Hey Arnold! (1996) s04e01 Episode Script

Full Moon/Student Teacher

MAN: Here we go.
HELGA: Arnold.
Hey, Arnold!
Hey, Arnold!
Move it, football head.
ALL: Hey, Arnold!
This is gonna be great.
STINKY: He's sure
gonna be surprised.
Hey, guys,
what are you doing?
We're all gonna moon
Principal Wartz.
It was Harold's
brilliant idea.
You wanna do with us?
I don't think so.
Oh, come on. It's fun.
It's all the rage.
All the junior high kids
are doing it.
It sounds great, you guys,
but I think I'll pass.
Oh, you're just a chicken.
I'm not chicken, Harold.
I just don't think
it's a good idea.
That's because
you're a weenie.
You don't have the guts,
that's all.
Yeah, you just don't
have the guts.
No guts at all.
It's not that, I just
HAROLD: Shh, shh.
Here he comes.
Get ready, on three. One
Are you really going to
go through with this?
Shh. Two
What the What is this?
(GASPS) Oh, my!
Come back here,
you little hooligans!
You won't get away with this.
You there! Where do you think
you're going, young man?
ARNOLD: But Principal Wartz,
I told you,
I didn't do anything!
Well, that may be, but you saw
the hooligans who did do it.
Now we're getting somewhere.
Just give me their names.
Last name first.
I can't do that.
This isn't a joke, young man.
Do you think exposing
portions of your anatomy
to your school principal
is funny?
Well, I guess it depends.
Depends on what?
The situation.
Mooning is not funny.
It's not a game.
You may think it's a harmless
schoolyard prank,
but let me assure you,
it is not.
Someone could put an eye out.
Because of mooning?
I'll ask the questions here.
Now, for the last time,
you tell me the names
of the boys
who exposed themselves.
I can't do that,
Principal Wartz.
Of course, you can.
It's easy.
If I told you, then I'd be
ratting on the other guys,
and I can't do that.
I'm assigning you detention.
Detention? But why?
Failure to cooperate.
I want to see you
every day after school
in my office
for the next four weeks.
Four weeks? But I
That's all.
Now what's the name
of our art teacher?
Mrs. Flunt, yes.
Ask her to come in here
please, would you?
And tell her
to bring her sketchpad.
Hey, Arnold, you didn't
tell on us, did you?
No, I didn't tell.
What did Wartz do to you?
He gave me
four weeks detention.
Four weeks?
But you didn't
even do anything.
I know, Stinky.
You better not
rat on us, Arnold.
'Cause you know
what will happen if you do.
(SIGHS) I won't tell.
You think maybe
it ain't fair
for Arnold to take the blame
for what we did?
You mean like,
maybe we should tell Wartz
that we're the ones
who mooned him
and get Arnold off the hook?
No, no, no!
Arnold got caught.
That's his fault, not ours.
We got away with what we did
and that's all that counts.
Nobody is going
into Wartz's office
and telling him what we did.
Nobody! You got it?
I guess there's no sense
in all three of us
getting detention.
Hmm. I guess
you're right, Harold.
You figure he'll crack
and spill the beans?
GERALD: Four weeks?
Well, that's hard time, bubba.
He said he'd let me
off the hook
if I tell him who mooned him.
So, are you gonna do it?
Why not? After all,
you didn't do anything.
If Harold and Sid and Stinky
wanna tell Wartz
what they did,
that's their decision.
But I'm not gonna tell him.
I'm not a rat.
Man, that's solid.
I mean, it's stupid,
but it's solid.
See you, Gerald.
WARTZ: (OVER PA) Students,
yesterday at approximately
3:38 p.m.,
a heinous crime was committed
here in the halls of P.S. 118.
Three of our pupils
engaged in the flagrant
violation of district rules,
namely the dropping
of their trousers
and exposing of
their fleshy unmentionables
to a respected and beloved
school official.
Some of you may know
this despicable practice
as mooning.
Well, let me assure you,
the culprits
will be uncovered.
I will get to the bottom
of this. That is all.
What if he finds out
we did it?
He won't find out
if nobody tells him.
No, no, the third mooner had
a rounder, fuller posterior
with a mole
on his right cheek.
Very nice. Very nice.
That's much better,
Mrs. Flunt.
Now, Albert
It's Arnold.
Right, right. Look, Arnold,
I know you're not a
a bad kid.
You keep saying
you didn't actually
display your end region to me,
but those other
three boys did.
Can we agree on that?
Good, good.
Now that we're on
the same side of the fence
on that point,
let me pose
this question to you.
What's the harm
in just letting me know
the names of the boys?
Well, it's just that
You can just let them slip out
or whisper them to me,
or we can play a guessing game
until I got the answers.
