Helstrom (2020) s01e08 Episode Script


[tires squealing]
DAIMON: Ana, pick up your phone.
You no longer get to not talk to me.
The Blood just attacked.
They may come after you, too.
Wherever you are, I need you
to fight every instinct you have,
and please just be careful for once.
Let me know you got this.
‐ Daimon, stop.
You need to go to the hospital.
Or call the police.
‐ And do what? Hmm?
Turn myself in for attempted murder?
‐ I need to see that wound.
‐ We don't have time for this.
‐ Daimon, please stop.
Tense music playing ♪

It's already healing.
It's not your fault.
It was self‐defense, a‐‐ a reflex.
‐ When a dog rips out
another's throat, that's a reflex.
You still put it down.
‐ They shot you.
They attacked you with that thing.

‐ It's in your pocket, isn't it?
That's what did this.
‐ It was your father's.
‐ It's the only thing
I've never healed from.
The only thing that ever left a scar.
‐ Could the Blood have
killed you with that?
‐ The energy coming off it is so old,
Feels like him.
If I can feel it,
I can't imagine what Ana‐‐
‐ Hey.
Look at me.
We need to get rid of this.
‐ Not just this one,
the other one, too.
‐ Um say that again.
Theme music playing ♪

[seagulls squawking]
Mother singing softly in Icelandic ♪
[door opens]
[Basar breathing softly]
[footsteps approaching]
‐ You come empty‐handed?
‐ I‐‐ I couldn't‐‐
‐ I don't want excuses.
we'll have help soon.
‐ Who's coming?
‐ One who has always been loyal.
Who has the finesse you lack.
‐ And that thing?
‐ Watch your tone, short‐timer.
Respect the sacrifices my son has made.
The suffering he's endured.
It's important to remember that.
No matter what forms we take,
where we move on to,
respect the suffering.
Rest, Basar.
We'll meet again, soon.
Singing in Icelandic ♪
Find them both.
And take care of my boy.
Dramatic music playing ♪

‐ Gabby! What are you doing?
You scared the hell out of me.
‐ I left you something.
Daimon wanted you to hide it.
We didn't have enough time.
‐ Slow down. What happened?
‐ The Blood attacked us last night.
They had this weapon‐‐
‐ The Blood?
‐ We're all right, we got away, but‐‐
‐ This is all my fault.
The Archbishop warned her.
He told her he couldn't
"guarantee my safety."
‐ She was just looking for Caretaker.
It's not her fault.
‐ I know, but I'm the one
who's been reporting
to Archbishop Terrazi all this time.
About your family. About you.
Was I just handing all that information
to the Blood?
He swore to me.
‐ And you believed him?
‐ Why wouldn't I? He's a man of faith.
‐ He's still just a man.
You should know better than
to put your faith in any of those.
‐ I have faith in you.
‐ Well, the evidence doesn't suggest
that's a great bet either.
[cell phone buzzing]
Ana? Are you okay?
‐ Yeah. Sorry to disappoint, big brother,
but I haven't been attacked
by a single ancient mystical sect.
My feelings are a little hurt,
to be honest.
‐ I was worried that you weren't going
to call me back after how we left things.
‐ Yeah, well, I had
a "Come to Jesus" moment
which I really don't want to talk about,
but it seems that I may have let anger
get the better of me
for the past decade or two.
I was wrong to judge you, I‐‐
I was just pissed off. I‐‐
‐ Okay, let me finish?
I'm trying to seize
the high road here and apologize.
‐ Are you sure? Because I was about
to tell you that I think you were right.
‐ Oh.
Uh, maybe we should do this
in person, then.
I'm at St. Teresa's.
Where the hell are you?
‐ I'm on my way home.
‐ Okay, turn around and come back.
‐ Ana, I'm going home home.
‐ Why would you ever go back there?
‐ Dad's knife.
Gabriella and I are going back
to get the other piece.
‐ That is the most terrible idea
of all the terrible ideas.
That thing is evil.
‐ That's why I hid it somewhere
that no one would ever find it,
some place that we'd never go back to.
But the more I think about it, the more‐‐
I think we could use it to finish this.
‐ Daimon, we don't need it
to take on the Blood.
‐ Not just them.
The energy coming off that thing,
you know what it could do.
‐ Yeah. It'll kill Victoria.
‐ Any hope of getting Mom back
is gone now.
We have to end this
before someone else gets hurt.
Ana, please just promise me
that you're gonna wait for me.
We can hunt her down together.
‐ You said you're going back
for "the other piece."
‐ You're back.
‐ I want to see it.
‐ Ana‐‐
‐ I want to see it!
Tense music playing ♪

