Hero Mask (2018) s01e12 Episode Script

Episode 12

At this hour?
I can't say I admire workaholics.
I left something in my office.
I didn't notice until I got home.
Home, huh?
And so you came back?
You got me.
You shouldn't overdo it.
You're not young anymore.
You and me both.
I'll buy you a coffee later.
but Sarah already got me one.
She came to check out
the security footage.
She wanted to look for a scarf she lost.
She was upset because it was a gift
from her boyfriend.
Sounds like a lucky guy.
Who is this?
Robert Walter. Lawyer.
Have you heard of him?
You know him?
I've never met him, but he's the lawyer
who negotiated the Morrison settlement.
What about him?
Oh, I just found it in the box,
and it seemed unrelated
to the LIVE Corporation.
This is a company
that Steven acquired privately.
But after this incident,
he scaled back
and eventually shut it down.
Although, a part of its operation
was taken over
by LIVE's transportation division.
So, it was a LIVE subsidiary.
More accurately, I'd say Steven
was the one pulling the strings.
And this man was a lawyer there.
I guess I could tackle these.
I had some work piled up.
Do you want to join me on my break?
Fred met Monica through Anna.
He reached out to Monica
to help him indict LIVE.
How does LIVE connect to Monica?
What could it be?
They're all too distant from Monica.
How did LIVE
track Monica's movements?
When are you going to loosen up?
Not while I'm working.
I'll get canned.
That's the footage Sarah was watching.
I got curious
since she said she didn't find it.
But I didn't see her scarf either.
Maybe I'll go take a look around, too.
You have an idea?
Monica's office.
Sarah cleaned it out, didn't she?
I bet she dropped it then.
You're not the boss for nothing.
The two of them were close.
Finding darkness
in broad daylight.
In front of
Are you finished?
Yes, thank you.
I'm happy I could help.
Find anything good?
This is where my real work begins.
The number you have dialed
cannot be reached.
The number you have dialed
cannot be reached.
Come on!
-We never found
-The Masks
-a way to control its power
-are unfinished?
or eliminate the side effects.
So many have had to suffer.
It needed to be shut down.
Eddy, we'll be transporting
a material witness there.
-My brother is still consumed by it.
-Okay, be careful.
Science should never lose sight
of morality.
James is with Fred right now.
-You found him?
We're bringing him in
as a material witness.
We're almost at the end.
We are going to solve this case.
We will.
Did you find anything, Sarah?
Isn't that why you called?
Yes, I just came from
the newspaper company
where I realized something.
Damn it.
-You mean?
-Yes, I'm afraid so.
Sarah, if what you're saying is true,
then you have to be careful!
I know!
I know, but
What's going on?
I'm sorry, I know it's late.
There's something I wanted to ask.
Would you walk with me?
You could've called me
if it was an emergency.
I thought it would be best
to talk to you directly.
Then how about that pub we walked past?
What is it?
I really admired Monica.
I always wanted to become a prosecutor
like she was.
"When your emotions take control,
you lose sight of what you should do."
She'd always warn me with those words.
I wouldn't be who I am now without her.
I was there when it happened,
and now I am sure of it.
Monica didn't die.
She was killed.
Sarah, what are you saying?
She was killed.
I know how much you idolized her,
and how hard it must be to accept,
but this is going too far.
She was killed.
By LIVE Corporation.
What are you saying?
LIVE? That military company?
Why would they kill Monica?
That is ridiculous.
A few months ago,
Monica met a certain researcher
at a function.
After some time,
he reached out to her for help.
It was to indict LIVE.
And so, Monica began looking into LIVE.
Someone as good as Monica was careful
about staying under the radar.
But sadly, that wasn't the case this time.
There was someone near her
connected to LIVE.
Damn it.
That person was
Robert, I believe that was you.
So, are you saying that I joined LIVE
and killed Monica?
Back when you were a lawyer,
you brought a case to settlement.
You're talking about the shipping
accident for one of LIVE's subsidiaries.
You're accusing of being connected to LIVE
just from that?
That doesn't prove anything!
You're right, it doesn't.
But that was enough of a reason
to search for proof.
Right now,
someone from the SSC
is investigating your home.
I am betting someone like you
has kept evidence of LIVE's crimes
as insurance.
Found it.
You've got it wrong.
This has to be some mistake.
You have to believe me.
Do I look like someone who could do that,
Sarah, your boss
He's guilty.
No, it was all just a mistake.
I knew it.
Subtitle translation by Zensho Yamamoto
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