Hell's Kitchen (2005) s16e03 Episode Script

The Yolks on Them

1 (male narrator) Previously on "Hell's Kitchen" For the challenge, the chefs raced in the Crepe Grand Prix.
Who is gonna be first? (narrator) And while Jessica, Aziza, and Shaina got the Red Team off to a fast start That's delicious.
Good job.
(narrator) It was a race to the finish.
One more, one more! (narrator) And it would be Koop and Johnny Delicious, congratulations.
Well done.
(narrator) Who would clinch the men's first victory.
Best feeling in the world.
(narrator) They enjoyed a day on the high seas.
Outside the birth of my two kids, this is the best day of my life.
Whoo! (narrator) Back in Hell's Kitchen - It's gonna bust.
- Oh, [bleep].
(narrator) The women struggled with a nasty punishment, - Ugh! - (narrator) And - [laughing] - (narrator) Jessica.
(Jessica) What's this fish's name gonna be? I'm tired of hearing the sound of Jessica's voice.
- [laughs] - Hee-hee-hee-yaw! (narrator) At dinner service - Four carbonara, two risotto.
- All: Heard, Chef! (narrator) Despite Jessica's inability to make carbonara - That's really loose.
- Why is it so liquid? - It's like [bleep].
- (narrator) And Gia's I'm getting in my mind.
(narrator) Confusion about almost everything.
Chef, we ran out of toffee pudding.
Are you on fish? We need to send the appetizers and entrees - before the dessert, right? - Yes, Chef.
(narrator) The Red Team managed to make a strong comeback, thanks in big part to Kimberly, lamb cooked beautifully.
(narrator) And completed their second - dinner service in a row.
- That's really good.
(narrator) In the Blue kitchen, Aaron's over-dressed salad Hey, young man, where's the finesse? (narrator) Andrew's forgetfulness - on the fish station - Where are we? We're waiting on scallops, Chef.
The scallops aren't even in! Andrew, you're bombing the team.
He's sinking [bleep] Hell's Kitchen! - (narrator) And Genaro's - It's white.
(narrator) Weak performance on the meat station - Would you like another, Chef? - What the [bleep] do you think? How's that even a question? (narrator) Forced Chef Ramsay to take drastic action.
Red Team, come here.
Ladies, take over! Blue Team, get out! Get out! I want to curl up in a ball and cry.
[bleep] [ bleep]! They lose it! (narrator) The men obviously lost and nominated - Genaro - (narrator) And - Aaron.
- (narrator) In the end, it was Genaro.
(narrator) Who was forced to say good-bye to his dream of becoming head chef at Yardbird Southern Table and Bar at The Venetian in Las Vegas.
["Fire" by Ohio Players] Fire Unh, uh The way you walk and talk Really sets me off to a full alarm, child Yes it does When you're hot you're hot You really shoot your shot You're dyn-o-mite, child Yeah The way you squeeze and tease Knocks me to my knees 'Cause I'm smoking, baby, baby Well, I can tell by your game You're gonna start a flame Love, baby, baby Fire Got me burning burning burning Fire Got me burning burning burning That's what I said, child Ow fire Got me burning burning burning (narrator) And now, the continuation of "Hell's Kitchen.
" Now, piss off.
- All: Yes, Chef.
- (Gordon) Ladies, thank you.
(Johnny) Chef definitely made the right decision.
Genaro is a complete piece of [bleep], and I'm glad he's gone.
- Man.
- I'm so sick of this.
Hopefully this will at least get us moving in the right direction.
Dude, I feel so low right now.
I'm not gonna lie.
Can we just let it go for now? I think it's awesome that we're working as a team.
We schooled them today.
And we're gonna keep schooling them until all of those boys are gone.
She's stupid.
Although we are two different teams, we still have to live together, so why rub it in and, you know, make you feel worse? (Johnny) Oh, man, service tonight was like pulling teeth.
- (Andrew) Yeah.
- Not for us.
Sorry, boys.
- Nobody's talking to you.
- [laughs] I don't why you even [bleep] look at me.
Like, just stop talking to me for the rest of this [bleep] season.
[scoffs] Thank you, good.
They're just being bullies because they're salty that they lost.
They can talk as much smack as they want, and they can keep on losing.
(Andrew) I'm not drinking the hater-ade, but Jessica, shut the [bleep] up.
I confess I hate Jessica.
Pretty much, yup, hate her.
She's annoying.
Bitch, you can give aspirin a headache.
(Andrew) Nobody likes you.
- (Jessica) That's not true.
- (Andrew) Nobody likes you.
"That's not true.
" [exhales sharply] I've never dealt with this kind of bullying before, so it's rough.
I don't know if they're intimidated, or they really don't like me now.
It's ridiculous, so just move on.
[dramatic music] (Gordon) Line up, please.
Quick, let's go.
Oh, no.
[laughs] Look at my dining room.
Oh, my God.
How many of you have ever cooked with the ostrich egg? None of you? One ostrich egg is equivalent to two dozen chicken eggs.
That's a big bird to [bleep] out that kind of egg.
For today's challenge, you will (Kimberly) Oh, no.
Not be cooking with ostrich eggs.
[laughter] Thank God.
Instead, you will be cooking with ostrich meat.
Wait a minute, that's way worse than ostrich eggs.
