Hidden/Craith (2018) s02e05 Episode Script

Series 2, Episode 5

- I don't trust people easily.
- You can trust me.
I hope so.
I killed a mother and daughter.
- I wanted you to know.
- And now I do.
I knew there was something missing in Gwilym's life.
I didn't do enough.
- You need to go.
- Don't touch me.
Connor? Lois.
- Where's Mam? I want to talk to her.
- She's on a late shift.
Mam! - Are you sure? - Yes.
Feel free to check.
I need a drink.
- Cup of tea? - I need a drink.
That's what tea is.
Don't eat it if you're not hungry.
- Don't go, Connor.
- I need to sleep.
Take this with you.
You might wake up starving.
Fuck's sake, Jason.
Come on.
Goodnight, Dad.
- Sorry for barging in like that.
- That's OK.
I'm glad your mother isn't here.
I have a feeling you'd talk at her not to her.
I want to know why we can't make her happy.
Me, Twm, Dad.
- Lois.
- That's what hurts.
You do make her happy.
We weren't enough for her.
Do you really believe that? When Mam died Elin took on a lot of responsibility.
She's the eldest.
She didn't want Dad to see us crying, didn't want to upset him.
She'd take me and Beth for a walk to the seaside.
Sometimes you carry the burden hide your feelings.
You think you're helping by hiding your feelings.
It doesn't mean you don't worry.
Your mother's grieving, Lois.
We've just lost our father.
We all feel a bit lost.
I miss him.
Me, too.
Stay there.
- Hiya.
- Everything's all right.
Why don't I believe you? Lois is here.
- What's happened? - Nothing.
She's a bit drunk.
Where is she? Hiya, Mam.
Hiya, Lois.
What's wrong? I've drunk too much.
I'm really sorry.
We've all been there.
- Vaughan, hi.
- Cadi, how are you? You sound rough, I know.
She didn't sleep a wink.
Did you? I'm fine.
Mia, the girl we met in school.
She was Gwilym Scott's friend.
Yes, but it's a small community.
They were the same age probably in the same school.
Find out what you can about their relationship.
I'll look into it.
What have you got there? Suit yourself.
What? Someone's up early.
It's not so cold today.
Spring's on the way.
You're always positive just like your mother.
I'll make a brew.
Are you OK? What's wrong? Nothing.
A cuppa would be good.
Mia! I'll give you a lift.
Stop being a bitch and get in.
I want you to leave me alone.
Con? Are you OK? Coming to school? Is Connor in? He isn't feeling well.
Can I see him, please? He's in bed.
- I just want to - Sorry.
He's sleeping.
I understand.
That's a big help.
Thanks for your time.
I appreciate it.
That was Gwilym Scott's foster father.
You were right, Gwilym and Mia were close.
They spent a lot of time together.
- In a relationship? - I'm not sure.
He obviously liked her.
After Gwilym died, Mia visited them a few times.
It consoled her to hear how much she meant to Gwilym.
That's a bit intense.
It unsettled the foster mother the way she wanted to hear details about the night he killed himself.
Can you phone the school to arrange a meeting with Mia? OK.
OK! I'll bring your pills up now.
Dad, I think kids broke in again.
What? Oh! I'll look round the back.
Damn! What? You're right.
They were here, too.
- Did they take anything? - I don't know, it's hard to say.
They've made a mess.
I'll ask Sion if he saw anything.
He isn't there.
Don't Go to the shop.
- Dad.
- Listen to me.
Go to the shop.
- What's wrong? - Do as I say for once! Go to the shop, now! The school phoned back.
Mia didn't turn up.
- Maybe she's ill.
- She didn't look ill yesterday.
Shall we go and see her? OK.
Boss, we've just had a 999, a body has been found near Blaenau.
DS Lynn and forensics are going there now.
DCI John, can I have a word? What have we got? A male body.
He was last seen at 6.
50pm yesterday.
- Path will be here any minute.
- Is there a link It's a separate incident until we know differently.
Of course.
Take a look, see what you think.
His name was Sion Wells.
He rented the house opposite.
He'd been living here for a few months.
He'd just finished a two and a half year stretch in jail.
The driver and her daughter were both killed.
Have you spoken to his landlord? He was a good tenant.
Quiet, trying to sort out his life.
Was it revenge? No, I don't think so.
- Is he the owner? - Yes, and his daughter.
Go and talk to them, I'll come over later.
Nice to see you again.
Shame about the circumstances.
- In there? - In the pit.
Are you OK? Ready? I'd better go.
Phone me later.
I'd value your opinion.
You mentioned that some youths were here yesterday.
