Hell's Kitchen (2005) s16e04 Episode Script

Surf Riding & Turf Fighting

1 (male narrator) Previously on "Hell's Kitchen" (man) I am so sick of this.
(narrator) After another stinging dinner service loss by the men I feel so low right now.
- I'm not gonna lie.
- Can we just let it go for now? (narrator) Jessica gleefully rubbed it in.
(Jessica) We schooled them today, and we're gonna keep schooling 'em.
(Johnny) Why try to rub it in and, you know, make you feel worse? (narrator) And Johnny and the boys went on the attack.
(Johnny) Nobody likes you.
(Jessica) That's not true.
(Wendy) They're just being bullies because they're salty that they lost.
(narrator) The next morning Let's go.
(narrator) Everyone took out their frustrations - Whoa.
- Whoo! (narrator) On ostrich eggs.
I'm getting soaked.
It's yolk in here.
Oh! Ookey yolk, and a lot of it.
(narrator) Which had the names of the ingredients - Whiskey.
- Kidney beans.
- (Wendy) Corn.
- (narrator) They would use to cook with their cut of ostrich meat.
" (narrator) Johnny's chipotle chili with an assortment of peppers was a huge disappointment.
It's kids food.
(narrator) But Paulie's Asian-themed oyster over rice noodles kept the men in the game.
- I love it.
- Finally, a point for the Blue Team.
(Paulie) I win, per ushe.
(narrator) As for the Red Team, Gia's bland ostrich skewers lacked flavor.
No salt, no acidity, no spice.
(narrator) But Wendy nailed her herb and garlic pearl with roasted vegetables Beautiful meat.
(narrator) And clinched the victory for the Red Team.
- Good job.
- Thank you, Chef.
(All) Whoo! (Wendy) I just made my grandma proud of me! - (narrator) At dinner service - (Paulie) 30 seconds on the scallops.
(narrator) With some team-wide support Take a deep breath, okay? (narrator) Paulie rocks the fish station Service, please.
(narrator) And led the Blue Team to their first complete service and their first dinner victory.
See how easy it flows when we communicate, guys? (narrator) In the Red kitchen, it was mayhem all night.
Kimberly's over-cooked scallops The scallops are [bleep].
(narrator) Put the Red Team behind.
- Sorry Chef.
- [bleep].
(narrator) Then, after a screw-up on meat - Who gave me this? - I did.
(narrator) Gia claimed that she suffered an injury.
(Gia) Yeah, I cut my finger off, Chef.
Show me.
- Where's the cut? - It's not there.
(Kimberly) Gia, what the [bleep] is going on? (narrator) Then, Jessica delivered a mushy pasta table-side.
- What's she done? - It looked like a mush.
(Shaina) This is nasty.
(narrator) Which was followed by raw salmon and under-cooked meat for the same table.
Touch that.
It won't bite.
The cow's dead.
(narrator) And by then, Chef Ramsay had seen enough.
Get out! (narrator) After service, Gia and Kimberly blamed each other for the horrific service.
Are you [bleep] kidding? [Bleep] [bleep] you [inaudible].
I ain't [bleep] scared of you.
I ain't scared either.
(narrator) The Red ended up only nominating Gia.
(narrator) Because Jessica unbelievably nominated herself.
She has no fight left in her.
She's packed.
(narrator) So for the first time in "Hell's Kitchen" history, Chef Ramsay sent home a chef who was working table-side, ending Jessica's chance of becoming head chef at Yardbird Southern Table & Bar at the Venetian in Las Vegas.
And now, the continuation of "Hell's Kitchen.
" Get out of here.
(Gia) These bitches are savages, yo.
Are you kidding me? I'm a bitch? I'm hard to work with? - Are you [bleep] kidding me? - Yo, I'm hard to work with? - Yo, listen.
- You.
No, no, no.
This is what happens.
There ain't nobody here to be your friend.
You got to bite the bullet, and you got to eat it.
You got to put your phony face on and fall back like it ain't nothing; you got to eat it.
(Gia) No, I'm not gonna let these bitches see me cry.
I'ma come back strong.
Bet that.
- You almost just went home.
- You're right.
Now, I rest my case.
[Ohio Players' "Fire"] Fire Unh, uh The way you walk and talk Really sets me off to a full alarm, child Yes, it does When you're hot, you're hot You really shoot your shot You're dyn-o-mite, child Yeah The way you squeeze and tease Knocks me to my knees 'Cause I'm smoking, baby, baby Well, I can tell by your game You're gonna start a flame Love, baby, baby Fire Got me burning Fire That's what I said, child [dramatic music] (narrator) After Gia's late-night attitude adjustment from Shaina, all the chefs are up early, where they're greeted by Chef Ramsay Let's go.
(narrator) And a massive display of proteins.
(Aziza) As I'm walking into the kitchen, I see all of the proteins lined up.
I'm just like, "What are we gonna do?" And I'm getting excited.
(Gordon) Good morning.
As you can see behind me, there are some amazing proteins.
Now, there is one popular American classic where two proteins share the spotlight, and that is - (All) Surf and turf, Chef.
- I can't hear you.
- (All) Surf and turf, Chef.
- You're absolutely right.
In today's challenge, each team will compete one at a time, and you'll be divided into groups of two.
When I say go, the first team will taste the dish, run into the dining room, find those proteins, run back, and place them next to the dish.
(Shaina) I am a little worried.
My palate is a weak spot for me.
(Gordon) If both proteins are wrong, the light will turn red.
Both right, green.
But if one of your proteins is wrong, the lights will turn yellow.
