Hellsing Ultimate (2006) s01e10 Episode Script

Hellsing Ultimate, Vol. 10

1 Quite the show they're putting on.
My master and my servant.
They're turning everything into ashes.
Now, we start anew.
We're almost at the climax.
It's Hellsing's turn.
I've waited too long for this.
Will you be my death? Our deaths? They all smile as they die.
But of course.
They came here to die.
If you want to die If you want to die so much, just hang yourselves! You should've hung yourselves fifty years ago! We cannot just do that, my dear Frauleins.
We do not want to die for the sake of dying.
We are simply too hopeless to do that.
Everyone in the world deems us unnecessary.
Everyone in the world is trying to forget about us.
Still, we need ourselves for our own sakes.
We cannot die just for the sake of dying.
No way in hell.
We need a greater cause to die for.
A greater, an even greater cause.
That is how we've kept going up till now.
That is how we ended up here.
We need more.
There must be more.
There must be more places to fight.
There must be more enemies to fight! The world is vast, filled with wonder and menace, with an ever-increasing bounty of battles and gunfire.
We believe that there must be enough battlefields to accommodate all of us.
We need something much, much greater to allow us to die.
Otherwise, we will have to wander aimlessly for an eternity just to die.
That is why you are precious to us.
You are that something.
You are wonderful! Royal Order of Protestant Knights, Hellsing.
You are an existence worth dying for.
You are an existence worth killing.
Master Integra, please go ahead.
Please Go find him, right this minute! We can't We can't let him say even one more word! Don't die.
I won't allow it.
I won't forgive you.
What a well trained dog.
Thank you.
You seem to have bet on the losing side, Mr.
Soon, even your cards will burn and fall.
My master will kill your master.
My comrades will kill your comrades.
And I will kill you, you see.
What a tragic end.
I have no intention of playing along with a battle you've risked everything for.
You're just a traitor.
Nothing more.
Not once in my life have I shown mercy to a traitor.
Did you honestly think I would politely fight one-on-one with a traitor? You'll simply die.
And I'm hungry.
Oh, I'm not sure if even I'll be able to finish this meal.
Everything is going as you predicted, Major.
Everything is happening in accordance with my will.
He has begun to build a wall again.
I win.
I never thought of him as human.
Nor have I ever thought of him as a vampire.
He is a castle.
He is an ever-moving territory.
He is a river of death, a conglomerate of corpses commanded by a tyrant's will.
How can I defeat him? How can I slay him? That thought has consumed me, waking or sleeping, because that is the only way I make war.
Yes, war! A war between him and me.
I must fight with everything I have.
What do I have? What does he have? A transforming body.
The ability to create familiars.
Overwhelming power to control people's hearts.
A regenerating body that sucks people's blood as a source of energy.
That is what he is.
I have nothing.
Why? Because I am a human.
It must be wonderful to be a vampire.
Living for an eternity and fighting for an eternity must feel ecstatic.
But I cannot do that.
I absolutely cannot.
Eternal life is wonderful.
Such powers are enchanting.
He assimilates souls with blood as the price.
Stay away.
My heart, my soul, my life They are all mine.
Sharing my life with another.
Fusing my life with another.
A union of the mind.
That makes a vampire.
Oh, how wonderful.
I am sure it must be wonderful.
It must feel ecstatic.
But do not kid me.
No fucking thank you.
What is mine remains mine.
Every strand of hair on my body.
Every drop of blood.
I am me.
I am me.
I am me ! Oh, I am envious.
So bright.
So beautiful.
That is why it is precious and that is why I hate it.
That is why you are my enemy.
You deserve that right.
I have finally found the right enemy.
The enemy for my war.
And we began to prepare thoroughly for this war, starting fifty years ago.
It was all preparation.
Yes, for this moment.
The Last Battalion, the army of the Ninth Crusade, Anderson, the werewolves, Walter and everything.
Our fifty years were all for this moment.
Once Alucard undoes his last restriction and releases all those lives, he will be alone in his castle.
Will Anderson defeat him? Or will Walter defeat him? Neither, I think.
Even alone, he is a fearsome vampire.
He single-handedly attacked London 100 years ago.
He single-handedly fought the Ottoman Empire 500 years ago.
And once he begins to suck blood again, everything will be for naught.
Oh, how unfair.
Life and death are both a fraud and we are in the middle of it.
How can I kill such a mad king? Do I break through continuous layers of soldiers on the battlefield? Do I obliterate the endless enemy lines and take his head? Nay.
He will simply suck more blood.
