Hell's Kitchen (2005) s17e04 Episode Script

Just Letter Cook

1 MALE NARRATOR: Previously on "Hell's Kitchen All-Stars" - Go.
- NARRATOR: In a test of hand-eye coordination, Michelle excelled, and Jared fumbled Jared, I feel bad for your girlfriend at home.
NARRATOR: Which gave the women a 30-second head start in a seafood tower challenge.
Team two is in.
Let's go.
NARRATOR: But when Michelle got very little support shucking oysters I look over at Elise, and she's working on ice.
ELISE: Four, five.
We need another one.
- What? - NARRATOR: The lead quickly slipped away.
Yes, great job.
Well done.
Damn it.
Now the boys are ahead of us.
NARRATOR: And the Red never caught up.
ALL: Yeah! NARRATOR: At dinner service On order, two twos, two covers, table ten.
Two covers, table two.
NARRATOR: Josh got in hot water early.
Josh, what did I just say? I I was cooking, Chef.
I didn't hear you.
NARRATOR: But Milly's vocal leadership Walk garnish in two minutes, bro.
- I got you, Milly.
- Heard that.
- I need the salmon, bro.
- Salmon right now.
NARRATOR: Helped the Blue deliver their second consecutie solid service.
- Beautifully cooked, Milly.
- Thank you, Chef.
NARRATOR: But in the Red kitchen, it was a completely different story.
- We're dragging.
- NARRATOR: Manda messed up garnish GORDON: Can I have the [BLEEP] garnish, young lady? I don't know what the [BLEEP] is happening anymore.
NARRATOR: Robyn ruined fish Halibut ice cold.
NARRATOR: Barbie butchered the meat Overcooked duck, too bland, disgusting.
NARRATOR: And as for Ashley What is Ashley doing? Get the [BLEEP] out.
Oh, this is horrible.
NARRATOR: The Red Team was soundly defeated, and Chef Ramsey called up Robyn, Barbie, Ashley, Manda, step forward.
NARRATOR: And ultimately eliminated Ashley.
You look lost.
NARRATOR: Ending her dream of becoming the head chef at the first-ever Gordon Ramsay's Hell's Kitchen restaurant at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.
And now the continuation of "Hell's Kitchen All-Stars.
" Get out of there.
ALL: Yes, Chef.
MANDA: Oh, man.
I thought I was out.
That was nerve-racking and awful and gut-wrenching.
I thought I was leaving.
I can't [BLEEP] up anymore.
(QUIRKY SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC) How are my Nubian princesses doing out here tonight? Here you come with your flirtin'-ass self.
I like strong black women.
And Barbie is sexy.
First thing out his damn mouth a damn flirt.
That wasn't meant for nobody but me.
VAN: I got some charm.
I got some charisma.
I could charm the fangs off a rattlesnake.
All this chocolate out here, I can't hardly concentrate.
Don't make me go put on my swimsuit, Van.
You know you ain't gonna be able to handle it.
Van is the kind of fun that you always want to be around.
Oh, my God.
He's always hot.
Like, he's hot-blooded.
The chicks love cuddling with me in the wintertime.
- No way.
I would hate it.
- Yes.
- BARBIE: Ohh.
- (LAUGHTER) I have a California King by myself.
Me too.
I got a sleigh bed.
It's all leather.
I'm a cuddle buddy.
I'm always cold.
Cold? Aww, I be giving you some dreams tonight, won't I? Ooh-whee! ("FIRE" BY OHIO PLAYERS) MAN: Fire Uh, uh When you're hot, you're hot You really shoot your shot You're dyn-o-mite, child, yeah The way you squeeze and tease Knocks me to my knees 'Cause I'm smokin', baby, baby Fire (DRAMATIC MUSIC) Let's go.
Good morning.
ALL: Good morning, Chef.
I thought this morning we could give away a little inspiration for all of you.
In Vegas, as there is so much competition, the food has to taste great, look great, and needs to come with a bit of showmanship.
(CHEERS AND APPLAUSE) You know, the other thing Vegas is famous for is gambling, right? ALL: Yes, Chef.
Poker, craps, roulette, but today we'll be playing our own game of chance.
GORDON: Ladies, thank you so much.
I don't really like leaving things to chance.
Today I'm gonna be using this machine to help test your knowledge of ingredients.
Here's how it's going to work.
I'm gonna press the button on the machine, and then a letter will appear.
You'll name an ingredient that starts with that letter.
The first chef who gets stumped loses the round for their team.
The team that wins gets to choose what ingredient you keep and what ingredient that the other team have to cook with.
Oh, God.
DANA: We don't want to end up with some weird, random ingredients, so everybody has to think on their feet.
And I'm looking around at this group, and I'm like, "I don't know that that's everbody's forte.
" Blue Team, you had the best performing dinner service last night, so you'll start first.
- ALL: Yes, Chef.
- GORDON: Here we go.
- All right.
- Oh, come on, B.
- E.
- Come on, baby.
- Give me that B.
- B.
- M.
- Right, Benjamin, M.
Maraschino cherry, Chef.
(SCOFFS) What the [BLEEP]? BENJAMIN: Where did that come from? GORDON: Wow.
I don't know.
Gonna make it challenging.
Right, Manda.
GORDON: Mascarpone Giovanni.
