Hellsing Ultimate (2006) s01e04 Episode Script

Hellsing Ultimate, Vol. 4

1 That despicable little smirk on his face.
That dreadful laugh, which contorted his cheeks slightly upwards.
He didn't look anything like a Nazi SS officer.
But at the time, in 1941, all of you, the Vatican's European General Directorate, collaborated with him and his organization.
We were forced to collaborate.
He was carrying a direct order from der Führer.
Yes, of course.
And they commenced operations.
The operation and their scheme are ingrained in my memory, my Master.
Well done.
Alucard, Her Majesty herself is convening a round table discussion.
Oh, the Queen? Return at once and report the details.
Don't keep her waiting.
Did you enjoy the thrill of war, Integra? Did you feel the blood rushing down there? Did you see the dark red flame? Shut up, you idiot! Who gives a damn?! Now get back here, damn you! What the hell are you people doing? There's absolutely no way I can tell you that, Colonel.
It's a top secret order issued by the late Führer.
Get off your high horse! Why won't you turn us into vampires?! Why? Why?! Answer me, you bastard! That's enough, Colonel.
Any more of this childish behavior and I'll blow your head off.
What are you doing? Major, what do you intend to do with your army of a thousand vampires? The pudgy little man with the glasses said it as if he were Hell's own commanding officer.
I intend to savor the infinite pleasures of war.
Of the next war and the next war after that one.
The operation called for creating vampires, the secret "Last Battalion.
" It's simple.
You helped fund the operation.
And you knew about it as well.
You knowingly collaborated.
Forced to? Nonsense.
You wanted him to turn you into a vampire.
It wasn't just me! All of us were They tricked me.
Help me Please, Maxwell.
I'm begging you! Nope.
Can't do it.
It's impossible to get back.
It'll take an extra week by boat.
An airplane is out of the question.
We can't leave that big wooden box here, can we? This is my final domain.
This is where I was born and this is where I will die.
So you want some more, Anderson?! Alucard! The Vatican has a small jet plane thirteen kilometers north of here.
Take that release paper and get the hell out of here before I decide to kill you again.
I'm back, my Master.
Job well done, my servant.
You're in the presence of the Queen.
Take off your sunglasses.
It's been a long time, Vampire.
Let me get a closer look at you.
You haven't changed at all, Alucard.
You can see the years have taken their toll on me.
I'm a wrinkled old lady.
You're still the same spirited girl you were fifty years ago, my lady.
No, Your Highness is without a doubt even more beautiful today.
Give me your report, Vampire.
Fifty-five years ago, a crazed Nazi major attempted to create a vampire army.
Walter and I laid waste to the operation.
However, they refused to give up.
Now they're trying to complete their research.
They're the remnants of the Third Reich's "Last Battalion.
" That's what Millennium is.
Tubalcain's blood must have given us away.
The Major really blew it.
Hold it.
I'm just the messenger.
I'm not here to fight you.
Security was airtight.
And there was no sign of a breach.
Your security is useless against me.
I'm everywhere and nowhere.
He's only a child.
What's Millennium? What are they after? What? Hello.
To the representatives of Britain and the Vatican who are here today.
My commanding officer, the Major, has something he wants to tell you.
Please give him your attention.
Huh? What's the matter? There's no picture.
Major, stop it! For God's sake, please don't.
Warrant Officer SchrÃdinger, the screen is completely blank.
Oh, I can see them now.
H-Help! Please help! Major, it looks like you're having quite a time of it over there.
No, a great weight has finally been lifted from my shoulders.
It feels good.
It feels very good.
Hello, Major.
It's been a long time, Mr.
I'm extremely happy to see you again.
What is it you want? You're the head of the Royal Order of Religious Knights, Sir Integra Hellsing.
It's a pleasure to meet you.
What's the purpose of this idiocy? Answer me! The purpose? That's a stupid question, my beautiful Fräulein.
Purpose? How funny.
To put it in the strongest terms, Fräulein, we have no purpose.
You should know, Fräulein, that there are those in this world, certain irredeemable louts, for whom the means need no end.
That is to say, ourselves.
Don't stop until he's completely gone.
We can't have him turning into a ghoul.
That looks pretty harsh, Major.
You people are insane.
Someone from the Vatican's Iscariot Organization speaks of "insanity"? It is your God who guarantees my insanity.
So let me ask you.
Who is it that guarantees your God's sanity? We are the Third Reich's SS.
