Hidden (2018) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

You spend your life worrying about your children.
And you think that there will always be time.
You know, Cadi, you could show a bit more interest.
Seriously, Elin? You know, Cadi, you could show a bit more interest.
Seriously, Elin? The truck's registered to a William Parry.
- OK.
- William Parry died in 1998.
- Don't touch me! - Please, stop! Calm down.
I'm going to take care of you.
[she shrieks and sobs] [sobs] Please let me go! I just want to go home! We were hoping you had time for a few questions.
Yeah, sure.
Where were you on Wednesday evening, Mr Harris? There's a process, procedure.
We need to stick to the script.
I know, but there's something off about him.
We're in the arse-end of nowhere.
Everyone around here's slightly off.
[footsteps] - Dad? - I'll sort it! I wasn't quick enough.
I didn't make it in time.
Go back to bed.
- No.
- It's OK, I'll take care of it.
No, no, no! Go back to bed! Dad, just let me help.
Look, for once in your life, will you do what I tell you to?! Sorry.
Go have a shower.
Go on.
I'm sorry for snapping at you.
Come on.
- Get up.
- Yes.
Yes, yes.
Don't fuss, I can manage.
Oh! Now, I'm afraid it's too late for a bedtime story.
Can I get you anything else? No.
I'm just tired.
[lights flicker] Hi.
This is Detective Inspector Cadi John with North Wales Police.
I'm calling about a red Ford Ranger that you sold in 2011.
If you could call me back when you get this message.
My number is 01248870182.
Thank you.
[phone rings] You're in bright and early.
Who needs sleep when you've got caffeine? What have you got? Just more CCTV of our man in the pick-up truck.
Cadi? See if you can find a clear headshot.
Where are we with the CCTV footage? - Have we showed them to Lowri Driscoll? - Yeah, we have.
She doesn't recognise the man in the petrol station.
- She'd never seen him before? - Nuh-huh.
So, was this a chance encounter? Wrong place, wrong time.
All she remembers is thanking him for holding the door open for her.
Any joy with the pick-up truck? The truck is registered to a William Jon Parry, but William Jon Parry died in 1998.
In a motorbike collision on the road outside Caeathro.
So, is there a link between our man in the truck and William Parry? - We don't know yet.
- Were they friends, neighbours, did they attend the same school? - We're checking.
The truck.
Have we spoken to the previous owner yet? We're trying to contact him.
The pathology report on Mali Pryce.
Aborted pregnancy.
Pathology think the pregnancy occurred three, maybe four years ago.
Internal scarring suggests late-stage termination.
I think we'd be well advised to keep this from the family for now.
Where are we with Marc Lewis? Oh, we had to let him go.
He's an obnoxious little shit, but we didn't have anything on him.
PM results.
- Jesus! - Yeah.
I know.
[low chatter] [she sighs] [door closes] [faint barking] - Early start? - House-to-house call-backs.
Living the dream.
Ma'am? On the call-backs yesterday - Let's go.
- It's nothing.
[low chatter] [phone rings] DI John's phone.
This is DS Vaughan.
Yes, of course.
Thanks for calling us back.
The pick-up truck previous owner just called us back.
He said he bought the truck for his son in 2009, before his son moved away in 2011.
The truck sat outside his house for a couple of weeks before our man, William Parry, came knocking on his door.
He paid in cash and then drove it away there and then.
Did he give us a description? Young, tall, in his late 20s, dark hair maybe.
Anything else? The man says the buyer was working as a labourer in the area at the time.
Some garage had just gone bust and the local reclamation firm were pulling down some of those Nissen huts for scrap.
Do we know which reclamation firm? We're checking now.
[birdsong] [she sighs] [ferocious barking] Oh, hello.
[engine purrs] [phone rings out] - Hello? - Hiya, Beth.
Are you still taking Dad to his blood test today? Yeah, I'm on my way there now.