Oh, Jeez.
Mayo? Michelle.
Mushroom, Chef.
- GORDON: Jared.
- Mustard, Chef.
- GORDON: Elise.
- Mango.
- Milly.
- Um Oh, man.
Come on.
I'm stumped, Chef.
I couldn't think of nothing that started with an M - We got this.
- Other than Milly.
Like, naw, and that ain't gonna be an ingredient.
GORDON: Stumped.
ALL: (WHISPERING) Ladies, tell me the ingredient the Red Team is choosing.
- Mushrooms, Chef.
- GORDON: Mushrooms.
What are you selecting to give to the Blue Team.
Maraschino cherry, Chef.
VAN: Come on, Ben.
What the hell am I gonna do with Maraschino cherries, make a Shirley Temple? Wow, here we go.
NARRATOR: The chef's next letter is - D.
- C.
- Cantaloupe.
- That's good.
- Cauliflower.
- Chard, Chef.
- Michelle.
- Uh Uh Cabbage, cream cheese, cottage cheese, cucumbers.
Come on, Michelle.
Three, two, one, stumped.
- ALL: (WHISPERING) - GORDON: Men NARRATOR: The Blue Team takes.
Cauliflower, Chef.
NARRATOR: And give the Red Team Cantaloupe, Chef.
- NARRATOR: Next up - GORDON: S.
- Jared.
- Snap peas.
- Syrup.
- GORDON: Milly.
- Um - Three, two, one.
I got mind block, Chef.
- Yes.
- Yes.
We not losing today.
We are not.
Ladies, what ingredient are you keeping? ALL: Snap peas.
What are you giving the men? ALL: Syrup.
Here we go.
- Dana.
- Asparagus, Chef.
- Milly.
- Apple.
- GORDON: Robyn.
- Artichoke.
- GORDON: Josh.
- Agnolotti.
- GORDON: Agnolotti? - No? No, agnolotti is a tortellini stuffed with braised meat.
ROBYN: Get out of here, man.
Stop telling us what you want to eat for dinner tonight.
- Yeah! - Yay! - Yes! - Michelle.
We're keeping asparagus, Chef.
Love it.
What are you giving to the Blue Team? - Artichoke, Chef.
- Perfect, perfect.
- Sounds great.
- Let's go.
- NARRATOR: In the next round - GORDON: P.
NARRATOR: After several prolific answers - GORDON: Dana.
- NARRATOR: The Red - is perplexed - [BLEEP].
NARRATOR: So the Blue punishes them with Peanut butter, Chef.
Peanut butter.
Oh, my God.
(LAUGHS) What the hell am I gonna do with peanut butter? NARRATOR: And the men keep - Portabella, Chef.
- GORDON: Portabella mushrooms.
Two more ingredients left.
NARRATOR: In the R round, the Red Team keeps - Rice.
- NARRATOR: And tries to rattle the Blue Team with Raisins, Chef.
NARRATOR: And as for the letter B, the Blue Team gets blessed with - Bacon.
- NARRATOR: And the Red gets burdened with Blueberries, Chef.
- All right.
- We'll take it.
Wow, there we have it.
Now get creative.
I want to see some flair.
Forced to eat hallucinogens to make a dish with that.
Your 40 minutes starts now.
NARRATOR: In today's challenge - Let's go.
- Yikes.
NARRATOR: Chef Ramsay has provided each chef with their own protein in addition to the seven shared ingredients that they are all required to use.
Get that rice on, guys.
BENJAMIN: So a couple things you can do with the cherries.
You can cook them in a balsamic.
- You can pickle them.
- Oh, I know what I'ma do.
Come on, ladies.
We got this.
Guys, is everyone feeling okay? BARBIE: I'm not feeling okay.
I'm allergic to peanut butter.
I'm gonna need help, 'cause there's just no way I cn try my sauce with the peanut butter.
- What protein do you have? - Halibut.
But on top of that, I have to pair peanut butter with fish.
Can one of your teammates help you out with that element of your dish? I'll figure it I'll find someone.
Hell, yeah.
I'm a genius.
What are you making? I'm doing a black cod with cherry syrup gastrique.
My dishes ride that line that on this side you're genius, and on this side you're crazy.
(LAUGHS) 20 minutes remaining.
Ladies, are we incorporating all seven ingredients? ALL: Yes, Chef.
Tell me if I need more salt.
I have, like, such bad dry mouth, I can't, like Robyn always chokes during challenges, so as much as we both want to win, I don't want to give her some advice and then blame me when it doesn't taste good.
So I'm gonna focus on my own dish.
2 minutes remaining.
Guys, make sure if you're cooking artichokes they're getting cooked.
Don't overcook your cod, Robyn.
Well, it's still not cooked.
- Show some finesse, guys, yeah? - Yes, Chef.
My sauce is done.
Can you taste my sauce? Sure.
That's good.
It's delicious.
- 30 seconds remaining.
- Come on, ladies.
Y'all plating? Everything on the plate.
GORDON: Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, and serve.
Well done.
Time flies, right? Sure does, Chef.
We're gonna begin with the Red Team.
Barbie, let's go.
ALL: Come on, Barbie.
You got this, Barbie.
NARRATOR: Each dish will be scored on a scale of one to five, and the team with the highest point total will win the challenge.
