Hellsing Ultimate (2006) s01e02 Episode Script

Hellsing Ultimate, Vol. 2

1 All flesh is like grass.
All human glory is like flowers.
The grass withers, the flowers fade, but the word of the Lord endures forever.
Am I defeated? Yes.
You are defeated.
There's no such thing as a never-ending nightmare.
Your castle and your dominions are gone.
Your servants are all dead.
The girl's heavenly host has disappeared without a trace.
She will never be yours.
Count, you have nothing.
You are a pathetic No-life King.
You have nothing.
Nothing! A dream It was a dream? Utter nonsense.
Comrade Integra.
Something quite significant must have happened for you to convene a round table conference.
Sir Hellsing.
The number of vampire attacks has been rising steadily over the past few months.
We can't ignore this any longer.
We can only spin this thing so far.
What's going on? Yes.
A thorough investigation of the vampires and ghouls defeated so far has yielded What is that? A transmitter or some similar device.
They were embedded in the vampires in numerous places, and are thought to have both examined and reported on all their conditions, actions, mental states and battles.
What?! These attacks are not occurring spontaneously.
There's someone behind the scenes who's controlling the vampires.
And another thing What? Something else? Ghouls.
Traditionally, non-virgin men and women whose blood had been sucked by vampires turn into ghouls.
It's different this time.
During these attacks, not one new vampire has been created.
Even adolescent boys and girls who were clearly virgins have all turned into ghouls.
What's more, ghouls are supposed to cease to exist along with the blood of their host vampire.
In the Badrick attack, despite the fact that the Vatican's Father Anderson had already destroyed the vampire When we stormed the place, it was crawling with ghouls.
What does it mean? Whoever is pulling the strings behind this knows about vampires and ghouls.
Just like us.
Walter What is this? What is it? It's a coffin.
Why Why is this thing in my room? It was by order of Sir Integra herself.
"You can't have a vampire who doesn't sleep in a coffin.
" Or so she said.
And my bed? I disposed of it.
No! Walter! Why, Mr.
Alucard ordered it as well.
Master? Yes.
You haven't drunk a sip of blood since you became a vampire.
So, if you don't sleep in a coffin made out of the earth from your birthplace, you will only continue to grow weaker.
Is it not something you feel comfortable doing yet? You imbecile.
M-Master You chose the night.
You turned your back on the sun and started to walk the night.
There's no turning back to the light of day.
Alucard, I was hoping to deliver this to you just now.
What have we here? An anti-Midian combat use 13 millimeter pistol: the Jackal.
It's the first pistol to have its own custom bullets.
Not the converted 454 Casull shells we've used up until now.
Length: 39 centimeters.
Weight: ten kilos.
It holds six rounds.
Not something the human race can handle anymore.
Custom bullets? 13mm exploding steel shells.
The casings? Pure Macedonian processed silver casings.
And the bullets themselves? Exploding-type or mercury-type? Mercury bullets which have gone through all the proper rites.
It's perfect, Walter.
Much obliged.
I could even kill Anderson with this thing.
It's amazing.
Miss Seras, your weapon has also been newly made.
A 30mm anti-Midian cannon: the Harkonnen.
It uses two kinds of shells: depleted uranium and exploding steel incendiary.
With the exception of tanks, it destroys all ground or air weaponry.
What the hell is this thing?! The guy's friend is a doctor.
One of those plastic surgeon types.
There's this patient who's fucking crazy.
He asks the doctor to drill a hole in his head and put in a glass plate, so you can see his brains all floating there.
And the doctor does it.
Then the guy has a plastic horn implanted in his head.
Now he's a monster! What the fuck was he doing, right, bro? Shut up.
You're always yammering before we do a job.
You should be quiet and cool.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Same old shit.
I know.
I know.
Failure is not permitted.
Failure? No fucking way! I could do this in my sleep.
What are you doing here? This place is off limits.
I beg your pardon.
We're on a tour of little-known spots.
This mansion isn't open to the public? This is private property.
Please leave at once.
Very well.
Yes, sir.
You don't look so hot.
Are you all right? Well then, ciao.
Hold your fire! Hold it! Stop! Bro, these guys are fucking idiots.
Are you sure about this? It's a test.
Just an insignificant, ordinary test.
Those guys, as well as the two of us, are nothing more than a process to him.
A test, huh? Whatever.
Fucking worthless! I just wanna kill them and drink their blood! I don't give a shit about Hellsing or Alucard.
Just fucking kill 'em! What? What's going on, Integra? This is the control room! Sir Integra! What is it? What happened? It's an attack! An enemy attack! What?! We're cut off from the outside world! There's a battle going on now at the first floor entrance! Drive them back! Buy time if you can't! Roger! Who are they? How many?! Tell me the situation! The enemy is They're ghouls! Ghouls! God dammit! Why won't they die?! God dammit! Up, up! Down, down! Left, right! Left, right! There's only one invincible motherfucker and that's me.
