Helstrom (2020) s01e09 Episode Script


Almost done.
Just one more sacrifice is required.

[water dripping]
GABRIELLA: Daimon, wake up.
‐ What the hell happened?
‐ I don't know.
‐ What is this place?
‐ A room without a door.
‐ I don't remember how we got here.
‐ There's no way out.
Let us out of here!
‐ Wait, just giv‐‐ give me a second,
I'm gonna figure this out.
‐ Who's doing this to us?
Did the Blood‐‐
‐ What's wrong?
‐ What do you remember,
about last night?
‐ I don't know. I‐‐
I remember getting back and then
getting a call from Ana about my mom,
and then I went to take a shower and‐‐
‐ That's when I heard it outside.
Someone. Something. I felt‐‐
Oh God.
‐ Maybe you should eat something.
‐ No.
They did something. Drugged us.
‐ Stay calm, okay.
We're gonna get through this.
RAUM: [over speaker]
I understand you're confused,
but all will soon be clear.
You'll forget your days when you were
just an innocent little lamb
who came to me for confession.
‐ Father Crow.
‐ I apologize for that unfortunate
first encounter, by the way.
I had no idea what the future
would hold for you.
‐ What do you want from us?
‐ You must eat now.
Save your strength. Be healthy.
‐ If you wanted me healthy,
then you shouldn't have poisoned me.
‐ Oh, no. That's just
the morning sickness you're feeling.
Don't worry, it'll soon pass.

‐ I'm

theme music playing ♪

[indiscernible conversations]
[monitor beeping]
[monitor beeping]
‐ Has my brother shown up yet?
‐ Not that I'm aware of.
[line ringing]
‐ This is Daimon.
Leave a message at the tone.
‐ You're really taking advantage
of this whole "night off" thing.
Seriously. The moment
you've been waiting for is here,
and, um, you're not.
Blues music playing ♪

CARETAKER: Hey, Louise.
Look, I'm sorry.
I can explain everything.
Soft music playing ♪

HASTINGS: So they screwed you over again.
How shocking.
CARETAKER: Uh, the Blood
screwed all of us.
I tried to get them
to not go after Daimon,
but they wouldn't listen.
‐ How did you get away?
‐ I got to hit the head.
‐ We're not stopping.
‐ Well, I guess I'm gonna have
to go here, then.
You got a bottle?
[both chuckle]
‐ How are you gonna piss in a bottle
with your hands cuffed?
‐ Good point.
‐ And that was it?
They just let you go?
‐ Mm‐hmm.
‐ You know you can't lie to me, right?
‐ I think I just did.
the important thing is,
Daimon and Ana are safe.
You saved their mother.
And they have both pieces
of the weapon now.
The Blood couldn't hurt them
even if they were stupid enough to try.
‐ They could still hurt you, Henry.
‐ They can hurt both of us.
That's why I was thinking
might be time for us
to take a little trip.
You hear me out.
There's this little place
in Rosarito.
Got lobster tail,
beer for ten bucks.
On the beach.
Could be a perfect spot for a fresh start.
It's time, Louise, don't you think?
‐ I can't.
Not until I'm done with treatment.
‐ Does that mean you're‐‐
‐ I'm gonna have chemo
to shrink the tumor.
Then surgery.
The doctor seemed optimistic, so
at least that makes one of us.
Seeing how hard everyone else is working
to stick around here,
I was feeling a little left out.

‐ I promise, I'm gonna be there for you.
Through all of it.

tense music playing ♪

‐ Daimon?

[door creaks softly]

‐ Hey, this isn't our fault.
‐ Yes, it is.
We let our guard down.
We got caught up.
We were weak.
‐ It wasn't weakness.
What happened last night,
before whatever they did to us,
that moment was real.
‐ Daimon, I'm pregnant.
I'm carrying something in me
that could be pure evil.
‐ Our baby won't be evil.
‐ It's not our baby.
‐ It could be.
I love you, Gabriella.
‐ What?
Eerie music playing ♪

You're not Daimon.
‐ I tried to do this the easy way,
but I guess it's going to be
the other devil you know.
GABRIELLA: No, no, no, get away from me!
No! No!
‐ Just relax, Sister.
[Gabriella moaning]

‐ You.
This isn't real.
You're just in my head.
None of this is real.
MOTHER: Oh, I assure you.
It's very real.
[monitor beeping]
‐ Daimon?
Tense music playing ♪