The king has a huge appetite.
But his greatest weapon is also his greatest weakness.
Tyrants always end up drinking poisoned wine because of their arrogance.
He's too strong.
I'm finished.
I'm What? Are you serious? This isn't like you.
Get up! The woman I know doesn't give up so easily.
What a little baby.
So you were just playing dead, stupid.
Well, now that you've woken up let's go, little girl.
Take him down.
Let's take him down together.
Don't strike points.
Strike planes.
Strike areas.
Got him! Not yet! Well, what do you know? He's a monster.
Apparently he's a werewolf, the real deal.
A werewolf A gold tooth? What's a fake tooth doing Then is all this Probably.
This must be the loot that scum stole from the people of Europe fifty years ago.
All the gold, the money, the watches and everything.
I'm sure that fake tooth was pulled out of some poor guy's mouth in one of the camps.
They're basically that kind of people.
They're nothing like an army.
At best, they're just a bunch of mercenaries working together.
I think of them as even less than shit.
An invincible army? The impenetrable knights? It's just too funny a joke.
A silver tooth? I-Isn't this What a nice little doggy.
He must want us to use it.
Then he intentionally brought us here? I see.
I guess this war dog can't wait to die.
Let's give him what he wants, then.
You shouldn't be talking about war dogs, Mr.
You're so right.
Also, can you stop smoking inside me? It's coming.
Don't dodge.
Take him on! Sir! Now go! Go! Take him down! He's also flesh and bones when he attacks! Not yet! Not yet! He read my moves.
It doesn't matter.
Okay, let's go! Yeah, go! Now you're mine! Hey, Mister Werewolf.
Apparently some random guy from fifty years ago left a gift.
Take it.
That's what you get for playing with my woman.
Your collar's gone too.
See ya, war dog! It's as if It's as if he was a child waking from a wonderful dream.
I see.
To them, this must be the night when their dreams come true.
Yeah, maybe.
Go put an end to it.
No dream can last forever.
Go! Major! Hello.
I am happy to finally see you in person.
A pity, but you cannot kill me with that gun.
Worry not.
This is just something I like to do as the conductor.
I was worried you might be late to this show, but I am glad you made it on time.
This show is for one night only.
I wanted to watch it from the best seat in the house with a beautiful lady.
Cut the crap! Just enjoy it, okay? This show only happens once a millennium.
A story last told in 1898.
After all, Alucard Nosferatu is going to vanish from existence.
What? Now this is what I call all-you-can-eat.
Now, shall we, Walter? Not yet.
The battle between you and me isn't over.
Not yet! Major, stop! Stop this now, Major! No, it's done.
It's too late.
It's too late.
Everything is late.
It's too late, you idiot.
Everything is too late.
You can't defeat that anymore.
Your chance has been lost forever.
I gave you your chance.
In fact, two very rare opportunities to actually kill Alucard.
The only two chances since 1898.
The army of 1000 vampires with military equipment, the army of 3000 Ninth Crusaders, the Iscariot, the werewolves, Anderson, and half of your entire life.
With all that sacrifice, I created one special moment.
The one moment when Alucard could have been killed.
Yet your strings could not reach that far.
How many lives does Alucard have now? A million? Two million? You cannot beat him anymore.
Your life just became a complete waste.
Don't just space out, kiddo.
At least try.
You'll only need a million more tries.
Not even Anderson could beat me.
How can a pale kid like you, who's only spent 50 or 500 years thinking about it, kill me? You lose, Alucard.
I win You lose, Alucard.
Lose? Who? Me? Lose? I lose? You're going to defeat me, Professor Hellsing? I won't lose.
I can't possibly lose.
What What am I seeing? What is this scene? What's with this view? Oh yes That's right.
I remember.
The sun was also in front of me back then.
This what I always see when I die.
And every time, I think to myself "Who knew that sunlight was so beautiful?" Out, out goes a brief candle.
Life is but a walking shadow.
What? What's happening? What have you done? Everything.
He sucked Officer Schrodinger's life.
He assimilated Schrodinger's nature.
He is a Schrodinger's cat with a will that observed himself.
He is a Cheshire Cat, jumping between worlds of probability, whose very existence was uncertain.
So long as he can identify himself, he is simultaneously everywhere and nowhere.
But now, he has melted into the lives and consciousness of three odd million.
He can no longer identify himself.
What will happen, then? He is nowhere now.
He is neither dead nor alive.
Alucard is just a collection of imaginary numbers.
