Hellsing Ultimate (2006) s01e09 Episode Script

Hellsing Ultimate, Vol. 9

1 Air Cruiser 3: Arthur Seyß-Inquart is losing altitude! We're engulfed in flames! Engines ruptured, we can no longer maintain lift! The Alfred Rosenburg is burning! We're unable to contact the landing squads! We've lost the 7th brigade! Communication is cut off! They've been wiped out! Wiped out?! What's going on down there?! Major! Major! Give us orders! Major! Be quiet for once.
Sit back and enjoy the show.
They're just your underlings.
Why are you crying like a little girl who just got her cherry popped? Captain.
Yes, sir! Distribute arms and ammunition to all able-bodied crew aboard.
Give grenades to the men who can't stand.
We don't have enough guns or ammo! Then give them iron pipes, scraps, whatever.
Arm and muster the men.
Once they're all here, we charge in.
It'll be great fun.
We dive in head first singing the Horst Wessel Lied ! It'll be great fun! The call is sounded for the last time! Zum letzten Mal wird nun Appell geblasen! Zum Kampfe steh'n Wir alle schon bereit! For the fight, we all stand prepared! What's wrong? Why aren't you singing? This has gone too far.
We're not SS! We're the German Navy! We follow you to fight the English! But this has gone too far! We can't lose any more men in this hopeless fight! You've come this far and you still don't understand our struggle? Very well.
Insubordination has its charms.
What a shame, Doc.
I can't hit him.
You always were such a poor shot.
How did you ever make it into the SS? Major.
Execute this deserter.
Arm the surviving men, Feldjager.
Dispense with any further traitors as you wish.
We'll show these men how to fight.
He who lives by the sword, dies by the sword.
Taken that way, this mission is going just as planned.
This war has not yet escaped my grasp.
Master! Who Who's there? That's me.
God I pray not for mercy.
Fight! Fight for God! God helps those who help themselves.
He does not save those who ask for mercy.
That's not a prayer.
It's just begging.
Your battle is your prayer.
After your resounding prayer, He will descend from heaven.
He will descend to Jerusalem! To be cleaved, torn, slashed and then fall in battle.
After prayer, after prayer, after prayer He will descend to his wretched flock.
God will descend from the heavens.
And? Has He come? Your God? Your Jerusalem? What's wrong? Answer me, King.
Crazy King.
They're dead.
Everyone's dead.
For you For your faith For your paradise, your God Everyone has died for your prayer.
Killing your friends and your foes The people you were sworn to protect and the country you were sworn to rule Men, women, the old, children, and even yourself You're an irredeemable monster, Count.
But if you give up now Master! This voice It's calling for me.
Master! Who? Who's calling for me? Master! Oh, it's you.
Master! Master! It's burning.
His world is burning away.
Master! Master! Quiet, Police girl.
You're always so damn loud.
What are you trying to do, break a glass? Master Anderson I'm glad you could finish me.
That day That sun-drenched field That day 523 years ago I'm glad I gave you a heart.
But it's over now.
You cannot defeat me.
Humans kill monsters.
They must be killed by humans alone! Integra.
In this world live a myriad of immortal monsters.
Yet, looking at them, something's occurred to me.
Do they truly desire immortality? Most of them seem to hunger for battle.
Their desperate battles are a cry.
They cry out for death.
Nosferatu, the no life king.
No castle, no domain, no subjects.
No claim on the hearts of others, no heart of his own.
A lost soul, stripped of everything, who wanders from battle to battle.
Integra, my dear.
I see those immortal monsters as nothing but crying children.
You are me! You are me! I was like this! I was just like this! Don't cry, demon.
Are the children hiding under your bed? Don't cry, demon.
You became a monster because you didn't want to cry.
When humans cry and their tears dry up, they become monsters, dried up inside.
So laugh.
Laugh with pride and arrogance.
Like you always do.
I will pass on now.
You will survive.
How long will you be doomed to wander this Earth? Until my past is destroyed by my future.
It won't be long now, my old enemy.
See you in Limbo.
I hear voices.
The voices of children.
The voices of children at play.
The children I must Everyone's waiting.
Maxwell You mustn't cry.
Remember your prayers before bed.
Walter! Is that you, Walter?! Trash.
The dead are nothing but trash.
And there's no reason to mourn trash.
Right, Integra? Walter Walter! What did they What did they do to me? They captured me, turned me into a vampire and brainwashed me.