[gasps softly]
You shouldn't be around
that thing. It's toxic.
‐ Ana, that is superstitious‐‐
[coughing violently]

[indistinct chatter]
‐ You're an artist, Ahmad.
MAN: Esther.
Esther, please.
Come on. Let me out.
‐ Can't do it, Finn.
You're the last one left
the Creature marked.
Chances are you're gonna be
Mother's new home.
That makes you special.
‐ Special, my ass. That makes me bait.
Mrs. Helstrom's gonna kick it,
you're gonna put me in a goddamn coma.
‐ That's about all we can do, until we
can find a weapon that'll kill her.
‐ Just put a bullet in my head now
and be done with it.
‐ I thought you said you wanted to make up
for all those terrible things you did?
‐ I lied.
‐ We took an oath, Finn.
To hunt down the son of a bitch
that started this war
and all his little demon brood.
They took my husband,
my daughter, your son Jack.
Don't we owe it to them?
‐ You're right.
I took an oath
to fight and kill.
Laying around like a side of beef
for the next 50 years
is no way to honor my son's memory.
[cell phone buzzes]
ESTHER: Well, regardless,
I think he would appreciate
your sacrifice.
‐ We found him.
‐ Remember what we're fighting for.

‐ You know, for once, I agree with Daimon.
We need to lock that thing away.
Or else you might not make it to sundown.
‐ What's happening to me isn't magic.
[Hastings chuckles]
One day, when you get old enough,
you'll discover your body begins
to betray you.
‐ I'm not sure that's true.
‐ Wait a minute, is this‐‐ Is this why
you mail‐ordered Sister Von Tripp?
Are you dying?
‐ Well, not at the moment.
But yes.
I have lung cancer.
‐ Uh, does Daimon know‐‐
‐ No.
‐ Hmm.
‐ And I'd appreciate it
if you didn't tell him.
‐ Why?
You want to spring it on him
when he's being extra judgy?
‐ He's got enough on his plate right now.
‐ I know, but still,
he's never gonna forgive you.
Who else knows?
‐ Just Henry.
He said he wanted to be there for me,
and that's about the last time I saw him.
‐ Yeah, well, that's 'Taker's M‐O.
Ever since I was a little kid.
He's great one second, and you think,
"Oh, this is it, he's going
to stick around this time."
And then,
gone without a word.
‐ He's a man torn between worlds.
‐ The Blood is one.
What's the other?
‐ You.
He's always wanted
what's best for you, Ana.
In his heart, he thought
you should be connected with your family.
But the people he runs with
want the exact opposite.
‐ That's an awfully polite way of saying
that the Blood wants us all dead.
'Taker was the only person
who knew where that thing was.
He never would have told them willingly.
‐ He might,
if he thought they were going
to use it on Mother.
GABRIELLA: So, this is it.
It's quiet.
Where I grew up, all the houses were
on top of each other.
‐ My dad always picked places
away from prying eyes,
no matter where or how often we moved.
Because of his,
his "business."
‐ Okay.
I'll just go talk to the people
who live here.
Let you know what I find out.
‐ Wait, no, hang on.
Mother has access to Victoria's memories,
which means her minions
might already be here.
‐ Or just a nice family
with a couple of kids.
I'm better with that.
What are you gonna do
if they don't let you in?
‐ I'm not going to cause a scene.
It's just safer for everyone
if I can just get in there and get out.
There's no reason to over‐complicate this.
[door opens]
‐ Too late.
Tense music playing ♪

[Finn groaning]
‐ Ahmad.
‐ Perfect timing.
‐ Kthara, I presume?
Soon as we get a hold
of some Keeper blood,
this is for you.
‐ Go fish.

