Hidden: Firstborn (2019) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

- Hi, Vera. Have you seen Gunnar?
- No.
- Hey. Have you seen Gunnar?
- No.
- Not all day?
- No.
Gunnar, come on! Come on!
Stay with me! Shit!
Move, move!
- Hey!
- Careful!
Okay, boys. Okay.
It's pay time! Alright. Okay.
Here you go.
Okay, don't spend it all at once.
Give it straight to the wife.
Straight to the wife. Alright?
Alright, don't spend it on weed,
don't drink it all. Nice.
Yes, yes, yes! Okay, boys.
Alright, great.
Good work, boys.
Okay? Nice, yes, yes, yes!
Jonas. Jonas.
What do I do with this?
That's where you live.
That's your address in Poland,
and that's your address here.
- Okay?
- Okay.
- And check that box.
- Very good.
Okay. Thanks.
Do you have anything tomorrow?
Probably. Come in early.
You have a new message.
Hi. It's Rebecka.
I just wanted to check you're alive.
You're coming tonight, I hope.
I haven't heard otherwise, so bye!
Excuse me. Could you please
get that book for me?
- The Last Journey?
- No.
- What are you looking for?
- The Great Enigma.
- Tranströmer. He's over here.
- Oh, right.
- There you go.
- Thank you.
You're welcome.
- Do you have any wrapping paper?
- No, sorry.
No problem.
It's Gunnar from Ungsjömyren.
- Just give him a room.
- It's too late.
You don't know that.
There could be something left of him.
He's not one of us anymore.
Oh, sorry.
Where is he?
Adrian, where is he?
Hello! Hello?
Excuse me!
Our baby isn't in our room.
- Where's my baby?
- What? Is he not in your room?
- You can't just move him
- Where is he?
Sweetheart, calm down.
It'll be fine.
- Who moved him?
- Not us.
- The bassinet is still there.
- Is it still there?
- Where is he? Who moved him?
- Hello? Is someone there?
- Who else works here?
- Just the two of us.
- Happy birthday.
- You missed something.
Let me guess: Raspberry juice
and undiluted ethanol?
A fish pond full of pills
and a clown with a stethoscope?
The clown never showed up.
Perhaps that's just as well.
- I still want my present.
- Present?
I know you got me one.
Can I guess?
A book?
A dusty old rarity
that will change my life?
Can we get together this afternoon?
I promise I'll act surprised.
- Okay.
- Good.
Our usual place at 4:30.
If you don't turn up, I'll kill you!
- Johansson?
- That's me.
We have to get this finished today
What the fuck is going on here?!
Don't touch it!
- What's the problem?
- Sorry.
- What the fuck's that?
- Take it easy.
Easy? You want fucking easy?
- I fix.
- Don't touch it!
Stop it! It wasn't him.
It was me.
You think I'm that fucking stupid?
Fine. If you want to go, then leave.
Come on! Let's get back to work!
This is not a fucking holiday!
- What the fuck are you doing?
- Ambulance.
He's fucking dead!
They'll shut us down.
He doesn't work here.
We drop him by the motorway.
It'll look like an accident, alright?
Ah, fuck.
Don't touch! Come on!
Skull and spinal injuries
from a fall.
- Blood pressure?
- 70/50, dropping fast.
Multiple head injuries.
I'll check his heart.
- Pressure. Blood pressure?
- 60/40.
I can see the cerebral cortex,
bone splinters and gravel.
50/30. We're losing him!
Two hundred joule.
They're still examining
the baby's mother.
She's unconscious.
Some kind of stress reaction.
- And the father?
- Probably tomorrow.
Have a look at this.
- How's life?
- Not bad, under the circumstances
- What is this?
- We're not sure yet.
Some kind of chemical,
that the baby was lying on.
Call Abrahamsson.
Make sure we get priority at NFC.
It's already done.
What do we think?
- Did anyone notify next of kin?
