Hero Mask (2018) s01e13 Episode Script

Episode 13

I can't get any closer.
How may I--?
That was quick.
Yeah, we're all set here.
Get the target
when they escort him out.
The diversion will only last a moment.
Our new orders are to kill on sight.
Do it quickly.
You caused quite a scene.
There were two attacks.
The first attack we initiated.
The second was when my man was attacked
by a completely different group.
And the attackers?
To make matters worse,
they killed the men we captured.
Is the material witness safe?
James took him in.
I see, it was him
How do you feel?
I'm fine.
contains the same information
I handed Monica.
Is this
all true?
LIVE did all of this?
His younger brother
Connor is leading this research.
They're insane.
and Steven, too.
Such madness
if there wasn't a witness,
nobody would believe this.
Send them through.
The transport is ready.
Why did Steven do this?
It's a little chilly.
It's almost time.
Stay low and use us as shields.
They're coming.
Move it! Get more men around Fred!
We failed.
Mr. Faraday, hang in there!
Damn it!
Damn it!
Once I apply this data
It pales in comparison
to a LIVE research facility.
But everything is stored inside my head.
It won't be an issue.
What happened?
I doubt this was LIVE
but a completely different player
entering the ring.
My brother
If worse comes to worse
I suppose
it's the only way to save him.
are they taking my brother?
Hey, hang in there!
We're almost there.
Keep your eyes peeled!
His levels are dropping!
Damn it!
-What about his vitals?
-Not good.
Don't give up!
Come on, Fred! Fred!
I know already.
Copy that.
We'll rendezvous there.
I'll kill him.
Is that all you need?
This will suffice.
I'm counting on you.
He's got a severed carotid artery.
Consciousness level at 100.
-His vitals are dangerously low.
-Get out of the way!
Damn it!
We won't be safe here for long.
I know.
Let's try again.
Looking at the way they attacked him
they'll be making sure
the job is finished.
They'll likely attack there eventually.
Twenty-one years.
No, it's been 21 years
since I've been after Steven.
He is always slipping through my fingers.
Perhaps trying to catch him
was a mistake.
that's to be expected.
We don't have much time.
Okay, let's be quick about it then.
Yes, please send reinforcements. Yes.
Please submit your bags for inspection.
They're here.
Please continue the operation,
we have things under control.
Wait, don't move!
Attention all personnel
armed criminals have entered the hospital.
All staff members, please prioritize
the safety of patients and visitors.
What is happening?
We need to get our patients.
If you see anyone suspicious
please seek out an officer for help.
Should the situation become violent
we will shoot to kill.
Sorry, you can blame them.
Don't move!
I don't got time for this.
Please stay here!
Hey, do something. It's not working.
They probably locked the system.
Fucking useless. Goddamn it.
Let's go.
Damn it.
Saved me the trouble of finding him.
Come to daddy.
Get down!
That's how they get you.
Let's be smart here.
Even if he's not dead, the explosion
should've hurt him pretty bad.
I'll make his death slow.
I'm going to kill you.
You can try.
Damn it.
Ever heard of diversion?
Sorry, but it's time for you to die.
Who the hell are you guys?
That's a difficult question.
We're just your everyday
Damn it.
Damn it.
Fucking brat.
Stop getting in our way.
It's over.
Did they screw up? It doesn't matter.
I'm sorry, doctor.
We'll need to check your ID's.
That's our ID.
Take him and get him to tell you
where Connor is.
That's no way to treat someone
who came to help.
Subtitle translation by Zensho Yamamoto
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