They caused trouble nothing we haven't dealt with before.
- Did you see this? - Yes.
Sion was dragged into it.
He tried to protect us.
How many? Two.
There might have been someone in the car.
I don't know.
I'm not sure.
It got a bit heated.
The car? Quite an old dark blue Saab 90.
Get HQ to trace it.
These youths.
Can you describe them? A boy and girl in their teens.
He was older than her - a skinhead.
- And the girl? A little younger dark brown hair.
Oh, and a freckled face.
Her? Oh.
That's her.
Sure? - Yes.
- Thanks.
Is that HQ? Get them to trace Mia Owen's phone and issue a search warrant.
We need a search warrant for Mia Owen's house.
According to North Wales Police a body was found in a petrol station.
The person hasn't been named yet.
The police are appealing to the public for information.
Is that one of Dad-cu's? Yes.
My favourite.
I need to fix it.
I used to go and get him from the river.
He spent hours there.
It drove Mam-gu nuts.
He always had the same expression when I got there as if he'd gone somewhere, disappeared.
Being there made him so happy.
It was never about catching fish.
You're not like your father, Connor.
You're nothing like him.
I'm sorry to say that.
I'm sorry for the things you saw - what you had to suffer.
- It wasn't your fault.
You tell yourself your children will bounce back, they'll be OK.
- It makes you feel better.
- Please.
It's OK.
Is it? - I really want it to be.
- It is.
Of course it is.
Dad-cu would be so proud of you.
He wanted you to have these after he'd gone.
The name again? Jason Williams.
Dark blue 1985 Saab 90.
It's registered to 23 Awelfan on Bron Y Foel estate.
The owner has a six month driving ban.
- We'll send uniform there now.
- Great.
Keep in touch.
Did you hear that? The Saab owner's name and address.
Uniform are on their way there.
Looking for these? Give them here.
- Come on, Jason.
- Why are you so fucking jumpy? Give me the keys.
- Give me the keys.
- Fuck off.
What are you fucking doing? Fuck off! Bastard.
Is Mia in? - She's in school.
- She isn't.
- What has she done now? - We have a warrant.
What do you mean, warrant? We need to talk to Mia about a murder.
I don't understand.
What the fuck's going on? They're after Mia.
The little bitch has been stealing my fags.
That isn't a priority, sir.
Can we talk? Don't start.
Any idea where Mia could be? I haven't seen her since she left for school.
Has she phoned you? - Why would she phone me? - She treats this place like a hotel.
You're a fine one to talk.
I haven't seen her, OK? Do you know Jason Williams? Yes, he's my brother's son.
He and his brother Lee are good lads.
Is Mia close to them? Yes.
She's with them often enough.
Excuse me.
OK, I'll tell her.
They've arrested Lee Williams, the car owner's brother.
- They've taken him to the station.
- What about the car? Secured.
On its way to be examined.
Turn right.
Straight ahead.
What's the latest on Mia's phone? We've traced her mobile and schoolbag to a bin in Blaenau.
The phone log.
Not much activity, but the last five days are there.
- Great.
Anything on CCTV? - I'm expecting a call.
One minute.
DCI John, it's Rachel West.
Are you OK? I'm fine, thanks.
So, Sion Wells.
You should've received photos.
Multiple injuries and bruises, petechial haemorrhage.
Bleeding from minor cheek veins, he was strangled but that didn't kill him.
He was stabbed from behind in the thorax below the ribcage.
He bled to death.
- What sort of weapon was used? - It's a circular 5cm wound.
Definitely not a knife.
It's more likely to be a screwdriver.
You know what's on my mind.
I know you can't say.
Is there a link between the two murders? - Yes.
- It's another violent murder.
The likelihood is there were more than one attacker.
- OK, thanks.
We'll wait for the DNA and then go back to compare.
Of course.
The body's being moved now.
I'll send the full report as soon as I can.
Thanks, Rachel.
We'll talk later.
It's me again.
Can we try to locate the 11.
40pm text? Thanks.
Mia's last text at 11.
40pm was to someone called Connor.
Do we know who Connor is? We're locating the number.
Maybe our friend can tell us who Connor is.
Come on, Beca.
Starving? Your brother's in the shed.
Can you ask him to come in? Con.
He isn't there.
Look what he left me.
I'm going out.
Stay here and don't answer the door to anyone.
Lee, this can only go one way.
Why don't you start by telling us what happened to your face? Don't make it harder for yourself.
No comment.
Tell me about Mia then.
No comment.
What about Connor? Do you know anyone by that name? No comment.
What can you tell us about Geraint Elis? No comment.
Sion Wells.
No comment.
Connor! No! Connor!