Here's the bad news.
I am not gonna tell you which one is wrong.
You'll have to figure that out for yourselves.
Oh, no.
(Gordon) You're gonna have to keep going until you identify the correct two proteins on your dish.
The team that identifies the proteins in all four dishes the fastest wins the challenge.
Pair up.
Decide your order.
Let's go.
- Want to go together? - Let's do it.
(Heidi) You know, I'm friends with Ryan, and I trust Ryan's palate.
You don't want to mix it up, two different tastes? I don't think it's gonna matter.
I'm a little aggravated.
Heidi and Ryan kind of was like, "Well, we're gonna go," and I'm like, "It's not about being friends at this point.
It's about pairing two different people together so we can get the win.
" - You don't want to mix it up? You sure? - I'm positive.
(Heidi) Shaina, if you don't have a strong palate, you shouldn't be in this competition.
You need to go with, like, Aaron.
We need the strong with the weak.
(Andrew) I know I got a good palate; I mean, I took classes on palate tasting.
Okay, that's fine.
Our strategy now is to put a stronger with a weaker so we can kind of carry each other.
- Blue Team, you worked it out? - (All) Yes, Chef.
(Gordon) Good.
[Bleep] off to the dorm.
I'll call you back in hopefully 10 minutes.
- All: Yes, Chef.
- Thank you, Chef.
- Red Team, are you ready? - All: Yes, Chef.
(Gordon) Pair number one, stand in front of the dome, please, because your time starts now.
Let's go.
Taste, taste, taste.
(narrator) In today's surf-and-turf identification challenge (woman) Come on, ladies.
(narrator) Heidi and Ryan are up first and must correctly identify both proteins that Chef Ramsay has used to make this surf-and-turf dish.
Crab cake.
Immediately it jumps to my head as crab cake.
That is not quite crab, though.
But I've learned in Hell's Kitchen it's never that simple.
- I had that shrimp.
- 25 seconds gone, Ryan.
- Let's go, ladies.
- (woman) Come on, ladies, let's go.
Look for white meat.
- Get the chicken.
- Come on.
(Shaina) As soon as I saw that plate, I knew what it was.
Let's go with simplicity first.
Get the chicken.
- Have the chicken.
- Chicken? Okay.
Did you see shrimp? (Gordon) Faster, guys, huh? - Shout out.
- Shrimp.
- Chicken.
- One is wrong.
- That's not shrimp.
- Let's change the shrimp.
- Let's grab that turkey.
- Come on, ladies.
Come on, ladies.
Come on, ladies.
- Good.
- Both: Turkey and shrimp.
Come on.
Go back.
Get the chicken.
It's a bird.
It's a bird.
Let's go with chicken already.
- Chicken's right here.
- No.
We already put up chicken.
- Okay.
- Get the chicken.
(Heidi) Shaina should shut up.
It wasn't chicken.
Cornish game hen and shrimp.
(Gordon) Wrong.
Keep going.
- Get the chicken.
- They got the chicken already.
(Wendy) Apparently, Shaina eats a lot of chicken.
- Guinea fowl and shrimp.
- Correct.
Well done.
- Let's go.
- Taste, taste, taste.
Come on.
(woman) Come on, ladies.
(Kimberly) All right, go for the protein.
- I got the fish.
- 2 1/2 minutes gone.
(Kimberly) I have a really, really great palate.
It's bay scallop.
I think it's just one of my gifts.
It's not beef.
(Kimberly) Gia and I did have a falling out last night, and I won't forget it, but I can forgive for today, and hopefully help our team win.
- Let's go, let's go, let's go.
- Elk.
Go for the elk.
Oh, I'm so unfamiliar with that sort of thing.
(Gordon) Come on, come on, come on, girls, speed up.
Just pick this.
Go, go, go, go, go.
Scallop and buffalo, Chef.
One's wrong.
Try elk.
- Come on, Ryan! - Round.
- Shout it out.
- Scallop and elk.
Try the elk.
It's too gamey to be beef.
- 4 minutes gone.
- Hold on, hold on, hold on.
- Wait for me.
- Venison? - Venison and scallops, Chef.
- All: Whoo! (Gordon) All right.
Let's go.
(woman) Come on, Ziz.
(Gordon) Two proteins.
Let's go.
(Shaina) What is this? It sort of kind has that ostrich bland taste.
It's definitely a red meat.
- Right here.
Right here.
- 5 minutes down.
Let's go! - Come on, let's go.
- Ostrich and squid.
- Wrong.
- Lobster and beef.
- Wrong.
- Both: Come on, ladies.
(Aziza) When you're up there, your eyeballs are moving so fast, 'cause you're - trying to get things right.
- Come on, ladies.
- Cod and goat.
- Wrong! - Swordfish and veal.
- Veal and swordfish.
- Wrong! - Elk and frog legs.
(Gordon) No.
(Wendy) Come back and taste it.
Come back and look at it.
Come on, ladies.
For the love of God, hold it up and let us see it.
- (Aziza) Halibut and buffalo.
- Wrong! Come on.
Grab something! - Octopus and trout.
- Surf and surf? - Both: One of them is right.
- One is right.
The dish is surf and turf.
(Heather) Where the [bleep] is the turf? Let's go elk again.
That's the second time you've done elk.
- Both: Bacon and octopus.
- Wrong! - Rabbit and octopus.
- Wrong! (Kimberly) I didn't think that their palates were that bad.
- I was wrong.
- We did kangaroo.
We did buffalo.
We did lamb.
We touched damn near every meat that can be brown.
- What about this? - Hurry up! - Squab and octopus.
