Hey Arnold! (1996) s05e19 Episode Script

The Journal

Sure is good to be
on this adventure, isn't it?
Especially, since
we're all together.
Look, a ship!
Arnold, stay at the helm.
We'll deal with the pirates.
Don't worry, son,
we'll be right back.
BOTH: Yeah!
Mom? Dad?
Mom? Dad?
Come back!
Come back!
Come in!
Morning, short man!
Hi, Grandpa!
I, um, brought you
some breakfast.
Thanks, that's really
nice of you.
Sure. Do you want me
to leave it here?
You can maybe eat it later.
Uh, sure.
Okey-dokey then.
If you need me or Grandma,
well, we'll be around.
Hey, Arnold!
Come on, man!
We're all going to Dinoland.
It's half-price day.
Yeah, and they finally
fixed the Tyranno-scarus Rex
roller coaster.
We're all going
to get in line.
No, thanks.
But it's half-price day.
What are you
holding out for, cheapskate?
"Football heads
get in free" day?
I think I'm gonna hang out
at home today.
Have fun, you guys!
Huh! Well,
you're a barrel of laughs.
Okay, fine, loser.
Be that way.
Come on, let's get to Dinoland
before the ride breaks
down again.
HAROLD: So long, loser!
Hey, Arnold.
Are you okay?
You sure?
Well, it's just that today
is the anniversary of the day
my parents left
and never came back.
I'm sorry, man. Hey, never
mind with those guys said.
They just goofin'. They don't
know what's goin' on with you.
I know.
It's just that I wanna be
by myself today. That's all.
You sure you don't want
some company?
No, thanks.
Go on, Gerald.
Have fun at Dinoland.
Ride one for me, okay?
Okay, catch you later, Arnold!
HELGA: Oh, Arnold!
How could I mock you
on this saddest
of anniversaries?
How I long to repent
my cruel words
and fill the empty space that
resides within your heart.
Oh, my poor,
parentless beloved.
Look at you! Waiting for
something that cannot be.
As you keep your silent vigil,
I shall stand by you
unbeknownst, ever faithful,
eternally true and never
abandoning you.
Hey, short man,
what's going on?
I'm packing up my
parents' stuff.
Really? What for?
So I can put it
in the attic
where it belongs.
Oh, I
I know you
feel sad, Arnold.
Your grandma and I
feel sad too.
I'm just fed up, Grandpa.
I don't wanna think about
my parents anymore.
I'm sick of hoping that
they'll come back some day.
But you shouldn't give up
on your memories, Arnold.
They're too important.
You should celebrate 'em.
It's time to move on.
I don't wanna hear any more
stories about my parents.
What's this?
Well, looks like
some kind of journal.
Grandpa, it's my dad's.
Let me see.
Holy cannoli, short man!
You're right!
Well, it's too bad
you don't wanna hear
any more stories, so I'll
I can't believe
we found this!
Hey, he must have written
this stuff around the time
he was in San Lorenzo.
That's in Central America.
I read all about it in school.
And don't forget about
all the stories I told you.
Yeah, I can't wait to find out
what actually happened and
what parts you made up.
Made up?
What are you talking about?
Every story I ever told you
is 100% true.
And this journal
will prove it.
Well, then, let's read it.
I made sandwiches.
Great, I'm starving!
come on, Grandpa, read it.
What's it say?
What's it say?
All right, all right.
Calm down!
Chew a little before
you swallow, Arnold,
and don't spill
on the journal.
It's a precious family relic.
Okay, here goes!
"March 15th.
"Today, I met the woman
I'm going to marry."
Aww, that's sweet!
Hope he's writin' about
your mom, Arnold.
"We met when I stumbled
into her research party.
"I was out hiking with my
college friend, Eduardo,
"an anthropologist
from San Lorenzo.
"I fell behind the group."
Hi! I'm Miles. Ow!
I'm Stella.
GRANDPA: "Stella,
what a beautiful name!"
You know what that
means, short man?
GRANDPA: I was hoping
you would.
"She's a doctor
and a botanist
And I'm down here
studying the local plant life
looking for cures
for jungle diseases.
I wanna bring health care
to all people, no matter
where they live.
GRANDPA: "She's amazing.
"So smart! I told her about
my anthropology project.
"How I'm studying
the local culture
and helping communities
improve the quality
of their lives.
"Hope she's impressed."
GRANDPA: "Maybe she thinks
I'm a goof.
