant sirens wailing]
Thank you both for coming.
My name is Min Hyejin.
Follow me.
[engine softly rumbling]
They shouldn't leave their engine running.
I'm home!
-[muffled cry]
-Who the fuck are you, asshole?
-[knife swishing]
-[blow lands]
-[muffled scream]
[muffled sobbing]
Relax, he's not dead.
[Arrowhead 1] Hey, bring me a chair.
Tell him to wake up!
Bring a chair.
[Arrowhead 2] Hey, wake up.
Where did you get the information?
There's a member of the Arrowhead
who's a detective at Mapo Police.
And he told me that some loan sharks
threatened Kang Junwon's wife
just a few days before he disappeared.
But, what they did
to collect the debt wasn't illegal,
so in the end they had to let them go.
It's clear that they did it to hide
Kang Junwon's demonstration.
He must be close to a sinner.
Yeah, he's the son of one.
His mother loaned money
at a high interest to vendors.
I mean… [scoffs]
Can't believe he hasn't come to his senses
even after his mother
went to Hell. [scoffs]
We need to improve the program
for the children of sinners to reform.
I mean, he's just a loan shark,
and I'm sure no one would care if he dies.
We know the situation
you're facing very well.
The footage from the hospital
has already been deleted.
Help yourself.
Even if the New Truth finds out about it,
they'll try to hide
your baby's demonstration
because it won't benefit them.
They'll make it look
like you killed the child.
Or they'll try to hide
the fact that the baby was ever born.
There's no concept of original sin
or redemption in their doctrine.
So they would never admit
that a baby can be a subject.
You can never be sure about that, can you?
They can simply modify it
to fit their needs.
It may seem like they're disorganized,
but they have clear standards
on what they consider to be a sin.
[Hyeongjun] Yeah, it's true.
Only acts that can be prevented
by humans are sins.
Again, there's no concept of original sin
and greed isn't considered a sin either.
Because, if they were to cross that line,
people would find it hard
to live by their doctrine.
Picture a perfect world
where no one commits an evil act.
By making that goal look achievable,
they manipulate people
to keep a close eye on each other.
The demonstrations
drive their whole system.
That's why they'll always need sinners
to do that on a regular basis.
They cover up a case
that doesn't align with their doctrine,
and they come up with one
if they can't find anything.
Have they ever concealed
an entire case before?
The one who started this
and then vanished.
Where do you think
Chairman Jung Jinsu is right now?
He left the country, didn't he?
[Hyejin] He's dead.
He had to go through a demonstration
four years ago.
Jung Jinsu did
one of those things himself?
Are you saying he came up with a false
doctrine after receiving the decree?
-Who knows?
[inhales deeply] Living for 20 years
knowing your days are numbered
can make you do all kinds
of different things, don't you think?
[Hyejin] Since he had
those 20 years of his life to live,
he was able to prepare
his interpretations of this phenomenon.
Then you should
tell the world all about it.
Are you going to do that, or what?
[Hyejin] He had warned people,
but nobody listened to him.
Until they witnessed… Park Jungja's
demonstration with their own eyes.
[sighs deeply]
In order for people
to really listen to us,
we need to present compelling evidence.
All right.
What exactly are you trying
to say to me right now, huh?
We want to broadcast
your baby's demonstration to the world.
I'm leaving.
Hold on, wait a second.
[Youngjae] What?
An innocent newborn received the decree.
We have to show people the truth in order
to restore the world we used to know.
Do I seem to care?
Huh? What does this have to do with me?
Do you think
I wanna save the fucking world?
All I want to do is protect my family.
Yeah, you should both
know better than that.
Why did you bring me here?
My baby is going to die!
My new baby received the decree!
[clicks tongue]
You're no different
than the New Truth themselves.
You think this is your chance
to make things right? Huh?
You're using my baby's death
for your own benefit.
You two are no different from them!
[sucks teeth]
[Hyejin] If we disguise
the death of your baby as an accident,
your baby will die a meaningless death.
But if you decide
to let us broadcast this demonstration,
the baby will save the world.
And you won't have to shoot documentaries
for the New Truth in the future.
We're on your side,
and we'll do whatever you want us to do.
Call us when you make up your mind.
[Hyeongjun] Let's go. Come on.
[Arrowhead 1] Hey.
Are you ready to talk?
-Huh? Are you?
-[muffled grumbling]
[muffled screams]
[muffled screaming]
[muffled groaning]
-You're doing a great job, my friend.
-[muffled whimpering]
[Arrowhead 1] Hold this.
Or should I play with your wife?
[muffled whimper]
[muffled shout]
[muffled] Sujeong! No!
[Arrowhead 2] She isn't a sinner.
She doesn't even know
what her husband's job is.
-[Arrowhead 1] That's a sin too.
[Arrowhead 1] Shut up!
-Should I draw something on her face?
-[muffled whimper]
[muffled growl]
-[Arrowhead 1] It might hurt a little.
