Hero Mask (2018) s01e07 Episode Script

Episode 7

Your hair's a mess.
You push yourself too hard.
Remember what I said?
If your emotions take control
you'll lose sight of what you should do.
Whenever you're lost
just try stepping back.
Monica! Monica!
Now for our next story.
The Justice Department announced
that they would be
deferring prosecution of LIVE Corporation
for the bribery case.
It appears the Justice Department
has partially accepted
the defense team's claims
that key evidence was inadmissible.
Chairman Martland,
who has been denying any wrongdoing
This is James.
It's me.
I looked over all the camera footage
you asked me to.
What did you find?
I don't know if it's connected,
but I did find a suspicious vehicle
near the area.
I'll be right there!
I found it again.
Put it up.
Can you link them?
Copy that.
Are they chasing something?
Or trying to get away?
How long will it take to identify the--?
Where's Eddy?
-Don't know.
-Don't know.
What are you doing here?
Perfect timing.
Look at this.
We'll be able to detect
a more accurate location.
Its signal is harder to jam as well.
it won't matter who we face.
It should've been you.
If you were there
things would've been different.
You would've saved Theo.
Theo just wanted to go home.
And I promised him.
I couldn't
keep my promise.
This case
We have to solve it.
It's fine.
Could you pour a cup of mint tea
for my friend as well?
Despite all the noise outside
it's quiet in here.
It's a good spot.
It has the best falafels.
We conducted tests on the product
in the desert.
The client was very pleased.
just as you said,
we've been approached by the military.
As one would expect of Steven Martland.
You know how to play the game.
The Masks are just tools
used to continue this game.
It's very like you.
I can respect it.
The SSC have gotten involved.
I'm temporarily suspending
its development.
The SSC?
That's right.
Sorry, excuse me.
It's too sweet.
You'll learn to appreciate it.
Give it time.
Mommy, hurry up!
Hurry up!
Your hat!
Look at this!
It's super pretty, isn't it?
I hope we can find a cute bottle.
-We can't find her!
-Try the roof.
Are you an acquaintance of Sarah Sinclair?
She's been missing since this morning.
-The number you dialed cannot be--
-Damn it!
Sorry, it's me.
I found the vehicle
from the security footage.
That's good.
Where is it?
I sent you the details.
Lisa's heading there now.
You're right.
We did distribute this photograph.
It was a small symposium.
Something about applied technology.
Let's see
Maybe around here?
I think it's organized by year.
Thank you.
Seems like you folks in prosecution
are getting buried in work recently.
Yes, I suppose.
I tried looking into this particular case,
but turned up nothing.
Is there anything you know?
Thank you.
I can manage on my own from here.
Take your time.
Just great!
I don't want it left unsolved.
I figure you'd be able to understand
this feeling.
My feelings don't matter.
It's the LIVE Corporation.
Fred was with LIVE.
Are you okay?
You had me worried sick.
It's a symposium for applied technology
held a few years ago.
It was mostly attended
by genetic and cellular researchers.
This man here
is Fred Faraday.
Genetic engineering, neuroscience.
He's a scientist who studies the unknown
mysteries of the human condition.
Fred is the man Monica met with
right before her death.
And this man
Wait, isn't this guy
What was it?
LIVE Corporation.
Fred worked for them.
It's from Lisa about the vehicle.
Yeah. She didn't find anything.
-We found a suspicious vehicle
from that night not far from the incident.
We haven't ID'd an owner yet.
That's Fred's.
It's the car Monica was in.
I'm positive!
He's the key to this case!
Where is it? Do you know?
They fished it out of the river today.
What do you mean?
Are you saying Fred is?
Not much has been brought to the surface,
but LIVE is an unethical company.
If Fred was meeting with Monica,
a prosecutor
then it's likely
he was a whistleblower.
Then maybe the pictures of the Mask
were from him.
-What are you doing?
-What do you mean?
I'm going to pay LIVE a visit right now,
-You can't.
-Why not?
This is as far as you go.
I want you
to leave the rest to us, to the SSC.
You can't do this to me!
-Monica's case is my case!
You can't take me off now!
I'm used to most dangers.
But this is different.
I can't let this case
get anyone else killed.
you're saying I'm in the way.
That's right.
Do you have a second?
Evidently, the face was already carved off
by the time it was found.
Apparently, people project their lives
onto this statue by the unknown artist.
And what do you see
when you look at this statue?
I think the artist
carved the face off himself.
He wanted to transform into someone else.
He created this statue
as a rite of passage
in order to change and do something.
he carved the face off.
Mystery stimulates the imagination.
What do you see
in this statue?
I'm temporarily suspending
all Mask development.
Connor won't be happy.
I want him brought in
before he does something foolish.
That shouldn't be a problem.
You know
I love my job.
I want to do it as long as possible.
Just as I thought.
He's still alive.
Subtitle translation by Zensho Yamamoto
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