"Oh, well, call me a romantic,
but I think we're perfect
for each other."
Okay, okay,
I can read this.
This temple is dedicated
to the sacredspider?
I hate spiders!
I hate spiders!
I hate spiders!
Me too!
Oh, but I love you.
"Today, I hike with Stella
"up to the highest point
in the area.
"There's an amazing view
from the top of the cliffs."
Who told you
about this trail, anyway?
How come he didn't
come with us?
He said it was really
something you only
wanna do once.
I'm gonna punch him
when we get back.
If we get back.
You okay?
Never better!
What's that roaring noise?
Oh, man!
GRANDPA: "It was a waterfall.
"We swam away from
the cataract as hard
as we could,
"but the current
was way too strong."
I am really gonna punch him
when we get back.
I love you.
What just happened?
Somebody saved us.
Hey, wait. Hold on!
we wanna thank you!
"Our mysterious savior
was gone,
"but then Stella saw his
calling card on the wall.
"It was the symbol of the
elusive Green-Eyed People,
"the original inhabitants
of San Lorenzo,
"thought to be a lost
civilization like the Mayans
"and the subject of many
incredible stories,
"but who no outsider
had ever seen.
"Clearly, the Green-Eyes
saved our lives.
"Stella and I vowed
to thank them somehow
"to pay them back
by some good deed
of our own."
This is so cool.
You told me stories about
the Green-Eyed People.
Yes, the mysterious
Green-Eyed People.
Almost as mysterious
as this sandwich.
What the heck's
in this, Pookie?
Oh, peanut butter and scrod.
It's an old family recipe.
Oh, Abner,
stop acting like a pig.
Grandpa, can we get back
to the story?
The butler did it. Oops,
gave away the ending.
The story about the
Green-Eyed People.
Ah, yes,
the Green-Eyed People.
Aren't they people
who installed our
You know,
I don't really trust them.
I think they took the change
I had in the cookie jar.
No, Pookie,
you're thinking of Oskar.
Oh, am I?
Can we please get back
to the journal?
Okay, but first
I gotta take a whiz
like a racehorse.
Anyone need anything from
the kitchen while I'm going?
I demand to see the chef.
There's a fly in my soup.
GRANDPA: I don't see
Ah! Don't go in there
for a while.
Okay, back to your father's
amazing journal.
Let's see
Where were we?
"Monday, busy day.
"We learned from Eduardo
that the evil river
pirate, Lasombra
"had stolen a sacred relic
called the Corazon from
the Green-Eyes.
"We figured that returning
this precious artifact
"would be the perfect
opportunity to pay the
Green-Eyes back.
"So, Stella and I tracked
Lasombra down."
Hang on!
You meddling
do-gooder gringos!
I'll get the Corazon back
if it's the last thing
I ever do.
Wait. No, stop.
Don't look. We can't.
They say it's too sacred.
GRANDPA: "After days of
searching in the remote
interior of San Lorenzo,
"we came to a forested valley
not found on any map.
"There the Green-Eyes
had built one of
their stone shrines
"that marked the borders
of their ancient realm.
"The Green-Eyed People
were so grateful
"for the return of their
precious Corazon
"that they accepted us as
members of their family.
"I even hope
they would invite us
to their hidden city,
"but they're still
too secretive."
Their hidden city?
Where's that?
I don't know, Arnold.
That's why they call it
"the hidden city".
It's hidden. See?
Can I please continue?
Sure, Grandpa, read on.
Oh, oh, this is good.
(CHUCKLING) You're gonna
like this.
You dad just asked your mom
to marry him.
Wow! And she said yes, right?
Let's see, actually she said,
"No, thank you." The end.
Roll credits.
Okay, okay, she said yes.
And the wedding was set
for the following month,
which brings us
to our next chapter.
"It was a beautiful,
tranquil day in
Jolly old England.
Eager crowds packed
the London streets.
Your mother arrived
in a horse-drawn carriage.
The diamonds in
her tiara sparkling.
Your father, resplendent
with his gold-tip sword,
escorted her into
St. Paul's Cathedral
where he
GRANDPA: Pookie!
That was Price Charles
and Lady Diana's wedding,
you crazy nincompoop.
Now, be quiet and stop
interrupting the story.
As I was saying
"It was a beautiful,
tranquil day
"in the rainforest
of San Lorenzo.
"My family and friends came
from all over the world
"and gathered together
at an ancient Mayan Temple.
