Helstrom (2020) s01e07 Episode Script


Eerie music playing ♪

HASTINGS: The psychologist said
she exhibits low affect,
limited empathic response,
and sometimes a manner
that's just plain unnerving.
CARETAKER: What this girl has seen
will pick apart anyone's mind.
‐ Her brother had night terrors
for two months.
If we put them together now,
I'm afraid he could regress.
‐ What did she do, Sister?
‐ One of our nurses fainted one day
when she was alone with her.
The last thing she remembered
was Ana touching her
and that it made her feel like,
like she was dying.
CARETAKER: She has an ability.
HASTINGS: If what you say about her
is true, it's unholy.
‐ Fear of the Other will bring out
the worst in us.
‐ I never said I wouldn't help.
‐ No, this isn't about you.
It's the people I work with.
They've been hunting
her father for ages.
‐ So what would they do?
We're talking about children.
‐ Who will grow to be powerful adults
and potentially pick up
where their father left off.
‐ "Potentially," not "definitely."
We can't just‐‐
This isn't God's work.
‐ If we keep them apart, out of sight,
maybe there's hope.
‐ Can you take her?
CARETAKER: With the company I keep?
I'm as much a danger to her as anyone.
HASTINGS: She has to go somewhere.
CARETAKER: Ana's in the system.
She'll land some place, and I'll check in
on her from time to time.
Can you handle the boy?
Their lives depend on it.
Ominous music playing ♪
[glass shatters]

theme music playing ♪

tense music playing ♪

ANA: I could feel it was him.
[sighs] I was so damn sure
that thing was Dad.
‐ You can go over it again and again,
but we're still flat on our asses
without a clue where Mom is.
‐ It doesn't make any sense.
DAIMON: Yes, it does.
It felt like Dad because it was like Dad.
But it wasn't him.
ANA: You believed it, too.
It could have been him.
‐ But it wasn't.
‐ Dad is still out there.
He will be back.
‐ And when that happens,
why don't you do me a favor
and maybe get some proof next time.
A signed confession, a DNA sample,
a driver's license, I don't know‐‐
‐ Wow.
Look who found his judgmental side.
‐ The only person
I'm judging right now is myself
for going against my gut.
Instead, I just went right along‐‐
ANA: That's the worst part for you,
isn't it?
That you finally took
my side on something.
‐ No, the worst part is that
our mom is gone
and is gonna die,
and you seem to not give a shit.
Instead, you're just stuck
on how you got duped.
But it's no mystery. The demon knew
exactly how to manipulate you.
Your rage, your obsession with Dad.
That's always been your trigger.
You needed that thing to be him.
And I bought it.
‐ You think I was duped?
HASTINGS: Did you get any sleep?
GABRIELLA: I stole a couple hours.
‐ Gabriella, if this becomes too much‐‐
‐ Don't even finish that sentence.
Worry about Daimon.
His knee's a wreck and after exorcising
most of the possessed left behind,
he's exhausted.
‐ I'm glad you've come around on him.
‐ He has his moments.
‐ I better go check on him and Ana.
Make sure they don't kill each other.
[thunder rumbling]
[thudding continues]
Ominous music playing ♪

‐ Don't‐‐ Don't let him come back
for me, please.
My husband he's not my husband.
‐ Let's get you in‐‐
‐ He kidnapped me.
ANA: Twenty years you kept it locked up.
Just letting it get stronger,
waiting for it to break out.
‐ What you call "it," I call Mom.
Excuse me for wanting to save her.
‐ And that is exactly how you got played.
It gave you false hope
that you could save her,
playing on your unending, stupid guilt.
You bought the big lie, Professor, not me.
‐ And what would you have done with her?
‐ I wouldn't have let it get this far.
‐ You got what you wanted.
You chose to sacrifice her to kill Dad,
or what you thought was Dad.
‐ I did what you couldn't do
and I saved your ass in the process.
So, you're welcome.
‐ And it cost Mom her life!
‐ It's what she wanted.
Victoria told us to do it.
‐ "Victoria." Why are‐‐
Why are you calling her that?
She's our Mom.
‐ Not anymore.
‐ It's just a big sea of ice
in there, isn't it?
‐ That's enough blaming, it isn't helping.
We were all fooled‐‐
‐ I don't need your hot take, Louise.
Stay out of our family's business
for a change.
‐ Dr. Hastings is my family,
and she does not need your disrespect.
‐ And I don't need this.
So why don't I hit the road
and leave you to it?
DAIMON: Great.
I'll find Mom without you.
Just act like we don't exist.
Go back to business as usual.
‐ We're out of here. Let's go.
‐ Oh, thank Buddha.
‐ It's okay. You'll be safe in here.
‐ He's all yours, Sister.
It's been a blast.
‐ Where are you going?
What about your mother?
‐ Not my problem.
[seagulls squawking]
Tense music playing ♪

