Hidden (2018) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

1 What do you remember about the Anna Williams case, the girl who was murdered in 2005? I just wanted you to know that I've spoken to the deputy chief and he's given you permission to talk to Endaf Elwy.
A road trip to Gladwell Prison it is, then.
Hey, Meg.
It's me.
Where are you? I'm worried sick.
Call me.
Please, can I s-s-stop you? You can't leave me like this! Let me go! [crows croak] [dogs bark] [lock turns] [door creaks] [door slams shut] I can't do this.
I'm sorry.
Please take these off.
I'm sorry, I should I'm sorry, too.
But you have to listen [she sobs] or this is what will happen.
You know that now, don't you? It's OK.
Gently now.
[she sobs] Gently.
[she winces] [she gasps in pain] Let me see.
It's looking better.
[she whimpers] They're only skin deep.
You'll be OK.
[she cries] Please There's no need to cry.
Everything's going to be OK.
I said stop.
You're OK.
Now, come on Sit up.
[she winces in pain] Argh! Eugh! I'll get some sheets later.
Look what I've brought you.
You have to eat.
You have to eat.
- Good.
- Mm-hm.
You see, things don't have to be this hard.
And I don't want to punish you because it hurts me, too.
But you have to learn.
I'm going to do everything for you.
Be everything to you.
You'll see.
All you have to do is give me your life.
And I will give you everything else.
And we can be nice to each other.
It's as simple as that.
That's all I want.
There's some soap, a towel, some fresh clothes.
I'm glad you came.
And you will be, too in time.
I'll be back later to see how you're settling in.
[door slams shut] [key turns in lock] [she screams] [general chatter] [metallic clanking] Hi.
DI Cadi John.
I'm here to see Endaf Elwy.
You should have a record of me.
Do you have any of these items with you today, ma'am? [mobile phone rings] Hi.
What's up? ON PHONE: I just wanted to give you a heads up.
Last night, we got a report of an assault on a Tomos Elis, a local drug dealer.
He's also a known associate of one Ieuan Rhys.
And where did this happen? Llanberis.
He was out in the pubs, drinking with mates.
Alun Pryce was also spotted in the same pub at the same time.
Did this Tomos Elis say that Pryce attacked him? No, he says he can't remember a thing.
Didn't even see who came at him.
We've sent uniform over to question Alun Pryce about the assault.
God, that'll make his day.
Oh, hang on, someone's coming.
Erm, just keep me posted on the Pryce situation, yeah? OK.
I thought you might be nursing a hangover.
I so need a duvet day.
Coffee? Sure.
Shame you didn't stay out longer with us last night.
It was Sam, my girlfriend.
She's pregnant.
I don't know if you know.
I thought it best if I didn't stay out too late.
I didn't know.
- Congratulations.
- Yeah.
[telephone rings in background] Anyway, I'd better crack on.
[door shuts] Mr Elwy.
I'm DI Cadi John.
Please, take a seat.
I wanted to ask you about Anna Williams.
I don't I don't want to talk about that.
Please Mr Elwy.
I only have a few questions.
[knock on door] Lea Pryce? - Is your father home? - What do you want with him? Is he home? No.
Do you know where he is? Pff, church? We'd like to speak to your father about an incident that took place last night, an assault on a local man.
Well, when I see him, I'll tell him you were here.
Thank you for your time.
Haven't you got anything better to do? Like find the bastard that killed my sister? [she sighs exasperatedly] [door slams] You're a long way from home.
It must be hard.
Does your sister Gaynor, is it? Does Gaynor come to see you? She wrote to me once after [he clears his throat] after the trial.
And what did she say? She told me to tell the truth.
The truth about what happened to Anna.
But I did.
I wanted to write back to her, but I couldn't.
It wasn't because I didn't want to, I just couldn't.
She wouldn't believe me anyway.
Were you close when you were small? She was older than me.
She looked after me.
And you went to the same school til you were 15.
You know, people say that kids can be cruel and I don't think it's just kids who are cruel.
I didn't mean to hurt him, that boy in my school.
He wouldn't leave me alone, that's all.
He used to say ugly things to me every day, on and on and on.
I told him to stop, but he wouldn't listen, and I just I just lost my temper.
So they put me in that place.
Juvenile detention centre.
And what happened when you left there? I went home.
Gaynor, she'd got married, and they didn't want me staying with them, so they moved my things to my taid's house, he was gone by then.
And you lived there on your own? Gwil, Gaynor's husband, he got me a job to help me get by.
I didn't like it, but they said I had to do it.
At the reclamation yard? With Mr Roberts, doing odd jobs and building work and pulling stuff down.
I like working with my hands and But they gave us these masks sometimes and I didn't like the masks, but we had to do what Mr Roberts said.
Do you remember who else worked there? Do you remember any names? What about William Parry? William John Parry? There were different ones there all the time.
