Hellsing Ultimate (2006) s01e06 Episode Script

Hellsing Ultimate, Vol. 6

1 This is my new home.
Father, why am I here? Why did Mother and Father not come for me? Is it because I am their bastard child? I don't need friends.
I don't need companions.
I don't need Father or Mother.
I will become great.
I will.
I'll become great and look down on all of them.
Chief! Section Chief! Please wake up, Section Chief.
Section Chief Maxwell.
Anderson's armed priest squad that was sent earlier has secured Integra Hellsing, and is currently engaging the remnants of the Letztes Batallion.
Impetuous hothead.
I specifically told them to avoid hostilities and to observe.
That's quite a fire Just like purgatory.
The Imperial Capital, London, is completely devastated.
Not since the Great London Air Raid has there been such a fire.
As for the current death toll, we cannot provide an estimate.
In addition, we don't know how many of those have become undead.
It's divine punishment.
The fools stretched themselves into rapture and ignorantly embraced heresy.
They got what they deserved.
Good riddance.
And the United States? Major chaos.
The White House is still in flames.
It seems that a presidential aide turned into a vampire during a meeting.
The president and all thirteen cabinet members were killed.
Naturally, that would be the outcome.
They're positioning themselves around the presidential residence.
If the damage escalates, have them take action.
Otherwise, do not move a finger.
Their chaos is beneficial for us.
We'll maintain it as long as possible.
But I don't understand why the Millennium hasn't advanced further.
I couldn't care less.
It's fine as long as we're not hindered by it.
The only things I'm interested in are England, Hellsing and Alucard.
And that pig Even the Vatican doesn't see that fat major as an obstacle.
I won't allow for it! We'll hit them from the flank with everything we've got! That's right, Brethren.
We shall liberate Britain from the heretics and monsters! Heretics and monsters can all die.
That's what I learned from Father! The Knights of the Courtland, Brethren of the Sword! All 340 members assembled.
The Knights of the Order of Calatrava La Nueva.
All 118 members assembled.
The Knights of the Sacred Military Order of Saint Stephen of Tuscany.
All 257 members assembled.
The Knights of the Order of Malta.
All 2457 members assembled.
At the command of his Holiness the Pope, we have gathered together here.
Along with our assemblage comes your promotion, Bishop Maxwell.
You'll now be dubbed Archbishop Maxwell.
Together, our army has formed the Ninth Crusade, which we entrust ultimate command to your grace, Archbishop Maxwell.
Amen! I graciously accept this with all my body and soul.
Your target is the British Empire: the dead city of London! Commence our reconquest! Reconquistadors, move out! Amen! Am I, a member of Section XIII, the one who was loathed and called a devil child, now an Archbishop and leader of the Ninth Crusade?! Section Chief! What is it? L-Look at these! Our satellite over the Atlantic Ocean just took these.
It's moving It's moving this way! That's not possible! To the conflagration?! How could it be sailing?! Its speed is only several knots, but it's definitely moving towards London! Alucard is coming.
I care not.
Hellsing, the Millenium and Alucard will all cease to exist soon.
Ultimately, we will be the ones to rise victorious at the Ring.
All forces, move out! The time has come for us, earthly agents of God, to implement our mission on behalf of his wrath! Everyone is laughing as they willfully turn towards hell for their assault.
Who in the world among that killing field will be left alive at the end? I'm sure every last one will end up dying as they laugh within the twilight.
So nostalgic.
I can smell everything.
The scent of impaled men.
The scent of dismembered women.
The scent of burnt infants.
The scent of the elderly shot to death.
The scent of death.
The scent of war! Here I come, Major.
Zorin, you may proceed.
Restart Zeppelin II engines! Zorin Blitz Task Force, move out! Your target is Hellsing HQ! How many of us are left? Roughly half.
They're stronger than we thought.
Use the Thermit! Incinerate the Nazi corpses! Leave no remnants! I'll take my leave.
Where do you think you're going? I'm returning to my manor.
My duties await me there.
Duties as a commander.
That's why I must return.
I don't think so.
You're in our custody now.
A light.
May I get a light for my cigar? You brainless worm.
A light.
A light.
Well you do realize the position you're in right? Light.
The threat of guns do not affect me.
I'm going back to the manor, so shoot me or move.
Stand down, Yumie.
I-I'm not very good with this type of person What do we do? W-We could tie her up a-and take her with us.
A joke?! I can hear you! Is that acceptable, Section XIII? Is that acceptable, Anderson? 'Course not.