MOTHER: This body is failing.
‐ Found a street degenerate
with enough drugs
to keep your host alive
for a while longer.
He was [sighs]
‐ You should have brought him here.
For Basar.
‐ I believe his feeding days are done.
He's suffered too much damage
to reconstitute.
Maybe we should move on
and find reinforcements.
‐ We're not leaving my son.
He still has purpose.
My oldest boy.
Barely back in this world
and look at what they did to him.
‐ I don't think he can mark another.
‐ Why would he need to?
‐ About that‐‐
‐ I felt something strange
when he touched the wound.
What did he do?
‐ You could call it a kind of healing.
You're gonna be okay.
‐ That wasn't him.
That was not my husband.
You believe me,
don't you?
‐ I do.
GABRIELLA: I don't get it.
Why mark someone but leave her
in the trunk of a car?
It's like they forgot about her.
‐ Demons only mark people
to pave the way for possession.
That thing was obviously
saving her for something.
Or someone.
‐ Kthara?
HASTINGS: Poor woman.
Doesn't realize the fate
you saved her from.
About the only good thing
that's happened lately.
DAIMON: Don't get used to it.
Spivey's wife was the next host.
Once that demon leaves my mom,
it'll need a new one.
‐ All the possessed people
at the Blood hotel,
how many more places are there like that?
‐ If anyone knows
the Blood's facilities, it's Henry.
‐ Where is he?
‐ Missing.
I tried reaching him, he doesn't answer.
DAIMON: Doesn't matter.
There's still one last possessed guy
from the attack.
I'm gonna talk to him.
HASTINGS: The man is heavily sedated,
and you can barely stand.
‐ We should take a look at that knee.
‐ I heal fast.
GABRIELLA: Then at least get some sleep.
‐ Meanwhile, I will try Henry again.
DAIMON: Don't bother.
Caretaker can take care of himself.
‐ The bag's a touch theatrical,
don't you think?
Not enough you tied me up in my own van.
‐ We were told to take no chances.
Your allegiance is under question.
‐ What else is new.
‐ The slaughter at that hotel,
that was new.
‐ What are you talking about?
[brakes squealing]
‐ We're here.
[door unlocks]
Tense music playing ♪

‐ Welcome home, Caretaker.

[crickets chirping]
[clock ticking]
[rattling, squeaking]
Ominous music playing ♪

[flies buzzing]
[wheels squeaking]
VICTORIA: You can't hide who you are, son.
Not anymore.
Let it out.
MOTHER: Let it out.
You sounded upset.
I‐‐ I thought I'd wake you.
Maybe you should go home.
You might be able to sleep better there.
‐ Let's go talk to that thing.
GABRIELLA: Where is she?
‐ Where she needs to be.
‐ Not for long.
We found her vessel.
You know, in case the freaks on
the other side ask when I send you back.
‐ It won't be worse
than being suspended for years
inside this man's feeble mind.
When they captured me,
they shut down his brain.
It was like drowning in mud,
wanting to move but unable to.
Do what you will with me traitor.
‐ You all keep calling me that,
but I'm not one of you.
‐ There's no shaking what's in the blood.
You are what you are.
In the end, you'll wind up vilified
and hunted just like us.
Separated from the ones you love.
Of course, it's not too late
to join the right side.
‐ The right side doesn't thrive
on hatred and violence.
‐ You started all this.
We only want what's ours.
Our freedom.
‐ I can give you that right now.
‐ Only Mother can give us that.
[bones cracking]
[Gabriella gasps]
Dramatic music playing ♪