-[Arrowhead 2] He opened his hands.
-[muffled groaning]
[Arrowhead 2] You need
to tell us what you know.
He gave us a name.
-Hankuk University?
-They should track his location.
[engine revs]
[Hyeongjun] She must be in a bad mood
because of today's broadcast.
It's the first time
that we failed to protect…
someone we know.
You saw the scar on her head?
She got that when she was
brutally attacked by the Arrowhead.
And she almost died. [sighs]
She was saved by police sirens.
They weren't as reckless back then.
She managed to survive.
But she ended up being angry at herself.
She couldn't stop
Ms. Park's live broadcast.
Or what Jung Jinsu was plotting to do.
She blames herself.
She thinks she was responsible
for the whole world.
That's why she's so eager
to make up for her mistakes.
I think she wants
to make things right in the world.
Let's go.
-[car beeping]
-No, thank you.
My daughter… received the decree, too.
[ominous music playing]
Out of nowhere
she said she wanted to see the ocean.
Whoa. Papa, how did you
find out about this place?
Is this where you came with Mom?
-[Hyeongjun] It's a secret.
-[angel] Gong Yeonjae.
You are going to Hell
in ten seconds.
I will never forget…
how terrified she looked.
She wanted me
to explain what would happen to her.
[creatures growling]
-[stone crumbling]
[breathing heavily]
Please help me.
[somber music playing]
[Hyeongjun] Do you know how…
I felt looking at
my daughter's body torn apart?
I thought…
I'm glad no one saw.
That's how I felt in that moment.
Mr. Bae…
would you say my daughter's death
was an accident or an act of judgment?
I consider my daughter's death
a terrible accident.
I want to grieve her death,
without worrying why it had to be her.
I'm so sorry…
that this has happened to your family.
And I'm so sorry I didn't say this first.
[Youngjae sighs]
[engine starting]
[baby crying]
[baby wailing]
[shuddering breath]
[baby bawling]
[baby continues crying]
[Youngjae] Come here.
Come here. It's okay.
[pensive music playing]
[vehicle engine revving]
-[engine revs]
-[tires screeching]
[foreboding music playing]
[car accelerating]
[tires screeching]
[Arrowhead 1] Hey.
It's him, right?
[Arrowhead 2] Is he dead?
[Arrowhead 1] Break the window.
-[glass shatters]
-[car alarm blaring]
-[Arrowhead 2] Hey. Come out. Huh?
[Arrowhead 2] Come on!
[muffled groan]
-[foreboding music swelling]
-[muffed groaning]
[car alarm continues blaring]
You saw my mom
at my father's funeral, right?
She cheated on my father
and left us when I was five.
After my dad died,
I called her
and waited for her to come back.
I imagined it all.
[somber music playing]
I thought she would hold my hand…
and say she missed me.
And say she's sorry.
I hoped she'd beg for forgiveness.
And I'd pretend to be mad for a bit…
and then cry my eyes out in her arms.
I missed her so much.
But do you know what she said?
She said she was out of it…
after she divorced my dad
and didn't get enough alimony.
[Youngjae sighs]
She asked how much my Dad had left for me.
She was back for her share of it.
I hadn't seen her in so many years…
and she didn't even ask
how I had been at all.
Not all mothers are good people.
What's the point
of resenting her now, though?
Yeah, I see.
But why does she have to be my mother?
She's such a horrible human.
After I got pregnant with Toughie,
I told myself…
that I'd be like those loving moms on TV.
Because I'm better than her.
I… wanted our baby to be loved. [soft sob]
I wanted our baby
to live an ordinary life.
[somber music continues]
That can't happen now.
And I hate it so much.
[Sohyun sobbing]
What kind of evil is it?
[Sohyun] Why would a newborn
receive a decree?
[Sohyun sobbing]
Youngjae, I'm so frightened.
You know,
it has been haunting my mind.
It just plays on repeat. [sobbing]
And I can't help
but think I'm a horrible person.
[Youngjae] Sohyun.
I went and met some people yesterday.
They wanted…
to broadcast our baby's demonstration.
[Youngjae] Since our baby has no sin,
they can out them.
And prove that the New Truth
is lying to everyone.
[sniffles] That's what they said.
I don't wanna do that.
[Youngjae] They will disguise
the death as an accident.
It's our choice to make.
[Arrowhead 1] It's okay.
We have a lot of time.
I'm sure you'll tell us
everything eventually.
[Arrowhead 2] Hey, that bastard's awake.
-[Arrowhead 1] You check up on him.
-[breathing heavily]
[Arrowhead 2] Hey there!
You bastards.
[Arrowhead 2] You're finally up,
Professor Gong.
What are you doing here?
Do it. Do it.
Do it now!
[breathes heavily]
[Arrowhead 1] We're not
asking you anything.
So don't worry.
[Hyeongjun groans]
He gave us all the info already.