Forcing our will as a group on a single unarmed woman We'd be just like rapists.
Then I shall leave.
But it's dangerous for a woman to walk alone at night.
Escort me.
We will.
I'm in a hurry, so let's go.
Wait! What the heck This has gotten really bad W-W-What should we do? The Section Chief is going to get mad again W-Well, we're technically "securing" her, so he might not get mad T-That's just twisting your words Shut up! Heinkel, find us a ride.
We're sitting ducks like this.
Yes, sir Is this all right, Father Anderson? It might be seen as a breach of authority.
So be it, 'tis better this way.
Maxwell's methods are too arrogant.
We'll be reaching Hellsing HQ momentarily.
All right.
All personnel, prepare for combat.
Support fire from the flagship has commenced.
They're using V-1s.
The Heralds of Deus Ex Machina, eh? Give Hellsing everything we've got! What the hell? What? What's happening to them?! They're being intercepted! The shots are coming from Hellsing HQ! Bastards! All the V-1s have been shot down! That's impossible.
All twenty-four of them were taken down simultaneously Searchlights! Shine them on Hellsing HQ! Please don't! Then we'll be the ones shot at! It makes no difference! That woman can already see us! Keep shooting, Miss.
Those new weapons seem to be holding up nicely, Miss.
Harkonnen II: 30mm semi-automatic cannon.
It has a maximum range of 4000m, and weighs 345kg in total.
It's even more ridiculous with you wielding it, Miss.
Bernadotte, could you please stop calling me "Miss"? My name is Ceres.
My apologies, Miss! Hey Can you see London, Miss? I can.
Picadilly, Soho and the Covent Garden were all reduced to ashes.
That London now has become a synonym for hell.
I've never liked London.
I found it too old-fashioned.
It didn't suit me one bit.
But the cabaret our gang went to on the weekends served good beer.
That old bartender would act like a fool and always gossiped, but I liked him.
The hookers at the Spring Lodge Hotel were all stingy and ugly.
But still, they always took good care of us.
None of them deserve what's happening.
That old barmaid at the cafe on Barnaby Street would always bring me fish and chips I didn't order.
"Because I was a foreigner", she thought I should try the English specialty.
And each time I told her I couldn't eat it because it was too greasy.
But I couldn't say no to her, so I ate it anyway.
I don't like London.
But the bartender, the hookers and the lady at the cafe had nothing to do with this battle.
This war and the vampires were irrelevant to them.
That bastard Major, Section XIII, the Letzte Battalion, and even us at Hellsing, mean nothing to them.
But now they're all dead, feasting upon the other dead.
I just can't stand it.
Ceres, let's get our revenge.
Let's beat them.
Let's beat the shit out of them.
I understand.
I understand, Captain.
I understand Target the enemy's flying dreadnought! Prepare to fire cannons! Fire! Taking fire! Light them up! Light those bastards up! Blocks 1, 3 and 4 were hit! There's been an explosion in Prep Room 2! Stern engines 4 and 5 have ceased functioning! We've lost 32% of our flight ability! First Lieutenant! We have to We have to retreat! It's too late! This lightly armed ship is like a paper balloon against that kind of firepower.
And it's too huge to evade.
Descend! Take it down! We'll force land on them! Land on Hellsing HQ, no on that bitch as well! On Ceres Victoria! Go! Get out of there, Ceres! Explosive incendiary grenades for wide-area field dominance Vladimir? We've lost control! W-We're going to crash! They did it! They really did it! It's not over! That's right.
Not yet, Ladies.
Open your eyes! Here they come.
They escaped just before impact! That's impossible! With no suspension?! That's right.
They aren't human.
They're monsters.
Get down here and re-equip, Miss.
Yes, sir! Watch closely, Miss.
We'll show you how Geese fight.
It's our turn now.
Here they come, guys.
Time to work.
Rock and roll! Forty-two survived the crash, sir! Those missiles took a large toll on us.
More than half of our troops are gone, along with all of our heavy artillery.
But we're all burning with valor and ready to go! What are our orders, First Lieutenent Zorin Blitz? We're fine.
We have more than enough to massacre their pathetic squadron.
Kill them Kill them all! Miss, that's a prime example of a "vampire", don't you think? They have superhuman athletic abilities and reflexes.
They thirst for blood like beasts and have a monstrous power.
They can feel a human's killing intent, read his movements, feel the beat of his heart and move accordingly.