[thunder rumbling]
‐ I understand your friend is missing
but why come to me, Louise?
‐ My friend works for
an unorthodox group
you and I are familiar with.
They might know where he is.
‐ I see.
‐ But I have no contact with that group.
Whereas I believe you can get
in touch with them directly.
I'm talking about the Blood, Archbishop.
‐ What kind of organization
would call itself that?
‐ You read the reports my associate,
Ms. Rossetti, submits to you
before you turn them in to the Vatican.
‐ Of course. It's my duty to do so.
‐ Then you've read about her visit
to one of their facilities.
Where they keep the possessed in comas.
Away from their families.
‐ Gabriella's reports are very thorough.
It's difficult to remember every detail.
‐ Archbishop Terrazi,
we have no time for facades.
Or denials. Lives are on the line.
I need you to contact that organization
that the Church pretends doesn't exist.
‐ Louise, many years ago, I warned you
about the Helstrom boy.
About the forces of darkness
that would follow him and those near him.
‐ I didn't come to talk about Daimon.
I came to see if you can make
a phone call.
If you can't call them
about my missing friend,
then at least inform them
that there is a monster out there
looking for a new host.
They'd want to be aware of that.
‐ It is possible I can make that call.
‐ Thank you, Archbishop.
‐ Louise.
A word of advice
for our dear friend Gabriella.
She may want to consider
other opportunities the Church offers.
With the path she's on,
the people we're discussing,
we cannot guarantee her safety.
Dramatic music playing ♪

YEN: Ana?
[Ana clears throat]
I thought you headed home
from the airport?
‐ Last I checked, we run a business.
It's the middle of the day, so
let's get to work.
‐ Oh, uh,
the only reason
why I'm here is because I
forgot my phone charger.
‐ Oh.
‐ Go home.
Get your head right.
We could both use the time off.
‐ My head's good.
And I don't need you
telling me what to do.
‐ Okay. That's not what I'm doing.
‐ Okay. Good.
'Cause I've had enough of that.
‐ And I've had enough of creepy skulls,
possessed people, and, no offense,
your family.
‐ Huh.
‐ Seriously, I've just spent
the last two hours lying to Derrick,
making him believe the story that
you gave him about sending me overseas.
‐ He's fine. He bought it.
‐ He didn't.
His suspicion level is at, like, eleven.
Partly because he walked in on you
disposing of Tate's brother.
‐ Derrick didn't see anything.
He's clueless.
‐ He knows something was off.
‐ I don't give two shits
about Derrick at the moment.
So are you gonna help me put
this place back in order or‐‐
‐ Time out.
I understand what went down
in Portland was just wrong.
But if that's going to eat away at you,
maybe you should have stayed
and hashed it out with your brother.
Because, Ana, the Rage Monster is not
someone I want to deal with right now.
So put her back in her cage
or find another way to get her rocks off.
‐ That's fair enough.
You're gonna help me?
Let's get to work.
‐ Let me take a look at the calendar,
see if I can pull up a meeting.
‐ Mmm.
Not that kind of work.
Tense music playing ♪
‐ I don't think that's a good idea.
‐ You want the Rage Monster off your back?
Feed her.

[door opens]
[indiscernible chatter]
ESTHER: I got a message
Doc Hastings is looking for you.
She's worried. It's really kinda sweet.
Reminds me. Your phone was blowing up
after my boys got it from you.
You missed a bunch of texts.
"Where the hell are you?"
"St. Teresa's under attack."
The Helstrom mother escaped.
‐ You need to let me go do my job.
‐ Your job was to keep
the siblings under control,
and you failed.
‐ That thing that broke out
is the Helstroms' enemy too‐‐
‐ Why do you keep picking
the wrong side in this?
‐ Daimon and Ana are on
the same side we are.
Judge them for what they do,
not where they came from.
‐ How biblical of you.
Always curious where you spent your time
when you weren't trotting around the world
looking for demon wares.
I gotta be honest with you,
I'm surprised you kept this place.
Thought it would hold too many memories
of your rebellious youth.
You're too special
for the family business.
Must have been awful
when they all got killed.
Wondering if you could
have done something,
if you'd stayed.
Dramatic music playing ♪
Sore subject.
Which one did you find with the girl?
‐ None of them.
I buried it.
That's just some junk
I couldn't sell at auction.
‐ The hard way it is then.
Open his shirt.
We can't keep putting
those things in comas.
We need something that kills.
A weapon of their own kind.
If one of these is his,
that scar of yours will tell us.
[Esther sighs]
I guess this is gonna be a long day.