- Yes! [cheers] (Aziza) Squab? I don't know what squab is.
I've never even heard of it.
What were you doing? But I'm gonna research that.
I'm gonna research squab.
I'm gonna Google it.
(narrator) After Shaina and Aziza take nearly 8 minutes to identify their proteins, it's up to the last team, Heather and Wendy, to make up lost time.
Somebody taste the meat.
Taste the meat.
(Wendy) It kind of looks like lobster and a filet mignon.
It looks like true surf and turf.
(woman) Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go.
I got it.
Where's the beef? Beef, beef, beef.
Get the lobster.
Let's go.
Lobster in front of you.
Come on! Both: Beef and lobster.
As if I'd make it that easy.
Try it.
It's a trick.
That's definitely not lobster.
Try monkfish.
It's a poor man's lobster.
Try monkfish.
- Monkfish, ladies.
- Swordfish.
- Monkfish.
- Here.
Go, go, go, go, go.
- Elk.
- Monkfish.
(Gordon) One right.
Buffalo and monkfish, Chef.
(All) Yeah.
[bleep] yeah.
- Well done.
- Whoo! (Wendy) Shai and Ziz took up so much time.
I'm really hoping for an act of God to stop them from winning this challenge.
Gentlemen, let me show you the time you have to beat.
- 13.
- 13:41.
[laughs] That's a long-ass time.
Pair number one, your time starts now.
(narrator) With the clock counting down from the women's time, Paulie and Johnny started off for the men.
Looks like a crab cake and some kind of chicken.
It tastes like turkey.
- Interesting.
- Go, run! Run! Turkey, turkey, turkey.
Crab, crab, crab, crab, crab, crab, crab, crab, crab.
(Paulie) I don't think that's crab.
(Andrew) Guys, it's not a crab cake! It's way too easy.
Chef Ramsay's trying to trick us.
It looks like a crab cake.
That's why it's not crab.
All right, so not crab.
Let's do something different here.
(Johnny) It's definitely turkey.
Turkey and shrimp.
- Shrimp.
- One more.
- One's right.
- Take the shrimp back.
- Take the shrimp.
We got this.
Both: Turkey, halibut.
Oh, both wrong.
Both wrong.
So the turkey was wrong, and the shrimp go back.
How can that not be turkey? - Grab the shrimp.
- Stay with the white meat, gentlemen.
- Shrimp.
- Both: Game hen.
One right.
We got the fowl over here too.
- Yeah.
Go fowl.
- The fowl.
The fowl.
Right here.
I got it.
It's got to be one of these freaking birds up here.
Both: Shrimp, fowl.
- Yes.
- Yeah! (man) Go, go, go, go.
Cut that burger in half.
Let's see it.
What's it look like on the inside? - Tough.
It's game meat.
- That's game meat, baby.
Don't eat the [bleep] macaroni.
(man) Don't eat the macaroni.
- It looks like a scallop.
- It looks like a [bleep] scallop.
(All) Go, go, go, go, go.
- Come on.
- Is there venison? - Venison, elk, moose.
- I got venison.
- Go, go, go, go.
- Go venison.
Scallop, venison.
Oh! (man) Let's do it.
(Andrew) First try? Are you kidding me? I mean, I'm not saying anything, but damn, we knocked that out the park.
(Koop) All right, hey, cut that down.
Cut that down.
- Let's see it.
Let's see it.
- It looks chewy.
All I see is dark meat skewers and rice.
It's really, really lean.
- It could be another game.
- Elk is very lean.
(Koop) The other protein kind of sticks out like a sore thumb.
It's got a dark red ring, and it's white in the center.
It's [bleep] octopus.
- Octopus, octopus.
- Yep.
That's what I'm looking for.
- Go, go, go, go, go, go.
- Octopus, kangaroo.
- One's right.
- One's right.
Keep the octopus.
Keep the octopus.
(Koop) We're hunting for red meat now.
- Octopus.
- Both: Elk.
(Gordon) One right.
Come on, Koop.
- Octopus, ostrich.
- No.
Go, run! Pfft, they don't know what squab is, either.
What the hell is a squab? - Octopus, lamb.
- No! (Koop) [bleep].
- Clams and veal.
- Did ostrich.
(Koop) I am winded as [bleep].
I may look like I'm fit, but I'm out of shape.
I run when chased or run to the frigerator and back.
- And we did lamb? - Do squab.
- Come on! - Come on.
Just go with this, [bleep] damn it.
- Octopus, squab.
- Yeah.
- Yeah! Let's go! - Finally.
(narrator) With an uneven number of chefs on the Blue Team, Paulie has volunteered to go twice, pairing up with Matt for the final round.
- Obviously lobster tail.
- That's a filet.
- Filet.
- That's a filet.
(man) Filet and lobster tail, right? - Let's go.
- All right.
(man) Yeah, but that can't be lobster.
That's not lobster.
That's not lobster.
They're [bleep] with ya.
Swordfish! - Swordfish, beef.
- Beef.
- Pull that lobster tail out.
- Good idea to taste.
(Johnny) Yep, piece of fish.
That looks like mackerel.
(Aziza) Yes, please let them take 5 minutes trying to figure this out.
- Try the buffalo.
- Grab halibut.
Both: Buffalo, halibut.
- One right.
- Leave hali no.
That's not halibut.
That's not halibut.
- Elk, halibut.
- Elk, halibut.
(Andrew) Why is nobody listening to me? I know they can hear me.
Get buffalo! We know it's buffalo.
And now all you got to do is find the seafood.
- Come on, let's go.
