Hellbound (2021) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

[Hyejin] This is serious.
You should've stayed with them.
Are you sure they're there?
Listen, Mr. Bae.
The New Truth and the Arrowhead
are working together.
The Arrowhead raided my office last night,
and the New Truth deacons were with them.
If they find out that your baby
received the decree,
you and your whole family
will be in danger.
Give me a minute.
I'll call you back, okay?
[line rings]
[cell phone buzzing]
-Miss Song Sohyun?
Please follow me this way.
[operator chattering]
[tapping on screen]
[breathes deeply]
[cell phone buzzing]
[ominous music plays]
Good morning.
I'm Deacon Yuji.
I heard you have something
you'd like to discuss.
[tense music plays]
Could you just take
a look at this, please?
Miss Min, my wife,
she said she went to the New Truth.
[Hyejin] You must get your wife
and baby out of there.
We'll be there as soon as possible.
-[engine revving]
-[tires screeching]
[ominous voice] Child of Sohyun Song.
In three days' time,
-at 9:30 p.m.…
-Deacon Yuji.
Has there ever been
a mistake in the decree?
…you are bound for Hell.
Toughie was just born this week.
What sin could my baby be guilty of?
People here study all different cases
of demonstration and decrees, right?
This must have been a mistake.
Even a deacon doesn't know…
all the cases there have been.
Let me discuss this
with the rest of the department.
Could you please just wait
a moment for me?
[door opens]
[door closes]
[ominous music plays]
Make sure the woman in room four
doesn't leave the premises.
[woman 1] Yes, sir.
Also, tell Deacon Sacheong
to come in immediately,
and keep an eye on her while I'm gone.
[woman 1] Will do.
-Chairman Kim.
-[elevator dings]
I need you to call
an urgent committee meeting.
[intro theme music playing]
[foreboding music plays]
[cell phone buzzes]
[foreboding music plays]
[ominous voice] Child of Sohyun Song.
In three days' time,
at 9:30 p.m.…
you are bound for Hell.
[TV beeps]
Where are the mother and the baby?
They are in consulting room four.
Well, what do you think we should do now?
[clears throat]
To be honest, it's hard to suggest
anything at the moment.
But one thing is obvious. That video.
If people ever find out that it exists,
they'll start to have doubts
about the New Truth and our doctrine.
You're right.
[breathes deeply]
Why don't we separate the baby
from the mother first?
And then find out who else knows
about the video,
and bring them in.
Yes, sir.
[foreboding music plays]
[cell phone buzzing]
[foreboding music plays]
Where's the mother?
She's in room four.
You're late. Did she get back to you?
No. I still can't get a hold of her.
The consulting rooms are in Building B.
[baby crying]
[Sohyun] Don't cry.
Don't cry.
[knock on door]
Miss Song. Hello, I'm Deacon Sacheong.
We'd like to give you
a detailed explanation of the situation.
Please come with us.
Oh, my. The baby is crying.
Let me calm the baby down for you.
-No. There's no need.
-It's okay. I'm good with babies.
-I promise. It's fine.
-I'll hold my baby!
Please get your bag and come out.
[baby bawling]
Give me back my baby! Please stop!
[reporters clamoring]
Ah! The press!
Chairman Kim has other priorities today,
so I'm afraid I'm gonna have
to ask you to leave.
Now, we are still looking
into Professor Gong's case
and the Arrowhead's statement.
So we don't have an official comment yet.
The Arrowhead mentioned
the New Truth in their statement,
are you not going to comment on it at all?
Do you have anything to say at all
about the Arrowhead mimicking
the demonstration?
We have no plan to comment
on any of these issues right now.
So, again, I ask that you please leave.
[reporter 1] Are you officially
declining to comment?
[deacon] That's correct.
Now, you should leave.
-[reporter 2] Deacon, give us a comment.
-[deacon] No comment.
[overlapping chatter]
[foreboding music plays]
-I received the decree!
-[reporter 3] Who's that?
I'm a sinner who's going to Hell,
in just ten minutes' time.
Hey, hey, who is that?
I am here to confess my sins
to the chairman…
[reporter 4] What's your sin?
…and face the demonstration.
-Stop that guy!
-Right here, right now!
-No, up here! I'll face it up here!
-[deacon] Take him down!
[Sodo member] Get lost!
[deacon] Come on! Grab him!
[Sodo member] Chairman Kim, where are you?
-[deacon] What are you doing?
