Hell's Kitchen (2005) s17e03 Episode Script

Tower of Terror

1 MALE NARRATOR: Previously on Hell's Kitchen Your time starts now.
Let's go.
NARRATOR: The all-star chefs competed in a bar-menu challenge to determine who would be safe from elimination.
MICHELLE: I'm making a shrimp and lobster sausage.
I really wanna show Chef Ramsay that I'm better than everyone here.
This is Hell's Kitchen.
Go big or go home.
NARRATOR: After Chef Ramsay narrowed it down to four GORDON: Most outstanding bar dish belongs to - Milly.
- Yeah! NARRATOR: Milly's seafood poutine won him safety on opening night, and a place on the first-ever Hell's Kitchen bar menu.
At the opening night dinner service Come on, Josh.
It's cured salmon.
NARRATOR: The Blue Team overcame Josh's slow start on appetizers.
- Cured salmon, chef.
- Let's go.
NARRATOR: And in spite of an ailing Ben JARED: Whoa, [BLEEP].
You okay? NARRATOR: Who had a few bumps on the fish station.
It's just ice [BLEEP] cold.
NARRATOR: The all-star men rallied around their ill teammate and delivered an impressive service.
That's cooked nicely.
JARED: Good job, guys.
Good recovery, man.
NARRATOR: In the Red kitchen GORDON: Holy [BLEEP].
- Who cooked the salmon? - Chef, I did.
NARRATOR: Manda floundered on the fish station.
GORDON: It's raw.
How does that happen? I [BLEEP] up.
NARRATOR: And when Elise couldn't control the meat station This is what I call a disaster.
Get out! MAN: [BLEEP] Holy [BLEEP].
NARRATOR: The Red Team nominated Elise and Manda.
NARRATOR: But were split on who should ultimately go home.
- Amanda.
- Elise.
- Amanda.
- Elise.
It's 'cause I'm a threat to her.
NARRATOR: But Chef Ramsay had another idea Ben.
I don't think you can go the distance.
- Oh, my God.
- NARRATOR: Ending Ben's dream of becoming the head chef at Gordon Ramsay's Hell's Kitchen restaurant at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.
- Back in the dorms - ELISE: I know I'm in the top four of the chefs on the women's team.
ROBYN: Why you getting attitude with me? ELISE: I'm not getting attitude.
NARRATOR: Tensions quickly escalated between Robyn and Elise.
Jennifer cooked your three [BLEEP] lambs - and every plate came back.
- Guys, why is this happening? You like, "I'm the boss.
I'm the boss.
" I'm Elise.
I'm the boss.
" I wasn't against you.
I was trying to help you today.
Nobody said you was against me.
I made a statement.
Why you so offended about my statement? Crazy and crazier at each other.
ELISE: I'm more motivated than ever.
I'm the bounce-back queen.
ROBYN: I'm glad this'll motivate you.
I'm glad, but we're a team.
ELISE: Why you so offended? You're mad! ROBYN: Do you know why I'm getting mad? Because I know you talk [BLEEP] behind my back saying I only had two [BLEEP] things to cook - and you had four.
- No oh, oh I'm sorry that I couldn't cook your strips.
'Cause that's all you really cooked today.
Are we going there? - Like no, you going there.
- Are we going there? Okay, good.
You had a good dinner service.
Way to bounce back after two [BLEEP] challenges.
Thank you, that's right.
Because I'm the bounce-back queen.
I've been nothing but a team player since I stepped foot in these doors.
You just threw in my face and you said all I did was time Wellingtons.
Are you kidding me? I did have all the other proteins assigned to me besides Wellingtons.
Elise, you are a bitch.
Oh, oh, hold up.
Excuse me.
Don't call me a bitch again.
VAN: I don't know why the girls just can't get along.
Them ratchets.
Ratchet girls.
You had Wellingtons and I had everything else assigned to me.
- That's fine.
- ELISE: Okay.
- Go do you.
Go do you.
- I'm just saying.
I can't - Go do you.
- Why you so offended about my statement? My motivation is offensive to you? I was trying to help you today, but you had a attitude about it.
Where's the alcohol? They're going in circles and circles, and nobody's getting anywhere.
Like, shut up.
So if you wanna see [BLEEP] Brooklyn come out, Sunset Park will come out, but I'm not about that this time.
- MANDA: Robyn.
- She snapped out and said I wasn't a team player.
- Because you dis [BLEEP] - MANDA: Yo, okay, it's enough.
It's enough, it's enough, it's enough.
- ROBYN: Elise - MANDA: Come on, it's enough.
("FIRE" BY OHIO PLAYERS) MAN: Fire Uh, uh When you're hot, you're hot You really shoot your shot You're dyn-o-mite, child, yeah The way you squeeze and tease Knocks me to my knees 'Cause I'm smokin', baby, baby Fire (DRAMATIC MUSIC) NARRATOR: After an intense and draining second night in the dorms JOSH: I think I need some food.
NARRATOR: The chefs are up early, ready to refuel.
ASHLEY: Are you eating a chimichanga? - ASHLEY: Is that what that is? - JOSH: Yeah.
NARRATOR: And tackle Chef Ramsay's next challenge.
Line up, please.
Rise and shine.
- Right, good morning.
- ALL: Good morning, Chef.
- GORDON: How are you feeling? - ALL: Good, Chef.
(VOMITS) - DANA: (LAUGHS) - Oh, my God.
Oh, my [BLEEP].
Josh, what happened? I don't know, Chef.
Maybe vitamins and a chimichanga.
(SOFT LAUGHTER) Vitamins and a chimichanga.
Oh, man, what a mess.