I mean, at least with an egg, I could've done pancakes.
That's what I was planning on doing with that damn egg, is making some pancakes.
(Gordon) I have selected four of the most popular cuts of ostrich meat for all of you to work with.
For the record, I didn't even know ostrich was red meat.
(Gordon) I want each team to prepare eight unique ostrich dishes.
As for the rest of your ingredients, one of you at a time will run into the dining room, select your egg, crack your egg, and reveal an ingredient.
Then place it on your team's board.
Your four minutes starts now! - Come on, G! - Come on, G! Oh, my God! Whoo! - [both laugh] - That's insane.
It's yolk in here.
Gooey, ookey yolk and a lot of it.
- (Jessica) What you got, G? - Both: Parsnips.
- (Johnny) Bread crumbs.
- (Andrew) Come on, Paulie.
(narrator) The teams have just four minutes to crack as many eggs as they can and put the ingredients on their board.
- (Jessica) Corn! Whoo! - (narrator) These will be the only ingredients available to the chefs to use in their ostrich meat dishes.
- (Shaina) What is it? - Oranges.
- Oh, that's so gross.
- (Jessica) Go! (narrator) And they will be able to use as many or as few of the ingredients as they wish.
Come on, stop yolking around.
(Gia) Oh, God.
Throwing these eggs was actually a lot of fun.
- That thing exploded.
- I know.
I saw.
(Koop) Nothing I like more than screwing up the front of the house, then making some bitch server clean it up.
- Go, Aaron! - Let's go, Aaron! - He throws like a girl.
- Go! Come on, Aaron! - Come on, Aaron! - Move! - (Andrew) Kidney beans! - (Jessica) Come on, Wendy.
Whoo! Whiskey.
- (Jessica) Yes.
- Spaghetti.
(Andrew) Good job, keep going, keep going.
- Egg-cellent! - Pomegranate.
- 60 seconds to go.
- (Koop) Come on, come on.
Come on, come on.
- Oh, I got some bacon.
- All: Bacon! Yeah! Sunchokes! I've egged houses before, but I have never seen an egg explode like this.
- It looked like a bomb went off.
- Oh, my God.
- The cleanup for this.
- (Johnny) Bok choy! Girls: Come on, G! - Oh! - [chuckles] (Wendy) G, let us know what it is.
Black garlic.
You can swap them out, don't forget.
You can swap them out.
Do we want to take anything out? No, no! [all shouting] They're yelling at me like, "Oh, no, no.
" [bleep] you, that's the ingredient I want, and I'ma use it.
Ten seconds to go.
Come on! Oh, my God, - I'm getting soaked.
- Capers.
- Take down poblano.
- Five, four (Andrew) Not sunchokes.
I like sunchokes.
- [groans] - (Gordon) Three, two, one - Stop.
- (Jessica) Yeah, ladies.
(Gordon) All of you, grab your proteins.
Your 40 minutes starts now.
Off you go.
(narrator) For this ostrich meat challenge, the chefs have just 40 minutes to create a unique dish combining one cut of meat with any ingredients they choose from their board.
- Bok choy right here, guys.
- Bok choy right here.
Get all the ingredients on the table here first.
Quickly, ladies, let's go.
(narrator) Two chefs from each team will prepare a dish using the same cut of ostrich meat.
Since the Red Team has an extra chef, Heidi, Kimberly, and Heather will each be making a top loin dish.
Take, like, half of this and you, - or what do you want to do? - Yeah.
(narrator) And because the Blue Team has only seven members, Johnny will be cooking both of their ground ostrich meat dishes.
Guys, I'm doing a deconstructed burger - and a chili.
- That sounds great.
What's your plan with this thing? I wanna do skewers.
I've never, ever in my life worked with ostrich anything.
Could I make it into, like, kind of like how we do the steaks, where the pan sear - I can't tell you how to cook it.
- Okay.
[tense music] - Everybody on track, yeah, no? - Yeah, everything's good.
Ladies, we got to win this.
(Aaron) Yeah! - Ten minutes to go, guys.
- Yes, Chef.
(Andrew) Johnny, what do you need help with? I'm all right, man.
I'm just working my chili.
I did my burgers.
Back at home, all I'd do is make burgers, so ground meat is definitely something that I am confident in.
And this is gonna be a challenge that I am gonna kill.
Now we're cooking with fire.
- (Gordon) Two minutes, ladies.
- Heard, Chef.
Oh, my God, I already sliced the pearl.
This is gonna bleed out.
He's more done than I wanted him to be.
60 seconds to go.
I'm really worried.
Excuse me, ladies.
Sorry, too much booty.
- (Gordon) Five, four - Plating.
Behind, behind.
Let's go.
- (Gordon) Three, two, one - Walking, I'm walking, - I'm walking, I'm walking.
- And serve.
Coming up, coming up, coming up.
I've invited two very special guest judges, experts in the field of cooking with exotic meats.
They have one of the most renowned restaurants in the world, the very famous Joe Beef.
Please welcome, all the way from Montreal, Chef David McMillan and Chef Fred Morin.
- Wow.
- Whoo! Gentlemen, good to see you both.
- Thank you.
- Joe Beef, it's the nation's darling when you want some incredible exotic meat.
- Thank you.
- Welcome.