No, I can't tell you.
I'm not a rat.
Young man, I must warn you
that unless you play ball
and tell me the names
of the hooligans
who exposed themselves to me,
I will be forced
to take note of your lack
of cooperation
and write it down
for all eyes and ears to see
on your permanent record.
I reckon this will go on
his permanent record.
I don't know
if I can take the pressure.
What if you bet he cracks
and rats us all out?
Don't worry,
Arnold's not a snitch.
He won't rat.
I don't know, Harold.
I'm telling you, he won't rat.
Did you rat?
No, Harold,
I didn't rat.
Well, you better not,
'cause if you do,
you know what will happen!
You'll pound me.
That's right. I'll pound you.
Yeah. Right.
I will, Arnold!
You can believe me!
I You know what,
I'll pound you so good
that you'll be sorry!
So, you want to go
to the arcade?
I can't.
I still have detention.
Oh, yeah. I forgot.
Four weeks?
Man, you really took the fall
for those guys, didn't you?
WARTZ: Don't think of it
as being a snitch.
Just think of it
as being a good citizen.
Chocolate cream?
You know, Albert
You know, Arnold,
it's not easy
to do the right thing.
He's gonna rat.
He's gonna rat.
When I was a boy,
I found myself
in a situation very similar
to the one you're in
right now.
You see, I witnessed several
of my fellow classmates
placing a frog
in our teacher's desk.
When she came back
and discovered the frog,
she singled me out
and demanded
that I tell her
who was responsible.
What did you do?
I did the right thing.
I sang like a canary.
I tattled on every
single one of them.
What happened?
The culprits
were severely punished,
and I was rewarded
with a gold star.
Oh, sure, my classmates were
pretty mad at me at first.
They called me a weasel,
they refused
to eat lunch with me,
and beat me up
on a regular basis.
In fact, my reputation
as a weasel
followed me all the way
into high school and college.
I was stuffed into lockers,
had "Kick me" signs
taped to my back.
I can't tell you
the abuse I suffered
from practically every person
I ever came in contact with.
I didn't have a date
till I was 23.
But I didn't care
about those things,
because I knew that
I had done the right thing.
And in the end,
I overcame all that abuse
and I grew up to become
an elementary school
Wouldn't you like to become
an elementary school
Not really.
You told him, didn't you?
No, Harold.
You're lying.
I saw you talking to Wartz.
You told him it was me,
and Stinky, and Sid,
didn't you? Didn't you?
No, Harold. I didn't.
Well, why not?
Because it wouldn't be right.
But you got detention
for four weeks,
and you didn't
even do anything.
If I was you and you were me,
I would have cracked
the first day
and ratted you out.
Well, maybe
you would've, Harold.
But I didn't,
and I'm not going to.
I gotta go.
WARTZ: Young man?
Huh? (GASPS)
Hello, Principal Wartz.
Hello. Do you recognize
anyone in this sketch?
No, sir, I don't.
I really don't. Not at all.
All right. Well, keep up
the good work, son.
I sure will,
Mr. Principal Wartz.
ARNOLD: He gave me
four weeks detention.
STINKY: But you didn't
even do anything.
HAROLD: You better not tell,
or I'll pound you.
WARTZ: Keep up
the good work, son.
Man, Arnold,
I can't believe it.
Your last day of detention
and you're completely
If you finish off the day
and don't snitch
on those other guys,
this is gonna go on
your permanent record.
It's just something
I've gotta do.
Young man,
I hold here in my hand
your permanent record.
Now you still have a chance
to save yourself.
Just tell me
who the real mooners are.
Tell me their names,
and I won't have to enter
this terrible black mark
on your record.
I can't do that.
You understand that
your permanent record
will follow you
all the way to junior high?
I understand.
And you still won't tell?
Then you leave me
no choice.
I did it! It was me!
I'm sorry!
Arnold is completely innocent!
I'm the mooner!
(WAILING) I'm the mooner!
I'm guilty, too.
And me.
We all did it together.
STINKY: Arnold had nothing
to do with it.
He was just a pawn
in our horrible twisted prank!
STINKY: He's a saint!
He's a saint.
Well, young man, I suppose
this lets you off the hook
for now.
I had to do it. I just
couldn't live with the guilt.
It's gonna go on
your permanent record.
Oh, I know.
But, I never figured
I'd make it
to junior high anyways.
I'm feeling so much better
now that we fessed up.
Me, too. I guess
we didn't realize it.
But deep down,
the guilt was
driving us crazy
the whole time.
You know, subconsciously.
Hey, Arnold,
remember when I said
you didn't have any guts
because you wouldn't
moon Principal Wartz?
Well, you didn't
have any guts then.