Describe your dish, please.
I made a pan-seared halibut with an African peanut sauce, Chef.
But I'm allergic to peanuts, so - So you haven't tasted this? - No, Chef.
But my team helped me.
GORDON: Right.
You've nailed the fish.
Peanut butter incorporates Delicious.
That is a four out of five.
Good job.
Thank you, Chef.
I think that if I had been able to taste my dish, I would have gotten a five out of five.
But I'm really proud of it.
Really good start.
Good job.
Manda, let's go.
NARRATOR: Now it's Manda's turn, and she is hoping to score big points with her rib cap and cantaloupe-infused rice.
The bizarre rice is bland.
- Damn, that sucks.
- GORDON: That does suck.
- It's a two.
- Sorry, Chef.
It's okay.
(BELL DINGS) Dana, let's go.
- Come on, Dana.
- Come on, Dana.
You got this.
NARRATOR: After Manda's misstep, Dana is in the spotlight with her peanut butter lime rib eye with blueberry demi-glace.
The steak you've nailed beautifully.
That is a resounding five.
- Thank you, Chef.
- Great job.
- Good job, Dana.
- Good job, Dana.
(BELL DINGS) NARRATOR: Hoping to match Dana's perfect score, Robyn presents a seared black cod marinated in peanut butter with a blueberry gastrique.
ROBYN: I haven't been doing so good in challenges, so I definitely need to bounce back.
Come on, Chef Ramsay, five, five, five, five, five, five, five, five.
So it looks like someone's been shot.
- Oh, God.
- Oh, no.
It's bland, and the skin is rubbery.
Come on; I'm struggling to give that a one.
One out of five.
Robyn gets a one again.
(SIGHS) This is not looking good for our team.
NARRATOR: As Robyn's fish tank, Elise is under pressure to deliver on her wagyu strip steak to boost their total.
I love what you've done with the melon.
You wrapped these fine.
That is a definite five for five.
Thank you, Chef.
Once again slam dunk.
That five is all me, baby.
(BELL DINGS) NARRATOR: Next, Michelle hopes her fillet with pepper-crusted cantaloupe I love what you've done with that salty sweetness in the melon.
NARRATOR: Can continue the Red Team's hot streak.
That's a five for five.
- Thank you, Chef.
- Yes, yes.
(BELL DINGS) Jennifer, the last one for the Reds.
Describe the dish, please.
It's peanut butter fried monkfish with saffron risotto.
That is cooked beautifully.
Do you guys see how glistening that is? ALL: Yes, Chef.
- Very strong four.
- Thank you, Chef.
Good job, Jennifer.
Really good job.
ELISE: Good job.
Ladies, your total: 26.
That's a strong effort.
Right, Milly starting off for the Blue Team.
MILLY: If the Red Team can get 26, I'm guaranteeing we getting a 30.
I have a brown butter and bacon fat monkfish garnished with grilled maraschino cherries.
It doesn't look that intriguing.
(TENSE MUSIC) But the actual flavor is good.
It's a good four.
- Thank you, Chef.
- Thank you.
(BELL DINGS) That's a great start.
NARRATOR: Next up, Van hopes his fillet with syrup and cherry sauce can continue to close the gap.
Fillet you nailed, but there's so much cherry on that.
It's just very sweet.
Three out of five, Van.
(APPLAUSE) (BELL DINGS) NARRATOR: Benjamin's wagyu strip steak with a maple bacon glaze will need to impress to match the perfect score that Elise received with her wagyu.
Really beautiful.
The glaze gives that earthiness and just lightens everything up.
That is a definite five for five.
Thank you, Chef.
Good job, baby.
Getting a five is the best, you know? That's what I do.
NARRATOR: It's not up to Jared's black cod with roasted cauliflower to keep the Blue Team afloat.
JARED: Man, I'm proud of this.
This turned out exactly like I thought it should.
So I think the bizarre thing with this is, cauliflower tastes better than your protein.
Yes, Chef.
That's a one out of five, Jared.
Come on, bro.
A one? You better than a one, man.
We can't win like this.
Nick, let's go, please.
NARRATOR: After Jared's failure with fish, Nick will need to score big with his rib eye and golden raisin tapenade for the Blue to have a chance of winning.
This dish is inspired by my husband, because we always eat rib eyes at home.
Yeah, I can see why he married you.
- (LAUGHS) - Five for five, young man.
- Good job.
- Thank you, Chef.
Thank you.
(BELL DINGS) GORDON: Men, you're down by eight.
Next up, Josh, please.
JOSH: We're eight points down, there's two of us left, and I'm confident my dish has what it takes to help us win.
Describe that, please.
That is a bacon-wrapped halibut, Chef, that I basted with thyme.
GORDON: Visually, it's textbook.
Looks like it's just come off the cover of a book.
I'm like, "Please don't taste as good as it looks.
" The fish is overcooked.
Yes, Chef.
- (SIGHS) - It's a three out of five.
So close (BELL DINGS) So close.
Gio, all the pressure on you.
NARRATOR: As this is the Blue Team's final dish, Giovanni will need a perfect score to tie the Red Team.
- - (WHISPERS) Yes, we do.
It's a grilled rib cap.
I rendered the bacon.
I sautéed it.
Temperaturewise, what have you gone for? Medium rare.
