Hellsing Ultimate (2006) s01e08 Episode Script

Hellsing Ultimate, Vol. 8

1 God? A-An Angel! Angels! A-Angels? That's right! We are mortal adjutants of the Angel of Death! I shall hereby enforce judgment on behalf of the Inquisition! The accused: Britain.
The accused: monsters.
The sentence: death! Death! Death! Death! I do pity you, dear sinners.
However, there will be no forgiveness! Die like a withering lotus! Float like a butterfly, die like a bee! Well, well I never thought that boy was a sleeping lion.
Major! This is dangerous! Please get inside the Zeppelin! Doc, is it ready yet? Y-Yes.
It's still highly unstable, but I complied with your request, despite the risks.
That's outstanding.
Magnificent, don't you think? It truly is a prime battlefield.
Way to go, Doc.
Why don't you start making yourself useful, deadbeat?! I did! I went to Hellsing Manor to check in on Zorin, remember? Oh, I see.
Attention! Battalion, deploy anti-ultraviolet radiation equipment.
Regroup! Deploy masks! Battalion regroup! Secure that area! Eyes peeled! Eradicate our enemies! Target dead ahead! Execute them! Major, please get inside! This ship's light armor won't hold! Major Ma He's playing the song The song of war! And there's no one to interrupt his concert now! We are but instruments sounding under his baton! Sound the music! Roar like an instrument of war! No one can stop him! I have visual on the enemy leader! He's on top of a Zeppelin! What the hell is he doing? You're the demon that sparked this entire war.
Major! Die! Nicely done, Butler.
I knew half a century ago that you'd join us.
For this angel of death, the Totenkopf is most fitting! Didn't they come to save us? Die! Die! Die! Die! That's it.
Kill them all! Little insects! Behold our might! Behold the power of the Vatican! The only good Protestant is a dead Protestant! You've betrayed us, Maxwell.
In war, deception and betrayal are nothing unexpected.
On the contrary, they deserve commendation.
Particularly when used against heretics.
But But this is entirely different.
I detest it! Maxwell, you're out of line.
You're drunk with authority and domination.
We, the Iscariots, are solely tools of violence.
I am nothing but an extension of these deadly bayonets.
We are no more than divine intermediaries of God's wrath.
Maxwell, you no longer worship our Lord! You worship only His might! Isn't that right, Archbishop Maxwell?! Father Anderson.
We've just received a decree from Archbishop Maxwell.
Our orders are to immediately detain Hellsing's Commander-in-Chief, Integra Hellsing.
I don't like it.
It doesn't matter if you like it or not, Anderson! I'll take no part in this! Seras! Seras Victoria! Are you all right, Sir Integra? I'll live.
How's Hellsing HQ? We took the brunt of a large-scale assault, which we eventually repelled.
The HQ, however, is in shambles.
And Mr.
Bernadotte I see.
Seras, did you feed from Bernadotte? Have you become a full-fledged vampire? Y-Yes! Stand down.
All of you together wouldn't be able to defeat this girl.
The vampire, Seras Victoria.
She descended upon us as dread personified.
You're right, Father Alexander Anderson.
I'm not afraid of anything anymore.
Your eyes show through to the pits of perdition even though your facade projects a pretense of humanity.
Th-That's He's returned.
Now it's show time.
Let chaos reign.
There's something coming up the Thames.
What is it? A ghost ship.
We who once stood before the painting of spears held at the ready, are reunited once again in a line of lances.
Germany's Third Reich, Vampire Armed Assault Group, the Last Battalion: 572 left alive.
The Vatican's Ninth Airborne Crusade of the Roman Catholic Church: 2875 left alive.
The British Empire's Royal Order of Religious Knights: Three left alive.
Thus, as all the actors take to the stage, it is time to raise the curtain on the dawn of Walpurgis.
Master! My master, Integra Hellsing! Orders! Heed my orders, my servant, Vampire Alucard.
Dye crimson the army in white with your gun of silver! Dye vermilion the army in black with your gun of iron! Stain each and every one of our foes blood-red! Search and destroy.
Search and destroy! Massacre everyone! Don't let anyone escape from this island! Roger.
As you wish, my master.
Release the restriction system to level 0! Return! Send hundreds, no, thousands of them to the pits! Sing! The Bird of the Hermes is my name.
