Hero Mask (2018) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

Mommy is busy!
That's right.
If you want to protect your family
you know what to do.
Where's Theo?
Theo is right in front of me!
But he's being targeted by someone!
-Damn it!
-Who are they?
Theo put on some weird Mask
and dodged a bullet!
Who are they?
Did you say Mask?
So, he did have one!
It's Grimm all over again!
-Eddy! Eddy!
-They know about Grimm's Mask.
We have to take Theo into the SSC!
Got it?
They're police?
Police, huh?
Stand ready.
You no longer
any choice.
Please move.
What happened?
Theo just started running!
I'm going after him now.
Eddy, don't lose him.
Send me his location.
I'm going after him.
Don't lose him?
Do you think it's that easy?
Not all of us
hit the gym every day!
Follow me.
There's something
I want you to do for me.
Goddamn it!
So, he took off the Mask.
Damn it.
Theo, what were you trying to?
Theo Lowe!
You got it wrong!
I'm not with them!
I'm not the one trying to kill you!
You're supposed to be dead.
How are you here?
Me? Dead?
That's right! And not just you.
I need you to listen to me.
Last night, a man named Grimm
attacked the police.
He attacked the police?
And that Grimm was supposed to have died.
But he was alive!
And now you, too.
It's unbelievable.
I'm with the police.
My ID is in my pocket.
I want you to look at the tablet, too.
When I was looking into Grimm
I found out about you and the others.
So, this is how you found me.
Why are you and Grimm alive?
That's not all.
There's a lot more I want to ask you!
We want to know the truth!
You want me to help you?
Someone was trying to kill you.
Will you let me take you in
as a material witness?
I'll protect you! You have to believe me!
But, in exchange
What is it?
There's one thing I want you to do for me.
No problem, what is it?
Hey, Theo! Theo!
There's no sign of dysfunction
or transplant rejection.
The transplanted heart
is working properly.
There's no worry of infection either.
Thank goodness.
You're a healthy little girl!
Mommy, Mommy.
I'm so relieved.
You have Theo?
He's just unconscious right now.
I'm already heading back to the station.
Let's meet there.
Don't worry,
I was able to get through to him.
We're okay.
I don't think he's going to do anything.
Be careful.
He's being targeted.
Don't forget that.
They're still coming after Theo.
Listen, Eddy.
Head to the station,
and only use the major roads.
That should make you a harder target.
Got it?
Theo's in your hands.
I'm heading back now, too.
We can talk more there.
-I don't regret any of it.
That was the only thing I could do
to save my daughter.
So, Theo, I'm
I know.
You're taking me to the SSC, right?
Are you feeling okay?
And what was it
you wanted us to do for you?
I'm home!
She said there's nothing to worry about.
Oh, that's great.
-I'm home!
-That's wonderful news, May!
You two will have many years to come.
I know
Theo is smiling down on us.
I want to see my family.
But they--
They were already close by.
I can't get near them
or protect them.
We'll protect your family.
I promise.
I promise you will get to see them again.
That's your condition, isn't it?
Yes. Please.
The research facility
was on the outskirts.
Both Grimm and I were there.
This is probably an experiment.
Is that?
What is it?
Good question.
I don't even know.
When I put this on,
everything around me seems like it stops.
So, the reason you were able
to dodge bullets
Is thanks to this.
I wasn't the only one with a Mask.
Grimm had one, too.
I knew it.
That explains his
There were others who escaped from there.
And they all had Masks.
They all must be targets, too.
You're all people who should be dead.
Most likely.
Who is targeting you?
I don't know the details.
But they weren't good people.
It definitely
has something to do with that.
could it be?
Subtitle translation by Zensho Yamamoto
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