-I'll face you right here!
[deacon] Grab him! Get him!
[woman 2] A man is causing
a scene in the lobby
saying that his demonstration
is in ten minutes.
Oh, yeah?
Let me see what's going on.
Keep a close eye on the mother.
[all] Yes, sir.
-[baby wailing]
-[Sohyun] Wait. Stop!
Give me back my baby.
-Get her off me!
-Wait, what?
What's wrong with you? No!
-Why are you doing this? Let go of me!
-Pull her up now!
-Why are you doing this?
-[Youngjae] Get your hands off her!
-Let go of her, you son of a…
-[Sacheong] Go get her.
-[Sohyun yelps]
[both grunting]
Get that damn baby out of here!
[both yelling]
[both grunting]
Stop. Sohyun! Stop!
[grunts] You bastard.
-Come here, son of bitch!
-Give me back my baby!
-Get her off me!
Come on, stop her!
-Let go of me!
-What are you doing?
-[Hyejin grunting]
-You bastard!
[Youngjae] Sohyun!
Die, you bitch.
[Sohyun crying]
[baby crying]
Call security right now!
[woman screams]
Hurry up!
[Hyejin] To the car. Let's go.
[Sodo member] Chairman Kim!
Please accept this sinner!
Chairman Kim, where are you?
They're here!
Drag him out of here right now.
-Yes, sir.
-Grab him.
[people clamoring]
[thrilling music plays]
I'll drive.
[car beeps]
-[engine revs]
-[tires squeal]
[deacon] Stop them! Stop the car!
[tires screeching]
[Sohyun whimpering]
[men shouting]
Come on! Block the entrance!
[thrilling music fades]
Will that man in the lobby be okay?
They can't do anything to him
while those reporters are there.
Don't worry.
He'll be under our protection.
[Youngjae breathes deeply]
[Sohyun sobbing]
[slow music plays]
I promise I'll do everything
in my power to find--
What did you say?
-What? Huh?
-[Yuji groaning]
You've got some nerve,
blabbering to me after what you've done!
You proved your incompetence
by letting them outwit you in your own HQ.
You think you can catch them now?
You have some grand plan?
Speak up!
Do you have any idea what you've done?
The demonstration is tomorrow.
What will happen if people find out?
Pandemonium! The end of the world!
They'll think God is a joke whose actions
aren't governed by principles!
What happens to a world
without principles?
It gets destroyed!
The two of you, you are the ones
who brought the world to an end.
All right.
From now on,
you'll report your findings to me.
No matter how small.
Make use of the Arrowhead if you have to.
The world will collapse with us.
Get out!
[suspenseful music plays]
So, you think we can trust this person?
One of our members
in this area referred me to him.
He received his decree a while ago,
but still no demonstration.
We should stay here for now.
Hello, Miss Min. I was surprised
to hear you were coming.
Please, come in, come in.
I'm sorry that my place is such a mess.
Please have a seat.
Um, would you like some coffee?
I have some instant coffee
I could offer you.
-Sounds great. Thank you.
-Okay. Please, sit.
[Youngjae sighs]
Miss Song, we only have one day.
Your baby would mean a lot
to the countless victims of the New Truth.
I regret even having to suggest
something like this,
but if you put off making
a decision any longer,
the New Truth could just show up,
and harm you two and the baby.
They will commit murder
without batting an eye.
You have to decide now.
Here's your coffee.
That poor kid.
I… I heard that the baby
received the decree.
But the baby couldn't have
committed any sins, right?
You know? The same goes for me.
I… I was a follower of the New Truth.
I lived by their doctrine
more faithfully than anyone.
After receiving the decree,
I started thinking I must have
committed sins without knowing.
It was a nightmare.
[sighs] Any one of us could die.
We all do eventually.
I could die of an illness,
or in an accident.
But… knowing I'm going to Hell…
It… makes me hate myself so much.
[sobbing softly]
[chuckling lightly]
This child, your child is proof…
that I didn't do anything wrong.
Your child is proof of that.
[sobbing softly]
I don't even have a choice, do I?
It seems that none of us…
have the right
to make decisions for ourselves.
Okay. I'm gonna upload a video statement
about the baby receiving the decree.
We have to make sure
it reaches as many people as possible.
Oh, well, I can definitely
help you out with that.
I used to do
live streaming online all the time.
Uh, I quit after receiving the decree,
but I'm sure a lot of people will watch it
if we upload it to my channel.