‐ Good morning, Mom.
[door slams shut]
[monitor beeping]
‐ I'm so glad you're here.
‐ Not as glad as I am.
‐ Where's Ana?
‐ Doesn't matter.
‐ Thank you.
For everything you've done for me.
For fighting so long.
I'm finally free.
It's over.
‐ Far from it.
‐ What?
‐ This is just my first stop.
[monitor beeping rapidly]
‐ Daimon!
[both grunting]
‐ Ah!
‐ Ana?
‐ If you hate it, just tell me.
‐ If I hated it, I would tell you.
‐ I have a sneaking suspicion
you let me choose what I wanted
as a way to apologize, and now
you're instantly regretting that decision.
‐ You're right. I regret it.
Not the apology.
Just the color the apology
has unfortunately taken.
Doesn't matter.
It's a fresh shade for a fresh start.
‐ Which is exactly what we need.
[eerie whispers]
‐ Nothing. Nothing. It's nothing.
[eerie whispers]
Shit, I‐‐ I'm sorry.
‐ Chris?
‐ Oh, I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
No, no, I‐‐
I'll get something to clean it up.
Tense music playing ♪

ANA: Are you gonna tell me
where the hell you've been?
CARETAKER: Oh, sorry.
I was tied up by the Blood.
I'm glad to see you're alive, too.
‐ Yeah. I could've used your help
the past couple days.
‐ So I heard.
‐ You think that's gonna work on him?
‐ I don't know, but this dosage worked
on Mother, so it's worth a try.
‐ I know I've been gone for a bit,
but what the hell happened to Daimon?
‐ It's not Daimon.
‐ What does that mean?
‐ When I touched him,
the things I saw, it‐‐
They weren't Daimon's memories.
They were that thing's.
The thing that we destroyed.
‐ Are you saying Daimon's possessed?
ANA: No. No. That's not possible.
Is it?
‐ He's fighting something.
[grunts, Ana gasps]

[Daimon continues groaning]
‐ He's gonna need another tranquilizer.
‐ Or three.

‐ Hello, "Button."
‐ What the hell did you do
with my brother, you piece of shit?
[Daimon laughing]
‐ Oh, now you show concern.
That's interesting,
given how self‐absorbed you are.
You see, your brother and I
share everything now.
Including our assessment of you.
‐ I'll have a chat with him about that
after I get rid of you.
‐ Too late.
There's no stopping it.
‐ Stopping what?
‐ The traitor and I becoming one.
‐ The woman you were with last night,
where is she? Where is Gabriella?
‐ Oh, she served her purpose.
‐ Where is she?
‐ She's dead.
‐ Bullshit.
‐ Is it?
You've seen what I can do when I'm hungry.
“Don't Ever Leave Me”
by Hope Griffith playing ♪

MOTHER: You must stay calm now.
For both our sakes.
I thought appearing as Daimon
would be more helpful for you,
but you saw through that, didn't you?
You've come a long way, Gabriella.
Had I'd known that you, of all people,
would be the one to carry my new form,
I wouldn't have been so hard on you
the first time we met.
I apologize, Sister.
Please stop struggling.
My birth will be difficult enough.
‐ I'm not giving birth to you.
‐ It's too late for that.
Why deny yourself
the opportunity of Motherhood?
[indiscernible praying]
Why would a woman like you
dedicate her life to an institution
that would deny her the chance
to exercise her greatest power?
The power to create life.
‐ This isn't life!
This is evil.
‐ You have no concept
of what real evil is.
‐ I didn't until I met you.
‐ The first time the men came for my son,
he was fishing by the river.
Very good at catching fish, my Basar.
Nothing could escape his grip.
There were four of them.
Armed with spears.
I arrived
just as they pierced his skin.
That was the worst of it,
that first cry.
The worst sound you will ever hear
is your child in pain.
But the madness in their eyes,
reveling in my son's agony,
the pleasure they took from it,
that was the first time
I met true evil.
‐ What did you do?
‐ I went to the village. Told the elders.
But they didn't believe.
Or claimed that they didn't.
The world of men is cruel that way.
‐ What about your son?
‐ Oh, he rose up and killed them all.
The entire village.
The boy always had a temper.
Ominous music playing ♪
Now rest up, Gabby.
I've got some growing to do.
HASTINGS: This is Mother all over again,
distracting us, leading us
on another snipe hunt.
‐ We chase our shadows
while she plans round two?
HASTINGS: Jolene Spivey was meant
to be her next vessel,
but we put a stop to that.
So, is that why he took Gabby?
To be Mother's home for the next 50 years?
‐ We set her free.
‐ We don't know that for sure.
ANA: You said it yourself.
Gabriella could be out there right now,
walking around as the new Mother.
And Daimon‐‐
We have to cut that thing out of him.
This is our fault.
‐ Let's divide and conquer, all right.
I'll go look for Gabriella.
You both stay here and help Daimon.
‐ And how exactly are we
supposed to do that?
We can't exactly bring him down to the OR,
so, unless you have something
stashed in your ancient arsenal‐‐
‐ Look, what's happening to Daimon
is worse than anything I've ever seen.
Now, I think the only option
for possibly cutting that thing out of him
is in your arsenal,
not mine.
‐ That blade could kill him.
CARETAKER: Or save him.
Tense music playing ♪