But after you stood up to
Wartz and didn't rat us out,
well, I figured
that took a lot of guts.
More guts than me, and Stinky,
and Sid got put together.
Yeah, Arnold.
You got guts.
You're just chock-full
of guts.
Hey, guys.
What do you say tomorrow
we'll make a great big ol'
sign that says "Kick me"
and tape it to
Mr. Simmons' back?
(LAUGHS) What a great idea!
Everybody will be kicking
him all day.
And he won't get why.
ARNOLD: I don't know
if that's such a great idea.
The eagle has landed, Miriam.
Oh, it's just so exciting.
Seven whole days of Olga.
This is gonna be great.
This stinks!
Why can't Olga just go
to Fort Lauderdale
like a normal college student?
It's the same thing
every year.
Olga comes home for a week,
she's the center of attention,
and I'm shoved
into the background
like I'm invisible
or something.
(SCOFFS) Some sister.
All she ever thinks about
is herself.
She's never cared about me.
No wonder we don't get along.
(SIGHS) Oh, well.
Olga and I
will never be close.
Mommy! Daddy!
-Oh, come over here!
-We missed you, dear.
Is that you hiding back there,
baby sister?
It sure is.
Nothing gets by you, Olga.
You're such a silly.
Now, give us a hug.
That's such a pretty bow.
Is it new?
I've only worn it
since I was four.
Oh, Helga,
I've missed you so much.
Really, I have.
I've been thinking about you
ever since my developmental
child psychology class,
which absolutely
changed my life.
I learned that
sibling relationships
are the most important
inter-personal relationships
we as human beings
can ever form.
And so, I decided
that I want to use
my vacation
to bond with you.
I want us to spend
every waking moment together,
getting to know each other,
sharing secrets.
You know, Helga, you and I
have never been very close.
I want that all to change.
You do?
Oh, yes, Helga.
That's why I planned
a special surprise
only I can't tell you
what it is until tomorrow.
I mean, it's bad enough
that Olga
has to be so darn
but then she has to bust out
this "let's get closer
together" crap
all on top of it.
I'm telling you, Phoebe,
she's giving me the creeps.
Well, at least she'll
only be here a week.
Class, I am happy to announce
that we have
a special addition
to our academic family,
a student teacher.
Another teacher?
One is bad enough.
Please join me in welcoming
our new instructor,
Miss Olga Pataki.
Good morning, boys and girls.
And surprise to you,
baby sister.
I'm not really home
for spring break.
I'm spending
the entire semester
here at P.S. 118,
pursuing my true passion,
the teaching of
little children.
I was gonna go to Alaska
to teach Inuit students,
but then I was struck
with a brilliant idea.
If I came here instead,
I'd get to teach
and spend time with you
getting closer.
Isn't it fantastic?
So, since you're gonna be
hanging around
and we're gonna be spending
a lot of time together,
I thought we'd better
set up a few
healthy boundaries.
Like, for starters, you don't
wanna boss me around too much
or meddle in my
personal affairs.
It just wouldn't look good.
And if I were you,
I'd steer clear
of any embarrassing
family stories.
It might make
people uncomfortable.
Wouldn't you agree?
Don't be such a silly.
I'd never do
any of those things.
No, really, Olga, I'm serious.
I've got a reputation
and a lot of years
put up in P.S. 118,
and I don't wanna lose that.
You know things about me
that can blow all that work
right out of the water.
Helga, don't worry.
I assure you.
Your concerns are my concerns.
The one sole all-encompassing
purpose of my being here,
my primary goal,
my raison d'etre,
is to simply get closer
to you, baby sister.
(SIGHS) Oh, come on, Olga.
You're just saying that.
No, Helga, it's true.
You see, I realized
all those spring breaks past
weren't exactly wonderful
between us.
And I suppose much of it
was my fault
for, well, for being
a little bit selfish.
But I want this year
to be different.
I want us to get along.
I want us to try.
You're really serious?
Oh, yes, baby sister.
Will you give me that chance?
Will you give us that chance?
Oh, another "F."
I always fail.
I might as well just give up
on book learning altogether.
You mustn't give up, Stinky.
If at first
you don't succeed,
try again.
You know, class, this reminds
me of an inspirational story.
It's about a little girl
who didn't think
she could overcome
her own problem.
Was she a failure
at book learning, too?
No, Stinky. This little girl
had another kind of problem,
you see.
She was a bed-wetter.
Hard as she tried, she just
couldn't stop wetting the bed.
Every night, she went to sleep
with rubber pants
and rubber sheets.
And the tragic thing is
that this bed-wetting went on
until she was seven years old.
That's pathetic!
Yes. But one day, she decided
enough was enough.
And that brave little girl
threw away her rubber pants,
and went to bed that night
determined to overcome
her delicate problem,
and she did.