I devoured my own wings! Everyone here can feel the terror.
So long as this monster remains undefeated, he will terrorize us all! That's how I was tamed.
Here it comes.
The river rises.
A river of death! The dead dance! And all of Hell is singing! This can't be! This is impossible! This can't be true! That is the vampire Alucard's doing.
Blood is the money of the soul, the currency of life.
It's simply the means by which lives are traded.
To drink someone's blood is to take their life for yourself.
You should understand that now, Seras Victoria.
Cauldrons An army of Janissaries! You've devoured them! No wonder you can't die.
That's why you can't be killed! How many lives are in you? How many lives have you consumed?! Wallachia The royal army You Your own soldiers Your own servants Your own men What are you, monster?! The devil! Dracul! Dracula! Take the defensive! Fall back! Defend yourselves! What?! What's happening?! Death! Death is happening! Breathtaking! Our desire! It's wonderful! Shoot! Shoot them down! Fire! Shoot! Shoot! Shoot! The battlefield is total hell down there! We keep shooting, but they keep coming! The first wave has been destroyed! Bishop, we must retreat! Bishop! This isn't a battle, it's a massacre! D-Don't be foolish! I'm an archbishop, not a bishop.
An archbishop! This glass is specially made with reinforced tektite! You won't even be able to crack it! A-Anderson! Anderson! As an agent of Iscariot, I must enact divine punishment.
I will smash your dream without a moment's regret.
Goodbye, my friend.
Anderson! Anderson! Anderson! Save me, Anderson! Save me, Father! Father! Father How did I end up here? Am I really about to die alone?! No! No! Am I to leave this world as bereft as I entered it? Jesus Father.
Father Anderson.
I will become great.
I will.
I will become great and look down on all of them.
You're a fool.
The most hopeless fool.
This is Anderson.
I am addressing all armed priest divisions.
Return to the Vatican now.
The Ninth Crusade, the Reconquista, has been completely annihilated.
A new dawn rises.
Wake from your dreams.
Return to the Vatican now.
B-But Anderson! Your final resting place is not here.
Go home! Protect the Vatican.
Protect our Holy Father! Protect the future of Catholicism.
I shall defeat him.
I shall defeat Alucard! There is no other option! Father! Who knows what will happen if you fight him! That doesn't matter! It has to be now! All of Alucard's restraints have been released.
The time of reckoning is upon us! All the lives he bears have been set free to provide power for his attacks! He's like a castle from which all the soldiers have sallied forth! Inside, the lord is alone! Even now, he is but a single vampire.
A single Dracula! I fear this was the insane Battalion Commander's plan all along.
To sacrifice everything just to kill one man, Alucard! A thousand elite SS soldiers, three thousand crusaders, one million Englishmen: friend and foe alike.
And now, my own turn.
Farewell, gentlemen.
Maxwell's crying! That hopeless fool! Even in death, he's a weakling with no self-confidence! Farewell.
May we meet again in Limbo.
Father! Father Anderson! Welcome back, Count.
Good to be back, Countess.
W-Welcome back, master.
M-Master grew a mustache? A mustache Seras Seras Victoria.
Magnificent, my old rival.
We are agents of God.
Heavenly agents of divine punishment.
My mission is to track down all the fools who dare oppose God and slash apart every last piece of meat that holds their bodies together! Amen! You've trained your body beyond human limits to put up this much of a fight.
My enemy, let's see if you can kill me! Let's see you drive those bayonets into my heart! Just as it was 500 years ago and 100 years ago.
Let's see you end yet another interlude to my everlasting dream! My beloved sworn enemy! Ask and ye shall receive! Pure Macedonian silver casings with mercury-cored bullets, propelled by Marvell's NNA9 gunpowder.
It has a length of 39 cm, a weight of 16 kg and is chambered for 13 mm explosive ammunition.
The Jackal! It's perfect, Walter! Now what? What do you plan to do now? The monster you seek is right in front of you, Catholic! Isn't it your duty to take me down? You just need more chances.
A thousand more? Ten thousand more? Or a million? A billion? Or maybe one hundred trillion? Even if it takes me a tresvigintillion tries, I'll relish each one! We've lost contact with Nordland squad! Fight back, morons! No response from our air cruisers! The Bürgerbräukeller squad has run out of ammo! There's no response! Butler, kindly make me some Van Houten cocoa.
