Hellsing Ultimate (2006) s01e05 Episode Script

Hellsing Ultimate, Vol. 5

1 Alucard! Wake up, Alucard! Who are you? I'm your gun, the spirit of the Jackal, Willis.
W-W-Wait, Willis! Listen to me! Please listen, Willis! Where is this? I'm going home.
This is my space.
It's the Willis Space, Willis.
You can no longer escape from here, Willis.
This is where the fine line between a good movie and a boring movie comes to life, Willis.
Also, I don't weigh ten kilograms, more like sixteen kilograms.
That's all.
Nice to meet you, Willis.
What did you say? Starting now, we'll go together and seize Nakatomi Plaza.
Then we'll use a Japanese sword to save a screaming gang boss from being sodomized.
Then, we'll blow up a comet with Steve Buscemi and win ourselves a Golden Raspberry Award, Willis! After that, we'll be preoccupied by a kid with a long name who can see dead people.
Then we'll roll a taxi over and catch Milla Jovovich! That guy's an impostor.
That was close.
You must always be wary of sneak attacks and potential betrayals.
Always maintain your weapons yourself.
Now then, it's time for you to wake up.
Seras and Integra are waiting for you.
What's General de Gaulle doing in a place like that? What?! Damn, I missed! Hello, I'm Christopher Walken.
I'm Tom Berenger.
Together, we are The Dogs of War! Go away.
I'm Maximilian Schell.
For the time being, I'll kill everyone.
Go away! Hello, I'm the Old Man! Who the hell are you? Hello, I'm The Fourth Protocol.
What the hell?! Hello, I'm The Negotiator.
Do work hard, okay? And so, Sealion aims for the sun and ascends the mountain.
General, we've lost contact with the Central Government Information Control Headquarters! We're unable to get through! What? We're not getting a response from the London BTN.
All public communications in a wide area around the capital are down! We're not getting any response from Oak Air Force Base! We've lost contact with the Atlantic Fleet, as well as the Atlantic Navy Headquarters! There's no response from the National Defense Headquarters or Intelligence Control Headquarters! General, a report from a civilian plane just came in! They've sighted an airship fleet heading north towards London! An airship fleet?! Did you say an airship fleet?! Impossible Are you telling me that a war is about to break out? Exactly.
Integra The war has already begun.
Full speed ahead! Fly swiftly! More! More! More! Increase speed until the engine explodes! More! More! Advance! Fly swiftly towards the center of that distant city! Advance! Advance! Fly towards the tumult that lingers in our memories! Hey, hold on a sec! Don't touch me! Shut up! It was you— Hey, Johnson, say something.
The moon The moon Amazing! All hands, attention! Gentlemen, night has fallen.
My invincible, undying soldiers My oldest conscripts The night when our wishes will be fulfilled has come.
Welcome to the night of war! Well then, everyone, please open your handbooks.
England Landing Operation: The Second Operation Sealion.
Turn to the third page, and take a look at the report, "London Explodes! The Overwhelming Vampires.
" Huh? Huh? Huh? My, my, is something the matter, SchrÃdinger? Doc, I'm sorry.
I forgot to bring my handbook.
You're really hopeless.
Well then, it can't be helped.
You can look at the captain's for now.
Zorin First Lieutenant Zorin Blitz.
At your service.
Our target is Hellsing and also the defeat of Alucard.
Your troops will be the vanguard.
Take Zeppelin II and head towards Hellsing's Headquarters.
But don't start a battle.
Wait until I arrive with the main forces.
You don't need to trouble yourself with that task.
Hellsing without Alucard is nothing more than a baby.
Don't underestimate those women.
Do not underestimate Integra Hellsing and Seras Victoria.
Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing.
She is the descendant of the Hellsing, the head of the most powerful vampire-hunting clan in history.
The one that even Alucard acknowledged as his master.
Also, that policewoman, the vampire Seras Victoria.
Her existence is rather miraculous, to the point that you could even call it a joke.
Most likely, she doesn't even realize it.
Isn't this as much fun as it could possibly be? Both of them are fearfully inexperienced and incomplete.
However, I value them on the same level as Alucard, as "old enemies.
" Zorin, I'll say it again.
Do not start a battle.
Wait for my arrival.
Understood, Commander.
Then let's destroy the dam! Destroy the dam and let loose the torrents of war! Our first target is the whole of London! Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, the Prime Minister's residence, the National Defense Agency, Buckingham Palace, Scotland Yard Central Government Office, Westminster Abbey, Piccadilly, Soho, the City, Southwark Burn them all.
The Central Government Building, St.
Paul's Cathedral Major, what about the Cabinet War Rooms? Blow them up, of course.
They all make me sick.
Don't leave even a fragment behind.
How about Trafalgar Square, Major? Burn it! Take down Nelson's Column.