And after that night,
she never wet the bed again,
except for one or two
little accidents.
And do you know who that
little girl grew up to be?
Look, it's Helga,
the bed-wetter!
Listen, you big tub of lard.
If you ever
call me that again,
I swear I'll
OLGA: Helga!
It's not a very nice way to
play with your little friends.
But nothing, baby sister.
I'm gonna have to
assign you detention
for the rest of the week.
And I feel like
I'm truly connecting
with the children.
How wonderful, honey.
Yeah, that's great, Olga.
Now, pass me one more
of your home-made dumplings.
Hey, Helga.
I mean, what are you
doing here, football head?
Arnold's here for his tutoring
session with me.
That tears it.
She's embarrassed me,
given me detention, and now
she's stealing the affections
of the boy whom for years
I've tormented and belittled,
but whom I secretly
and passionately love
in my own twisted way.
She doesn't wanna
be closer to me.
She wants to destroy me.
I've gotta get rid of Olga
before she completely
wrecks my life.
If Olga can't drive her car,
then she can't
get to work tomorrow.
(SIGHS) A day without Olga.
This is gonna be sweet.
Oh, Helga, there you are.
I had a flat tire
this morning.
Isn't that fantastic?
At first,
I thought it was terrible,
but then I realized it was
actually a lucky thing.
I thought, "Why am I
driving to school
"when I can take the bus
and be with my baby sister?"
Isn't it just wonderful?
When Olga bites into this,
she'll freak out
and have to go home.
Oh, look.
Someone left me
a shiny red apple.
Mmm! (GASPS)
There's a worm in it!
Miss Pataki,
I think I'm gonna
I think I'm gonna
have to lie down.
Do you think you can
handle the class
for the rest of the day
by yourself?
Olga's lesson plan.
If she's unprepared for class,
maybe she'll get fired.
Hmm. That's so strange.
I've misplaced
my lesson plan.
Well, that's okay, but, gosh,
what what are we going
to do without a lesson plan?
Well, I don't wanna overstep
my boundaries,
but we could take
the children to the park
and organize a nature study.
That is a wonderful idea.
Thank you, Miss Pataki.
So, this is
about your sister?
Duh! In case
you haven't noticed, Arnoldo,
Olga is making me miserable.
Have you tried talking to her?
Only about a thousand times.
But she's too busy blabbing
about how wonderful
everything is
to listen to me.
Then you have to make her
listen to you.
How? You mean,
like, with a club
or a baseball bat
or something?
No. With just
plain honest talk.
Sit her down and tell her
how you really, really feel,
even if it hurts.
If Olga really cares about you
like she says she does,
then she will listen to you.
What is it, Helga?
Did you need me to help you
with your homework?
Gosh, isn't it so wonderful
that I can help you
and we can get closer
at the same time?
It's perfect.
No, Olga, it's not perfect.
It's not?
No, it's not. It's rotten.
Rotten? But how could
it be rotten?
We're spending
so much time together,
getting to know each other.
That's the rotten part.
Look, Olga, you think
you're getting to know me,
but you don't know
the first thing about me.
You think spending a lot
of time together
is making us closer,
but it's not.
The truth is, Olga,
I can't stand you.
You can't stand me?
But all I ever wanted was
to be closer to you, Helga.
I tried. I really did.
But I just didn't do
anything right.
And now you hate me,
baby sister.
You hate me, and there's
nothing I can do about it.
Well, there is one thing.
What, Helga? What can I do?
How can I show you how much
I love and care about you?
I'll do anything,
just name it.
Just tell me what to do.
But Helga,
I still don't understand.
If I get on that plane
and go to Alaska
to teach desperate
and underprivileged
Inuit children,
how will that ever make us
closer to each other?
Olga, I know it may not
make much sense
to you now, but trust me.
The further away you are
from me, the closer we'll be.
I don't understand, Helga.
But I do trust you,
baby sister.
Then get on that plane.
If you don't,
you and I will both regret it.
We'll regret it today,
and for the rest of our lives.
But Helga, I may not
see you for a year.
Think of all
the Inuit children
who need your teaching skills.
And in your spare time,
you can think of me.
Okay. Yes.
(SNIFFLES) I will.
Get on the plane, Olga.
OLGA: "Dear Helga,
Alaska is wonderful.
"I'm really connecting
with the Inuit children.
"I still don't understand
what happened between us.
"But all I know is I miss you
terribly, baby sister.
"Write soon.
Love, love, love,
more love, Olga."
HELGA: "Dear Olga, I'm glad
to hear you're doing well.
"Everything here is fine.
"Most of the kids have even
forgotten about the incident.
"From Helga."
"Love, Helga."
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