I'm getting a fucking hard on! A ghoul army?! W-We need to buy time! First priority is to evacuate! Secure a path to the heliport! Wh-What was that sound?! I'm afraid it was the sound of the helicopter being destroyed.
They know our every move.
Sir Integra, we can't hold out! They are right there! Security Office, what's going on? Hey! Hey! Hello, hello.
Can you hear me? Good afternoon, all of you at the round table conference.
Can you hear me, little Miss Hellsing, you fucking bitch whore? We're the Valentine brothers.
I'm the younger brother, Jan.
Nice to meet you.
We're in the middle of a late lunch right now.
Thanks for providing us with all your people.
The dear members of your force are going to be turned into our shit.
Now we're coming to kill you.
Have you pissed yourself? Started saying your prayers? Are you ready to tremble in the corner and beg for your lives? Well, you still might have time to kill yourselves.
Seriously, take my advice.
Bye now.
I love ya! Wh-What's going on, Integra? Ghouls are targeting headquarters! The enemy is coming.
It appears we've had a security leak.
Don't be so nonchalant! Walter, where are you? I'm in Miss Seras's room in the basement.
I already understand the situation.
It'll be four to five hours before the Military Police notice our communications have been disrupted, and the reinforcements get here.
In the meantime, current forces will have to defend the conference room.
What should we do? There's only one way to the conference room.
Please fortify the entrance.
I propose that we divide Alucard and Seras into two teams.
One team will provide defense for you there, the other will go on offense.
How does that sound? How will you get here? The passageway is full of ghouls.
How did you get to Alucard in the basement ten years ago? The ventilation shaft! Correct.
Please wait for a little while.
We'll be there momentarily.
Very well then.
Walter They ate my people.
This I will not forgive! Not even one should be left standing! Most certainly not, Sir Integra.
Are we about to witness the return of Walter, Angel of Death? Um, what are you talking about? You'll know soon.
An old man and a rookie.
Together, that should count as one, right? Looks like we can have a little fun this time.
I wonder if there are any normal people in this organization.
Stop making such a racket.
What? Hello, hello.
Can you hear me, bro? It's Jan, commander of the great Hellsing killer army.
Oh yeah! We've finished taking over the first and second floors.
Now all that's left is to crash the conference on the third floor, and kick the shit out of that dumb bitch and the old farts.
Proceed accordingly and don't let your guard down.
I'm heading for the basement now.
Let's find out what you can do Alucard.
What's going on?! The enemy will be here shortly.
They've taken over the first and second floors, as well as the roof.
There's no way to escape anymore.
You're responsible for this! Sir Penwood! This is not the time for that kind of talk.
When it comes down to it, it's every man for himself.
Isn't that right, Integra? Yes.
They're ghouls and they're armed too.
It's no use.
We're all We're all going to die! I-It's someone's bum! Are you all right, Miss Seras? Seras! Walter! Sorry, we're late.
Oh my The defense forces have been virtually wiped out.
I don't know who thought of arming and organizing these ghouls, but whoever it was certainly knows what they're doing.
Walter, give it to me straight.
Are we done for? No.
Never! Compared to what Sir Hellsing the First faced a century ago, this wouldn't even be considered a crisis.
We will attack them with Mr.
Alucard coming from the basement, and the two of us coming from the third floor.
Just as you have ordered not a single one of them will be left standing.
Let's teach this young man just how expensive our tuition is.
They used some pretty fine leaves.
This is what they call bourgeois.
It pisses me off.
It truly pisses me off! The gap between rich and poor in England is way too fucking big.
I can't just simply kill that bitch.
She needs a lesson about the sufferings of the working class.
And I'll give it to her, right up her ass.
I know you're there.
Even if you hide, I still sense your powerful aura.
Even if I hide? I don't run or hide.
I just got a little tired of waiting.
Nice to meet you, Mr.
I'm Luke Valentine.
I'm someone who worships you.
Little Miss Hellsing, we're coming now.
I'm going to rape you, kill you and then fuck your dead body again.
We'll kill every one of you and then torch the place.
Then I'm gonna go back home, jerk off and go to bed.
Okay? Did I miss? Guess I really have lost my touch.
Walter C.
The Hellsing family's butler.
Formerly in charge of garbage disposal at Hellsing.
Fire! They're slow.
Ghouls are Ghouls, after all.
A nice idea, considering their stubbornness, but they're still a far cry from being an invincible army.
Have you already pissed yourself? Are you saying your prayers? Are you ready to tremble in the corner and beg for your life? Well, lookie here! I was just thinking how boring this was.
We were winning so easily! March! Miss Seras, commence direct support.
Second round.
Fire the incendiary grenade with VT fuse into the enemy's center ranks! R-Right! You fucking bitch! Drop dead, old man! You bastard! Go to hell! Are you all right, Walter? It's not like the old days.
But where did you learn that submission move? Well, I am a former police girl.
You bitch! So you're a vampire, huh? I didn't hear about someone like you being in Hellsing.
What the fuck are you doing?! I'll ask the questions.
What's your objective? Who's pulling the strings behind this? Why, I was just passing by.