(Ryan) To hear that these world-renowned chefs are coming in and they're gonna eat my food, it's awesome.
I'm feeling good.
Right, Red Team, Blue Team, we ready? Let's start off with the ground ostrich.
Let's go.
(narrator) The best dish in each round will be awarded one point.
For round one, Ryan and Shaina each made one dish, while Johnny has prepared both of the Blue Team's ground meat dishes, since they have fewer members.
- Describe your dish, please.
- Yes, Chef.
I have Indian spiced ostrich meatballs with a whiskey cream sauce and curry cauliflower.
I love this.
I think it's beautiful.
Overall, the flavors work really well.
I would've even put more of this sauce perhaps on the side.
Tastes delicious.
- Very well seasoned.
- Good dish.
Thank you, Chef.
(Devin) Ryan, she's hot.
Honestly she's a [bleep] home run.
I mean, she's a good-looking chick.
- She's got an hourglass figure - [giggles] And that beautiness is coming out, and it's going on her plate.
[romantic jazz music] - (Gordon) Shaina.
- I have the ostrich chili with a sweet cream charred corn.
Presentation's nice, but there's a lot of fat pooling on the top here.
- It's quite oily.
- Kind of freaks me out, yeah.
- Mm-hmm.
- Okay, Johnny.
All right, my first dish is a deconstructed Hawaiian bacon burger, grilled pineapple, bacon.
Bok choy's underneath as well.
I'm perplexed a bit.
- Badly conceptualized.
- [sighs] Johnny, describe your second dish to the gents.
My second dish is chipotle chili with an assortment of peppers.
Looks a bit dry.
It's a bit boring.
It's kids' food.
David, Fred, which one do you prefer? - This one.
- Meatballs are great.
Congratulations, Ryan.
- Good job.
Well done.
- Thank you, Chef.
Thank you.
(Andrew) Johnny should've killed it, you know? You know, he's the burger guy, so that shoulda been right up his alley.
[bleep], sorry, guys.
Top loin, please.
Let's go.
(narrator) In this round, the Red Team has three dishes: Kimberly's pan-roasted top loin with pomegranate demiglace.
- I love this.
I think it's beautiful.
- Thank you, Chef.
(narrator) And Heather's top loin medallions with purple cauliflower puree.
It's a generic, little steak.
(narrator) And Heidi's grilled orange and thyme ostrich top loin.
There's a lot of blood on the plate.
(Gordon) Yeah, it looks like you've slaughtered the ostrich on the plate.
What a shame.
(narrator) From the Blue Team, Koop has prepared a stuffed and seared top loin.
I like that it's tender.
The vegetables are fresh.
Thank you.
(narrator) And Aaron has offered up spaghetti with seared top loin medallions.
I feel like this a dish my 12-year-old would make.
[laughs] Could've come up with a better combination.
- Let's narrow it down.
- Kimberly and Koop.
I give it to Kimberly.
- (Fred) Me too.
- Thank you.
(Gordon) Two, nothing to the Red Team.
Next up, oyster.
Let's go.
(narrator) With the Red Team easily taking the first two rounds, Paulie or Andrew must score their oyster cut dishes, or the Blue will lose the challenge.
(Gordon) Okay, let's start off with, ladies.
(Paulie) Jessica is just an idiot.
That girl is just dumb as the day is long, and Gia doesn't know her elbow from [bleep], so we got this.
Jessica, describe your dish, please, to the gents.
It's pan-seared oyster, creamy polenta with a root veg mix.
- It's tender.
It's good.
- Thank you.
Simple, kind of food you'd pay for, and your vegetables are so satisfying.
- Thank you.
- [whispers] Good job, Jess.
- Okay.
- Gia.
(narrator) Next up are Gia's ostrich skewers with an orange and black garlic barbecue sauce.
When I see it, I want to eat it.
But no salt, no acidity, no spice.
- Andrew.
- (narrator) Looking to score the first point for the Blue Team, Andrew's oyster cut is pan seared with a red wine reduction.
- It's overly simplistic.
- Rudimentary.
[bleep] you, Andrew.
I know what the [bleep] I'm doing in this kitchen.
Obviously you need practice.
(narrator) Paulie has prepared an Asian-themed oyster over rice noodles and vegetables.
The meat is so good.
It's still burning.
- I love it.
- (David) Yeah.
Your ostrich was delicious.
Thank you, Chef.
It's down to Paulie and Jessica.
Tough, I mean, both very good dishes.
- Yeah.
- This is more complete dish, but I do appreciate this.
Gents, unfortunately, I need a winner.
- I don't know, man.
- Um (narrator) In today's ostrich meat challenge, the Blue Team is down by two and must score in this round to stay in the running.
I think this is a more complete dish - Yeah.
- But I do appreciate this.
(narrator) Guest judges David McMillan and Fred Morin from Joe Beef in Montreal have narrowed this round down to Jessica and Paulie.
Yeah, gents, unfortunately, I need a winner.
- I don't know, man.
- Um Personally, I would go with that one, with the It is overall delicious, absolutely.
Thank you, Chef.
Finally a point for the Blue Team.
Well, I win, per-ushe.
I'm Superman.
Always killing it.
[chuckles] Last dish.
Let's go, bring up the pearl.
(Devin) Here we go, last round.
I'm looking at my dish, and I think I got this one.