[indiscernible conversation]
‐ Give us a moment.
‐ Just a little help here?
‐ What the hell is this?
‐ It's a meeting with a client.
‐ Uh‐huh.
‐ I made an executive decision.
We're laying off the other shit
for a while.
‐ That's not your decision to make.
‐ It is, actually,
since I'm the only one who seems
to be rational at the moment,
even if I was communing
with a skull 72 hours ago.
‐ I could be out there right now
on my own searching for a target.
‐ Which would be sloppy and reckless.
‐ Which is why I came to you
to do it the right way.
Our way. This is what we do.
‐ You're confusing what we do
with your search for your dad,
which blew up in your face.
And I'm sorry about that.
But we don't do this
to fill some kind of void
or because we didn't get what we wanted‐‐
‐ Spare me the cheap psychology.
Are you in or not?
‐ When we started this,
when I found you with that old bastard
dying at your feet,
I knew I was going to cover for you.
I knew how he was
with the other foster kids‐‐
‐ Stop‐‐
‐ It was justice.
It wasn't about scratching an itch.
That, I want no part of.
[pottery shatters]
Throw a shit‐fit if you want.
I'm unmoved.
Oh, and Derrick is coming by
for lunch later,
so try to get it together, please.
Sorry about that.
Soft music playing ♪

[cell phone buzzing]
‐ Yeah.
ESTHER [over phone]: Daimon Helstrom.
My name's Esther.
I work with the friend
you've been looking for.
‐ Caretaker's no friend of mine.
None of you are.
‐ Well, that's why I'm calling.
Maybe we can change that.
‐ Caretaker goes AWOL
when we needed him most,
now the Blood wants to team up.
Kinda feels like mixed messages.
‐ He had a pressing matter to attend to.
You and I might be able to work together.
‐ I've seen the way your people work.
I'm not a fan.
‐ I'm aware we have
different philosophies.
There's a powerful demon out there,
hunting for a new host.
Word is you know her pretty well.
‐ So, seems like you have eyes
in a lot of places.
‐ We've been tracking your kind
for a long time, Daimon.
Even caught up with your father
during his little spree.
‐ But you couldn't stop him, could you?
So you're clearly pretty shitty
at your jobs.
‐ We can find her, Daimon.
The difficult part is what comes after.
I know that thing was once your mother.
We could use your help putting her down.
‐ Hard pass for me,
but thank you for your phone call.
‐ I understand the lack of trust.
But if Caretaker
and the good Doctor Hastings
can play ball with us, why can't you?
‐ I don't know what you're talking about.
‐ The decision they made
to split up you and your sister,
we've respected it for years.
When it came to you two,
we always looked away.
You know that, right?
YEN: All right.
Oh, come on, seriously.
What is it?
‐ No note, no explanation.
I thought you changed your mind
about moving in together.
Thought I got ghosted.
‐ Tell me what I can do
to make it up to you.
‐ It's gotta be more than high‐end sushi,
I'll tell you that.
For starters,
this whole work‐life balance thing,
that shit's real,
and you're not managing it.
‐ I know. I know. I need to make changes.
‐ I mean, what the hell's her hold
over you anyways?
She snaps and you hop to it.
She got a sex tape on you,
video of you murdering somebody?
‐ I've known her for a long time.
It's hard to pull away.
‐ Well, pull harder.
‐ Ana.
‐ Um, we've got a lot to do.
Is this gonna take a long time?
‐ I told you about this lunch.
‐ Okay, so this is gonna take
a long time then?
‐ Uh, I see a lot of stress
in my line of work.
Makes people behave in ways
that are totally unacceptable,
like for instance,
how you're speaking to Chris right now‐‐
‐ Derrick‐‐
‐ So maybe you should find
a way to work it off.
Get that shit out of your system.
‐ Hmm. Is that right?
DERRICK: I like to hit
the heavy bag at the gym.
Works wonders.
‐ Yeah. That's a great idea, D.
Thank you so much for sharing.
Tense music playing ♪