GORDON: Medium rare.
(SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC) God, I hope he overcooked that meat.
GORDON: Mmm, it's cooked beautifully.
Thank you, Chef.
It's a good dish.
Thank you.
GORDON: You cook meat like an angel.
Anything but a five, anything, not a five.
Gio, that dish is NARRATOR: It's down to the final dish of the letter lottery challeng.
It's a good dish.
NARRATOR: And if Giovanni receives anything less than a perfect score of five, the Red Team will win.
Gio, that dish is Is a four out of five.
ALL: (SCREAMING) (BELL DINGS) - Yes! - Oh, my God! The Red Team really, really, really, really needed this win.
Not losing today.
MICHELLE: Our confidence needed to get boosted, up our morale a little bit, and we are so stoked.
That's how you do it, ladies.
Ladies, you are in for an incredible experience for your first victory.
You are all heading to gorgeous Santa Barbara.
You'll be staying overnight at the beautiful Belmond El Encanto resort - Wow.
- Wow.
A stunning five-star resort.
Yay! GORDON: One more little thing.
You'll be flying there in your own private plane.
ALL: (SCREAMING) What are you waiting for? Wheels up.
Let's go.
- Oh, no, that way.
- GORDON: Let's go.
(LAUGHTER) DANA: We finally won.
Yeah, we earned this.
After you lose four things in a row, a win becomes, like, the biggest thing in the world, so it's redemption, baby.
ALL: Redemption! - Yeah! - Whoo! GORDON: Whilst the ladies are enjoying that incredible resort, you will be hard at work.
First off, we have a delivery of potatoes, and then you'll be recycling hundreds of pounds worth of garbage.
Everything needs to go in the proper bins.
It's gonna be smelly.
It's gonna be dirty.
Get focused.
ALL: Yes, Chef.
We ain't tasted a loss yet, so, you know, it's heartbreaking losing by one point.
It's gonna be a long day, guys.
It really, like, takes all the air out you, like, right then and there.
That was tough.
What am I gonna wear? I have so many options.
I'm so excited.
We needed this win for our whoe team to get on one accord.
Yo, this is what we need.
- Ladies take care.
- Whoo! Bye-bye.
Oh, bye.
Bye, bye, bye.
ROBYN: I cannot wait to get out of Hell's Kitchen.
Buh-bye, boys.
We got to go.
(DRAMATIC MUSIC) WOMAN: Oh, this is so nice.
Whoo! Yes.
Let's hit it.
MICHELLE: We're going on a wheels up private plane? Oh, my God.
I'm on a $7 million plane.
It's only got eight seats in it, so I'm basically sitting in, like, a million-dollar seat.
Cheers, everyone, to our first win.
ALL: Whoo! - Yes.
- Yes.
ROBYN: Santa Barbara, baby.
(ELEGANT ORCHESTRAL MUSIC) Good afternoon; welcome to the Belmond El Encanto - Nice to meet you.
- Welcome.
JENNIFER: I'm just a girl from Massachusetts.
I mean, we have nice places, but this is, like, world-renowned resort.
I'm talking five-star luxury.
It's [BLEEP] awesome.
Here we go.
Here's your suite.
Enjoy your stay with us.
Have fun, ladies.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
MAN: Thank you.
- Oh, look, we have - Oh, it looks nice.
BARBIE: This is John F.
Kennedy's favorite suite.
- Oh, my God.
- Nice.
We're in the presidential suite.
Oh, there's champagne.
Look at this.
BARBIE: This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
- Whoo! - It's just amazing.
Cheers, ladies.
ALL: To the Red Team! Victory! Whoo! NARRATOR: While the Red Team enjoys the high life, the Blue Team is down in the dumps.
Let's just get this over with, people.
It sucks.
We're gonna get smelly.
- Oh, man, what is that? - Oh, it smells.
- Dump it out.
- Oh, come on.
Oh, man, that smells awful.
(EXHALES) You've got to hold your breath, bud.
It's pretty [BLEEP] bad.
Whoo! GIOVANNI: Milly, close that one up.
Close that one up, Milly.
No way.
Going through the trash, by far it was Josh and Giovanni having the roughest time.
[BLEEP] that.
Oh, hell no.
That's a lot of pasta in there.
Just [BLEEP] do it.
Ooh, this one's got some weight.
I think my Uncle Luigi's in here.
This day sucked, man.
I've been through some punishments in Hell's Kitchen.
This has got to be right up there atop of the worst.
The last thing I want to do is clean up trash for eight hours.
GIOVANNI: Let's make sure it never happens again, man.
Pool time, ladies.
So nice.
Whoo! Oh, my God.
What a view.
Oh, look at the view.
Oh, my God (LAUGHTER) ROBYN: I miss my girlfriend so much, and I have all these hot chicks around me.
Whoo! Mama, mamacita.
What the [BLEEP]? What are you wearing? These girls are, like, seriously rockin' these bikinis.
They're here to flaunt their stuff, and I'm here to look at their stuff.
Why are you, like, making me wet, girl? One for the token lesbian.
I'm, like, in heaven right now.
- Oh! - Oh, my God! Oh, thank you, Reuben.
WOMAN: Yeah, we get actual liquor.
This is way better than being in Hell's Kitchen.
- Yeah.
