Hellfjord (2012) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

Something's here.
I'll go undercover in the prison.
An inmate here claims to be
a police sergeant in Hellfjord.
No, I know nothing.
How about being set free as early
as this weekend?
Come on!
-Coming in?
-No. You've 5 minutes.
I know everything!
-Wait, don't shoot him.
-Do I shoot?
-Don't shoot!
-Put down the gun, Brobaker.
Put it down, my boy.
-Is it you?
Are you OK?
My god.
Well, I trust you've had a pleasant stay
here at Solvik county prison.
Sorry I didn't believe your story,
but then
You don't look like a policeman.
Well, now she she has
-Johanne told me everything.
So, then
I think we'll clean this place up.
Yes, so now you
-Take him
Get going, then!
Sure you're not cold?
-Use my scarf.
-No thanks, it's not becoming.
Policeman, you know.
And I was in full control back there.
Looked scarier than it was.
But thanks for coming, anyway.
My pleasure.
-Sure you're not seasick?
-Yes, I'm sure.
-Are you OK?
-Just great!
Dad did this when I was little.
He said that monkeys do this to their
children when they're stressed or scared.
Calms them down, apparently.
Found out something
while you were gone.
Yesterday I saw Icelandic
fishermen covering up
some boxes over at the Hellfish plant.
I crept over and got hold of
a sample of the content.
It appeared like some strange,
grey mass, but then I
went back to the newspaper
and checked it under a microscope,
and then it looked like
some very tiny bugs.
A grey mass, I found that
under the nails of the deceased.
-Did you find out what it was?
-I sent the sample to the lab in Oslo.
Still waiting for an answer,
I expect it soon.
-Did you find out anything in the prison?
-Mm mm.
My Icelandic escape buddy,
he told me that his brother had been
terrorized by a mad Swede in Hellfjord.
-So now I must find out who that madman is.
-It's Bosse Nova.
No, Bosse.
The manager at the fish plant.
There is only one Swede in Hellfjord.
The mad Swede is Bosse Nova!
Yes, sure.
Yes, I know that.
-I'm taking a shower.
-Yes, and I'm here taking a dump.
Isn't it cozy?
And be sure to let me know if you
need help with that scrubbing.
That's not the worst
Well, well.
Hey, Salmander
I'm serving dinner here tonight,
and you
You're heartily welcome.
I'll go to prepare the food,
and make sure to knead it thoroughly.
-I think you forgot to
Oh sure, we
Forgot to wash your hands.
Yes, one is forgetful.
Nice tattoo.
And how can I help you?
It's me, Kobba.
Salmander, no middle a.
The celeb.
I know, you think I'm a fucking idiot?
Just asking if I could help you.
-Oh, OK. No
-Here's the mail.
Let me see that.
Where the hell is the coffee?
Here are some waffles and herring.
-When do we serve noon coffee here?
-At noon?
And what time is it now?
One past twelve?
You know my belt hangs loose,
and not because I'm skinny.
But I just
The ad didn't say
you should ans.er back.
Did you throw a curse on me?
Do you have an opener?
Yes, I should think so.
The sample we took was
a louse of some sort.
South Mexican cactus lice.
It's time for an interrogation.
Get Bosse Nova.
Get him yourself, you lazy prick.
Turn on the tape recorder.
Rewind and push REC.
-You have to push PLAY and REC.
-I know. You think I'm stupid, or what?
You see, Bosse New information
in the case has come to light.
Information that may be
very interesting.
We've learned, on good authority,
the deceased felt threatened
for a long time
You. And 2:
What is this bullshit?
I'm in charge at the fish plant.
Yes, I admit that
I can be tough at times, but I
I am also fair.
So you're saying he had no reason
to feel threatened by you?
Well, it's like this
I'm just a regular worker
running an honest fishery.
Half the local work force
are employed by me.
South Mexican cactus lice.
Found in boxes by the fishery.
Can you explain?
Yes, I can, but I presume you had
a search warrant when you found it?
Then I could say it, however
You have to promise me that what I
say will remain within these four walls.
What if we refurbish here?
-Knock down a wall and suddenly get 6 walls.
-Good point.
The cactus lice
That's my secret ingredient.
We feed them to the fish,
and they give Hellfish products
their great taste.