‐ That's definitely not the one
you're looking for.
Told you. It's man‐made.
It's also fake.
It's a copy of an original Sumerian dagger
that was kept in the Iraq Museum.
Stolen during the looting after
the invasion of Baghdad in 2003.
That's war unfortunately.
[door opens]
Wipes out all our cultural history,
along with all the innocent lives.
‐ Is that what you thought
the Helstrom girl was?
‐ We all are
till we make our own mistakes.
She shouldn't have to pay
for the ones her father made.
‐ Her father made her.
She's a living, breathing mistake.
‐ She's not like the things we hunt.
‐ Why you are so soft on that girl
I'll never understand.
Tense music playing ♪

‐ Not so buried after all.
‐ Don't do this, Esther.
‐ We took an oath.
To protect our kind from theirs‐‐
‐ There is good
and there's evil in every kind.
Now, do you want to bring out
the best in them
or the worst?
I'll help you do one,
but not the other.
‐ Untie him.
HASTINGS: This isn't what I wanted.
I should have told you myself.
I wanted to at the right time.
The Blood knew who you both were,
who you came from.
We separated you to keep you alive.
Do I feel bad about it? Absolutely.
‐ So this was all just Caretaker's call.
You were just an accomplice.
‐ No.
I could have refused to go along with it,
but ultimately,
I thought Ana's presence
would be problematic.
‐ For who? For me or you?
‐ Your sister was on the road
with a serial killer
while he was killing.
‐ Sounds like a reason to take her in.
She needed compassion.
‐ We couldn't get through to her.
And she exhibited
all the psychological markers
of someone with
a predilection for violence.
You had just started showing
signs of improvement
after your mother was put away.
I wasn't about to jeopardize that.
‐ So this is my fault.
Great therapy session today, Doc. Thanks.
‐ I don't know how many different ways
I can apologize, Daimon.
To you or Ana.
‐ Did it ever occur to you
what it was like to lose her
or what it would have meant
to get her back?
That maybe you robbed both
of us of a better life?
Why would you do that?
‐ The truth,
she scared me.
Still does.
‐ How did you log into that?
‐ I've seen you do it. Many times.
‐ These take weeks to set up,
ameliorate risks,
plan everything down to the T.
‐ Yeah, it's not my first rodeo, partner.
‐ I told you, we need to lay low.
‐ Is it "lay low" or "lie low"?
I can never remember.
‐ You can't distract me with grammar.
But technically I think it's "lie"
because "lay" is a transitive verb.
[doorbell buzzing]
‐ Take over, keep looking.
It's your boyfriend. Again.
‐ Hey.
‐ Does someone want to tell me
how I'm logged into the police database
at home and here?
‐ I don't know what you mean. Logged into?
There must be some mistake.
‐ No mistake.
Case files were accessed.
And it's my ass
if I don't report an unauthorized log‐in.
‐ Well, it's not me.
DERRICK: When the Department
starts asking me questions,
I'm gonna have to give them answers
about which files were accessed and why.
Like Edward Tate's.
The jumper that died
the night of your big auction?
I'm not an idiot, Chris.
I'll find out what's really going on here,
one way or another.
[door opens, closes]
[bottle clinks, cork pops]
[liquid sloshing]
Soft music playing ♪