They can easily dodge bullets and blades.
They attack their opponent and take their blood, no? So how 'bout we try this instead? Land mines! They're using land mines! They stopped.
Do it.
That's what you get for taking humans so lightly.
Y-You resorted to such trickery? Trickery? They're idiots for rushing at us head-on.
Land mines have no killing intent, no heartbeat, certainly no movement, and a direct, unavoidable, general attack area.
Tiny shrapnel ejected by 60 consecutively exploding claymore mines, if you think you can dodge that, go ahead.
You see, we're weak at fighting.
Like we'll fight fair and square when it'd be so damn scary.
Got it, Mr.
Soldiers? 3rd floor! Send a fusillade of grenades Keep a wide field of fire! Don't give em' any breathing room! Area! Aim accurately at areas instead of one guy.
Rifle squad, concentrate all your fire on the vicinity of your primary targets.
Focus fire! Captain! They've halted their advance.
They've taken cover behind a hillcock and aren't budging.
The bastards are hatchin' a plot.
We'll be fine for now.
We'll win as long as they don't get close.
This is our first time watching the manor, though it's for money.
We're dead meat if we let those scary men inside.
'Cause we're weak at close quarters.
I wonder if they'll withdraw If they were normal.
They'd be long gone if they were typical humans.
But those bastards aren't your average human.
They're monsters.
W-What the? What is that? What the hell is that?! What is it?! H-Hey! Is this a nightmare?! What's wrong?! What's going on there?! Don't stop shooting! Hey! Why'd you guys stop?! Hey, what's wrong?! H-Hey You've got to be shitting me Hey! T-That's- What the fuck is this shit?! Help me! It's a monster! My leg! My leg! My My My arm Help me I can't move No way That's not real I don't know why I can say that, but something inside tells me it's not real.
Another eye on the forehead.
That's what I taught you, right? Your third eye.
Abandon those human eyes of yours.
If you were a human, it'd become a problem.
But you're no longer human.
No longer human! Illusion? It's an illusion! It's a monster! Help me! M-M-My arm Sn-Snap out of it! It's not real! Help me! I can't move It's just an illusion! Impossible! This can't be real No fucking way.
Captain, it's an illusion! An illusion! Captain! W-What was that? M-My arm isn't gone! W-What? What was that? W-What just happened there? Snap out of it! It was just an illusion caused by illusion techniques! Illusion techniques? That was an illusion?! Really?! Yes! That's precisely what it was.
Congratulations for seeing through it, Ceres Victoria.
But But you're too late! This is bad.
They broke our front lines.
This is the forward squad.
The enemies have arrived here! They're storming our position! Stop their advance.
Spread out and retrieve the others out there.
Gather the rest of our men back here.
Carry whatever weapons and grenades you can find.
Miss Y-Yes, sir? We're going to barricade ourselves in this section of the manor.
We'll be on the defensive, and you'll be on the offensive.
We'll protect this place, while you beat those Nazi bastards to a pulp.
Y-Yes, sir! Miss, you're our trump card.
Lay waste to them, before they overrun us.
We're counting on you.
Y-Yes! Oh, I forgot one last thing.
Ceres! Yes, sir?! Close your eyes! W-What are you doing?! No fair, Captain! No fair! All right, time to move out! Hurry! Don't change the subject! Damn, I wanted to do that! Me too Idiots! Miss Ceres.
Be sure not to die.
Come back alive.
You too, Captain.
And everyone also.
All right Go! Heading out! She's a sweet kid.
Yeah She's ridiculously sweet.
Letting such a sweet girl die would kill any man's pride.
We would go to hell, yeah.
That's right.
Couldn't be more right.
Very true, very true.
Sorry, but your lives will be thrown away.
You shall be buried here.
Your fortress will become your grave.
Captain, you should say: "If the rest of you want to flee, then do it while you can.
" Or "Everyone run, I'll fight here alone.
" Something like that.
What are you blabbering about? You guys are willing to fight a war for some small change.
You disrespect your parents.
That's true.
He's right.
That's right.
Well then Let's go and die, dogs.
Let's go and die screaming "Fuck, fuck!" Take a shot in the gut and writhe on the ground.
Sounds great to me! Can't agree with you more.
You're absolutely right! It's only begun The war has only just begun.
More Become even more magnificent! If you don't I'll be deeply troubled.
You will not be forgiven You will not be saved! Shoot! Bastards! Now all of you just hurry up and die! Scum!