Helstrom (2020) s01e06 Episode Script


[low growling]
GIRL: But why?
WOMAN: Honey, please.
Please, just stay here, okay.
Let's pretend like we're playing a game.
Everything is just fine.
I promise, I will be right back.
Be quiet like little mice, okay.
Tense music playing ♪

[breathes shakily]
[thudding, scraping]
[thudding, scraping continue]
what are you looking for?
Can you tell me where you've been?
Ominous music playing ♪

‐ Away.
‐ The police were here.
Twice. I didn't‐‐
I didn't know what to tell them.
They think that you helped
those patients escape.
Is it true?
Tell me‐‐ I need to know what's going on.
Where have you been?
Stop it!
Let me go!
Uh! Aah!
Aah! Aah!

theme music playing ♪

Ominous music playing ♪

‐ You didn't bring napkins?
‐ Well, look who's back
to his high‐maintenance self.
[Yen chuckles]
‐ Derrick is gonna kill me.
‐ I sent him a text from your phone.
You're good for the next 24 hours.
‐ That's awfully thoughtful of you.
‐ No, I prefer "tactical."
I don't want him sending SWA
to our office.
So what was this
Keeper Demon saying to you
when you were, you know, batshit crazy?
‐ I can't remember.
I couldn't understand.
I just‐‐
I could just feel what it wanted.
Does that make sense?
‐ Yeah. So you felt like it wanted you
to kill my mom?
‐ I guess?
I don't know.
Sorry about that, by the way.
‐ Hey, you would've been doing us a favor.
Daimon's the one
who would have been pissed.
‐ Oh, please.
You didn't always hate your mom.
‐ What're you talking about?
‐ When you first got to the foster home,
you cried for her.
‐ I don't cry.
‐ You did cry.
You ugly cried.
Sometimes it was just in your sleep,
but other times,
you couldn't hold it in.
We would hide in the basement
until it stopped.
It's okay to miss your mom, Ana.
Not the thing that's puppet‐mastering her,
but your actual mom‐‐
‐ Oh, are you done?
‐ She's literally in
the same building right now.
‐ I'll take that as a no.
You know,
[clears throat]
I don't feel like getting lectured
from a person
who left me a bread crumb trail
of half‐eaten rats.
‐ At least she's still alive.
Some of us don't have that.
‐ Okay, I think Daimon's with her, but
I can put in an appearance
if it will shut you up.
Where do you think
you're going, Rat King?
‐ To a five‐star hotel where I can order
Chateauneuf‐du‐Pape to the room.
‐ Unh‐unh. You're staying here.
Hastings wants you under observation
and so do I.
‐ I'm fine.
Ana, I'm fine.
[Ana chuckles]
I'm fine.

It needs me!
Let me out!
‐ Ellis, right?
‐ Yes, ma'am.
YEN: No, it needs me.
‐ Let me know if he continues
to make a fuss.
[door buzzes]
And let Hastings know too.
‐ Of course.
They usually simmer down
at night after their meds.
‐ Yeah, you haven't seen
what this one's got.
He's kind of a special case.

DAIMON: I put the other boxes in the car.
‐ What did Hastings say?
‐ Caretaker's still not
picking up his phone.
I don't know why he dragged you into this
or why she never told me about this place.
‐ [sighs] She probably knew
you'd want to shut it down.
The Blood wouldn't have liked that.
‐ Well, I don't give a shit
what the Blood like
and I look forward to telling them that.
‐ I'm sorry, um, you should
get back to your mom.
‐ Hey,
you did the right thing bringing me here.
‐ I should have told you sooner.
‐ It's not your fault.
‐ Um we should give them
a proper burial.
‐ We will.
‐ Do you really think your dad did this?
‐ I‐‐
Demons don't just fall in line for anyone.
It takes real power.
We would have seen a lot more chaos
if they'd just been set free.
‐ You mean this place would have
looked worse than it already does.
‐ You've seen how they like
to make a statement.
What happened here
was organized. Get in,
[inhales deeply]
Kill the Blood, take the patients.
‐ What do you think he wants with them?
‐ I have no idea. We should go.
‐ Um‐‐
‐ It's okay.
I covered them.
[door opens]
Tense music playing ♪
It's okay.

