Hidden (2018) s01e07 Episode Script

Episode 7

I'm here to see Endaf Elwy.
The evidence was strong, at least that's what we thought.
Maybe we got it wrong.
The name William Parry doesn't mean anything to you? I don't know! I don't know! It wasn't me.
I didn't touch her! Someone else did and I got the blame! You don't have to hurt yourself any more.
I'm here for you.
You can talk to me.
We'd like to speak to your father about an incident that took place last night - an assault on a local man.
Well, if I see him, I'll tell him you were here.
You belong to my son now.
And as long as you make him happy, nothing will happen to you.
Megan Ruddock was reported missing last night.
You don't need me to point out my concern to you.
She hid it for a long time.
Megan's school alerted us to it.
We dealt with it.
We took her to see one of those child psychologists.
To me, it always seemed like self indulgence.
I thought it was something she would grow out of.
There was always something.
Some issue, some problem.
The whole world seemed so abrasive to her.
Everything was a struggle.
I did everything I could.
I just wanted her to be happy.
Have you been in contact with Megan's father, Miss Reed? Of course I have.
He said he'd be on the first flight home.
He works away.
I don't think he's seen Megan for almost three years.
Has Megan ever said anything about meeting a man? A man? No.
What man? What aren't you telling me? We have reason to believe .
that Megan may have been abducted.
I don't understand.
What the hell is going on here? We have another case.
Another case? A young woman who went missing in 2011.
No, you're wrong.
I don't believe it.
Megan's just run away, that's all.
I'm sorry.
But we are doing everything we can to find her.
The red pick-up truck that was driven by Lowri Driscoll's attacker was the same vehicle that was seen in the Penrhos area of Bangor on the night of Megan Ruddock's disappearance.
And the truck was bought in 2011 by a man going by the name of William Parry.
We believe the same man, going under a different name, worked for Bryn Roberts.
At Roberts' Reclamation.
Where Endaf Elwy was employed at the time of his arrest.
So there's a good chance that our man was interviewed in 2005.
We're going through the files, making a list of names.
The reclamation yard is here, five miles from where Mali Pryce went missing in 2011, ten miles from where Llinos Evans disappeared in 2007 and 15 miles from where the body of Anna Williams was found in 2005.
OK, we're not going to say anything to anyone at this stage.
Let's go back to Bryn Roberts.
Let's see if we can find out any more about the men who were employed there at the time of Anna Williams' death.
Bryn Roberts wasn't that co-operative last time we spoke to him.
We can but try.
DOOR OPENS What a nice, kindly old man.
SOBBING CREAKING Hey! Hey! BANGING ON WINDOW Hello? Are you there? What's your name? My name's Megan.
I like your jumper.
The colours, the pattern.
It's nice.
I just saw you on the swing.
Looks like fun.
If you open this door, maybe I could play with you.
Would you like that? Can you Can you find a key? Please.
Can you let me out? Have you found something? Can you see the key? Can you see the key? Please.
Please, let me out.
Can you let me out? Can you see a key? Please.
I'm sorry.
I can't.
Dad? I'll see you back upstairs.
What's wrong? Is everything OK? Everything's fine.
I'm fine.
How did you get here? I'm not an invalid.
I can get around on my own, you know.
So, what's going on? Oh, thank you.
This place has changed a bit since I was last here.
Everything looks so new.
Coffee's as diabolical as ever, though.
So, why are you here, Dad? Endaf Elwy.
I knew it.
If I made a mistake Dad.
If I took away an innocent man's freedom Dad, stop.
No, please, just listen to me.
This is not about me, it's not about you.
It's about the work we do.
The promises we make.
The things we see.
We try and block them out, but .
they always come back.
I remember standing there looking down at her.
Anna Williams.
That poor girl.
Her long, dark hair.
White skin in the dirt.
I had a responsibility to that girl.
I had to find the man who did this to her .
and hold him to account.
I failed.
I failed her.
I got it wrong, Cad, and it needs to be put right.
You have to do this for me because I don't have a lot of time left.
I'm going to fix this.
I promise I will make this right.
Now, please .
go home, hm? Before Elin finds out you're missing, comes after us both.
Hm? You OK? Yeah.
So, where are we? Take your pick.
Interview statements from 2005.
Names and addresses of the men employed by Bryn Roberts at the time of Endaf Elwy's arrest.
Classmates of William Parry between 1990 and 1998.
Names and contact details of former pupils.
Men, now aged 35 to 45, who are all still living in the area.
The list has been divided, split alphabetically.
Alice is making calls, checking on M to Z.
Those are A to L.
If anyone asks, I'll be on the phone.
Oh, hello, Mr Anthony? My name is Detective Inspector John.
I'm calling from Yeah, that's right.
No, no, no, it's nothing to worry about.
Do you have some time to answer a few questions? Great.
KEY TURNING I brought you this.
I thought you might like it.
Have you read it? Once, when I was at school.
I don't mind reading it again, though.
It's a good story.
Thank you.
I never went to school much.
No-one really cared if I was there or not.
No-one noticed me.
You know what that's like.
Not to be noticed.
Not to be seen.
I hated school.
I used to go in on the bus .
and when I got there, go to the school gate.
I'd run off.
Go and sit somewhere away from everyone.
Your mother .
she didn't notice you were skipping school? I refused to go in once.