- Buffalo, sea bass.
It's not sea bass.
Sea bass doesn't look like that.
(Wendy) Yes.
Okay, come on, boys.
Yep, keep bringing up the wrong fish.
- Monkfish.
- Grab the next fish.
- Where's monkfish? - Tilapia.
Buffalo, tilapia.
No! - Buffalo, trout.
- No! - Buffalo, snapper.
- No! - Both: Buffalo, char.
- No.
Grab mackerel, like Aaron keeps saying.
Mackerel, like I've said.
(Gordon) Time's ticking, guys.
Where's the mackerel? Where's the mackerel? (Andrew) Guys, it's a white fish.
(Aaron) It's the fish that's right in the middle.
- That's falling apart.
- Paulie, straight ahead.
- Yes.
- There's trout.
There's trout.
- Listen to me! - Grab something! (Andrew) Grab a fish and come back.
Pick something and go, Paulie! - Come on! - Pick something! (narrator) In today's surf and turf palate challenge Come on, guys.
(narrator) The women identified all the proteins in their dishes in 13:41.
It looks like mackerel.
(narrator) Now, Paulie and Matt are struggling to figure out the surf on the men's last dish before the time runs out.
- Buffalo, swordfish.
- No.
- Both: Buffalo, char.
- No.
- Sea bass.
- Wrong.
- Grab the fish.
- Grab the mackerel! (Aaron) Over.
Right there.
Right there.
Grab that fish right there.
I'm like, "Please don't see the monkfish.
" Please don't see the monkfish.
" - Come on, guys.
- It's a white fish.
- Guys.
- Just come on! - Come on! - What is that? - Both: Buffalo, monkfish.
- Yeah.
(All) Yeah! Whoo! (man) We did it in 9 minutes! All: Start strong, finish strong, go Blue Team! - Whoo! - Whoo! (Gordon) Men, all of you are heading down the coast to San Diego.
(All) Yeah! [bleep].
(Gordon) While there, all of you are gonna be surfing.
(All) Whoo! Get my big ass over that wave.
I have never been surfing before.
It's like I just hit a scratch-off or something like hitting the lottery.
This is [bleep] amazing.
(Gordon) But just to make sure you catch that perfect wave, I'm sending you to the Wave House.
(All) Oh! This place is unique.
It has the best artificial waves in the U.
(All) Whoo.
(Gordon) Say good-bye to the ladies.
(All) Bye, ladies.
Well done.
- Thank you, Chef.
- Take care.
- Whoo-hoo-hoo.
- Surf's up.
Ladies, while the Blue are enjoying the surf, you are all gonna be up to your necks in the turf, because you're gonna be spending all day making the most delicious sausages from scratch.
And Chef Andi is gonna prepare a very special lunch.
Oh, no.
- Off you go.
- Thank you, Chef.
- Damn.
- I'm not eating it.
(Shaina) I'm so frustrated.
Why didn't anybody listen to me when I said to break Heidi and Ryan's group up? When I made the teams, when I was trying to help out, this is why I was saying.
Shai, it wasn't about that.
It was about moving fast.
- That was all it was.
- Listen.
You can't go with your [bleep] best friend.
That's not gonna work.
I was telling you me and Aziza don't have good palates.
Why you think I put Gia and Kim together? It wasn't about palates.
It was about moving.
I didn't know what that [bleep].
Come on.
I didn't know what that protein was, Shai.
- It was about moving.
- It was a palate challenge.
Watching these girls, you know, blow it and then blame me when I got our team off to a great start, it really pisses me off.
(Shaina) Specifically said I don't think that us two should go together.
(Kimberly) It was about hustling; that's why we lost.
Hustle my ass.
Is it going down? I hate you, sausage.
This punishment sucks.
Making sausage till the sun comes up.
(Heather) The boys are out surfing, having a four-star lunch.
I'm here hacking up a pig, grinding him down, and making sausage.
- Ready? - Yes.
(Kimberly) I love, like, bratwurst, really good German, like, love it.
You like the German "sau-siege?" Yeah, I'm Italian.
We do sausage seriously here.
- Ready? - Yeah.
(Kimberly) Churning and making our own sausage is just a lot of work, but I guess a good sausage, you're putting love into it, and hard work and love kind of coincide.
Yeah, you know, I just need a little more meat.
Yeah? Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Hold on.
Stop, stop, stop.
Go, go, go.
Just a little more squeeze.
Is that a good size? We call it "sau-siege" back home.
Hey, yo, check out his "sau-siege.
" Whoa.
(Heidi) That is a beautiful-looking sausage if I do say so myself.
[laughs] I can't.
(All) Yeah.
(man) Welcome to the Wave House, guys.
- You guys excited to ride? - (All) Yeah! - Has anyone done this before? - All: No.
We'll have you hop on the wave.
- All right.
- Sound good? - Yeah.
- Whoo.
Let's hit it.
Let's get it.
(Johnny) I'm so ready to go surfing.
The guy made it look pretty easy.
Why can't I do it? - So, bend your knees.
- I've got long hair.
This hair is built for boards, brah.
(All) Oh! [bleep].
Damn, that looks like that hurts.
Oh, ho, ho.
(All) Oh! [laughter] Yeah.
I watched all these other guys bust their ass.
I'm out there riding the wave in California.
Whoo! Little old Devin from the East Coast.
He can surf.
(All) Oh! (woman) You have to eat whatever's in front of you, okay? - Okay.
- I don't know.
And I don't want to know.
I got the pig feet.
Is that a spider? (woman) Oh, my God.
A tarantula.
Oh, yeah.