Hold on a second.
I still have all the equipment.
I'll bring it out.
[ominous music plays]
Hello, everyone. My name is Min Hyejin.
And I used to be a lawyer
at the Sodo law firm in the past.
What I'm about to share with you
is a video of a newborn baby
receiving the so-called "decree"
from an Angel.
[mouse clicks]
[ominous voice] Child of Sohyun Song.
-In three days' time…
-I understand that this video
-will confuse a lot of people out there.
-…at 9:30 p.m.…
[Hyejin] What could a newborn baby
possibly have done
-to face God's wrath?
-…you are bound for Hell.
The baby's demonstration
is at 9:30 p.m. tomorrow.
We will broadcast the demonstration
of this innocent baby live tomorrow.
You can interpret
its meaning for yourselves.
And I urge the New Truth
to stop deluding people
by calling this tragic catastrophe
God's punishment.
Well, now the whole world
knows about it, thanks to her.
What do you think we should do?
Well, maybe we adopt original sin.
Then we can say that humans
are born sinners--
That is completely unacceptable!
One of the biggest reasons
the New Truth managed
to gain influence so quickly
was because we asserted
that all those who commit sins
laid down in our doctrine go to Hell.
If we adopt the concept of original sin,
people will start to wonder
how we are different from Christianity.
Every shred of influence
we have will be gone!
Okay, well, do you have a better idea?
Chairman. Uh, I think
we still have some time.
Why don't we claim that the video
has been manipulated,
and then we'll wait to see
how the public responds to it?
After all, the demonstration
still hasn't happened.
What if they really do broadcast
the baby's demonstration?
What will we say then?
We should definitely accuse them
of staging it all.
Then people will start to say
that we also staged
all the demonstrations we've aired so far.
You know, you're very quick
to dismiss other people's ideas.
We're here to come up
with a solution together.
-Do you understand?
-Are you calling me a nitpicker?
Come on. Original sin
is the safest option.
Don't suggest things that aren't
even included in our doctrine!
What are you talking about?
[overlapping chatter]
Let's all calm down,
and talk about the facts.
-We need a fundamental solution!
-What do you suggest we do?
[Hyejin] Yes.
Okay. One moment.
Mr. Bae.
This is one of our local members.
They will help you
and your wife seek asylum.
You may be too out of it right now,
but feel free to let them know
if there's anything you need,
and they'll try to accommodate you
as much as possible.
And what about the demonstration?
We can't go somewhere far,
because it could be dangerous.
We found a secluded place nearby
to minimize collateral damage.
Our people will be here soon.
You don't really have to be there
for the demonstration tonight.
We're gonna take care
of everything for you, I promise.
[somber music plays]
You know, at first…
I just couldn't stand the baby's crying.
It was horrifying.
I didn't know why Toughie was crying.
Or what it was trying to tell me.
Babies cry if they're uncomfortable,
even just a little bit.
They cry when they're hungry, sleepy,
if it's too cold, or if it's too hot.
All they can do is cry.
But now, I see.
They were…
crying for help.
That's why the baby was crying.
Because they want to live.
Toughie was crying for my help.
No one…
No one has ever wanted my help so badly.
No one's ever told me I'm their only hope.
Other than my baby.
I'll stay with my child…
until the very end.
I completely understand.
Uh, I have to run out
to get some things real quick.
-Need anything?
-No, thank you.
All right.
[door closes]
[eerie music plays]
[Skull Mask] Chairman Kim Jeongchil
is planning to appoint deacons.
Who gives him the right to determine
who qualifies and who doesn't qualify
to be appointed as a deacon?
There is no one else in this world
that is as faithful to God's will
as the Arrowhead.
The Arrowhead won't stop keeping
a watchful eye on you! Why is that?
To question if you will remain faithful
to God's will or not! Okay?
That's it for today's broadcast.
The Arrowhead!
The Arrowhead! The Arrowhead!
What is it? He's on the phone?
Yes, he is.
Ah… Mr. Lee Dongwook?
This is Chairman Kim Jeongchil speaking.
[Dongwook] Hello, Chairman Kim?
[Jeongchil] Yes, I am.
And the entire committee's here.
And they're all very eager
to hear what you have to say.
Now, Min Hyejin is
at your place, is that right?
The whole committee?
I'm honored. [laughing]
Chairman Kim, listen to me carefully.
I was a faithful follower
of the New Truth for years,
even before you became the chairman.
