Hellsing Ultimate (2006) s01e01 Episode Script

Hellsing Ultimate, Vol. 1

1 Where? Where are you? Pretty, pretty niece.
My pretty niece.
My pretty fräulein.
Budding flower and successor to the Royal Order of Religious Knights Hellsing Organization, Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing.
Integra, you don't understand a thing.
I waited 20 years for my brother, no, your father to die.
But then at the hour of his death, he made you head of the family and died.
Leaving a will which I can not accept.
He shouldn't have done that.
It was an unforgivable act.
Hellsing is mine! Integra If it should ever come to it If the situation is critical If you've been cornered by the enemy and there's nothing else you can do, go to the long-forgotten jail in the basement.
One of the legacies of our Hellsing family is there.
A means for your protection.
This is the means for my protection? I've found you, fraulein.
Uncle That's right, fraulein.
Y-You want the Hellsing family so badly that you'd be willing to go so far as to Right once again, fraulein.
The dead body! It's! Bastards! What's that? What did you just say? Please, I'd appreciate it if you'd tell us one more time, Director of Hellsing, Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing.
Very well, I'll tell you once more.
They're ghouls.
The village has become a den of ghouls.
Ghouls are what becomes of non-virgin human beings who've been attacked by vampires.
They're much like zombies controlled by vampires.
Which means there's a vampire in the village.
Ghouls, vampires? That's ridiculous! You expect me to believe an occult story like that? Petty officials like you don't know and don't need to know.
But our Royal Order of Religious Knights, better known as the Hellsing Organization, has been fighting these monsters for a very long time.
In fact it's only natural you don't know Since we are a special operations agency organized for the purpose of eradicating the satanic monsters that wish to harm our British Empire and Protestant Church.
There's a vampire in the village that's controlling the ghouls.
The adversary is a monster.
Send in all the regular troops and police you want.
You're just providing them with more food.
Only when a Dracula sucks the blood of a female virgin, or a Draculina sucks the blood of a male virgin, do the vampires breed new vampires.
In all other cases, the victims are nothing more than food.
They turn into ghouls and become the vampire's servants.
I've lost the signal from Search Party Squads 2 and 3.
What? What's going on? Answer! Answer! Hey! In order to keep the ghouls from multiplying further, you need to terminate the lead vampire itself.
That's where we come in.
Hellsing will take care of the vampire.
Y-You can't be serious.
One of our top anti-vampire experts is already on his way to the town of Cheddar.
The issue will be settled in a matter of hours.
Who the hell is he? When it comes to monsters especially vampires he's the greatest expert there is.
It's a great night.
The kind of night that makes me want to drink blood.
Ah, the quiet.
It really is a great evening.
There's no use running.
There's no use firing your gun either.
Eddie Simon That's right.
Your partners are mine now.
I'm going to make you one of mine as well.
What I want is a loyal slave.
I don't want to create some Draculina with a will of her own.
Girls your age aren't usually virgins nowadays, but I'm still going to rape you.
After that, I'll take my time as I suck your blood.
I'll let you join the other ghouls.
I'm going to make you my slave.
Who the hell are you? I'm a professional killer.
A professional killer? You're a professional killer? You can't be serious.
Have you lost your mind? Kill him.
Are you dead already, professional killer? He's a vampire? That's right.
Humans don't make very reliable anti-vampire experts.
They're injured quickly.
They die quickly.
Even their spirits are weak.
The most efficient way to destroy a vampire is with another vampire.
And the domesticated vampire at the Hellsing Organization is first class, even among them.
H-How can he kill them like that? Those bullets They're exploding 13mm shells, made out of a melted-down silver cross from Lancaster Cathedral.
They'll kill any freak they hit.
Wh-Why? Why? Why would a fellow vampire side with the humans? Don't move, professional killer! She's the only survivor.
Don't you want to let her live? Come on, it's no big deal.
Help me escape.
Or at least look the other way.
Young lady, are you a virgin? What are you talking about?! I'm asking if you're a virgin.
You swine! Answer! Yes! I am- You miserable creature! What's your name? Your father called me Alucard.
In order to hit his heart, I had to hit your lung.
Sorry, but it's a high caliber gun.
You won't last very long.
What do you want to do? Father Mother Tonight really is a great night.
Where am I? Holy smokes, it's a Police Girl! A cop! The fuzz! The law! I'm going to be raped, or killed! What's it feel like to be dead, Police Girl? But it was your choice.
The path of the Draculina.
I can't move.
Where am I? Police Girl, how's it feel now that you're a Draculina? Fangs?! You're too loud, Police Girl.
I don't care if you're a Draculina now.
You still must act like an English woman.
Draculina? Um, excuse me, but where am I? The Royal Order of Religious Knights.
Better known as the Hellsing Organization.
We expel monsters.
We are monsters.
So then I'm Of course you'll be working for us as a member of the Hellsing Organization.
We've had a string of incidents involving some suspicious Midians.
Destroy the vampires, Police Girl.
They severed their victims' heads and wrote messages with their blood.
This is a challenge to Christianity and Christians.