Let me win.
Devin, let's start off with you.
(narrator) Devin has prepared pearl with mushroom d'Uxelles and sautéed carrots.
It reminded me of a '90s hotel dinner.
But generally it's a standardly good dish.
It's good.
(narrator) Next up is Aziza's pan-seared pearl with polenta and fried spinach.
I'm not for frying greens, but the meat is nurtured.
Matt, describe your dish, please.
I have a grilled ostrich with caramelized carrots, and I also made a Hawaiian pico de gallo.
You have three things that are alone on the plate.
It's like people living together, but not talking to each other at the dinner table while the TV's on, and sadness is on the menu.
[laughter] "It's like three people sitting at a table.
" That don't even make no sense to me.
It's irritating me.
Not only is it irritating, it's embarrassing.
- Wendy.
- (narrator) Up last is Wendy with an herb and garlic pearl with roasted vegetables.
A point for the Red wins the challenge.
- Take a deep breath.
- Meat's cooked well.
- (Gordon) Uh-huh.
- Yeah, it's beautiful meat.
- Say, yes.
- Yes, Wendy.
I need one dish that you prefer.
Uh - I would go for that one.
- Me too.
- 100% Wendy.
Good job.
- Thank you, Chef.
[women cheering] I'm the only one that showed up? (Gordon) Took the Red Team to victory.
I just made my grandma proud of me! It's so redeeming for all those boys to talk all that smack and for us girls to just wipe the [bleep] floor with them.
[sighs] - Thank you, everybody.
- All: Thank you, Chef.
- It's good to see you.
- Thank you so much.
- Good luck.
- Yes, thank you.
[exhales] I know you are flying high after today's victory, and that's good because you'll spend the entire afternoon zip-lining in Big Bear.
- Yes, yes.
- All: Whoo! I've arranged for two luxurious private jets - to take you.
- [women scream] [groans] [grunts, sighs] I'm happy to go in a jet, 'cause I'm already in the [bleep] clouds.
- Be careful of those zip lines.
- All: Yes, Chef.
Whoo! - [bleep].
- (Gordon) Blue Team, while the ladies are having fun on the mountaintop, I'm bringing the mountain to you.
I've arranged for a delivery of raw pine nuts.
[groans] So you're gonna have to open up each pine cone and then pull out the pine nut.
That's gonna be turned into a pesto served tableside at tomorrow night's service.
One more thing, I need all this goo and crap lifted from my dining room, and you know how meticulous Merino is.
- All: Yes, Chef.
- Get started now.
Oh, my God.
Man, [bleep] this whole competition.
[groans] The judges don't know what the [bleep] they're talking about.
That's the problem.
Pisses me off.
I'm a force to be reckoned with inside of a kitchen.
I don't want to sit here and listen to these guys degrading me and talking [bleep].
Oh, my God.
It's just really starting to irk me.
All: Whoo-hoo! Oh, my God.
My first time on a private plane.
- Yes.
- Thank you.
- Oh, it's leather, guys.
- This is amazing.
Not a lot of people get to experience what I'm experiencing.
Wheels up, bitches.
The diva G has arrived.
I knew I would be in a private jet at one point in my life, and after this, I definitely will continue to be on private jets.
[laughs] - Cheers to our victory.
- All: Cheers.
(Andrew) Here comes Captain Happy.
- Marino, how are you? - Not good.
I don't know what the happened here.
Looks like a war.
Where is Matt? - Where's Matt? - Where the [bleep] is Matt? - Did Matt leave? - Are we all in agreeance we don't want Matt here anymore? - Yes.
- (Aaron) We're a team.
Do the punishment with us.
Don't sit back and pout like a little boy.
- Be a man.
- Get Matt.
Go back and get him.
- All: Three, two, one, go, Shai! - Whoo! Oh, my God! I am really trying to hold my bowls, 'cause everything is just about to go.
I can't believe I'm doing this for sport! Whoo! You get up there on that platform, and you're like, "Yeah, I got this," but then you're like, "No, I don't got this.
" [screams] [speaks gibberish] I asked the guy, "Hey, can I just starfish the whole entire way?" - Show off.
- Whoo! Wendy's about to fly.
All: Wendy, Wendy, Wendy.
[buzzes] Like, I feel like there's fire coming out of the back of the thing.
[women cheering] - Oh, my God, catch me.
- All: Whoo! (narrator) While the girls celebrate their time in Big Bear Matt, where the hell have you been? (narrator) Matt's frustration and anger continue to build.
I'ma pack my [bleep] up and roll the [bleep] out of here.
Take the punishment like a man.
[bleep] that, yo.
I'm not doing it.
I don't give a [bleep].
I don't give a [bleep] what nobody says.
I'm not doing it, yo.
- You're bitching about everything.
- [bleep] you.
I'm not on that level.
You know what I mean? You're not gonna sit here and degrade me every [bleep] day and think I'ma sit here and listen to that [bleep].
I'm not a [bleep] boy! You feel like you're too cool for this? Go the [bleep] home.
- Go! Yeah, go! - You know what, fine.
I'm packing my [bleep], and I'm out this [bleep].
Go! Matt, take the punishment like a man.
[bleep] that, you're not gonna sit here and degrade me every [bleep] day and think I'ma sit here and listen - to that [bleep].
