Hero Mask (2018) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

May, it's morning! Wake up!
So pretty!
So, this is the last one.
We are still analyzing
last night's attack,
and no new evidence
or testimony have been collected.
In addition, the suspect's body was taken
by an unknown group.
They hit during transport.
we have yet to find the clues we need
to solve this chain of events.
The brain scan showed no abnormalities,
-but we should be safe.
Thank you.
You're okay. It's just a minor concussion.
You'll be discharged
after a couple of days of rest.
Sorry for putting you in danger.
Last night,
an automobile accident occurred
inside a tunnel downtown.
At least a dozen trucks and vehicles
were involved,
some catching fire.
According to a spokesperson, injured
victims were taken to the hospital,
but details regarding
the cause of the accident
-What is this?
-I wonder.
I don't really know either.
Are you alone?
No, I work here with my mommy and daddy.
-Daddy's driving right now.
-I see.
They must be proud.
The restaurant will be in trouble
if I don't keep it together!
You're so dependable.
Don't you ever want to play?
I always get to play with Mommy and Daddy.
Tomorrow is May's birthday.
I can't believe she'll be 4 years old.
It's all thanks to Theo.
Because of him
What's this?
Wow, that looks exactly like him!
Once again,
last night, an automobile accident
occurred inside a tunnel downtown.
At least a dozen trucks and vehicles
were involved.
The police are currently continuing their
looking into the cause of the accident
and other details.
The area around the tunnel
is currently closed down
without any estimation
as to when it will be reopened.
We can anticipate severe traffic
to continue for the area.
I'm glad you and Sarah made it out.
Sarah is resting at the hospital.
There was a meeting
between the department heads this morning
discussing our future proceedings
regarding this case.
The weight of the situation
coupled with the lack of leads
has made it so nobody wants to
take any initiative.
Well, that's bureaucracy for you.
Just because we don't know the truth,
they're just going to stay quiet and wait?
Be a little reasonable.
Grimm was actually alive,
but his body was taken?
Nobody's going to want to touch that.
That's not a good reason!
We're taking actions to avoid causing
needless confusion.
That's what Richard
and the top brass decided.
But at this rate
At this rate, the investigation will grind
to a halt?
That's certainly a possibility.
-But this case is--
-I'm aware.
takes action to seek out the truth.
Luckily, we have you.
You were there and saw everything.
Come on! This way!
"The body was buried in a public cemetery,
as it was left unclaimed."
I talked to Eddy about Grimm.
How was he?
Understandably surprised.
But he accepted it pretty quickly.
That man's adaptable.
So, I'm having him look into Grimm.
I know Eddy will find something.
What about the Mask?
Honestly, that's something
I haven't come to terms with yet.
Without having the actual object,
there's no way it can be explained.
The only ones who know the Mask exists
are you and me.
And also Sarah.
The sample?
Not here.
Only our dead men.
I see. They'll have to be recovered.
You continue--
Damn it, who the hell were those guys?
-That's so pretty.
The bodies are all our men.
There's no sign of the test subject having
undergone rapid aging.
Rapid aging?
God, this is creepy.
What are these?
Isolation cells?
Death in prison.
It's not just Grimm.
Mommy is busy!
Hello? Who's there?
It's me. There's a few things I found out
about Grimm.
Sorry, I'll forward them over now.
Okay, I'll head back to my desk.
We laid him down inside.
The prison holding Grimm
had already been shut down.
The other prisoners were transferred to
other facilities.
According to the record,
Grimm died shortly before that.
But there's one thing I found after
going to the prison myself.
In addition to Grimm,
there were several other prisoners
who died in prison.
Grimm was alive.
So, they could be, too.
If we're able to find them,
I think it'll help us learn something
about Grimm.
I'm connecting with you now.
I'd like to link this with the cameras
around the city.
Is that okay?
-You're going to run a search?
It might turn up nothing, but then again,
we might get a hit.
Is that a go?
Eddy, go ahead whenever you're ready.
Last night,
a multiple-vehicle collision occurred
inside a highway tunnel.
Mommy is busy.
--have been hospitalized.
I just want to see her. Even for a second.
According to a spokesperson,
injured victims
were taken to the hospital,
but details regarding the cause of
the accident are being investigated.
The area around the tunnel
is currently closed down.
We can anticipate severe traffic
to continue.
-Theo Lowe?
That's nearby.
I'm on my way, too!
I knew he'd come.
Target confirmed.
Secure immediately after impact.
Did he just
dodge a bullet?
Subtitle translation by Zensho Yamamoto
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