(LAUGHS) - Right, we good? - JOSH: Excuse me.
Yeah, Chef.
Sorry about that.
You know, they say, like, Super Bowl winning quarterbacks throw up in the huddle right before the big game, and then win, so I might have something here.
(CHUCKLES) GORDON: Josh, now that you've tossed your cookies, what is the one quality that every talented chef must possess? It's important to have a great Great palate, Chef.
- Anybody else? - Leadership.
All good answers, but at the core, a chef must be good with their hands.
- Agreed? - ALL: Yes, Chef.
That is what today's challenge is all about.
Before we get started, I'd like to provide a little inspiration.
What this man can do with his hands is truly amazing.
Matthew, come on out.
Who is it? GORDON: Hello, young man.
- (APPLAUSE) - (CHUCKLES) He's so cute.
Welcome to Hell's Kitchen.
Thank you so much for joining us.
Now, this is Matthew, and he is a master at Jocky, please.
Cup stacking.
- ALL: Oh.
- Oh, cups.
GORDON: Trust me, I could go on about his speed, his skill, his dexterity, but, Matthew, why don't you show them? (ROCK MUSIC) Holy [BLEEP].
GORDON: Yeah, literally, this thing is done in no time.
(ROUSING MUSIC) Were you watching closely? Not close enough.
Jocky, Christina, please.
BOTH: Oh, God.
(LAUGHTER) GORDON: What I'd like is one chef from the Blue and one chef from the Red to stack an amazing tower.
The chef that finishes first wins a big advantage for their team in today's challenge.
Who's got fast hands? That's what I wanna know.
Yeah, I'll do it.
I'll do it.
I don't wanna stack cups, and Michelle volunteers.
I mean, she's the youngest.
Maybe she's into that.
- JARED: I think I can do it.
- All right, let's do Jared.
JARED: If an 11-year-old kid can do this, I definitely can do this.
On your mark.
Get set.
Go! ROBYN: Come on, Michelle.
BENJAMIN: Let's go.
It's a race to the end.
- NICK: Come on, Jared.
- VAN: Let's go.
Almost there.
Almost there.
You got it.
VAN: You gotta catch up.
(PLAYFUL MUSIC) Jared, I feel bad for your girlfriend at home.
You better work on your fingers, honey.
JARED: I got it.
Hold on.
Hold on.
Yeah, I got it.
Hold on.
Jared and his sausage fingers.
Ah, [BLEEP].
JOSH: Good thing that wasn't the whole challenge.
I'd have been pretty upset.
(SCATTERED APPLAUSE) [BLEEP] That was terrible.
Oh, boy.
Congratulations, Michelle.
You've just won your team a 30-second advantage in the next challenge.
- Thank you.
- Now, you'll be building a tower of a different kind.
Something more up to your speed.
This incredible seafood tower is made up of four tiers.
On the first tier we have six Santa Barbara spot prawns.
Then we have two incredible lobsters.
I have spent years in kitchens doing nothing but breaking down lobster for hours on end.
I'm not worried about this.
Bring it on.
I got it.
Tier number two: oysters opened beautifully.
For the third tier (EXHALES) Razor clams.
Alongside that, the Alaskan king crab.
And then the fourth tier, Manila clams and sea urchin with caviar on top.
- GORDON: Magic, right? - ALL: Yes, Chef.
So, the first team to complete all four tiers of this incredible seafood tower wins.
Now, clearly an odd number on the Blue Team.
That means one of you guys will go twice.
- Are you ready? - ALL: Yes, Chef.
NARRATOR: In today's seafood tower relay, the Red Team has a 30-second head start as they begin the first tier of their tower.
Team one, get ready.
NARRATOR: And it's up to Ashley and Manda to get out of the gate fast Going in the water.
(SHRIEKS) NARRATOR: Preparing the prawns and lobster.
MANDA: This is a lot of pressure, going first.
We have to maintain that advantage on the Blue because we have to win this challenge.
- Right behind.
- BARBIE: Let's go, ladies.
GORDON: Three, two, go.
NARRATOR: Now the Blue Team is relying on veterans Van and Gio to build the first tier and try to close the gap.
JARED: Yeah, Van.
All right, Gio, keep going.
GIO: I feel pretty good with shellfish.
I work at a seafood restaurant.
Maybe I could get my team a jump start.
All right, I'ma clean this and we're gonna start plating.
- Hurry up, let's go! - Let's go, together! - ELISE: Come on, ladies.
- BARBIE: Let's go, come on.
Come on, come on, come on! (CLAPPING) First, two, four, six.
Two, four, claws.
No seaweed.
Let's go, y'all.
Take it back.
Go get bring it Bring it back.
- This is our chance.
- NICK: We need it right now.
- Come on, come on, come on.
Tier one done.
Let's go.
- ROBYN: Next.
JARED: Come on, go.
BOTH: Go, go, go, go.
We are done.
Next pair.
Let's go.
Go, go, go.
NARRATOR: Van and Giovanni have helped the men's team claw their way back, and cut the women's lead in half.
Team two's in.
Let's go.
NARRATOR: And both teams have moved on to shucking a dozen oysters for the second tier.
Pitting Michelle and Elise on the Red Team MICHELLE: Ah, [BLEEP].
NARRATOR: Against Benjamin and Jared for the Blue.
- You got it, baby.
- Let's go.
BARBIE: All right, they're coming up behind us, guys.
Let's go.
We need to get these oysters shucked, and I look over at Elise and she's working on the ice.
Why am I the only person in our pair shucking all these oysters? No, they're not done.
I need you to release them - from the shell for me.
- Okay.
