Hidden/Craith (2018) s02e06 Episode Script

Series 2, Episode 6

- What the hell's going on? - We need to see Mia about a murder.
- Do you know Jason Williams? - My brother's son.
- He and his brother are good lads.
- Is Mia close to them? She's with them often enough.
Connor! No! (SCREAMS) Here's a list of what was removed from Mia Owen's house.
- Has the laptop gone to CCU? - They're working on it.
I hope we find something on it to link her to Geraint Elis.
I'll tell her.
That was PC Davies.
They think they found the weapon that killed Sion in Lee's house.
A screwdriver.
It's all there.
The older brother has a record, nothing serious.
Minor dealing.
When? They're treating him now? Connor Pritchard.
OK, thanks.
I'll go there now.
Mia's friend.
He tried to kill himself in the lake.
He's in intensive care.
His mother's there.
Find out more about him.
Do you have the headteacher's number? I'll phone her.
She won't thank me.
- If you hear any news about Mia - Go.
I'll phone your mobile.
- Are you OK? Anyone with you? - No.
Has something happened? You're freezing.
Come in.
Mrs Pritchard? DCI John.
Can I have a word? I was sorry to hear about your son.
They think the cold saved him.
Shock shuts down the body.
I thought things were improving, that he was coming back to me.
What was going through his mind? What's been going on? He seemed to carry the weight of the world on his shoulders.
I put it down to the pressure of fitting in at the new school.
He made friends.
It looked as if things were getting better.
Were Mia Owen and Lee Williams those friends? Yes.
- How long have they known each other? - About a year.
What's wrong? A body was discovered today on the outskirts of Blaenau.
Witnesses saw a boy and girl who resembled Mia and Lee there.
It's early days yet.
We need to talk to Lee and Mia and Connor.
What has this got to do with Connor? We believe there's a link between this murder and Geraint Elis's murder.
Whoever phoned the police about the body felt very guilty.
I think it was your son.
No, my son would never He'll tell us, I promise.
He'll tell us when he wakes.
(TEXT) Sorry.
Sorry, I have to go.
I'll send another officer to talk to you.
What happened, Mia? Has someone hurt you? This is a weird place to live.
You said your door was always open.
It is, of course it is.
No offence, but hiding here isn't much use.
What happened, Mia? You always worried about us.
You said we could tell you anything.
We all need someone to talk to someone who'll listen and won't judge.
What if I said I'd killed someone? That I'd killed someone and watched him die.
You'd judge me then.
What have you done, Mia? I should've spoken to you.
Of course.
I'm sorry if you feel I let you down.
You didn't let me down.
You did exactly what I expected you to do you interfered.
I'm not sure I understand.
You couldn't stop yourself.
That's unfair, Mia.
You interfered and ran away.
I saw you.
Stirring things up made you feel important.
- I was trying to help Gwilym.
- It made you feel like a hero.
I tried to help him because I was worried about him.
No-one really worries.
That isn't true.
No? Sorry if that's what you think, Mia.
But you're wrong.
Are you hungry? I'll make toast.
Drink the tea.
I won't be long.
How's Connor? Not great.
What do you think? It's as if nothing has happened.
It's James Rhys.
What's wrong? Mia Owen's here.
Now? She turned up, knocked the door.
Something has happened.
OK, Mr Rhys.
Keep her talking.
Be careful.
We're on the way.
She's with James Rhys.
Let's go.
What do you want on your toast? Mia? Mia? Mia! Mia! - Where's the dog section? - They'll be here any minute.
- We'll need a helicopter.
- DSI Lynn has sorted it.
- Mr Rhys.
- Why is it taking so long? - You should be looking for her.
- We need everything in place.
- It takes time.
- She could be anywhere by now.
That's why we need to be organized.
You can help Mia by talking to me.
Why did she come to you? Did she threaten you? Do you know why we're looking for her? Yes.
She decided Gwilym's suicide was my fault.
That made me angry.
She came here and I fucked it up.
Now she's out there on her own.
Which way did she go? She'd gone by the time I came back.
She must have walked towards the forest.
The river would be impossible to cross.
She'll need to stay on high ground.
That's good to know.
Use my maps.
I've mapped the footpath.
Find her before she does something stupid.
That path leads to the forest.
It's steep.
She can't have gone far.
The roads are closed for three miles in each direction.
Send the dogs out.
Can you stay here to co-ordinate? Tech's coming.
We'll establish a helicopter link.
- I'll liaise with everyone from here.
- We'll find her.
I used to listen to you when you were little.
I could tell even in the dark when you'd fallen asleep.
I didn't have to look.
Your breathing changed.
I held my breath until you breathed again.
Come back to me, Con.
I don't know what you've done.
But I want you to tell me.
I want to listen to you.
I'm receiving images from the thermal camera.
No sign of her so far.
This is DS Vaughan at base.
Can I get the coordinates on the dogs? It's a real manhunt.
She's only a child.
Who's suspected of two murders.
Maybe she's right.
Maybe I did let her down, maybe we all have.
She's so clever.
She could do so much.
We know what she's capable of.
There she is.
Possible sighting.
11 44 57, repeat 11 44 57.
You're close to her.
Can you see the helicopter? I hear it.
Keep this channel open.
I see her.
She's walking 100 metres ahead of you.
Take the next left.
DCI John.
I see her.
Keep the dogs back.
All units to stay back.
Is this all for me? It's over, Mia.
I'll say when it's over.
