Hero Mask (2018) s01e15 Episode Script

Episode 15

I'll let you guys go unharmed
as long as you cooperate.
What's this?
You have a minute left! Hurry!
What's the matter?
Bank robbery in progress at F District
Capital Bank. Requesting backup.
It was me.
Big mistake.
Forget her! Let's go!
Come on.
Damn it.
Damn it. Hurry up already.
Damn it.
The ambulance is coming.
Olivia! Are you okay?
Yes, I'm okay.
Thank God.
I thought I'd never see you again.
I'm on my way now. I'll be there soon.
I love you.
I know.
What is it?
Come on, what?
I'll be there soon.
happy anniversary--
Who are you?
Tell me who gave you the orders.
Are you a cop?
I didn't know anything!
Everything was done over the phone.
And I met the crew that day
for the first time.
I wouldn't have taken the job if I knew
they were going to kill me!
I didn't know they had set bombs!
I was almost killed!
They'll come and kill me
once they find out that I'm alive.
Look, I'm a witness.
Isn't it part of your job
to protect witnesses, too?
So, put the gun down and protect me.
If you think about it, I'm a victim, too,
you know?
Stop! Don't!
That's enough!
It's about the body they found
in the river the other day.
There are a few things
I found interesting.
First, it's highly likely
that he was murdered.
And second, he was an owner
of a safety-deposit box.
It belonged to the bank that was attacked.
He had been keeping something
in that bank.
The murder victim was an accountant
for LIVE Corporation.
It's a corporation that grew explosively
by continually announcing
mergers and acquisitions.
According to testimony, the sole target
for this robbery was a single notebook.
It's possible that this accountant
happened to have discovered some secret
and had been writing in the notebook.
New allegations emerge against
LIVE Corporation chairman,
Steven Martland, who is already
under suspicion for bribery.
LIVE Corporation appears to have been
a part of an illegal arms ring.
Martland denies all charges.
The weapons were traded
to both sides in areas of conflict.
Experts say this caused tensions
to escalate, prolonging the conflict.
After being taken into custody,
Martland cooperated
with police questioning
and is scheduled to be released on bail.
This was a big blow
to LIVE Corporation's efforts
in expanding
their humanitarian aid programs.
It's not looking good.
The blood you've spilled
must be paid with your own blood.
In the past
there was a bank bombing in this city
that took many lives.
What about it?
My wife was one of the victims.
Well, you have my condolences.
But we're all subject
to the unpredictability of life.
Who knew I'd end up becoming a suspect.
Are you saying
you weren't anticipating this?
The Mask has certainly
thrown a wrench in my plans,
but it's the uncertainty like this
that I enjoy.
Nothing shall disturb my game, whatsoever.
It is I who continues to control the game.
Even if you change faces?
In this world, there are excellent
detectives and capable detectives.
You seem to be the former.
However, excellent detectives
tend to live shorter lives.
Good day.
Could we get a statement
regarding this arrest?
Please, sir!
I strongly object to the police conducting
a one-sided investigation
and pushing biased evidence.
Then you wish to deny these charges
once again?
The charges are baseless.
I am confident that further investigation
will completely exonerate me.
What do you mean?
-What will happen with LIVE?
-Please answer!
Martland seems to be heading
to the hospital.
Pull over.
I'd like to stretch my legs.
Will you excuse me.
Eddy is searching, too,
but it's proving difficult.
Look into companies connected to LIVE,
his home, the hospital
I mean everything.
Mr. Steven Martland
thanks for all the good memories.
Now, let the new game begin.
Mr. Martland disappeared
shortly after being released on bail.
He has not yet been found
after a day of search.
Taking this into account,
it is likely that prosecutors
will revisit past investigations
against LIVE Corporation.
That's so cute.
-Go back! I want to see it again.
-This right here.
It's so cute!
Hey, have you seen this?
-Let me see it again.
Make it bigger.
It's so cute!
Subtitle translation by Zensho Yamamoto
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