Where'd you get that shucker? It's in the the thing right in front of you.
Heard that.
Benjamin and I start shucking oysters, but with oysters, you gotta be gentle.
You gotta caress them like a beautiful woman.
Aw, yeah.
Just like that.
There's no foreplay with this.
You just slide it in there.
Come on, baby.
Flip it over, and so you get that beautiful plumpness on the other side.
[GRUNTS] My girlfriend's gonna be so mad.
Come on, ladies.
We gotta go.
One, two, three, four, five.
We need another one.
What? I swear I did enough, - but I guess not.
- They're arguing.
[BLEEP], man.
See if you can get it before me.
- Let's go, let's go! - (ALL CLAPPING) Let's go! Are they released from the shell? Yes, yes, yes.
Great job.
Well done.
Next, let's go.
MANDA: Damn it! Now the boys are ahead of us.
- ALL: Come on! - Let's go, let's go, let's go.
Release, release.
Good job.
Let's go, let's go.
NARRATOR: With the Blue narrowly taking the lead We're ahead right now! [BLEEP], that's hot.
NARRATOR: It's now up to season 14 rivals Nick and Josh for the men, and Dana and Jennifer for the women to prepare four razor clams and four king crab legs.
You guys already lost your lead.
Let's go.
I happen to work at a oyster bar that has seafood towers, so I'm gonna kill it and we're gonna be all set.
Plate this up.
Slice this on the bias.
Come on, Josh! Come on, Nick! NICK: You gotta work faster, Josh.
- Work faster.
- JOSH: Oh.
I'm hoping Josh just won't throw up during this challenge.
(DRAMATIC MUSIC) There's chives and scallions, okay? There's no chives.
Just make sure you're putting the right garnish on the right one.
You don't wanna [BLEEP] it.
She's right.
There is chives.
- There's minced chives.
- All right.
- NICK: Let's go.
- GIO: Let's walk, let's walk.
They're almost done! Crab claws.
One, two, three four.
One, two, three, four.
Great job.
Well done.
- Final tier.
- Come on, let's run it.
(WOMEN SHOUTING) Chives on there.
Good job, let's go.
NARRATOR: As both teams start their final tier Come on, guys.
They're catching up.
NARRATOR: The Blue Team is clinging to a slight lead - Be careful opening them.
- Oui, Chef.
NARRATOR: And it has all come down to Barbie and Robyn ROBYN: Get the uni on.
NARRATOR: Versus Milly and Benjamin I need a spoon.
NARRATOR: In a race to complete their towers by serving six Manila clams and three sea urchin corals with caviar.
Six clams, Chef.
Six clams, Chef.
JARED: Milly, I want soft fingers.
MILLY: Right now, you know, we in a race to the finish.
I wanna be in the last lap because I know I'm gonna turn up.
Let's go! JOSH: Come on! Robyn, plate that and walk to Barbie.
MANDA: We can't afford to lose again.
We are relying on these girls to bring this home.
They have to close that gap.
One more clam, guys.
(ALL CHEERING) - Come on, they're catching up! - Come on! JARED: They're catching up fast! ALL: (OVERLAPPING SHOUTING) Sea urchins, let's go.
Let's go! Send it.
Come on, send it! We gotta get it right on the first try.
That's the [BLEEP] key here.
I'm gonna pass out.
Sea urchin, Manila clam.
Missing something.
NARRATOR: In Chef Ramsay's seafood tower relay Ladies, come on! NARRATOR: Both of the all-star teams are racing to be the first to prepare four tiers of shellfish.
One more tier to go, girls.
Well done.
NARRATOR: With the final round neck and neck Send it! Come on, send it! NARRATOR: Milly and Benjamin are on their way to deliver what they hope will be the challenge-winning final tier.
Sea urchins, let's go.
Sea urchin, Manila clam.
Chef Ramsay, please say this is right.
One, two, three Missing something.
Two, four, six.
Congratulations! (ALL CHEERING AND SHOUTING) GORDON: Final tier.
(VICTORIOUS MUSIC) In your [BLEEP] face, girls.
We may have lost the battle with the stupid [BLEEP] cup stacking, but when it comes down to [BLEEP] business, we won the war.
- Whoo! Whoo! - Boom, baby! MILLY: Huh! Wow.
Blue Team, what a comeback.
All of you are going to enjoy one of the most sought after seafood towers in the country.
- Yes.
- That's right.
Shortly, you'll be dining at the most exquisite Maestro's Ocean Club in Malibu.
- Excited? - ALL: Yes, Chef.
After you've dined, I've invited some very special guests.
They're gonna join you on the beach.
You'll find out who they are when you get there.
JARED: (LAUGHS) Head up to the dorm, get changed, - and well done.
- ALL: Thank you, Chef.
Ah, man, Blue Team, two wins in a row.
Two challenges in a row.
I'm so excited.
Malibu-ya! Oh, ladies, while the men are feasting on their incredible tower of seafood, your day's gonna be slightly less glamorous.
There'll be a shellfish station tableside for tonight's big service, and you'll be prepping over 100 pounds of seafood arriving any minute now.
After you do that, you'll need to prep both kitchens ahead of tonight's dinner service.
- Is that clear? - ALL: Yes, Chef.
(CAR HORN HONKS) Off you go.
(HORN HONKING) ELISE: The Red Team is not cohesive as a unit at this point.
We can't get on the same page.
We can't get our rhythm.
We need to fix that.
- DANA: Oh, my God.
- MANDA: Wow.
MICHELLE: There's two pallet's of stuff.
JENNIFER: We're gonna be doing this for a while.
(UPBEAT MUSIC) I like the green.
