Hidden: Firstborn (2019) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

You're exposed
when you punch with your left.
I prefer tennis.
It's more gentlemanly.
You hit every other shot.
Did you find anything?
- That depends.
- On what?
- On what it's about.
- I told you what it's about.
There were burnt remains as well.
- That's what I was afraid of.
- What?
We're looking for an Outcomer.
No Outcomers dare
to come here anymore.
That's what we want to believe.
There was a disturbance
at the hospital.
A patient went berserk
and disappeared.
- So?
- After he was pronounced dead.
- An Outcomer?
- I don't know.
- Anything to do with the murder?
- I don't know.
We have to find him before
Before what?
We have to find him.
- Hi!
- Hi.
- What did you find?
- I saw your apartment.
I was attacked, but I got away.
Did you find my medical records?
This isn't you, Jonas.
What do you mean "attacked"?
Visible cerebral cortex,
cardiac arrest This is me.
- Excuse me. I need the room.
- Sorry.
I just need to finish up here.
One minute?
Fine. Okay.
- How are you feeling?
- The migraines are gone.
I can see clearly, I can breathe.
Something happened in here.
I need to find out
what's happening to me.
I don't know.
I can see that you hit your head,
You may have a hematoma
that's pressing on your brain.
That would explain your behavior.
You might be imagining things
Imagining what?
- You need to be admitted for a scan.
- No way.
- You need to see a doctor.
- You have to do the scan.
I'm only a student!
You can't just help yourself
and pay at the register.
Someone is trying to kill me.
Wait here.
Come on.
Wait in here.
I'm not crazy.
"It's just like the wind
brings a message to me.
"Of long happy days
that are dawning.
"My blood is in turmoil,
in love must I be.
"With whom?
- "With whom?"
- Stop it! Fucking idiot.
"Ah, with all that is breathing"
Except with you, crafty witch.
Go home and feed your cats. Shoo!
"Insects and larvae crash headlong
"And the poet Wennerbom sits
on the grass and drinks" Cheers!
What do you think about this?
- What was in the middle?
- A newborn baby.
An Outcomer might be behind it.
- Have you seen any of them around?
- What difference does it make?
Look at them.
Pedophiles and hedonistic killers.
This filthy existence has no meaning.
We're all pigs.
Tell me what you know.
I decline the Communion's charity.
- We help each other.
- Tell Gunnar that.
This is from me.
I have a patient
in urgent need of a CT scan.
It has to be signed
by your supervisor.
Well He's operating, so
I see. You'll just have
to wait until he's done.
- What's the schedule like?
- Let's see
- It's filling up.
- Thanks.
- Having trouble?
- Hi! What are you doing here?
I need a CT scan done,
and I can't get hold
of my supervisor.
Can you countersign?
Henrik Eriksson, June 14, 1990
It's a hockey
It's a hockey injury.
- Is it an emergency?
- Yes. Maybe a hemorrhage.
Paranoia, delusions
Sounds like a dream patient.
- Can I have a look?
- No, he's mine.
- What are you doing?
- Wahlman's your supervisor, right?
Yes, but
- You have reached 070
- No answer.
No. Well?
- My God
- Yeah, yeah.
Thanks. Love ya.
Off you go, Florence.
Fucking cunt!
What are you doing?! No!
You're just a crossbreed.
A poor, stinking slave!
What are you doing?
You missed!
What the hell?
No, I don't know anything!
Put them back. Give them to me!
Give them to me!
I don't know anything! No!
Give me that! Stop it! No! No!
Stop it!
Stop! There's a There's a
An Outcomer?
- Who?
- I don't know his name.
We've been short of people
for a while.
So if you apply for the position
Yeah, that would be a relief.
Put it on my tab.
I'll buy a round.
Take it easy.
I just want to talk.
Ask a few questions.
It's Eldh.
She works for the Communion.
Eldh? That's a joke.
She can't do anything.
Yes, she can charge up.
Stop her!
What the fuck!
Come on!
- No, no, no!
- Eldh!
Are you done playing?
Who do you think we're looking for?
I mean, what's the motive
for attacking a newborn?
- Well
- Is it a one-off crime?
Will it happen again?
I think we can assume
the answer's not in the newspaper.
I want you to contact me
as soon as you have something.