The name's Magoth.

And you got her name wrong.
‐ Real wood‐burning fireplace.
‐ The government's always pushing gas,
but nothing beats real flame.
‐ You were just saying
something about that.
‐ Aren't you two adorable?
Are you two married or‐‐
‐ Oh no. Just living in sin.
[realtor chuckles]
‐ Well, when he finally decides
to make an honest woman of you,
there is a gorgeous new nursery upstairs.
Perfect for children.
‐ Oh, well
‐ Oh.
‐ we plan on having a ton of those.
‐ A ton?
‐ Hey, I actually, um,
grew up in this area.
I was wondering, did you ever hear
anything weird about this house?
‐ Uh, well, it's been
on the market several times.
But it's such a desirable area.
‐ Sure. No, I know people who'd kill
to live in a place like this.
REALTOR: I'll be right with you.
‐ [softly] The Blood.
Do you mind if we take
a look around a little bit?
‐ Of course.
But first let me show you the kitchen.
New smart fridge. It plays music.
‐ Oh.
‐ Oh, fantastic.
Tense music playing ♪

‐ Magoth.
‐ Raum.
A collar? How subtle of you.
‐ You've done well, serving my son.
Ran those Helstrom brats in circles.
‐ But I hear the traitors
have disrupted your plans,
stole your vessel.
‐ We have alternatives, thanks to my boy.
As long as we can get a hold
of both of them.
Raum will deliver the message,
bait the trap.
You go to the house.
the timing is essential.
‐ I won't let you down.

‐ Soon, my child.
[door opens]
What on Earth are you doing in here?
‐ This room has energy.
Her energy.
‐ Mother?
‐ No.
Trapped in here all those years
after being tricked into that marriage.
So few moments of freedom in a long life.
‐ A Father Crow just called
Gabriella's line
asking for our exorcist.
He says there's a disturbed woman
down by the docks.
‐ That seems like a value judgment
on her line of work.
‐ Father Crow is the priest
who attacked Gabriella.
He's obviously trying to lure Daimon out.
‐ It's a trap for Daimon.
Which means they won't be expecting me.
‐ Uh, uh, Ana‐‐
‐ And they certainly won't expect us
to have a weapon that could kill Mother.
‐ There is no "us" in this plan.
We're waiting for Daimon.
‐ We're not.
Victoria is on her last legs,
and you and I have a shot
at ending this thing right now.
‐ It is too dangerous.
You and Daimon should go together.
‐ We both know that Daimon can talk tough,
but picture him there,
looking into Victoria's eyes,
he's gonna want to save her.
He's always had hope.
But you and me, we don't have
much use for that, do we?
‐ No. We do not.
‐ I'm glad we're on the same page, Doc.
I'm gonna need a favor.
GABRIELLA: Two more.
You were right.
‐ They came for the same thing we did.
Only they don't know where I hid it.
REALTOR: Oh, them?
Oh yes, they seem very interested
in the property.
I wouldn't hesitate to make an offer.
‐ We could leave.
Draw them away from these people.
‐ We could.
REALTOR: You should see
the nursery upstairs.
DAIMON: Excuse me. Hi.
Um, when I was a kid,
there used to be
this big abandoned barn nearby.
My sister and I would play
out there all the time.
That place is just full
of family memories.
I was wondering,
is it part of this property?
‐ It's not. But I do know
the family who owns it.
I could call them
and see if they're willing to sell.
‐ Well, that would be great. Thank you.
‐ So we're staying?
‐ Haven't got what we came for yet.
‐ Then, we need a plan.
‐ I have one.
‐ Well, you better fill me in.
‐ We wait 'em out.