I am deathly afraid of big, brown spiders.
(Heather) You got it.
There you go.
(Ryan) Just furry and brown and crunchy.
I think I have testicles.
(woman) Yeah, those look like testicles.
Can I get some hot sauce? Are your [bleep] raw? No, they're actually steamed quite nicely.
They're nice and soft.
Yeah, it's actually quite nice, the texture.
Oh, my God.
[laughs] It wasn't bad.
I kind of liked it.
Mmm, yummy.
Can I get a little more of that sauce? [laughs] So what's your new game plan? Just single one out and get him off? Single one out and make her cry.
Well, you picked Jessica.
I mean, awesome.
Jessica's going down.
(man) Nobody's talking to you.
I don't why you even [bleep] look at me.
Like, just stop talking to me.
(Johnny) Nobody likes you.
- That's not true.
- "That's not true.
" (Johnny) I'm thinking Kim.
[laughs] That voice.
Oh, my God.
It's the worst.
I'm gonna rip her up right now.
[laughter] This is the exact kind of, like, stuff I do.
I just can't wait to make her cry.
- All right, rat face.
- I have a rat face? (Johnny) Go chew on some cheese, rat.
(Johnny) Yo, Splinter.
Shut your rat face.
(Kimberly) [bleep] you, Johnny! - [Bleep] you! - Go join Jess.
[laughter] (Kimberly) The Blue Team is pathetic.
These guys are all sheep.
I am a wolf, and I will bite back.
You can call me whatever the [bleep] you want, 'cause at the end of the day, I outcook (Johnny) It's the end of the day, Splinter.
Why don't you start acting like a gentleman and be respectful to people and stop trying to rip on people 'cause you feel [bleep] about yourself? You think you're gonna be here longer than him? (Kimberly) You know what? I'm gonna at least (Andrew) No, no, it's a question.
Do you think you're gonna be here longer than him? - It's my mission.
- Well, guess what.
Mission unsuccessful.
(Johnny) Yeah, go back in your rat's nest, Splinter.
[bell dings] (narrator) With the doors to Hell's Kitchen just a few hours away from opening Start strong, finish strong, baby.
Yeah, buddy.
(narrator) The Blue Team hopes to keep their winning streak alive.
Everybody feeling good? Everybody feeling confident we're gonna win this? (narrator) While the Red looks to regain some momentum.
- Ladies, good afternoon.
- Chef.
- Good afternoon, Chef.
- Gentlemen, line up, please.
We have a VIP 12 top tonight.
I've decided to split that into two 6s, but we'll treat it as a 12 top.
(All) Yes, Chef.
(Gordon) So tonight, don't overthink it.
Just cook with confidence.
- What are we gonna do tonight? - (All) Cook with confidence.
- I can't hear you.
- All: Cook with confidence! (Gordon) Turn around and tell each other.
(All) Cook with confidence! (Gordon) Good.
Get on your stations.
(All) Yes, Chef.
- Let's go.
All right, Marino.
- Chef.
Open up Hell's Kitchen, please; let's go.
[dramatic music] (narrator) As the dining room quickly fills up, the orders are already being placed.
The pan-seared scallop sounds great.
I'll have the rack of lamb.
(narrator) And the party of 12 friends from a birthing class have arrived.
(Marino) I'll be back in a couple of minutes if you have any questions regarding the menus, okay? Thank you very much.
(narrator) In addition to the classic menu - The carbonara.
- (narrator) Tonight Chef Ramsay will be offering a special mussel and sausage appetizer So olive oil, shallot, and garlic.
(narrator) To be served table-side by Wendy for the Red kitchen and Devin for the Blue kitchen.
An order number 43.
2 scallops, 1 risotto? - All: Yes, Chef.
- Let's go.
- Yes, Chef.
- Heard, Chef.
Ziz, I'll let you know when I'm, like, 4 minutes out for the scallop.
- Heard? - Heard.
- You're doing great.
- Trying.
It is super hard to be away from my little guy right now, but, you know, at the end of the day, I'm here to make our lives better.
Ladies, I'm 5 minutes out with risotto.
- Okay? Ziz, 5 1/2.
- Heard.
- How long for the risotto? - 5 minutes, Chef.
But the scallops are ready when she turns them.
Oh, man.
[bleep] no.
Oh, my God.
Look what we're doing.
I've got more fat in this pan than I have in my fryers.
[whimpers] Oh, man.
(Aziza) I'll start over, Chef.
I'll fix it, Chef, and I won't do it again.
I don't want deep-fried scallops.
You won't get 'em, Chef.
(narrator) While the Red tries to recover from Aziza not only starting the scallops too soon, but deep-frying them as well, in the Blue kitchen, Johnny and Andrew on appetizers (man) Start off strong.
Right now.
(narrator) And Koop on fish are determined to get the Blue off on the right foot.
I want kale salad and two risotto.
- All: Heard.
- Let's go.
You want to do kale salad? I'll do the risotto? Yeah, I got the kale salad.
You got the risotto.
That's what we're gonna do.
We won our challenge.
And we're gonna take that into dinner service.
There's nothing that's gonna stand in our way right now.
- Two risotto.
How long? - 30 seconds on risotto.
- Heard.
Thank you.
- I'm tossing salad now.
(Gordon) Taste, Johnny.
Let's go, Johnny.
- Walking.
- Walking with risotto.
- Kale salad right here, Chef.
- Let's go, Koop.
Come on.
- Walking lobster.
- Heard walking lobster.
(Koop) I'm gonna rock the fish.