‐ I'll find another way.
‐ That is not my son.
‐ He's still in there.
Just like you were.
And he never stopped fighting
to reach you.
Just talk to him. That's all I'm asking.
Come on. You two are pros at it,
much to my annoyance.
‐ All of that evil,
what it did to me,
it's in him now.
‐ I know you're afraid.
I was afraid too,
seeing you locked in that room
all those years.
Watching someone you love
suffer from something
that is destroying them
from the inside out
is the worst kind of pain.
And we would do anything to avoid it.
But we're out of options.
If there is even a slim chance
you can break the hold
that thing has on Daimon,
you have to try, Mom.
Dramatic music playing ♪

‐ I can't fail him
‐ You won't.
‐ I told you to stop struggling.
‐ I'm getting out of here.
‐ Didn't you hear a word I said?
Do you have no sympathy?
No matter what era
or what part of the world,
time and again, my children
have been hunted and tortured.
And why?
For being different.
For being stronger. Better.
‐ I'm sorry for what happened to you,
and I understand your anger,
but we didn't do anything to you.
‐ Let me be clear:
you understand nothing.
You and your kind live
in a perpetual state of willful ignorance
and then act surprised when it comes back
to bite you in the ass.
This is the argument of sheep.
‐ So this is how you get your revenge?
By possessing innocent women?
Using them against their will
as your incubator?
‐ You could be more than that, Gabriella.
If you choose.

‐ What I choose
is to find a way to beat you.
And I will.
‐ Stop struggling!
‐ Why don't you make me?
You're in control, right?
Or maybe not.
Because I'm not possessed.
At least not anymore.
You took me over to get
what you wanted from Daimon.
But you're not
in my head anymore, are you?
Because you're too busy growing.
Which means you're at my mercy,
not the other way around.
‐ Not for long.
I hope you know what you're doing.
ANA: It was her decision.
‐ Then she should know that exposing
herself to this kind of trauma again
could lead to both of them being
in a padded room.
‐ I want to speak to my son alone.
‐ Victoria, are you sure?
[trembling breath]
[inhales deeply]
‐ How's your neck?
‐ I want to speak to Daimon.
‐ He's gone. I'm all
that's left of your son.
And as soon as I get out of this room,
I'm going to finish choking
the life out of you
while you look into his eyes.
But not before I kill your daughter
in front of you first.
‐ That might be your plan.
The only hitch is,
my son is stronger than you.
He will fight his way back.
‐ Then he will die trying.
He'd be better off
learning to serve Mother.
She'll take care of him
far better than you ever did.
‐ Are we talking about the same Mother
who abandoned you
like a pile of leftovers?
‐ This coming from the woman
whose son abandoned her
and put her in this very steel box
where I stand.
‐ Daimon didn't abandon me,
he saved me. Because he loves me.
Which is a concept you can't understand.
‐ You won't reach him this way.
‐ You realize Mother was
in my head, right?
So I know she doesn't care about you.
That's why she's left you behind.
She doesn't think of you as a son.
More like a tool.
Which probably explains
why she used you like one.
‐ Don't.
She's getting to him.
‐ Kthara is not coming for you.
You are not on some greater mission!
You are not part of a real family!
But Daimon is.
He has me. And Ana. Dr. Hastings.
People who love him, unlike you!
[patients shouting]
Release my son.
Then we might consider donating
what's left of you to science.
At least then, someone
will appreciate your sacrifice.
Tense music playing ♪
‐ Victoria, get away from the door.
‐ No, it's working.
That door won't hold.
‐ I was getting through!
‐ You weren't reaching Daimon,
just pissing that thing off.
‐ Please. I have to keep trying.
‐ I know. And you will, but not today.
[patients continue shouting]
‐ Mom.
I am taking her home to Daimon's.
She needs to rest.
Away from him. Away from this place.
The evil here is contagious.