Not too close.
[breathing heavily]
GABRIELLA: We have to help her.
‐ She's dying.
Let me say Last Rites.
‐ I thought only priests gave Last Rites.
‐ And I thought only priests
performed exorcisms,
but here we are.
Almighty and merciful God,
who hast bestowed upon mankind
saving remedies
and the gift of everlasting life,
look graciously upon us Thy servants
and comfort the souls
which Thou hast created,
that in the hour of their passing
cleansed from all stain of sin
they may be presented
to Thee, their Creator,
by the hands of the holy angels.

‐ Ma'am, what's your name?
‐ Yessenia Flores.
[exhales softly]
GABRIELLA: Through Christ our Lord.
‐ Amen.
[indiscernible chatter and laughter]
‐ The sodium in this shit
is off the charts.
If the patients don't kill you,
the food will.
‐ Why haven't you visited your mother?
‐ I was with Yen.
‐ Victoria's alone.
‐ What? Oh.
I figured big brother would be with her.
That one's got serious mommy issues.
‐ The Blood have been putting
possessed people in comas
and locking them in a hotel.
‐ Say that again, but this time
use words that make sense.
‐ The patients have disappeared.
Daimon thinks someone woke them up.
‐ Let me guess. "Someone"
that we're related to
whose name rhymes with Dad?
‐ Several people were killed.
Daimon's been trying to figure out
what's going on.
‐ Where the hell's 'Taker?
Those are his people.
‐ Called the man a dozen times.
No answer. Voice mail's full.
Ana, I've got rounds.
I need you to stay with your mom,
keep her lucid while we wait
for Daimon to get back.
Then we can figure out
what to do about your father.
‐ You want me to babysit while my dad's
out there with a demonic army?
‐ We can worry about more
than one thing at a time. Trust me.
Making a connection with Victoria is key.
She's fighting to be with you.
ANA: Mm‐mm.
Yeah. She sure is.
‐ I know confronting a monster is easier
than it is a human being.
But I suggest you pull your shit together
and stop taking this time for granted.
‐ Fine.
‐ While you're with her,
please don't mention the missing patients.
‐ Or the dead people.
‐ Or the dead people.
Soft music playing ♪

‐ Nice backpack.
‐ The Keeper's holding the demon at bay.
I need to keep it close.
‐ Is the Keeper a colorblind six‐year‐old?
[Victoria chuckles]
‐ Hastings found it in lost‐and‐found.
‐ Should've stayed lost.
‐ Me or the bag?
The sandwich isn't half‐bad. Thanks.
‐ Yeah. I was already
getting stuff for Yen.
He's a real asshole when he's hungry.
‐ How's he feeling?
I was told I owe him
a debt of gratitude‐‐
‐ He's fine.
‐ I know Daimon lives in town,
but Dr. Hastings never told me
where you're at these days.
‐ San Francisco.
‐ Oh.
I love San Francisco.
I went there as a kid‐‐
‐ Are we done yet?
‐ With what?
‐ Small talk,
it's the emoji of polite conversation.
For the young or the simple,
of which you are neither.
‐ What's an "emoji?"
‐ Did you know my father was
a serial killer?
‐ Of course not.
‐ But you were his wife.
You slept in the same bed
as him, I assume‐‐
‐ Honey,
sit down.
‐ No.
So you had no inkling that the man
you married and had two children with
was the literal embodiment of evil?
'Cause it was really obvious to me
on our daddy‐daughter excursion.
Were you willfully ignorant
or just stupid?
‐ Maybe both. I don't know.
‐ Oh, bullshit!
[Ana sighs]
‐ Your father was so charming and
kind when we first met.
I was so young
and overwhelmed by him.
His presence filled the room.
‐ Yeah.
I saw it fill a bunch of rooms
right before people died.
‐ I was utterly blind
to who he really was.
Have you ever been in love?
Melancholy music playing ♪
Every time I thought I saw
a flicker of darkness,
he transformed back
into the person I married.
Then he got overly confident.
Started giving me gifts from
the women he'd kill.
Eventually, I was able
to hang on to the thought
that was always scratching
at the back of my mind.
That your father wore a mask.
I made note of
the strange work trips, the lies,
the way the light in his eyes
would disappear,
like someone snuffing out a candle.
At first, I thought
he was just cheating on me‐‐
‐ Why didn't you stop him?
Why didn't you take us and run?
‐ He didn't make mistakes,
you know that.
Your father only let me see who he was
because he wanted me to.
He wanted me to experience
every moment of his cruelty.

