Hidden: Firstborn (2019) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

Rebecka, come on!
What's the matter?
No, no, no
No, no, no!
I can't leave her!
I'm here now.
I can't leave her!
I can't leave her!
You should have left me there!
She was dead.
- What if she's not?
- We saved you!
I can take care of myself!
- Is that why I had to stitch you up?
- You fuck up every single time!
Calm down!
Show me what Rebecka gave you.
Come on.
Give it to me!
This thing
What is it?
It was in my head.
In your head? Why?
You can all go to hell!
You're strong,
but you're not immortal.
We've saved your life three times.
There won't be a fourth.
You're staying here.
You need to drink this.
Calcium, magnesium, phosphorus,
carbon and water.
That's what you're made of.
But your cells metabolize more now.
You've activated genes
that weren't used before.
Us Hidden need more than humans.
We are more than humans.
She's right. It really is my fault
that Rebecka's dead.
Drink. That's the first step.
Towards what?
If you wanna catch Rebecka's killer,
you have to utilize what you are.
Many of us have abilities.
From birth, or after they wake up,
like in your case.
Our senses and abilities are
Strength, hearing, intelligence.
Look at Vang.
We found her in a juvenile facility.
Her mind is
It works so fast,
it needs its own cooling system.
And Matteus, he's a fucking shadow.
Doesn't eat, doesn't sleep.
Turn a corner and there he is.
Scares the shit out of me.
But we really do have powers.
I swear.
And what about you?
What can you do?
Nothing. I'm Danish.
We can't all be like you.
You're strong as hell and I've never
seen anyone heal like that.
It makes one curious.
"What more can he do?"
Do you have any other abilities?
Well, there's
- Something's wrong with my eyes.
- What do you mean?
Sometimes I see
In the dark?
Explosions? Flashes of light?
Threads of light.
Once at the hospital,
while being x-rayed, and then
one other time,
in an electric chair.
I think we can help you
If you want us to.
We had him.
But there was an ambush.
Hellemyr had help
from the Outcomers.
The Council is changing, and
the Communion is changing with it.
Many will fall.
I don't know why,
but Mrs. Ek likes you.
You have one week.
And get rid of Eldh.
Hi. Viveca Eldh.
I'm a child welfare social worker.
Come in.
I apologize for the intrusion. I know
you already talked to the police.
But we have to conduct
our own investigation.
I just have a few standard questions.
Please, have a seat.
How was Maria
during her pregnancy?
There were no signs
of postpartum depression?
And Maria's parents?
- Her parents?
- Is she close to her mother?
How is that relevant?
I'm just trying to get an idea
of who Maria is.
Her parents died when she was little.
She grew up in foster care.
I'm sorry to hear that.
Do you know if she has any photos
of them?
I don't know.
I don't see how
Excuse me.
- Would you like something to drink?
- Yes, please.
I don't know what to do
with everything.
I don't know
if Maria will ever wake up,
or if we can have another baby.
I can't just throw everything out,
can I?
I can't get any answers.
Nobody knows anything,
nobody talks to me.
You know you can get help, right?
Do you have kids?
You ready?
- Do you see anything?
- No.
Turn it up.
What the hell?
Is it working?
Do you see anything?
Turn it up.
Do you see anything?
Jonas, is it working?
Stop it Stop it!
Stop it!
Did it work?
Did it work, Jonas?
Yes, damn it!
"I purchased my love for money.
"There was nothing else I could get.
"Sing angelic, you rasping strings,
Sing angelic of lovers yet.
"That dream that never came true,
That dream was angelic to get
"for he who is banished from Eden,
Eden is Eden yet."
- I think you're right.
- Ninni Ek?
No Blendings on that family tree.
But why a ritual?
Why burn the baby?
To make it look like
an Outcomer did it.
Not even they would go after a baby.
All they need is a scapegoat.
Where there's smoke, there's fire.
Und so weiter
Borg is chasing a will-o'-the-wisp.
He claims this guy did it.
What do you know about him?
He is no longer a wisp. He was seen
with the Dane and three others.
- Outcomers?
- That's the rumor.
I need to find him.
He's the scapegoat,
the key to everything.
How do you plan on finding
the Outcomers?
He has the sight.
You saw it for yourself.
We have to use him.
How? Bring a generator,
plug him in and hope it's enough?
It's not the electricity,
it's the adrenaline rush.
But he shuts down.
Fights it.
- You saw it, too!
- He can't control it.
- Then help me.
- Exactly.
I know you're up to something.
And I have something you need.
Help me, and I'll help you.
Give me the bag.
Check that out.
- Help me.
- We'll see.
I need to talk to you.
I'm looking for some Outcomers.
Bring me a wrench.
After you've dealt with her.
Need anything else?
Not very smart,
charging with three-phase.
You'll have one hell of a comedown.
So the Outcomers.
Maersk, Matteus and Vang.
I don't know much about them,
but their leader,
Leander, she's crazy.
She was born in Stavanger
in the 1930s.
When the war came,
her parents joined the resistance.
They smuggled hundreds of refugees,
many Hidden, across the border,
before Quisling's police
received a tip.
The parents managed
to get Leander out,
but they were arrested
and put on a boat to Birkenau.
She was twelve
when she came to Stockholm,
and begged the Communion
to stop the transports.
But they refused. I guess
they were afraid of taking risks.
Her parents and the other prisoners
died in the gas chamber.
Leander has never forgiven
the Communion.
Where do they hang out?
Antiques is their thing now.
You should talk to Alain de Spors.
- Rebecka died down there. Look!
- I don't want to.
Look! The person who killed her
is out there.
He breathes. He's free.
He took her from you.
How does that feel?
Let it out and decide
what happens now.
See her. See!
What are those?
Those They're signals.
Radiation, radio waves.
Phone calls being made,
emails being sent. Energies.
They say it's beautiful.
It is.
What can I get for this?
See something you like?
What does this mean?
It's engraved on the implant.
I've never seen it before.
Vang thinks it was implanted
to inhibit your hormones.
- To hide who you really are.
- Why?
- Who knows?
- Exactly. Who knows?
Maybe that bitch you work for.
We're ready.
And we don't work for anyone.
- Her name is Signe.
- I want to meet her.
You will. But first you have
to help us with something.
Vang, find us a ride.
I'll check the back.
Wait there.
Okay, it's clear.
- You, too.
- No. I have no idea!
I couldn't tell if it was a joke
or for real.
God, she's weird.
- What's her problem?
- Come on, let's get out of here.
She keeps staring at us.
I'll drive.
Mind your head.
What do you see?
- A wall?
- Then what do we need you for?
Jonas, we don't have much time.
Come on.
Take as much as you can carry.
There won't be many trips.
Come on!
- When do I meet Signe?
- When it's time.
- You said I would
- When it's time.
I keep my word. You'll meet her.
I want to show you something.
In a minute.
What do you want?
I need your help.
I know you didn't kill those cops.
Or the baby.
- What baby?
- The infant that was murdered.
- What are you talking about?
- I can find whoever's after you.
- The Communion?
- Someone way more dangerous.
You have a choice.
We can find the truth.
What truth? You have yours,
they have theirs. I'll find my own.
There's a reason no one wants
to be an Outcomer.
If you go back there,
you'll be like them. Sooner or later.
What the hell are you doing?
He's not dead.
Not that it makes any difference.
What he had was hardly a life.
The strong conquer the weak,
always have done. It's our nature.
You're one of us now.
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