The Tower of London, the British Museum, the British Library, destroy them all! They're all disgusting.
What about Tower Bridge? Make it fall.
The same goes for London Bridge, just like the song.
What about the Imperial War Museum? Blow it up.
Destroy everything you see.
Devour everyone you see.
Eat and drink to your hearts' content! This imperial capital of eight million people will be your dinner tonight.
Now, gentlemen, let us kill and be killed, die and cause death.
First, let's have a toast.
The feast will finally begin this evening.
What's that? Are they shooting a film or something? Take a picture, c'mon! Cheers! Cheers! Not yet.
Prepare the next wave of V1 cruise missiles and get the armed regiment ready to descend! Yes, sir! V1 cruise missiles, all launched! Serious damage inflicted! Serious damage! Serious damage! Not yet.
More, more destruction! Show me more destruction! It's so beautiful.
Hell is shining.
We are monsters, and that's the only place we can live.
That's the only place we want to live! Begin landing operations.
Paratroopers, move out! Let's go, you front-line pigs! This is war! Five.
Who are you? Don't try anything funny, Lady Hellsing.
As of this moment, this facility is under the control of Millennium.
First Lieutenant, what's the meaning of this?! Silence! It means this, General.
Being a vampire is wonderful! I'm so lucky! Who would've thought that I'd even capture Lady Hellsing.
What's so funny?! It's worth the laugh.
You're all just newborn vampires.
On the other hand, I'm a vampire hunter.
For you tadpoles who haven't even lost your tails to stand before a snake and say you're lucky D-Damn you! You should get an Iron Cross from the Corporal in the other world.
You bitch! Walter, time to work.
Understood, my Lady.
I will serve as your opponent, babies.
Damned old fart! My apologies.
Treacherous dogs.
Are you all right, Mr.
Penwood? Oh? Yeah I was certain that you were one of the traitors.
I may be incompetent, but I'm no coward.
The city streets are all under attack! We're not getting any response from the senior military command! All British military facilities, as well as about 150 command points, are either not responding, or have said that they're in a fierce confrontation with unknown enemy forces! It's probably the same enemy that just attacked us.
This place will also be one of their targets.
We should evacuate immediately, Mr.
German soldiers are descending from the airship fleet! An armed regiment! What did you say?! We must leave this place, Mr.
Penwood! It's only a matter of time before groups of vampires make their way here.
You You should head back to your organization as soon as possible.
You still have a duty that only you can fulfill.
I-I can't leave this place.
That's the one thing I can't do.
It's almost impossible to issue orders from here.
Are you trying to get yourself killed? Who knows? Communications could be restored and we might be able to assume command again.
Some bases may have succeeded in fighting off the enemy and could be waiting for further instructions.
I-I am the commanding officer here.
I can't possibly leave this place, can I? I'm an incompetent person.
I'm a coward.
I'm a man so useless that even I don't understand why I hold this position.
I'm only here now because of my family status.
I've never tried to obtain anything by myself.
All I did was accept positions that were given to me, and perform the duties that came with them.
So at the very least, I think I should see this through to the end.
So leave! Please go, Integra! There are still things that only you, a Hellsing, can do.
It's loaded with silver sulfide bullets blessed by the Church.
It should be more effective than ordinary steel bullets against this enemy.
The best of luck, Mr.
Yes, the same to you, Lady Hellsing.
You should all evacuate too.
Only the bare minimum of personnel should stay.
Well, actually Uh, you know Frankly speaking, can you all just leave me alone? Everyone evacuate this place.
Quickly! Wh-What's wrong?! What's so funny? Hurry up and leave! That's an order! We'll try to make contact with the National Defense Headquarters again.
Begin a more thorough search.
What? Gather the weapons and ammunition! Form the fronts, on the double! Yes, sir! Wait! Hey! Barricade all entrances.
Hurry! What are you fools doing? There's no need for you to stay here! What are you saying, Commander? By yourself, you wouldn't even be able to manage a single console, would you? Please just sit there as usual.
Otherwise, you'll only get in our way.
Thank you, everyone.
Thank you.
Damage assessment! Form ranks, get out there and get me information! I don't care if you have to walk! Open the lines to foreign subdivisions too! I need information! We're leaving, Walter.
There's no time to waste.
Cut through the city.
You can do that, right? As you wish.
I will do my duty.
In the name of Hellsing Just you wait, vampires! Shit! Shit! Shit! Damn it! Damn it! Damn it! Hunting for a woman in this sea of flames? Just how much worse can this get? This is hell on earth! But it's only a taste of things to come.
Good work.
You've done your duty.
Rest now.
Hurry, Walter! We will avenge their deaths! Integra Hellsing has been spotted.
She's driving at high speed down Regent Street towards Hellsing's Headquarters.
Capture her.
Capture her! Attention all personnel.