‐ This room is really depressing.
We should change things up a little bit.
[horn honking]
‐ You wanna try and not to get us killed
on the way to the hospital.
‐ Look, we need to get you there in case‐‐
Just in case he shows up.
‐ We could try and find
Mrs. Flores' family.
‐ And tell them what?
Imagine what she went through,
trapped in nightmares.
Your mother survived decades of that.
You must have a lot to ask her.
‐ I just‐‐ I honestly don't even know
where to start.
‐ Anywhere you want.
‐ I just wish we could fast‐forward
through all this,
we could just skip to the place
where we're just happy to see each other
without all this,
this other stuff.
‐ Daimon, you know I‐‐
I read all your files.
‐ Yes.
You are nothing if not tenacious.
The Hercule Poirot of novitiates.
‐ You two have been through a lot,
that's all I'm saying.
‐ Well, I didn't know what else to do.
‐ You were twelve and terrified.
‐ The woman's spent
20 years in a hellscape
only to come out and realize that
her son put her in a padded cell.
I betrayed her.
‐ You did it for her safety and your own.
All mothers have
an endless supply of empathy
when it comes to their children.
You should try having some for yourself.
[thudding, rattling]
‐ Did you just hit something?
‐ Is there a novitiate swear jar?
‐ Yes, it's called tithe.
Where's the next gas station?
‐ It's, uh, it's point‐two miles.
But we can, we can make it. I can change
a spare, it's one of my few talents.
‐ This is my spare.
‐ Of course it is.
Ominous music playing ♪

[keys jingling]
Yeah, that's in the sidewall.
They're not gonna be able to patch that.
We're gonna have to call a tow
to take us to the hospital.
Hey, we have a flat tire.
‐ Got a tire that'll fix her up
if you want.
‐ Okay. How long is that gonna take?
‐ Twenty minutes, give or take.
Just finishing up an oil change.
You'd be up next.
It'll take you that long
to wait for a tow truck anyway.
‐ Yeah. O‐‐ Okay.
‐ Coffee's not bad if you put
a lot of sugar and cream in it.
[door opens, doorbell tinkling]
[cell phone rings]
‐ Where are you?
DAIMON: What did Caretaker say?
‐ He still hasn't called back yet.
‐ Yeah. Well, he probably doesn't want
to get an earful
about his cult's
Hotel California experiment.
HASTINGS: I know Henry.
This isn't like him.
I'm worried they got to him, too.
What's taking you so long?
‐ Uh, we had a flat.
But we're gonna be there
as soon as we can, I promise.
Is there someone with my mom?
‐ Yes.
Your sister.
‐ Anyone who doesn't want her dead?
‐ Neither one of them has drawn
any blood yet, so that's progress.
‐ You should have waited for me.
‐ They need this time together.
Both of them.
We can talk about it more
when you get back.
‐ Coffee?
[doorbell tinkles]
Ominous music playing ♪
[door opens]
‐ Spivey?
[bones cracking]

[patients shouting indistinctly]
‐ It's so beautiful here.
Who'd have thought?
Do you remember
the botanical gardens back home?
‐ Oh great, more small talk.
‐ You always liked getting
your hands dirty, climbing trees.
‐ I hate getting my hands dirty.
It messes up my manicure.
I remember, um, how much
you hated those trinkets
Dad would bring me back from his trips.
You slapped that thing out of my hand.
I thought‐‐
Well, I didn't understand.
‐ I couldn't tell you.
‐ Why'd he give them to me?
Did he think I,
I would like it?
‐ He always said how much
you two were alike.
His very own Athena.
Progeny sprung from his head.
When I look at you,
my beautiful daughter,
do you know what I see?
My smile.
My strength.
My bullshit detector.
He forgot you are as much mine
as you are his.
Peaceful music plays ♪
‐ I remember when you took us
to the zoo,
I, I'd count the spots on the giraffe.
‐ We'd go to those vending machines
where you'd make the wax animals.
‐ You made sure I got a giraffe.
Always. Every single time.
‐ Every time.
‐ We should go back in
before Hastings lectures us
on the importance
of layering in the Pacific Northwest.
‐ I wish your brother had found
a life like you did.
He should've left this place
a long time ago.
Ominous music playing ♪

‐ Where's the cashier?
‐ Maybe the mechanic's
the only one working.

