Hero Mask (2018) s01e09 Episode Script

Episode 9

Now, then.
The lecture will be ending soon.
We will head over there
once the meet and greet is over.
Yes, I understand.
I will let her know as well.
Can I help you?
I'd like a meeting with
Ms. Anna Winehouse.
Do you have an appointment, sir?
No, but it's urgent.
Then please go through
the proper channels.
One of her friends was involved
in an incident.
Something that may put her in danger.
I'm James Blood with the SSC.
My apologies, I did not realize
you were a policeman.
I'm her personal assistant, Jasper.
What incident are you referring to?
It's rather sensitive.
I'd like to talk to her directly.
Understood. Please wait here.
That was a wonderful speech.
The pharmaceutical industry
has a bright future.
Thank you.
Now, regarding our joint venture
Would you like one?
Vitamin deficiency affects
our ability to think.
No, thank you. I won't be long.
I'm Anna Winehouse.
I'm James Blood with the SSC.
I heard from Jasper.
It doesn't seem you came
to hear my speech.
My apologies.
What can I do for you,
Detective James Blood?
I believe that you are familiar
with this man.
There isn't anyone in the scientific field
who wouldn't be.
Fred Faraday.
He is a man at the forefront
of biochemistry,
particularly in the field
of genetic engineering.
His vehicle was discovered
at the bottom of a river.
Does that mean he's dead?
A body has not been found yet.
Why did you come to me?
We found a number of photographs
of you two together at his residence.
It seems you are quite close to him.
What are you looking to learn from me,
I have no ulterior motive.
Do you know what he was researching last?
Are you saying that it is connected
to his whereabouts?
Files or documents on LIVE
There was none of that from Monica's room.
The only clues Monica left
were hidden.
Bad kitty!
Eat that at your bowl!
nobody's going to steal--
Was that it?
Is that why she hid them?
Someone was after material on LIVE.
If it were stolen
When we were young, we both worked
at the same laboratory.
But that's all.
I don't know much
about his recent endeavors.
This was from the council conference
held not too long ago.
Were you in contact with Mr. Faraday
at all afterwards?
Is he?
Is he?
Is he okay?
We are continuing our search
for Mr. Faraday.
That's not who I meant.
I meant Fred's younger brother.
Geffrey Connor.
He was also a researcher
for the LIVE Corporation.
Found him.
I thought I did a thorough check.
"Senior Researcher and Executive."
It's no surprise you didn't know.
There's only a few people who know
that Fred and Geffrey are brothers.
And you are one of those few people.
Connor was with us, too
at the same laboratory.
We were once part of the same team.
The only thing they had in common
was being talented scientists.
Other than that,
they were like oil and water.
Fred believed that science
should serve humanity.
That any research should be conducted
for the people.
But not Connor.
He believed science was absolute,
an entity that transcended mankind.
His research
always felt detached from humanity.
A desire to save.
I wanted to save someone
from suffering and sorrow.
It was a simple wish
that motivated my research.
We're veering off topic.
It's fine.
I have no idea
where this case may go next.
There is a chance
that you may find yourself in danger.
Please be on your guard.
On my guard?
Thank you for your warning.
Come in.
It's time.
Thank you for taking the time to see me.
I am happy to cooperate.
Would you mind
if I asked you one question?
Do you think it's possible
in the real world
for a person to suddenly undergo
rapid aging?
After undergoing the aging
what happens to them?
They die.
That's very interesting.
Thank you very much.
James, you're going to go?
Yeah, do you know where it is?
Connor's residence?
That's right.
I have a better chance of meeting him
there at this hour.
Just sent it over.
I'm sharing the information
we learned from Anna with Sarah.
I was just about to ask you to.
What do you want to see old footage for?
I dropped a scarf
that's really important to me.
It was a gift from my boyfriend.
That's Monica's room.
I knew it.
Whoa, there.
Please don't shoot me.
You came back.
Now it feels like I'm back.
How was your business trip?
Just a bunch of sour-looking executives.
No time to even ogle pretty girls.
To be honest,
I wanted to come back right away.
To Monica.
To Monica.
lost a great ally.
You had a pretty long history with Monica.
Since we were students.
Monica really took you under her wing.
She always had a strong sense of justice.
I've known her since our lawyering days.
-Oh, right.
You only worked with her as a prosecutor.
What's wrong?
Oh, nothing
About Monica--
-I'm sorry.
-It's okay.
Is it an emergency?
It's my mother. We were supposed to make
Christmas plans.
Isn't it early for that?
Weren't you saying something?
It wasn't important.
Well, I'm always here if you need to talk.
I want to thank you for your concern.
It's the least I can do for being a boss
who's never around.
That's certainly true.
What would you like next?
Let's see.
I'll have an advocaat.
What about you?
A gin and tonic.
I suppose you being here
means I have no time to waste.
That leaves one last thing.
It's Steven, isn't it?
Go ahead and answer.
Give him my regards.
You make a distinction between people
who can be sacrificed,
and those who cannot.
And I appreciate that quality about you.
I have a favor to ask.
I'd like you to help someone
I'm not willing to sacrifice.
What's this?
Steven's orders, I would guess.
You won't need to worry about Fred.
What do you mean?
Subtitle translation by Zensho Yamamoto
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