I I didn't like it.
The night Anna was killed, she stopped by the yard.
She used to come, sometimes.
She used to walk home with me.
And what did you talk about when she came round? I think she just liked being quiet.
Did she mention any boyfriends to you? Anyone she might have fallen out with? No, she wasn't like that.
She didn't like falling out with anyone.
January 2006 [he clears his throat] Michael Lee Thompson, a former cell-mate of yours, he said that you confessed to killing Anna.
Said that you told him that you'd strangled her hidden her clothes and left her in the woods.
No, no.
No, I-I-I never said that.
Why do you think he said those things about you, then? I don't know.
He said he wanted to be my friend, said he wanted to help me, that's what he said.
- But he knew things.
Things that hadn't been made public.
He wanted to know all about it.
He wanted to know what the police were asking me.
Said he could help me if I told him everything.
I-I don't understand why he said those things about me.
It doesn't make sense.
It doesn't make sense at all.
[she gasps in pain] You can't die here.
You can't die here.
The table, the chair the sink bed.
A lamp.
A picture.
A window.
A table, a chair, a sink, a bed.
A table, a chair a sink, a lamp and a picture.
A window.
Get up.
Get clean.
Get strong.
You are not going to die here.
[she sighs] [car engine turns over] [car engine turns over] Hey! Hey! Down here! I-I-I'm stuck.
There's a door.
Can you open it? C-C-Can you let me out please? Can you help me? No, no, please, don't go! Don't go! Come back.
Come back! Come back, please! No, no.
Come b Argh! [door creaks] Hello? [car engine turns over] Hello? Hello? Hello? Hello? Ha! Listen to me.
You need to look for a key.
Can you see a key? [car engine starts] Listen, you need to help me.
Look for a key.
Can you see a key? [door shuts] [cutlery rattles] [van engine runs] [dog barks] Vaughan? Megan Ruddock, a student at the university, was reported missing last night.
The friend that reported her missing says that Megan has a history of self-harming.
She might have done something to hurt herself.
You don't seem convinced.
You don't need me to point out my concern to you.
I should be reading now with the chaplain.
I read a book about gardening, keeping bees.
Bees? Hm.
I always thought it would be nice to have bees.
You can't have bees.
People don't understand, they're wild, got a mind of their own.
I used to keep them.
had hives at home, used to make honey.
So, Anna, she You were teaching her? She was a quick learner.
A bit clumsy.
Kept knocking things over and forgetting things, but she liked going down to the hives, liked watching the bees.
She understood them.
The more you look at them, the more you understand them, and the more you understand them, the more you want to keep them know what they're thinking.
So, erm, Anna would come over for some peace and quiet? Mm.
It must've been nice, talking to Anna.
To feel like you had somebody to share something with.
I miss that.
Nobody likes me in here.
They call me names, say I killed her.
They get angry when I say I didn't do it.
What about the men at the reclamation yard, were they your friends? They liked going drinking after work.
I didn't do that.
I just wanted to go home.
I I'd like to show you some photographs, if that's OK with you? Mm.
Do you recognise this man? Does he look familiar to you? Maybe he was someone you knew.
Someone you saw around the yard.
I can't see his face.
It's not very clear.
I'm sorry, I don't know.
[wind whistles] [children laugh] [children chatter and laugh] [van engine starts] [telephone rings] DS Vaughan.
I'll be down now.
Yeah, sure, I'll look into it.
OK, bye.
Owen, you need to see this.
The missing girl's last debit card transaction - Bangor train station, a ticket to Cardiff.
So, what, she went home? We've checked with the mother, she hasn't seen her daughter since she left for university.
Let's run a CCTV check, find out what train she was on and if she was travelling alone.
[dog barks] [lock turns] [door shuts] [she winces in pain] [door opens] [door slams] You've all got the same look.
Hopeless, lost.
At least you've cleaned yourself up.
Nothing worse than a dirty bitch.
I won't be touching any of your filth.
If you want to wash anything, there's a sack behind the door.
Dylan will see to it.
Why are you doing this to me? Do you think I want you here? You could let me go! It's too late.
You're here now to stay.
I won't say anything.
I won't tell anyone.
Just let me go.
My father used to lay traps in the woods.
I remember once, he caught a fox by the leg.
She was tugging at the trap and the wire was digging deeper and deeper into her leg.
She was scared, she was frothing at the mouth, she knew there was no way out.
If she'd have stopped struggling, my father would have clubbed her, killed her outright.
But he couldn't get near her.
She was snarling at him, snapping at him, struggling to get away.
He let the dogs go and they ripped her apart.
But she was stupid, she thought she could get away.
But where would she go? You belong to my son now, and as long as you make him happy nothing will happen to you.
What makes you think you've got a choice in this? Now, pick up your clothes before Dylan gets home.
[door slams shut] [lock turns] Only me.
