Hero Mask (2018) s01e11 Episode Script

Episode 11

Come on out!
Damn it.
I have someplace in mind
I was hoping to take this to.
What kind of place?
You'll find out.
Now, let's go.
Who are they?
What is it?
I'm sharing the feed now.
What is happening?
James is currently exchanging fire
with unknown assailants at Connor's.
Hey, Mr. Fred!
Just to remind you,
eliminate the evidence within
the time limit and secure Fred.
Calm down.
Come out, come out wherever you are!
Guess I was wrong.
Ever heard of diversion?
Don't move!
Come on. Are you kidding me?
Damn it.
We need a change of plan.
Damn you!
Up here. Let's go.
I'll remember your face.
Let's go, then.
About Fred
No, never mind.
Oh, this, too.
All of these?
You did ask for everything.
Now, why would a prosecutor
be interested in LIVE?
My journalistic instincts are tingling.
I very much appreciate your help.
I am doing this favor
only out of certain expectations.
Very well.
When I'm able to share what I know,
you will be the first I tell.
I promise.
Now it's getting interesting.
What do you want to know about LIVE?
Everything there is to know.
We don't know what else could happen.
Make sure you don't let anyone through.
Uracil, what are?
James, I sent over the results.
Yeah. But no info on them
since their discharge.
Soldiers with a shady past
became mercenaries?
Either way
it's too late.
Now about the other assailants
Absolutely nothing?
Yeah, sorry.
They were clearly in a different league
from those ex-soldiers.
The LIVE Corporation.
A fast-growing conglomerate
centering on security business.
they're known as the top security company
in the nation.
How a small security company
was able to grow to this size
in a few decades
Steven Martland.
Most of it can be credited
to their current chairman.
He was with the first company
the old LIVE merged with.
It all began with him.
-It looks like you're okay.
They just attacked out of nowhere
after I called you.
The culprits seemed completely different
from the group who were lying in ambush.
What's the analysis?
The group I detained
had their faces mutilated,
but we managed.
I'm thinking they were private soldiers
for LIVE.
And the others?
Mr. Fred Faraday.
The SSC have been looking for you.
Founded as a security company,
LIVE received security contracts
from modestly-sized private companies,
and while small,
had an extremely stable business
that was very steady.
Until this point.
They merged with the telecom company,
LIVE wanted to incorporate
cyber security expertise
in order to meet their clients' demands
and evolving needs.
And Commons
wanted a stable budget in order to further
technological developments.
They both had what the other needed.
And then?
They continued to absorb smaller companies
and began to grow.
Here's the list of their acquisitions.
Is that when they started
military contracting?
Yes, this is the point
when they slowly began to turn into
a private military company.
They also expanded their political
influence to coincide with their growth.
There's no question that Martland was
involved in this new change in direction.
Which means?
As I said before,
Martland was originally
with this company.
Of the key people from that time,
he's the only one left
at LIVE.
the SSC?
Wait, so is Monica working with you?
Monica was killed.
It's my fault.
Their first merger
in other words the old LIVE Corporation's
mergers with Commons,
was apparently very civil.
Looking at the contracts, Martland,
the representative for Commons,
wanted a stable business.
Then why?
Martland basically took over LIVE
as if he was
a completely different person.
What happened to make him change?
There is always a reason.
I want to know what it was.
It's like a Bian Lian.
It's a traditional dance from China.
The performer changes their mask
instantaneously in front of the audience.
In a single moment
the virtuous transforms into a demon.
I tried to
bring charges against
the LIVE Corporation.
Is it related to this?
A colleague of Monica's found these
photographs in her room.
I met Monica
at a function hosted by Ecohes.
We talked only briefly,
but I instantly knew
that she was talented
and had a strong sense of justice.
I trusted her immediately
and reached out.
I never intended to put her in danger.
Mr. Faraday,
could you tell us what this is?
Everyone who used these Masks
had abilities
you could only describe as super human.
You saw them?
These were
originally made to save people.
And then they
The Masks are unfinished.
And they probably won't ever be.
In the end,
we never found a way to control its power
or eliminate the side effects.
Do you understand?
It needed to be shut down.
But LIVE, or rather my brother,
is still consumed by it.
Science should never lose sight
of morality.
We will now take you in
as a material witness.
We'd like you to submit all documents
and everything you know.
Not just on LIVE,
but your brother as well.
Do you understand?
What would you have done, professor?
It's reassuring you're here.
That kind of thing just isn't my forte.
So beautiful.
The magic the professor birthed
and I nurtured.
Time to proofread.
I'll be at my desk if you need me.
Thank you.
Subtitle translation by Zensho Yamamoto
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