Hero Mask (2018) s01e08 Episode Script

Episode 8

It goes without saying
you cannot create magic with morality.
Oh, well.
Soon enough
your dream will become reality.
Because of me.
You're welcome, professor.
This is
Sorry, we were out of tea.
We only had instant coffee.
Monica would often say
how similar you were to her.
When your emotions take control
you lose sight of what you should do.
That's something Monica would always
I know full well that my emotions
are getting the better of me.
I know they are.
But I just can't believe Monica died
of a heart attack.
We finally found a lead
with the LIVE Corporation.
how could I sit here and do nothing?
I can't!
It may connect to Monica.
What is this?
Our people have been looking into them
for a long time.
The LIVE Corporation.
They've been the target
of many investigations,
but nobody has been able
to build a case against them.
The closer we get to the truth,
the more clever they get.
Monica discovered that LIVE
was connected to some allegation
and reached out to Fred.
Or maybe the other way around.
In other words, LIVE killed Monica?
How could they know what Monica was up to?
What are you saying?
She was being watched?
If someone was monitoring Monica
from close by,
and relayed it to LIVE
Who could it be?
Finding darkness in broad daylight
it's tricky.
Whatever I have to do
I'll do it.
We are a team.
Don't forget that.
Yes, sir.
Whatever is hiding in the darkness
I'll drag out into the open.
Just remember,
be careful.
Good night.
Don't worry,
I can do this.
Now, then.
I have a feeling
this is going to be
a long and dark battle.
And we here at the LIVE Corporation
will work to make your lives better.
To assist you in your lives.
That is our mission.
Get out of the way!
Did you miss me?
Okay, okay.
To offer the people the technology
we develop at the LIVE Corporation
that will help them in their daily lives,
that is what our company is meant to be.
Could you explain how your military
projects and humanitarian efforts coexist?
Because they are both founded
on technology.
Does that mean you are focusing on
technology to--?
Could you comment on the allegations
against you?
Anna Winehouse.
Steven Martland. You're looking well.
I heard that Ecohes is close to finishing
a new drug.
We have so many.
To the success of Ecohes' new,
highly-anticipated drug,
and LIVE's welfare work.
Oh, my, this drink.
It smells of blood.
And of gunpowder.
For you it seems that
anyone who is not good
must be evil.
At times,
people will turn to guns
rather than drugs.
It was an honor to see you.
The honor was mine.
Turn your contacts on,
or I can't give you support.
Yeah, I know.
You're sure this is the place?
Yes, Fred Faraday used to live here.
A card reader.
Okay, hold on, I'll try--
The kitchen doesn't look like
it's been used.
This date
November 5th.
What is it?
The drain?
So, the noise is coming from the basement?
Be careful.
You scared me.
I guess your owner hasn't been home
in a while, huh?
I'm on it.
She looks familiar.
Got it. Sending it over.
"Anna Winehouse"?
This woman is the president of Ecohes.
Ecohes, the pharmaceutical company?
They've had a string
of new drug announcements lately.
Fred and Anna.
-Never mind.
"Future and responsibility
of pharmaceuticals"?
it seems she's giving a lecture tonight.
I see.
While I had anticipated this,
I didn't think it would be you.
The grim reaper of LIVE Corporation,
Harry Creighton.
I saw you at the hospital once
by coincidence.
You put all of your considerable payments
towards a certain woman.
She's very beautiful.
If you wish to save her,
then you should choose a different way.
Something much more effective
and much more absolute.
Do you still not understand?
I'm talking about the Masks.
The Masks?
I hope you don't think
the Masks I created are just weapons.
Take a look.
In order to conquer diseases,
we cut people open to perform surgery.
What enabled this bold new idea
was anesthetics.
In other words,
medication must be something
that rapidly expands the possibility
of medical science.
What is demanded
is challenge and inspiration
that far exceeds the imagination.
And we researchers must have
wisdom and courage.
Anna Winehouse.
Subtitle translation by Zensho Yamamoto
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