Alucard! Don't close your eyes! Open your eyes! Alucard! That's an order, Alucard! Don't go away! No, this is goodbye, Integra.
Alucard! I gave him everything I had, but I took everything he had and erased it.
I lived for this day.
I lived for this single moment.
In my war record of only losses, this is my first win.
You You! I see.
It feels nice.
This is victory.
So it is indeed you two who will kill me.
He's dead! He's dead! He's gone! He's gone.
Damn it! This is what I wished for? This? This?! Die! Die! Die! Die! You deserve to die! I'll kill you! Yes, this is the end.
An end befitting a traitor.
I will simply die.
Vampires? Death reapers? Ha! Killing you will be a piece of cake! Shoot more.
Shoot! Yeah! I will! I'll shoot everything I have! Die! Die! Yeah, I'll shoot you! I'll fucking shoot you, all right! You have the right to shoot me.
But You do not have the right to kill me.
Wait! Wait Stop! Wait! I'll kill you! I'll fucking kill, kill, kill, kill you! I need to go.
Hi, nice to meet you, Fraulein.
But I knew it all along.
Yes, it had to be you two.
Alucard was not meant to kill me.
I was meant to kill Alucard.
Because my arch-nemesis is Alucard, and now your arch-nemesis is me! Now, come! Your enemy is here! Right here! You are there and I am here! Right here.
Fire! Fire! Search and destroy! Search and destroy! Fucking Doc This thing is too strong.
An Eighty-Eight! Final8: A famous German anti-aircraft/anti-tank weapon This is wonderful! I love it! It's over, Major.
It appears so.
Why it's far from That's That's you, Major? Yes.
This is me.
A machine? You should know your manners little girl.
I am a human being.
You monster You're a monster.
I am human.
A human is only human for one reason.
His will.
Poor Alucard needed blood to maintain his soul and continually consumed others to survive.
That is what you call a monster.
Do not compare me to something so weak.
So long as I have my will, even if I am nothing more than a brain floating in a glass tube, or nothing more than a giant computer's memory circuit, I am human.
A human life is a soul, a heart, a will.
Even if he smiles in the form of a little girl, or falls on his knees in the form of a veteran war hero, he is a monster.
That is why I hated him wholeheartedly.
I do not approve of the vampire, Alucard.
He is a human-like monster and I am probably a monster-like human.
I am me.
This side and that side.
You and I are different.
Every war in this world is just about that.
Ever since humans were born in this world, that is.
You, too, think we are different.
We declared war on each other long ago.
Now, let us have a war.
I hit something for once! Oh, how wonderful.
A wonderful war.
A wonderful war it was.
You have to die.
Was it a good war, Major? This was not a war.
You've been pretty much dead for 60 years, and you've finally drawn your last breath.
You had to die.
This was absolute retribution.
No matter how much you claim to be human, not one single part of you was human.
You were a complete monster.
It's always the humans who kill the monsters.
Humans always kill monsters, because humans are the only ones whose aim is to kill monsters, not for the joy of fighting, but as a duty.
You are not human.
That's why he will return! Is it over? No, it's not.
Of course it's not.
Technology advances as science advances.
There will be leaps in research.
No! No! There was a leap in research! What should I do? What should I do? What? What? It's not done.
I still haven't reached it.
What's missing? What's missing? Yes! One day! One day! I will distribute it to everyone! Everyone in the world! Scientific miracles and miracles like science.
Where do you think you're going, Grand Professor? That's a no-no, Doc.
You should know when to give up.
W-Walter The remnant of the remnants of Nazis.
That isn't funny even as a joke.
You fucking failure! You're quite the failure yourself, Doc.
You and all your creations, including me.
The farce is over.
The actors must exit the stage.
Isn't that right, Grand Professor? Farce? Farce, did you say? Are you one to talk? You're just a failure! It was a one-night, one-act farce.
This war and this world alike.
I I just wanted to play the biggest role I could.
What a terrible end.
Alucard was right.
I'm pathetic.
You're full of defects! You're a failure! And you're going to laugh at us? I won't let a failure call my research a farce! I won't let you laugh at the Major's battalion! I won't! Not a fucking failure! There will be leaps in theory! There will be leaps in research! Science will continue to progress, building on practice! One day, I'll catch up to this! One day, I'll surpass Alucard! Don't be ridiculous.
You and I are both going to die.
Failures are all meant to die.
Shut up! Mina Harker.
I thought as much.
This is what you studied.
The only existence that Alucard, that Dracula, both fed and fed from.
The beginning of everything.
It is said that Hellsing defeated Dracula and he became human.