I have been loyal to the New Truth
ever since Chairman Jung founded it.
I'm loyal!
You may think that you're
better than me or something,
but I know God's will better
than any of you in that room!
Oh, I see that.
Being a deacon or a committee member
doesn't necessarily mean
that they are any closer to God
than regular people.
We're just a group of dedicated servants
who try to come up with a better way
to deliver God's message to people.
I know that already!
Don't… Don't patronize me, man.
-Got it?
-Of course. I would never think of it.
That was just a misunderstanding.
Chairman Kim, listen to me carefully.
And think about what God
is trying to say here.
I, myself, received the decree
three years ago.
I'm bound for Hell.
I've never done anything in my life
that goes against God's will,
stated in your doctrine.
And listen to me,
I never told this to the Sodo people,
but do you know when
my demonstration supposed to be?
It's today.
But Min Hyejin and the baby
came to my place the day before.
It turns out my demonstration…
My demonstration is five minutes
after the baby's.
What… What do you think all this means?
What's He trying to say?
Well, all of that is indeed surprising.
I think that…
It clearly is a message from the divine.
I think it shows
that God sometimes makes mistakes.
And that He is trying
to do His best to correct them.
God somehow made a mistake,
and addressed the decree to a baby.
What will happen if people find out?
It'll cause mass chaos.
Maybe He is trying to cover up His mistake
with your demonstration, Mr. Lee.
Mr. Lee, you've been chosen
to cover up God's mistake,
and He will forever be indebted to you.
[Dongwook laughing]
For you are to take on
the most important role…
[Dongwook cackles]
…to strengthen His message.
Mr. Lee…
You are the Messiah.
[Dongwook laughing hysterically]
[trembling breath]
I knew it.
I knew it. [laughs]
Mr. Lee, uh…
Sorry, I should be calling you
Messiah now, shouldn't I?
Where are you right now, sir?
We want to help you do God's work.
What do you mean you're gonna help me?
Who do you think you are?
God has given me this mission.
And God has chosen me to do His work.
I will never let you deacons
steal my thunder ever again!
You hear me?
Now, listen.
I'll kindly leave you a clue,
so you can try to find me.
[giggles excitedly]
Oh, right, a clue.
What the hell?
I even called him the goddamn Messiah,
for Christ's sake!
Chairman Kim, we can trace the location
of his last call to find him.
We can ask an Arrowhead
who works at a telecom company.
As soon as you get the location,
take however many people you need,
and go straight there!
I'll tell the police that we need
their help finding a sinner on the run.
Okay. Good, good, good.
-All right, everyone. Get moving!
[foreboding music plays]
[door closes]
[siren blaring]
[somber music plays]
Chairman Kim, Lee Dongwook made his last
call near a supermarket in Seongnam.
We've requested police assistance
in the jurisdiction.
I don't care where he was.
Find out where he is now!
We located Lee Dongwook.
Contact the deacons in Seongnam.
Get moving!
[men] Yes, sir.
[Hyejin] Yes, that's the place.
Park your car in the underground lot.
Please hurry.
They're almost here.
[Youngjae sighs]
[distant whistle]
[man] What's wrong?
Give me a sec.
[line ringing]
-[Youngjae] Miss Min.
I'll go check on them.
Hold on.
Take that with you.
[line ringing]
[door closes]
I have to show it to everyone.
I want to show them something.
[sirens wailing]
[indistinct chatter]
-[officer 1] Search it thoroughly.
-[officers] Yes, sir.
Get moving! Get moving!
[ragged breathing]
-[Youngjae panting]
-[ragged breathing]
Wha-- What happened?
Hey. Stay with me.
Can you hear me? Hey.
[Dongwook laughing]
[plunging noises]
The time is almost here.
Hmm? Look at me.
I guess you don't recognize me, huh?
You see, I used to be a really
popular big shot in the Arrowhead.
Why are you doing this
all of a sudden, huh?
You received the decree, too, didn't you?
You're right.
I'll be subjected
to the same demonstration,
five minutes after your baby is.
I'm the one to cover up God's mistake.
Want to hear my plan? Okay.
Well, first, I'm going to kill you here,
and then go upstairs
and kill your wife, and Min Hyejin too.
Then I'll have your baby's demonstration
held in my room.
I'll get rid of the baby's body
in five minutes,
and be subjected to the demonstration.
Then people won't be able to say for sure
who was subjected to the demonstration,
or what happened to the baby.