- That's for sure.
Sorry, boys.
This is the life.
Chef Ramsay's made you some lunch.
You hungry, yeah? Make sure you eat it all.
- That's terrible.
- Ooh, the smell - What is it? - It looks like fish remnants.
JOSH: It smells like caca.
Ooh, doggy.
There's things in here that I could never understand.
Lunch today you just smell fish and all this funkiness, and I just know it's gonna suck.
It's just the question of how much.
Ohh, there's, like, bones in there.
- There's bones in there.
- Oh, God.
- (GAGS) - (LAUGHS) It's ready to blow out every hole every time I take a bite.
My mouth has been in some bad situations before, but it was the worst fish taste that this mouth has ever seen.
(GAGS) (DRAMATIC MUSIC) Okay, chefs, we got a lot of prep to do for tonight.
- Let's get going.
- ALL: Yes, Chef.
MILLY: What is your job title, Josh? So I'm a personal chef to celebrities, and I have my own catering company.
I'm on my feet three hours a day.
Three hours, bro.
Three hours a day I'm on my feet.
I'm on my feet 16.
(LAUGHS) Josh, you make me want to [BLEEP] slit my own wrists.
- Yeah? - And that's a good thing.
One down, six to go.
(LAUGHS) VAN: I can't respect that.
I give my life to this business.
I give my blood, sweat, and tears every day.
- You put this here? - Josh.
It's too small.
Hi, guys.
Welcome to hell.
(LAUGHS) Did you miss us? We got to go to the pool and stay in the nicest room.
JARED: Bitches, guess what.
I flew on a private jet twice on my season, so this is old news to me, 'cause I've already been there and done that and got the T-shirt.
All right, y'all, let's look alive.
- Marino.
- Si, chef.
Open house kitchen, please.
Let's go.
(UPBEAT MUSIC) NARRATOR: Once again Hell's Kitchen is bustling with excitement.
Cheers NARRATOR: As both kitchens host VIP chef's tables - Welcome.
- Thank you.
So good to see you.
Thank you.
- Welcome.
- Thank you.
- Good to see you.
- I'm so excited.
NARRATOR: And a very special 12-top in the dining room celebrating a 30th birthday.
Happy 30th, Toby.
NARRATOR: As both kitchens will split the ticket for this table, they will need to be in sync.
Michelle, come over.
- Josh.
- Yes, Chef.
- Come over.
- NARRATOR: Chef Ramsay expects them to have their dishes ready at the same time.
Red Team, two scallop, two risotto, two tartare.
Blue Team, two carbonara, two scallop, two tartare.
- Yes, Chef.
- Give me a time.
- 8 minutes.
- 8 minutes, Chef.
- Let's go.
8 minutes.
- Yes, Chef.
Hey, you're responsible.
Let's go.
I'm Italian.
Risotto's in my blood.
It seeps from my pores.
You know, I can cook risotto.
We've got 7 minutes to the window.
Let me know when you're 2 out.
5 minutes till we walk for the 12-top.
We're perfect on 5 minutes.
- You good, Robyn? - I'm great.
I'm plating the tartare now, guys.
We're definitely rocking in the Red kitchen.
I'm super stoked, especially for the 30th birthday party.
I'm gonna rock my station.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Walking scallops.
Walking with two risotto.
Josh, I just dropped my risotto.
Yeah, I heard.
- Josh.
- Yeah, give me a second.
- [BLEEP].
I got it.
- Josh.
Yeah, Michelle, I heard you.
- Scallops, please.
- I'm walking with two scallop.
- Don't drop 'em.
- Yes, Chef.
(TENSE MUSIC) Up you go.
12-top, go.
Out the same time.
First time in history.
NARRATOR: Both teams have successfully delivered appetizers to a happy birthday table.
Bon appétit.
All right, we got tickets, guys.
- All right, guys.
- Let's go, boys.
On order, I need two scallops, two risotto.
ALL: Yes, Chef.
How long do you need a risotto, Josh? - Yeah, 8 minutes.
- 8 minutes.
- Do you need help, Josh? - Please.
I'm just having issues with this heat.
- I need this.
I need this.
- Go ahead.
Take it.
It's yours.
Josh is like a little kid that drank too much coffee.
He's, like, bouncing, bouncing, bouncing.
He's making a mess.
He doesn't know what the [BLEEP] is going on.
Come on.
- How long, Josh? - Give me Let me just let me see where I'm at.
Josh, you've got to pump them You've got to pump them risottos, bro.
- Yeah.
- Ain't nothing left to do.
- I can't make rice cook faster.
- There's you've got to.
- Just so you know, I can't.
- You have to! I'm not as magic as you might think.
They're gonna get into a fight.
Scallops, please.
Two scallops walking.
- Go.
Let's go.
Let's go.
- All right, I'm walking.
- I'm walking.
- How long? - I'm walking two risotto.
- Walking two risottos.
Two risottos walking to the pass.
Whew, how many portions of that? Hey, all of you, come here.
Two, four, six risotto.
- All I need is two.
- Yes, Chef.
- Wake up.
- Yes, Chef.
I-I-I don't know what's wrong with you? No, I understand, Chef.
I made too much risotto.
- You made too much.
- It won't happen again.
- Get a grip.
- Yes, Chef.