Go! - Fine.
I'm packing my [bleep], and I'm out this [bleep].
(narrator) While Matt is looking to make a clean break, the rest of the men One more thing we love to [bleep] do since we've been here.
Well, we're getting really good at it.
(narrator) Are just still cleaning.
- (Aaron) Marino.
- Where is Matt? He said he's packing his stuff and leaving.
- He's leaving? - That's what he told me, Chef.
Matt is not a team player.
He's a coward.
I wouldn't [bleep] in his ear if he was on fire.
Gordon wants to speak to you, wanna come with me? Okay.
He's going home.
You know I'm right.
- He's right there.
- What are you You're not really going, are you? I don't know why he doesn't have his bags with him.
Get to the airport and get out of here.
- [knock on door] - Come in.
Hey, Matt.
How are you feeling? I got to say, man, I just you know, I don't feel like we're getting a fair shake at things.
- What happened? - You know, I felt like some of the dishes, you know, what they were asking for is what they got.
I brought in two experts today that were big successes with exotic meats.
They're gonna call it as they see it.
If you feel that you can't compete and you feel that you aren't good enough to win this, I'm not gonna force you to stay, buddy.
I don't want to quit, Chef.
I just gotta know that I have a fair shake at things.
This journey's about ups and downs, and you're gonna go through some hard times, fun times, sad times, and I think that's a little bit like life.
Yes, Chef.
Now, whatever you want to get out of this competition, you have to stay focused on that.
- Yes, Chef.
- Because the person standing in Vegas That's [bleep] real, and I've gotta find that right person.
- Yes, Chef.
- Keep your head up.
I will, sorry.
Chef Ramsay saved me from walking out.
He's giving me an opportunity to take my life to the next level, so I'm not gonna quit because I'm not a dumbass.
(Andrew) Can you vacuum the rest of it? Yo, man, that's some [bleep].
- I'm sorry, man.
- Come on, man, what the [bleep]? How can you let us down like that? We're out here on our hands and knees? When you put two plates up there [bleep], I feel like you let us down too.
(Andrew) Whoa, stop! Right now, stop it.
Matt, since day one, I knew I didn't like you.
You should just be going up on the block.
Put me on the block, bro.
I can't wait to put you up on that block, because everybody on this team listens to me, and I know that you're going home next.
Are you part of our team or not? I'm part of your team, man.
All right, then, don't let us down like that.
You got to stand up for us too.
(narrator) As both teams get to the kitchens, everyone is hard at work preparing for tonight's dinner service.
[yawns] (narrator) Well, almost everyone.
(Wendy) Notice how she's doing a whole lot of nothing? I've been watching her the whole time.
She picked the lightest thing to do.
- She doesn't like to do crap.
- (Wendy) She does it every day.
It irks me.
Gia, we've got so much stuff to do and so little time to do it that you need to get your ass doing something.
You can't just stand there and hold down the counter.
What you working on? I don't know.
I'm not in the mood right now.
Is [bleep] bad to say that I wouldn't mind losing tonight to get rid of her? - Yup.
- I'm over it.
- Let's go, ladies.
- Yes, Chef.
- Communication, ladies.
- Yes, Chef.
- Noisy kitchen, yes? - Yes, Chef.
Blue Team, let me remind you of something.
- Yes, Chef.
- When we first met, I said, "My God, the Blue Team are vocal.
" "They are strong.
" So I want to hear that tonight in service, talking to each other, yes? - All: Yes, Chef.
- Let's go.
- Si, Chef? - Open Hell's Kitchen, please.
[dramatic music] First guests are arriving, guys.
(narrator) Tonight, in addition to the classic menu I'll try the beef Wellington.
Pan-seared snapper.
(narrator) Chef Ramsay has added a rock shrimp pesto tagliatelle If you flame up, stay away from the gas.
- Okay.
- Okay? You don't want them to both: Catch on fire.
(narrator) To be served tableside by Jessica for the Red Team, and Andrew for the Blue Team.
Here we go, four covers, table 22.
One special tableside, one scallop, two risotto.
- All: Heard, Chef.
- Risotto's on, yes, Matt? Yes, Chef.
(Koop) I'm on hot apps with Matt, but I'm worried where his head is.
- Where's the risotto? - Walking risotto.
If he [bleep] up during service and we lose, I'll nominate him.
Koop, that's way too much But it's delicious.
Just cut down portion size.
That way I can get it out early, yes? - Absolutely, Chef.
- Everybody taste that - [bleep] risotto.
- That's awesome.
(Johnny) Koop, that's good.
Okay, ladies, let's go.
One special app tableside.
- One kale, two scallops.
- All: Yes, Chef.
I'm at the fish station with Kim.
I feel pretty good about Kim, so I know we can knock this out.
- (Ryan) How long, Kimberly? - On my way, Chef.
(Kimberly) Scallops are not easy to cook, especially scallops up to Chef Ramsay's expectations.
(Kimberly) Walking the scallops, Chef.
[tense music] - Kimberly.
- Yes, Chef.
Yeah, you come down.
I'm not coming to you.
- I'm busy.
- I'm sorry, Chef.
- Yes, Chef.
- Yes, you as well.
- So they're overcooked.
- Sorry, Chef.
- The scallops are [bleep].
- Sorry, Chef.