[shuddering breath]
[softly] Geunbae.
You assholes! [exhales heavily]
Please stop it. Stop it now!
Just ask me. Please!
You can shut the hell up!
There's no need
for you to say another fucking word.
What we need to do…
is get to…
your car.
We need records from your GPS
that show where you've been.
[Hyeongjun] What?
Hold on. Wait a second.
Execute him.
[Hyeongjun] Wait. Hold on!
-What are you gonna do?
-[Hyeongjun] Let me go!
Untie me! Now!
Hey, listen to me.
Listen to me!
You can kill me later, just hear me out.
-No! Oh, shit!
-Hey, listen
[Geunbae] Hyeongjun!
-You're being deceived.
-[Geunbae] You bastards!
-They're lying to you.
-[Geunbae] Stop, you bastards!
Jung Jinsu was a liar, I'm telling you!
No! [screaming]
[Hyeongjun] I don't care if I die,
but hear me out for a second!
Hear me out.
-You idiots! Hear me out!
-[Geunbae] No!
Let Geunbae go!
-You bastards!
-[Geunbae screams]
[Hyeongjun] Listen to me!
[Hyeongjun screaming]
-[Geunbae] No!
-[Hyeongjun screaming in agony]
[Geunbae] No! For God's sake, stop!
[Geunbae and Hyeongjun screaming]
[groaning in despair]
[line ringing]
[suspenseful music playing]
[Arrowhead 1] Everyone out.
Search the place. Don't miss a thing.
[Arrowhead 2] Get moving!
[Yuji] Deacon Sacheong.
You can't be seen
as an Arrowhead in your uniform.
Oh, yeah.
[distant chatter]
[Sacheong] Those bastards…
[suspenseful music playing]
[Arrowhead 3] Hurry!
-Come on, search the place!
-[man] Yes, sir!
[suspenseful music continues playing]
Damn it!
-There! She's leaving!
-Let's go! Go!
-Let's go!
-Let's go!
-[Arrowhead 4] Look!
Hey, over there!
Go and get her!
-Go here.
-Up there!
[Arrowhead 5] This way, you idiots!
[Arrowhead members clamoring]
[Yuji sighs]
They're completely useless.
[Sacheong grunts]
[Arrowhead members shouting]
[Arrowhead 6] Hey, get moving. You idiots!
[tense music playing]
[Hyejin groaning]
[Arrowhead 7] Hey! Come on, she's here!
[Arrowhead members yelling]
[Hyejin grunts]
[Arrowhead member shouts]
[rumbling crash]
[Arrowhead 8] Come on! Follow her!
[grunts, groaning]
[Sacheong] Get up. Get up!
Very nice to meet you, Min Hyejin.
-[taser crackling]
[both grunt]
[breathes heavily]
[Arrowhead 9] Hey, there!
What happened?
-What happened?
-Oh, shit!
[breathing heavily]
-[Arrowhead 1] Are you all right?
-[Arrowhead 2] Are you okay, sir?
-[Arrowhead 1] Go find her!
-[Arrowhead 2] Sir!
[birds squawking]
[eerie music playing]
[eerie music playing]
[breathes deeply]
-[cars honking]
[eerie music continues playing]
[anchor] This just in, breaking news.
A police investigation is underway
after two burnt bodies were found
at Hankuk University.
Let's hear more details from the scene.
Now live to our reporter.
[reporter] At around 6:00 a.m. today,
two heavily burned bodies were found
at the front gate of Hankuk University,
causing massive shock to the public.
One of the bodies have been identified
as that of Professor Gong Hyeongjun,
who was a professor at the university,
and the police have opened
an investigation into the matter.
Professor Gong had recently appeared
on various current affairs programs
and had been gaining the interest of many,
making his death more shocking.
The bodies were too heavily damaged
to be identified,
but signs that were hung
around the victims' necks
helped police identify them
as Professor Gong and Mr. Kim,
An extensive investigation
into the matter has begun.
Sinner, Gong Hyeongjun,
has been lying to us
and has a secret org, Sodo.
He had been hiding
those who received decree.
He said demonstrations were accidents
and twisted God's message
for all of humanity.
We, the Arrowhead,
have punished him for this.
The New Truth and you all
must take heed of our actions.
Those who deny God and His message
must be punished for it.
The Arrowhead have confirmed
that the head of this org, Sodo,
is a woman who is named Min Hyejin,
who used to be a lawyer.
[ominous music rises]
[phone buzzing]
[Hyejin] Have you seen the news?
Yeah. You okay?
Not really. Have you talked to your wife?
Yes, but we haven't made a decision yet.
As you already know,
we don't have very much time.
We can't help you
if you're not able to make a decision.
Where are you?
I'm at the office right now.
What about your family?
Uh, they're at home.
This is serious.
You should've stayed with them.
Are you sure they're there?
[ominous music intensifying]
[closing theme music plays]
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