These little devils
are the fish favorite snack.
They bring that extra touch
to the taste.
-Like cinnamon?
Well, OK, I have to go now,
because I have a job to do.
-Yeah, sure, just leave.
-Yes, and
Call me first
next time you find a
That thing doesn't work.
And neither does that thing.
And neither does this.
-What they hell are you doing?
-Just hitting you with the broom.
Try running an honest fishery,
and you're
OK, so
Is that a new story about a cat, or what?
-The last one was fantastic.
I must have read it 4 5 times.
OK, good luck!
-What's up with Bosse Nova?
-No, Kobba
Nothing, I'm talking to Johanne.
Well, I've made
some investigations,
found some stuff on the web
about Hellfish that you should read.
Some facts. How much money they
make, their number of employees, and
Where they distribute and ho.
what they pay in taxes and such.
Well, what do you know
I was
planning to do the same thing, too.
But I as
With some
some other stuff.
So that's good.
You've got it. Great.
It is
It's quite special.
Hellfish is a large company.
They distribute to all the major cities
in Norway, shipping a lot of fish.
They must be extremely popular,
because they've had
regular customers there for years.
Good work.
I have kept busy
and found out what the grey mass is.
So tell me.
-South Mexican cactus lice.
You know
I feel like taking a trip
over to Hellfish later today,
see if I can find out more.
-Want to join me?
-No, I can't.
I'm invited to Auntie Cozy tonight.
For dinner.
-And I can't say no, I do not dare that.
Maybe you would like to come too?
-To Auntie Cozy?
For dinner? I'm sure
she would appreciate the company.
That would be nice.
How long have you two been doing it?
No, we work together.
We're just friends.
Oh, bullshit.
That's a load of hippie nonsense!
Have some more
-Yes, taters.
No, goodness me.
I spilled it.
Oh, .ell.
Oh boy, oh boy!
Enjoying ourselves, eh?
Yes, enter.
So it's time to come now?
There's a slight problem.
OK, what?
The key is missing.
That's no problem. I'll fix it.
This one
I first heard when Thor Heyerdahl rammed me
in the pooper at the grad party in 1937.
Oh, come on!
-No, no!
-Oh sure.
-Come on!
-No, Auntie Salmander!
So yes!
Shake those goodies.
Yeah, sure. And you too.
-Oh yes!
And you. Come on.
-No, I don't know
-I don't know how to dance!
-Lets see. Come on.
Come on.
Not bad at all. And now you.
-No, I
-Now you must do it too.
Don't be modest.
And dance!
Now that's a fine one.
I have to run.
-Auntie Cozy.
-Auntie Cozy.
You're really brave,
living here in Hellfjord
all by yourself, and you don't have a guy
and no kids or family.
I think that's brave, don't you?
But I do have this.
That one?
-A plastic co?
Dad gave it to me
in my sixth grade.
I was going to
school camp for the first time.
I was so scared of the dark then,
well, I still am.
I stood crying, as it as the first time
I was going to sleep away from home.
Then dad gave me this and said
"Johanne, push there,
and that ray will protect your entire body,
so nothing bad can happen."
But you had no boyfriend then,
I expect.
-Or what?
-In sixth grade?
Remember the first time we met?
Remember what I said?
And that it's something here in Hellfjord
that's not quite right.
I felt it when I came here,
something is strange at the fish plant.
Something with Bosse Nova.
But it's more than that.
Something with the people here.
With all of Hellfjord, something
I don't know what it is, but
it's something mysterious.
Do you find me mystic
No, you're strange.
And weird.
And awkward, and
And handsome and sexy?
And intelligent?
You're a bit like this one.
I like those TV host curls of yours.
Is that something?
That you make at home,
or do you get them on by mail order?
No, that's TV shop.
And your lips, are they
is it lipgloss?
-Hellfish. We
We have to
get to the fish plant.
-Yes, we agreed to go there.
We have to check if
-Bosse has lied to us, we need to check
-Can't we go later?
-No, we have to go now.
The fish plant will always be there.
But you won't always be here.
Salmander, come on, we have to go now
What do you think?
There are people here.
-Want to leave?
-No, no.
Go on.
The boxes with lice were here.
-Looks like someone's removed them.
-Isn't it a bit late to go to work now?
What are they doing?
Those are human bones.
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