You're not even [bleep] cooking properly.
- Sorry, Chef.
- Re-fire, Chef.
Kim is the fish queen, but raw fish.
You know, now she's doing cooked fish.
There's a difference.
All right, scallops walking out.
- Service, please.
- Teamwork.
(narrator) With Kimberly bouncing back with perfect scallops - We got this.
- Two risotto, how long, please? On your right, Chef.
(narrator) Appetizers are leaving the Red kitchen at a steady pace.
- How long you got, my boy.
- You got 30 seconds - on scallops.
- 30 seconds, Chef.
We go when you're ready, Paulie.
Walk it, walk it, walk it, walk it.
Let's get it up in the window.
Come on, come on.
We're not going slow today.
Let's go.
[tense music] - Hey, Blue Team.
- All: Yes, Chef.
- Blue Team, who cooked these? - I did, Chef.
You get the [bleep] down here.
Yeah, just stop cooking for a minute.
Look, look, look.
Just touch that.
Oh, man, what the [bleep]? I'm not gonna spend the next two hours looking at you like a [bleep] space cadet on drugs.
- Look at me.
Listen and absorb.
- Yes, Chef.
(narrator) While Paulie re-fires his scallops, the Red kitchen has moved on to their first Entree, two sea bass, two lamb.
- (Gia) Yes, Chef.
- (narrator) And they need Gia on the meat to do her part to keep the positive momentum going.
Two lamb, Gia.
- Two lamb! - (Gordon) Let's go.
So I'm putting my first lamb out there.
I'm a little bit scared.
Coming up on your right, Chef, with the lamb.
Are they cooked nicely? Yes, they should be cooked nicely, Chef.
- Thank you.
- (Wendy) At this point, the little evil devil inside of me kind of hopes maybe losing this evening wouldn't be the end of the world.
Ladies, all of you, come here.
It's kind of like the sick and weary behind sometimes for the better of the herd.
(Gordon) Gia, Gia.
(narrator) It's an hour into dinner service, and Gia in the Red kitchen Coming up on your right, Chef, with the lamb.
(narrator) Is nervously hoping her lamb will live up to Chef Ramsay's high standards.
Are they cooked nicely? - Yes, they should be cooked nicely, Chef.
- (Gordon) Thank you.
[tense music] Ladies, all of you, come here.
Gia, Gia.
Lamb's cooked perfectly.
Thank you.
Walking with two salmon.
- Walking with two snapper.
- Service, please.
(narrator) As entrees flow out of the Red kitchen Try that.
(narrator) Over on the Blue side - (Gordon) Paulie.
- Heard.
- Where are we? - (narrator) Paulie on fish is ready with his re-fire.
Hey, visually how do they look sat next to a lobster? (Andrew) That's burnt.
I'm trying desperately hard to make you look good.
- Yes, Chef.
- Now I'm fed up! Yes, Chef.
I'll go do it.
I am a head chef.
I normally don't have to cook on the line.
I'm a little out of practice.
- Why is he yelling at me? - Take a deep breath, home boy.
Take a deep breath, okay? Here, Paulie, I got this pan on for you right now for scallops.
I'm not gonna stand there and let another service go down because I didn't want to step in and help.
- Scallops! - Coming right now, Chef! (Matt) Get rid of that grease.
- Leave them, leave them! - Yes, Chef.
Yes, Chef.
Service, please.
See how easy it flows when we communicate, guys? (narrator) Now that both teams have completed appetizers and moved on to entrees, over in the Red kitchen - Lamb! - (narrator) Gia is working to deliver another exceptional rack of lamb.
Ladies, who cooked the lamb? - Gia.
- It's like [bleep] veal.
It's overcooked.
Absolute [bleep] meltdown.
- Sorry, Chef.
- (Kimberly) She sucks.
We're ready to get her out of our team.
Let's get a re-fire on two of those lamb.
(narrator) With Gia quickly going from hero to zero on the meat station I'm ready to go with the salmon.
- Go! - Go, heard.
Salmon's there.
- Where's the chicken? - 30 seconds, Chef.
(narrator) Devin is running a bit behind with his chicken.
Three minutes now I've been waiting, and the salmon's there.
(Devin) I have one minute, Chef.
I can't serve it to you raw, Chef.
Come on, man.
Take the [bleep] help.
It's more important that we finish this together, bro, - than you do it by yourself.
- All right, exactly.
- There's two of us over here.
- Shh, I'm done.
Let's not shush.
Get over yourself.
Get over yourself.
Where's the chicken, guys? I got the chicken, man! Come on, Devin.
Come on, come on, come on, come on.
- Come on, Devin.
- Here, Chef.
Devin, well done.
Service, please.
(narrator) It appears as though Devin's patience with his chicken has paid off, while back in the Red kitchen, Gia I'm scared to put the [bleep] out now.
(narrator) Is desperate for redemption on the meat station.
[dramatic music] The [bleep] is that? Ugh, look at that.
Hey, hey, hey, ladies.
Do you know what's happened here? I have never, ever in the history of [bleep] "Hell's Kitchen" been given a Wellington's that not even sliced.
It's like some bear [bleep] from the woods.
The most expensive cut anywhere in the world, and look at what he's dumped.
- Who gave me this? - I did.
- [bleep] off, will you? - Let's get a re-fire.