Then they forced me on a suicide mission against my former master.
That's what you want to hear, right, Seras? But no.
I'm here on no one's orders.
I fight for my own sake.
I stand here as Walter C.
And it is by my will alone that I will separate you this dawn.
Walter! Why, Walter?! Don't call me by name! N-No! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! I'm tired of all of you, master and servant! I don't care! She's dashing in! Shimabara sword-style, "Shoki"! You're dead! I'm not dead.
You are.
And with a single cry and slash, I depart from this world.
Yumie! No one can get in my way.
No one can stop my rebellion.
Lord Irons! Has Her Majesty been brought to the casemate? Yes, and the nuclear submarine Nereid is on its way here.
If the fighting becomes fiercer, she'll be evacuated to Canada.
What's the situation in London? As chaotic as ever.
Penwood's last public broadcast was the last thing we heard.
Penwood, you say? Yes, Penwood.
That fool.
He's more concerned with looking good.
Everyone seems like a fool sometimes, but he's certainly playing the part exceptionally well.
We can't forgive the Nazis.
Our dear friends Our dear comrades Those Nazi maggots We must take our revenge! We can clear those vampire freaks out of our bases in half a day.
The decimation squads you prepared in advance will work well.
The problem is London.
We can barely hold our lines.
His Majesty and the upper ranks are considering a "final solution" of sorts.
Nukes Yes.
Three Trident SLBMs from the Nereid are all it would take to sacrifice London.
That's our last resort, though.
A nuclear attack on our own countrymen is absurd.
Plus, Her Majesty still has faith.
As long as London still fights As long as someone still fights Yes.
Arthur's daughter still fights.
Irons When we discovered a traitor among the Round Table, the younger members accused Penwood, but you defended him.
He's useless, but he's an honorable man.
He'd kill himself before turning traitor.
Then who? You and I are the only peers left.
Is it you? Or me? What nonsense.
Were I to turn traitor, I'd deliver a notice in writing.
I fear When Integra's father, Arthur, died, I warned that his brother Richard was a dangerous man.
That he would attempt to do away with Integra and establish himself as head of the family.
Do not take your eyes off Richard or Integra.
I warned the Hellsing butler, Walter C.
But where was he during the night of the attack? What was he doing? Arthur knew of the dangers that Alucard posed and sealed him away in the dungeon.
But that night Integra, pursued by Richard, freed Alucard and formed a contract with him.
Could he be behind all of this? Could he have been working toward it from the beginning? If so, how long has he been a traitor? Ten years? Twenty? Since Warsaw in September of 1944? You tore open my cheek? Why?! Why not kill me?! You want me out of your way?! Why show mercy?! Why? Why?! Am I not a warrior?! Am I merely the defeated?! Why can't you see me as an enemy?! Heinkel! Are you okay, Heinkel? Never mind me! Where's Yumie?! She's Yumie is Yumie Yumie! Dammit! That bastard! That bastard! That goddamned butler! Give me that! Give me your gun! You're wounded, Heinkel! I don't care anymore! I'll kill that goddamned butler! Kill him Kill him! Rise! Rise and fight! Hellsing! Alucard! There you are, Reaper.
It's said that an Englishman's hobby is growing old.
They hide their minds and refuse glory.
Your aged form is a billion, a trillion times better than this one.
You were such a beautiful, yet ugly, exemplar.
Your body and heart have become those of a reaper.
This world is but a bloodsoaked, fleeting dream.
When dawn rises, I will be a Reaper! Rise and fight, Alucard! You and I are nothing but dogs.
And hounds do not bay for themselves.
Give me an order, my master! I can kill him.
I can slaughter him without the slightest hesitation or remorse.
For I am a monster.
And you are Integra.
I wield the gun.
I aim the sights.
I chamber the round.
I pull the slide.
I release the safety.
But the killing intent is yours.
What should I do? Give me an order, Master of Hellsing! Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing! Say it! Say it! Say it, Fraulein! Say it! Tell him to do it! Tell him! Tell him to do it! Tell him to.
Tell him to! Tell him to kill me, Mistress! Search and destroy! Search and destroy! Servant! I have given my order, and it has not changed! We destroy all those who oppose us! We grind all who stand in our way to dust! No matter who they are! No matter what they are! No matter who they are She said it! She finally said it! She said it! Yes, my master.
Wonderful! You were truly a fitting master for me! You will not hear me ask why.