"We waited nervously
for the arrival
"of the most anticipated
person of them all.
"The reason we were
all assembled,
"the focus of the whole event,
"my beloved, talented,
handsome father, Phil."
ARNOLD: Grandpa!
Just seeing if you're
paying attention, Arnold.
You look amazing!
You're not so bad yourself.
GRANDPA: "The ceremony began
and as we exchanged our vows,
Eduardo translated for those
who weren't familiar with the
local dialect.
Do you, Miles,
take Stella
to be your wife?
I do.
Do you, Stella,
take Miles to
be your husband?
I do.
By the power
invested in me as
an ordained minister
of the glorious
Republic of
San Lorenzo,
I now pronounce you
Mr. and Mrs
Pookie, I told you
to go easy
on the frijoles.
You may now kiss the bride.
Oh, it's like I can feel the
earth moving under my feet.
I know, I felt it too.
Take cover, amigos.
We're having a temblor,
an earthquake!
Oh, well, at least
the cake is okay.
GRANDPA: It's more than okay.
It's delicious!
"Undaunted by the
surprise visit from
Mother Nature,
"the reception continued
into the wee hours.
"It was quite a time!"
Here comes the train.
"Even the Green-Eyed
People showed up.
"Of course,
none of us actually saw them."
What is it?
STELLA: It's a piglet
from the Green-Eyed People.
Oh, I've heard about this.
It's a tradition.
It's meant
to bring good luck.
Too bad you didn't
get the pig before
the earthquake.
Well, what are we waiting for?
Let's fire up the grill.
No, no, we can't eat her.
She's a gift.
And she's cute.
Not that cute.
I wanna keep her as a pet.
What do you think, Miles?
I think it's a great idea!
Good! We'll call her Isabelle.
On second thought,
why don't we call him Abner?
Abner was a wedding present
to my parents?
That's right!
A wedding present
from the Green-Eyed People.
And you were gonna eat him?
I couldn't help it.
He looked tasty.
And the only thing
I had to eat all day
was the darn cake.
Those are empty
calories, Arnold. Empty!
Grandpa, that's
completely crazy.
Oh, we were all
a little crazy back then.
It was the style
in those days.
Oh, heck! Some of us
are still crazy.
Go easy there, Pookie.
You just had a huge hoagie.
So, what happened next?
Let me see. Wedding,
earthquake, reception, piggy.
Ah ha, here we are!
"Later that night,
after all the guests had gone,
"we went back to our hut.
"It was the hottest night
the jungle ever had.
Okay, Arnold, time for bed.
But it's only 6:00, Grandpa.
Six o'clock is dinner time.
Why don't you go order
some Chinese? Food, that is.
how can you be hungry?
We just ate
a whole platter
of sandwiches.
Don't question me, Arnold.
I'm your elder and I know
what's best.
Now go order some Chinese.
Okay, fine.
I'll order Chinese.
Sheesh! I thought
he'd never leave.
Well, which one is he?
Our grandson.
Oh! We should introduce him
to the nice little blonde boy
who was just here.
Fine, Pookie, I'll get
right on it.
chicken chopsuey
It's so hard to beat
The smell of soy,
No bok choi
I'm so happy to eat thee ♪
Uh, Grandpa, do you think
we could get back
to the journal now?
Wait a minute. First I have
to read my fortune.
Hey, hey, not bad.
Things are lookin' up.
Grandpa, the journal.
Okay, okay, I'm on it.
Oh, their honeymoon!
"Today, we arrived
in exotic Rio De Janeiro."
Wait! I thought you told me
that they spent their
honeymoon at the North Pole.
No, I didn't.
But you said.
It wasn't me.
Okay, fine.
They arrived in exotic
Rio De Janeiro.
Thank you.
"We spent the first day
of our honeymoon strolling
around the inner harbor.
"At sunset, we decided to ride
the cable car to the top of
Sugarloaf Mountain.
"Eduardo says there's an
amazing view from the top,
"but it's the kind of thing
you only wanna do once."
Thanks for coming up here
anyway, Stella.
Miles, we gotta do
something quick.
I got an idea.
If I can catch the handle
on the door,
I can pull the other car
close enough for everyone
to jump across.
With your help, of course.
Of course!
Nice shot!
Come on, you're doing great!
One more.
Come on, you can do it.
No, I can't.
Please just take my hand.
Do what the nice
lady says, honey.
I can't.
I'm too scared.