[laughs] They'll be so confused!
Come to think of it.
I didn't realize God could be so sneaky.
How could He make such a mistake?
And He's chosen me
to fix His very own mistake?
[blade clinks]
I don't understand what you're saying,
but please calm down.
Come to your senses. Okay?
What do you mean, huh?
My mind has never been clearer
than this moment.
Now, I know exactly why I was born
and exactly why I am dying.
Not many people get to know that.
I am…
…the one who is closest to God.
[yelling, grunts]
-[electricity crackling]
Sohyun! Sohyun!
Sohyun, run!
Miss Min!
[both grunting]
-[Dongwook shouts]
-[Youngjae grunting]
[thrilling music plays]
[Sohyun shrieks]
[Hyejin grunts]
[thrilling music rises]
-[music fades]
[whimpering softly]
[both grunting]
[straining, exclaims]
There is something…
I need to show you all.
This is my baby…
who is about to be subjected to…
[people murmuring]
…the demonstration.
[woman] A baby?
Please stay and witness.
[indistinct chatter]
[sirens wailing]
What? Deacon Yuji.
Look. Look at this.
This place in the video is near here.
-Head over there now.
-Move it!
Yes, sir!
My baby.
I will be with you till the end.
-[sirens blaring]
-Come on!
Almost there.
-[Dongwook yells]
-[Hyejin groans]
[Dongwook] I don't have time for this!
Let go of me!
Let go! Damn it!
-[Hyejin choking]
How dare you, human!
Die! Die!
[ominous music plays]
[Hyejin shouting]
[breathing shakily]
[people murmuring]
[people screaming]
[panting, gasping]
-[distant screaming]
[Sohyun whimpers]
[Youngjae] Sohyun!
[Sohyun screams]
[Youngjae groans]
[Sohyun sobbing]
It's gonna be okay.
[Sohyun wails]
[Youngjae shouts]
[baby crying]
[indistinct chatter]
[overlapping chatter]
[baby crying]
[baby crying]
[Dongwook] What-- What the hell?
[sucks teeth, shudders]
I don't understand.
The message, it's too complicated.
I don't… I don't understand.
Bastard… [grunts]
What the hell are you trying
to tell me, huh?
[baby wailing]
Follow through?
Okay, I will.
[trembling breaths]
[Hyejin yells]
[Dongwook groans]
[both grunting]
-[pottery shatters]
[people clamoring]
[breath trembling]
W-- Wait.
[Dongwook grunts]
[baby crying]
[light music plays]
[people murmuring]
Oh, my goodness. So precious.
Get her!
Get out of the way!
[Sacheong] Step aside!
Move! Move!
-Come on!
-Get out of the way now!
-Get out of the way!
You're going against God's will.
Get out of the way now.
Get back! Get back! Get back!
Don't touch me.
You pathetic crooks.
What was that?
That's enough.
You're a bunch of liars.
Beg your pardon?
[chuckles lightly]
What did you call me?
[people exclaiming]
[man] Take it easy
You… disregard God's principles,
and go against God's will!
-Who are you to call me a crook?
-[old man groaning]
[Yuji] How dare you!
How dare you!
What are you still doing here?
Go after her. Damn it.
-Deacon Yuji…
-[handcuffs clinking]
You're under arrest for battery.
You have the right to remain silent.
-You have the right to a lawyer.
-What are you doing?
Come on.
What the hell are you saying?
Do you have any idea
what you're doing right now?
Do you know what it means that God
doesn't govern with principles?
It means the end of the world.
It means more sinners
will be running wild!
The victims of those sinners
will hold you responsible for everything.
You are the ones who abet
the sinners to commit sins.
Shame on you!
You should be ashamed!
You disregard God's principles,
and go against God's will.
Let's go.
[foreboding music plays]
[labored breathing]
Please take the main road,
and drive as far away as possible.
[Hyejin panting]
You need to keep going straight.
The police set up a checkpoint
on that street.
I saw it on my way here, Miss Min Hyejin.
I'll take a different route
to the main road.
That would be safer.
I don't know much about God,
and I don't even care.
But there's one thing I do know,
and that is that this world
belongs to humans.
We should settle our matters ourselves.
Don't you agree, Ms. Min?
[dramatic music plays]
[dramatic music continues]
[music fades]
[ominous music plays]
[high-pitched shrieking]
[ragged breathing]
[closing theme music plays]
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