But Alucard is not dead.
Alucard is still inside her.
No matter what happens to her, he is still there, deep inside her.
The blood of a vampire that no divine sacrament, no holy water, no crucifix, could erase.
That's why you started there imitating Alucard.
To do so, you exhumed her from her grave and turned her corpse into even more of a corpse.
In the end, all you could do was create defective copies.
What else would this be if not a farce? Oh, poor Mina.
Everything must be erased.
We must all exit the stage.
At pinball.
Oh, damn it.
I wanted to beat him so bad.
This is goodbye, my lady.
Walter! Walter just departed.
Let's go.
Let's go, Seras.
Let's go home.
Fly! The American and British Simultaneous Bio-terrorism Incident, also known as The Zeppelin Case, report number 17.
Casualty report.
America: 64,300, including members of the President's cabinet.
Britain: 3,718,917.
Aren't you going to fencing lessons today? Yes, I'll go after I get most of this done.
If an incident like the one thirty years ago occurred again, my job would be to resolve it without weapons.
Ireland, when you make a face like that, you look just like your great-grandfather.
Stop! We have a winner! Master Integra wins! Splendid! Splendid! Your skills haven't rusted a bit.
Section XIII? I thought I asked you to wait in the reception room.
Oh, yes, but I'm not fond of just waiting.
And no one served even a single cup of tea in there.
I got bored, you see.
I prefer that you not roam around so freely.
Please go back.
Yes, ma'am.
We'll go back.
Chief Makube, there's hardly any security in here.
We could win if we struck now.
Fucking kid.
You're blind.
Huh? Ouch! That hurt! What's your problem? What was that? Seras Victoria's shadow.
It surrounds us along with the entire mansion.
But at the cost of you and me, Chief, we can take out half the Round Table.
Not yet.
Not yet! We've lost too much.
The Vatican lost too much power after the Ninth Crusade.
Still, we can wait.
We waited 500 years.
Another 100 or 200 will mean nothing.
We'll succeed with the next crusade.
That's all for today.
You are dismissed.
Sir Penwood, good work today.
Th-Thank you.
Your sword is becoming sharp.
You've improved.
Well, I still have a ways to go.
Thank you.
Um Was my grandpa I mean, did my grandfather also take fencing lessons? Your grandfather plowed through every Nazi soldier that got in his way.
He was an existence unparalleled in Britain, and he would split every enemy that came at him in half.
Ultimately, he wrapped himself in explosives and blew himself up along with the enemy mothership, if I recall.
He was the Guardian of Britain.
My left eye was the result of his ultimate sword technique.
You're kidding, right? I am not.
I am absolutely not.
It's the truth.
Since it's the truth, please pay for the new helicopter.
Again?! Please? O-Okay Another new helicopter! No fair! You sure give him and his family a hard time.
It's like you're no different from the mafia.
It's all right.
He needs hardships in his life.
He needs to start getting used to hardships.
Once I die, so will Hellsing.
Then, everything will be on their shoulders.
A national government agency will eventually take control.
That's how it must be.
The age when one family commands such an agency has passed.
Not to mention that I'm quite tired.
You don't look that tired.
When I looked in the mirror this morning, I had more wrinkles! And when I was looking at my wrinkles, I I started thinking about Walter.
You can do it, my lady! Wow.
Hey! Hey! Don't be so blue! You're still not over him? Will you ever get over him? You can if you die? Don't say that.
Oh, would you like me to suck your blood? Look, I'm Master Alucard.
You didn't have to kick me! Don't say that, even as a joke! You haven't changed, even after all these years! I mean what the hell is that stupid Alucard doing? When is he coming home? You said he'd come home! He will! I can tell.
I mean, he sucked my blood.
You've kept saying that and it's already been thirty years! Thirty years! You may not worry about time because you're a vampire, but Not to mention no wrinkles here.
You're a bad girl! Was it this mouth? Was it this mouth that said it? I-I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! What's going on, Master?! What a warm welcome.
And you're still as annoying as ever.
Master! You've come home a little late, Alucard.
What have you been doing? I've been killing.
I've been killing myself, inside myself.
I killed and annihilated all but one.
Now I'm finally here.
Now I'm simultaneously everywhere and nowhere.
That's why I'm here.
You're late.
Too late.
You're late, Alucard.
My apologies.
Are you going to suck blood? My blood? Yes, that's right.
I haven't eaten anything for thirty years.
I'm hungry.
I'm already an old lady.
I'm Even better.
Welcome home, Count.
Thank you for the welcome, Countess.