I don't think there's a protein on this station I've never cooked before, so I know Blue Team's gonna kill it.
(Gordon) Oh, my God.
Hey, Blue Team, come here.
Blue Team! Come here! Touch that.
- Cold, Chef.
- Cold, Chef.
- It's cold, Chef.
- It's not even warm.
It's just ice cold.
Ice cold lobster.
[bleep] how? - Let's go.
Fix it.
- Come on, get it out.
- Come on, come on.
- Fix it.
Fix it.
Give me 30 seconds.
(Paulie) This is ridiculous, man.
That's the very first ticket.
- Come on, man.
- Walking lobster.
Eight up.
Very nice, that risotto.
- Service, please.
- We got it out.
We can come back.
We're gonna be fine.
(narrator) Now that Koop has bounced back quickly Service, please.
(narrator) Appetizers are now making their way out to satisfy Blue diners.
Oh, that's great.
This is really good.
(narrator) Meanwhile, the Red Team is hoping Aziza has got her act together (Kimberly) Pull the scallops, Ziz.
Pull the scallops.
Seriously, pull 'em.
(narrator) So that they can push out appetizers.
Risotto walking.
(woman) Let's go, guys.
Scallop risotto, yeah? (woman) Chef coming in? Yes.
Very nice, the scallops.
Very nice.
(Aziza) I wasn't trying to add deep-fried scallops to the menu.
It was a mistake, and I'll never do it again.
Pinkie promise.
Come on.
You got it.
(narrator) With a couple of setbacks behind them Get it, girl.
(narrator) Appetizers are now flowing out of both kitchens.
That's good.
(narrator) And both teams are ready for entrées.
- Half the 12 top, yes? - All: Yes, Chef.
Half the table, they're pregnant, okay? So please be careful, yes? (Kimberly) I know how pregnant bitches are.
I used to be pregnant.
I always wanted my food fast, 'cause I was always [bleep] hungry.
(Gordon) Here we go, ladies.
Two salmon, two Wellington, two New York strip.
- All: Yes, Chef.
- Here we go, Blue Team.
Six top, yes? Half the 12 top.
Be careful.
Half the table's pregnant as well.
Entrée: Two salmon, two sea bass, two Wellington.
6 minutes to window.
Yes? (All) Yeah, Chef.
(narrator) With entrées for the 12 top split between both kitchens, timing it critical as Chef Ramsay expects to deliver all of the dishes at the same time.
(Shaina) How long on the garnish? Yo.
Gia, how much time do you need? - Where is my thing? - What thing? (Shaina) How much time do you need, Gia? - Gia! - It's happening now.
2 minutes.
(Heidi) Gia, snap out of it.
Get your head into the game.
- Ladies.
- All: Yes, Chef.
- Is the salmon ready? - Yes.
- Are the Wellingtons ready? - All: Yes, Chef.
What are we waiting for? The garnish.
(Gordon) The fish and meat are ready, but we're waiting on the garnish? - All: Yes, Chef.
- God [bleep].
(Heather) Having to wait on garnish is like a [bleep] sin.
Excuse me.
[bleep] Where's she going? She burnt them, Chef, I think.
You burned the potatoes? No, I put currants in them instead of capers, Chef.
(Gordon) Who told you to put currants in there? (Gia) Nobody, Chef.
I got a million [bleep] going on in my head, Ramsay.
You understand? Give me a minute to absorb this [bleep]! [bleep].
Oh, my God.
(Gia) Like, leave me the [bleep] alone.
(narrator) While Gia tries to catch up with the rest of her kitchen - Baby's hungry.
- Yeah.
- Baby's letting me know.
- My baby's hungry.
(narrator) The pregnant ladies and their guests are starting to get a little impatient.
But back in the Blue kitchen (Andrew) Are you guys ready? Two sea bass and two salmon.
Ready to walk? (narrator) The men are almost ready with their half of the ticket.
(Andrew) I'm walking with your sauce.
Garnish is in the window for two salmon and two Wellington.
(man) Two Wellingtons.
I just have to cut 'em.
Two sea bass going right now.
- Two salmons right there.
- Two salmons to the window.
(Paulie) Let's go, Blue Team.
It's got to go.
We got this.
Hey, hey, Blue Team.
Yes, Chef? Yeah, that's you.
Yeah, you all move.
Move! Don't worry about the sauce.
The [bleep] salmon's still raw.
- Put your finger in there.
- It's raw.
(Gordon) There is no sushi on the menu! (narrator) It's 45 minutes into dinner service.
It's not even pink! It's raw! (narrator) And Koop has delivered undercooked salmon Raw! (narrator) Creating another delay for the 12 top.
I've got a table of pregnant ladies out there now that don't like hanging around feeling uncomfortable in restaurants.
- The baby's hungry.
- Yeah.
At this pace, one of them's gonna give birth soon! Do you need me to come over there and cook that fish? No.
(Koop) I lost my job to come out here.
I go home to no job, so it's time to buckle down and [bleep] fight back.
(narrator) While Koop tries to recover quickly from the mishap with the salmon, back in the Red kitchen Walking with garnish for Wellington and salmon.
(narrator) Gia is finally delivering garnish for the 12 top.
Green beans.
That one's burnt.
So I've got three beans, four beans.
I got 4 1/2 beans per portion.
- I asked, "Was it enough?" - Sorry, Chef.
You can't even cook green beans? Gia's sinking tonight like the "Titanic" on that cold winter's day.
(Gordon) Hey, and you're not even listening.
I am very much listening.
(Gordon) Okay, well let me just tell you something in plain English.
