Helstrom (2020) s01e10 Episode Script

Hell Storm

[bell tolling]
Melancholy music playing ♪
[wheel squeaks]

[seagulls squawking]
YOUNG DAIMON: Dad, let her go!
YOUNG ANA: Stop it!
Stop it!
YOUNG DAIMON: Get off her!
Get away from her! Let her go!
VICTORIA: Ana, get out of here. Run!
YOUNG DAIMON: Let go of her.
You're hurting her.
VICTORIA: I said, run.
[breathing heavily,
heartbeats thumping rapidly]

[inhales deeply]
[wind whooshing]
MAN: You'll always be my son.
Theme music playing ♪

DOCTOR: So bizarre.
All right. Let's get him down
to the morgue for autopsy.
GUARD: Of course, Doctor.
‐ And someone find Dr. Hastings.
GUARD: Will do.
RAUM: Let me take care of that for you.
‐ How about I throw myself
through the glass?
What happens to your precious Mother then?
VICTORIA: Get away from her!
[glass shatters]
‐ Take my car. Go.
‐ What about you?
‐ Gabby, we don't have time.
VICTORIA: He won't stay down long.
Get her out of here!
‐ Go!
We can't let them follow Gabby.
VICTORIA: I don't know
if he's unconscious
or if it's gone dormant.
We should tie him up.
‐ Where's the vessel?
‐ Her name is Gabriella.
‐ And you won't catch her.
HASTINGS: Henry, be careful.
CARETAKER: Sorry 'bout that, Finn.
You don't seem like yourself these days.
You don't deserve to hold that.
‐ Henry!
MAGOTH: Forget them.
‐ Louise.
VICTORIA: We need to stop the bleeding.
I'll go find something.
‐ Don't worry. I got you.
I'm here.
Oh, Louise. Louise!
[siren wailing,
indistinct police radio chatter]
‐ What happened?
‐ They came after Gabriella.
Louise and your mother helped her
get away, and then,
ANA: Oh!
Are you okay?
‐ Yeah.
How's your brother?
ANA: He's still a hostage in his own body.
EMT: level one trauma.
‐ Look, I'm gonna ride over with them.
I'll meet you at the hospital.
‐ Never seen him like that before.
‐ It's bad, Ana. Really bad.
‐ I need the other half of Dad's knife.
Does 'Taker have it?
‐ Yeah. Why?
‐ To get that thing out of Daimon.
Otherwise, all of this is for nothing.
Dramatic music playing ♪
[buzzer sounds]

DOCTOR: Excuse me.
Mrs. Helstrom.
The hospital's been trying to reach you.
VICTORIA: Where's Daimon?
Where's my son?
‐ Look, we're not sure
exactly what happened yet,
but when we found him,
he was unresponsive.
I'm sorry.
‐ What did you do with him?
‐ He's downstairs in the morgue.
‐ No.
‐ No.
Ominous music playing ♪
GABRIELLA: for thine is
the kingdom and the power
and the glory, forever.
[door opens]
[door closes]
Sister Gabriella?
I'm so glad you came.
I'm here to help
with whatever problem that
you might‐‐
‐ I need you to call someone for me.
Tense music playing ♪
[breathing heavily]

[groans softly]
ANA: Oh!
Oh, you're a lucky son of a bitch.
[crows cawing]

‐ Where is the child?
‐ We don't have her yet.
But don't worry, we'll find‐‐
‐ You should never have left me behind.
‐ Mother wanted you to get rid
of any threats before her birth.
‐ You were supposed to protect her.
[Raum struggling]
MAGOTH: The idiot I'm occupying
is a member of the Blood.
Which means he has information
and friends that he can reach out to.
We'll find her.

ESTHER: If I wasn't seeing it,
I wouldn't believe it.
Doesn't look like
you have much time, Sister.
TERRAZI: It's my fault for putting you
with that man.
GABRIELLA: We need to find him.
He'll know what to do.
‐ Daimon's not coming to save you.
He did this to you.
‐ That's not what happened.
‐ Don't make excuses for him.
He's his father's son.
And the sooner you accept that,
the sooner you can move on.
‐ The reason I asked for you is because
I need answers.
Is there a way to stop this evil
from coming into the world,
and can I survive it?
‐ Not a chance in hell.