This is Lieutenant General Penwood, broadcasting from the the England Security Special Command Headquarters.
I'm transmitting this in the belief that somewhere out there, someone is listening.
This place will fall into enemy hands soon.
In a moment, the monsters around the corner will make it to the other side of this door.
From this building, I give out my last order to those who are listening.
Defend our country.
Fulfill your duty.
So you're the new head of the family? Walter, is it really this girl? "This girl"? That's a rude thing to say, Mr.
W-Well, you see I'm Integra Hellsing, the head of the family.
I killed my uncle and assumed the role of family leader.
I hope you'll stop referring to me as "this girl.
" M-My apologies.
I'm sorry.
My father once told me, when he was still alive: "If you ever need help, seek the aid of Mr.
" Oh, so that's what's going on.
Arthur was always like, "Give me that new weapon!" Or, "Give me a helicopter!" Everything he ever asked for was impossible.
G-Geez, he always was so I myself am no less than my father.
So I think I'll depend on you a lot.
Please take good care of me.
For someone so useless, you really gave us a hard time.
What's so funny, human? Useless, you say? Compared to me, you're far more useless! Farewell, Integra.
I also had a lot of fun.
Stop! Over my dead body! There's no way I can listen to that plea, now can I? Walter Yes? Hurry! What's happening?! Lady Integra, please back the car up immediately.
Take the car and find another route to escape.
Walter Drive as fast as you can! As fast as you can! Don't turn back.
No matter what happens, drive away as fast as you can.
Walter! In my current state, I don't know how long I can hold back that monster over there.
Walter, this is an order.
Make sure you come back alive! As you command.
As I thought It really is you, huh? You're right, boy! Long time no see, butler.
It's been about 55 years, right? Geez, why do you always disturb us during our meals? Integra Hellsing is on the move.
She's changed her course and is moving at high speed.
To all soldiers in the vicinity.
Pursue her.
Pursue her! Integra Hellsing is alone.
I repeat.
Pursue and capture her! Capture her! Capture her! There she is! Panzerfaust, aim.
Fire! Integra Hellsing! By the order of the Battalion Commander, prepare yourself! You really don't know when to give up, little miss.
It's useless, no matter how much you struggle or how fast you run.
Just give up.
Very soon, in London, which has become "Midian," there'll be no place to run or hide.
Give up, human.
Run? Hide? Useless? Give up? Did you say, "Give up"? I see.
That's exactly the sort of comment I'd expect from you, scum who couldn't handle being human.
Don't look down on humans, you monsters! Come, I'll take you on! So be it! Wh-What are these?! M-My body B-Bayonets! You're from the Vatican's Iscariot Section XIII?! Assassin.
Angel Dust.
Bayonet Priest.
Alexander Anderson! You're bleeding from the nose like a sick insect while facing a swarm of monsters, and yet you say, "Come"?! "I'll take you on"?! Did you hear that, Heinkel? Did you hear that, Yumie? There's no doubt about it.
This one, this woman and all that follow her, they're our sworn enemies! Our oldest enemies! Father Anderson.
For now, our orders were just to observe.
And yet you still helped a Hellsing.
Isn't that a grave violation of our orders? Because of that, you're telling me to keep quiet and just let her be? It is we who are going to bring them down.
Only we have the right to topple them! I will never pass on this! I will not allow anyone to interfere! No one! No one! You damn Iscariot Are you trying to get in our way? Silence! Keep quiet, you corpse! Before my eyes, the dead walk.
The undead form ranks and march to the front lines.
They've abandoned the one and only order of God, taken the path of heresy and are now doing whatever they want.
Do you think that we, the Iscariot, will allow such absurdities?! You won't die an easy death.
I'll cut you all into shreds! Amen! I ask of thee, who are you?! We are of the Iscariot, Judas Iscariot! Then, Iscariot, I ask of thee, what is it that you hold in your right hand? We hold a dagger and poison! Then, Iscariot, I ask of thee, what do you grasp in your left hand? We grasp thirty pieces of shining silver and a noose of straw rope! Then What are you, Iscariot? We are apostles, yet not apostles.
We are followers, yet not followers.
We are believers, yet not believers.
We are traitors, yet not traitors! We are the ones who follow the one and only Lord, who bow down to ask for forgiveness from the Lord, who bow down and dispose of the Lord's enemies! We are the ones who swing our daggers in the night, who serve poison as supper, the Lord's soldiers! We are disciples, a group of disciples! We are assassins.
We are Judas Iscariot.
When the time comes, we will cast the thirty pieces of silver into the temple, and holding onto the straw noose, we will hang ourselves.
Thereupon, we will form a cabal and descend into Hell.
We will form into ranks, assume our formation, and battle the 7,405,926 demons in Hell, as is our desire! My old enemy My master Invited by all of you, I will see the continuation of my dream.
Onward! Towards the war!