Now you are my enemy! Hellsing's enemy.
Britain's enemy! That's what you've become! I must defeat you.
I must destroy you! Well spoken, Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing! I'll never call you an amateur again! You've finally become a worthy foe! My wonderful, fearsome, fated rival! The cards of destiny have been dealt! Now, I call! Das Dritte Reich seien Sie herzlich willkommen! The Third Reich cordially welcomes you! Go.
Go and kill.
Go and finish this.
Yes, I will.
M-Master Go, Seras.
Our lord needs a retinue.
End that man's 55-year-long dream.
The sun is rising.
I will end this man's long night.
Walter! Um, this may not be the time to say this.
But, uh Thanks for everything! You've been a great help! You too.
Yes! Farewell, Walter! Farewell and die.
Well, hello there, lady.
Always a joker.
Let's end this.
I call.
What amazing women.
They're all mine now.
My beloved mistress and my lovely servant.
They're not yours anymore.
Are you mad, Reaper? Get mad! Your foolishness ends today! Chew on this! You said it yourself! No monster is immortal.
It's true! They're all gone! I'll kill you until you die! Pointless.
Hound of the Baskervilles Quiet, boy.
What will you try next? Vampire Alucard! Just an ordinary vampire! Have you forgotten who made that gun? It's for killing Anderson.
And I'm no Anderson.
Oh? I-It's him! What was his name? One of those brothers.
Warrant Officer Luke Valentine.
He was eaten by a dog, but now that the dog is dead, it seems he's taken control and manifested himself again.
Wh-What is this? What happened? What's going on?! I never expected to see you here, Luke Valentine.
I'll use any Nazi scrap I can find! His body can't take any more? No! He understands.
He understands and rebels! He understands and became this! You're You're a tough one to melt down.
You're nothing but a turd, made of what I couldn't absorb! You've got yourself an interesting marionette, Walter! No! Not yet! I can't die yet! I haven't beaten Alucard! There certainly wasn't enough time.
It was a risky tactic to begin with.
No! We've given all we can! Taken all we can! His life, his lord, his faith, his loyalty, he sacrificed them all, to no avail! He even bid our fortune, as if we were loan sharks! Even if the next dawn brings him bankruptcy, he risked it all to settle his 50-year feud with Alucard! He's just like us! Betting it all on a single night of battle! The cards of destiny have been dealt for a single hand! A single hand, against a joker! What are you, Walter C.
Dornez? Not bad, Luke Valentine! You were too good for a dog's dinner! Checkmate! The doll is shattered.
But I've caught you! It's over, Alucard! Yeah.
Let's finish this foolishness.
His heart His heart His heart! Wrong No, not this one! Sorry, wrong guess.
I thought I was empty but a dog's dinner can be surprisingly tasty.
What's wrong? Stand up, dark one.
You're not getting off with just one spanking, brat.
Becoming a vampire doesn't restore your body.
It tears it down.
What will you become? You don't need to keep that body.
How about I put you into the prime of your life? What will it be? An old man again? No, I'll turn you into a brat.
Hi, Walter.
It's been 60 years.
You bastard.
What are you doing?! Don't mess with me! Oh, I'm not.
You're doing it to yourself.
I just gave you what you wanted.
The shape of a body means nothing to me.
I told you that 60 years ago.
Why did you betray us, anyway? You forgetful brat.
There was no particular reason to do that.
It was just a childish squabble.
That's why I've made us both boys.
The nature of battle The thing one must defeat to be oneself.
Until you do, you'll sacrifice everything over and over.
500 years ago, I was like that.
So are you.
The Major.
You wanted to fight me.
Until you did, you couldn't move on.
You didn't know how to move on.
Are you afraid of having no purpose? Are you afraid of aging? Are you afraid of being forgotten? John Bull, you're the only one messing around here.
You're a brat! A scrawny brat who hasn't changed in sixty years! Now come to me, you little demon.
My wake in ecstasy Dirty reward blossoming in the abyss Lost mind, full of cunning Crimson rends I like my scars Looking for the reason I was born The feelings that only belong to me, not thought up by anyone else Go out to this rotten world You know what I mean? Ah! Tell me why! I'm missing, I'm lost not like myself But I saw the light in despair Blood to the labyrinth of pleasure and forever So, finally we're all the same, just how it is Broken as you are, with your torn-down pride It's still right there to see! A harsh blaze awakens in your blood, burns in your eyes The truth is in your scars