Okay, then I guess I just have
to come get you myself.
Here I am!
Now, put your arms
around my neck and hold on.
Oh, thank you.
Thank you so much.
No problem.
Honeymoon's not over yet.
If we don't get off
this thing, we'll be
smashed to pieces.
I know.
That's why we gotta jump.
I was afraid you were
gonna say that.
We'll do it on three, okay?
BOTH: Three!
Thanks, handsome!
Hey, remind me never to take
another travel suggestion
from your old buddy, Eduardo.
Miles! Stella!
EDUARDO: There you are.
I've been
looking all over
for you two.
How'd you get here?
I was sent
by the Green-Eyed People.
I'm so sorry
to interrupt your honeymoon,
but they're in
terrible trouble, amigos.
They wanted me
to give you this.
MILES: It says
they've been struck
by a mysterious disease
That many have perished,
and they need us
to come them right away. Ow!
Stella, they need
your medical expertise.
You two
are the only people
that they trust.
Then I guess we
We'd better get going.
Your mom, dad and Eduardo
left Rio and took off
for the San Lorenzo jungle
and we'll get to the rest
of that story right after
I hit the restroom.
Never get old, Arnold,
never get old.
GRANDPA: Hey, Arnold,
get in here, it's on.
Okay, sit down everybody.
This is a really
special episode.
Hello, I'm Arnold's
grandpa, Phil
and I'll be doing
the narration at the start
of the show.
It's called " The Journal."
In part one,
at the anniversary
of the day his parents
went away,
Arnold is so sad, he thinks
the unthinkable.
I don't want to hear any more
stories about my parents.
But then
(BLOWS) What's this?
GRANDPA: Looks like some kind
of journal.
It's my dad's.
Holy cannoli, Shortman,
you're right!
Well, then lets read it.
We met when I stumbled into
a research party.
Hi, I'm Miles.
I'm Stella.
Somebody saved us.
Hang on.
No, stop, don't look.
We can't, they say
it's too sacred.
GRANDPA: And then they came
to this thingy here
And found that doohicky.
And then there was a wonderful
wedding with thousands
of butterflies.
What's this?
Oh, thank you.
Oh, I don't remember
this part at all.
Miles, Stella,
I was sent by
the Green Eye people,
they're in terrible
trouble, amigos.
They wanted me
to give you this.
MILES: Says they've
been struck by
a mysterious disease.
You two are the only people
that they trust.
Then I guess we better
get going.
I feel like a new man,
light as a feather.
Anyway, back to the journal.
We parachuted into the heart
of the jungle,
the volcanic mountains
of San Lorenzo.
Where we'd last seen any sign
of the mysterious Green Eye.
Miles, you okay?
Never better.
Miles, look.
Dead butterflies.
They always die first.
It's the sleeping
sickness, Miles.
And now it's hit
the Green Eyes.
We've got to make
a serum, fast.
We'll need some red moss
from the San Juan river.
The nose whisker
of a wild Bolivian bore,
and the root of
a Panamanian sapote tree.
Right, sounds easy.
Okay, I give up.
We've looked under every rock
in this entire river,
and no red moss.
Um, you haven't
looked under every rock.
There he is.
STELLA: Careful.
I hate spiders.
I hate spiders.
I hate spiders.
Okay, I admit, the first two
were hard, but this one
will be easy.
Um. Uh-oh.
Ah, Stella, Stella!
Like I said, that was easy.
Got it.
I hope we're not too late.
Wow, a double thank you.
GRANDPA: "Later that night,
we toasted Stella,
"for making
a life-saving serum.
To Stella!
The Florence Nightingale
of San Lorenzo.
Are you okay, honey?
What's wrong?
I'm fine,
but when I drink hit
my stomach
(SIGHS) No good.
Your stomach?
Maybe you should lie down.
Don't worry, I'm okay.
GRANDPA: " Despite what Stella
had said, I was worried,
really worried.
"I couldn't help but think"
What was wrong with her?
Was she really sick?
Well, she was, um,
sort of, kinda, you know
in a manner of speaking.
Was it food poisoning?
Tropical flu?
No, whatever that is.
Oh, I know.
You do?
She caught
the sleeping sickness.
Eh, no, wrong, but thank you,
for playing.
Okay, I give up.
Don't give up you quitter.
Okay, I'll give you a hint.
Your mother was going
to have
A hernia?
No, no, no, no.
It's a good thing
she was going to have.