‐ Didn't strike me
as a Mario Kart kinda guy.
[doorbell tinkling]

Get in the car and lock the door.
‐ Where are you going?
[doorbell tinkles]
‐ Hey,
uh, we're gonna call a cab
and then get a tow
to come pick up the car.
So, you'll at least let me
pay you for your time.
[rumbling, rustling]

‐ Hello.
‐ Did you have to kill him?
The guy was just trying to do his job.
‐ Didn't mean to hurt the bloke,
but restraint was never my strong suit.
I once ate the heart of a countess
even after she agreed to marry me.
‐ Who sent you?
‐ You know who.
He was hoping we could keep you,
shall we say "engaged."
Tense music playing ♪

‐ [gasps] Daimon!
‐ Shh!
‐ Considering your bloodline,
I'm not that impressed.
‐ [whimpering] Daimon! Daimon!
[breathing heavily]
‐ No! No!
[man screams]
‐ Let's find the juiciest part of you.

‐ I cou‐‐ I couldn't stop myself.
‐ He‐‐ He would have killed me.
Tense music playing ♪

‐ What's wrong?
‐ Dad is roaming the streets
with a posse of possessed people.
Hastings asked me not to tell you.
‐ Is he coming here?
‐ Slight possibility to most definitely.
‐ How do we kill him?
‐ I don't know.
But if he comes here,
no matter what happens,
do not lose sight
of your little friend here, okay.
HASTINGS: Dr. Lawrence,
have you checked on Luis today?
The nurses say he's been agitated,
saying a lot of strange‐‐
Oh my God.
Tense music playing ♪
[lock clicks]

We have a Code Yellow.
Lock down the ward.
‐ Right away.
‐ What? He's here?
‐ Someone is.
Someone killed Ellis, and whoever did it
is still inside the ward.
MAN [over P. A. system]:
Code Yellow! Code Yellow!
‐ No.
Anything happens to me,
she deserves a fighting chance.
Where the hell's Daimon?
GUARD: Dr. Hastings!
The facility is locked down,
but it's from the outside.
Someone's locked us in.
MAN 1: Generator's down.
MAN 2: Stairwell.
[indiscernible conversations]

[thunder cracking, rumbling]
[rain pouring]
‐ My son is six months old.
[low growling]
Please. Don't kill me. Please.
[grunting, choking]
Ominous music playing ♪

PATIENT: I can hear him! I can hear him!
[pounding on doors]
He's in my head!
[patients shouting, banging on doors]
MAN: Let me out!
DAIMON: Ana, it was a setup.
He planned the whole thing.
ANA: Who planned what?
‐ Dad.
Two of the coma patients came after us.
I‐‐ I think the rest are
on their way to the hospital.
Ana, did you hear me?
‐ Yeah, they're already here.
‐ Where have you been?
I've been looking for you
and your friends.
‐ Are you all right, Dr. Lawrence?
‐ I feel spectacular.
This one is in good shape.
I think I'll stay in him for a while.
‐ Shit!
He took the Keeper.
Stay with my mom.
‐ You should wait for Daimon.
‐ That skull is the only way
to stop my dad.
‐ The last time you went up
against him alone, he nearly killed you.
[alarm buzzing]
[locks clank]
[indiscernible conversations]
[ominous whispering]

[lock clicks]

[whispering continues]
[tires squealing]
‐ I'm not staying in the car this time.