I don't know a thing.
Forgive me? Guess not.
Young man, next time it's the left.
We came here to attack the Hellsing Special Operations Agency and the round table conference and to destroy Alucard.
That's what we were told to do.
"We"? Did you say, "We"? Yes, I did.
Right now my older brother's beating the shit out of Alucard.
Up till now, I'd heard your name any number of times during my missions, Mr.
How absurdly strong you are.
How you can writhe in an ocean of blood while maintaining perfect grace.
How you're a night-walker living outside the world of humanity.
You're purer than the darkness of night.
A pitch-black monster within pitch-blackness.
And now I know.
All those rumors about you were true.
When I was human, I feared you.
And when I gave up being human, I admired you.
You are the trailblazer of immortality.
Even after you dissolved into the darkness, I kept on chasing your shadow.
That's rubbish.
There aren't any immortals in this world.
Exactly! The legend of your immortality ends today.
I'll kill you and go beyond my dreams! I'm not like the other instant vampires! I'm going to surpass you and become number one! I was born for this day.
Check! What the hell is that gun? Your reflexes are amazing.
I told you! I'm not like the others that came before me.
I have all of your abilities.
No! I have that and a lot more! We were born to kill you.
So hurry up and fucking die.
You're in no position to do anything right now.
You really are a feeble old man.
All right, time for the cannibal show to begin! Go on and stuff yourselves! What in God's name The party's just begun.
No! Welcome to Hellsing.
Good God He doesn't even dodge the bullets.
Could he be indestructible? No, there's no such thing in this world.
Surely he's suffering more damage than I am.
I can win this! I can beat this Alucard! This is great.
I haven't had so much fun in ages.
What's your name again? Luke Valentine Luke Valentine.
I see that you are more than a Category A vampire.
Releasing control-restriction system level 3, level 2 and level 1.
Recognizing approval of Situation A according to the Cromwell Invocation.
Commencing limited lifting of ability-use restrictions until the enemy before me has been rendered completely silent.
Well then, time to educate you as to how a real vampire fights! What the What the hell are you?! What's the matter? You've only had your legs severed so far.
Come on, attack! Send out your slave demons! Transform yourself! Put your legs back together and stand! The night's only just begun! Hurry! Hurry! Hurry, hurry, hurry! The fun is about to start! Hurry! Hurry! Y-You're a monster! Now I see what you are, you little punk.
You're a failed and worthless creature! Shut up, you Hellsing plaything! You've reduced yourself to being a dog for the Church of England.
You're not fit to- Quiet! You're dog food.
I guess that's how it ends, punk.
You were shit as a man.
Now you've become dog shit.
The guy upstairs didn't seem to amount to much, but it looks like they're having a harder time of it than I imagined.
My men Even my men have been turned into ghouls! Seras! You can stop now! That's enough! Enough Please stop Checkmate, sonny boy.
Go ahead and kill me, you old fart.
Not now.
First I need to know who put you up to this.
Then I'll kill you in a most generous manner.
You're too soft, aren't you? Hey there, bitch! No more wisecracks.
I'm angry.
Who are you people? Why did you do this? Who led you here? Answer me! Answer! You already know.
It's the device that was embedded in me.
Even now it's sending information to them about the failed operation, and even about this conversation right now.
You think they'd let me live, when I'm about to tell you fucking everything? See.
I knew it! I will tell you idiots one thing! Try as much as you can, you bitch! Millen ni um Millen nium? Are you all right, Miss? Yes, I'm fine.
But please put them out of their misery, will you? Yes.
You mustn't do that, Walter.
That's the commander's job.
Sir Hellsing, it's your duty.
Sir Islands! That's going too far! It's unacceptable to say that nothing could have been done.
You should have been prepared for this somehow.
As the leader, you are entirely responsible.
The fact they died or survived as these creatures is your fault.
Sir Islands! Walter.
I won't ask for your forgiveness.
It's all my fault.
Walter, find out about this "Millennium" thing.
Quickly and thoroughly.
Of course.
We'll have to pay them back a trillion times to settle this.
Out of the 96 members of the London Headquarters, only ten are left.
And eight of them are alive because they were away from headquarters.
When all is said and done, the only ones to survive were you and me.
What about Seras and Alucard? Don't they count? No, since they're already dead.
I see.
What about Millennium? We asked the British Intelligence Service and the National Public Safety Commission to search through the unsorted book stacks at the British Museum.
However, as far as information worth looking at is concerned, there's nothing.
In America, Japan and France there were seven occult and military enthusiast associations.
As well as a Star Wars-related club in Los Angeles.
Star Wars? Millennium Falcon, the name of Han Solo's ship.
So the bottom line is, we pretty much have no idea.
I'm sorry.
The only thing we know for sure is the meaning of the word itself.
A thousand years.
No, there's another thing.
What? Don't you remember, Walter? Millennium Empire.
A group that half a century ago sought the glory of a thousand-year kingdom, and plunged the entire world into war.
The Third Reich.
It's all right, gentlemen.
Let's resume the experiment.