It's not even sliced all the way through.
Sorry, I cut my finger off, Chef.
- Sorry.
- You cut your finger off? Show me.
Should I get the medic? Medic! How bad is it? - It's really bad.
- Get me medic, please.
Are you serious? (Gordon) Oh, man! Oh, my God! - [groans] - Medic! [dramatic music] (narrator) It's two hours into dinner service Sorry, I cut my finger off, Chef.
Are you okay? Medic.
(narrator) And Gia's injury is threatening to stop the Red kitchen in its tracks.
- You cut your finger off? - (Gia) Yes.
Show me.
How bad is it? It's really bad, but it's okay, 'cause I'm working through it.
Gia, if you're [bleep] cut, I don't want your blood all over everything.
- (Gordon) Medic! - (Gia) I don't need a medic.
Stop what you're doing.
Where's the cut? - Where's the cut? - Right here.
- Where? - It's not there.
When you have a cut, it normally bleeds.
- Where's the cut? - I'm squeezing it, Chef.
- It's not gonna bleed.
- Oh, my God.
You're such a drama queen.
Someone need a medic? No, nobody needs a [bleep] medic.
(narrator) While Gia's supposed cut is no longer an issue, over in the Blue kitchen All right, guys, this is the push, okay? We're almost done.
(narrator) Devin and Matt have cut through their issues and are working together to get entrees to the pass for the last two tickets.
We're almost there, home stretch.
You got more smash hot, yeah? Oh, yeah, they're hot.
They're hot.
We're getting stronger.
We're gaining momentum.
(Devin) Where's my mashed potatoes? - Mash right here, sir.
- You got 'em? We're so [bleep] jacked right now that there's nothing gonna stand in our way.
Uh Stop.
- Yes, Chef? - Take a seat.
Please don't kick us out, man.
We're so close, Chef.
So close.
- Take a seat.
- Yes, Chef.
It's burnt.
Just taste that.
I'm talking about a mashed potato, and that pan, yeah, is burnt.
- Smell it.
- Yeah, it's burnt, Chef.
And you wonder why I'm [bleep] off.
Can I have two portions of stunning mashed potatoes? - All: Yes, Chef.
- Hey, come on, new pot.
(Johnny) We are not going down because of these mashed potatoes.
We need to get our heads out of our [bleep] and finish this service.
(narrator) While the Blue Team gets back to work on their final tickets Come on, guys, we're almost done.
(narrator) Out in the dining room This is way overcooked.
- Way overcooked? - Make another one.
(narrator) Marino has confiscated Jessica's first failed dish of the night.
Oh, he's bringing him to me.
- Oh, great.
- Sorry, Chef, tableside, she's making a new one - but I just took it away.
- What's she doing? Look at the pasta.
It's overcooked.
It looks like mush.
- Jessica.
- Yes, Chef? (Gordon) Jessica! I'm getting compliments from everyone in the dining room on how good this dish tastes.
This one was just a fluke.
Just just all of you, taste that.
All of you, dig in and taste it.
And whilst we're doing that, I'm sending two salmon, two Wellington.
Stay there, stay there.
Oh, my salmon's raw.
Salmon's [bleep] raw.
- And wait, hey, look.
- Oh, my God, guys.
Just just just-just touch that.
It won't bite.
The cow's dead.
[bleep] off.
Get out! [bleep] A.
- Get out.
- I could not believe I just got kicked out of the kitchen.
How did we go from two awesome services to the point where Chef's saying, "Get out of there"? Hey, hey, take the entrees.
- Have a little debate - Yes, Chef.
On who's [bleep].
(narrator) As the Red slinks back to the dorm Hey, start strong, finish strong.
(narrator) The Blue Team serves up their last entrees I'd like a bit of speed for the last table.
- Yes, Chef.
- (narrator) And completes their first and best service so far in the competition.
- - Good job.
We didn't get kicked out today.
They did.
Two people got to go up tonight.
Both: Yeah.
We're going right to the problem.
What happened with the lamb? I sucked tonight, but I ain't suck no other night.
- I'm a team player.
- Meat station [bleep] up, and it was a [bleep] domino effect, and we all fell.
(Gia) It's not fair.
Kim has some sorry-ass scallops up there.
You know, Jess [bleep] up.
Nobody sees that, though.
It's just, "Gia [bleep] up the lamb.
" Everybody sit here and think who that next person is, - and that's it.
- (Heather) We gotta talk about I don't expect anybody to volunteer themselves, but who's volunteering themselves to go up tonight? I'll do it.
I'll do it.
I [bleep] up one tagliatelle.
(Jessica) When I nominated myself, it was a respect thing, because I felt everyone on that team should've nominated themselves because we all failed.
Is everybody cool with Gia and Jessica? All: Yes.
- Everybody sure? Agreed? - All: Yes.
(Jessica) I was definitely looking for other people to nominate themselves after me.
The only one that had the balls to nominate herself was me.
I'm just gonna go start getting my [bleep] together, just in case I do go home.
That's defeatist, though, Jess.
Yeah, but I yeah, I got [bleep] everywhere, so I'm gonna go get my [bleep] packed.
Why are you packing your suitcase? I just want to tell her to calm down.
Like, come on, you got to get it together.
Are we really putting Jessica up for one pasta mess up? (Ryan) I think it's hard to put her up for one pasta dish.