And don't neglect the milk and sugar.
London has fallen.
The crusaders have fallen.
The Last Battalion falls now as well.
Now only Alucard and I will be left.
My plans are proceeding perfectly.
In fact, they're more than perfect.
What's wrong, Christian? The monster is right here.
That body of yours is taking a lot of damage.
Your arm is about to fall off too.
What will you do? Are you a dog? Or a man? What about it, vampire? My arm hasn't been torn off yet! So shut up and bring it on! Come on! Hurry! Hurry! Wonderful.
Humans are so wonderful.
Explosive Chain! Forward! Forward! Forward! Forward! Forward! Forward! Forward! What a man he is.
So much So much like those men.
Come! Come, Alexander Anderson! Stand before me.
Just like those men Just like that man! I want to see you standing amidst the remains of my heart! Get out of my way! You idiots! You fucking idiots! We can't go back to the Vatican like this! If we did, we would no longer be ourselves! Iscariot's Section XIII would be no more! We'd only be worthless meat bags with organs! We've been charged with one purpose: to prevent the world from falling into chaos.
Aren't you the one told told us that? Prove to me it wasn't all just the delusions of a fanatic! You fools! Do you even understand what would happen if you died now? We'd be filling Limbo with souls! Very well.
We're launching a full assault into Hell.
Charge forward like always! What are you, men?! We are soldiers of Iscariot! They all share that common desire for happiness.
Countless lives squirm and wither away like the life of one.
The more blood spilled, the more desired.
Such a cycle will forever repeat itself, resulting in perpetual war.
The Catholics fight for the dogma of their "God.
" The Nazis fight for victory on the battlefield.
And then there's Alucard If you think about it, we all fight for the same thing: the revitalization of a dream.
Goodbye, my dark brothers.
Let's go! Kill them! Amen! Here I go! So you are finally standing before me? Well done.
Well done, Iscariot.
Bravo, Alexander Anderson! You aren't the only one who carries a murderous weapon.
So that's your trump card? The "nail"? The "shroud"? The "grail"? "Longinus"? The last of Rome's long-lost holy artifacts.
That's correct.
The lingering scent of a miracle "Helena's nail.
" Indeed it is! Don't, Anderson! Are you seriously planning to transform your soul into a monster? Into a monster of God? Will you subject yourself to an eternity as an instrument of God's will? It's the same! It's always the same shit! The monster who denies God and the monster who reveres him, are one and the same! Do you know what it would mean to use such a miracle, and become just another relic? You and I Our battle has driven us to the very edges of Hell.
To become a monster like me To give up your humanity only shows that you are weak.
You'll become the very thing you sought to destroy! Stop it, human.
Don't become a monster like me! I'm fine with just my bayonet.
A bayonet is all I need to invoke divine retribution.
If I am born a storm, so be it.
If I am born a menace, so be it.
If I am born a dreadful force, so be it.
If I am born a heartless, emotionless hurricane, so be it.
And if stabbing myself with this is the only way to fullish that wish then so be it.
Y-You Unforgivable fool! Thorns The thorns Anderson What in God's name happened to you? He has left his human shell behind.
The only way to ruin either of us is to gouge these out.
These entrails of the heart.
Father Anderson! Father! He who is neither human or demon is neither the dawn nor the dusk.
Master! The kind of place that's a perfect example Of sunny, vibrant, human land Wait, check, When in Rome, do as the Romans do Marching to the beat of the same drum for what? Money in the bank, a roof over my head For my vanity, for a shot at fame My stomach's got a boogie-woogie growling sound Sloshing back and forth, sloshing back and forth That worldly look on your face, babe Just makes me want to eat you right up The kind of ghoul's mask that fits in perfectly In crazy, hellish, monster land If he's here, then where are The other three horsemen Swarming on the rotting corpse of society The flies buzz around, the maggots they writhe Wiping my ass with bible pages Your rack is bulging, bouncing back and forth You're dripping wet, caught up in your lust That vapid look you've got on your face, babe You're not seeing me until it's too late That's a mistake you can't get away with Make that mistake and it's the kiss of death That's a mistake you can't get away with Make that mistake and it's the kiss of death It's the kiss of death The kiss of death