It's very sleek.
Very Malibu of you.
Much better.
Yeah, good, my skinny jeans? Being a little whore.
You like that? Oh, [BLEEP].
Maybe I'll start twerking.
(LAUGHS) - Invoice.
- JENNIFER: Check the invoice.
We need eight sea asparagus, 10 25-pound bags of ice, 36 East Coast oysters.
Here's oysters.
Michelle, can you mark those "East Coast"? MANDA: Here's Barbie, she's got her clipboard in her hand, and she's checking off things.
Like, who do you think you are? ELISE: This feels very disorganized.
Everybody, wait one second, please.
This feels very disorganized, just like dinner service.
Can we all get on one page? JARED: Hell, yeah, baby! Whoo! VAN: Aye! (LAUGHS) What's up, girls? Y'all have fun today.
JENNIFER: Keep getting cocky, guys.
- BOTH: Bye, y'all.
- ROBYN: Don't get sick.
- See you later.
- VAN: Peace! BARBIE: Right up top, there's one case of lemons.
(GASPS) I knew it.
Stupid box.
NARRATOR: While the Red sours on their punishment, the Blue Team is ready to savor the sweet bounty of the sea.
- BOTH: Oh, yes! - NICK: Damn.
JARED: Look at that beach.
It's pristine.
NICK: Wow.
This is amazing.
- BOTH: Whoo! - JARED: Chef Jocky! MILLY: Oh! (ALL CHEER) - How's it going? - NICK: Hello, Chef.
- Good to see you.
- I couldn't let you celebrate on your own.
Man, Chef Jocky walk in the building, bro.
It's about to be a great time.
- Good challenge today, yeah? - (OVERLAPPING AGREEMENTS) - NICK: Oh, damn.
- ALL: Oh.
- NICK: Damn.
- JARED: That's nice.
I got a shellfish tower, tuna tartare, crab cakes.
Muah! Just don't throw up, please.
(LAUGHTER) We can really feel, like, you on our side.
- You want us to win.
- Well, that's why I'm here.
I'm not here to massage anyone's egos, and I want you guys to be the best, so when you get rewards like this it's definitely worth it.
MILLY: Oh, yeah.
- NICK: Whoa! - Hey, guys! - ALL: Hey! - JOSH: It's Marino.
- Did you enjoy your meal? - BOTH: Yeah! MARINO: Okay, so, guys, now we are gonna go to the beach.
We are gonna go and play some soccer.
GIO: Soccer? That means a lot of running.
I don't know if he's looked at us right yet, but I don't think we look like the running type.
- VAN: Let's go.
- MARINO: Follow me.
(UPBEAT MUSIC) So, guys, wanted to introduce you to some friends of mine, Alyssa Naeher and Julie Johnston.
2015 World Cup soccer champions, - 2016 Olympians as well.
Julie and Alyssa, they're the best in the world.
My girls just idolize them.
All right, game time.
BENJAMIN: To actually play soccer with them is just a great experience.
- (LAUGHS) - She's, like, laughing at us.
- Like, this is the best thing.
- JULIE: Oh.
We're a bunch of chefs that are out of shape.
- GIO: Oh, Nicky.
- (GRUNTS) We all don't work out.
JARED: Hey, the goal's that way, man.
We're not used to this [BLEEP].
MILLY: You gotta watch Jocky.
Bend it like Beckham.
NARRATOR: While Chef Jocky's skills out of the kitchen surprise the Blue Team, Chef Christina is ready with a surprise of her own for the Red Team.
Chef Ramsay has prepared for you a very special lunch.
MICHELLE: Oh, my God, what is that? JENNIFER: That's pretty gross.
ASHLEY: Oh, no ugh, oh, it stinks.
MANDA: Mm-mm, I'm gonna vomit just looking at it.
This thing has baby fish and crunchy shells and oh, no.
It feels like little legs going down.
DANA: This is leftover creme brulee base with fish food in it.
Just stop talking.
It looks like little noodles.
BARBIE: I just need you guys to stop talking about it, okay? I can't.
I feel like that's worms or something.
(VOMITS) Just stop talking! Oh, my God.
Elise, you didn't try any.
I'm just not as adventurous as you.
(TENSE MUSIC) - Did you guys finish? - ALL: Yes, chef.
Did everybody have some? (DRAMATIC MUSIC) BOTH: Yes, Chef.
You took a bite? Elise, do not lie to Chef Christina.
- I did.
- [BLEEP].
I did.
All right, you guys are gonna line up and I'm gonna smell your breath.
- Are you serious? - Yeah, I'm serious.
'Cause if you're lying to me, it's gonna be an issue.
Come on.
- Come on.
Chef Christina is not playing.
Look at me and tell me you took a bite.
(EXHALES) (DRAMATIC MUSIC) NARRATOR: While most of the Red has finished off their punishing lunch - Go.
- NARRATOR: One chef's lack of commitment has Christina sniffing for the truth.
Look at me and tell me you took a bite.
- Don't lie to me.
- I did.
I took a bite of the broth.
I didn't chew up the fish.
- A bite of the broth? - Yes.
You need to take one more bite while I watch.
CHRISTINA: Everybody else did.
Team win, team loss.
You know? I'm watching.
All right, thank you.
Back in the kitchen.
DANA: Somebody had to sit back down and take another bite of their delicious lunch.
ELISE: That is disgusting.
Yay, teamwork.
Hello, ladies.
Ah, they got soccer balls.
VAN: What's up, girls? How was lunch? (LAUGHTER) They're on cloud nine.
The boys thinking they're hot as [BLEEP].
Whatever, man.
Walk away.