- (Shaina) Yeah, I do too.
- I'm on the same page as you.
Yeah, you know, we had problems in fish, you understand what I'm saying? I mean, Kimberly's up there too.
So who would you have sent home tonight? - Kim.
- Kim? Gia [bleep] up on meat big time tonight, but it was not just her.
Kimberly today was a [bleep] disaster.
Jess, don't give up.
You're not going home.
I know he's gonna send her home.
Don't feel bad.
But I just feel that if [bleep] [bleep] on the meat station, we would've won again tonight.
(Gia) Just an FYI, Kim, I'm telling you right now that that was not the only thing.
Yes, I [bleep] up, and I can admit that, okay, but don't don't sit there and start saying you're [bleep], 'cause you [bleep] up too, and not just once.
Don't come at me about that [bleep].
We can sit here and [bleep] argue about this - all [bleep] day.
- We damn sure could.
- Don't come at me - I admitted that! - And I [bleep] up too! - I don't need you to tell me! [overlapping arguing] - [bleep] you! - Get out of here! I ain't [bleep] scared of you! [overlapping arguing] But don't think I don't hear that [bleep] you spitting, bitch.
It's the truth, bitch! Yeah, whatever, whatever.
Yeah, "Whatever, whatever.
" (narrator) In a complete reversal from previous dinner services, tonight the men finished their service, and the women were kicked out of the kitchen and instructed to nominate two chefs for elimination.
Ladies, that was a big step backwards.
I need Red Team's first nominee and why.
Our first nominee is Gia.
She failed to cook the lamb and the Wellington properly, and it just went downhill from there.
Red Team's second nominee and why.
Our second nominee is - Jessica.
- Jessica? She failed on a dish out in the dining room.
Gia, Jessica, step forward, please.
[dramatic music] [exhales sharply] Wow, that was as shock.
Jessica, what's your story? Help me understand.
I actually volunteered myself for tonight.
- Seriously? - 'Cause I did disappoint my team in failing.
- You made one big mistake.
- Yeah.
But you're very keen to volunteer yourself, - which is not a good sign.
- I know, Chef.
I did it because I didn't want all the argument and fighting.
- What's wrong, Heidi? - We weren't even arguing.
We were actually just starting the discussion.
- Seriously? - She has no fight left in her.
- Jessica.
- Yes, Chef? - Are you done? - No, Chef, I am not done.
I just didn't want all the arguing to start.
I'm not an arguer.
I hate arguing.
I lived with that in my family, and I just don't like it.
[exhales deeply] Gia, why do you think you deserve to stay in Hell's Kitchen? I definitely have worked hard any time I'm in the kitchen.
I'm working hard, always ready to help one of my teammates.
I don't never come in here with an attitude.
Kimberly, what is it? What she's telling you, Chef, is a lie.
She does have a nasty attitude.
She doesn't help us a lot.
I'm sorry, Chef.
That is my opinion.
I'm not going home.
I'm not accepting defeat no matter what any of them are saying.
I'm here, and I'm ready to learn.
She's already packed.
I'm not packed.
I'm ready to stay here.
- Who's packed? - She's packed.
I did, Chef.
[bleep] She's ready to go home.
You faked a cut.
It's a tough one.
My decision is [tense music] Gia.
Back in line.
Jessica, you've packed.
You are not ready to head to Vegas.
[crying] I have not got faith in you, and you are not ready to be a head chef.
- Yes, Chef.
- Thank you.
- Thank you, Chef.
- Good night.
[sniffles] (Jessica) I think Gia should've went home over me.
I am a strong cook, and I do belong in this kitchen, but I think my downfall was putting myself up on the chopping block.
Yeah, I shouldn't have done that.
(Gordon) Gia, you have just dodged a bullet.
Now, get out of here.
Gia has no talent, and she should've gone home.
What the [bleep] she gonna do running a restaurant in Vegas? I wouldn't have her run a [bleep] fruit stand outside of a country road.
Women you had your run.
Sorry it stopped at two, but the guys are on the [bleep] way right now.
We climbed up that hill, and we're never stopping.
(Gia) Yes, bitches.
You thought I was gonna be gone.
The bitch is here.
After everything you said, I'm still gonna be in that kitchen chef-ing it up.
(Gordon) A chef who can't handle confrontation is like a boxer who doesn't want to get hit.
Jessica just threw in the towel.
(narrator) Next time on "Hell's Kitchen" - Go, go, go, go, go! - Both: Shrimp! Chicken! - [buzzer sounds] - No! - Cod and goat.
- No! (narrator) Will Chef Ramsay devise a challenge both: Beef and lobster! As if I would make it that easy.
- (narrator) So difficult - It's not sea bass! Sea bass doesn't look like that! - Wrong! - (narrator) That neither team - will be able to complete? - Listen to me! Wrong, wrong, wrong! Wrong! - Just take it! - Come on! (narrator) And when the stress of the competition What, you can't tell anybody what you're doing? You can't communicate to Chef? (narrator) Turns the teams against each other You can't go with your [bleep] best friend.
Why don't you stop trying to rip on people 'cause you feel [bleep] about yourself? (narrator) Find out who is left standing.
It's a competition.
There ain't nobody here to be your friend.
(narrator) All next time on a combustible