‐ We're all eager
for your imminent return.
To be born into this world
of flesh and blood again.
It's my hope that you take into account
all of our efforts.
Mine in particular.
And you might one day reward me
in creating a body
that I can truly call my own.

The baby.
‐ Father Crow.
‐ No, I have to get help.
‐ You're the one who can help me.
I know you're in there.
‐ I'm not a doctor.
‐ It's a priest I need.
RAUM: I'm not‐‐
I have‐‐
‐ What did you say?
‐ I have‐‐
I have one last confession to make.
RAUM: What's that?
‐ We're done here.
Dramatic music playing ♪

‐ Running is pointless.
No one can help you anymore.
Turn around.
‐ How do you like your "mother" now?
[Gabriella panting]
Pop music playing on stereo ♪
[tires squealing]
‐ Oh my God. Are you okay?
‐ Please. Help me.
[muttering indiscernibly]
‐ Rashes, insect bites, razor burns.
Nope, not for demonic glyphs.
Oh, no, no, no. No, no.
No, no, no, no, no.
This can't be happening.
Not again.
[retches, coughs]
Ominous music playing ♪

[kettle whistling]
‐ Here.
It'll help.
VICTORIA: It's like some cruel joke.
After all this time,
I finally get a second chance and
I don't even get to be with him.
‐ You will.
‐ You know,
I never thanked you.
‐ For what?
‐ For raising my son.
For giving him a chance.
If it weren't for you,
he would be a very different man today.
I just want you to know how much
I appreciate everything you did for him.
And for me.
Standing outside that cell today,
I can't imagine.
It must have been incredibly hard.
‐ Well, the hard thing and the right thing
often aren't too far apart.
I just wish I had done the same for Ana.
[knocking on door]
Oh my God!
‐ Daimon. Where's Daimon?
‐ What happened?
Where have you been? You're bleeding.
‐ They kept me for months.
They tied me down.
‐ Gabby, it's only been a day.
‐ What?
But that's not poss‐‐
You can't hurt me here!
‐ It's okay, it's okay.
It's Victoria. She's fine now.
‐ No, no! She did this to me!
She's inside me.
She locked me up.
She's using my body.
‐ Help me get her to the couch.
‐ Yeah.
What happened to her?
How is this possible?
‐ It isn't.
You have to find him.
Dramatic music playing ♪

[Caretaker sighs]
‐ I'm not gonna have a choice.
Am I?
I'm gonna have to cut
that thing out of him
even if it takes
Daimon's spine with it.
‐ I can do this.
‐ It has to be me.
[Caretaker sighs]
‐ Look, pushing aside that‐‐
that he's your brother,
I mean, you reaching out
and touching that blade,
it makes it a thousand times harder.
‐ I can handle it.
‐ Let me do this.
I mean, for all the times I wasn't there
at your birthday parties,
your Christmas pageants, the‐‐
your piano recitals‐‐
‐ I never played piano.
‐ I'm trying to say
something here, all right.
I mean, it just seems like I have
a habit of not being there
when people need me the most.
‐ The Blood wanted me dead,
you had no choice.
I understand all that.
‐ That's bullshit, Ana.
I was afraid.
Yeah. I was afraid of
of getting too close and
only wind up losing you.
‐ You didn't lose me.
And, no offense, but you're not
strong enough to take on Daimon right now.
It's me or nobody.
[cell phone buzzing]
‐ What, Louise?
VICTORIA: Ana, you need
to get over here right now.
It's Gabriella.
‐ Wait, she's there?
‐ Something's very wrong with her.
I don't even know how to say it.
ANA: Okay. Wrong how?
‐ It's complicated.
‐ Yeah. I would expect it no other way.
‐ She's pregnant. Full term.
‐ Well, son of a bitch.
It's Kthara.
She's not settling for possession.
She wants her own body now.
‐ Lock Gabriella in a room. Now.
We need Daimon for this.
‐ Daimon can't get near her.
‐ Just do what I say.
'Taker's on his way over there now.
‐ What are you gonna do?
‐ What I have to.
Dramatic music playing ♪

Just get over to the house
and protect them.
Keep a close eye on Gabriella
and that's it until you hear from me.
Got it?
‐ Got it.
Do you?
VICTORIA: What if it doesn't work?
What if Daimon can't help her?
That's not just his child growing
inside of Gabriella, that's Mother.
‐ You need to take a breath.
This is far too much stress for a woman
in your condition to be under.
‐ I am breathing with lungs
that for the first time in 20 years
are finally my own again.
Because she had control of them.
Of everything about me.
And that was with me fighting back
with every ounce of strength
I could muster.
Now imagine her,
as strong as Daimon and Ana,
with all of that hate
and nothing standing in her way.
This could be the end of everything.
‐ Victoria, what are you suggesting
we do about that baby?