NARRATOR: The men are back in Hell's Kitchen and ready to keep the ball rolling.
- JARED: Let's go, boys.
- NARRATOR: While in the Red Kitchen - MANDA: Ashley.
- Yo? - You're talking to me, right? - Yep.
- MANDA: Okay.
- NARRATOR: The women are still just trying to come together as a team.
Look at these.
They're all They're all at angles.
- Who cut these scallops today? - BARBIE: I did.
What happened? I just cut 'em.
They're not even.
They're not even.
Come here.
They're not even.
Like, I'm straight up not lying to you.
They're not even.
Some of these are angles, and it's gonna [BLEEP] us.
- Just that's gonna [BLEEP] us.
- All right.
ROBYN: I think everyone is really getting sick of Barbie's [BLEEP].
She's not taking ownership or responsibility for any of her mistakes.
You older than all of us, girl.
Grow up.
So when it comes down to it, we throw her under the bus.
Remember that.
- GORDON: Ladies, line up, please.
- ALL: Yes, Chef.
- GORDON: Let's go.
- Line up, Robyn.
Gentlemen, line up, please.
JARED: Line up, guys.
After 16 seasons, there were many choices running through my head, but there was one quality that I had to have in every single individual coming back, and that is passion.
And I know that each and every one of you possess that.
You have that in your DNA.
And that's what I want you to cook with tonight.
- Yes, Chef.
- Passion.
ALL: Yes, Chef.
What do I want you to cook with? - ALL: Passion, Chef.
- GORDON: I can't hear you.
ALL: Passion, Chef! Get on your stations.
Set up for success.
- GORDON: Let's go.
- ALL: Yes, Chef.
- GORDON: Marino.
- Yes, Chef? - Open Hell's Kitchen, please.
- Yes, Chef.
NARRATOR: Once again, it's a jam-packed night at Hell's Kitchen.
- Thank you.
- Prego.
ALL: Cheers.
NARRATOR: And as the dining room quickly fills, orders are already being placed.
- JOCKY: How are we feeling, guys? - ALL: Good, chef.
- ELISE: You okay? - MANDA: Yeah.
- ELISE: All right.
- BOTH: Let's get this.
NARRATOR: In addition to the regular menu Presentation is important, so just make it look pretty.
NARRATOR: Chef Ramsay has added a fresh seafood appetizer to be served tableside by Michelle for the Red and Giovanni for the Blue Team.
All right, orders about to come in, ladies.
- We got this.
- First ticket in.
- First ticket, guys.
- GORDON: Our wonderful USA female soccer team, table 23, one seafood special, one risotto, two flatbread.
- ALL: Yes, Chef.
- GORDON: Let's go.
Risotto, eight minutes.
- Give it 7 1/2 minutes.
- 7 1/2 minutes.
The first ticket is for the VIP soccer players, so it's super important that we get the apps out quickly.
They are super talented, and I wanna show 'em that I am too.
NICK: Flat bread right now.
Heads up.
- GORDON: Risotto? - Risotto, Chef.
- GORDON: How's that? - Good.
GORDON: Send it.
Let's go.
Nobody doing it alone.
Nobody doing it alone, y'all.
- MILLY: Let's go.
- NARRATOR: The Blue Team's day of bonding seems to have paid off.
- Risotto.
- Come on, come on, come on.
- Run, run, run, run.
- NICK: Yes, Chef.
NARRATOR: As season 14 Nick and season seven Benjamin deliver the first three tickets of appetizers - GORDON: 22, yes? - NARRATOR: To rave reviews.
- WOMAN: How's the risotto? - Amazing.
Strong start.
Not fall apart, yes? - Yes, Chef.
- Let's go.
NARRATOR: Meanwhile, in the Red kitchen How long are you guys on scallops? Walking right now.
NARRATOR: Dana and Elise are successfully keeping pace with their appetizers.
- Greenleaf salad, where is it? - In my hands, Chef.
Guys, come on.
We got this.
Doing great, ladies.
Keep communicating.
NARRATOR: Now, Ashley and Barbie attempt to keep the momentum going with the entrees.
Entree: two lamb, two New York strip.
- BARBIE: Two lamb, two strip.
- BOTH: Yes, Chef.
GORDON: Render that fat down.
Let's go.
- Please.
- BARBIE: Yes, Chef.
Gar garnish? - MANDA: Yes.
- Amand Manda.
- BARBIE: How long on two strip? - Uh, two minutes.
Two minutes.
Don't forget the roasted garlic.
Don't forget the cherry tomatoes.
- MANDA: They're right here, babe.
- BARBIE: All right.
Our team is full of very strong women.
French fries up.
But at the end of the day, if someone else is being more vocal than you, let them lead.
GORDON: Earth to Ashley.
What are you doing now? - GORDON: Barbie.
- Yes, Chef? What is Ashley doing? - She's looking at her watch.
- No, I'm sorry, Chef.
Hey, come here.
Come here.
Hey, you got an appointment nails? - No, Chef, I do not.
- Hey, hello? Hey, take her to the nail bar.
Open the door.
Take her to the bar.
Get her nails done.
- No, no - She's a little bit late for the date.
[BLEEP] off.
This is complete and utter [BLEEP].
- Shake it off.
- All right, can I go back now, - please? - No.
Lamb is walking right now, Chef.
GORDON: Barbie.
(DRAMATIC MUSIC) NARRATOR: It's 45 minutes into dinner service, and the Red Team is off to a strong start.
- This is really good, huh? - NARRATOR: Except for GORDON: Earth to Ashley.
- Hey, got an appointment nails? - No, Chef, I do not.