Let go of the knife.
Come and get it.
Give me the knife.
- How's it going with Lee Williams? - He's something else.
I'll get him.
See you on the other side.
(TAPE RECORDER BLEEPS) It's one o'clock on Wednesday the 27th of March.
Present are DCI Cadi John solicitor William Jenkins please state your name for the tape.
Mia Owen.
Mia, you're a child in the eyes of the law.
I've a feeling you don't want to be treated as a child.
This folder contains evidence facts.
A copy of your DNA profile.
Your DNA was found on a cigarette in Geraint Elis's home.
We can say with certainty that you were there.
When the report into Sion Wells's murder arrives I'm sure we'll be able to confirm that you were there, too.
I have a theory.
We're cruel to those we see ourselves in them some sort of self-loathing punishing them for our weaknesses.
Is that why you attacked Geraint Elis? You saw yourself in him.
Lonely, weak no friends or family.
You saw what the future held for you in the old man.
You'll have to do a lot better than that.
You broke his ribs his cheekbone you strangled and drowned him.
He suffered for a long time.
No-one cared about him.
No-one noticed he'd died.
That's the truth.
Then they all showed up in church.
Because they cared.
Because they had nothing better to do.
Queued up to pay their respects to a man they didn't give a fuck about.
I saw books in your bedroom.
Do you like reading? Who's your favourite author? Some people read to understand the world others to escape from it.
- My father read - Your father? The one who let Dylan Harries get away with it? The one who jailed the wrong man? The one who prolonged the girls' suffering? He's dead now, isn't he? Did people come to his funeral and pretend to cry pretend they cared? He's gone.
Only you are left.
His bloodline.
You're as useless as he was.
Mia's in custody.
She's clever.
There's one in every family.
It was my cousin in my family, too.
Everything came easily to him.
School, exams.
They were never easy for me.
It got on my nerves.
The thing is, she's younger than you, still in school.
The jury would see her and think you led her astray.
She has never been in trouble before unlike you and your brother.
It doesn't look good for you.
If I were you, I'd want to tell my side of the story.
I'd put money on it that she could run rings around you.
You live with your father.
Being a carer is hard work.
It must be hard to see someone you love depending on other people - not being able to do anything.
- Shut it.
What'll happen to him if you go down? - Shut it.
- Will your brother care for him? Is he good with your father? - He doesn't strike me as a carer.
- Shut your fucking mouth! Sit down! It was all Mia.
I did what she told me to do.
She said we were putting him out of his misery.
He was a fucking paedo, anyway.
And Sion Wells? Was he a paedo, too? - They can't leave Dad with Jason.
- I don't know.
I don't know.
I thought I'd find you here.
Lee's started to talk.
The night they killed Elis, there was no masterplan.
They broke in for a laugh.
The old man came home and things got out of hand.
The next thing, he was on the floor.
Was Connor there? Mia told Connor and Lee to put the body in the bath.
It was Mia's idea to go back to the petrol station.
According to Lee, she has always been the same.
She has to have complete control.
- Are you OK? - Yes.
I know that look.
- Alys, anything on the laptop? - The report's on your desk.
(TAPE RECORDER BLEEPS) The interview is resumed at 1.
Remember Gwilym Scott? He was fourteen when he killed himself.
He stepped in front of a train.
I have a photo of you together.
Gwilym was being bullied online by someone someone who knew personal things about him.
- I didn't touch him.
- You befriended him a lonely boy always on his own.
You made him feel he could talk to you that he could trust you.
Good feeling, wasn't it? The feeling that you could control him.
But then, Gwilym began to attend the youth centre.
You felt the control disappearing.
Others showed an interest in him wanted to help him.
You couldn't have that.
You needed complete control over him.
- I didn't touch him.
- You didn't have to.
The power of the written word, Mia.
You know all about that.
The anonymous comments cruel messages all designed to destroy him.
It's all on your laptop, Mia.
After Gwilym committed suicide, you visited his foster parents.
How did that feel? Sitting there, knowing you were responsible for their pain.
Was it all a game? Then, a year later a new boy starts in school one who looked just as lost.
Do you know where Connor is? - No.
- In a coma in hospital.
He tried to kill himself, too.
- Will he be OK? - Hard to say.
Your cousin Lee told us everything how you broke into Geraint Elis's house and things got out of hand.
He also described what happened in the garage.
Why did you kill Sion Wells? Because I felt like doing it.
Interview terminated at 1.
Do you want me to say sorry? My father wasn't perfect.
He made mistakes.
People do.
But he recognized people's worth.
He had a sense of self-worth.
He made sure I had a sense of self-worth.
I'm sorry no-one ever taught you that.
Take her.
Don't feel sorry for me.
Wherever I go I always make new friends.
It wasn't your fault, Mam.
Connor, please.
Hear me out.
You will blame yourself.
I know you.
It's not your fault.
I could've stopped it.
I wanted to belong to something be a part of something.
I'm sorry, Mam.
Does Liam know? Not everything.
Not yet.
We've charged Mia and Lee.
The case for remand is with CPS.
Connor's awake.
That's good news.
He's being assessed now.
They'll let us know when he's well enough to come in.
On we go.
You should go home.
See you tomorrow.
You will, Owen.
We're in here.
Long day? Yes.
- You've been busy.
- We've almost finished.
Beth kept me going with the promise of wine.
What about this? Keep or throw away? Keep.
Just that.
Do something useful.
- I'm thirsty.
- OK.