They're saturated in butter, they're overcooked, and you're missing about 1 1/2 portions.
Hey, hey, when you throw your arms in the air like that, what's all that for? No, when I'm try I'm trying to say that I am answering.
- I am focused, I'm listening.
- You are? That's my New York hands.
These are my New York, "Are you [bleep] kidding me? Are you really [bleep] kidding me?" Let's go, then.
Pick it up.
(narrator) With both kitchens at a log jam because of the 12 top, no food is leaving either kitchen.
Is your baby ready to eat? (narrator) And the next delivery may not be an entrée.
Hey, and I don't know if you noticed, but there's nothing coming out of your kitchen.
- Yes, Chef.
- It's all deflated.
- Yes, Chef.
- She's given up.
- It's flat.
There's no drive.
- I haven't given up.
Never given up.
Never given up.
(Gordon) I can't even get green beans out.
You've got to [bleep] speed up.
- All: Yes, Chef.
- I swear to God.
Gia is doing everything wrong, and it's really hard to watch.
I hop up in garnish, and I'm doing as much as I can to kind of try and keep our groove going.
Yo, he's [bleep] riding me for no [bleep] reason, yo.
Keep it together.
Like, he just keeps picking on me.
Like, I did [bleep] nothing wrong.
- You walking with salmon? - Walking with salmon garnish.
(narrator) With Ryan stepping in on garnish - Ryan.
- Yes, Chef.
(Gordon) Well done.
Service, please.
(narrator) The Red Team's entrées are served to their half of the VIP table.
You're getting hungry too? (narrator) While the other half waits on the Blue Team.
- How long? - One minute, Chef.
Okay, letting the rest.
Letting them rest.
I just try to put one dish out where he doesn't say anything, and he just puts it in the window, and it goes.
Just once.
You're good.
You're good.
We're ready to walk.
Coming up now.
- Did the cook walk? - Yes.
That's just 12 top, yes? - Yes, Chef.
- Aaron, nicely cooked.
The New York strip.
Thank you, Chef.
(narrator) With Aaron and the rest of the Blue delivering their share of the entrées Service please.
(narrator) The 12 top has now been completed.
(woman) It's really good.
Walking with Wellington.
- Walking with potatoes.
- Come on, ladies.
We got it.
We got it.
(narrator) And both teams are now sending a steady stream of entrées out of the kitchen.
Last table.
Two sea bass, two Wellington.
- All: Yes, Chef.
- Start strong, finish strong.
Let's go.
As soon as he put this food up, time yourself that, yeah? We are going to complete this service.
Go on Wellington.
Come on.
There was no way I was gonna let these guys go down.
- How long? - 4 minutes, Chef.
He said 4 minutes, so you say 4, okay? 4 minutes, okay.
4 minutes.
- There we go.
- Hey.
Has he found his voice yet? Nope.
He's getting there, though.
You've got to talk.
(Koop) I'm ready on sea bass.
You take yours.
(Gordon) So how long for your Wellington? Come on, Aaron! He's standing there like the Statue of Liberty.
Turn the timer off.
Or is that your alarm clock to wake you up? No, that was my timer, Chef.
(Johnny) Aaron looks like a little scared bunny rabbit.
Grow a pair of [bleep].
This is Hell's Kitchen.
- Garnish is up.
Let's go.
- Walking.
Sea bass, Chef, on your right.
- Where's the Wellington? - They're cold in the middle.
- They're cold in the middle.
- Bring me the Wellington.
I tried.
I begged.
Look at the state of it.
Sliced too early, reheated.
But then look at this.
(man) Burnt.
(Gordon) What is going on in here? Get out.
- [bleep].
- [bleep].
- Come on.
- Get out! (narrator) An hour and a half into a problem-filled dinner service Garnish is up.
Let's go.
(narrator) The Blue Team has managed to get to their last ticket.
The 12 top.
Let's go.
(narrator) But the combination of Aaron's undercooked Wellingtons Look at the state of it.
(narrator) And Koop's overcooked sea bass is just too much to take.
- Get out! - [bleep].
Get out! (Andrew) And it sucks losing.
It sucks to bust my ass and still end up with a loss.
I am [bleep] done.
I've never seen such disarray, and every ticket's been a battle.
[bleep] off to the dorm.
Have a [bleep] good chat, and come up with two nominees.
Again, you're spoiled for choice.
Get out.
(man) The last table.
(narrator) While the men once again take that long walk of shame, the women are hurrying to push out their last ticket.
- Coming up with Wellingtons.
- Wellingtons walking.
All right.
Coming up with garnish.
- Where's the lamb? - Right here.
Lamb is coming, Chef.
Perfectly cooked lamb.
Service, please.
Ladies, clear down.
Well done.
(Gia) I'm glad that the Red Team is finishing service, 'cause I know if we would have lost, you know what? Y'all would have found some [bleep] way to blame me.
What happened on fish? I [bleep] up my times.
I knew - Fish station was - It was frozen.
(Johnny) Yeah, but were throwing up raw fish, man.
(Koop) That was it.
I wasn't ready for it, period.
- Who goes up? - I know it's gonna be me.
- You got it.
- I understand the situation.
I understand my [bleep] ups, but I'm not gonna freak out, because I'll be able to win over Chef Ramsay, and I'll keep my place in this house.
- Who goes up with him? - It's Aaron and Koop for me.
I don't think so.
I'm not going that way.
He's did great tonight, and it's like - He did not do great tonight.
- No, yes, he did.
Yes, he did.
I felt like we had to shout at you so much tonight.
(Andrew) But at the end of the day, he didn't have one refire.