Dad? Oh.
- I didn't hear you come in.
- You were miles away.
Have you taken your tablets today? Oh, I'll take them in a minute, for all the good they do me.
Is Cad home? Gone to Gladwell Prison, Gloucester.
Left first thing this morning.
Gloucester? A young girl was killed.
Anna Williams.
She was 17 years old, about the same age as Bethan was at the time.
November 2005.
The greyest time of the year and there she was, lying in the dead leaves.
- Dad - The evidence.
The evidence was strong.
At least that's what we thought.
But maybe we got it wrong.
Maybe I got it wrong.
- Don't.
Look, your job my job, you can't dwell on the things that you could have done or should have done.
But we make mistakes.
And how do we live with those mistakes? It's the price we pay.
Troubled consciences.
Sleepless nights.
Broken marriages.
Did Cadi say something? "Let's not tell the dying father.
"What he doesn't know won't kill him?" I didn't want to worry you, that's what.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, too.
You should take those tablets.
I'll get them.
The night Anna was killed you said that she'd come to meet you from work, and you'd walked home together.
We'd lost one of our queens.
The bees get angry when that happens.
Sometimes the bees lose trust in the queen and they start talking amongst themselves.
It's like a rumour starts and then they all turn against her.
They drag her from the hive, out into the open, and they kill her, sting her to death, and you have to put a new queen into the hive, in a cage, a "crown of thorns" they call it.
It lets the bees get used to her scent, her language.
We wanted to check on her, the queen, before the winter.
Anna met me after work.
- At the reclamation yard? - Mm.
She came home with me.
And we checked the hive and then we had some tea in the house and then she left, went home.
She said she was going home.
- And what happened next? - I don't know.
Everyone keeps asking me, but I don't know.
I wish I did.
Did anybody else know that Anna was coming back to yours that night? No.
Could she have been followed, could you have been followed? What about the men at the yard? Did Did any of them ever say anything to you about Anna, ever show any interest in her? - No.
And the name William Parry doesn't mean anything to you? No.
He wasn't one of the men that worked with you at the yard? No.
And you're 100% sure about that? - No, I don't know.
- Please, think.
William Parry, William John Parry.
I don't know, I don't know, I don't know! It wasn't me! I didn't do anything.
I didn't touch her.
Someone else did and I've got to pay! Get off me! Get off me, get off me! Why did you come here? Why didn't you leave me alone? I haven't done anything.
I haven't done anything wrong! [door closes] [dog barks] [dog barks] [lock turns] [door creaks] You look much better.
[door shuts] I've brought you some things.
I bought you this.
I hope you like chocolate.
I put the dirty clothes in the bag, like your mum said.
She was here? What did she want? She was just checking on me.
Your mum, she's, erm She's what? I guess she just reminds me of my mum.
Just like Nothing I ever did was good enough for my mother.
Do you know what I mean? I could see it in her eyes when she looked at me.
That disappointment.
I tried to make her proud, but I could never be what she wanted me to be.
I never shone.
And you were right.
I don't feel comfortable in my own skin.
I don't fit in anywhere.
It's like people can see right through me and there's nothing inside.
Is that why you hurt yourself? Cutting myself makes me feel better.
It's like I have control over something.
More alive.
You don't have to hurt yourself any more.
I'm here for you.
You can talk to me about anything you want.
I'm a good listener.
Cysga di fy mhlentyn tlws (Go to sleep my sweet child) Cysga di (Go to sleep) Fy mhlentyn tlws (My sweet child) Cysga di fy mhlentyn tlws (Go to sleep my sweet child) Cei gysgu tan y bore (May you sleep until the morning) Cei gysgu tan y bore (May you sleep until the morning) Hwian hwi fy mychan glan (All the birds are sleeping too) Cysgu mae yr adar man (Lullaby, my little one) Hwian hwi fy mychan glan (All the birds are sleeping too) Cei gysgu (May you sleep) Tan y bore (Until the morning) Cei gysgu tan y bore (May you sleep until the morning) Hwian hwi fy mhlentyn tlws (Lullaby, my little one) Wedi cau a chloi y drws (The door is closed and safely locked) Hwian hwi fy mhlentyn tlws (Lullaby, my little one) Cei gysgu (May you sleep) Tan y bore (Until the morning) Cei gysgu (May you sleep) Tan y bore (Until the morning) Hwian hwi fy nghariad i (Lullaby, oh sweet darling) Ceffyl pren yn d'ymyl di (The wooden horse is by your side) Hwian hwi fy nghariad i (Lullaby, oh sweet darling) Cei gysgu (May you sleep) Tan y bore (Until the morning) Cei gysgu (May you sleep) Tan y bore (Until the morning) [bees buzz loudly] Why do you think he does it? Abducts these women, keeps them locked up? I brought you this.
Argh! Hey! Hey! [muffled banging]