ANA: He's still alive.
He beat him within an inch of his life.
Took his car, took his clothes.
‐ That wasn't Daimon. He wouldn't‐‐
It's that thing inside of him.
‐ If I could get 'Taker out of the ICU,
then he could help me track him down,
but he's messed up about Hastings.
He's not gonna leave
until she's out of surgery.
‐ She could die, Ana.
‐ You don't know Louise.
She's tougher than that.
‐ How did you know Daimon wasn't dead?
‐ He's special.
We both are.
That's how Dad used to phrase it anyways.
‐ When did he tell you that?
‐ That day, in the basement
before he tried to set me on fire.
Dramatic music playing ♪
He said it would hurt
but that I would be okay.
That I was stronger
than all the other kids.
like him.
He was going to show me.
But then you and Daimon
came down the stairs.
‐ The worst moment of my life.
‐ Worse than having a psychotic demon
trapped inside your head for 20 years?
‐ Not even close.
‐ Huh.
‐ How did you ever get away from him?
‐ I didn't.
He caught me,
then he buried me alive.
‐ He‐‐
He did what?
‐ He said he needed me
to understand real fear.
Real suffering.
He said that I could survive it.
And I did.
That's how I realized that
I was "special."


YEN: Hate to interrupt, but, um,
I have something caught in my throat.
It's an eyeball.
I have an eyeball stuck in my throat.
ESTHER: I have heard
some batshit things in my time,
but that's pretty batshit.
‐ If Daimon can exorcise people,
why not this baby?
ESTHER: Your boyfriend's gone.
We're better off here,
doing this the old fashioned way.
‐ What are you implying?
‐ When opportunity knocks,
I like to answer.
Not that many ways in and out of here,
all guarded by my people.
‐ You let them in here, it's suicide.
‐ These things are still wearing
human bodies.
Which means they still bleed.
TERRAZI: That cannot happen here.
‐ Let's say you do manage
to stop them then what?
‐ Then you have that baby.
It won't be aware
or powerful enough to stop us,
So we can keep it contained.
‐ A coma.
That's your plan.
Tense music playing ♪
ESTHER: As hard as we try,
we can't just kill evil, Sister.
It's always there.
In some form or another, in us.
‐ You can't just kill good either.
That's in us, too.
‐ You know what they can kill? You.
The second that demon's born.
‐ I never wanted this.
ESTHER: None of us did.
The question is
what're you gonna do about it?
Louise is still in surgery.
The internal bleeding is really bad.
It's liver and lungs‐‐
ANA: Sorry.
I know this timing really sucks,
but we need you.
‐ Oh yeah. I'm sorry, I forgot.
Let me see those marks.
YEN: It's like I'm back in the tunnels,
they're pulling at me.
Please tell me all I need
is some demon Neosporin
and I'm good to go.
‐ I'm afraid not.
You're a Keeper now, Yen.
‐ Uh no.
No. No. No.
No, I'm not looking for a new job.
I like my old one.
The tailored suits,
the Bordeauxs,
the duck confit‐‐
ANA: Chris‐‐
YEN: No!
You call the home office.
Tell them I quit.
Chris Yen is no one's "Keeper."
‐ This could be a good thing.
For your brother.
‐ Oh.

[indiscernible praying]

‐ Daimon?
‐ He's dead.
I'm all there is.
‐ I refuse to believe that.
‐ It doesn't matter what you believe.
Your fate's already been decided.
[door opens]
‐ I know you're still in there.
You have to fight this.
[door opens]
‐ Be careful of the child.
TERRAZI: Most glorious Prince
of the Heavenly Armies,
Saint Michael the Archangel,
defend us in our battle
against principalities and powers,
against the rulers
of this world of darkness.
MAGOTH: More prayers and trinkets
from the Oppressors' arsenal?
‐ Take the vessel.
I'll kill the rest.
‐ No! You can't.
Stop it, all of you!
Daimon, please.
Let us out.
I'll go with them.
‐ If I do, you're as good as dead.
‐ No one dies today.
Not here.
Not because of me.
You can have what you want
without killing anyone.
CARETAKER: They've got Gabriella.
[eerie whispers]
The Blood followed them, so at least
they know where she's being held.
ANA: I'm surprised there was anybody
still alive to call you.
‐ Well, their plan fell apart
when Daimon showed up.
Esther knew there was only one person
who could go toe‐to‐toe with him,
and it wasn't her.
[Ana gasps]
‐ So, great.
Who's driving?
The weapon,
it has to be re‐forged
and its energy reconnected.
Just like a circuit.
ANA: And we do that how? Duct tape?
[eerie whispers continue]
‐ It takes fire.
And blood.
But not just any kind of fire
and not just any blood.
You're the only one here who can do it.
It's a hands‐on kind of thing.
‐ And you know this how?
‐ Keeper's intuition.
‐ Okay, you've been a Keeper
for, like, two seconds.
‐ And I'm not happy about it!
But the whispers in my head
don't lie, Ana. You need fire.
Your fire.
‐ You know I don't do that,
that's Daimon's thing.
‐ Are you sure about that?
I bet you can do anything he can.
I know, you inherited these things
from your father. And they are awful.
But today, you can put them to good use.
‐ The pain holding that thing, it's a lot.
VICTORIA: I can help with that.
You hold onto the knife
and focus on fixing it,
and I'll hold onto you
and take the pain.
ANA: No.
I can't do it.
‐ Yes, you can.
‐ What I would feel,
what you'd feel,
it's torture.
‐ I felt it before.
And I am still here.
your brother needs us.
[crows cawing]
Tense music playing ♪