Why? Is everything OK? Yeah, no, everything is fine.
I was just checking.
I left early this morning, so I didn't get a chance to remind him.
It'll be fine.
He'll be fine.
He'll probably moan all the way there, but I think he enjoys the attention from the nurses.
He's doing much better these days, though, don't you think? Yeah.
He's, um Yeah, he's doing good.
Are you taking him back to yours when it's done? That's the plan.
Well, I'll pop over and pick him up after work.
Well, I've got to go.
Dad hates it when I'm late.
- Bye, Cads.
- Yeah, bye, Beth.
The scrapyard.
Got the address.
VOICEMAIL: The person you're calling is unable to take your call.
Please leave your message after the tone.
[beep] Hey, Meg.
It's me.
Where are you? I'm worried sick.
Please, I want to help.
There are people here at uni, people you can talk to.
We can sort this.
Call me.
[mechanical whirring] Mr Roberts? [hubbub] Who does this look like? [door closes] [she exhales] [birdsong] [she breathes hard] [she sobs] [she hyperventilates] Mali Pryce went missing from the Llanberis area on 14th April, 2011.
Her body was found three days ago, on the morning of October 17th, in the river at Pantwern.
- Llinos Evans? - She disappeared in March 2007.
She was living in foster care with a family in Tregarth.
The bracelet worn by Llinos Evans at the time of her disappearance was identical to the one found on the body of Mali Pryce.
- Lowri Driscoll? - On the evening of October 18th, Lowri Driscoll was attacked as she was leaving her parents' farm on the outskirts of Nantlle, in what seems to be an attempted abduction.
We have CCTV footage from a petrol station in the Deiniolen area which shows an unknown male encountering Lowri at 14:43 that same afternoon.
A vehicle registration check on the truck gave us the name William Jon Parry.
William Parry died in 1998 in a motorcycle accident on the road outside Caeathro.
The truck, a red Ford Ranger, was bought in April, 2011, from an address in Llandinorwig.
Where we think our man was working as part of a team of unskilled labourers.
Employed by Roberts' Reclamation.
Based in Caernarfon.
Anna Williams.
Anna was 17 years old when she went missing on 2nd November, 2005.
Her body was found two days later in woodland in Penrhyn, near her home in Bwlch-llan.
Three days after Anna's body was found, Endaf Elwy, the girl's uncle, was charged with her murder.
He was found guilty at trial and sentenced to life in prison.
Anna Williams.
The one anomaly.
Because the man responsible for her death was arrested in 2005.
Two years before Llinos Evans went missing, and six years before Mali Pryce disappeared.
Same age, same build, same physical appearance.
And she was killed less than three miles from where we found the Pryce girl.
[she sighs] Shit.
[door opens] [she gasps] [she gasps] [he laughs] All this fresh air It's no good for you, you know? Yup, so I've been told.
The case against Endaf Elwy-- the evidence was presented to the CPS, they went to trial, they got a conviction.
They found blood in his house, in his truck, on his clothes.
He had previous.
When he was 15, he attacked a boy in the same school as him, almost killed him, and he served two years in a juvenile detention center.
Yeah, I know.
He was the last person to see Anna Williams alive.
He confessed in prison.
To a serial offender with a history of drug addiction.
We have to talk to him.
We have to speak to Endaf Elwy.
And what about your dad? He was the SIO on the case.
I'm just I mean, with everything that's going on-- What choice do we have? I'll talk to him.
He'll understand.
We've got to go with this.
I'll speak to Lin.
See if she'll give us the go-ahead to reinterview Endaf Elwy.
Sorry, boss.
Have you got a minute? Come in.
Dear little coffee Right.
I think I might have told you, but a few of us are going out tonight after work.
No big deal, just a few drinks, that's all-- if you'd like to come along.
Will see.
- Well? - She's going to kick it upstairs.
So we'll have to wait and see.
[barking] - Are you heading off? - Yeah, I've got to go.