Hey, hello? Take her to the bar.
Get her nails done.
She's a little bit late - for the date.
- No, no.
NARRATOR: And it's now up to Barbie to pick up the slack on the meat station.
- Lamb.
- WOMAN: How long on halibut? BARBIE: Lamb is walking right now, Chef.
Barbie lamb beautifully cooked.
Thank you, Chef.
GORDON: On order, four covers, table 33.
One salmon, one lamb, one duck, one Wellington.
BOTH: One salmon, one lamb.
One duck, one Wellington.
Say it back.
Sing it.
One salmon, one lamb, one duck, one Wellington.
Sing it! (ALL TALKING AT ONCE) - What's going next? - One salmon, one lamb, - one duck, one Wellington.
- GORDON: Tell her! One salmon, one lamb, one duck, one Wellington.
What's going on with the duck? Salmon, lamb, duck, Wellington.
NARRATOR: As the Red Team tries to stay in tune, over in the Blue kitchen, with Milly and Josh manning the meat station - and Van cooking fish - I'm ready.
NARRATOR: The men have moved on to entrees.
GORDON: On order, two beef Wellington, one Salmon - JOSH: Nick.
- NICK: Have to go by station.
Josh! What did I just say? I was cooking, Chef.
I didn't hear you.
Oh, you were cooking? Well, thank you for that.
Wellington's in, please.
- MILLY: Yes, Chef.
- GORDON: Thank you.
If I'm gonna be a leader, I gotta drive.
Walk garnish in two minutes, bro.
JARED: All right, I got you, Milly.
MILLY: Heard that.
I gotta be the rock.
- Where is the Wellington? - Right here, Chef.
Come on! I gotta go.
- I gotta go.
- MILLY: Here's the Wellington.
Speed up, Milly.
In the middle of the plate.
GORDON: Beautifully cooked, Milly.
- Thank you, Chef.
- Salmon.
- I need the salmon, bro.
- VAN: I know, I know.
Can I baste the salmon for you, please? VAN: I'm good, bro, I got it.
- It just needs to cook.
- Salmon, please.
- All right, we're going.
- We need them salmons, baby.
I wanna work like a team.
I don't wanna just push you out the [BLEEP] way and do it myself because for real for real that's what the [BLEEP] I'm gonna wind up doing.
- JOCKY: Salmon? - VAN: Coming right now.
Salmon right now.
Here we go, Chef.
- Salmon, beautifully cooked.
- Way to take that extra minute.
NARRATOR: With strong leadership from both Milly and Van, the Blue Team continues their solid service - Phenomenal? - Phenomenal.
- So good.
- Both dishes are incredible.
NARRATOR: While in the Red kitchen, Ashley has rejoined her team as they try to keep up with the men.
- I need you with me, all right? - I got it, I got it, I got it.
- All right? - Salmon, lamb, duck, Wellington.
Anything? Are you ready with the proteins? I'm ready with the proteins, Chef.
GORDON: Oh, my God.
And the garnish is not? - No, Chef.
- GORDON: Manda? - Yes, Chef? - We're dragging! - MANDA: I understand that, Chef.
- GORDON: Hey! I am literally watching meat die because garnish isn't ready.
Can I have the [BLEEP] garnish, young lady? - MANDA: Yes, Chef.
- ROBYN: Can I run the salmon? You got it? Need any help? NANDA: Fennel for the salmon.
All right, fennel for the salmon, Chef.
GORDON: Hey, just Just touch that.
Come here, come here.
Just touch the salmon.
- Touch the salmon.
- ROBYN: Sorry, Chef.
GORDON: Garnish is not ready.
All the meat ready, and Manda can't even get her head round two tables at the same [BLEEP] time.
If it's my fault, I'm gonna admit to it, but it's not my fault.
It's Manda.
GORDON: You interested, Ashley? Psst! Psst! Watch your nails.
Watch your nails.
Oh, my God.
I don't know what the [BLEEP] I'm here for.
GORDON: Blue Team: two halibut, two lamb.
- You walking two halibut? - Walking two halibut.
JARED: Lamb garnish on your left.
Where's the [BLEEP] lamb? - VAN: Come on, guys.
- MILLY: How long do you need? I would say about one minute.
MILLY: Come on, we gotta get this up there, y'all.
Come on, guys.
Get the lamb up.
Is this hotter? JARED: Josh, leave it down.
Just baste it.
Make sure that skin's crispy.
I am here to make sure Josh is the master baster.
- Guys, keep basting.
- Don't stop.
- Lamb? - Do whatever you got to - to get that done.
- Walking lamb.
There's the board.
GORDON: Send it.
Let's go.
- MILLY: Let's go, baby.
- (LAUGHS) - Let's go, let's go.
- I'm a master baster.
I master baste the best, baby.
NARRATOR: With Josh's quick recovery on lamb Push, push, push.
Come on, let's go.
NARRATOR: The Blue refuses to slow down.
JARED: Hustle, guys.
Let's hustle.
NARRATOR: While in the Red kitchen, the ladies rush to deliver to re-fire on their Duck, beef, salmon, lamb, how long now? Lamb coming in two minutes.
- ROBYN: How long on the salmon? - I can't talk to you right now, I'm talking to Chef.
Don't interrupt me.
ROBYN: Barbie's still the same Barbie from season ten.
I haven't dropped my salmon yet, I need to know how long is lamb.
Two minutes.
ROBYN: The way she speaks to people, and the way she cuts people down, it's disgusting.
Barbie, please try to be accurate with your times, please.
BARBIE: Please try to learn how to cook fish.
[BLEEP] off.
- [BLEEP] off, bitch.