‐ I'm not doing this.
I'm not giving birth to this thing.
‐ You'd be wise to not insult Mother.
She tends to hold a grudge.
‐ Don't worry, we'll raise her
and find our siblings,
then Mother's war on the Oppressors
will begin again.
‐ Who are these "Oppressors?"
Did they violate her,
the way you violated me?
Come on, Daimon.
I know that must have hurt.
‐ I am not Daimon.
I am Mother's herald.
Her sword and shield.
To carry out her vengeance.
‐ Vengeance against who?
‐ Their blood lives on
in you and your kind.
Different names, different faces.
Always men, hunting their "demons."
But the day is coming
when the strongest of our kind will return
to end this war once and for all.
Many will die,
and we will have you to thank.
‐ Daimon won't let that happen.
He'll exorcise the demon
before this baby is ever born.
‐ No. He will fail you.
As all men do.

‐ Welcome back.
‐ Shit.
YEN: This is gonna hurt.
VICTORIA: Gee, thanks.
‐ The most important thing is
to not let go until it's fused.
‐ You're not sticking around?
‐ I'd rather be out there in case,
you know,
the entire room burns down.
Which could happen. So

‐ Ready?
[Ana grunting]

‐ Let's never do that again.
VICTORIA: Hey. Any word on Louise?
‐ Uh‐‐
And, uh, if you're here,
well, it means one of two things.
‐ My little girl's a tough one.
‐ Huh.
Well, it's clear where that came from.
‐ Where you going?
‐ I'm gonna see if I can help.
‐ Well, you can't.
It's up to Ana and Chris now.
‐ Yen?
Doesn't make me feel any better.
‐ Why? He‐‐ He's a "Keeper" now, right?
Whatever that means.
‐ Look, a Keeper is a type of a guardian‐‐
‐ It's okay. I'm good not knowing.
‐ That's exactly how I felt.
Didn't want to know till I had to.
‐ And when was that?
‐ Ah that's for another time, huh?
‐ Well I have nowhere to be.
‐ Well I spent a lot of years
on the road.
And instead of running
the family funeral home,
I wanted to chase my own dreams
and study abroad.
See the Parthenon and Pompeii
and the Great Wall.
‐ And did you?
‐ Until I came home one Christmas
and I found my little brother
was inhabited
by one of those things,
like you were.
It turns out
you were both marked by the same person.
‐ My husband.
What happened to your brother?
‐ I couldn't save him.
‐ So, uh, Dr. Hastings is out of surgery,
but she's not stable.
We had to revive her
on the operating table, twice.
The next 12 hours are gonna be critical.
‐ Okay. Thank you.
Dramatic music playing ♪
[Gabriella groaning, panting]
‐ We were robbed of something.
A moment that was ours.
You feel that. I know you do, Daimon.
‐ No one is coming to save you.
Not Daimon. Not your friends.
Not your God.
You're alone here.
‐ Until she's born.
And then what?
You carry on your stupid little war,
like the sad little minions you are?
You have no appreciation
for what life means.
What love means.
‐ When Mother arrives,
you'll truly experience what "life" means.
A life with no love. No hope.
Only anger.
And then, in that moment
of epiphany, you will die.
But at least it'll all be
for a good cause.
[screams in pain]
‐ Goddamnit, Daimon,
wake up!
‐ It's time.
Dramatic music playing ♪

‐ You look for Gabriella,
I'll take care of Daimon.
‐ Splitting up is never a good idea‐‐
‐ Nothing matters if we can't find her.
I've got the knife, I can handle him.
[gasping, panting]
‐ Daimon.
[monitor beeping steadily]

[bottle clinking, Ana gasps]

[wood creaking]
[eerie whispers]
[screaming, panting]

[wood creaking]

‐ Son of a bitch.