I'm late picking my dad up from Beth's.
You staying? Maybe.
Well, have fun.
Will do.
Sorry to call you back.
I just wanted you to know I've spoken to the deputy chief and he's given you permission to talk to Endaf Elwy.
When? They're expecting you tomorrow, at midday.
Well, trip to Gladwell Prison it is, then.
- Glamorous job, isn't it? - Mm-hm.
- Cadi? - Yeah? This doesn't mean we're reopening the Anna Williams case.
No, I know.
Endaf Elwy is nothing more than a line of inquiry at this stage.
You get to talk to him, not exonerate him.
I don't want to keep you.
Have a good evening and keep me posted.
[she exhales] [tyres on gravel] - Ner-ner-ner-ner-ner-ner! - Oi! Hello? - Hey! - Hi.
- Hiya.
- Hi, sorry I'm late.
- It's all right.
Don't worry.
- How'd it go today? It was fine.
Usual moans and groans.
- Have you eaten anything? - No, I'm good, I'm fine.
Can't stop, I've got an early start in the morning.
[kids shouting] Oh, the troops have arrived at last.
Rescue me! The lung capacity of these kids-- I tell you, someone should do a study.
Come on, let's get you home.
[kids shouting] Mwah! OK? [kissing] [he chuckles] I could always tell when you were growing up, that you were anxious or you'd done something wrong.
One of my many bad habits.
I saw Elin in the hospital today.
She popped down to see me after my blood test.
When I came out, she was there with Bethan.
Probably complaining about me, or you, or the both of us.
I remember the night Elin was born.
First time I held her.
She looked me straight in the eye, as if to say, "Right, I'm here now, "and I'm going to sort you out.
" She's all relished the role of being big sister.
She's always telling us what to do.
Maybe that's why things went wrong between her and Rhydian.
Come on, Cad.
I'm not blind.
I can see that things aren't good between them.
Is it as bad as I think? You'll have to speak to Elin.
Can't live with them Can't chop them up and bury them at the bottom of the garden.
[he laughs] Why did you never remarry? After Mum died? I don't know.
Well, I suppose the main reason was I had these three loud, messy, supremely opinionated little girls at home who were always demanding.
And what about you, Cad? What about me? - Aren't you lonely? I'm alone.
I'm not lonely.
I'm going to be all right, Dad.
I know you are.
But you know, Cad, sometimes it's better to be more than just all right.
Well, I'm going to leave you to it.
Dad, I need to ask you something.
[he sighs] What about? What do you remember about the Anna Williams case? - Anna Williams.
- The girl who was murdered in 2005.
[he sighs] [background chatter] Dad? Hi, lad.
How you doing, man? All right? Lisa.
Did you manage to get hold of anything? Got it.
- Sweet, how much? Give you the rest next week.
Is that all right? - Aye.
- Sweet, man.
[grunting] Gah! Agh, agh! [grunting] [he groans] Gah! [siren blares] [door closes] You must be thirsty.
[she sobs] [she whimpers] [she gulps] Why are you doing this to me? What do you want from me? Please let me go.
Please let me go.
You're very pretty.
You know that? [she whimpers] Please untie me.
I won't say anything.
To anyone, just let me go.
Please let me go.
Please let me go.
Don't leave me.
Don't leave me here like this, please.
Just let me go.
Untie me.
Please, stop! You can't leave me like this.
You can't leave me like this.
You can't leave me like this.
Just let me go! What's wrong with you? You're sick, you're sick in the head! I hope you die.
I hope you fucking die! [she cries] Let me go.
[she cries] The evidence was strong.
At least that's what we thought.
But maybe we got it wrong.
Maybe I got it wrong.
All you have to do is give me your life.
And I will give you everything else.
No, no, no, no, please don't go, don't go.
Come back.
Come back, please! No, no.
Haven't you got anything better to do? Like find the bastard that killed my sister?