Refused to get out of bed.
I remember lying on the bed .
and my mother coming into my room .
And then water .
from the kettle being poured over me.
Burning my skin.
Sticking to my clothes.
She needed to teach me a lesson, she said.
Teach me to listen.
Didn't you have someone you could talk to .
about what was happening to you at home? A teacher? Friend from school? My mother used to tell me that other people couldn't be trusted.
And she was right.
I never wanted friends.
I never liked the kids at my school.
And they didn't like me.
I remember there was this one boy in my school.
In the same year as me.
Will, his name was.
Will Parry.
All the girls liked him.
Everyone liked him.
The way they all looked at him, treated him.
Like he was someone special.
Not long after I left school, I saw in the paper that he'd died.
He was killed in a crash .
on his way home one night on his motorbike.
I was glad he was dead.
Because now it was my turn to feel special .
and to feel better than him.
Because I was still alive.
I was still here.
And he was gone.
No No! No! Stop, please! No, stop, please! You need to stop! No, don't! Don't! Get off me! Get your hands off me! Leave me alone! Nobody knows you're down here.
You need to remember that.
If I wanted, I could lock that door and leave you down here to rot.
Is that what you did to that little girl's mother? Did you lock her in this room, as well? Did you leave her down here to die, too?! Shut up.
What are you going to do when your daughter finds out who you really are and all the terrible things you've done? Shut your mouth, you dirty bitch! You owe me your life.
All I have to do .
is walk out of here and never come back.
Do it! Do it now! I don't care! I'd rather die in here than live like this! Give it a few days and you'll be begging to see me.
You make me sick! DOOR SLAMS SHU What do you think he wants? This man.
Why do you think he does it? Abducts these women, keeps them locked up? Sex? No, I think it's about more than just sex.
Like what? I think he's looking for something.
A relationship, maybe.
Surely there's an easier way to go about it.
I had this boyfriend once.
He was .
really clingy, really needy.
He just wanted to talk about his feelings all the time.
He wanted to know how I felt about him.
It was just I think he was in love with the idea of being in love.
Didn't last.
Really? I'm shocked.
about a month after we broke up, I .
was in town with some friends and we were on the way back to the barracks and I bumped into him with another woman.
She wasn't me exactly, but she was She was a lot like me.
Same type.
Short, blonde, cigarette in her mouth? CADI CHUCKLES Something like that, yeah.
So, what if Maybe Llinos, Mali, Lowri, Megan What if that man sees them as the same girl? In his head, they're the same.
And when something happens to one of them, he just Gets a new one.
He needs them.
They're all he's got in life.
And that's why he tried to replace Mali so soon after she died.
Llinos Evans.
She disappeared in 2007, Mali in 2011.
You think our man abducted Mali because something happened to Llinos? Maybe.
Don't know.
You don't think there's a chance she's still alive? No.
If they were different .
blonde hair, red hair .
or something, anything, then .
I might think that he was .
collecting them, but he's replacing them.
Same girl, over and over again.
And when .
one of them breaks, he just .
gets another one.
So, what's going on with you, then? I'm not blind and I'm not stupid.
Oh, come on.
Christ, you're going to have to do better than that.
I don't know.
Sam always said she wanted children and I went along with it because I always thought we would at some point.
Just not now.
Well .
I hate to break it to you, but, erm .
it's a bit late to be talking like this now.
I know.
It's just .
new baby, new house.
It feels like my whole life is being mapped out for me and I don't even know if I want it.
I used to tell myself that one day I'd get away, get out.
But here I am.
I didn't get very far, did I? You know .
people, places .
they're the same wherever you go.
I mean, I've travelled around.
I've gone from place to place.
Look at me now.
Pushing 40 and I'm still sleeping in the bed I slept in when I was 12! God.
Back where I started.
You haven't missed out on anything, trust me.
Everything OK? This might be nothing.
The house-to-house call-backs on Friday, with PC Davies, I don't know if anyone's processed the forms yet.
There was a man living with his mother and daughter.
I don't know why .
but there was something about him.
Something about him? It was just a feeling I got from him.
He was a bit off.
In what way? I don't know.
Did PC Davies feel the same way? I think it was just me.
It's been on my mind.
I understand.
No, it's fine.
It's not a problem.
I'll, erm I'll look into it.
Oh, Mari .
do you remember his name? Harris.
It was Dylan Harris.
PC James! Alice, I need the house-to-house forms from Friday.
I need them now.
Statements from 2005 at the reclamation yard.
Look for the name Dylan Harris.
House-to-house call-backs for the 20th of October.
Look for the name Dylan Harris.
Here it is.
Got it.
William Parry's classmates.
I'm sure I've seen the name.
Dylan Harris.
This is our man.
What's going on? SIREN Nia! Which way? Come with me.
Come with me.
I'll look after you.
Nia! Megan! I'm not going to hurt you.
You'll be safe.
I promise.
I just want to take care of you.
I just want to take you home.
Megan! Stop! DOGS BARK KNOCK ON DOOR You have been arrested on suspicion of abduction and false imprisonment.
Find him, Cad.
Be careful.
Green Land Rover Discovery.
Sierra, November, five, three That was him.
Requesting immediate authorisation for pursuit.
Tell us where he is.
How should I know where he is? And even if I did know, why should I tell you?