Ominous music playing ♪
What did you do to my brother, asshole?
BASAR: He tried to exorcise me,
but he failed.
‐ Then I guess it's up to me.
Okay, that's a little much.
[groaning, panting]

BASAR: Mother's coming, Ana,
to make our family whole again.
And you're a part of that family.
So you could join us,
or I could bury your father's knife
in your skull.
Your choice.
‐ You talk tough.
Well, why are you hiding?
Are you scared?
[evil laughter]
‐ Breathe through it.
[grunting, panting]
[monitors beeping rapidly]

‐ All right, asshole, stand still.
[monitors beeping rapidly]
NURSE: Can you step outside, please.
GABRIELLA: Our Father who art in heaven,
hallowed be thy name‐‐
[both grunting]
Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done‐‐
On Earth as it is in Heaven.
Give us this day our daily‐‐
And forgive us our trespasses‐‐
As we forgive those
who trespassed against us,
and lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us
from all evil.
For Thine is the kingdom
and the power and the glory,

No. No!
No, no, no, no.
No, no.
No, no.
[Ana grunting]
‐ Come on, Daimon!
Fight it!
[Ana panting]
[flesh sizzling, Ana screams]
‐ Ah!
DAIMON: Kill me.
‐ Daimon?
‐ Kill me.
‐ No.
BASAR: Keeper.
[eerie whispers]
Dramatic music playing ♪
‐ I can't hold him forever!

[flesh sizzling]
[Daimon screams]
‐ Daimon?
[knife clinks]
[Daimon sobbing]
Don't you goddamn die on me now.
Wake up.
‐ Give it to me.
The knife.
ANA: Chris, I need the knife.
Chris, I need it.
I need it. Give it to me.
[eerie whispers]
‐ We're too late.
[baby crying]
‐ It's a girl.

[baby fussing]
Solemn music playing ♪

‐ Born in blood?
‐ Born in blood.
Mother needs you now, Gabriella.
Don't worry.
When it's over, you'll be just like us,
embraced by the Shadowside.
‐ Ah!

‐ We already won.
‐ Not entirely.
[Magoth groans]
‐ Gabriella. Gabriella.
[Gabriella mumbling]
I'm back. I'm back.
You're gonna be okay, I promise.
I promise you're gonna be okay.
[Gabriella continues mumbling]
DAIMON: I'm here. I'm here.
‐ lead us not into temptation,
and deliver us from all evil.
For Thine is the kingdom.
[baby cries]
Forever and ever.
[monitor beeping steadily]
‐ How long was I out?
‐ A while.
How're you feeling?
‐ Hungry.
[Caretaker chuckles]
You wanna go get a taco?
‐ I'm impressed.
I didn't think you'd have any appetite
after all that surgery.
‐ What'd they do?
‐ Oh‐‐
They patched up your liver.
And they
took out one of your kidneys.
And they cut out part of your lung.
The bad one.
Solemn music playing ♪

‐ Wow.
If you're here, then
I take it everyone else is alive and well?
‐ They're alive.
The other part, not so much.
[baby crying]
‐ Anything weird?
‐ When is Daimon taking her home?
‐ Soon as he's sure this little sucker
is not gonna bring the world down.
‐ That's my job now.
‐ Says who?
‐ I can keep her from harming others,
and herself.
But I'm gonna need your help.
And your father's knife.
No, I'm not kidding.
[baby fussing]
‐ The good news is,
the baby's been checked out and‐‐
I mean, no signs of anything odd.
She's totally normal.
[indistinct announcement on PA system]
And if we‐‐ if we make sure that
she grows up right and she has a,
a nurturing environment, a home, then
maybe she has a chance.
‐ That thing needs to die.
Dramatic music playing ♪
‐ Before you go down that road,
you might want to hold her first.
‐ It's not a her.
It's not a baby. It's a monster.
And it's going to grow up
to kill countless people,
like it has time and time again.
‐ You've been through
a traumatic experience.
We both have. I know what it's like‐‐
‐ To give birth?
The truth is,
in that moment, I had an epiphany.
Everything I believed,
what I thought I knew,
it all changed in that instant.
I questioned my faith,
gave in to fear,
And for that, I'm being punished.
‐ You're not being punished.
‐ I deserve this, Daimon.
‐ No, you don't‐‐
‐ You were right:
I knocked.
And the door to Hell opened wide.
‐ Please don't do this to yourself.
‐ God gave me this cross to bear,
and I will bear it.
‐ You are not alone. I'm right here.
‐ But I can't trust you.
You or your kind.