NARRATOR: Even though Josh is making his job harder by delivering more risottos than are needed, the Blue Team is steadily delivering appetizers, while in the Red kitchen, Michelle and Elise are attempting to keep pace with their appetizers.
I'm, like, 30 seconds out on this the two risotto.
Okay, I'm walking with two orders of scallops.
- All right.
- Taste it.
Taste it.
All of you, grab a spoon.
- What does that reek of? - It's raw? - Garlic.
- And garlic.
Garlic first, raw rice.
I'm pissed off at Michelle right now, because she's such a good cook.
I don't understand why she's doing this.
This isn't looking good right now.
That looks better, right? Yes.
You taste taste before you go? I'm walking with two risotto.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Thank you, Chef.
Better not [BLEEP] come back.
- Hey, hey, delicious risotto.
- Thank you.
But why wasn't it like that first off? Why can't you do that first time around? It'll be like that from now on out, Chef.
On order, two risotto, two scallop.
Risotto, how long? I have 3 uh, 5 1/2 minutes, Chef.
- [BLEEP].
You - 5 1/2 minutes, Chef.
You're like this.
- Come on.
Up there.
Let's go.
- Yes, Chef.
There's no reason that you look at your [BLEEP] stopwatch so you can time risotto.
Like, that's stupid.
- Risotto, how long? - Yes, Chef.
- Can you just count? - Yes, Chef.
Okay, well, look at that.
Oh, [BLEEP].
Look at your [BLEEP] dish [BLEEP].
- Yes, Chef, 5 - That's gonna tell you how long.
- Yes.
- Give me the [BLEEP] watch.
- Yes, I'll take it off.
- [BLEEP] sake.
Piece of [BLEEP].
Yes, Chef Ramsay threw that [BLEEP] in the pizza oven, and, you know, we had a new special for the night.
Did you ask for two risotto, Chef? This guy can't [BLEEP] count.
[BLEEP] extraordinary.
What the [BLEEP]? [BLEEP] again.
I'm here, Chef.
- Hey, Blue Team.
- Yes, Chef.
Come in.
Two risotto, 17 minutes on order, two, four this time I get five.
What are you doing? How screwed up is this? Hey, hey, sit down with Paige.
Sit down with Paige.
You've made enough.
Go on.
This is what humiliation looks like.
- Oh, what you did wrong? - But I couldn't sorry.
I don't like waste, Paige.
Hurry up and eat.
Hurry up.
- Excuse me.
- All of it? I guess so.
At least it's delicious.
(LAUGHS) Come on, man.
That ain't no punishment.
You're awesome, by the way.
- Thank you.
- Really.
- Thanks.
- He's over there just, like (IMITATES KISSING SOUNDS) (LAUGHS) Get the [BLEEP] back on to your station, bro.
(LAUGHS) - Is it good? - It's amazing.
Best day of my life.
- Move your ass.
- Yes, Chef.
- Have fun.
- Thank you.
Aww, poor guy.
Van, can you put some of that stock in that pot, please? Where? Here? - No, no, no.
- What the [BLEEP] - Here.
- Are you doing, bro? - Here.
- Well, [BLEEP] say that! Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
(DRAMATIC MUSIC) NARRATOR: It's 45 minutes into dinner service, and Van and Josh in the Blue kitchen.
No, no, no.
- What the [BLEEP] are you doing? - Here.
NARRATOR: Are having a challenging time communicating.
- Here.
- Well, [BLEEP] say that! Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
I'm going over to help you, and you're acting like a little bitch right now, Josh.
You don't have to get that crazy.
Two duck, two halibut.
Where are we? - I'm waiting for garnish, Chef.
- Oh, [BLEEP].
I'm garnishing right now, Chef.
We're slowing down for garnish? Barbie seems flustered on the garnish station.
You know, where you, like, reheat stuff.
Barbie, walking two duck.
No, wait.
What do you mean, wait? Two duck, two halibuts.
Halibut garnish.
I'm working on the halibut garnish right now, needs salt.
- Come on.
- Yes, Chef.
Why is Barbie struggling with garnish? Yeah.
- Ice cold mash.
- Sorry, Chef.
Ice cold.
Hey, give my glove bag, please.
- My glove, you doughnut.
- Oh, sorry.
[BLEEP] hell.
I guess if you bring cold mash up to Chef Ramsay, he's gonna call you a doughnut.
That's funny.
(LAUGHS) Let's get this out.
- Nicely cooked, the duck.
- Mash is right here, Chef.
Let's go.
NARRATOR: Barbie finally gets it together on garnish.
And diners on the Red side are starting to enjoy their entrées.
Guys, that looks beautiful.
Why can't I do that? NARRATOR: Meanwhile, over in the Blue kitchen, Chef Ramsay is looking to Gio and Benjamin for Pork, beef Wellington, please.
Behind you, Chef.
Pork on it.
- In the middle.
- Yes, Chef.
Pork in a window.
Oh, [BLEEP].
What's going on now? What have we got? Cheeky bastards.
It's, like, you can see - Hey, Gio.
- Yes, Chef.
Same table, two pork, one burnt to [BLEEP], one beautifully done.
- Yes, Chef.
- Get me another pork quickly.
- Yes, Chef.
- Yes, Chef.
I don't know why Gio would take up two different pork chops.