They're thumbing their noses at our church, our country and Hellsing.
The target is moving north on Route 17.
They're going around attacking families they've selected beforehand.
These goddamn freaks must not be allowed to live! Soon we'll be able to live forever.
We'll be invincible vampires.
You can't even change into fog or a bat.
You can't even heal your gunshot wounds.
If you run out of bullets, you can't even fight.
And you want to be a nosferatu? Shame on you! Don't let her get away, Police Girl.
Yes! What's wrong? Make it quick.
She's incredibly fast! She's already 500 or 600 meters away.
Think of yourself as having another eye on your forehead and shoot.
Shoot like a human and you'll only be able to hit like a human.
But You can't miss.
The heart.
A single shot right through the heart.
But I don't have a scope and it's very dark.
That would be a problem if you were human.
But you're no longer human.
It's such a big gun and yet I hardly felt any recoil at all.
It's night and yet I could see better than during the day.
Well done, Police Girl.
And now, I'm having a conversation through some sort of telepathy.
What on earth's happening to me? I'm Not yet.
You still have a ways to go.
And a long ways to go at that.
Too many.
Far too many.
Too many vampire-related incidents.
What's more, it's only third and fourth-rate small-timers, who just keep killing people at random.
Nothing but pointless, cheap, pathetic and foolish acts.
It's as if someone were churning out vampires, like it was the easiest thing in the world.
Hey, both of you, stop that! You must never resort to violence against your friend.
You can't go to heaven if you do that.
I'm sorry, Father.
The only people it's alright to use violence against are monsters and heathens.
All right, go back to your room.
Yes, Father! Let's go! Yeah.
What can I do for you? What seems to be the matter? I'm afraid there's been quite a number of strange happenings of late.
Especially in England.
It seems there's quite a coverup going on.
It's a vampire.
Oh? Vampires have been turning up repeatedly within their borders.
The numbers are clearly outside the norm.
Nothing wrong with that, is there? Lots of English Protestants have died, right? No, they haven't.
I believe you're familiar with Hellsing.
They've performed better than we anticipated.
Actually, it appears damage has been kept to a minimum.
Those amateurs! They're like a kindergarten compared to us.
Catholics, the Vatican and us.
We've been fighting against them far longer than Hellsing has.
What do you want from me? If the trouble is in England, we can let them handle it, no? If it were just in England.
Oh? So, what is it? This time it occurred in Ireland.
Northern Ireland.
A local town, Badrick.
Oh Hellsing is on the move.
We can't just sit back and watch.
Brazenly sending in someone, as if it were their own territory.
They're as shameless and presumptuous as always.
That place doesn't belong to the Protestants.
It's Catholic land.
It belongs to us.
We hunt the vampires.
We can't allow them to get a head start on us, Anderson.
And if I should run into Hellsing? We are the only and absolute instruments of God on Earth.
We can not back away from a challenge coming from heretics.
If anyone does not love the Lord Jesus Christ, let him be accursed.
O Lord, come.
Amen! Police Girl.
They're not human beings.
They're puppets.
They might as well be pumpkins.
They're just puppets.
Aim Fire.
One shot and it's over.
Police Girl, when you aim, make sure to put a hole through the heart or the head.
These people didn't become ghouls because they wanted to.
There's no way to change people who've become like this back to the way they were before.
We shoot them dead quickly, for their own good.
Sir Yes, sir, my Master.
Oh? Looks like she's getting the hang of being a Midian.
A holy bayonet.
A spiritual barrier?! We are the agents of God.
We are the instruments of His divine punishment on Earth.
Our mission is to wipe out every last bit of flesh of those fools who oppose him.
Amen! Chief, a report from our intelligence officer at the Vatican.
Rome the Vatican The Vatican's Special Operations 13th Division, the Iscariot Organization, is on the move! Iscariot.
The Vatican's unofficial special operations unit.
The single most powerful fighting force they have.
Professionals at exorcizing demons, suppressing heathens, and exterminating heretics.
The 13th Division, named after Judas.
It isn't even supposed to exist.
How many? They've only sent in one person.
The Paladin, Father Alexander Anderson! Father Alexander Anderson? What's going to happen if he runs into Alucard and the girl? I'm going to Badrick too! Get my gun, my sword and two bodyguards ready! Yes! Walter, I'll leave negotiations with the Vatican to you.
Paladin Anderson, Professional Killer Anderson, Bayonet Anderson, Judge Anderson the Beheader, Angel Dust Anderson.
His origins, race and age are all a mystery.
There is only one thing known about him other than his many nicknames.
The fact that he's a specialist in fighting monsters.
Just as Alucard is our trump card in the fight against monsters he's the Vatican 13th Division's ace-in-the-hole for dealing with them.
The monster-killing Paladin, the annihilationist! Put Alucard and the girl in front of him and he's bound to do something.
It's a lovely moon, you monsters.
You make such lovely cries of agony, young lady.
But you won't die from that.
That's because not a single dagger pierced your heart.
It's been a while since I've gone vampire hunting.
I have to enjoy it.
Vatican 13th Division.