It rhymes with, "maybe."
Oh, think, she was gonna
have a
(SINGING) dada-da-da-dada-da.
A baby.
Oh, yeah. Bingo.
I'm pregnant.
We're gonna have a baby!
And do you know who
that baby was?
Right again, Shortman,
Baby, baby stick your head
in gravy
Wash it out
with bubble gum ♪
Pookie, Pookie, enough, stop!
So there you were Arnold,
in your mommy's belly.
Okay, great.
Can we move on?
Making you uncomfortable, uh?
Okay, let's move on.
"The last few months
had been very productive.
"Eduardo and I have
been clearing land, planting
crops and building a school.
"While Stella grows more
and more pregnant
with Arnold."
That's you, Arnold. (CHUCKLES)
ARNOLD: Grandpa.
You okay?
You look kinda pale.
Never better.
You mean
You're ride's here.
Look, smoke.
That must be the town.
Oh, that's great.
We're nearly there.
Well, I have some good news
and some bad news.
The good news is that
the hospital is just around
that mountain.
And the bad news?
The mountain, it's a volcano.
It's called Volcan Turrialba.
But don't worry,
volcanoes smoke all the time.
I'm sure that's all it'll do.
Oh, great, we get here right
when it's erupting!
So am I!
Oh, this isn't good.
"The volcano started spilling
out fire and smoke like crazy.
"It was both beautiful
and terrifying
at the same time."
Sort of like you, Pookie.
Back at you, sweet cheeks.
Then what happened?
Then what happened?
Okay, okay.
"The earth heaved in shock,
"the air thundered with
the streets of jungle animals
"and tremors of mountain lava
came pouring down
from every direction,
"cutting off our escape!"
I can't move.
I have to lie down, right now.
GRANDPA: "We had no choice but
to lay Stella, right down
on the trail.
"She was not very happy."
I Am Not
Very Happy!
Miles, it's time.
Okay, then we'll just have
to deliver the baby
right here.
Oh, geez, Eduardo,
now what?
The Green Eyes!
It's okay. We made it.
Remember, breathe, breathe,
just like in class
Shut up, shut up, shut up.
He has silenced
all of nature.
Our little baby.
A miracle baby.
Arnold, that's his name?
It was my dad's name.
he's a good-looking boy.
We couldn't have done it
without you Eduardo.
Thank you.
He is a good-looking kid,
isn't he?
Hey, hi.
Hey, Arnold.
Hi, baby boy.
I'm your dad.
This is your lovely mom.
You're so lucky.
And so are we.
We have a miracle baby.
Named Arnold.
Wow, Grandpa,
what an incredible story.
I can't believe it.
Neither can I, it's amazing.
I can't believe they didn't
name you Phil.
No, the volcano.
I can't believe
the way I was born,
What do you think? I was
making it up, all these years?
Well, actually I did.
Me, make up a story?
It's been known to happen.
All right, sue me,
I made up a story.
But this one is
100% true.
You were
a miracle baby, Arnold.
Born during
a volcanic eruption.
I always thought he was born
on the back seat
of a Greyhound bus
rolling down highway 41.
Oh, Pookie, that's
an old hippie song.
Oh, yes, that's right.
So, why did the volcano stop
when I was born?
Hmm, I don't know,
maybe your dad can shed
some light on it.
Let's see.
"I guess it'll always
be a happy mystery,
"why everything became still
and silent right after Arnold
was born."
Well, that's lame,
at least he could have
made something up.
So what happened after that?
Did they go back
to their village?
No, you all lived happily
in an old stone temple,
surrounded by boiling
hot lava.
Well, where did they go
to the bathroom?
Yet another mystery.
Oops, thinking of bathrooms,
that Kung Pao shrimp
is backin up on me.
Be right back.
All right,
let's see the journal,
the journal.
Ah, here we are.
"We've been back
in our village
for a week
"and life is very
different now, that we
have a baby."
We have a baby?
Pookie, I got a roll of tape
and I'm not afraid to use it.
"Our normal routine
is a thing of the past.
"Now, we spend all our time
concentrating on Arnold.
"Diapering him, bathing him,
feeding him.
"But most of all,
trying to get him to sleep."
Arnold? Where's Arnold?
Arnold, sweetie?
Arnold, come here.
"Stella and I made
a hard decision,
"but I think it's
the right one.
"We're going
to leave San Lorenzo.
"I think we've done
some good work here.