Do you have any idea how many people we've killed? We're insane? As if it were something new.
You should have said that half a century ago.
Very well.
Then try to stop me, you self-proclaimed "normal" people.
But unfortunately, you people are not my enemy.
My enemy is Britain.
No, it's that man standing gleefully over there! A splendid declaration of war.
Fine! I'll annihilate you as many times as I have to! We'll never give up.
We'll undo this ridiculous outcome as many times as we have to.
Alucard, Seras.
Shooting the messenger, that's not very nice.
Goodbye, Fräulein.
I look forward to meeting you again on the battlefield.
Sir Hellsing.
Destroy them.
That's an order.
They're finally paying us some attention.
Doc, Captain, once I start to dance, I dance to the finish.
Enjoy it as much as possible, right? You're slow! In the time it took you just to walk down the hall, I went to London, got my head blown off and made it back already.
Perhaps you should go on a diet, Major.
That's impossible.
Warrant Officer SchrÃdinger, stop being disrespectful.
It's all right, Doctor.
The Warrant Officer has carried out his mission.
Engage flaps! Launch Deus Ex Machina! This is the Last Battalion's Commander speaking to the entire airfleet.
We are headed for England's capital, for the skies above London.
Send up the beacon.
The signal fire of defiance announcing our return to this mortal world.
Let's sing a little song today.
And drink some cool wine.
The glasses should be ringing.
Since we must, we must part.
Give me your hand.
Your white hand.
Farewell, my love, farewell.
Since we're going.
Since we're going.
Since we're going against England.
And thus the ship came into my possession.
Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Sailor.
My bullet punishes all without distinction.
Welcome aboard.
You have your wish.
We and our ship are at Millennium's service.
New Captain.
What's it like to become a vampire after betraying your own country and killing all your mates? I see.
How does it feel to unleash your powers of invincibility, and turn your superiors and subordinates into ghoul corpses, new Captain? I see.
Well done! This is amazing! Millennium is very happy to have you.
Oh, you certainly deserve full credit.
We couldn't have done it without you.
The Major will be so happy.
Well Now that the deed is done, hurry up and die, Limey.
You set us up, bitch! What?! I only heard a single shot! But that's ridiculous! It can't be! I'm Rip Van Winkle, the hunter.
Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Sailor.
My bullet punishes all without distinction.
You bitch! Foolish child.
First Lieutenant.
Oh, you're awake? I ran out of paint before I could finish, but I guess this will do.
We'd be a pretty sorry looking ship without this.
Our cursed banner.
The German Third Reich's Atlantic Fleet Flagship Adler, now commencing operations! No matter how many times we kill them, they keep coming back.
They certainly are persistent.
However many times they come back, we'll just keep killing them.
It's as simple as that.
This time, it's not just the two of us.
We have a new member.
There's something I've been meaning to ask you.
What? Why did you make Seras a vampire? Why would you of all people do something so out of character? It was her decision.
She chose her own path.
What about her family? She doesn't have any.
She's an orphan.
I thought so.
She's much more interesting than she looks.
Her superiors and co-workers were being turned into ghouls right and left in her town of death.
A vampire was trying to rape and kill her.
It was a hell like the bottom of a witch's cauldron.
And what did she do? What did she choose? Giving up is what kills people.
Those who refuse to give up are entitled to trample upon humanity.
Now all she needs to do is drink blood, right? She'll drink.
She'll definitely drink.
Why won't you drink blood? You're not human anymore.
You're a vampire, Seras.
But, um, it's just I-Integra! I cut my finger.
I don't want it to get infected.
Please, lick it for me.
But, um Lick it.
That's an order.
Seras, whatever you do, don't bite.
It's genuine, 100 percent pure virgin blood.
You feel any better? Uh, but Thank you.
Prepare your gear and stand by for action.
We've lost contact with our aircraft carrier Eagle off the coast of Wales.
It's probably them.
Yes, sir! We're leaking information to them like a sieve.
I've already been attacked by their vampire faithful four times.
They have informants all across the world.
Over there, in Britain, in the Vatican.
They probably even had one at the round table.
They are the scum of the earth.
The question is, what are these vampires going to do? They have their sights set on England.
It's turned out just as you planned, Maxwell.
You must be overjoyed.
Part of me is.
But the other part is extremely unhappy.
Then why didn't you argue back when he said our God was mad?! They're not the least bit interested in us.
They're completely absorbed with Hellsing and Alucard.
In that case, actions speak louder than words.