- Everyone else who was working - Yes, he did.
The Wellington.
- Yeah, but - That was the straw.
(Andrew) They want to vote Aaron for elimination.
Aaron did a fabulous job tonight.
How does that make any sense? (Johnny) Okay, you can cook a piece of meat, but you can't tell anybody what you're doing? You can't communicate to chef? You know, I think it's [bleep], you know? - There you go.
- I was on nomination.
And I stepped it the [bleep] up tonight.
He didn't touch any of my meat.
I don't know what the hell's going through the Blue Team's mind right now to nominate me.
I don't deserve this.
I don't want to put Aaron up tonight.
Who would you put up? (Andrew) I'd rather it be Devin going up.
Devin's slipping through the cracks.
He's out of his league, you know? We're in the NBA, he's still in the D League.
- He just doesn't get it.
- Aaron, who do you want to vote for? Devin.
What the [bleep], dude? Really, Aaron? All I heard was you getting yelled at.
Voice, voice, voice.
I've been in the dining room all night while you were [bleep] up and not communicating in the kitchen.
(Paulie) This is a really tough choice.
It's a [bleep] stupid tough choice.
It's horrible that one of you has to go.
I don't want anybody going.
I don't.
(Gordon) Well, wasn't exactly our best performing service, was it? (All) No, Chef.
Blue Team, have you reached a consensus? - All: Yes, Chef.
- Good.
Was it difficult? (All) Yes, Chef.
Johnny, Blue Team's first nominee and why? First nominee is Koop, Chef.
He had trouble putting out fish, and that was where all the problems seem to have started.
And Blue Team's second nominee and why? Second nominee, Chef, is [tense music] Aaron.
Although he did have a couple nice pieces of meat, we consistently have to hold his hand.
Koop, Aaron, step forward.
Koop, why do you think you should stay in Hell's Kitchen, Koop? I love this.
This is exactly where I want to be.
This is what I want to do.
Yes, I have [bleep] up.
Yes, I admit that.
You can only take me at my word, but I will never [bleep] up like that again.
Not once.
I promise.
Are you better than Aaron? Absolutely, Chef.
I am better than Aaron.
(Gordon) His temperatures were spot-on tonight.
His temperatures were spot-on tonight with the help of other cooks.
What does that mean? Did somebody else cooked them for him? They did not cook them, but before they want to the pass, he got extra help to guarantee that they were correct.
Is that true, Aaron? (Aaron) Yes.
I asked Andrew to double-check my meat, 'cause, you know, I don't want it to get sent back, 'cause that would, you know, that (Gordon) Aaron, why do you think you should stay in Hell's Kitchen? (Aaron) I think I should stay in Hell's Kitchen because, you know, I've improved since, you know, when I was on the chopping block last time.
I've improved immensely, and the only thing I need to work on right now is communication.
I need to find my voice more.
How long am I supposed to wait? I'm not sure what I'm, you know, what I'm not sure.
Whew Aaron Yes, Chef? - You can cook.
- Thank you, Chef.
(Gordon) But your lack of confidence may be your undoing.
The person leaving Hell's Kitchen is [tense music] (narrator) The men not only lost dinner service but had the dishonor of being kicked out of the kitchen again.
They've nominated Aaron and Koop for elimination.
The person leaving Hell's Kitchen is [tense music] Gia.
Stand up, young lady, and come over here.
- Oh, man.
- Let me tell you something.
You were already on thin ice coming into this service.
Your brigade your team Have lost faith in you.
You are not ready to step into the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas.
(Gia) I'm in shock.
I don't even know what happened.
I don't know why I'm standing here.
I'm not happy to be leaving under these circumstances.
I think somebody else deserves to be out here.
Who? I don't give a [bleep].
But I wasn't up for elimination, so the person that was up for elimination should be out here.
(Gordon) Koop, get your act together quickly.
- Yes.
I will, Chef.
- Back in line.
Thank you, Chef.
- Aaron.
- Yes, Chef.
(Gordon) Get your head out the sand and start [bleep] communicating.
- Yes, Chef.
- Back in line.
- Ladies.
- Yes, Chef.
I've just done you all a favor.
Get out of here.
(Kimberly) I'm glad that Gia's gone.
She was like a big cancer on your face, and we finally got it removed.
Now we can all be shining pretty again - and do a great job.
- Are you [bleep] kidding me? [bleep] dodged a bullet right there.
Holy [bleep].
I'm ecstatic, but I really got to step my game up, and I really got to be more vocal.
Can you hear me now? (Johnny) You just got a get out of jail free card.
(Koop) This is my life.
This is what I want.
Now is the time to fight back and prove my place, and I will.
(Gordon) I gave Gia a second chance, which proved to be two chances too many.
See ya, Gia.
(narrator) Next time on "Hell's Kitchen" Who do you think you can take down? (narrator) When Chef Ramsay has the chefs call each other out - I'll take Matt.
- Kim.
(Andrew) I was waiting to see who had enough [bleep] to take me.
I got this.
(narrator) Will Andrew's head get so big it can't be contained? Let's go, guys.
Don't overcook 'em.
(Devin) Andrew talks so much [bleep] about how he's so good.
(narrator) Or will anyone be able to burst his bubble? - Just get - Stop yelling, man.
What the [bleep]? (narrator) And when the teams get some last-minute surprise diners Oh, my God.
- Definitely one of my heroes.
- Hi.
Up in Maine, we don't see a lot of superstars.
(narrator) Will the chefs be able to hold it together? - Wake up.
- I am freaking out a little bit.
(narrator) Or will they lose their minds during service?