He's showing that he's a rookie in the kitchen.
Hey, the pork's [BLEEP] raw.
Back in the pan.
Hurry up.
- Yes, Chef.
- Come on, Gio.
I'm pissed right now, so I'm not gonna [BLEEP] do that again.
NARRATOR: Giovanni delivers his re-fired pork Can we go on that, please? NARRATOR: To the delight of his guests.
Very good.
NARRATOR: Now Chef Ramsay needs both teams Benjamin, come here.
Jennifer, come here.
NARRATOR: To fire the table of 12's entrées.
Red Team's at a 12-top.
See the celebration? - Yes.
- Yeah, 30th birthday party.
Two halibut, two lobster Wellington, two beef Wellington.
Blue Team, you've got two salmon, two duck, two beef.
Look at each other.
Entrée, how long? - 7 minutes.
- 8 minutes.
BOTH: 8 minutes.
Manda, two Wellington, two lobster Wellington, 8 minutes.
- Are you dragging a duck? - I'm dragging a duck.
- 6 minutes? - I don't know.
We'll try.
Right? Jared, it's for the man's birthday.
Let's go, man.
I thought we were all-stars here, bro.
Thank you.
We're plating the 12-top.
ALL: Yes, Chef.
Plating right now.
Mash, please.
Mashed potatoes, Chef.
Chef, lobster Welly.
Duck, please.
- Do you glaze it? Nope.
- No, I'm dragging duck.
Send one up.
Send one up.
Walking with salmon.
Where's the duck? Chef, duck right here.
All of you, [BLEEP] down here.
This this is not good.
- Jennifer.
- Come here.
- Yes, Chef.
- Are you for the six? - Yes.
- Look.
The duck for the birthday.
Who sliced that duck - I did, Chef.
And then poured hot sauce on it trying to cook it [BLEEP] raw in the center? I put sauce on it, Chef, but not the JARED: I cut it, Chef.
Come on, guys.
[BLEEP] hell.
If there's one thing I learned from my season 14 is that if something isn't cooked correctly, don't bring it up.
GORDON: Just send the Red Team's entrées.
Do you have an extra one ready? Let's go.
I might have one.
We've got to [BLEEP] finish and finish strong.
We need to keep this winning streak up.
We're not losing.
Thank you, Jennifer.
NARRATOR: Jennifer rescues the Blue with a perfectly cooked duck.
Thank you, Jennifer.
NARRATOR: And the birthday table's entrées are now delivered.
All right.
Two halibut, two beef Wellington, how long? Walking to the pass with Wellington garnish.
- Walking to the pass.
- Slice, please.
(TENSE MUSIC) All right, walking with two halibut garnish.
We walking the halibut now, y'all.
Wellys to the window, Chef.
- Come here.
- Here it goes.
Oh, [BLEEP].
Close the door! NARRATOR: It's 90 minutes into dinner service.
- Come here.
- NARRATOR: After a long night of careless mistakes in the Blue kitchen Here it goes.
NARRATOR: Benjamin's raw Wellington has Chef Ramsay at his breaking point.
Close the door! I done! You're not [BLEEP] rookies anymore! - ALL: Yes, Chef.
- Get out! [BLEEP] dinner service.
Oh, my God.
What a mess tonight.
What a [BLEEP] mess.
NARRATOR: With only two entrées left to serve in the Blue kitchen, Chef Ramsay takes matters into his own hands.
Jocky, send that lamb, please.
- Elise - Yes, Chef.
Robyn, into the Blue Team and send desserts.
You want me to go over to the Blue and plate their desserts, Chef? No problem, Chef; right over there right now, Chef.
I need a 12-top done first Yes? Yes, Chef.
He needs the 12-top first.
This guy came here for his 30th birthday, and he doesn't have his desserts yet? We're going now.
Desserts come out.
You're dropping on the birthday boy.
This is definitely redemption for us.
Yes, pineapple, please? Dessert.
ALL: Happy birthday to you Happy birthday dear Toby Happy birthday to you (CHEERS AND APPLAUSE) (OMINOUS MUSIC) Listen, I will say this.
The raw pork and the raw Wellington is kind of what got us kicked out.
Wait, wait, wait.
Whoa, whoa.
I think everything got us kicked out, realistically.
Gio, you burnt pork too.
Yeah, one pork.
You served it knowing it was burnt.
You've got me twisted, man.
I'm [BLEEP] staying right here where I belong.
How many risottos did you mess up? All of them.
- I didn't mess any risotto up.
- All of them.
You gave him 30 risottos.
He ordered 6.
I gave him too many.
I didn't mess any of them up.
NICK: I think Josh is delusional.
He was slowing down service all night.
You had, like, 11 extra risottos.
So you're saying that 11 extra risottos is worse than not knowing how to cook meat? Yes, yes.
JOSH: If you can't cook meat, you shouldn't be here.
And I get it.
I cooked too many risottos.
But listen, I didn't do anything to get you guys kicked out.
Benjamin should be up there, Gio should be up there, and Jared should be up there.
You're a [BLEEP] mess in the kitchen.
I'm a mess in the kitchen? At least I can [BLEEP] focus on my station and not, "Ohh.
" I was fine.
Your duck should have been perfect if you're gonna take - my station too, right? - Hey, Josh.