When the time is right, we'll clobber them from the side.
When all is said and done, we'll be the ones standing in the ring with our fists raised.
His Holiness the Pope issued a mobilization order some time ago.
He's transferred the Knights of Malta, the Knights of St.
Steven, the Military Order of Calatrava la Nueva, the Brotherhood of the Cruciform Sword, and the Swiss Company headquarters here.
The Vatican's Administration of Holy Relics Third Division, Matthew, has also gone into action.
Specialized anti-vampire tactical arms are also being prepared.
It's just like a crusade.
That's exactly right.
Only the enemy isn't Allah.
This time the enemy is the god of war, Mars! Very well.
Castle after castle, town after town, we'll heap their corpses on top of each other! You are our trump card, Anderson.
Return to base by whatever means you see fit.
All right.
In the name of the Father and the Holy Spirit.
Amen! Mars! Mars! Mars.
All right, you bastards.
Have a taste of our divine punishment.
36 hours 15 minutes more.
Oh, I can hardly wait.
I can hardly wait.
We've had no communication with Eagle for eighteen hours.
She's resting in the Atlantic, 300 kilometers off the coast off Pawling.
She's flying that symbol of madness.
The situation is moving outside the Royal Navy's sphere.
What's the status? Tell her.
She's not responding whatsoever.
There's been no reply to any of our communications.
However, a satellite photo has confirmed that there is a person on deck holding a parasol.
Two SAS platoons are currently approaching via helicopter in order to check out the situation and bring things under control.
What is it? Cancel the operation and order them to return immediately.
Otherwise they'll be completely wiped out.
The helicopters have been shot down! By weapons on board the carrier?! No.
It was a single musket shot.
That's absurd! We'll get confirmation immediately.
What are you going to do, Integra? We've received direct orders from her Royal Highness.
We've determined that these incidents are the work of vampires and we'll be taking independent action.
Wh-What?! You heard me, Sir Penwood.
Very well, Integra.
You and Hellsing are free to act.
They aren't attacking us themselves, but if we draw near, they'll fire their weapon.
It's textbook.
They're trying to lure us in.
But we can't just call it a ghost ship and leave it at that.
It's too dark and menacing.
For vampires, the sea is the lowest pit of hell.
They may be locked in the situation, but so are we.
How do we get Alucard and Seras onto that floating fortress? A large ship? No.
It would take too long.
We can't count on them to stay put forever.
What about a small high-speed craft? No.
They have high caliber anti-aircraft and Gatling guns.
It's hard to imagine it standing up to a hail of bullets.
What about dropping them in from directly above? No.
With the anti-aircraft missiles they have on board, we couldn't even get close, let alone directly above.
We could use an airplane with lots of decoy chaff.
Even if we fooled the missiles, they still have their magic bullet.
The bottom line is Despite their hail of missiles and magic bullets, you need to get me standing on top of that deck.
We're asking the impossible.
No, there is an aircraft that's up to the task.
It's probably the only one of its kind in the world.
My son take heart thou shalt not thus despair.
Now or over valley and mountain.
Tomorrow we meet with the day.
The noble deer as he roveth.
What's she singing? It's from Carl Maria Von Weber's Der Freischütz.
The eagle bold, as he moveth.
Our rifles shall give us for prey, shall give us for prey, shall give us for prey.
What's happening? What? He's He's coming! We've got something on the radar! It's approaching us.
My God It's traveling at Mach 2.
Altitude is 85,000! 85,000? That's ridiculous! It's a reconnaissance craft.
An SR71.
He's coming! First Lieutenant, who's coming? It's him! It's him! The voice of madness is coming! Raising the stench of death as he clenches the reins, heading straight for us with his black iron horses in tow! Enemy aircraft now diving! My god He's trying to ram us?! Blast the engine! Move her out of the way! Put up a barrage of anti-aircraft! Hurry! Hurry! I-I hear a v-voice from over there I-I hear a v-voice calling m-me Unleash Cromwell, numbers three, two and one.
You will soon lose the light of day.
Fate has driven you.
Goodbye My s-spirit t-trembles First Lieutenant, do you know how Der Freischütz ends? Kaspar, who has trifled with the Black Ranger, Zamiel, is whisked away to Hell by Zamiel, and his corpse is thrown into the bottom of a ravine.
Prepare yourself, First Lieutenant.
Zamiel is descending upon you as well.