[people chattering indistinctly]
‐ Oh.
Tanya, honey, go back to your room.
And put on some socks, okay.
‐ Mm‐hmm.
[both grunting]
Put a hold on him.
[low rumbling]
Back to your room.
‐ Are they always like this?
‐ Not this group.
These are all non‐violent patients.
They're free to walk the ward.
‐ Go stay with my mom.
‐ Absolutely not.
‐ You're just gonna slow me down.
‐ If you won't wait for Daimon,
I'm coming with you.
I'm sorry, Ana.
For whatever it's worth.
‐ About what?
‐ I should've taken you in.
I didn't understand what you could do.
I didn't think I was strong enough.
I was wrong.
Melancholy music playing ♪

‐ Try not to get killed.
[light crackling]
Ominous music playing ♪

‐ He says we can have you now.
‐ Have me? He came here for me.
‐ What did you do to them? Are they‐‐
‐ What, dead? No.
They're just sleeping.
I, on the other hand,
feel like running a marathon.

[breathing heavily]
‐ Aah!
[Victoria panting]
You look tired.
‐ We, we had a long day.
Car trouble.
This is Gabriella.
She works with Dr. Hastings.
Where's the Keeper?
‐ Once he arrives, we'll smash you
into a million pieces.
Very tiny pieces.
Dramatic music playing ♪

‐ Ugh, what is with you and that thing?
Hey, buddy. How you feeling?
‐ It has his mark.
Born in blood.
I had to get it for you.
[thunder rumbles]
You could use it to stop him.
Melancholy music playing ♪
‐ That place we used to hide?
It wasn't the basement.
It was Mr. Fowler's workshop.
The smell of freshly cut wood,
it calmed my insides.

You were right.
I did miss her.
‐ I knew it.

‐ Thank you.
Come on.
Let's go.
Tense music playing ♪
[door rattles]
HASTINGS: Oh God. Are you all right?
‐ Took you long enough.
We need to get Mom out of here,
down the elevators to the loading dock.
Then you and I can figure out
what to do about Dad.
‐ We're not going anywhere until we put
that thing back where it belongs.
Underground to rot.
‐ We can't put him back
without the Keeper.
Yeah, I'm aware of how it works.
‐ So, what's Mom supposed to do?
Just live underground with him?
ANA: If that's what it takes.
Or we can lock her back up and figure out
another way to rip the demon out of her.
‐ What do you think I've been trying
to do for the past 20 years?
‐ At least we always knew where she was.
If we don't stop Dad right now,
he will kill every person in this place
and then go hunting.
‐ I think I should have a say
in my own future,
don't you?
Melancholy music playing ♪
My only job was to keep
my children safe, and I failed.
‐ Mom‐‐
‐ I wish he had taken me instead of you.
I wish I could absorb all of your pain.
I'm so proud of you, Daimon.
‐ Mom, we need to go.
‐ You were there when I needed you most.
If you hadn't called
the police that night,
I would've died a long time ago.
‐ You're not doing this.
VICTORIA: Ana's right.
This is how we end it. Here and now.
As a family.
[elevator bell dings]
[Daimon and Ana grunt]
He's sealing it shut.
‐ We could take the stairs.
‐ Go. I'm fine.
‐ Let's go!
Tense music playing ♪
SPIVEY: Move and you'll die.
‐ The Keeper's eating away
at his human suit.
‐ Ana, no, wait.
‐ I thought I was your favorite?

[Ana grunts]
[both grunting]
You are never gonna touch her again.
[clanging, screeching]

[Daimon groans]

[bones crack]
[Daimon screams]
‐ You thought you broke us.
You won't understand this
'cause you're not human.
But Mom, Ana, and I are family.
And you can never break that.

VICTORIA: Come on.
[Ana yells]
‐ Aah!
[screaming continues]

[Spivey groaning]
‐ It must have been so confusing for you
how I would never fall in line.
You should have clarity
before slithering back into the pit
that created you.
I am nothing like you.
I never will be.
‐ Ana?
‐ What?
[Spivey laughing]
‐ Mom.
MOTHER: I hope you said
your goodbyes to her.
[engine starts]
DAIMON: We'll find her.
At least he can't hurt us now.
Dad's never coming back from this.
‐ You're wrong.
‐ What do you mean?
Ominous music playing ♪

‐ That wasn't Dad.
Johnny Cash's
You Are My Sunshine playing ♪
‐ You are my sunshine ♪
My only sunshine ♪
You make me happy ♪
When skies are gray ♪
You'll never know, dear ♪
How much I love you ♪
Please don't take my sunshine away ♪

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