‐ If I touch that thing,
I feel all of the lives Dad took,
all of the pain he inflicted.
Hundreds. Maybe thousands.
‐ Ana‐‐
‐ I can fight Mother.
I can weaken her.
But to wield that thing?
To strike the final blow? I‐‐ I can't.
You're gonna have to do it.
‐ Woman, you are out of your mind.
‐ What were you expecting to do?
Stand on the sidelines and watch?
Take me out for a milkshake after?
I mean, th‐‐ this is all hands
on deck, Louise.
‐ Ana, I can't.
‐ You've been looking
after my mother for years.
Hasn't she suffered enough?
‐ Ohh!
‐ Haven't we all?
‐ This isn't about the suffering.
This is the act of taking a life!
‐ Do you really think
that Daimon can do it?
Do you really think
that he should have to?
‐ And if Victoria passes away on her own?
‐ You know what happens,
the monster inside her goes free.
But with‐‐ But with this thing,
it's powerful enough
to dissipate the energy forever.
That's why the Blood tried
to use it on Daimon.
It's a demon killer.
‐ The thought of killing someone,
it would haunt me for the rest of my days.
Tense music playing ♪

But how long is that gonna be, really?
‐ Wow.
That's pretty dark, Louise.
I like it.
Melancholy music playing ♪

[footsteps descending stairs]
‐ The Blood are leaving.
Don't suppose they gave up?
I know it must be hard being back here.
I can't imagine the memories
it must dredge up.
‐ Actually, walking around up there,
most of the memories aren't
so bad.
Of all the places, this was the one
that felt most like home.
My father wasn't the warm and fuzzy type,
but when he was here, he was a dad.
He'd help me with my homework,
take me to my Little League games.
It was a normal childhood.
Until it wasn't.
‐ You shouldn't be here.
Reliving these memories‐‐
‐ No.
You shouldn't be here.
Just being around me puts you in danger.
‐ And what about the danger you're in?
‐ I'm not in any danger.
You've seen what I can do.
I have my father's
‐ But you're not him.
You're different.
‐ Part of me is,
part of me isn't.
He knew that.
That's why he left it behind.
My scar was a reminder that I was his son.
And that I always would be.
But the blade
was for‐‐
for the future.
One half for Ana. One for me.
To fulfill our potential.
‐ And you did.
You learned the difference
between right and wrong.
You teach people, you‐‐ you help people‐‐
‐ I reduced a man to ash,
I set‐‐ set people on fire‐‐
‐ They brought that fight to you.
‐ And they keep bringing it.
Because they know what I'm capable of.
‐ When it gets dark, we'll give the Blood
the slip in the woods.
‐ I came here to get something.
I'm not leaving without it.
‐ And if they try stopping you?
‐ Then I'll show them who I really am.

BOY 1: Everybody knows
your mom is in the loony bin.
BOY 2: Is that why your sister ran away?
Because you're psycho
like your psycho mommy?
BOY 3: Hey, look, he's crying.
BOY 4: He's got crazy eyes.
BOY 5: What's he doing?
BOYS: [chanting] Daimon. Daimon.
BOY 5: Freak. Stop!
BOYS: Daimon. Daimon.
[boys scream, groaning]
‐ Ow! What the hell!
Tense music playing ♪

[shovel clangs]

‐ You should've let it go.
[all grunt]
Now, I have to make an example of you.
[bells tolling, seagulls squawking]
[door opens]
‐ There he is.
Always so dutiful.
Mother's little boy.
ANA: Guess he got over it.
‐ Just you?
‐ You disappointed?
MOTHER: How touching.
Here to say goodbye to dear old Vicky?
‐ Again, I came here for you.
No more coming back this time.
‐ Where did you get that?
‐ It's now or never.
‐ I‐‐ I can't.
‐ Come on, Louise!
‐ It's not me, it's her.
‐ Did you really think
I was going to fight fair?