- No. No ID, no wallet.
- His phone is locked.
- Right.
- Did you see that mark?
- Yeah.
- But this is almost
- What?
It looks like it has started to heal.
Oh, my God! Hey!
Hey? Lie down.
Can you hear me?
Lay down! Lay down! It's okay.
Can you hear me? Grab him!
We need help in here!
- Help!
- Take it easy!
Help! Guard! Guard!
- Stand still. Take it easy.
- Take it easy! Take it easy!
Stop! Hey!
He ran up the stairs, broke down
the door and got out on the roof.
He jumped off the roof?
Was he seriously injured?
- Hi.
- Hi. Not at work.
Well, I'm at work. You're an intern.
Exactly. I could report you.
See you at home, then?
No, I'm meeting Jonas.
I'll be home later.
- What's happening here?
- I don't know.
Something happened.
We have to meet.
- Hobo signs.
- Yep.
"Be prepared to defend yourself."
"Hold your tongue."
Isn't that true everywhere?
An infant. This morning.
- It could be one of us.
- What makes you think that?
I don't think anything.
But I need to know.
- Why a baby?
- That's what you'll have to find out.
Is that one of yours?
We don't have much time.
But no risks this time.
No risks.
No risks.
- Can we talk?
- What are you sorry for?
You are who you are.
It's not your fault
that I've sat here
for hours waiting for you.
In the rain. Again.
Do you know what the worst part is?
It's not the blisters from sitting
on my ass waiting for you.
It's not that you never call
or show up or answer your phone.
The worst part is
that I'm such an idiot,
falling for it every time.
Over and over again,
I think you'll change.
I'm so fucking stupid!
I have to tell you.
Something happened.
But I don't want to talk to you.
I can't take it anymore.
I just can't.
finally the ambulance came and
took me across town to a hospital.
It was like my body was on fire,
but I just couldn't move.
I heard everything they said.
I heard them digging inside my head.
They said I was dead.
Okay. Show me.
Has anybody looked at this?
Rebecka, they said I was dead.
- You must have been in shock
- You don't believe me?
Your wound is at least a week old.
What happened at the hospital today
couldn't have been you.
That guy must be dead by now.
My medical records
Please check my medical records.
Listen, Jonas
It's It's not the public library.
Come on! Please.
- Oh, God Fine.
- Come on.
- Let's go! Now!
- No, we'll go tomorrow. Calm down.
Help me! I can't wait until tomorrow!
Calm down.
You need to sleep.
Go home and get some sleep.
I'll come and see you
as soon as I find anything. Okay?
I'll be there. I promise.
Just stay calm.
We don't know what happened to her.
She was like this when we found her.
There has been
no change since then.
What does that mean?
When can we question her?
Impossible to say.
And if you had to guess?
Her brain activity is
severely impaired.
Same thing
with her pulse and metabolism.
- Worst-case scenario
- She'll never wake up.
- Okay, thanks.
- Thank you.
Who are these amateurs?
- How can they not make a diagnosis?
- Calm down.
I'll make sure they get in touch
as soon as they know anything.
Do you have any idea
who might have done this?
- I'm sorry for your loss.
- Yeah.
But we really need
to ask you some questions.
Has anyone threatened you
or your wife?
Nothing connected to your job?
- I'm a real estate agent.
- Well, that's an honest business.
We have to ask.
What kind of work does your wife do?
She's a translator. And interpreter.
She speaks eight languages.
I just don't understand.
Why would anyone kill our baby?
- Hello?
- Stop, stop, stop.
- Huh?
- This is a crime scene.
I know, but who are you?
Almqvist in Forensics will answer
your questions.
- How did you get in?
- Almqvist.
- Did she say her name?
- No.
- And you didn't think to ask?
- She may have been a reporter!
- She said she was with Forensics.
- They were here yesterday!
Oh, my God! Are you okay?
I didn't see you!
Hey, wait!
What are you doing?
He's awake.
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