I'm talking to Jared right now.
If you want to get involved, and you're the reason that we got kicked out of the kitchen Done.
I did that.
I did it.
You guys are the best chefs, and he burns pork, you serve raw duck, and you serve raw Wellingtons.
And you guys are the best chefs? You've been doing this every day? Good luck.
We taught you every nuance on the [BLEEP] menu.
JOSH: And I'm working on it.
- [BLEEP] you talking about? - Will you sit down? - No, we taught you every nuance.
- Sit down.
We can tell you don't do it every day.
Then tell me more, Milly.
"I'm a private chef.
I've got a catering company.
" - Yeah, bro.
- You know, listen Man, get the [BLEEP] out of here.
You want to hear it again? Y'all want to hear it again? You can't burn.
Get on the line and burn it the [BLEEP] down.
You can't say that [BLEEP] to me.
I ain't letting none of the [BLEEP] fly, bro.
Talk about how "You can't cook" Get out.
Just, like, get out the [BLEEP] kitchen, bro.
It's the same [BLEEP] that we did season 14.
I'ma keep crushing you, bro.
You got me [BLEEP] up.
You ain't doing nothing, man.
Put a suit on.
Take the chef jacket off.
I say we do two people and move on.
Josh and Benjamin.
I got the same thing.
- Josh and Benjamin.
- Josh and Gio.
Gio and Ben.
Josh and Gio.
Yeah, all right, listen, it's gonna be Josh and then either Gio and Benjamin.
So let's break the tie.
(TENSE MUSIC) Tonight was a disaster.
Milly, Blue Team's first nominee and why? Our first nominee is Josh, Chef.
- Josh.
- Yes, Chef.
'Cause he kept making the same mistake over and over again on the risotto.
Blue Team's second nominee and why? Our second nominee is (TENSE MUSIC) NARRATOR: For the first time since the competition began, the Blue Team All-Stars had a bad service.
Their first nominee was Josh, Chef.
Blue Team's second nominee and why? Our second nominee is Giovanni.
- Giovanni? - Yes, Chef.
- Why? - It was mistakes, whoever made the most mistakes, and it was Giovanni.
Josh, Gio, step forward.
Gio, why do you think you should stay in Hell's Kitchen? I think I should stay in Hell's Kitchen, Chef, because I never made the same mistake twice.
I've had two good services.
I know I should have known better, because I am the senior guy here, but I never quit.
Josh, tell me why you should stay in Hell's Kitchen.
Chef, I have a lot of passion and love for what I'm doing here, and I really want to be here.
I deserve to be here, Chef.
And I will give you the very best each and every moment that I'm kept here, Chef.
- Yes, Benjamin.
- Chef, throughout the whole day we've been watching over Josh.
And he's been the weakest link all day.
I disagree.
All those who believe that they are carrying Josh on the Blue Team raise their hands.
What? My decision is (EXHALES) Josh.
- Give me your jacket.
- Yes, Chef.
(SOMBER MUSIC) When a team gives up on you, there is no place to go.
- Josh.
- Yes, Chef.
You're going to the Red Team.
- Ooh.
- No.
Robyn, get up and give Josh your seat.
Oh, my gosh.
Gio, back in line.
Robyn, get in the Blue Team.
- I'll miss you.
- Oh, my God, no.
Listen and listen carefully.
Josh and Robyn, I haven't seen you at your best, and I am willing to give you one more chance.
Yes, Chef.
GORDON: Both of you, you need to perform at the level that you showed me when you were here last.
Is that clear? BOTH: Yes, Chef.
Now, get out of there.
JOSH: I'm going to the Red Team; this is no joke.
These girls are a little ruthless at times.
But you know what? I'm gonna make the best of this opportunity.
I'm gonna hit the ground running.
And I'm gonna show Chef Ramsay that I'm deserving of my second chance.
ROBYN: Blue Team all the way right here.
I'm ready to take the red jacket off.
I'm here for a mission; I'm here to make myself better.
I want to be that one walking down the stairs, so I guess this is where Chef wants me to be.
MILLY: Getting Josh out of the blue chef jacket.
That was our whole thing tonight: get rid of Josh.
We didn't give a [BLEEP] how we got rid of Josh.
We didn't give a [BLEEP] if Chef Ramsay threw him in the oven with that watch.
NARRATOR: Next time on "Hell's Kitchen," when the Red Team's newest member I need to talk to the Red Team, my team.
NARRATOR: Gets the cold shoulder from Elise Elise, can we go somewhere where we can have a chat with the Red Team? I'm not ready to chat.
He's been on the team for 30 seconds.
I don't think so.
I'll tell you when it's a meeting, and it ain't now.
NARRATOR: Will he be just the spark they need They're gonna have no choice but to welcome me.
Josh, delicious.
You can either work with me, or you can get out of here.
NARRATOR: To bring down their tyrant? This is how the Red Team works.
Why do you bully everyone? I'm not a bully, and nobody on this team would agree with you.
Yes, you are.
NARRATOR: Will getting called out cause Elise to freeze up? I need the entrées.
Yo, what the [BLEEP]? She won't do anything.
Uh, Elise, are you busy? NARRATOR: It's all next time Do you want to lose? NARRATOR: On a defiant episode of "Hell's Kitchen All-Stars.