"But I wrote Mom and Dad
and told them that it's time
they met their grandson,
"and that we're coming home."
That's me, Phil,
that dad he wrote to.
Should have been
your name, Arnold.
"We'll miss our village
and this country
"and our many friends but
it's all different now
with Arnold.
"I love my new son so much.
He's changed our lives
"I never thought
we could be so happy."
I'll miss you both
so very much.
And we'll miss
you too Eduardo.
Thanks for everything.
"While flying away from
our old life toward
our new one,
"I was thinking about how nice
and simple things will be,
"back in my home town.
"Even in the jungle
I would dream about
"my childhood
in the big old brick house
"and my peaceful,
quiet, neighborhood."
You must be quite a hero
with these people.
Or they're all just amazed
that someone left
this neighborhood
and then actually came back.
What a great looking boy.
He's got my chin.
And my third eye.
Don't encourage her.
"Stella loves her new life
in the boarding house
"and Arnold's quite a hit
with Mom and Dad."
Here comes a train.
"We're all completely
blissfully happy together.
"So now, Arnold is one.
"I can't believe it, I have
an one-year-old son."
"I look at my own dad
and hope I can be
half as great as he is.
"He's a stupendous guy,
brilliant, funny, handsome,
"erudite, classy, really
the perfect"
ARNOLD: Grandpa!
You're making that up.
Fine, whatever you say.
Anyway, the point is
I'm the poo and you turned
one year old.
I remember that day perfectly.
You do?
Then what happened next?
I've no idea, but hopefully
the journal does.
Here we go.
"That afternoon we went to
the neighborhood park.
I bought Arnold
a tiny blue hat.
"It doesn't really fit him
but it just seems
to suit him somehow.'
"Then we parked the stroller
and watched the other parents
"and their children playing.
"This neighborhood has plenty
of babies
"for Arnold to play with.
"Maybe they'll grow up
to be friends someday."
Are you okay?
(GASPS) Where's Arnold?
No, don't move.
"Stella and I have been
on hundreds of adventures
"but I was never so scared
"as when I saw baby Arnold
standing on the top
of the slide.
"As we hugged and kissed
our boy after he was safe,
"we vowed"
We'll never let you out
of our sight again.
Happy birthday, one-year-old.
We love you, sleep tight.
Lullaby and goodnight
Sweet dreams and sleep tight
Know we love you
more each day
While you sleep
and while you play
You're so sweet,
through and through
Stay off the slide
till you're two ♪
MILES: I love every day
of our lives together.
I'm looking forward
to living near my mom and dad
and watching Arnold grow
and learn more and more.
I feel so lucky.
I would do anything
in the world
for my lovely Stella
and for our
dear little son, Arnold.
Oh, well, it's the last page
of the journal.
It's a familiar story,
Shortman and
It's okay.
I want to hear it Grandpa.
All right.
"Eduardo arrived quite
unexpectedly today.
"He came to tell us
that there has been
another much worse
"outbreak of the deadly
sleeping sickness
in San Lorenzo.
"The new strain
of the disease
"is spreading all through
the region.
"And many Green Eyes
have already died."
Please, just one
final mission.
You're their only hope.
"It's a
heartbreaking decision.
"But the Green Eyes
are like family to us.
"They saved our lives again
and again.
"Helped us to safety right
before our baby was born.
"I really, really don't want
to leave Arnold but
"our trip back to San Lorenzo
will be
"Mom and Dad can look
after him.
"Before we know it,
we'll be back,
"playing with our boy.
"I know that the whole time
we're there,
"we'll both miss our Arnold
Well, that's all he wrote.
Quite an unexpected find
this journal.
I'm so glad that we found it.
It's great to hear
all these stories.
I learned so much more
about my parents.
They were pretty
great people, Arnold.
And they loved you so much.
Now, I know how hard it was
for them to leave me.
I understand why
they had to do it.
They did it
for the Green Eyed people.
I just wish I knew
what happened to them.
Me too, Shortman.
But I think we've gotten all
the answers we're gonna get
for one day.
At least we have this.
Can I take it?
Well, of course, of course,
it's all yours.
I think I'm gonna go outside
and sit on the stoop
for a while.
All right, Arnold.
We're pooped anyway.
We're going to bed, goodnight.
Don't let the horseflies bite.
And thanks,
for everything.
A map!
It must be the route
my parents took on their
last trip to the jungle.
Grandma, Grandpa, you have
to see this.
I found a map.
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