[knocking on door]
‐ Missed you at the hospital.
Thought I'd catch up in person.
‐ Um, you're not really getting me
in a very chatty mood.
‐ For the record, that's not
a thing that's ever happened.
‐ Yup.
‐ Hastings seemed upset about something.
Did she get word from Caretaker?
‐ He's okay, apparently.
I don't know‐‐
I don't know what was upsetting her.
I should never have left the demon
in that host for so long.
‐ You had no idea he'd do that.
You meant to save him.
Our intentions have to mean something.
‐ Doesn't do the dead man
much good, does it?
‐ I got very sick once.
I think I was nine.
Convulsions, high fever, hallucinations.
My parents were scared.
They grew up very religious,
my mother in Mexico,
and my father was from Sicily.
Clergy on both sides of the family, so
when I started having seizures,
they thought
I was possessed.
‐ You can't be serious.
‐ In Italy, the Church gets hundreds
of thousands of requests
for exorcisms every year.
So in my parents' circle, it was
totally normal for them to think that.
To them, my symptoms looked like
a demon had taken over me.
But when they finally got
an exorcist to come to the house,
the truth came out.
He told my parents I was epileptic,
then helped get me the care I needed
and the right medication.
‐ And today, are you okay?
‐ I've been seizure‐free for years.
[chuckles wryly]
‐ You must've been pretty pissed
at your parents.
‐ For a while.
But who I am now,
knowing what I know,
I see they were faced with a hard choice,
and they acted out of fear.
And faith.
And love.
So, I forgave them.
[inhales sharply]
That's a long way of me saying
you should do the same.
Forgive yourself.
‐ I accused Ana of being heartless,
giving up on Mom too easily.
But the fact is
there was a hard choice to be made
and she had the guts to make it.
‐ No.
Ana walked away.
‐ Rightly so. I was a dick.
‐ Maybe you should walk away, too.
For your own good.
‐ I'm not going anywhere.
We should figure out,
um, how to find Victoria.
‐ I don't think it's something
that we can do, just the two of us.
We might have to get some help
that neither of us wants.
‐ I can reach out to Ana
if you're uncomfortable.
‐ I'm not talking about Ana.
[cell phone buzzing]
[siren wailing]
Tense music playing ♪

[thunder rumbling]
‐ What are you doing here?
‐ Chris didn't know.
It was me. I, uh‐‐
I screwed up.
You didn't report it yet, did you?
‐ What? No, not yet.
‐ I‐‐ I wanted to‐‐
I wanted to screen some new clients
after we had one
that turned out to be a criminal.
‐ You mean Tate.
‐ He was a potential client.
It freaked me out. I wanted to feel safe.
I went too far.
Chris means everything to me, too,
so can we just hug it out?
I swear it won't happen again.

[raspy inhale]
[Ana grunts]
Are you okay?
‐ Yeah.
I just felt a little woozy there.
I'm fine.
‐ Okay.
I need to go.
‐ Yeah.

[heartbeat thumping]
‐ There, there.
It's not your fault they failed.
That I am trapped in this body.
Save your energy, son.
[Basar gagging]
What is it?
Tense music playing ♪

[Basar groans]
From the mouths of babes,
or the stump of one.
RAUM: How could that be?
What does he mean?
‐ There is another.

[door opens, closes]
[keypad beeping]
[door opens]

[breathing heavily]
Melancholy music playing ♪
YEN: Ana.
‐ I'm sorry.
I almost did it,
like he always wanted me to.
‐ Whatever it was,
almost means you didn't.
[Ana sobbing]
Because you're not him.
[exhales forcefully]
‐ My family,
they need me.
‐ You're right.
We do.

[dog barking in distance]
[train horn blaring in distance]
‐ Are you sure about this?
‐ No.
But they have an extensive network,
and Caretaker will be here
to broker the peace.
He's good at brokering things.
‐ If you say so.
‐ Is there any chance
that you'd just stay here?
No, I didn't think so.
Dramatic music playing ♪

GABRIELLA: Is that his van?
‐ I don't know. But I don't see him.
‐ I don't like it.
‐ The Blood don't attack innocent people.
And they aren't stupid enough
to try and put me in a coma.
Maybe they are. Where's Caretaker?
‐ In the van.
‐ So bring him out.
‐ Esther will explain everything.
Just gotta check you first
before you talk with her.
‐ You think I carry a gun?
‐ Come on, man, I'm just doing my job.
Can you turn around for me, please?

[rumbling continues]
‐ Where did you get this?

[Gabriella struggling]
Where did you‐‐ Where did you get this?
Where did you get this?
‐ Daimon, watch out!

[muffled scream]
The Budos Band's
Burnt Offering playing ♪

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