This is not our decision to make.
[gasping, panting]
Gabby, what're you doing?
‐ You shouldn't have let me sleep.
They're here.
Ominous music playing ♪

[door slams]

‐ Here to say goodbye?
‐ To you?
‐ You're not going
to use that thing on me.
‐ Then call my bluff.
Come a little closer.
‐ Your brother dies if you do.
‐ Well, so do you.
And, as you probably know,
my brother is a little bit of a martyr,
so he probably wouldn't mind.
[Ana grunting]
[Ana groans]
‐ How are you feeling?
Or, should I ask,
how much are you feeling?
‐ Enough to piss me off.
‐ You pretend to care,
but I know the truth.
Your brother's memories are very clear.
‐ Quit poking around inside his head.
[shoes scraping]
‐ You care about each other very much.
It almost broke him
when you were taken by your father.
The guilt he felt
that he couldn't stop it.
So much so that after he had
your mother locked away in, well here,
he tried to take his own life.
‐ Everything you say is seasoned
with a grain of salt.
Even your bullshit.
‐ He keeps that memory
very close, very close,
always present,
like it were yesterday.
[Ana grunts]
Standing in the middle
of St. John's Bridge, hopeless, alone.
A monster in the making.
There's a reason why Mother chose me
to be her guardian.
I'm the very best at killing my own kind.
My only regret is that
your own feeble mother
won't be here to see your death.
Now, that would have been poetic.
‐ Then let me counter
we have the nun.
And I am the only one
keeping that baby alive.
Kill me, the nun dies,
and your mommy with her.
[Ana laughing]
How's that for poetic?
[Daimon yells]
[Ana panting]

‐ Aah!
[both panting]
‐ Daimon?
‐ Where's Gabriella?
‐ That won't hold them for long.
Take her downstairs
and lock yourselves in the bedroom.
‐ And leave you up here,
two against one? No chance.
‐ I won't let them take me again.
‐ Listen to Louise.
Go downstairs and hide.
And don't come up,
no matter what you hear.
DAIMON: Gabriella, she's
ANA: Yes.
And I'm not talking a little pregnant.
We're talking full Rosemary.
We need you to free her
from Mother's possession before‐‐
‐ I can't.
I tried it before with our own mom,
and that's when I didn't have
a demon inside me.
Then Sister Gabriella
is going down the hard way
and taking that baby with her.
‐ You have to cut it out of me.
Do it, now. I‐‐
I can't hold him off much longer.

‐ No.
No, no, no. Stop. Stop. Stop!
Something's wrong.
‐ Yeah, no shit.
‐ No, it's‐‐ it's not working.
It feels different than before when he‐‐
when he used it. Before it broke.
We need‐‐
‐ Both pieces.

[cell phone buzzing]
YEN: [over phone] 'Taker, it's me.
‐ Look, I can't talk
to you right now, Yen.
‐ Oh yes, you can.
I have a big problem,
and Ana isn't picking up.
‐ Her hands are too full
to talk about antiques.
‐ This isn't about work.
Something is happening to me.
Look, you guys promised me
this shit would be over with
once the skull was destroyed.
‐ What exactly is happening to you, Yen?
[grunting, panting]
‐ He took it to use it on her.
‐ No, you don't know that for sure.
‐ You have to get over there,
keep Gabriella safe.
‐ You just hold out long enough
for me to get back.
‐ I will.
‐ Promise?
‐ Trust me.
[door creaks softly]
[kettle whistling]
[Hastings yells]
‐ Where's the other one?
Tense music playing ♪

‐ I'm so sorry.

[breathing heavily]

‐ Let me take care of that for you.
[inhales deeply]
[Daimon groans]
[bones crack]
Dramatic music playing ♪

[breathing heavily]
[flesh sizzling]
Lesley Gore's "Sunshine, Lollipops,
and Rainbows" playing ♪
‐ Sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows ♪
Everything that's wonderful
is what I feel ♪
When we're together ♪
Brighter than a lucky penny ♪
When you're near
the rain just disappears, dear ♪
And I feel so fine ♪
Just to know that you are mine ♪
My life is sunshine,
lollipops, and rainbows ♪
That's how this refrain goes ♪
So come on, join in, everybody! ♪
Sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows ♪
Everything that's wonderful
is sure to come your way ♪
When you're in love to stay ♪
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