‐ I found their cars in the woods.
No one's there, so they're either
on their way to the house or‐‐
Oh my god.
[rope creaking]
‐ You should probably wait outside.
Ominous music playing ♪
‐ All that pain you felt,
Victoria will feel it, too.
Over and over again for eternity.
Why do you think that weapon
was always Daddy's favorite?
‐ You bitch!
‐ I told you these people
only understand extremes.
So, now I'm showing them who I am.
[Gabriella gasps]
[man whimpers]
‐ Go outside, Gabriella.
‐ I'm not gonna do that.
MOTHER: Go ahead. Do it.
Damn old Vicky's soul forever.
Believe me,
one day you're going to learn
just how long forever is.
Melancholy music playing ♪

‐ Mom?
‐ Ana, Mother lies.

‐ There has to be another way.
‐ If we wait any longer,
Mother will escape.
What are you doing?
‐ I'm saving her life.

[ropes creaking]
DAIMON: There it is.
I knew you'd look at me that way
sooner or later.
‐ Then stop this.
‐ But this isn't for you.
It's for her.
[muffled grunting]
Are you gonna come out now, Esther?
‐ Evening, Daimon.
‐ Speak of the devil.
‐ And lo, he appears.
‐ If Victoria's body dies, Mother escapes.
‐ But if we can revive her after,
she'd be free then, right?
‐ This is insane.
Daimon already tried everything.
‐ Not this, because it is insane.
‐ The chance of her surviv‐‐
‐ It's still a chance.
Mother's still hiding in there.
‐ You said we had to use the knife, Ana.
Without it, her energy
will still be out there.
‐ Maybe she has nowhere else to go?
‐ Or maybe she comes back someday
to kill again.
‐ That's someday.
We can save my mom now.
[Ana grunts]

‐ It's gone.
‐ You sure?
‐ Yeah.
‐ Then get out of my way
and call an ambulance.


‐ You're supposed to be a nun?
How do you stand by this?
‐ Daimon, I know what it's like
to be angry,
to lose faith, but this isn't you.
‐ What more does he have to do?
He's showing you‐‐
‐ Do you see them, Esther?
Your people want mercy.
Are you ready to beg for their lives?
‐ No. Because it won't change a thing.
If you're gonna kill them, go ahead.
Barbecue me, too.
It'll only prove our point.
You and your kind, you're all the same.
And we'll hunt you forever.
‐ Do you hear that?
That's your leader. Your "kind."
That's her idea of mercy.
[all yell]
‐ Daimon, let them go.
‐ I wouldn't do that if I were you.
‐ Are you going to hurt me, too?
‐ I'm just saying you really don't want
to break my concentration right now.
You think I'm like my father.
And as much as I've tried
to deny it, you're absolutely right.
But unlike my father, I'm also human.
Which means I have a power
that he never had.
"Forgive them, for they know not
what they do."

I forgive you.
For your prejudice.
For your treachery. For your complete
and utter stupidity.
As far as I'm concerned,
this war of yours is now over.
Stay away from me and my family.
And count yourself lucky you came
after me and not Ana.
Hell hath no fury like my sister.

‐ Come on. Fight.
‐ Okay.
There's got to be some adrenaline
or, um, epinephrine.
And how the hell's the ambulance
even gonna find us back here?
‐ Ana, it's up to Victoria now.
‐ You stubborn old bat!
You stick around for 20 years,
and this is how you finally go out?
You're gonna let me be
the one who took you down?
You're gonna give Daimon
that satisfaction?
[deep raspy breath]
‐ Button.
Inside voice.
Soft music playing ♪

‐ I'm a monster.
‐ No.
No such thing.