And don't do anything
without checking with me first.
- Yes, sir.
- Good.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- What did Abrahamsson say?
- The usual.
- We found a knife with fingerprints.
- From the scene?
Nearby, in the corridor.
They missed it the first time.
Jonas Hellemyr, 26.
Troubled childhood,
several foster homes.
Convicted of unlawful driving
and resisting arrest when he was 17.
- Are you going out?
- Are you going home?
- Do we have an address?
- Does life have a meaning?
Sorry! I didn't know if it was you.
I did it. I booked a scan in
20 minutes.
Put this on in the meantime.
How do you feel?
I just had a flashback.
When we were 15 and cut class.
We sat in the basement and talked
until your migraine went away.
Talked? You were studying.
It's not cutting class
if you're studying.
You should be glad I did.
I wanted to be with you.
And become a doctor.
- And here I am again
- Thank you.
You were the only one I could
I know.
- That's what you wanted.
- No.
I couldn't handle everyone
feeling sorry for me.
There's a difference
between pity and love.
I don't mean you.
I mean everyone else.
Teachers, doctors, social workers.
You have a new personal ID number.
It's gotten bigger.
It is bigger.
Or you're just imagining it
Check this out.
I'll bet you it's phosphorus.
Same as the crime scene.
- Look at all the blood.
- Oh
- He must be injured.
- Should I notify the hospitals?
Yeah. Put out an APB as well.
I'll call Abrahamsson.
I'm allergic. You catch it.
- Hello?
- I think we've got him.
- Let's hear it.
- Jonas Hellemyr, 26.
We found his prints on a knife
from the crime scene.
We conducted a search
and secured
some evidence for the lab.
I think we've got our man.
I think we should put out
a nationwide alert.
- Nationwide alert?
- No.
Send me everything you have
and I'll see what I can do.
- Okay. Understood.
- Good job.
I have a name
Did you charge again?
- It wasn't an Outcomer.
- No?
It was four.
Let me come down in peace, please.
You have work to do.
It wasn't them.
- What were they doing in the city?
- The usual. But they don't take kids.
- I believe them, for what it's worth.
- It's not worth a damn thing.
It doesn't matter.
We found him.
Hellemyr, 26 years old. An orphan.
No declared income.
Seems to have lived off the grid.
Until now.
I think we're dealing with
a will-o'-the-wisp.
You know what it's like to awaken.
These are troubled times
for the Communion.
If there's a will-o'-the-wisp
out there
You have to catch him
before the police do.
So, drink up. Or recharge
if you must. Just do your job.
Clothes from lost and found.
- What did they say?
- Have you ever had skull surgery?
There was no sign of a hemorrhage.
The skull is basically intact.
I've never seen a head wound heal
as quickly as this.
There's some old scar tissue.
See these small lines?
They're metal.
They look like the remains
of some kind of implant.
- Implant?
- Yes.
Whatever it was, it's gone now.
I've done all I can.
I'm way out of my depth.
You need to be admitted.
Can I see the records?
Can I see it, please?
Let me see it.
"Bone splinters, gravel,
unknown fragments removed"
- This isn't you, Jonas.
- Can you take me to the OR?
- The implant could still be there.
- All waste is sorted and destroyed.
- Where?
- Please, Jonas. You need help.
I need your help, Rebecka.
- Wait a second.
- Hello?
Can I help you?
Sofia Brenner. Detective, Southside.
- I have some things for Schiller.
- He's not here.
I know. I just talked to him.
Where's his desk?
- Take the first right.
- Thanks.
Where were we?
It should be in one of these bags.
You check, I'll stand guard.
Be careful.
There could be anything in those.
- Is Schiller back?
- No
A tip just came in.
- What is it about?
- A tip about a Jonas Hellemyr.
He was seen at East Hospital.
- That's their case, right?
- I don't know. Call dispatch.
What's the number
in the medical file?
- R-174
- 85.
It's this one.
My jacket from the construction site.
What on earth is this?
I've never seen anything like it.
There's some kind of writing.
We need a microscope.
Police! Hands on your head!
Hands on your head!
Down on your knees!
- We didn't do anything!
- Down!
- Rebecka, run!
- No!
Stop! I'll
He's coming!
Run! Run!
- Run!
- No!
Jonas. Wait! Wait!
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