Those who impersonate the dead shall join their ranks! First Lieutenant! It's almost time for the order! We have to hold out until then! You goddamn monster! Shoot him! Shoot him! The grenades! Throw the grenades! What the hell? What the hell are you?! Prepare yourself, First Lieutenant.
What will you do in the face of Zamiel? What will you do Rip Van Winkle? Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Sailor.
My bullet punishes all without distinction! Die! Die! Die! Die! Die! Die and go to hell! I caught it.
Rip Van Winkle I've caught you.
Well done, First Lieutenant.
The operation was a success.
No matter how many stones you cast upon the water's surface, no matter how much you stomp upon the shadow, the water's surface and the shadow never go away.
That is how it is.
That is the river of death.
Life and death, it's all just one big hoax.
Immortal, invincible, undefeated and almighty.
It's ludicrous.
But we will overthrow him.
Through your sacrifice, we will overthrow Alucard.
She's performed her mission perfectly.
Absolutely perfectly.
I won't allow her to be cremated.
Y-Yes, sir.
I'll see you in Valhalla, First Lieutenant.
Farewell! See you later, Rip Van.
Sieg Heil! Are you having fun, Alucard? War is fun.
Sing the victory hymn, Alucard.
And then watch.
I can see it.
I can see it clearly from behind my spectacles.
The city's lights Its steeples Hear the victory hymn, Alucard.
And watch the collapse of the British Empire! My friends, I like war.
My friends, I like war.
My friends, I love war.
I like wars of extermination.
I like lightning warfare.
I like bruising slugfests.
I like defensive wars.
I like siege warfare.
I like smashing through enemy lines.
I like falling back.
I like mopping-up operations.
I like withdrawals.
Wars on prairies, in streets, in trenches, on grasslands, on tundra, in deserts, on the sea, in the air, in the mud, in swamps.
I love every possible act of warfare that occurs on the face of the earth.
I like blasting the enemy to smithereens with artillery salvos that thunder across the line of battle.
My heart leaps whenever an enemy soldier is tossed high into the air and cut to pieces by a few well placed shots! I like it when a tank operator uses a Tiger's 88mm to obliterate enemy tanks.
It feels good whenever an enemy soldier who screams as he flees from a blazing tank is mowed down by a machine gun.
I like it when rows of infantry with the tips of their bayonets all lined up trample upon enemy lines.
It plucks my heart strings to see panicked fresh recruits stabbing dead enemy soldiers over and over again.
The sight of despairing deserters being strung up from a street lamp is a pleasure I can't resist.
There's nothing better than lowering down my palm and seeing screaming prisoners of war drop like flies as they're mowed down by ear-piercing Schmeissers.
When the pitiful resistance fighters make their brave stand, only to have their entire city smashed to atoms by Dora's 4.
8 ton bombshells, I'm simply in ecstasy! I like being ravaged by Russian armored divisions.
It's so sad to see towns that were supposed to be defended at all costs laid waste, their women and children raped and killed.
I like being squashed and exterminated by Anglo-American material superiority.
Crawling around on the ground like vermin while being hounded by Jabos is the ultimate humiliation.
My friends, I want war, hellish war.
My friends.
My brothers in arms who serve me.
What do you want? Do you want further war? Do you want a merciless, shit-like war? A war that unleashes all of nature's fury? A war like a tempest that kills all the ravens upon this earth? War! War! War! War! War! War! I see.
Then war it is.
We are a clenched fist about to be lowered with all its might.
But after enduring over half a century in the darkness, a simple, ordinary war is no longer sufficient for us.
We need a massive war! A massive all out war! We are but a single battalion.
The remnants of a defeated army numbering less than a thousand.
However, I believe that each of you old warriors is equal to a thousand of their men.
Which means together, including myself, we form an army of one million and one men.
Let's wake them up, the ones who sent us into oblivion and who now lie fast asleep.
Let's drag them down by their hair, open their eyes and remind them.
Remind them of what it feels like to live in fear.
Remind them of the sound of our combat boots! Remind them that between heaven and hell there are things they never thought imaginable.
It's Europe! The lights of Europe! Our Kampfgruppe of a thousand vampires is going to turn this world to ash.
That is the light of Europe we've been longing for.
I've brought you back to our old battlefield.
Just as I promised.
To our dear beloved war! Major! Acting Major! Battalion Commander! Major! Acting Major! Battalion Commander! At last the sea lion has crossed the ocean and is heading up the hill.
To all members of the Millennium Battalion! This is an order from your commander.
My friends.
We're going to give them hell.