‐ My "kind"?
‐ When I tried to reach you,
you weren't there.
Something else was.
Whether you realize it or not,
you convinced me
that what's happening in the world
around us is normal.
But it's not.
It's wrong.
So, either you're ignorant
or evil.
Either way, I regret the day
I ever walked into St. Teresa's.
Dramatic music playing ♪
[seagulls squawking]
[sighs heavily]
Melancholy music playing ♪

[crows cawing, vehicles passing]

‐ What're you doing here?
‐ Just felt like taking a stroll.
‐ I'm fine.
‐ You're not.
‐ No, I'm not.
Thank you for saving my ass.
‐ Thank you for never giving up on me.
‐ Well, I figured I owed you that.
‐ You owe me nothing.
We're family.
‐ I love you,
you know that?
‐ I do.
Nick Drake's Time Has Told Me playing ♪
‐ I love you, too big brother.

‐ Time has told me ♪
You're a rare, rare find ♪
A troubled cure ♪
For a troubled mind ♪
And time has told me ♪
‐ Hey. Come in.
‐ Someday our ocean ♪
Will find its shore ♪
So I'll leave the ways
that are making me be ♪
‐ I tried reaching out to Gabby, but
Why didn't you tell me that you were sick?
‐ Slipped my mind.
‐ For six months?
‐ It was my business. No one else's.
The fight takes its toll. And I
felt like I was done.
‐ Yeah.
I know that feeling.
‐ I guess we were both wrong.
‐ Okay, okay, five minute warning.
And please be kind to the chef,
she hasn't cooked a meal
in literally decades.
‐ I bet it's delicious.
[Hastings chuckles]
‐ He doesn't remember my cooking.
That man looks like he could use a beer.
‐ Yes. I'm on it.
‐ Is Yen coming?
‐ No. He was on the first flight
back to San Francisco.
He thinks he can win back Derrick.
Who, in my book, is overrated,
but oh well.
Love, I guess.
‐ Hey.
Thank you.
Uh, baby's fast asleep.
‐ Thank you. Thanks for checking on her.
‐ Oh. There's gonna be a lot of that.
‐ "The unexamined life
is not worth living."
‐ Well, I will see
your Socrates, Professor,
and raise you a Kierkegaard:
"The unhappiest man is one trapped
in past memory or future hope,
incapable of living in the present."
‐ Some day our ocean ♪
Will find its shore ♪
[indiscernible chatter]
VICTORIA: All right, dig in.
CARETAKER: Looks good.
‐ I would like to propose a little toast,
if that's okay.
I don't pretend to understand
the mysteries of the universe.
The "why" of everything.
But I do know this, from experience:
horrible things happen to good people.
Every day.
But what's important
isn't the suffering.
It's how we get through it
to the other side.
To my amazing children
and the incredible people who raised them.
[glasses clink]
ALL: Cheers.
CARETAKER: Hear, hear.
Ominous music playing ♪

[indiscernible conversations]

WOMAN: Yeah, I think so.
YEN: But we talked
about this already, honey.
You had an oatmeal crunch bar,
like, two minutes ago.
When we get to the island,
I'll buy you a big fat juicy cheeseburger
and some soft serve ice cream.
If you're good.
‐ Dipped in chocolate?
‐ Dark or milk?
‐ Dark.
[eerie whispers]
‐ What's wrong, Uncle Chris?
‐ I'm no‐‐ I'm not sure.

[people muttering]
‐ So, you're the new Keeper.
‐ Kthara, I need you to run.
As far away as you can.
‐ Kthara?
Is that what you told them your name was?
It's very sneaky.
Do you remember your real name?
Think hard, it'll come to you.
‐ Lily.
‐ And do you remember who I am?
You have to think very hard.
Because it's been a long, long time
since we last saw each other.
‐ Papa.
‐ Nothing makes my heart melt
more than hearing that word.
Sorry, Keeper, but I think
we'll be on our way now.
‐ I'm not letting her go.
‐ I'm not asking.
‐ I've been marked by your bloodline.
You can't touch me.
[woman groans]
[man groans]
[bin clatters]

‐ Now, what do you say
we go find your brother and sister?
'Cause there's so many things
we have to catch up on.

[muffled screaming]
Laura Marling's Devil's Spoke playing ♪
‐ I might be a part of this
ripple on water from a lonesome drip ♪
A fallen tree that witness me ♪
I'm alone, him and me ♪
And then life itself could not aspire
to have someone be so admired ♪
I threw creation to my king ♪
With the silence broken
by a whispered wind ♪
All of this can be broken
all of this can be broken ♪
Hold your devil by his spoke
and spin him to the ground ♪
And root to root and tip to tip
I look at him my country gyp ♪
Let it up I own his fears
but someone brought you close to tears ♪
Many trains and many miles ♪
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