- I need to know - when that lamb's walking.
- ELISE: How long on lamb? I can run garnish.
- Now? - BARBIE: Run garnish yes.
ASHLEY: Walking Wellington.
ROBYN: For the salmon, guys.
- MANDA: Right behind you, Chef.
- Where's the lamb? BARBIE: Lamb.
Oh, [BLEEP] me.
Hey, just just come here.
All of you, come here.
Out the gate, strong.
Overcooked duck, chewed lamb, [BLEEP] everywhere, and salmon, when those white bits start coming out the side, what does that mean? ALL: Overcooked.
- Last chance! - ALL: Yes, Chef.
I am this far from kicking you all out! Last chance! NARRATOR: As the Red Team teeters on the brink of disaster Just calm down, please.
NARRATOR: In the Blue kitchen, the men are driving toward the finish.
I'm walking two Wellington.
Come on, Blue Team.
Let's go! - We go this! - We gotta beat them in service.
- We're working, right? - Oui, Chef.
- MILLY: Let's go, Jared.
- Two salmon walking to the pass.
Salmon, please.
It's great.
It's great.
It's amazing.
It's really good.
- ROBYN: Walking with garnish.
- JENNIFER: Walking right now.
Walking Welly, walking Welly.
Walking out with beef and duck.
Go, go, go, go.
John, go.
NARRATOR: The ladies have finally delivered their re-fired order.
Two lobster Wellington, two halibut.
BARBIE: Two halibut, two lobster Wellington.
- Yes.
- NARRATOR: And are attempting to finish strong.
How long do you need on halibut? Give me about three more minutes, all right? - Heard? - Three minutes on the halibut.
We are gonna bounce back.
We got this.
We got this dinner service right now.
- Come on.
- Halibut? Walking now, Chef.
Two halibut on the left-hand side.
Two lobster Wellington, how long? - ASHLEY: Coming right now.
- ROBYN: Coming right now, Chef.
Lobster Welly's walking.
Two lobster Welly.
- Lobster Welly.
- Excuse me, the broth.
Excuse me.
Shut the [BLEEP] up.
Ugh, he's coming back.
- GORDON: Blue Team.
- BENJAMIN: Yes, Chef? GORDON: Blue Team, get over here.
- JARED: Guys, come on.
- JOSH: Come on, guys.
- Gio, Nick, you stay.
- [BLEEP], this is not good.
Hey, who cooked - the lobster Wellington? - ASHLEY: Me, Chef.
It is so overcooked, it's got [BLEEP] holes in there.
Oh, this is horrible.
And then, look.
Ice cold halibut in the center again.
Get the [BLEEP] out! (TENSE MUSIC) NARRATOR: Although they started strong, the Red Team has had a streak of careless mistakes.
Ice cold halibut in the center again.
NARRATOR: And Chef Ramsay has had enough.
Get the [BLEEP] out! Blue Team, take over! ALL: Yes, Chef.
Van, two halibut, please.
Two halibut, coming right now.
Again! What happened? The fact that we couldn't finish two dinner services in a row is just terrible.
It seems like we're almost taking a step back at this point.
It is worse than last night! I asked you for passion.
I asked for dedication.
I asked to get in the game! And you can't even switch it on.
Do me a favor: get upstairs and come back with two names.
Now [BLEEP] off, will you? Disgusting.
ROBYN: You and me? We're done.
You don't put someone you don't knock down your team members.
- You don't say - BARBIE: I didn't knock you down.
Yes, you said, "Oh, maybe if you knew" "how to cook fish.
" You don't do that.
Barbie sandbagged the whole team today.
And that makes you a pathetic individual.
Barbie, this time I'm serious.
We're done.
I don't understand what that means.
NARRATOR: While the women try to understand each other - How long, Milly? - I'm ready.
NARRATOR: The Blue Team is quickly delivering food from both kitchens to the diners.
- Garnish walking.
- Duck walking.
On your right, Chef.
Garnish, duck.
GORDON: Beautifully cooked, Milly.
NARRATOR: And with the final plates landing at the tables I think you had the duck.
You had the duck? NARRATOR: The men have given Chef Ramsay their second all-star dinner service in a row.
It's amazing.
It's like butter.
So good.
Thank you, gents.
ALL: Thank you, Chef.
We're literally giving it to them.
Like, giving it to 'em! We got out the gates so strong! And then bam! The bottom line is, communication has to get better, or we're gonna go home one-by-[BLEEP]-one.
- Absolutely.
- Let's talk about service and let's start voting.
I'm gonna go with Robyn and Manda.
(TENSE MUSIC) Robyn and Manda.
Okay, so garnish.
I went over and garnish was flustered.
She don't know what to ask for.
Garnish was dragging.
And and Dragging? Garnish was not dragging until all of those tickets came back.
Not one of my things came back.
MANDA: I think Barbie is to blame for dinner service.
Every single protein came back tonight.
My vote is actually for meat.
- Ashley and Barbie? - Yes.
That set us off.
I'm going with meat.
ELISE: I did look over, Barbie looked like she was really, really busy.
And no offense to you, Ashley, but you seemed like you had idle time.
No, I was running her meats back and forth.
We did everything together.
These bitches try to put me up there, I'ma be pissed.
I did nothing wrong, man.
What was the point of no return, though? - Like, when was it like - The halibut was not The halibut was not being sold.
When was it like, "we're not recovering at all"? ELISE: That was meat and fish.
Every protein came back.
The problem is this: like, the arguing on the line - Has to stop.
- ROBYN: Is disgusting.
That is not the answer.
What was the argument over? ROBYN: Because of the salmon, she says, "You know, maybe you should learn how to cook fish.