Special Operations Organization, Iscariot.
That's right, you Hellsing lapdogs.
So you're the miserable Alucard? The one who sides with humans even though he's a vampire.
Hunter of vampires Hellsing's garbage man.
What did you do with the vampire here? I've dealt with him.
He was a piddling, two-bit small-timer.
I didn't even have time for fun.
You two are the only ones left.
Is that so? You're a brave Father to pick a fight with a vampire.
And to do it head on, even though it's night.
You didn't even try to catch me by surprise.
But you're a fool.
Don't talk.
You've been stabbed with a holy bayonet.
Recovering under your own power will What?! Amen! Regenerator That's right.
Our race was engineered and manufactured in order to fight you creatures.
Amen! Master! Hurry! Knowing Iscariot No, knowing Alucard, it's probably already started.
This thing is Hellsing's trump card?! The best vampire they've raised?! You must be kidding me! He's a complete joke! Those Protestants can't do anything right.
Oh, she's still able to move even after all that damage.
It seems I may have taken the Draculina a little too lightly.
Master You're terrible.
Dragging me into this Leaving me all alone I can't believe this is happening.
Where do you think you're going? There's no place to run.
Dust to dust.
Pulvis et pulvis.
You are nothing more than dust.
And to dust you will return! Amen.
I have to go! I-I have to escape! I have to get out of here and tell Integra! What's th-this? That's a spiritual barrier, little girl.
It's impossible for you Midians to penetrate it.
Now be quiet and let me slaughter you, you goddamn monster.
H-He's going to kill me.
He's going to kill me.
He's going to kill me! I'm going to die! This is no time to lose your head, Police Girl.
Master? Drink my blood, Police Girl, and you will not be a vampire who's treated only like a slave.
You will truly be one of our kind.
You will suck blood wisely, and stroll the night on your feet.
Be the eternal "No-Life King.
" Drink my blood, Police Girl.
No, Seras Victoria.
It's over.
That girl belongs to us.
What do you think you're doing, Iscariot Paladin, Father Alexander Anderson? Director Integra.
Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing.
To what do I owe the honor of having the Director herself make an appearance? Father Anderson, this is a serious violation of our agreement.
This place is supposed to be under our control.
Withdraw immediately! If you don't, you'll cause a crisis between us and the Vatican.
I don't care if you're the goddamn 13th Division.
We won't allow such indiscretions.
Withdraw? Did you say withdraw?! We? The 13th Division Iscariot, the agents of divine punishment on Earth? Don't take us lightly, you whore! We'd never retreat from you filthy Protestants! You're the ultimate in bio-engineered regeneration, as well as healing? You monster! You're all too weak, every single one of you.
There's nothing to discuss.
I chopped the head off that garbage man you're so proud of.
I decapitated him.
You chopped his head off? That's all? What?! Take your hands off Integra, you monster! You don't have a chance, Father Anderson.
I'd back off quietly, if I were you.
What are you talking about? I'm just about to finish you all off.
Then you'd better make it quick.
Because if you don't get a move on, that person you decapitated is going to come back to life! What? You didn't drink it, did you, you fool? You cut off his head? Pierced his heart? Don't put him in the same class as those other vampires.
Those things won't kill him.
Just as you are the culmination of anti-vampire technology, he is the greatest of the undead, which took the Hellsing family 100 years to create so proudly.
The vampire, Alucard! Master! Now you understand.
Well, what are you going to do, Anderson? I see.
I'm not prepared to kill him as I am now.
We'll meet again, Hellsing.
Next time, I'll kill you all.
That was close.
Are you all right, Alucard? Yeah, it's been a while since I had my head plucked off.
So that was Father Anderson from Iscariot? He attacked a member of the organization, and committed acts of bloodshed.
The Vatican owes us big for this.
However, they're not the one's we're fighting now.
There's a large-scale organization working in the shadows, that's secretly behind this string of vampire attacks.
Then give me the order.
Tell me to wipe them out.
Tell me to annihilate them.
Tell me to turn them into dirt.
That's what you should do, my Master, Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing.
When the time comes, I will.
Really? It will be my pleasure.
My great pleasure.
My great, great, pleasure.
Why didn't you drink my blood? Why didn't you drink it? I-I'm not sure.
But I felt like if I drank your blood, it would mean the end of something.
You nitwit.
But perhaps that's all right.
Maybe it's okay to have someone like you.
Someone who's scared to walk at night.
Why did you make the Police Girl one of your own kind? Why indeed As a bit of entertainment? A spot of fun? A passing fancy? No, it's none of those things.
Perhaps your human capriciousness has rubbed off on me, after spending so much time with you people.
Come on, Police Girl.
Don't dawdle.
Y-Yes, sir.
My Master.
But, my name's not Police Girl.
It's Seras Victoria.
Shut up, you coward.
You're Police Girl.
"Police Girl" will do just fine.
Y-You're so mean! M-Master! Or perhaps you could call it a "No-Life King's" sentimentality.
No, "a Count's.
" Ladies and Gentlemen let's carry on with the plans for the war! For the next war! For the war after the next war!