DAIMON: Thank you.
‐ You know, even if you weren't there,
I would've let them go.
‐ I know.
But next time you have a plan‐‐
‐ I couldn't. There's no way
you would have gone along with it.
‐ Damn right.
‐ It's been a long day.
‐ One I'd like to forget.
Except for maybe how eager you were
to tell everyone
that we were "living in sin."
‐ I guess it's been a while.
What do the kids say now?
Going steady?
Getting pinned?
‐ You might wanna tell the Vatican
to update their sex‐ed.
‐ Mmm. Not if you want me
to have "a ton" of kids.
‐ Right.
I wonder what the Vatican would say
if they could see you now?
A nun swearing,
having a drink with a demon.
‐ You're not a demon.
And I'm not a nun.
Soft music playing ♪

[cell phone buzzing]
‐ Hello. Hi.
‐ Daimon. It's Mom.
‐ Yeah?
‐ No. Hey, it's not like that.
I found her.
She's free.
‐ Free?
‐ Yeah.
Mother's gone.
Victoria's back.
You're not gonna like how I did it,
but she really is free.
‐ I‐‐
I can't‐‐ I can't believe it.
Wha‐‐ Um,
I'm gonna be right there. I‐‐
‐ Hey, no. No need.
She's totally doped up.
Won't be awake for hours.
‐ I know. But I should still be there.
‐ Daimon, you took care
of Mom for 20 years.
I suppose I can take one night shift.
‐ Ana, thank you.
‐ Don't worry.
I still expect you to do
all the talking in the morning.
[monitor beeping]
‐ I'd like to talk to you sometime,
to revisit my treatment options.
DOCTOR: Of course.

‐ Ana freed her.
‐ What?
‐ My mom, she's free.
‐ What?
Daimon, that's amazing!
‐ Yeah.
‐ Are you okay?
You don't look happy.
‐ No. I, I am. Of course I am. I just‐‐
I don't know, I always thought
it would be me who did it.
And I‐‐ I know, I know.
That sounds so stupid.
It doesn't matter who did it, but
I felt like I owed it to her.
And not only wasn't I there,
I gave up on her.
‐ Whoa, whoa, don't do that.
You took care of her for years.
You never gave up on her.
Or your sister.
You put them back together.
Under your influence,
Ana actually came back to help.
Excuse my language,
but that's a frickin' miracle.
You made that possible.
You did save her.
‐ That's a really generous way
of looking at it.
You're gonna tell Ana that, right?
[chuckles softly]
‐ Here's something else
you didn't think about:
you're free now, too.
All those years waiting and watching.
And now Victoria's back,
Mother's gone, the Blood is‐‐
‐ Terrified.
‐ You can do whatever you want now.
You're free.
‐ Yeah, I guess I am.
‐ I'm so happy for you.

‐ Your vows. I don't want to‐‐
‐ I haven't taken any yet.
‐ I must smell like a wet dead cow.
‐ No.
Well, maybe a little.
‐ Yup.
[Gabriella chuckles]
But it doesn't‐‐
‐ Give me one minute.

Maybe give you a chance
to take a moment, too.

[door closes]

[exhales forcefully]
[thunder rumbles]

‐ Daimon?
Tense music playing ♪


Oh god.
Our Father‐‐
Ominous music playing ♪

[door opens]

‐ Gabriella?
There's something in the house.
We have to‐‐
‐ Any room for one more?
‐ Gabriella.
‐ Where were we?
So much foreplay.
Always so considerate.
That's more like it.
Did you forget?
That never worked on me.
‐ Mother.
‐ And I'm not in that weak
old body any more.
[Daimon yells]
Possession is only so satisfying.
I'm tired of just staring at
the meat dummies.
I want to truly live
in this world again.
But that is, as they say
‐ Ahh!
‐ a process.
Just let it happen.
[bones cracking]

Almost done.
Just one more sacrifice is required.

[bed creaking]

Tricky's We Don't Die playing ♪

‐ We don't, we don't ♪
We don't die ♪
We don't, we don't ♪
We don't die ♪
Far we go ♪
Away somewhere ♪
Where we go ♪
Away don't know ♪
Time's not mine ♪
We meet sometime ♪
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