" Barbie, please try to be accurate with your times, please.
BARBIE: Please try to learn how to cook fish.
ROBYN: It was uncalled for for you to have said that.
There's no reason for me to be going up for elimination.
Robyn could not handle her station.
Learn to cook fish.
I can't do it for you.
Like, why are you putting down your team like that? Barbie, can you agree to stop taking jabs, and can you agree to brush it off? I deserve an apology.
I apologize that you can't cook fish.
Robyn, sit down.
I'm going over here, because you're crazy with those eyes again.
Go sink like a bitch like you did last time, girl.
What what the [BLEEP]? (TENSE MUSIC) NARRATOR: After a second consecutive dinner service win for the Blue Team, the Red Team was once again forced to nominate two chefs for elimination.
Ladies (SIGHS) Two dinner services and two challenges, you are zero for four.
Oh, hold on a minute.
You did actually win a cup-stacking challenge.
Big [BLEEP] deal.
Give 'em a round of applause.
Red Team's first nominee, and why? Red Team's first nominee tonight was Robyn because she could not handle fish.
Red Team's second nominee? Red Team's second nominee Is me, Chef.
Why? Dana.
I heard her fighting with other people in the kitchen, which isn't helpful communication during dinner service.
What's missing, ladies? There's no team effort, Chef.
Everybody's acting as individuals.
The home around the kitchen, Chef, if we're a team.
We should, instead of beating each other down, we should pick each other up, and that wasn't the case.
Anybody else receive votes? Ashley, Chef.
And why Ashley? The team felt Ashley didn't do enough.
Anybody else receive votes? I got one or two.
Robyn, Barbie, Ashley, Manda.
Step forward.
We are spoiled for choice.
Barbie, why should you stay in Hell's Kitchen? I should stay in Hell's Kitchen because I'm focused, I'm driven, and I'm communicating.
I want this.
What is it that they've got against you? What's happening? I think that there's a whole lot of mouths running and not enough ears listening.
Robyn, you were responsible for 90% of the problems on the fish station.
Why should you stay in Hell's Kitchen? Even though I was messing up, I was still communicating with garnish.
I was trying to communicate with Barbie, but one team member who knocks down the morale, it's kind of hard.
I was trying to communicate about the food and about getting the food out and serving the guests.
This is your kitchen, and I want to disrespect you.
Manda, why do you think you should stay in Hell's Kitchen? I started off the night so organized and I had to re-fire things six times.
Everything that I sent up was good but died.
Ashley, you left the service this evening to sit at the bar.
How was it, by the way? It was horrible, Chef.
I've never seen anyone stare at their watch for as long as you did.
I was just trying to make sure that everything was timed properly in my head, and I was just trying to make sure that the duck and the lamb was not gonna overcook.
You haven't even broken a sweat.
You seem to finish service better looking than you were before we started.
(SIGHS) I it will never happen again.
I am better than this and I'm stronger than this.
This is not who I am.
So why so many failures in the Red Team tonight? It's communication.
I feel like it was just miscommunication all across the board.
My decision is Barbie.
- Get back in line.
- Yes, Chef.
Take off your jacket, young lady.
And leave Hell's Kitchen.
And here's why.
This evening, I saw no fight, you were disconnected, you looked lost from the beginning of service - till the end of service.
- Okay.
Good night.
- ALL: Bye, Ashley.
- Bye, Ash.
ASHLEY: I am not happy with the fact that I'm leaving this early.
Barbie's running on a thin line.
Her and Robyn both, they need to check their egos at the door.
I can't help it that they're shady bitches.
This is Hell's Kitchen.
It is literally hell.
Hell on Earth.
Robyn, Manda, back in line.
Thank you, Chef.
Ladies, when are you gonna win something? - Tomorrow, Chef.
- Sort it out.
Now get out of here.
I feel like it's [BLEEP] déjà vu all over again.
Squawk, squawk, squawk, Barbie.
All you do is squawk.
Like a [BLEEP] head.
What are you waiting for, a [BLEEP] hot chocolate? [BLEEP] off.
Ashley's a strong [BLEEP] cook.
It was supposed to be like season 15, me and Ash in black jackets.
If the Red Team were better cooks, they would just support each other and not throw each under the bus.
MANDA: It was inevitable.
BARBIE: There is a target on my back.
I've been here before.
They've done this before.
I've survived it before.
And I'll survive it again.
GORDON: Ashley spent more time staring at her watch than paying attention to her station.
And so, her time here on Hell's Kitchen is done.
NARRATOR: Next time on Hell's Kitchen How are my Nubian princesses doing out here tonight? Barbie is sexy! NARRATOR: Will innocent flirting Don't make me go put on my swimsuit, Van.
You know you ain't gonna be able to handle it.
NARRATOR: Cross the line into something more? He's always hot.
Like, he's hot-blooded.
Chicks love cuddling with me.
BARBIE: You know what's going on in my head? Van.
NARRATOR: And could his Southern charm Ooh-whee, you know you like some white chocolate, Barbie.
NARRATOR: Be just a ploy to get ahead? VAN: I got this in the bag.
I could charm fangs off a rattlesnake.
NARRATOR: And maybe throw Barbie completely off her game.
I asked you five times, Barbie.
Barbie! Uh Barbie, walking two ducks? - No, wait a minute.
- What do you mean, wait? NARRATOR: And end up sinking the entire Red kitchen.
Are you slowing down because of Barbie? Yes, Chef.
NARRATOR: Find out next time on a scorchingly hot episode Oh, [BLEEP].
NARRATOR: Of Hell's Kitchen.