Hidden (2018) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

You've got a nasty cut there.
How did it happen? I wasn't thinking.
That's all.
What have we got? Attempted abduction of Lowri Driscoll, 23.
Are we thinking this is related to the Alun Pryce case? He just came out of nowhere.
Well, if that was our man who attacked Lowri last night, it's only a matter of time until he tries it again.
The truck's registered to a William Parry.
- OK.
William Parry died in 1998.
[screeching brakes and a thud] [dogs bark] [vehicle approaches] [foosteps approach] [she moans] It's OK.
Just rest now.
Don't move.
Stay still.
You're hurt.
I'm going to look after you.
- Where am I? - You're going to be OK.
What's happening? Shush now.
Shush now.
Everything's all right, I promise.
No! Listen to me.
Listen, you've been in an accident.
You shouldn't move.
I said I'll take care of you.
I promise.
I I want to go home! - No, you should stay.
- Please! - I want to go home! - Come on, listen to me! You're not well enough! - Don't touch me! Please, stop! Calm down! Please! Lie down, rest! Stay! [she screams] No! No! [he roars with pain] [distant shouting] [dogs bark] No! No, no! No! [rattling at door] You can't leave me in here! You can't leave me in here! You can't leave me in here! Come back! Come back, come back! Come back! You can't leave me in here! [sobbing and banging] [she whimpers] [she cries out in pain] [she strains] Help! [she sobs] [dogs bark] [dog whimpers] Nice dog, good girl.
[she whimpers] [door unlocks] [door slams] Don't be afraid.
Nothing's going to happen to you.
You're safe now.
This is a good place.
I used to hide down here when I was a kid, when my mother was angry.
I was safe here.
This was my place.
The house above us Well, what's left of it-- it used to be my grandparents' place.
It was their home.
I never met them.
They died before I was born.
Burned in a fire when my mother was small.
The house was destroyed.
Why are you doing this to me? I didn't choose you.
You chose me.
No, that's not true.
I'm not going to hurt you.
I would never do that.
I want to take care of you.
I want to go home.
My mother-- she'll be worried.
She'll come looking for me.
- No.
- Yes.
And not just her.
[she whimpers] You need to trust me.
I'm going to take such good care of you.
Please! I want to go home! Please, let me go home! This is your home.
No [she gasps in pain] No, no, no! [door slams] No, no, no, no, no, no, no! No! Come back! Come back! Come back! [she wails] [scratching of pencil] [clattering] [he tips drink away] [engine starts] [shouting and banging] Argh! [she vomits] [dogs bark] Help! Help! [barking drowns her cries] Mr Harris? PC Ryan Davies, PC Mari James.
We spoke to your mother on Wednesday.
We were hoping you had time for a few questions.
Is now a good time, Mr Harris? Yeah, sure.
How can I help? We called yesterday, Mr Harris.
When was that? Please sit.
How can I help? It's about the young woman found in the river a couple of nights ago.
I'm not sure You're not under suspicion, Mr Harris.
We're just going house-to-house.
I see.
So can you tell us where you were on the night of the 16th? - The 16th? - That's Monday just gone.
I was here.
At home, with my mother and daughter.
My daughter was ill.
She's still off school.
I'm not one for going out much.
So you were home all evening? Yeah.
Got home from work about six, went to bed about ten.
Where is it that you work, Mr Harris? Over at the quarry.
Over the top, past the reservoir.
- Yeah.
- Have you worked there long? A couple of years now.
Can anyone verify your movements on the night of the 16th? Other than your mother and daughter, that is.
Erm I don't know.
I mean, it was just another day.
Can you remember seeing anything or anyone suspicious that night? No.
Not really, no.
Nothing much happens around here, does it? I mean, we're in the middle of nowhere, and quite far from the road.
It's always quiet here.
What vehicle do you drive, Mr Harris? Is it the one you were working on when we arrived? The blue van? Yeah.
It's all I got.
And what's up with it? Erm, starter motor.
There's always something.
It's old.
Been meaning to get something newer.
Can't afford it right now.
What happened to your hand, Mr Harris? Work accident.
Erm It happened yesterday.
Went to the hospital, got it stitched.
So no work today, then? I can't work like this.
If you do remember anything about that night, please don't hesitate to contact us.
Well, that's it for now.
Thank you very much for your time, Mr Harris.
Where were you on Wednesday evening, Mr Harris? Wednesday evening? The evening before last.
Between six and ten o'clock.
I thought you were here about the young girl in the river.
Why are you asking me about Wednesday? Routine questions.
That's all.
So Wednesday evening? I was home.
Came home straight from work.
Like I said, Nia, my daughter, was ill.
Why, did something happen? A young woman was attacked on the road outside Nantlle.
- Is she OK? - She's fine.
[door creaks] I think we're done for now.
Thank you, Mr Harris, for your time and patience.
Sorry I couldn't be more help.
[dogs bark in the distance] What the hell was all that about? I mean, Christ, you can't just ask whatever question comes to mind.
There is a process, procedure-- we need to stick to the script.
Yeah, I know, but there's something off about him.
We're in the arse end of nowhere-- everyone round here is slightly off.
[door is locked] [she groans] [she cries] They've gone.
I know This must be hard for you.
But it will get easier, as you get used to it.
I promise.
I saw the cuts.
On your arms.
Did you do those? I know what it's like to feel that way.
Uncomfortable in your own skin.
I'm nothing like you.
You need to trust me.
Look where I am.
Look what you are doing to me.
I haven't done anything to you.
You came to me.
You stepped out in front of my truck.
I know what you were doing.
You were giving up.
You didn't want the life you had any more.
But I want you to live.
I'll look after you.
To me you are special.
You're sick.
I saved your life.
Don't you forget that.
I did a good thing.
You need to be nice to me.
Can I have some water, please? No, no Wait! Come back! Where you going?! [she screams] No! No, let me go, let me go! Get off me.
Get off me! Get off! You need to calm down! You'll hurt yourself! Let me go! Let me go, please! No, no, no! Please! No, no, no! No! Why are you doing this?! Please, don't I am trying to help you! Can't you see that? No! Let me go.
I just want to go home.
If there's anything you want, anything you need, to make the place more comfortable [door slams] [she wails] Hi, Meg.
It's me.
Where are you? I'm worried sick.
Call me.
Pathology report on Mali Pryce.
Yeah, I know.
What about your dad? We've got to go with this.
Look, for once in your life, will you do what I tell you to?